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Correcting Output If No Value Found

I have a formula in a cell '= SUMIF('616'!$B$1:$B$2000;'AP AMT DKK'!$B4;'616'!$D$1:$D$2000)'. But because there's nothing in sheet '616', the value in the cell returns '#VALUE!'. Is there a way to have the formula return e.g. '0' instead?

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Correcting #NA Value Not Found
I'm looking up a value and would like to replace the #NA error with text "No Match".

=INDEX(Sales_Assignment_Query_WW0612.xls!$F$4:$F$35384,LOOKUP(10^307,CHOOSE({1},MATCH(M9,Sales_Assignment_Query_WW0612.x ls!$C$4:$C$35384,0))))

I was trying to use =IF(ISNA(entire_formula_above),"No Match",entire_formula_above) but can't get it to work or struggling with closing off brackets with number of arguments.

Another user in the newsgroup suggested this sample code but I've been unsuccessful in figuring out how to use correctly.

=LOOKUP(REPT("z",255),CHOOSE({1},"No Match",INDEX(D2:D10,LOOKUP(10^307,CHOOSE({1},MATCH(F2,A2:A10,0))))))

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Find User Input & Output Found Row
I am trying to write a match function to return the row of the value I search for. It is properly returning the value of the row I searched for. What I need to know is how do I get it to spit out information in the rest of the row. Here is my code so far:

Sub Rectangle2_Click()
Dim x As Long
Dim Row As Long

' Brings up input box
x = InputBox("Please Enter Tool Information", "Search")

'Exits if nothing is entered in the text box
'If x = "" Then Exit Sub
'MsgBox (SearchString)
'SearchString = x
MsgBox (x)

That gives me a Type mismatch error when I uncomment it out.

Something I was adviced of before in a situation like this way to Concatenate the columns, e.g
in a far left column (insert 1 if needed).

That was supposed to be so that I can search through multiple columns. When I do that to test it, it never comes up with results. It always comes back as 0 meaning it wasn't found.

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Correcting Dates In A Column
when I get the download into Excel, the formatting of everything has been screwed up. I need to get it fixed. I'll take each column one at a time.

Column B (starting in row 3) has dates in the format yy/mm/dd h:mm (e.g., 08/12/21 2:50 for Dec. 21, 2008, 2:50 AM). I need them in mm/dd/yy h:mm (yyyy would be fine, too). Simply requesting that formatting gets me (of course) 8/12/2021.

I have found that if I insert a "20" in the front of the cell, suddenly Excel "gets it" and correctly formats the cell, with the correct date. As this seemed the easiest way to attack the problem, I've been trying to find a way to do that, but have failed.

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Output Will Look As 0 Instead Of 10
I seem cannot get the code right, see below.

Cell: A3= Week 5


It won't work....

However, if I tried as follows,
=VLOOKUP(5,Lane!$A$9:$AD$20,3) OR
Both works fine!!!

But I do rather something like as it is shown on the above in RED TEXT

Also I am worried if I have Week 10 the output will look as 0 instead of 10 so.

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IF With #N/A Output
I am using the following function quite frequently: (INDEX(DJ:DJ,MATCH($GJ3,DC:DC,1),1). Because of the way the data is organized the function is commonly undefined (output="#N/A"). I would like the program to print a constant (718) when the function is undefined. Below is the function that seemed intuitive to me, but doesn't do what I want.


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Search For Value And Output Corresponding Value
Here's what I'm trying to do hopefully you can help me.

1) Given value in Sheet 1: Column A, search for that value in Sheet 2: Columns A:C. Then output the value in Sheet 2: Column D of the same row, to Sheet 1: Column B

2) Same setup as above, but the same given value is found multiple times, then have say 1st value output to column B, second to C, third to D, and so on.

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Output From Sub To Spreadsheet
I have a function which either looks up a value on a spreadsheet or runs a sub. If it runs the sub, it should generate a list of figures which are output to a spreadsheet.

My function keeps crashing but I have found by stepping through it that is correctly decides whether to lookup a value or run the sub. It starts the sub correctly but when it comes to outputting information to the spreadsheet it crashes. I have lx_calc set as an array and I am using the following to output to a spreadsheet (lx_calc(20) is defined as 10000 and ImpFac and qx have already been calculated):

For i = 21 To 120
lx_calc(i) = lx_calc(i - 1) * (1 - (1 - ImpFac(i - 1)) * qx(i - 21))
Workbooks("Macro Ann Addin.xls").Worksheets("Mbr").Cells(i + 1, 1) = lx_calc(i)

I can't see why this doesn't work unless it is just that it doesn't like the fact it is looking at an array.

