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Timer - Stopwatch Function

I have already made a stopwatch function where I can click start and click stop and get the time difference accurate to one-one thusandth of a second, but I need a single cell ( let's say E1 ) to display the continuously changing elapsed time from when I click on my Start button.

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Real Time Countdown Timer Function With Ticker
I'm playing a game that requires me to keep track of money that is increased by a variable amount (pre-calculated and in a cell) and in a fixed time interval of 51 minutes weather I play it or not so I want to be able to keep track of the progress of the money gain outside of the game.

So, I need to know the macro coding for a real time counter that will increase the total money amount in one cell based on the variable income (declared in another cell) in the 51 minute intervals.

now... I also need excel to keep track of the value increase even if excel is closed (by the difference in time from when excel was closed last).

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Timer Function; Macro That Do A Comparison Between 2 Cells Every 100 Milliseconds
What I am trying to do is have a macro that do a comparison between 2 cells every 100 milliseconds. One of the cell is constant updating from RTD (Real Time Data). And if its false, to nothing. However if true, I would want it to run some codes and exit the macro/procedure. I also need some way of stopping the macro at any time.

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Implementing A Stopwatch
I need to be able to make an accurate stopwatch in Excel, I want to be able to time a load of Ice Hockey players doing sprints using a laptop on the ice. Excel is perfect cos I can then have a list of players, and just click the button next to the name for them to start..then stop the time. and the Dt is there loaded.

My ultimate goal would be to then modify the code and have have a hardware circuit connected to the parallel port so that the timing could be donw with an external circuit triggering the stopwatch. I'm lookinf for something accurate to hundredths of a second.

Is this possible with Excel and VBA?

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Stopwatch- Activities
I tried out yjoshi's stopwatch, but when I open the stop watch (file was attached in that thread) it is not possible to work with other docs in Excel, and I also have trouble locating the VB code for the actons.

Therefore I am wondering if anyone have any solution on how to get the following:
I was thinking of a button in cell A1 named "Start", when clicked on start time ( date and time) will be inserted in first available column A.

Cell B1 contains a button called "Stop", clicked on will put time in column B and move the marker to cell Dx (x, being row number of the latest stop time.

Why D and not C? In column C I was thinking of a formula calculating the time and in column D I will fill in a short explanation what I did during the time.

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How To Make Stopwatch Run Continuously?
I'm looking to have my stopwatch run continuously until "and only until" a command button ("Stop") is clicked. I already have a code and stopwatch in place. I have 5 command buttons: start (starts the timer), call (activates/hyperlinks to another sheet where I have more command buttons and data entry needed/), stop (stops the timer), reset (resets the timer), and record (stamps the elapsed time on the sheet1).

They work great BUT the problem is, when the cell is touched (i.e. when you type a character or double click on any cell even if it's on a different sheet, or even on a different workbook) the timer stops!

I'd think that all this would require just a simple string/line inserted in my code. I'm really, really new to VBA and doesn't know how to write my own codes yet. I have to google what I need every time and do trial and error! Just to give you more info-- I'm using this for a call simulation program, in which the user is an operator taking in a call. She would have to be aware of how much time have passed after performing some actions/data entry on the different sheets on the workbook. I hope I've explained it enough. :D Anyway's here's the code I got, which I think needs just a few edits.

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Timer For Workbook
I have spent the last 3 hours searching/researching this and I have drawn a blank,

I would like a "timer" to calculate, from the Workbook being opened to it being closed.

I would like a message to appear saying...
"You have been active for ??? minutes"

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Add Seconds To Timer
Below is my code to display a seconds count down timer in a textbox.

What I want to be able to do is have another textbox where I can enter the number of seconds that the timer will count down.

I don't know how to take a value from the textbox and make it like
#12:00:15 AM#

How would I do this?

Sub warmTimer()
Dim InitialTime As Single
Dim FinalTime As Single
InitialTime = Time
FinalTime = InitialTime + #12:00:15 AM#
txtTimer.Text = Format((FinalTime - Time), "s")
Loop Until (Time >= FinalTime) Or (Skip = 1)
txtTimer.Text = "Time complete"
End Sub

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VB To Save Timer
code that I can set to save the workbook every 15 or so minutes?

