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Avoid Letters (read Only Numbers)

How can I avoid letters in a cell (read only numbers)

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Avoid Duplicate Numbers In 1 Column
I have a column where i have to put document numbers, Column A, i want to avoid accidently capturing something twice, so the only thing thats unique is the document number. Can i get an error if i try to enter the same number twice?

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Avoid Unwanted Negative Numbers
I have a formula that converts the interval between two times into a whole number of minutes:

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Avoid Repeating Numbers In A Small Range
I have three cells in a column. A1, A2 and A3. There are only 4 possible numbers that these can have in them, 0,1,2,and 3. Here is the catch. None of them can repeat, although they can be in any order. And the column may only have data in the first cell or the first two or all three. Is there a simple macro that will alert me to when a number is repeated? It needs to be a macro rather than a apreadsheet function.

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Letters To Numbers
This formula will add up the letters D,N,H with one value
Like =SUM(COUNTIF(B4:AZ4,{"D","N","H"}))*12 will =36

How can I add bN =17 bmN =19 bD=24

=SUM(COUNTIF(B4:AZ4,{"bN","bmN","bD"})) to add up to 60

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Convert Numbers To Letters. A=1, B=2 Etc
How do I give letters a value in Excel? i.e. How can I make A = 1

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Sort Containing Both Letters And Numbers
I have a list I want to sort containing both letters and numbers. Right now the regular sort sorts like this
I want it to sort like this and don't have a clue how to do it
I am using excel 2003

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Force Use Of Letters And Numbers Only
I have an excel sheet where the user enters a bunch of info. In one of the cells, they enter an "account code" - this is then used to SAVE AS the account code.

The problem... if they enter things into this cell that causes the filename to fail (eg: *, /), the code errors out. I can error handle this in VBA at the time of the save, but I would rather prevent them from entering anything that is not a letter or number in the first place.

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Converting Numbers To Letters
We are doing a database conversion and I have been tasked with converting all our old promotion codes to a new system. The long and the short of it is this:

I am trying to write an equation that will look at two cells (say A1 & B1) which when put together could be one of the following numbers (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12) and translate them to a letter (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,M,N)

So 01=A, 02=B and so on...

I was trying to use if statements, but there are too many.

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Assigning Numbers To Letters
I have a word, for example ROCK. I asigned numbers to the word. R=1,O=2,C=3,K=4. My Question: If I type in ROC it must return 123. If I type in KR it must return 41, etc. Is there a basic formula I can use to solve this?

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How To Convert Numbers To Letters
i want to convert numbers to letters in the excel Sheet
I.E: when the number is 1000.00$ it write in another cell
on thousand dollar only

1500.00$ one thousand five hundred dollar only

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Letters To Represent Numbers
how to make letter represent numbers what i am trying to do. i am trying to put a sheet together to make my life easyer. i am a lectuer and need to keep trake of studes progress how this is done is that over the year they are graded my Pass Merit Distinction in using offic 2007 (Excel)and i was to make it so that if i put in a P it will =6 points ,M=12 points and D=18 points and for the total points to for each student to come up on the side after the units if there a rule for this and how would i put the rule into the sheet ?

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VBA Read Dates As Numbers?
I have a userform that has several textboxes and checkboxes. Some of the textboxes read and display dates from certain cells. I have the checkboxes conditionally formatted based on the data in the textboxes. However it doesn't seem to be reading the dates as a value. Here's an example of my issue to make it clear for you:

txtBox 1 = 01Sep2009
txtBox 2 = 01Oct2009

What I need is for the checkbox text colour to change from black to red if txtBox1 < txtBox2. Here's the code I have in place:

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Dividing Letters And Numbers String
A given string of some letters (from three to five, six) is followed by a single number (1-4). Then it ends, or is followed by another such combination, up to a maximum of, let's say, four.


What I would like to do is to divide a given chain of characters into the smallest chains which contain only letters and one number. To the examples given above, I'd like to receive the following sets:

yyy3 and yyyy1
xyzxx1 and yxz4 and xzx1
... and so on

Is it somehow possible to do it with simple functions? Or is VB necessary (which sadly I don't know)?

