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Put A Counter To 001 Rather That 1?

I want to use the macro to run an XML file but I would like the images to run from 001 to what ever say 300 is this possible? So rather that 1,2,3 the counter would be 001, 002, 003 etc.

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Non-consecutive Loop Counter: The Counter Skip Values In Between
How can I write a For-Next Loop and have the counter skip values in between. For example:

For i = 8 to 17

When that is completed, the counter jumps to 21:

For i = 21 to 30

When that is completed, the counter jumps to 34:

For i = 34 to 43

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How To Put A Counter
I would like to put a counter (number) in my excel sheet. Consider that like a bill number. Any time I open my Excel I want to have new number on top. For example 201, 202 so on and so forth. I would appreciate if anyone had this project before and willing share it with me.

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Sum With Counter
I am using excel with system called PI, where i can retrive datas from network

I have proble with calculating day (With sum) becoz date is virying daily and data changes accordingly

22-Mar-07 23:40:101
23-Mar-07 23:40:101
24-Mar-07 23:40:101
25-Mar-07 23:40:101
26-Mar-07 23:40:101
27-Mar-07 23:40:101
28-Mar-07 23:40:101
29-Mar-07 23:40:101
30-Mar-07 23:40:101
31-Mar-07 23:40:101
01-Apr-07 23:40:101
02-Apr-07 23:40:100
03-Apr-07 23:40:100
04-Apr-07 23:40:100
05-Apr-07 23:40:100
06-Apr-07 23:40:100
07-Apr-07 23:40:100
08-Apr-07 23:40:100
09-Apr-07 23:40:101
10-Apr-07 23:40:101
11-Apr-07 23:40:101

For this example Now i want to start counting from 9th April.
Sure i dont want to calculate from 22 march to 1st april

Sure this wont be same every time, becoz after 10-15 days this figure will become zero and stays for 0 for 10-12 days and again become 1 and keep continue
So every day automatically 1 day go out from top and 1 day will add on bottom with either 0 or 1 (But if zero it will continue for few days or 1 than also case is same)

So i like to start counting from where it changes from 0 to 1 again
Hope i explained question properly

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Counter Macro
I will include the macro that I have completed so far. The problem is that Each time the macro is run, I need it to place a number next to the info in consecutive order. This should make sense after you run the macro.

Sub MacroIllinois()
'1 a Number
'2 Text (a string)

Dim i As String 'Give me a variable to save the name in
i = Application.InputBox("Enter your name please", Type:=2)

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.Value & Chr(10) & i
With ActiveCell.Characters(Start:=1, Length:=17).Font
.Name = "Arial"
.FontStyle = "Regular"
.Size = 11
.ThemeColor = xlThemeColorLight1
.TintAndShade = 0
.ThemeFont = xlThemeFontNone
End With
End Sub

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Season Day Counter
i have this formula in cell C14

="Today Is The "&U3-V7+1&"th Day Of "&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="winter","Winter","")&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="Fall","Fall","")&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="Summer","Summer","")&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="Spring","Spring","")

it returns " Today is the 92th Day Of Summer " *number and "Season" changes*

i want changing the 92th when the number changes.

so if it was 1 it would be "1st"

2 would be "2nd"

3 would be "3rd"

than 4-9 would be "4th,5th,6th..etc (as normal)

also counts for double digit number

21st 32nd 43rd

and also counting the is the 92 day of summer but when it gets to the 1st day of fall it going to say 94th day of fall..when i want it to say 1st day of fall... than start counting the days of fall than so on for each season..

here are the dates for the seasons

3/20 is spring
6/21 is summer
9/22 is fall
12/21 is winter
3/20/2010 is spring
6/21/"" is summer
9/22/"" is fall
12/21"" is winter

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Text Counter
I am trying to find out how to get a "counter" of sorts so i can tell how many times a certain word shows up in a given column.

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Offset(counter, 0)
I'm copying values from one workbook to another. Each value has to be checked, so I do this in two steps.

