Referencing Cells In Other Sheets Using Address Function

Feb 7, 2012

I'm building a table that references a dynamic range on a pivot table. So far I've gotten the function to return the address on the pivot table but it wont return the value. I'm doing this so that I can both refresh the two source data sets and summarize (pivot table) and also graph these two summarized data sets since you can't graph two different pivot tables together.

This is my code so far:
Iferror - To return zero if the source data doesn't exist yet
Address - To concatenate the match functions
Match - to find the row and column numbers on sheet "B" that match the x,y call on the original sheet "A"

=IFERROR((ADDRESS((MATCH($A2,'Install Data Pivot'!$A:$A,0)),MATCH(B$1,'Install Data Pivot'!$4:$4,0),1,1)),0)

Returns $B$5 since this is the cell where the information lies.

I've tried just adding the sheet name like this...

=IFERROR('Install Data Pivot'!(ADDRESS((MATCH($A2,'Install Data Pivot'!$A:$A,0)),MATCH(B$1,'Install Data Pivot'!$4:$4,0),1,1)),0)

But that doesn't work. I've also tried using different variations of Indirect and Index but I still can't get it to reference the other sheet.

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Referencing Cells On Different Sheets

Oct 14, 2007

I currently have 3 sheets 1, 2,and 3.

Data is input onto sheet 1, this is copied into sheets 2, no real problem there. However i need to enter data onto sheet 3 and if that data appears on sheet 2 i want the line, not just the cell to be coloured on sheet 2. The data on sheet 3 will not be in any specific order in the column

I have tried conditional formatting but keep getting a message to say it cant be done and offering a formula which i dont understand.

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Referencing Cells In Other Sheets Using INDIRECT

Aug 6, 2014

Applying my indirect formula to the rest of the cells in my sheet properly.

I am getting the values of cells in other sheets, using INDIRECT to use cell values to name the sheets. Here is an example of how the cells are now...


Sheet 1

[Code] ....

The formulas in B1 are going to return the value of A5 in "Sheet 1" (or whatever value is in A1) and B2 will return the vale cell A5 in 'Sheet 2. The next line will be the value of A6 in Sheet 1, and the next will be A6 in Sheet 2 and so on.

So I have quite a few rows to get through I want to be able to autofill so it looks like this...


Sheet 1

Sheet 2

[Code] ......

As it is now, when I autofill, it autofills the Sheet name part of it. It is looking like this...


Sheet 1

[Code] ......

Excel isn't intuitive enough to know I want to move cells in the referenced sheet.

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Creating Sheets While Referencing A New Row In Some Cells

Jul 24, 2009

I am trying to find a way to create new sheets in a workbook that when created will reference a new row on a data sheet in that workbook. Each workbook could end up containing varying numbers of sheets (anywhere from 2 to 150+) based on size limitations. There are some lookups and referenced data on each sheet that would be copied as is and not reference the data sheet. I have not included these in my example.

I'm trying to avoid having to change each cell's reference manually for all of these sheets (which is one of the solutions I've come up with so far). My current method of creating these workbooks does not involve the data sheet and each workbook starts off with data only on sheet1. I select and copy that sheet into sheet2 and every subsequent sheet. I want to incorporate the data sheet so it can be filled out by someone else and copied into that tab to populate all of the data sheets.

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Referencing Email Address In Formula

Sep 26, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that for security reasons reads an email address in another proteced spreadsheet using a straight forward formula. ie =Hyperlink('Email!'E2). This prevents users from deleting or changing information. I want users to be able to click on the cell and it will bring up Outlook using the address but it is only reading the formula in the cell and so tries to link to E2. Is there anyway to make excel convert this formula =Hyperlink('Email!'E2) so that it will convert to the email address contained in 'Email!'E2. I thought about having a macro that copies and then pastes value only to another cell so that the email link will work but need to automate this so that all the user has to do is click on the cell.

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Referencing Multiple Sheets And Sum?

Mar 21, 2014

There are 4 sheets in workbook.

Sheet name is 3-12, 3-13, 3-14, 3-17.

that 3-15, 3-16 is not because of holidays. But, I want to display in 3-17 sheet sum of A1 cell from 3-12 sheet to 3-16 sheet.

nearly, =SUM('3-12:3-16'!A1)

=SUMPRODUCT(N(INDIRECT("'3-"&ROW(INDIRECT("12:"&RIGHT(A1,2)-3)) &"'!A6")))
is well work.. but

=SUMPRODUCT(N(INDIRECT("'3-"&ROW(INDIRECT("12:"&RIGHT(A1,2)-1)) &"'!A6")))
do not work..

