Increment Counter Between Date Range

Feb 13, 2014

I have a list of information contained in a massive spreadsheet. I am trying to create a counter that increments starting with 1 up to X between two date ranges. The increment counter should start with 1 for the easiest date and increment up X up to the last item in the list. The list contains tasks names with some tasks have dates but there are some tasks that don't have dates (blank cells).

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VBA Counter With Increment Of 1

Sep 22, 2011

I have a input worksheet and in this user have to manually enter the sequence no. The sequence no. heading is not always in one cell that can be in any between any cell from D14 to D21.

I need some code which start the sequence no. with 1 and everytime I click add button. It find the sequence no. in range between D14: D21 and add 1 in the relavant adjacent cell (which can be in from E14 to E21).

See Table below

Start withColumn DColumn ERow No. can be any from 14 to 21Sequence No.1Clicked AddDesiredColumn DColumn ERow No. can be any from 14 to 21Sequence No.2DesiredColumn DColumn ERow No. can be any from 14 to 21Sequence No.previous val +1 and so on

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Add Counter Column That Will Increment The Number Of The Rows (1,2,3..)

Mar 7, 2014

I am working on a sheet that has dynamic data saved. For any new value, a new row is inserted. I want to add a counter or more like an index so that I can see the number of the rows. I know that excel has is on the side but, I want to be able to make calculations. Like average of the numbers. Lets say I have 512 rows added. I want to be able (automatically via vba) to set the average with a sum of the values/ 512 which will be the number of the code I am asking. So I want a code that will start with the number 1 at (lets say) cell B2 and it will go like B3=2, B4=3.... any time a new row with data is added.

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Counter In Userform - Increment If Checkbox Is Not Selected

Oct 17, 2011

I currently have a user form and am trying to make a counter to that will increment if the check box is not selected, but will not increment if the check box is selected.

I am assuming I could use an if then statement for this, under the command_click OK. but I cant get it to work.

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Non-consecutive Loop Counter: The Counter Skip Values In Between

Jun 29, 2006

How can I write a For-Next Loop and have the counter skip values in between. For example:

For i = 8 to 17

When that is completed, the counter jumps to 21:

For i = 21 to 30

When that is completed, the counter jumps to 34:

For i = 34 to 43

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Checkbox To Set Date And Start Day Counter?

Mar 4, 2014

The racks in each aisle must be detailed at least once in a years time. So, I have mapped out the warehouse in Excel and I want to be able to check a box ( as the rack has been detailed) and set the date in a cell, which will start a day counter. However; I will then need the check box to clear after 2 months (so it can be used again) but the date remains and the counter continues until the box is checked again. I have been able to use formulas adapted from this site to do the counting. But I need code to set the date with the checkbox. Also This must be able to happen while the sheet is protected.

I have uploaded to The Box so you can see exactly what I am doing.

Here it is: [URL]

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Var Formula With Range Based On Counter

Feb 23, 2012

I have a macro that I am working on that, I hope, will calculate the variance in my worksheet. The issue is, I am removing the outliers from my formula, so I need to loop through a range counting the "non-outliers." When the loop is complete I will know the last cell needed for my range. How would I take that variable and turn it into a range, similar to this: "A2:a(count)"

Here is what I have currently

Dim cell As Range
Dim count As Integer
Dim var As Long
var = 0
count = 0


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Assign Loop Counter To Range Row

Jun 22, 2006

How do you assign a loop counter value to a range row value? Scenario: Add cells from a column that arenít successive. SUM C10 + C17 + C24 etc

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim total As Integer
Dim counter As Integer
For counter = 10 To 700 Step 7
total = total + Range("Ccounter")
Next counter
End Sub

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Increment Date By A Year

Oct 23, 2007

how can I enter a date & in another cell return the same date, but the next year.(ie 5/1/07, returns 5/1/08)?

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Increment Date Every 6 Months?

Dec 22, 2013

If I have a date in a cell. Let's say A2 is 12/1/2012. Six months later I would like that date to increment 6 months and display 6/1/13. When the date in A2 is 12 months old I want the date to increment another six months and show 12/1/2013. Basically, every time the date reaches a 6 month anniversary from the initial date found in A2 it would increment another 183 days.

The reason I'm trying to do this is to create a rolling reminder so I can followup with customers every 6 months.

If it's not possible without creating some sort of final end-date to the cycle I guess it would be okay if it ended after 3 or 4 years.

What would be the best method to do this?

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Increment Date In Cell

Sep 26, 2007

I have figured out how to get the average. My next problem is getting the dates to increment. I want the time and date to go as follows: 07/12/07/9:00 then 07/12/07/10:00 ...... 07/12/07/23:00, 07/13/07/0:00 like this.

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Autofill Date/Time: Increment By 1 Hour

Sep 11, 2006

I have a column with dates + time under this format: 2005-01-01 00:00:00. I wanted the same thing for the whole year, so, I wrote 2005-01-01 01:00:00. in the cell below, and then did an autofill.

Unfortunately, at some point, the cell goes from
2005-01-05 03:00:00
2005-01-05 03:59:59
which is a problem for me, because I was using the hour as an indicator.
And hour(2005-01-05 03:59:59) returns 3 and not 4!