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Convert Numbers To Single Letters
In row G, I have a wide range of values from -3000 up to 2500.

These values are generated from a formula. =A5-B5.

I need a script that will scan row G between G5:G500 and give them a letter value.

Convert anything less than 0 to an A
Convert anything equal to 0 or equal to 1 to a B
Convert anything between 2 and 7 to a C
Convert anything greater than 7 to a D

It can place the new categorized letter value over the original formula in row G or put the letter value right next to it in H.

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IF Formula - Numbers And Letters And NOT Other Characters
Looking to create a Formula (not Code):


1. NOT Between 8 and 20 characters OR
2. NOT contain at least 2 numbers OR
3. NOT contain at least 2 letters OR
4. contain characters (e.g. punctuation) which are neither numbers or letters


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Conditional Formatting With Letters And Numbers ...
I found out about conditional formatting for five different letters or letter combinations, using VBA, using the code below.

I was wondering if this is also possible with letters or letter combinations, BV, RV, SV, CV, Z and numbers, somewhere between 0 and 9,5.

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Data Validation :: Letters Followed By Numbers
I currently have cell B3 in a worksheet - able to except 2 data entries.

The user should enter either OPQ or BOT followed by numbers. How do i ensure that they only enter OPQ (O - Letter Not Number) followed by numbers, or BOT (O - Letter Not Number) followed by numbers.

i.e. OPQ87654321 NOT 0PQ87654321 or BOT12345678 NOT B0T12345678. The information has to be entered manually and not via drop down list as each number is unique to the OPQ or BOT.

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Use Numbers For Columns In Place Of Letters
Is it possible to use numbers for columns in place of letters? If so, can you specify the starting number?

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Column Headings Are Numbers Instead Of Letters
All my columns headings are now numbers instead of letters. how do i change them back to letters

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Use Column Numbers Instead Of Letters In A Range
I want to be able to use column numbers instaed of letters when selecting a range in VBA. My current code is: Range("G12:Z500").Select. The columns, however are reliant upon a variable, therefore I would like to be able to use that variable to change the columns when selecting this range.

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Column Letters As Numbers Macro
I have a excell spreadsheet that consolidate information from several other excel spreadsheets generated daily. To make this consolidation I have to open each daily excell file and copy some columns(always same ones) to my consolidate spreadsheet, but each daily information goes into a different column in the consolidated file.
So, I need a way to convert the columns names into numbers to be able to use loops on the VBA code where I can specify in each column the paste has to be done.
Anyone has the VBA code that can make this column name conversion into numbers?

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Extract Separate Numbers From Letters
I've found several posts but none seem to peform this varying function:

EX12345678....Result in Col B: "EX" and Result in Col C: "12345678"
RTZZ4567.......Result in Col B: "RTZZ" and Result in Col C: "4567"

The problem with the formulas I've got specifically define - pulling let's say LEFT, 2 characters.....when, I may need it to pull 2 or 3 or 4. I found something that's smart enough to look for ONLY ALPHA and strip those out and place them into one column. =LEFT(A1,MIN( FIND({0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9},A1&"0123456789"))-1)

* I need something that's smart enough to look for ONLY NUMERIC. no matter how long the string is...and place those in Column C (like I mention in the example at the top).

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Split Cells Based On Letters Vs. Numbers
I have a column in one of my spreadsheets that I would like to split. There's currently not anything that can be used as a delimiter, nor can I use fixed width. the cells in question start with numbers and end with letters.

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Wrong Letters Or Numbers In A Text String
So for a program I am writing, the user inputs a text string of 200+ alphabetic letters. Only 20 of the 26 alphabet can be in this input (excluding BJOUXZ). What I need to have a macro or function do is check to make sure none of these 6 alphabet letters are present in the string, and also check to make sure no numbers are present either.

Also, I would love for the input text to be converted to Uppercase for all letter as it does this check.