I want to sum dynamic skip error value. namely, calculating to yesterday(3-16) from first day(3-12)...

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Referencing Multiple Sheets In One?

Jun 4, 2014

I am currently referencing data from 20 different sheets (11 columns each, varying amount of rows) all on one sheet. I intend to edit random data on each individual sheet with the added possibility that I will be adding or deleting rows....

So my question is, how can I set up this consolidated sheet so that when I delete/add a column in the referenced sheets, it will automatically add or delete these (additional) rows?

I have it set to the range of rows that I currently have, but all together I have about 1500 rows and I do not want to go through all of these rows deleting anything blank or adding in more. This consolidated data also is also filtered so finding out where to add to any ranges would be difficult unless I wanted to "un-filter" them (which I do not).

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Formula Is Referencing Different Sheets

Nov 16, 2006

I am having trouble with the following formula in my workbook with many sheets: ="='"&MONTH(A6)&"-"&DAY(A6)&"'!"&"$B$13". I entered this formula into B6 of the current sheet. Cells A6:A33 contains a date (02-Jan-07). So what I'm trying to do is retrieve the value in B13 of the sheet corresponding to the month and day in A6. If I hard code this formula into B6 ='1-2'!$B$13 it works but I don't want to edit each of the formulas in column B to correspond to the correct sheet. When I type in the above concatenated formula it just returns text (='1-2'!$B$13). Is there a way to do this so the formula will actually execute?

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Cross Referencing Between Sheets

May 2, 2006

In my application, I am reading a barcode label whose first three digits are a code for the model number (stored in Sheet1, Column C). On sheet 2, this 3 digit code appears in Column C also, and the exact model number for each 3 digit code is stored in Column A. I would like to display the information from Sheet 2 Column A in Sheet 1 Column H, depending on the value of Sheet 1 Column C. (for example, Sheet 1 Column C contains the code 011. On Sheet 2, Code 011 is the code for Model # HTE14WABWW. I would like to copy HTE14WABWW to column H on every row where the row's column C equals 011.

I see several examples of sorting data across sheets but nothing that really answers my specific question.

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Adding Rows To Sheets With 3D Referencing?

Jun 13, 2013

I have attached a file for reference. I have another file I use that is similar to the one attached, however it has 500+ rows and is still growing. The issue I am having is that in this file I want to make a "Template" worksheet. Basically I need 50ish sheets that are more or less the same. I have a column that describes a item, a items weight, a row with headers for the columns that I want to appear identical on every worksheet. I want the variables to be the count. These will change from sheet to sheet with formulas to than update the totals.

My issue I am having is that I constantly find myself needing to insert new rows for new items. In my real worksheet I have rows grouped together in a logical way so the rows cannot just always be placed in the next available row at the end of a sheet. How I can have sheet 1 be my "template" and the others take their item lists and weights from sheet 1. In the example file I created sheet 1. I than created sheet 2 and selected a cell entered "=" and selected the cell that I want it to have the same info from on sheet one. I fill handled these items down to generate a list. I than held down control and dragged a couple of new sheets. This process works, and is what I am currently doing, but what do I do when I wish to add a new rob between row 4 & 5?

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Referencing Sheets Titled As Dates?

Oct 3, 2008

I have a workbook with probably 60 tabs/sheets at the bottom, each titled with a date, like 10-2-2008. In each tab/sheet, I have information for that day. What I am trying to do is on a new sheet, have all those sheets listed down column A. Next, in column B, I would like the value of cell D1 from each tab/sheet.

Is there a formula I can write that will lookup the value of D1, for each date listed in column A? I have tried doing =INDIRECT(A1&"!D1"), where A1 is a date/tab name, but it will not work. If however I rename the sheet "5", then have a "5" in cell A1, it will give me the data listed, but for some reason if I have a date with dash's, 10-2-2008 it will not work.

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Referencing Listbox Items And Sheets By Name

Jan 24, 2014

Dim flag As Boolean

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim myWorksheet As Worksheet

flag = True

[Code] ........

