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Copying The Data From One Column To Another .....

I have a sheet which has multiple columns, i want copy the data from column Q to Column H depending on the filter that i'm using on column D. Below is the code, what am i doing wrong here

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Copying Data From A Column To A Row..?
every month a create two different spreadshets and I'm tyring to figure out what is the easiest or the best way to transfer the date from the sample2.xls to Sample1.xls (samples attached). Probably is an easy solution but haven't been able to find a solution on my own so I decided to ask for your expert opinion.

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Copying An Array Of Data Based On The Name In A Column
I have data as follows.

In the first column name of the month is specified.And in the third column of the same row day is specified.And followed by some data in rest of the columns and rows.

I need to copy the data from the presant sheet to a new sheet based on some conditions.

first need to search for the row where the word "MONTH" is there.if it is found then in the same row third column need to be checked for the day like "MONDAY" or "TUESDAY".If it is monday then need to copy 6*8 array of data i.e. (6 rows and 8 columns) into a sheet "MONDAY".if it is TUESDAY then 5*8 array data into a new sheet TUESDAY.And the search should be continued till the end of sheet.

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Copying Cells Down To Next New Data In Adjacent Column
In column A, I have unit numbers. Column B is blank. I need help copying the unit number in Column A down in Column B until a new unit number appears in column A. For example, in A6 is unit LS2, A12 is unit LS24, A17 is unit LS34. I would like to be able to copy A6 into B6:B11, A12 into B12:B16, and A17 into B17:B22, etc.

I have the code to copy A6 in to B6 and down, but I don't know how to make it stop at A12. Attached is also an example.

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Macro For Copying From One Column To Another Column
I need a macro that will special paste from column G line 4 and down, to column C line 4 and down, and then clear column E line 4 and down.

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Copying Formulas From Column To Column
In the attached spreadsheet, I am trying to drag the formula from one column to the next but I need the same cells to be used in every column with the exception of one cell. For instance, the formula I want to use is in the cell highlighted yellow. In the next cell over (highlighted blue) I want the formula to use the same D and E cells with the only change being the first part of each (G). Both the blue and yellow cell represent what I want to do. For example, the next column (H) would have (H4+D4+E4) in the first part. Column I would have (I4+D4+E4), and so on.

The D and E columns will be in every equation for each column. The problem is that excel wants to use the next column over instead of keeping D and E in each. How do I drag these equations so that it just changes the first part and keeps the D and E columns the same?

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VBA: Copying A Column
What VBA code will copy column A in Sheet 1 to column B in Sheet 3? The range of column A to be copied begins in row 2 and varies in length. Column A ends right before the last nonblank cell.

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Copying From One Column To Another
At the moment I have data in column A that I would like to move over to columns B, C, D, E, F, G and H. I need to do it for the whole sheet (60,000 rows), but the data isn't evenly spaced so I'm making a bit of a mess trying.

Here are a couple of examples of what I am trying to do.

Example 1: Data on the left
Example 2: How I want the spreadhsheet to look
Example 3: What happens when I copy and paste the row 3 columns b-H

I've been messing around with formulas like: if column A = the word CD, put the contents of the cell in this cell. I'm not that clever though! I know it can be done and it's annoying me not being able to do it.

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Copying Values To End Of Column
I have a cell "A1" that changes values. Every time "A1" gets a new value I want to copy it the the cell below the last value in Column "B". Assume "B1" contains a column name.

I want to copy A1 to B2, then copy A2 to B3 when A1 gets a new value.

Then I want to copy A1 to B3 when A1 gets another new value and so on.

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Copying Column Ranges
I am trying to copy columns from one workbook to another workbook as follows:

Source workbook column Destination workbook column

c2:c14 e2:e14
d2:d14 c2:c14
e2:e14 d2:d14
f2:f14 f2:f14
g2:g14 g2:g14

The data columns in both the workbooks are of same length,I just want to copy the corresponding columns from source to destination as per above referenced cells.

How do I write a macro for this?

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Copying Values Down To The Last Row Of Column
I'd like the following code to do is to go through each worksheet in the workbook and copy the value of the formula in cell S2 down the S column to the last row based off of a count of rows in column B. It's not working quite right and was hoping someone would be willing to correct it.