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Allocate Numbers To Letters And Find Average
formula to do the following:

Assign numerical values to the letters G, A, R each having the values of 3, 2 and 1 respectively and then take an average of their values. Please be aware that in some cells there may be no letter.

So in a 5 cell range the values could be:

blank, G, A, R, blank which equates to a result of 2 for an average, (3+2+1)/3 (the two blank cells are discounted).

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To Sort A Column With Mixed Letters And Numbers
I am attempting to sort a column with mixed letters and numbers. However, I have been totally unable to get them to sort the way I want them.

What I have is:


etc, etc. The prefix letter is only a K - no other letters. However, the suffix letters can be anything from A to E (at the present time)

I need to sort them numberically from K1 in descending order ie:

etc etc etc

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Bubble Sort: Comparing Numbers & Letters
I have 3 departments, each with a value. I want to sort from lowest value to greatest (which I have done) but some departments won't have a value and therefore will have "n/a" in the place of the value. When sorting, "n/a" always comes out as the greatest value but I want "n/a" to be the lowest value - since it means there is no value.

Here is an example of the data:
Depts: Value:
580 15.75
558 19.01
538 n/a

Here is the code (sorting is being done on the value obviously, and the switching of the Depts to stay with the value is also done in the code)

Private Sub RankPerformance()

Dim bytValuesArrayCount As Byte
Dim A As Byte
Dim B As Byte
Dim vTemp As Variant 'must be type since value can be number or string ("n/a")

bytValuesArrayCount = UBound(ValuesArray)

The only way I know to do it is to sort using the above code, then do another type of sort if a value is not numeric then it is placed at the end...but I'm trying to make the code as efficient as possible

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Replace All Letters & Symbols Leaving Numbers
I would like to easily replace every character in column A with a blank, with the exception of - and a number. I am trying to get rid of all letters,:, / and other miscellaneous characters without having to delete them one character at a time.

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Extracting Letters And Numbers In A Random Alphanumeric String
I've got this problem: I need to separate around 40 alphanumerical entry in Column'A' to Columns'B','C','D','E'..

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Adding Numbers Separated From Letters In Multiple Cells
I have column of cells containing entries such as V1, V3 and V7. I'm trying (and failing) to come up with a formula to separate the numbers from the letters and add them together: V1, V3 and V7 would together give 11.

I can use the MID worksheet function to separate my numbers from my letters on a row-by-row basis, but I can't work out how to do the whole thing in one fell swoop. =SUM(MID(A1:A10,2,2)) doesn't work, for example.

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Delete Blank Rows :: That Don't Contain Visible Numbers Or Letters
I'm trying to clean up several long worksheets by removing rows that don't contain a visable number or letter.

I want to remove all rows that only contain either empty cells, formulas that evaluate to a empty text string (""), cells that contain error values, or cells that contain zeros, or any combination of the previous.

I've stumbled onto the following, but it does not work.

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List All The Combinations Of A Group Of Cells Containing Letters, But Not Numbers
I have 7 cells containing strings but not numbers on a row.

Now I want to list out all the combinations of drawing out 3 cells out of these 7 cells while the remaining cells that haven't been drawn out could also be listed out one column next to the drawn cells.

For example, I got 7 cells like this.

A B C D E F G (each letter in ONE cell)

And I want to list out all the combinations like this:



For more details, please refer to the attached sample (an .xls file being zipped).

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Macro To Convert Numbers To Alphabet Letters & Sum Range
First my goal is to sum a row and column. For example i want the sum of row 1 a to row 1 g. However, I'm using a loop for an automated macro. So i want to be able to say something like cells(1, count), so during the loop count goes from 1 to 7 representing the letters in the alphabet. But I'm not sure how to do so.

Secound, in my vba script to pull information from specific pages i say "sheet1.activate" how can i had the sheet switching during the process to speed up the calculation? and last but not least,

If Cells(1, locd) = "2008" Then

When i run my script, i get a runtime error 1004 application-defined or object defined error. The weird thing is, i can move what line it is on and then the macro will run ONCE and then it breaks again with the same error for that specific piece of code.