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VBA Count Down Timer
I have converted some code that works like a countdown timer and is perfect for my needs apart from one small aspect - it counts down in seconds only, not minutes and seconds. The format I am looking for is X:yy where x is minutes and y is seconds, eg 180 seconds = 3:00. Is there a simple format I can add to a cell that will do the trick? EDIT:I think the Dim at the top of this code is causing the problems as I don't really want to show the date - just minutes and seconds counting down. A sample workbook is included - code is in Thisworkbook, Sheet1 and module1.

Dim CountDown As Date
Sub Timer()
CountDown = Now + TimeValue("00:00:01")
Application.OnTime CountDown, "Reset"
End Sub
Sub Reset()
Dim count As Range
Set count = [A1] ' A1 contains the number of seconds for the countdown.
count.Value = count.Value - 1
If count <= 0 Then
MsgBox "Countdown complete."
Exit Sub
End If
Call Timer
End Sub
Sub DisableTimer()
On Error Resume Next
Application.OnTime EarliestTime:=CountDown, Procedure:="Reset", Schedule:=False
End Sub

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Excel Automation - Timer?
I have a file that I update daily. It involves opening the file, going to a drop down menu and selecting 1 of the listed items and pressing a button to run the macro. Once the macro is complete, I then go back to the dropdown menu and select the next line item and press the same button to run the macro on this. I repeat this task 7times.

All the macro does is load a txt file to a third party system.

I am looking to see if it is possible to reduce the time it takes to do this task.

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Private Sub Worksheet_Change (timer)
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Address = "$b$1" Then

For i = 1 To 10
Cells(1, 1) = i
Next i

End If

End Sub

It is supposed to count to 10 when the info in cell B1 changes, i would like to use it as a timer.

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Displaying Different Worksheet Using The Timer
I have three charts on different worksheets - what I want to do is to use a macro to display each chart for 30 seconds and switch to another worksheet and display the chart on that worksheet.

something like below:

Application.OnTime Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 30), "Procedure_name"

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Delay Timer For Autoclose
I want to close a spreadsheet on a timed event. i can manage the timed close but i need to reset the timer if any action occurs. I have attached what i have so far...

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Create A Running Timer
am planning to create a "constant time monitor" in the cell to help monitor expiry dates of chemicals in cell.....the expiry date is predetermined and i can pull them using lookup or something (any better options?).....

I need help in creating the constant time monitors and keep them running and also changing colours as time winds down to give a visual signal to the cell that the chemical is attaching the sample sheet here...

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Case Select With A Timer
If i have a case select say like this

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Timer On Random Number
how to put time delay on my program?

like it will generate again every 9 minute?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim x As String, i As Byte
x = Format$(Int(Rnd * 1899) + 1, "0000")
For i = 1 To Len(x)
Me.Controls("TextBox" & i).Value = Mid$(x, i, 1)
End Sub

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Millisecond Accuracy In An Excel Timer
Take a look at this sample sheet.


In it I've developed some lap timers for tracking runners. However to be truly useful, each time I press a LAP button on any one row it really needs to record time with millisecond accuracy, which it currently does not.

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Button Used For Capturing Time (Timer)
When reading a water meter in a large apartment building a meter reader can also click a timer (LAP) button as the meter passes preset intervals. The worksheet would record the "lap times" in separate cells which could then be compared and usage figures can be calculated, allowing the meter reader to know if there is currently a Leak or other problem before leaving the premesis.

In the attached worksheet you can see what I would like the meter reader enters the reading - the light green "Interval List" is created from that reading. The Meter reader then watches the meter clicking the LAP button each time the interval is passed, the current time is then stored to the Pink cells (Similar to the NOW() function), the times are then calculated in other cells like I did in the Blue column in this case showing elapsed time.

I have tried several ways to do this using NOW, but each time all the cells are updated to NOW not just the current cell - and the Single Button woulod be really nice so the meter reader didn't have to look away from the meter.

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Conditional Formatting As A Countdown Timer?
The idea is that when they enter the date they recieved their PDR it auto posts the date it needs re doing in column C. To emphasise it and make it easier i am trying to use the formula is part of conditional formatting so that the spreadsheet goes green when date entered, orange when there is 30 days till renewal and red when its over due. I've been trying formulas such as =c2-today()<30 in the conditional formatting box but i cant seem to get it to work.

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Timer For Workbook Session With Reset
I need to be able to have a time counter on my excel sheet that whenever I open my sheet, it automatically starts counting the number of seconds, minutes and hours spent. I also need my sheet to be able to satrt from where it stopped and also have a reset function built in.