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Copying A Column Down To All But The Last 2 Cells
I am using a macro to copy a variable column of data from one file column A:4to another but what I want to do is copy the column apart from the last 2 cells. I am using:

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Copying And Pasting Data Scenarios Into A Data Report Sheet

Here is my situation:

Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep

The above format is how I want my spreadsheet to look like. On another sheet within the workbook, I have a chart with some control options that allow me to vary X, Y, Z (I can vary either of these individually). Anytime I vary any one of X,Y,or Z, then the values in A,B,and C all change. This is what I am looking for, a Macro that will allow me the opportunity to everytime I change or vary an option (X,Y,Z), I can hit "Save Scenario" and the new values will be appended to my "Report" sheet. The values of A-C and X and Y are kept on a sheet entitled "FY 07". X is maintained on a sheet called "Inputs". So in all, X,Y, Z and A,B,C are all copied for each scenario.

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Copying A Formula Down An Entire Column
I want to copy a D1-C1 formula all the way down column E. If I don't have any data in column D1 and C1, however, I don't want anything to appear in Column E.

Is there a way to hide the formula once I have built it for the all of Column E? The reason I need this to happen is because I can't have any zeros popping up in Column E, because I am calculating a running average of Column E and "zero" values would throw off my average.

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Copying Column Width From Another Sheet
I have an Excel file where there are multiple people's information on one sheet, and I have to split them out into multiple sheets. So I have written a loop to successfully do that.

However, I need all the sheets to have the same column widths as the original sheet. So after I insert a new sheet and cut and paste the appropriate data, I call another Sub Procedure from my main Procedure to do this. That Sub Procedure looks like this:

Sub MySetColumnWidth()
' Copy the column width for the first 30 columns
Dim i As Integer

For i = 1 To 30
ColumnS(i).ColumnWidth = Sheets("Sheet1").ColumnS(i).Width
Next i

End Sub
However, I am not getting the results I expect. The column widths change, but are not the right sizes, and I have no idea why.

One odd thing I have notice, is that is mind code, whenever I type in:
VBA automatically changes it to
I have no idea why. I have no code or variables named "ColumnS". I am not sure if this is somehow playing into my problems...

BTW, I am using Excel 2007.

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Formula Copying- Continue All The Way Down A Column
How do you make a formula continue all the way down a column, so i haven't got to drag or copy it down all the time?

Lets say I have a formula in row Z, which is =SUM(A1:T1) If I want that formual to be in every cell of row Z, I would have to copy it down. However, if I do that, the spreadsheet becomes huge. I just want that formula (in fact my formula is much more complicated) to always be in row Z, for evermore, as the spreadsheet in time will have more and more rows in it.

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Copying VBA Code In Cell Down A Column
I have written a code for a cell in excel but it only works for the row it is on. I want to copy this code down the column (until reaching an empty row) will cells refernced in the code changing accordingly (just as if i had written the code in the cell and dragged it down a column). A sample of the code I have written is given below.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Range("E4").Value = "L" Then

Select Case Range("D4").Value

Case 43

Range("H4") = "=2*G4"

Case 48

Range("H4") = 60

End Select

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Copying Column With VBA Takes Forever
The workbook has two sheets, "user" and "analysis". I have this code in a button sub:

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Copying Data And Pasting Data To Update Database
I have a workbook with a database of 15 different products. We receive information with current prices for each of the 15 products on a weekly basis. This info comes in one single worksheet. I have created a different file with one worksheet for each product to track price behavior over time. I need to update these database everytime I get a new report. What I was trying to do is to develop a Macro to copy the data from a "Master" worksheet that includes all 15 products info to the respective worksheet for each product. Information is sorted in columns having the most recent date in the lowest column. I would need the Macro to copy the new data below the last price for each product. I would copy the data into the "MAster" worksheet, then run the Macro who would copy each row and paste it in its respective worksheet in the row rightafter the previous one.

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Copying Cells To The Neighbouring Column In Pairs Along Row 1
So I have a spreadsheet that has a Title in Cell A1, then entries in B1, D1, F1, H1, J1, etc... with empty cells between.

What I would like to do is copy those entries to the right, i.e. B1 into C1, D1 into E1, F1 into H1, but all the way along because in my master sheet there are a lot of columns.

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Copying Cell Based On Number In Other Column
I have a name in cell A1 and a number of 20 in cell B1. Is there a function to copy the name in cell A1 the number in cell B1 (20 in this case) times into column C?

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Copying The Same Column From Multiple Files Into 1 Worksheet
I have about 200 excel files all with the same layout as they are questionnaire answer forms, all I want from them is the information from 1 Column: Column C. I want to copy the information that is in Column C of all 200 files into 1 worksheet, each column next to each other in the worksheet so I can just scroll along and see all answers next to each other.

Is there any way to easily do this? At the minute I am manually pasting the column I want into my worksheet but this is taking too long.