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Add A Counter To A Spreadsheet
we have a spreadsheet which we encourage our employees to use but not sure if they are or not. is it possible to put a counter onto the spreadsheet so we can see how many times it is being opened

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Set Counter In A Cell
I have this in J22 (a counter that starts from the value of the cell):


We know that J22 value at the start is 0 (by excel default)..

Is it possible to change the value of J22 (using VBA) without losing the formula in the cell (for instance sometimes I need it to start from 3 and other times from 7..) ? I can't change it using another cell, I need to use only J22..

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Reset Counter
I am not experienced at all with Excel, here is my problem: In column "A": I have 288 rows and has nothing but numbers in them. Row 1 is the lowest number, row 288 is the highest number. In each row the numbers typically increase; every once in a while the numbers may stay the same, but the number will never be lower. The numbers range from 0 through 600,000.

What I want to do is have column "B" follow column "A" until the cell total reaches 12000. The next cell in column "B" would then reset and start all over from "0". I want it to keep on reseting every 12000 counts. Another potential problem is that a majority of the time the cell value will not be an even 12000, 24000, 36000 etc. They may be more like A40: 11742 A41: 13201 etc.

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Counter For User Form
I have the following code in a user form....

Private Sub cbSearch_Click()
Dim Product As Range
Set Product = Sheets("Master").Range("A1:A300").Find(Val(tbLookFor), lookat:=xlWhole, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Product Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Incorrect Product code, try again"
'Populate the userform with data
Dim counter
counter = (0) + 1
Label35 = counter
tbData1 = Product.Offset(0, 1) 'Down 1 row, over 1 column
tbData2 = Product.Offset(0, 2)
tbData3 = Product.Offset(0, 3)
tbData4 = Product.Offset(0, 4)
etc, etc, etc
I need the counter to increase every time a search is performed, at the moment it only does one count, no matter how many searches are performed.

What do I need to add to the counter part of the code for it to increase by 1 every time?

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Sports Team W/L Counter.
i want columns T,U,V,W to continuously count wins and lost for the teams..if i

change the teams names i want T,U,V,W to read "0".

Any team can play any one.

also this is kinda a part 2 (really small part)

I'm trying to use Today function but cant get it to count every other day..

so for example tomorrow will also read "January 7th 2010"





Team 1VSTeam 2W/L Count


LostWinTeam 1Team 2



7 .......................

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Visual Counter On Form
I have a workbook that has a login form. I set it up so that if the user does not log in within 2 minutes a nother form will pop up telling them the workbook will close due to no activity. What I want to do is put a timer on that for that counts down the seconds before the workbook exits and at the sametime give them an opportunity to cancel the action.

way to make anything that ticks of the seconds and allows me to press the cancel button at the same time.

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Counter For Transactions Within Account
I need to have a running counter of transactions within an account.

Solved with: C2=COUNTIF($B$4:B4,B4)
(and copy down)
100122.50 3
1001 2.00 4
1001 5.00 5
100127.00 6
1013 .50 1
1013 2.50 2
1013 13.00 3

I need to solve for the Trans# I've included it here for clarity, but I need to be able to get that number based on the ACCTNO. Notice the Counter Resets to 1 when the ACCTNO changes from 1001 to 1013.

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Running Counter Out Of Control
The code below is supposed to keep a running total, however each time a formula in Cell B20 produces a value of 1, the counter counts at infinite. Where may the problem be?

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
If Range("B20").Value = 1 Then
With Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1")
.Value = .Value + 1
End With
End If
End Sub

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Counter For (active) Sheets
I have a rather big worksheet with lots of sheets in it. I need to see in the frontpage how many sheets there are in total (-2, the frontpage & end sheet don't count) and how many sheets are currently shown (ie. not hidden, as there are vba-filters which sheets to display).

I don't really mind how it is shown, it could be one cell with 14/53 meaning 14 sheets shown of a total 53 or in seperate cells.