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Alternative To Inkey, Timer Functions For Auto Log Off
I need to incorporate some vba code which will close my workbook if no key or mouse button has been pressed for about 5 minutes. I'm told that Inkey and Timer functions are not available in VBA.

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Splash Screen Closed With Timer Event
I have a workbook with several user forms. When the workbook opens I'd like to show frmSplashScreen for 3 seconds then close and have another form frmMain show. I've tried the following code and it opens frmSplashScreen ok but it does not automatically close the form. If I click the close box then in 3 seconds frmMain will show.

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Optimizing Macro To Run Faster - Timer Code
Here is exactly what was described:

A good place to start is to add some "timer code" in your macro. Add a small routine that saves a time value, and another routine that compares that saved value to the current time and displays the difference. At the beginning of a section of code you want to analyze, you call the first routine (which saves the start time), and then at the end of the section of code you call the second routine. In that way, you can determine which portions of your code are taking the longest time to execute. These are the code sections you then focus on, so you can figure out what they are doing that is taking so long.

This sounds like a great tool for optimization...

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Show Timer On Worksheet As User Inputs
Is it possible to show a timer on a worksheet as a user inputs to it? I can get the timer to appear, using Application .OnTime Now() + TimeValue ("00:00:01"), "AutoRecalcWorkbook", but it's kind of modal -- that is, the user can't input at the same time it's running.

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How Do I Use VBA Timer Subroutines To Start And Stop Random Number Generator
As you can see below, I've written code that writes random numbers into three columns of a spreadsheet (10 numbers in each column).

What I want to do is create code that will run the random number generator for a period of 1 minute and then stop. I know that I will need to write a timer subroutine to do this but I'm how unsure how to do this.

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Timer- To Write Code Which Takes A Reading Off Of A Device Every .005 Seconds
I am trying to write code which takes a reading off of a device every .005 seconds.

When I write the code as follows to take the reading every .004 seconds things work well.

Start = Timer
Do While Timer < Start + PauseTime
If Timer > Oldtime + .004 Then
Oldtime = Timer
Read(count) = Orbit.Networks(0).Modules(0).ReadCurrent
count = count + 1
End If
Finish = Timer

If however in the above code I only change .004 to .005 instead of taking readings every .005 seconds, I end up with readings roughly .015 seconds apart (approx)

Is there something unstable about the timer function to do this? Is there a different way to get a more stable result?

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Creating A Timer To Measure Macro Code Execution Times
I am looking for a way to measure how long it takes to complete a sub routine in VBA. I have code which posts data to matlab and then calls it back. What I need to know is how long does it take to complete each subroutine.

create a code which will measure this? I need to measure the time taken in 100ths of a second.

Is there any simple code to complete this? I am pasting a sample of my code which is using Matlab as a COM server.

Dim Matlab As Object
Dim MReal(10, 0) As Double
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer
Dim MImag() As Double
Dim value As Double
Dim RealValue As Double

I am sure I woould need to declare the timer but I do not know where and I am not sure of the syntax.

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Start/Stop Timer For Hours Worked To Include Break Time
I have a timesheet where user updates start and end time for various tasks.

I have placed a time capture button in the excel sheet (which is simply a macro saying =now() function)

The user clicks it before starting and after finishing the task. The start and end times are captured in adjacent cells.

If the user starts the work, and goes on a lunch break say for 20 min, comes back finishes the task and captures end time, the time difference will not consider break time which is non productive.

How can I incorporate something like 'pause' option so that before he goes for lunch he can temporarily pause the time.

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Session Timer 10min Splash Screen Warning Then 15min Force Close
Hi, The purpose of this macro was to control the time this excel file was open because many users modify it. I decided to create a splash screen (userform) to display a message to the user saying "your session time of 15min is up"

The problem is, the first time I open the file everything works fine. But after I close it (just the workbook not excel), It opens itself for some reason and gives me a debug error message. Perhaps the timer is never stopped?

I call "StartTimer10min" on workbook open and "StopTimer" before workbook close.

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Conditional Formatting: OFFSET Function To Define A Range Inside A SUM Function
In Mr Excel's Pod Cast on April 12th, he showed how to use the OFFSET function to define a range inside a SUM function. Then he had Conditional Formatting that would highlight the range that was being summed. Can anyone tell me what the formula would be inside the Conditional Formatting dialog box to get the OFFSET range to have a certain format?

