MonthView Control Can Be Set To Allow Users To Select Multiple Ranges And Enter Different Dates

Dec 4, 2013

If MonthView control can be set to allow users to select multiple ranges and enter different dates into those ranges? I know I was able to do with with the previous Datepicker control and I thought it was as easy as setting the Show Modal property to true.

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Select Next Control / Cell On Worksheet After Enter In Control

Jan 9, 2008

Within the ComboBox properties, is there anyway to control after "enter" his hit, you move to the right instead of down (similar to the edit under Tools/Options)?

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Monthview Control Date Format

May 3, 2013

I'm trying to use a Monthview Control to put a date in a textbox and need the format to be in 'dd mmmm yyyy'.

The problem is that whilst I can get the date in that format, it is US format - so it is putting today in as '05 March 2013'.

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Column Of Dates Not Recognized Unless Manually Select Each Cell And Press Enter

Apr 12, 2013

I have a column of dates that are not being recognized as dates unless if I manually select each cell and press enter. For example the cell value is "Jul/13' and isn't recognized as "01/06/2013" until I select it and hit enter. How can I get around this?

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Selecting Multiple Dates Using Calendar Control

May 2, 2006

how to multiple dates can be selected using the calendar control object? I haven't actually explored this for very long

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Select Multiple Ranges

Nov 9, 2009

I have 2 ranges which on their own seem to work fine (I have check by just putting ".Select" at the end of both of them). The issue is that I want to apply the same border format to both ranges, however, when I try to put them together in a "With" statement it includes all of the range from the top to the bottom and not just the 2 two ranges. Ranges being used:

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VBA To Select User Multiple Selected Ranges

Feb 9, 2010

The User has made multiple selections with the mouse. The spreadsheet is filtered. The user will usually make different multiple selections on the following columns: A and X through to AR (inclusive).

I just need some code to capture these various multiple selected ranges so that I can copy the selected range as shown below:

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COUNTIF Multiple Ranges Dates

Dec 16, 2008

I want excel to count the number of items in a range that I have named "Name" and I have another range that I have name "date" which contains (obviously) dates. The dates are in order. I want to count the number of items in "name" that are associated with the date in the "Date" range.

The problem is I want to count the names in a date range, which is todays date through to 30 days after. I have to days date already posted automatically in K1 [by the formula =TODAY()]

Essentially, count all the times "Bob" appears in the Range "Names" that appear in the next 30 days. My Brain hurts just trying to describe it

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Select Multiple Ranges Stored In Range Array

Nov 19, 2013

I am trying to do something that sounds fairly straightforward but have not been able to achieve the final result.

I have a sheet which has multiple range addresses stored in different cells and so far I have been able to pass the Range address to Range variables by looping through a range array. Now I would like to select these multiple ranges. My code looks as below;


Dim Cnt As Integer
Cnt = Sheets("Sheet1").(Range("1040").Value ' Cnt holds the the total number of ranges to be specified in Sheet1
Dim RStr(1 To 80) As String ' This will hold the range addresses specified in Sheet1 in cells C1041 to C1120. Upto 80 range addresses could be specified.
[SIZE=2] Dim Rng(1 To 80) As Range ' This will store the ranges based on the range addresses stored in RStr()
Dim i, j As Integer,


I am not sure on how to select multiple ranges using range array hence tried Union() however it is obviously not correct and throws an error.

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Macro For Users To Enter IP Address?

Apr 7, 2014

I want to use it to get data from snmp and put it in excel cell. I managed to do this with this macro:

[Code] .....

Now I want to be able to change the IP address. For example in cell A4 to fill the IP. And the IP to change in the macro. So this macro to be use for different hosts.

I place a button for this macro and when I press it a cmd windows is popping for 1 second and hide. How can I make it not to show at all.

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Allow To Users To Enter A Cell In The Worksheet

Jan 26, 2009

Function Dice(DiOne, DiTwo) As Double
Dim sum As Integer
Dim DiOne, DiTwo As Integer
Dim Odds As Double
DiSum = DiOne + DiTwo

Select Case sum
Case Is = 2
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Is = 3
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Is = 4
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 5
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 6
Odds = 3 / 36
Case Is = 7
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 8
Odds = 3 / 36
Case Is = 9
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 10
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 11
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Else
Odds = 1 / 36
End Select

Dice = Odds

End Function

I'm trying to allow users to enter a cell in the worksheet and type =dice(number, number) and it calculate the probability of that amount coming from two rolls of a dice...

I'd like people to be able to use this just as though it was the SUM or VLOOKUP functions....