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Copying The Deal Id And Putting This Into Column A And Then Doing A Vlookup
I have a list of deals at current this is 500 odd cells long and increases every week

What i was doing was using a VLOOKUP to give me the details of the deal.

The problem with this is as follows

The deal ID was in column M,

What i was doing was copying the Deal Id and putting this into column A and then doing a vlookup.

What ive just realised is that this wont do what i need.

What this will do is return the value of the deal but only if the deal ID is matched in both Column A and M to give me the correct information.

Is there any way possible i can put in a deal ID, that will search the spreedsheet of all deals and return me all of the inforamtion of that deal

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Searching Column For Values And Copying To Another Sheet
I have a sheet named "original" with columns a, b, c. My code checks each cell in column C for a value and then copys columns A,B,C to a sheet named "Order". It works fine except I need it to start pasting the results in row 16 instead of row

Dim lastrow_first As Long
Dim lastrow_second As Long
Dim x As Long
lastrow_first = Sheets("ORIGINAL").Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row
For x = 10 To lastrow_first
If Sheets("ORIGINAL").Cells(x, 3) <> "" Or Not IsEmpty(Sheets("ORIGINAL").Cells(x, 3)) Then................

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Matching 2 Fields In 2 Columns And Copying A 3rd Field Into The 3rd Column
I need a formula. Probably Vlookup. I'm having a LOT of trouble trying to figure out how to "phrase" the formula so let me explain what it is I'm trying to do. If a cell in Sheet 1 Column AS and a cell in Sheet 2 Column B match exactly, I want the cell in Sheet 2 Column C that is in the same row as the matched cell in Sheet 2 Column B to be copied into Sheet 1 Column BB in the same row as the matched cell in Sheet 1 Column AS.

For example, if cells in S1 Column AS and S2 Column B both have the name "LOS ANGELES" then "KLAX" will be copied from cell in S2 Column C (in same row as "LOS ANGELES") to S1 Column BB (in same row as "LOS ANGELES").

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Copying Data Based On Specific Data
I have a worksheet named newvehicles with data in columns N to T. I have the branch names in column S.

I need VBA code that will copy all the branch names that are the same as well as their corresponding data i.e the data in columns N to T into a new worksheet with the same name as the branch being copied for eg if column S contains BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5 etc, then I need all the data for BR1, BR2 etc to be copied into a worksheet Br1, Br2 etc

The values are in columns P:R ("newvehicles"). I need these values to be added using VBA code as soon as this data has been copied accross. When pasted into the new worksheets, it can then be from the first column onwards

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Copying Data VBA...
I'm working on a tool to tally daily sales and save order numbers. So, user enters account numbers in Column O, and order numbers in P on Worksheet "Daily" Starting at row 3. Example:.....

At the end of the day, I want a macro to copy these to Worksheet"Monthly"
starting column J for account #s, K for Order #s, and I want a date stamp for the date of the order in L. The next day I want it to find the next empty row and continue copying in the same fashion. Example:....

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Auto Copying Data
I've a workbook with several worksheets, namely "Jan06", "Feb06"......and
"Summary". This Summary worksheet consolidates all data from columns A, B & E
of all other worksheets in the same workbook(they are identical). Every time
when I filled in all records for that month, I've to copy the data from
columns A, B & E to the "Summary" worksheet for further analysis purpose. Is
there a macro which can copy those required data from any of the worksheets
automatically to the first blank row in the "Summary" worksheet?

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VBA Using Arrays For Copying Data From A To B
Though I am familiar with the use of Array in formulas I can't seem to get my head around the way arrays are used in the VB world.
It is my understanding that you can read and write data into an array for copying/moving it around and reordering.

This is a simplified version of what I am trying to do.

I have some data in a row, say:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc.

I would like to poplute an array and then "Write" the data into a range so that it comes out something like:
2, 4, 1, 3, 8, 6, 7, 5 etc

I have tried to play around with array in Vb but could not seem to get anywhere.

Am I mistaken that is is possiable?
If someone could point me in the wite direction I would appricate it.
I have searched for this online and have found examples that I either did not understand or was unable to adapt...

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Copying Data If Conditions Met (DDE)
I'm working with a DDE feed of stock quotes (much like this thread:

Ideally, I'd like a row of information to be cut & pasted as the values into another worksheet IF an objective condition is hit.