I made a user form that, with the click of an item in the listbox (which is populated with the worksheet names), will show or hide the matching worksheet. I was using indices, but a problem occurs when there are some hidden sheets to begin with, because the listbox is filled with only the visible worksheets (that's part of the functionality required) and so, when there are hidden worksheets the indices of the listbox are totally different. So, to avoid that kind of bugs I thought I'd use the sheet + listbox names to show/hide the worksheets, but that is proving to be a very hard task.

How I can use the listbox item names + worksheet names to make the "mapping" correctly?

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Cross-referencing Two Lists From Separate Sheets?

Jan 16, 2014

I'm working with several sheets, each containing databases of customers that bought different products. I'm trying to do a cross reference so I know which customers has already bought multiple products.

English is not my first language and I might not be able to clearly express what my problem is, so I included a worksheet example.

In the example, you can see that Lea bought an apartment coded with APRT-001 from the first sheet. Lea also bought a condo coded with COND-002. What I'm trying to do is to put a note beside the her entry in the apartment that she has bought COND-002. And vice versa on the COND-002 entry on the second sheet.

What I usually do is combine all the data in one sheet, use Conditional Formatting to point out the duplicate name entries, and work through the whole thing manually. The thing is, there are thousands of names and I need to update the list regularly

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Array Function Referencing Last Row Of Sheet?

Oct 10, 2013

I have this MAXIF array function that I am trying to use but I need it to reference the Last Row and not the absolute refererence. I am a novice at VBA. The first max if array is the one with my effort to try and get the last row. It doesnt work. The second one works but references the cell.

Selection.FormulaArray = _
"=MAX(IF('Monthly Production'!R2C1:RC1 & LR=RC[-20],'Monthly Production'!R2C19:RC19 & LR))"
Selection.FormulaArray = _
"=MAX(IF('Monthly Production'!R2C1:R8729C1=RC[-21],'Monthly Production'!R2C21:R8729C21))"

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Referencing Cell Above In Custom Function

Apr 27, 2008

Iím trying to write a custom function that always references the cell above it but I canít figure out the proper syntax to do so i.e.

Function Multiple_Cell_Above()

Multiple_Cell_Above = cellabove * 10

End function

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Referencing To Sheet Names While Consolidating Data From Various Sheets

Feb 23, 2014

I am writing a macro to consolidate data from different worksheets in more than one Summary Sheets.

My workbook has quite a number of worksheets, from different department e.g. OPS001, OPS002,OPS003, ADMIN001, ADMIN002, ADMIN003 and so on.

I want data from OPS001, OPS002 and OPS003 to go on one sheet e.g. "Summary-OPS" and data from ADMIN001, ADMIN002 and ADMIN003 to go on the other sheet name "Summary-Admin"

When I am working on Summary-Ops sheet I want to copy data from sheets starting with name "OPS" and so on.

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Vlookup Function Referencing A Formatted Cell?

May 1, 2014

I am trying to use the vlookup function but the range of reference has that little green triangle in the corner and if I f2 each cell that triangle goes away and the vlookup function works great. Do you know what is going on here? And also, a quick way to convert all the cells with the green triangle to be without the triangle in a whole range? I don't want to have to go to each cell individually and f2. I've attached an example worksheet for reference to what I am describing. vlookup format.xlsx

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VBA: Tally # Of Times A RTD Referencing Function Takes A Specified Value

Jul 31, 2009

I have a cell, lets call it A1, w/ an IF statement referencing another cell, which is a function of two values taken from RTD. A1 is either blank or reads "One." I want another cell to tally the # of times that A1 takes on the value "One."

The issue:
I've tried approaching this by using Worksheet_calculate and an IF/Then statement to add 1 each time Range("A1") = "One" however this doesn't work because it keeps adding 1 while A1 reads "One." The calculations seem to fire off every milisecond, so if "One" flashes for 0.5 seconds, I get 500, and if it flashes for 3 seconds, I get 3000. For both cases, I'd like it to just add 1.

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Address And Match Function Together

Feb 23, 2014

Using the address function to find the exact cell of a unique string text.

I'm using the following command to find the address of a string i have in a different cell.


The string text is in cell H1, H2, H3.......(or on another sheet). The goal is to find the address of a cell containing the unique string text from cell H1, H2, H3.....(that entire column) in a sheet with 13,000 lines. Basically, searching for a specific cell address of a string text referenced from another cell.

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Aug 11, 2009

I need to use the ADDRESS function to define a range from which an average can be determined. My current function is as follows:

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ADDRESS Use Inside A Function..