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Calendar Output
attached spreadsheet. Notice cells A11 through B23.

Is there any third-party extensions, Macros or other functions that can output the dates and corresponding text (in column A) to a nice looking calendar, or even better yet to Outlook, or both?

I tried creating a pie chart or graph function, but non contain a calendar scheme.

Notice cell B7 is an input cell. This would determine the number of days the calendar would show in full. The begin date of the calendar would be in B11, and the last date on the calendar would be in B23. It could be a 30 day calendar, or more or less depending on the input.

For those "visual" people, a calendar format would be amazing, but I can't write a single peice of VB code, so I wouldn't know how to write a Macro.

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Date Output
in cell d20 i have a contract date
in cell d21 i have a lead time
this will always be in the format eg(2-3 weeks)
in cell d22 i would like it to tell me d20 plus the first number of weeks ( before the hyphen)
and in d23 the second number of the weeksafter the hyphen

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I am making a report that puts out a CSV file my trouble is that some of the numbers are converted to date when they are opened in excel. This report is sent out company wide and I need a way to keep the numbers from changing to date. I have added a tic(') mark to the front of the number but it comes over as '12308. What can I do.

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Output Csv File
I'm wondering if it's possible to use a button in excel where I can output a cvs file (from another sheet in the file) with just a click on that button.

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Limit To MSGBOX Output
I was wondering is there a limit on the output of a msgbox. I have an output that will only display a certain amount of characters. Is there another option that can be used.

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Formula Array Output
I am trying to get a list of states, based on their expiration date.

I have all 51 states listed, some states have 2, 3 or more licenses, so I created a column that I hid of the state abbreviation, for the use of formulas.

If the license expires in 30 days or less I want to display the state abbreviation. I couldnt figure out how to do an array output, so this is what I am trying to come up with.

=IF(COUNTIF('Kevin Doyle'!F5:F250, "

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Output Text In Different Fonts
I'm trying to have it output certain symbols such as "Ó" and I can't quite figure out how to do it, i want it to basically write in the selected cell:

"Ó of " & a & "'s = " & b

where a and b are strings... my problem is i cant figure out how to have it output the sigma but keep the letters from going into symbol or windings...

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Single Search Output
I have a spreadsheet (called “output”) with a single list of unique account numbers in column A. In columns B, C, D (column B = Invoice, column C = Sales, column D = class), I need to add information from a data file based upon certain search criteria which is as follows:

For each account number I need to list an invoice number and the corresponding sales amount and class. I need to list the invoice with the “highest” sales amount. There is only one catch to the issue I am encountering and this is I need to first look for the highest amount in Class A sales, if no Class A sales, then look for the highest in Class B sales….and then Class C….and then Class D. If there are no sales in Class A, B, C, or D, then return a value of “no match found”.

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Bold Unbold Output
im trying to write a function and i want output to be bold when integers are outputed i did it like

Range("years").Cells(j).Font.Bold =periods

which is fine but i want to clear cells each time program is run so i used


, but this only deletes the values, so my question is how to delete boldness as well? i tried using IF then false function but it didnt do the job. This is what i tried to use

For j = i To def_frq * i

periods = j / def_frq
If periods = i Then Range("years").Cells(j).Font.Bold = periods Else Range("years").Cells(j) = periods

If periods <> i And Range("years").Cells(j).Font.Bold = periods = True Then Range("years").Cells(j).Font.unbold = periods Else Range("years").Cells(j) = periods

Basically I use it to split year into however many periods so it will give me fractions of the year ,but i want to select in bold when it is the whole year.

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Textbox Output In A Label
I am having trouble linking a textbox so that it will out put in a label on a worksheet.

I have been given the code

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
TextBox1.Value = Worksheets("Sheet1").OLEObjects("Label1").Object.Caption
End Sub
But this returns the error

Run time error 1004

Unable to get OLE Objects property of the worksheet class

This is something that once perfect on one label and textbox I will then wish to make work on multiple labels.

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Output Results Not Being Captured
I have built a model where I have various inputs and various outputs. I have managed to set up the model so that whenever i hit the 'add to portfolio' button, a new row is added putting in the details from the inputs to a new row (beginning in row 25). The problem I am having is that I cannot seem to get the output results (cells I12:I17) to be included as well. I have attached my excel file.