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VBA To Output Column Of Dates Within A Range For Multiple Ranges

May 21, 2014

I need a 'simple' vba that outputs all the dates in a range that correspond to a particular ID in a column as well as that same ID in a column beside the dates.

So basically using the data in columns A to B as input, to get columns E and F as output.

Also, for a lot more than just 3 IDs.

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Prompt Users To Enter Information In Specific Range Of Cells Before Save

Mar 11, 2014

Is there a way to prompt users to enter information in a specific range of cells before they save?

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Allow Users To Edit Ranges?

Jan 2, 2014

I have a sheet which has many columns in it, all columns are protected except column B. When I want to enter data always I have to insert a column in column B. When I clicked insert button, my B column move to C and B column become protected and C become unprotected. My query is always I want B column should be protected (even if i clicked on insert column button too).

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Use One Template To Enter Data With Users Being Able To Start Entry From A Number Of Different Starting Points

Jul 30, 2009

We're trying to use one template to enter data with users being able to start entry from a number of different starting points. this changes they way the look-ups have to work. The attached sample explains it a whole lot better.

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Allow Users To Fill In Only Particular Ranges Of Cell

Feb 19, 2008

I'm not an Excel expert and I'm wondering whether to protect an Excel workbook in order to allow users to modify only specific cells in the sheets.

Also, each user should modify only his related sheet whitout permission to modify the ones created for the other users.

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Data Validation Dropdown Menu But At Same Time Allowing Users To Enter Free Text

Nov 15, 2010

Is there a way to have a data validation drop down menu but at the same time allowing users to enter free text as well.

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Using Control + Shift + Enter

Dec 11, 2008

For Excel 2007, does this key function only work after typing in a formula into a cell? I tried pasting the formula and am unable to get the {}.

Is there some setting in preferences to allow this?

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Control Shift Enter In VBA

Apr 21, 2006

If ur using a formula that uses Control Shift Enter to activate it in Excel,

How do u use that formula in VBA? ....

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How To Let Users Select A File

Mar 28, 2014

I am looking for a code to let users select an excel file like File Manager.

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Allow Users To Edit Ranges Not Working After Running Macro?

Feb 14, 2013

I have a sheet that I have added protection to (Tools / Protection / Protect Sheet) with a password (PostItNote). Before I protect the sheet I have allowed users to edit ranges (Tools / Protection / Allow Users To Edit Ranges). I have made my selection of the cells that users are allowed to edit and protected the sheet. I now want to run a macro that will un-protect the sheet (in order to allow the macro to edit the protected cells) make some changes and then re-protect the sheet. The macro runs as it should do but when it stops I am unable to edit the cells that I allowed users to edit? For some reason the areas that I enabled users to edit have been changed allowing users to only edit far less cells that I originally set!

Here is my macro code that I am running:

[Code] ......

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Control Cursor Movement On Enter

Sep 5, 2007

I need to change the way Exel move the focus when I press return in a cell. For example when I am in column 1 and press return, I want the focus to move to column 4. If I am on column 5 I need to go on the first column of the next line, etc ...

I think I am suppose to use ActiveCell.Offset(1,0), and ActiveCell.Offset(-4,1) for my 2 examples. But my question is what is the VBA code for: "do that when I press enter and I am in this column"?

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Enter Key On UserForm To Next Control Not Working

Apr 23, 2008

I have a User Form that is used to collect data. CommandButton1 loads the User Form data into the worksheet and CommandButton2 clears all data from the Form in preparation for entering the next record. Immediately after a user first opens the Form, the very first time CommandButton1 is clicked, the Enter Key stops working. At this point data can be typed into any TextBox on the Form, but when the Enter Key is pressed the cursor remains in the TextBox. (The Enter Key will not move the focus to the next Textbox in the Tab Order. Also, if I alter the code to set the focus on a CommandButton as the active control instead of a TextBox, pressing Enter on the active CommandButton does not execute the CommandButton's macro... the same behavior as a TextBox; nothing at all happens when the Enter Key is pressed even though the CommandButton has focus).

At the point when the Enter Key stops functioning, if the user presses 'Alt-Tab' to leave the Form and then immediately uses 'Alt-Tab' to return back into the Form the Enter Key suddenly works again and continues to work correctly from that point on even after CommandButton1 is clicked. Again, the Enter Key stops working ONLY the first time CommandButton1 is run immediately following initially opening the workbook and Alt-Tabing into the Form immediately corrects it. I saw one other post in this forum with this same problem in 2003, but unfortunately it did not get answered.