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Function To Mirroring Cell Relative To Function's Location
I have created a List in excel of various tasks. (See attached example.) Each row contains one cell with a function which equals the cell above it and to the right. So the function for cell C3 would be D2. The only importance is that the cell mirrored is always the cell one above and to the right. However, now I would like to be able to rearrange this List, but the “one up and to the right” function will now be all over the place.

Is someone aware of a function which will target a relative location instead of an exact cell?

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Nested IF Function Error (entered Too Many Arguments For This Function)
I keep getting the "You've entered too many arguments for this function" error.

Here is the formula:

=IF(B15=D40,E40,"",IF(B15=D41,E41,"",IF(B15=D42,E42,"","Invalid Shipping option")))

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Force Function To Use Row Relative To Cell Housing Function
I have been looking around have this much code from this site, modified. What I am trying to do is calculate numbers by a position with cells D through K having numeric values. I have 'hardcoded' the cells (D2, E2, etc in the code below), but in reality I only want the current row (so if the formula is on the 2nd row, I want D2, if it is on the 3rd row, I want D3).

My problem is obviously the formula isn't working because I am not correctly tying back to the spreadsheet (Positioncalc.xls). When I put the formula in the spreadsheet it works, but in my script I get 0 everytime.

My Script:

Function Position(rCell As Range, Optional RightPosition As Boolean)
Dim vResult

Select Case rCell.Text
Case "QB"
vResult = (2*D2) + (2*E2) + (2*F2) + (4*G2) + (2*H2) + (1*I2) + (4*J2) + (3*K2)
Case Else
vResult = "Invalid Position"
End Select

If RightPosition = True Then
Position = vResult
Position = "Position not valid"
End If

End Function

So, when I put =Position(A2,True) I expect to see the formula results of those cells calculated based on the position (QB, HB, etc with their unique formulas).

My next challenge after this is to highlight certain cells based on the Position. So if A2 = QB, I want cell D2 boldface and Red, etc. I have seen some scripts on colors and such here, so I might be able to figure it out.

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User Defined Function Function Tooltip
when you type in a builtin function in the formula bar such as =DAY(), a small callout box appears below telling you the syntax - in this case "DAY(serial_number)". Is it possible to achieve this for a user defined function?

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2007 Right Function With Embeded Find Function
I have a range of cells, for this example I will use 2.

Cell E17 = 77/170
Cell E18 = 8/9

Using the following formula: =SUM(RIGHT(E17,FIND("/",E17)))+SUM(RIGHT(E18,FIND("/",E18)))

This bring back an #VALUE! Error as the second part of the formula keeps picking up "/9" however the first part works fine, displaying "170"

Now if I use:
It all works. The problem is that I need this to be automatic using the above way means having to add a "-1" to every formula for a cell with only 1 char to be added.

Using the formula:

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Concatif Function Breaks Beforedoubleclick Function Just By Being There?
I have a tracking sheet (attached) that has many functions, but I'm having trouble with two of them. First of all, I have a Worksheet_Change event set that when a cell is cleared, it fills the cell with a formula to use the record above it as a default value if another cell is equivalent. This worked when I first wrote it, but now it seems to break every other time I use it. When assigning the formula it returns a Method Default/FormulaR1C1/Offset failed error message. It seems to be different for each one, each time and I can't figure out what the problem is.

The other problem I'm having is that I wrote a BeforeDoubleClick event to expand or contract any given record, or series of records. this too worked when I initially wrote it, but now is only hiding one row when it should be hiding eight or more.
I'm not terribly versed in VBA and totally baffled as to why I'm having these problems. As I side note, any ideas to clean up any of the code and make this run smoother (as ther will be many more series added when complete).

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Show Insert Function Dialog Pre Set To Function
A most of time I'm using VLOOKUP function. I want to call specially this function by pressing custom button (w/o pressing "Insert Function" and choosing VLOOKUP)

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AVERAGE Function Embedded Within An IF Function
TPR, DISPLAY and FEATURE columns generate a rating based off of an IF function. In the Executed column, I need TPR, FEATURE, DISPLAY to be averaged together...BUT....In I want the average only include columns where there are numbers. For example in row one the eqn would be (1+3+2)/3, but in row 2 the eqn would be (1+1)/2...can I state an average function within an if function? Or what would be the best way to create an eqn for this?? I have thousands of rows to complete and doing it manually is not an option.