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Data Validation To Exclude Letters But Allow Numbers Beginning With Zeros
I am using Excel 07 with Vista, and creating a spreadsheet in which users will be inputting a record into every row.

There is a row that requires a number to be entered, where some of the numbers will begin with 0 or 00 or even 0000. I want to make sure no-one incorrectly enters a letter, however with data validation set to whole numbers, it formats the cell to change an entry of "005667" into just "5667". There is no set length for the field.

The only way to have "005667" is the change the column to text, but then obviously that defeats the whole purpose!

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Formula To Rank Text Objects Based On Numbers, Interesting Read
I'm attempting to create a formula that will find the name associated with a value, and return that name on the same column as that value in a later equation.

OK OK to illustrate it a little better:

There are three people: Bill, Ted, and Andy. Each one is ranked in Points, so my table looks like this:


1 Bill 10
2 Ted 20
3 Andy 30

Later on, I want to rank the individuals based on their score, using a formula. Right now, I can rank the scores based using LARGE(B1:B3,1), then LARGE(B1:B3,2), and lastly LARGE(B1:B3,3). That ranks the numbers in descending columns. However, I want the information to automatically populate the name associated with that particular point total. So, I want the system to know that B1 is Bill's score, and rank it, in descending order, later on in the spreadsheet, with Bill's name.

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Macro For Creating Letters To UPPER Letters
I have words in cell range (i.e. A1:A1000) and I want them to became upper letters.

Excel forum to EXCEL FORUM

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File May Be Read-Only, Or You May Be Trying To Access A Read-Only Location
I'm trying to open a file on a network drive...but I'm getting the following error message when it opens: "This file may be read-only, or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or the server the document is stored on may not be responding." Now, the file itself has no rights restrictions and is not read only. It doesn't appear to be locked.

Now, there are other Excel files in the same directory which I could open fine; however, the Excel documents having the above problem all have a little black icon "appears to be a padlock" (image attached) at the bottom left hand side of the Excel file icon. I tried the following:

- Renaming
- Converting to a different file format (didn't work, it won't let me)
- Opening in notepad...etc doesn't work.

This file is dated back in you think it's corrupt? Is there anything i can do to open or recover this?

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Column Letters- VBA Command To Get The Letters
Is there a VBA command to get the letters, instead of the numbers, of the column of a selected cell?

I have to letter a list whihc means setting up a loop using character codes.

I may have to go into double letters so I am working on how I would set up the loop for if and when it gets past 90 and starts on double letters. so far the highest is the letter "U"

of course the easiest would be to pick up a column value as a letter

NT values do not get a number

A_____ _____NT###
D____ _______NT####

i am guessing the loop might involve some arithmetic test between the count and the character set 65-90. or maybe a mod thing.

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How To Seperate Small Letters And Big Letters
how can I seperate small and big letters from one collumn, example:


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Convert A Group Of Numbers To A Group Of Letters
My store uses a retail price "code" wherein a price like 99 in expressed as a
code like "PP"--exchanging the number digits 1-0 as letters.

Is there a function to do this automatically?

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Formula To Avoid #DIV/0!

"A" is a duplicated rep field and "B" is unique rep IDs and "C" is a sum of product types purchased. I'm averaging the number of product types sold by each rep.

I need to modify it to remove the #DIV/0! error it generates. It calculates just fine by row (with the error on some rows), but when I use that calculated field as an element in another formula, the #DIV/0! blows up the second formula. I tried a second IF function tied to the sales field "D" but I don't think I nested it right.

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Use IF To Avoid Getting Anything Written After
I'm havin' a chart for interest, instalments and so on;

Interest [X%] Loan [Z crowns/dollars]
Loantime [Y years] Instalment [formula, which is "=Z/Y/12"]for each month.