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Pass Control Dates To Cells As Dates Not Text

Feb 13, 2008

I have a WAY to complicated excel form that I'm going to move to Access but I need to have this working in the interim. The form has a dynamic element, the user can choose the number of items they are ordering and it unhides the required number of text boxes. To keep the scripting down a did a little work-around to update the database using a loop through the form controls:

'Save the main row
MainOrderRow = ActiveCell.Row
LastRow = MainOrderRow + (ExtraOrders - 1) ' Calculate the last row
ExtraOrderNo = 1

For DBRow = MainOrderRow To LastRow

' Save the text box name with the extra order number
k = "txtDescriptionMul" & ExtraOrderNo & ""
l = "txtQuantityMul" & ExtraOrderNo & ""
m = "txtTotalValueMul" & ExtraOrderNo & ""
n = "ComboBoxUnitMul" & ExtraOrderNo & ""...................

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VBA Formula That Require Control+Shift+Enter

May 26, 2009

VBA automation -
Excel added the formula - but they all return "Not Found". After the VBA automation - I visit each cell, see the formula is correct and then press Control +Shift + Enter; then the correct value displays! Of course, the curly brackets also appear in the formula bar. In VBA I tried to use the:

objXL.ActiveCell.FormulaArray = "=IF(ISERROR(INDEX(PositionDataSell!$T$2:$T$505,MATCH(" & lngContractID & "&" & strQuote & strConCat .....
The Excel Formula bar for the cell is just empty (blank)

Using only the Formula property:
objXL.ActiveCell.Formula = "=IF(ISERROR(INDEX(PositionDataSell!$T$2:$T$505,MATCH(" & lngContractID & "&" & strQuote & strConCat .....

The correct formula is created in each cell, but. Until I visit that cell and use the Control+Shift+Enter - the lookup will not work. It is proof that the right formula is there, without the curly brakcets.

In Excel - my vba code successfully constructs these formulas: In essence: It checks for an error and prints "Not Found" if no match is found in the check. It test for two values in a row - matches them to two columns on a row in another worksheet, and returns a third value for the matches of the same row.

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Enter & Exit Events In Control Classes

May 11, 2006

A lot of people seem to have been having troubles with the fact that if you try to use controls in a class with the "withevents" keyword, some events (like Enter & Exit) are not included in the tracked events. I have been having some troubles with this myself & have not yet seen any particularly satisfying workarounds to this problem.

So here is an idea I just had, I have not made any attempt yet to implement it & so have no idea how complicated doing so would be, but I thought I would just put it out here & get some feedback on the idea before I spend any real time working on it.

The idea is to create a blank, transparent label that covers the entire form, monitor the Click event of this label, & pass it back to the normal controls on the form as necessary. Does this sound doable, or do you all think it would be merely an exercise in futility? If anyone has any better suggestions for how to work around this lack of events,

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Enter Different Value To Seperate Cells From Calendar Control

Aug 4, 2006

User selects a date from a pop up calendar. The date and user ID is entered into the active cell of the active sheet. This I have. I would like at the same time to have it enter the value of just the date (without the user ID) to cell A1 on the sheet labeled final.

Also, while I'm on the topic, I have another workbook where I would like to do the exact same thing with the exception that the user will only be allowed to select a date equal to today or up to 60 days from today?

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Program Tab & Enter Keys Depending On Control

Jan 4, 2007

Following are the VBA Object in excel file :

3. CommandButton1
4. CommandButton2
5. CommandButton3

i want to do following items :
1. when i am in textbox1 and press TAB button from keyboard then cursor go to Textbox2
2. when i am in textbox2 and press TAB (keyboard) then select commandButton1
3. when i am in textbox2 and press enter button (Keyboard) then run the macro of commandButton1 click event.

Actully above VBA object in excel sheet and i am not useing any fram for them .

how to possible above items.

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Allowing Users To Select The Range For A Macro To Be Run On

Jan 12, 2009

i have a spreadsheet that data is imported to from a different program. however the amount of rows of data will change from day to day. I need to be able to select this range of data before i run a macro on it.

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Calendar Control To Enter Chosen Month As Worksheet

Jul 17, 2009

I have a worksheet that has a Calendar on a worksheet from Calendar Control 8.0.

I want to be able to pick a month from the calendar and press a button to convert the selected month into a worksheet. I have a custom made calendar worksheet that I would like for it to be converted into.

I have uploaded my workbook. It contains the custom calendar worksheet as well as the calendar control.

The file is called "calendar.xls".

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