0- Did not meet expectations
1- Below expectations
2- Met expectations
3- Exceeded expectationsTPRDISPLAYFEATUREExecuted?Effective?Comments132Coming off of a Dec promotion113111111221

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Vlookup Function Together With An Offset Function
I am trying to use the vlookup function together with an offset function but i am not getting it to work properly.

The situation is as follows:

I have a column E in which i use the vlookup function to find its corresponding value in B which in turn refers to a named range. However, the figure i want the function to return is 2 columns to the right and 2 rows above the value which the vlookup funtion finds in the first column.

I have though of using the offset function, but i cannot figure out how to make this work.

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Write The VBA Function Through The Function Wizard
I have written a VBA program and using in Ms.Excel. The problem is when I try to write the VBA function through the function wizard it works but when I write the function in excel worksheet cell, it doesnt execute. I do not now the reason.

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Work Around To The 7 Function Limit With The IF Function
I'm comfortable with the IF statements in excel and not familir with many of the other functions available to me. I am trying to create a character calulator for Elder Scrolls III (Marrowind). So that a person may enter their race, ***, and other choices and their by calculating all starting stats. There are 10 races you can choose from and I can cover 9 of them with the if function (leaving one as if all other options are false). I would like to know if there is a better way such as a drop down list or some way to search an array or anything that would be better suited to search the race cell and return data if it's true. I'm running into the same probably with choosing the constalation (13 choices in this catagory).

I thought to split it two different data fields, by letting you choose from 4 in one cell and the other 9 in a different cell, but realized I don't know how to make it check two different cells for a choice to return it to the display cell without hitting the limitation of the 7 nested funcations in a forumla again.

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DATE Function & IF Function (return A TRUE Or FALSE Based On A Date In A Cell)
I am trying to return a TRUE or FALSE based on a date in a cell.

for example:

if cell A1 = 07/11/2009

I want A2 to show TRUE or FALSE if A1 is 14 days or more behind todays date.

I have tried stuff like:


but it just always says false. EDIT: I have just noticed that if I change the date in A1 to exactly 14 days behind todays, it returns TRUE. So, it does work. Do I need to add a GREATER THAN in there?

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Contains Function: Function That States If A Cell In The Email Column Contains A String Or Value From The Names Column
On sheet 1 I have a list of 1000 firstnames
On sheet 2 I have a list of 1000 emails,

I need a function that states If a cell in the email column contains a string or value from the names column, it will result in a true statement so that I can separate out the emails that have these peoples first names.

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Function Back Variables: Function Give Two Or More Output Variables
Can a Function give two or more output variables. e.g.

Sub a()
x = 5
result = Y(x)
End Sub

Function Y (x As Integer) As Integer
Dim B
B = ... * x
Y = ... * B

this will give back Y as a result. But if I want to get 2 or more output variables (let's say I need to get also B into sub) from one function, how should I do that?
I need this because function works with large matrix and I want to extract some values appeared in between.

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Use The OR Function Inside An IF Function
I am trying to use the OR function within an IF condition.
when I use each function seperatly, it works fine. but both functions
together always return the value of "B" - as false result, even when the
requested cell holds one of the true values.

for example:

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Changing A VBA Function Into An IF Function
i am using the following code to create a function in excel

i have to put the worksheets onto mac's so i cannot use a macro

can anyone help me change this into an iF function

load is cell D9 and the factor is in cell E9

Function Pmax(Load, Factor) As Double
Select Case (Factor)
Case "0"
Pmax = ""
Case "1"
Pmax = Load
Case "2"
Pmax = Load * 1.09
Case "3"

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Rand() Function In Another Function
I want to call on the existing rand() function as a part of the function i've written, however I'm getting an error saying sub/function not defined when I go to compile. How do I have to define rand() so that vba knows that I want the use the existing function?

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Sum Function With Address Function
On my worksheet =ADDRESS(18+BH8-1,60,4) gives me BH21. However = SUM(BH18&":"&ADDRESS(18+BH8-1,60,4)) gives me the #VALUE! error

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Replace Function "Sub Or Function Not Defined"
I'm getting a Sub or Function not defined error on the code below. It highlights the Replace Function as the problem, have also tried the substitute function too with the same result.

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