Year, Month, Loan(left), Instalment, Total payment
1, Januari, =Z, =Instalment (constant), =Interest+Instalment

Month, Loan(left), Interest
Februari, =above-Instalment, =X%*Loan(left)/12 (rent is divided per year),

Instalment, Total payment
Constant, =rent+Instalment

and so on... as long as you want ^^ (it's quite messy, but try :D)

The question is as follows "What would a loan of 900'000kr with 9% interest rate totally cost over 30 years?"

[use "IF" to avoid getting anything written after the loan expires]

The question itself can be easily solved by just dragging the formulas down to 30 years and fill in the % and loan etc. But what I do not understand is the "IF" question. I'm supposed to use the IF function to instantly show the cost of the loan (total rent payment) after the 30 years? That's how I understood it. In that case... how do I do that? ^^

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Avoid #N/A In Vlookup
I know how to avoid getting the #N/A in a vlookup, but I have found situations where I have data matches and still get #N/A. For instance, I am looking up an item number (which contains numbers and letters) on one tab to find corresponding info on another tab. I've verified that the item number is indeed in the lookup range but I still get the #N/A. If I copy and paste the item number over the same item number in the lookup range then it works. However, I don't want to do this for each item number.

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Avoid Duplications In Column
I have to type a an ID in column D of a worksheet called “restricted funds”, I have 13 sheets in that workbook and each sheet has in column D some IDs, I can not type a duplicate ID, in the that sheet. What is the best way to avoid no duplications. IDs are simply numbers.

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Avoid Save File
I would like to avoid user to SAVE or SAVE AS file. In my macro I used code to disable SAVE and SAVE AS from FILE menu. But how to avoid to save file if user use CTRL+S command to save file?

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VBA For To Avoid Pressing F2 Then Enter
I have a formulas in Sheet1 linked to other sheets, but I have only formula and there are no sheets ( eg: in sheet 1 A1 =Data!A1) where as there is no sheet called Data. I have a macro to import this sheets from a different file.

The problem I am facing is, after importing the sheets, the formula still shows #REF but if I do double click the cell or press F2 and then "Enter" the value appears. I have about 1200 formulas in this sheets.

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Avoid Long IF Statement.
I've attached an example of what I am trying to achieve and an explanation as well. I'm trying to avoid the use of a macro as I don't understand them and I will need to modify the sheet later on which could cause problems. However, if a macro is the only solution, then I will have to make due with one.

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Formula To Avoid Divide By Zero
in column E i need to add a formula:

=($C2 - $B2)/$C2

And i would be extending it to the rows below.
Now, obviously, if C2 contains a 0, it gives a divide by 0 error. How to modify the formula which makes it valid only if C2!=0(not equal to 0)

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Avoid #N/A! In Vlookup Function
I have been reading and studying up on everything I can get my hands on with excel, and today I read the golden rules sticky. One of them confused me, so I need to understand, so I can follow it. "Don't Nest 2 Lookups To Avoid #N/A! Allow it to Occur and Reference Like: =IF(ISNA(A1),0,A1) and Hide the Lookup Column." I need cells to be empty instead of returning #N/A! So I nested using the ISNA. I do not understand the formula example above and hiding the lookup column. Here is the formula I have in one of the cells: How do I change it, so it returns an empty value instead of #n/a without nesting the lookup =IF(ISNA(IF($I$8="Student",((VLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,2,FALSE)))/D33,IF($I$8="Class",(HLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,28,FALSE))))),"",(IF($I$8="Student",((VLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,2,FALSE)))/D33,IF($I$8="Class",(HLOOKUP($J$8,'Exit Card Data.xls'!Card1_1,28,FALSE))))))

Also I really need the cell to be empty if nothing has been entered in I8 or J8, but right now it returns FALSE. For what I am doing, it is important that the cell is empty if no data can be found.

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Avoid Popup When Merging Cells
I am programming VBA for Excel and I have a problem with automatic popup messages. I would like to answer Excel's request "Selection contains more than one value. If cells are merged, only the first entry will remain" with OK. The cells are sorted, so they contain the same value, hence I want to merge them. Of course I could work around and delete every entry except for the first before merging, but I would like to know, how to answer this popup automatically, so that the user does not get to see it.

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