A very simple example: Let's assume I've got the following data:

Book1___Running: xl2002 XP : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA2=ABCDEF1TimeStockBidVolBidPriceAskPriceAskVolume211:10:23MSFT3035.5535.5810311:10:23YHOO50029.8529.920Sheet3[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

I'd like to be able to copy the entire line to a new worksheet IF the bid volume is above 400, every time it updates with new data.

Unfortunately, my VBA knowledge ends very shortly after recording a macro & making small tweaks, so I have no idea how I'd set something like this up.

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Copying Certain Data From One Workbook To Another
I have a Workbook that contains some invoice data from a purchase. I would like to copy this data to a "Master" workbook that'll put everything from that particular workbook on 1 row, and put all the data from another workbook on the next free row and so on.

For example in workbook "Mock" i would like to copy all the cells that have arrows next to them into "Mock 2". Unfortunetly some of the invoices aren't similar in format so i named all the cells that i want to copy (instead of copying cell C3 i'd copy cell "type").

Some of the cells are lists and some of them have conditional formatting with colors. I tried copying the data using Range.copy but it also copied the color of the cell which isn't what i want.

And finally is there a way to generate a unique number each time a new invoice is copied in a row, and them copy that back to Mock 1 cell B2.

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Copying Data To Another Workbook
I have made this form to basically allow the user to enter data, click the save button and all the data on screen will move to another sheet "Leads Log" and then the data on the form "Insurance form" will be cleared for next time around.

This works fine and will keep adding records onto the second sheet...but ideally i would like to data to be copied and saved to another sheet in another workbook - seperate to this one.

Suggestions on the relevant code would be great. Please find attached my system so far.

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Copying Data From One Sheet To Another
I want to copy data from one sheet to another and have the following

it is initiated by a button on the sheet named front, goes to the sheet named Salescapture, copies the data into the sheet named Salesdata ....

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Copying Four Data Sheets To One
1.Four similar data worksheets (W1, W2, W3, W4).

2.Each worksheet has the same headings in row 1.

3.The data for each worksheet begins in column 2.

4.Each worksheet has an arbitrary different number of rows.

What code allows you to automatically place the contents of all four data worksheets (W1, W2, W3, W4) into a different worksheet (w5) with only one common heading?

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Copying Data From One Table To Many
I am looking for a way to copy data rows from one master sheet into other existing excel files based on codes located in column "A" of the master sheet. There are column headers in both the master and individual sheets, with the data rows starting on row 4. Is there a way to do this without triggering the "save as"?

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Copying Data To New Sheet
I have a big list of costs for several properties, what i need to do is in a new sheet (1 for each property) show any costs for that property.

So my sheet looks something like

Property Name - Date - Amount - Detail
property a - 01.01.01 - 1000 - plumber
property b
property a

etc etc

The the output on the property sheet to be

Property A

Date - Amount - Detail


The main long list of costs some of the fields are pulled in as a data validation list (not sure if that makes a difference)

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Formula For Copying Data
I have two ranges of cells

1. A12:F28 where some cells contain data and some do not
2. C127:D132 that contains no data

What I want to do is: If A12 is not blank I want to show the value of cells C12 and F12 in cells C127 and D127

The next non-blank cell in column A will display the values in cells C and F in cells C128 and D128

The selection of the A column cells will be random, i.e A12, A22, A15.

Is there a formula that can be written for cells C127:D132 that will make this happen? This needs to be a formula because my users (and my boss) do not understand VBA and will not accept any code.

I will use the COUNTA function in cells C127 through C132 to select the row as the number of non blank A column cells increases.

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Copying Data Into A New Row - Macro
What I want to do is for a macro to run and for that macro to copy data and place it in a specific place. For example i want it to take the the 20 from "Village Headquarters (Level 20)". Another time when I run the script the 20 might be a 30. I there a way to do this? To define a place to take the data from within a cell.

My other question is, is there a way to have a macro automatically paste data one row down from the time it was run last?

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Copying Data In Workbooks
Look in folder and find workbooks with date in name:
Date format is MMDDYYYY
Workbooks have multipule sheets

Look at columns in worksheet E and G.
If E >=10 and G is "ENABLE" copy A:G and
the tab name and paste in the workbook that has
this VB code.

What I am going to do is create a workbook
with a button on Sheet1 and put your code
behind the button that will tackle this great
feet that I do manually that takes about
3 days to do.

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Copying Data Where Excel Knows What You Want Next
If I type in


highlight both cells, and drag down from the bottom right corner, instead of counting every 5 cells, it assigns the next one as =A3 like so:


Why does it not see that A1 and A6 are 5 apart and do something like this:


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Copying Data From Different Worksheet
The format of the data shown in sheet below is divided by '|' where it represents a cell divider.