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Fill Range Down N Cells & Increment By X

Aug 30, 2008

I have been frustrated trying figure out what I would assume is actually a pretty simple solution. All I am trying to do is grab a set of cells and repeat them down the column a set number of times. The 2 forms of this are discribed below.

A: I have a set of numbers from A1 to A51 I want to repeate those numbers down the columns 84 times.

B: In addition to this I need to have the cells from B1 to B51 Repeat 84 times but with an increment of 200 each time. So I would have say 1 in B1 - B51 and in B52 - B102 it would turn into 201 and so on and so forth.

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Loop Range & Increment Row To Pass

Jan 10, 2007

I am using this code to create onsheet user form and populate a spreadsheet db

'Step 1 : store the information in every second row in DBsheet
Set rngDataOut = Worksheets("Database"). Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(2, 0)

'Step 2 : Post the current results
rngDataOut.Range("A1") = Now()
rngDataOut.Range("B1") = Range("B1")
rngDataOut.Range("C1") = Range("B2")
rngDataOut.Range("D1") = Range("B3")
rngDataOut.Range("E1") = Range("B4")

'Step 3 : Clear current Selection
Range("B1") = ""
Range("B2") = ""
Range("B3") = ""
Range("B4") = ""

my question is how could I modify it with for-next loop because the form will be with more than 50 entries.

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Increment Columns For Destination Range

Feb 19, 2007

I'm trying to download stock price history inside a loop and move the destination range over one column for each new symbol. I want to keep moving the results from the query over one column each time it loops through....

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Formula To Increment Value Based On Time Range

Mar 1, 2014

I am working on a model for a school project. Time is in ColA, the number of events is in ColB.

Each event requires one person to work before and after the event. For example, if we assume that I need one person 30 min before the event, one during the event and one 15 min after the event - ColC shows the number of staff required. I would need a formula to calculate ColC. Basically I want excel to add the values of the rows above and below a value if it is within a specified time range

It gets a little bit more complicated unfortunately, the time requirements need to be dynamic - so one day it is 30 min before the event, but another day it could only be 15 min before but 30 min after the event etc.

I was trying to do this with a SUMIF formulas, but couldn't get it to work.

Col A
Col B
Col C

7:00:00 AM

[Code] .........

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Loop To Increment Column Width Of Range Of Columns?

May 22, 2014

I'm trying to use the following loop to increment the column width of a range of columns thus:

NewWidth = 0
WidthIncrement = 0.5
For MyCount = 1 To 26
NewWidth = NewWidth + WidthIncrement
Cells(1, MyCount).EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = NewWidth

If I set WidthIncrement to be an integer value, the code works correctly. If, however, I make it something like 0.1, all the column widths that the loop acts on are set to 0. I suspect it's something to do with how I'm declaring the NewWidth and WidthIncrement variables - they're currently set to Double. I know that I can have decimal values for column widths (e.g. 8.43)

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Increment Formula Reference Relative To Copy To Range

May 26, 2008

In my data validation I have the following formula as the Source: =INDIRECT(SUBSTITUTE($F$2," ","_")). I want to be able to copy the cell and paste it into another cell and have the formula update to reference the new cell. Currently the validation is for cell G2 and references F2. I want to be able to copy G2 and paste it in G3-G6 having the formula update so it refrences F3-F6.

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Put A Counter To 001 Rather That 1?

Feb 3, 2010

I want to use the macro to run an XML file but I would like the images to run from 001 to what ever say 300 is this possible? So rather that 1,2,3 the counter would be 001, 002, 003 etc.

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How To Put A Counter

Apr 28, 2009

I would like to put a counter (number) in my excel sheet. Consider that like a bill number. Any time I open my Excel I want to have new number on top. For example 201, 202 so on and so forth. I would appreciate if anyone had this project before and willing share it with me.

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Sum With Counter

Apr 13, 2007

I am using excel with system called PI, where i can retrive datas from network

I have proble with calculating day (With sum) becoz date is virying daily and data changes accordingly

22-Mar-07 23:40:101
23-Mar-07 23:40:101
24-Mar-07 23:40:101
25-Mar-07 23:40:101
26-Mar-07 23:40:101
27-Mar-07 23:40:101
28-Mar-07 23:40:101
29-Mar-07 23:40:101
30-Mar-07 23:40:101
31-Mar-07 23:40:101
01-Apr-07 23:40:101
02-Apr-07 23:40:100
03-Apr-07 23:40:100
04-Apr-07 23:40:100
05-Apr-07 23:40:100
06-Apr-07 23:40:100
07-Apr-07 23:40:100
08-Apr-07 23:40:100
09-Apr-07 23:40:101
10-Apr-07 23:40:101
11-Apr-07 23:40:101

For this example Now i want to start counting from 9th April.
Sure i dont want to calculate from 22 march to 1st april

Sure this wont be same every time, becoz after 10-15 days this figure will become zero and stays for 0 for 10-12 days and again become 1 and keep continue
So every day automatically 1 day go out from top and 1 day will add on bottom with either 0 or 1 (But if zero it will continue for few days or 1 than also case is same)

So i like to start counting from where it changes from 0 to 1 again
Hope i explained question properly

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How To Auto-Populate Date Range (working Days Only) From Start Date And End Date

May 25, 2014

I am now trying to create a excel macro to auto populate all the dates with reference to a start date and end date. The catch is that only working days are required in the range. My reference cells (start and end date) are in Sheet 1 while the destination cell range are in Sheet 2. The reason for creating a macro instead of a function is that the intervals between the start date and end date changes frequently (annual, semi-annual and quarterly) Best case scenario would be a button which I can just press after i input the dates to generate the range of dates in another sheet.