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Golf League Point Counter
If the number in one cell is larger than the number in another cell then i would need a 2 added to yet another cell.

I the first two cells are equal then I would need to add a 1 to that 3rd cell.

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Running Total & Or Incremented Counter
My question is I have an exam and I have recorded all my answers in Column B. And I have pasted in the "Official Answers" on Column C. On my sheet Column C is whited out so I don't see the answers until I am done. I made them visible so I can ask my question. I wrote the formula for Column D "=countif(B3,C3)=1" then it displays True if both the columns match meaning my answer is correct or False if the columns don't match meaning that my answer is incorrect.

how I could make it display the running total or like a total score say in cell D9. So for example in this case it would be 5/6 and /or 83.33%.

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Create Automatic Counter For The Names
I created a poll in my website, which have a field for the users write. The field says: "What is the name of your best friend?" And the users have to write the names.
So... I got a big big excel file, and now I want to know the most "friendly names" of the pool. You know, I have to create a automatic counter for the names. Like:

John = 4560
Ken = 1304

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Counter Macro On Image Click
I wanted to add a counter macro where when a certain image is clicked on my spreadsheet, it will add 1 or take away 1 number in a specified cell on my spreadsheet. For instance, if my cell A1 had the number 0 in it, and I had 2 images beside it (a "+" and a "-"), when the "+" image is clicked, I need it to add 1 to cell A1, making it 1, and vice versa if clicking the "-" image for -1. I want it to be cumulative, so every time you click "+", the number in A1 will increase to 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, and same with the "-" making it -1, -2, -3, -4, etc.

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Assign Loop Counter To Range Row
How do you assign a loop counter value to a range row value? Scenario: Add cells from a column that arenít successive. SUM C10 + C17 + C24 etc

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim total As Integer
Dim counter As Integer
For counter = 10 To 700 Step 7
total = total + Range("Ccounter")
Next counter
End Sub

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To Assign A Counter To The MsgBox- Exit Loop
This loop is to find if there is the string "Need Parent " in the range. If so the Msgbox notifies the user.

After it finds the string, the loop needs to exit- I tried to assign a counter to the MsgBox, but no go....

For i = 6 To lLrw
If Range("D" & i).Value = "Need Parent" Then
MsgBox "Stop. Parent Records Still Need To Be Created."
End If
ii = MsgBox + 1
If MsgBox > 0 Then Exit For
End If
Next i

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Alphanumeric Counter (automatically Populate A Column With An Alphanumeric)
I need to automatically populate a column with an alphanumeric MFR0001 to MFR9999 and am currently using the formula below to add 1 to the start point (A1)...

Formula in A2 =LEFT(C1,3)&(RIGHT(C1,4)+1)

This works perfectly if I start at MFR1000, but breaks and drops the 000 if I use it on the number I need to start with (MFR0001).

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Spreadsheet That Changes If Have Different Criteria And "restart" The Counter
I would like to have a spreadsheet that changes if have different criteria and "restart" the counter.

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Avoid Changing A Loop Counter Within A Loop?
I've worked on a solution for this thread ( but have been mentally challenged with how to avoid changing the loop counter in one of the loops I have used to resort an array of file names from the getopenfile dialog.

The aim of the shown code (see post 12 of the above link for attached file) is to check if the file containing the macro is included in the array returned by getopenfile while sorting the array of file names, and if so, moving it to the end of the array for "deletion" by redimming the array to exclude the last item. This problem of the open file being selected in the dialog may never arise, but... as the OP's request in the other thread was to allow two-way comparisons between numerous files, I've considered it likely enough to test for.

Here's the code I have settled for esp between the commented lines of hash symbols, which does change the counter (see the commented exclamation marks), but prevents an infinite loop (on my second try!) by using a second boolean flag of "HasCounterBeenChanged". Is there a better way of doing this? Or, alternatively (not in my thread title), is it possible to prevent the active file being selected through one of the arguments in the getopenfilename method?

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