Feb 8, 2010

I'm trying to calc a Simple Moving Average of financial Fund data (row=fund type, column=date) on a very large matrix for a particular fund and date range. I locate the Fund of interest and retrieve the Start and End dates of interest and retrieve their addresses using the ADDRESS function. Since ADDRESS returns a text string, HOW DO I incorporate it's results into the following array function (which ignors blanks and 0 cells): {=AVERAGE(IF($L$10:$V$10>0,$L$10:$V$10,FALSE))}?

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Aug 12, 2012

I am getting #VALUE! when I use the formula to dynamically load some values to the column

simplified formula will look like below.


check the row above this/current column exact match if the value in that row is "C" then put "C" in this/current row and column else put "A".

? (should be C)

? (should be A)

? (should be A)

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Function To Find The Address Of A Cell

Dec 8, 2005

I want a function that allows me to enter a range and then returns
the address of the cell with the minimum value. It is the Address I am
interested in, not the value.

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Function To Convert Long Value Into IP Address

Jul 29, 2014

Any function to convert a long value into an IP address. I have an extract from a mySQL dbase that has the ip addresses in long format. I need to reverse them back to IP Addresses.

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Result Of Address Function In Formula

Nov 13, 2006

How do you use the result of the "Address" function as ranges for other formulas?
I have 2 cells A1 and A2, each containing an "Address" function to find the start cell and end cell of a range.

A1 shows the result "$J$6" and A2 "$AB$6". These are working fine:

A1: =ADDRESS(ROW($A6),MATCH(HLOOKUP('cleaned up'!$I$2,pivot03!$2:$2,1,FALSE),$2:$2,0),1)

A2: =ADDRESS(ROW($A6),MATCH(HLOOKUP('cleaned up'!$I$5,pivot03!$2:$2,1,FALSE),$2:$2,0),1)

I want to get the average of this range using cells A1 and A2, but Excel treats the formula as an error: =Average(A1:A2) shows the error #DIV/0!

Going back one step and putting the formulas within cells A1 and A2 into the average formula doesn't work at all with a colon:.....................

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Define Range With Address Function

Dec 26, 2006

I am trying to create a correlation matrix that uses the =ADDRESS function to define the various columns of data which I want to correlate against each other (I require this flexibility because the number of columns and rows of data to be correlated will change). The basic formula I am using is something like the following: =CORREL((ADDRESS(Sheet1!$C$2+3,L2+2,,,"Sheet1")),(ADDRESS(Sheet1!$B$2,L2+2,,,"Sheet1")))

However, while the individual ADDRESS fomulas deliver the correct start and end cell references required, it seems that CORREL function won't accept the cell addresses that result from using the =ADDRESS function.

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Adding CC Address And Body To SendMail Function?

Mar 19, 2012

I have the below code of which I would like to addresses added to the CC list Also, Would it possible to add a range as the body? E.G:

.CCaddress = ""
.CCaddress =""

Body text = Range("A1"& "" &"B1")

Code that need the above inputted:

With ActiveWorkbook
.SendMail Recipients:=Array(""), _
Subject:="610 Cambridge " & Format(Date, "yyyymmdd") & " " & "Counts"
[add cc address + body]
.Close SaveChanges:=False
End With

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Vlookup Function To Return The Cell Address

May 18, 2002

Is there a way to get the vlookup function to return the cell address, rather than the value, of the lookup?

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Use Range Address From Cell In Index Function

Sep 15, 2007

I have a sheet with multiple tabs - 1 per employee. I'm trying to run an index on a select tab based on the contents of a cell in order to do a summary across all employees/tabs.

The person's name is Tulley and is listed on the summary page in cell A11. =INDEX(TULLEY!$B$4:$M$5,1,$B11) returns the correct value. I would like to replace the tab reference with the name of the person concatenated with an exclamation point. This yields TULLEY! -

INDIRECT("A11")&"!". I thought that I would be able to replace the TULLEY! in the index formula with the indirect formula. This formula returns TULLEY!, but the index function doesn't work: =INDEX(INDIRECT("A11")&"!"&$B$4:$M$5,1,$B11).

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Sum Function With Address Function

Apr 22, 2008

On my worksheet =ADDRESS(18+BH8-1,60,4) gives me BH21. However = SUM(BH18&":"&ADDRESS(18+BH8-1,60,4)) gives me the #VALUE! error

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