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Highlight A Date Range If Today Date Falls Within That Range?

May 1, 2014

I have a employee travel spreadsheet with air travel dates in two columns. I want to be able to create a rule that will highlight all the cells in a row if the date range on that row fall includes today's date. if someone is traveling in the event there is an emergency and I need to know if they are traveling that particular day. I have attached a sample spreadsheet.

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Counter Reset To Zero?

Sep 15, 2014

Reset Counter to Zero:

I have Record ID on Column A: Auto Increment
I have a vendor Name on Column B: Vendor 1, Vendor 2, Vendor 3
I have a Code on Column C, Code A, Code B

What I want to happen is the Counter to count +1 each time. it sees the same vendor, same code and only to count to 4. As soon as it counts to 4; the next counter should be 0 (Zero).

Col A Col B Col C Col D
======= ====== ===== =======
Record ID Vendor Code Counter
======= ====== ===== =======
1 Vendor 1 Code A 1
2 Vendor 1 Code A 2
3 Vendor 1 Code A 3
4 Vendor 2 Code B 1
5 Vendor 1 Code A 4
6 Vendor 1 Code A 0
8 Vendor 2 Code B 2
9 Vendor 2 Code B 3
10 Vendor 1 Code B 4
12 Vendor 1 Code A 1
13 Vendor 1 Code A 2
14 Vendor 1 Code A 3
15 Vendor 2 Code B 0

It can be either in VBA or formula...

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Add A Counter To A Spreadsheet

Mar 28, 2008

we have a spreadsheet which we encourage our employees to use but not sure if they are or not. is it possible to put a counter onto the spreadsheet so we can see how many times it is being opened

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Offset(counter, 0)

Jun 11, 2009

I'm copying values from one workbook to another. Each value has to be checked, so I do this in two steps.

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Use Sumproduct As Counter?

Feb 5, 2014

I am trying to use the sumproduct as a counter. I have done it numerous time with success; however, I am trying to use it where it incorporates a wildcard text to include or exclude as part of my count criteria:


My issue is that it does not recognize the wildcard, and does not return the correct item.

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Counter Macro

Apr 23, 2008

I will include the macro that I have completed so far. The problem is that Each time the macro is run, I need it to place a number next to the info in consecutive order. This should make sense after you run the macro.

Sub MacroIllinois()
'1 a Number
'2 Text (a string)

Dim i As String 'Give me a variable to save the name in
i = Application.InputBox("Enter your name please", Type:=2)

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.Value & Chr(10) & i
With ActiveCell.Characters(Start:=1, Length:=17).Font
.Name = "Arial"
.FontStyle = "Regular"
.Size = 11
.ThemeColor = xlThemeColorLight1
.TintAndShade = 0
.ThemeFont = xlThemeFontNone
End With
End Sub

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Season Day Counter

Sep 21, 2009

i have this formula in cell C14

="Today Is The "&U3-V7+1&"th Day Of "&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="winter","Winter","")&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="Fall","Fall","")&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="Summer","Summer","")&IF(VLOOKUP(U3,AC10:AD17,2)="Spring","Spring","")

it returns " Today is the 92th Day Of Summer " *number and "Season" changes*

i want changing the 92th when the number changes.

so if it was 1 it would be "1st"

2 would be "2nd"

3 would be "3rd"

than 4-9 would be "4th,5th,6th..etc (as normal)

also counts for double digit number

21st 32nd 43rd

and also counting the is the 92 day of summer but when it gets to the 1st day of fall it going to say 94th day of fall..when i want it to say 1st day of fall... than start counting the days of fall than so on for each season..

here are the dates for the seasons

3/20 is spring
6/21 is summer
9/22 is fall
12/21 is winter
3/20/2010 is spring
6/21/"" is summer
9/22/"" is fall
12/21"" is winter

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Reset Counter

Jun 20, 2006

I am not experienced at all with Excel, here is my problem: In column "A": I have 288 rows and has nothing but numbers in them. Row 1 is the lowest number, row 288 is the highest number. In each row the numbers typically increase; every once in a while the numbers may stay the same, but the number will never be lower. The numbers range from 0 through 600,000.

What I want to do is have column "B" follow column "A" until the cell total reaches 12000. The next cell in column "B" would then reset and start all over from "0". I want it to keep on reseting every 12000 counts. Another potential problem is that a majority of the time the cell value will not be an even 12000, 24000, 36000 etc. They may be more like A40: 11742 A41: 13201 etc.

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