A | B | C
ClassA | ClassB | ClassC

A | B
ClassA | Student01
ClassA | Student02
ClassB | Student01
ClassC | Student02
ClassC | Student03
ClassC | Student04

Sheet3 - Final Output
A | B | C
ClassA | ClassB | ClassC
Student01 | Student01 | Student02
Student02 | | Student03
| | Student04

Sheet3 = check if there is a match between Sheet1 and Sheet2, if there is, then use Sheet1 as a header (ClassA, ClassB, ClassC) and paste the matched data under the respective header.

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Data Copying Between Sheets
i have 2 columns of data in multiple worksheets which i wish to copy into one column on another sheet.

i want to be able to click a button and have all the data compile with the item number and serial number into sheet "compile" no matter how many sheets i have (my current macro copys the sheets with a sheet prefix onto it, ive left 31 and 32 there) automatically. Ive edited compile with one sheet of data (note i just copied 31 to 32 - normally all data would be different, not a straight copy) to show what i am trying to achieve. the 17000 will stay the same no matter what, so i just used an IF function there. Basically the part im having issues understanding is how to copy data to the next blank space in the work book, as it wont always be full of data.

At the end of getting this part working i will set it up to automatically compile into a seperate work book as a csv comma delimited to upload to a database for stocktaking purposes - but i just want to get the basic copying working first.

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Copying Data Into A Different Sheet
What I'm attempting to do is to take data from each worksheet in the workbook beginning at the third, and then copy it into the lastrow +1 of the "Sheetpaste" sheet.

I am getting an "object variable or with block variable not set" error at the

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Copying Data From A Website ..
I have managed to manipulate a website by entering some dates into the input boxes then go to another page with the information I need. I am wondering if anyone knows a macro I can use to copy the data directly to a new worksheet?

my code is below ...

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Copying Data To Word
I have data in Column J1:J90, I use a macro to open the word document.
Would like that data in Column J may be pasted in word document in text form automatically. such as:




may be pasted as, abc cdc, xyz etc.

The macro is:

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Copying Data Via A Macro
I have the following macro which copies data from one spreadsheet to another spreadsheet. The 2 files are specifically named in the database so they must have those specific file names in order for the macro to work.

Is there a way to set up this macro so that it automatically copies the data in the file that is active at the time (File1 in the attached code) to File2? File2 will always be the same file name, so that part of the macro is fine as it is. The active spreadsheet will always be the same format (so the Source Cells will work) but it may have a different file name each time.

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Copying Formatted Data
I have a cell that calculates an etch time, eg 41.88. The cell is formatted to give me whole numbers and quarters only so that the operators input is made easier, in this case 42.

When I use a macro to copy this to another worksheet, although it appears as 42, the actual cell data is 41.88. Anyway I can get the actual cell data to be 42?

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Copying Data From One Cell To Other
I have two columns of data in my worksheet.

Column-A Column-B
AAA 123-XXX-123
BBB 123-XXX-123
CCC 123-XXX-123
and so on

I would like to setup a marco to copy what is column A and replace XXX in column B. So the result as follow

Column-A Column-B
AAA 123-AAA-123
BBB 123-BBB-123
CCC 123-CCC-123
and so on

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Copying Data Into Notepad
I am trying to copy data from an excel sheet and I want to paste it into note pad and save it on c drive. Is there a way to write a macro to do that task? Basically copy the data from excel, then open notepad and paste it there, save the notepad in txt extension on the hard drive.

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Copying Data Between Sheets
I have two spreadsheets in the same workbook. Sheet1 contains statistics for teams and years. Sheet2 contains a listing of the teams in different orders.

How can I have excel copy a teams stats from Sheet1 to Sheet2 as it goes down the row? For example, A1 is atlanta 1996 so it copies a section of atlanta's 1996 stats to a specific range. Then A2 is detroit 2002 so it copies detroit's 2002 stats, and so on and so forth all the way down the list?

I am a beginner with VBA but I have experience with C/C++. I am just not sure of the functions for excel do all these things automatically and am having trouble finding applicable examples.

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Copying Data From Spreadsheets
I created a form that takes information from textboxes and places them onto a new worksheet. This is done about 20 times until I have 20 different worksheets.

What I'm looking for is a way to Copy only certain information from all the spreadsheets and paste it onto one spreadsheet. For example if column C has a cell with the word "Not Accepted" in it, that information needs to transfer to a new worksheet.

I'm looking to do this so that it will run through all spreadsheets and grab that specific information and dump it into a new sheet...

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