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Output Difference Between 2 Cells
I want to compare and output the differences in text in 2 cells.

ie. Cell A1 has a long string of text as does Cell A2 but slightly different, I want to see exactly what the differences are.

Is there a formula I can use?

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Output Non-unqiue Values
I have two columns of data one which #N/A appears due to formulas often and the other a set range of numbers 1-60. Column Q contains numbers between 1-60 and #N/A when the lookup formula doesn't find what it is looking for. Column R contains the numbers 1-60. What I need is to place into another column are the numbers in column R that don't appear in Column Q.

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Set Data Output Range
I want to set my output range to start at row 25 Set Findit starts counting cells from row1.

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Output Range To CSV With No Blanks
I'm trying to output a couple columns (and 300 rows) to a csv file. This code works wonderfully, save for the fact that it doesn't igore any cells in the range that are empty.

how I can get it to ignore empty cells?

Public Sub textFileDelim()

Const DELIMITER = ","
Const MYFILE = "E:EricTesting Folder2_Thurs.csv"

Dim Last_Column As Integer
Dim Last_Row As Long
Dim Row_Loop As Long
Dim Column_Loop As Integer
Dim FileNum As Integer

FileNum = FreeFile

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#VALUE! Output Passing Text
i am currently working on a macro that will make an average number of days. my problem is that when the macro runs it works fine and does what is is supposed to but becuse some fields do not have numbers in it returns the #value! back in the output box. I need some way of getting rid of this, or changing the boxes without numbers to 0 automatically.

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Save Output To A .txt File
I have a text file output from a program that is named “ABC123.exp”. I open up the file with Excel and after manipulating the data with VBA code which includes identifying the Source Path directory(strSourcePath As String ) and the File name (strFileName As String) I want to be able to open up a 'Save As' Window and save the manipulated data into the same Source Path directory(strSourcePath) with the File Name being the prefix of the original with a suffix .txt extension. Ex: “ABC123.txt” instead of “ABC123.exp” and the Save as type: Text (Tab delimited)(*.txt). This way my original data won’t be overwritten.

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User Form Output
This is the current code for my userform.

Ive created a loop so that if B5 is blank it goes to the next cell and keeps going on till it gets to the end then inputs data along that row.

What i want is that when the user selects the seat it inputs it into a specific row.

For example;
Row 1 - data goes into row 5.
Row 2 - data goes into row 6.
Row 10-data goes into row 14.

There are only 36 seats.

Private Sub Cancmd_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub ClearCMD_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub Entcmd_Click()
ActiveWorkbook. Sheets("Input Page").Activate

If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True

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Web Based Input Output
I got a question where I cannot think of a good descriptive title for, I have seen this done but do not know how it is done. An internet user inputs data onto a web form, and and presses a submit button. The submitted input is 'processed' on a through excel and outputs the result back the internet user.

Two questions
1 - what is a good title for this?
2 - how is it done?

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Vlookup To Output -1 Column
I know how to do Vlookup and get the value on the +1 column as following

=VLOOKUP(50, D5:E19, 1)

What about I would like it return the value of -1 Column. Can I using some function of Offset with other functions?

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Finding The Matchs In Columns A,B,C And Gives Output In D & E
Could someone please help as I need to get the totals and whether its negative or positive balance.

To be more specific in a workbook in sheet1 I have Client data columns A,B & C in A,B,& C should be match with the companys data in the next sheet.

If this both sheets sheet1 & sheet2 and columns A,B,& C is matched then in column D in both the sheets should be Matched and Column E should be 0 in both the sheets.

And,The problem starts when both the sheets are not matched if the Column A,B,C is not matched in Column D it should show as "NOT Matched " and difference in Column E in both the sheets.It may be positive figure in one sheet and Negative figure in another sheet.

Please advise If any Forumulae which can help me to sort this out or should I need to go for an Macro.

Please find an sample sheet is attahced.

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Create Output List From Combobox
The following VBA code creates a list of selected listbox values when used in conjunction with a command button:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim lngLastRow As Long
Dim lngCol As Long
Dim lngIndex As Long

lngLastRow = Range("K" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1
lngCol = 11
For lngIndex = 0 To ListBox2.ListCount - 1
If ListBox2.Selected(lngIndex) Then
Cells(lngLastRow, lngCol) = ListBox2.List(lngIndex)
lngCol = lngCol + 1
End If

End Sub

This works fine for the listbox, however, for my application, I am using a combobox instead of a listbox. When I create a combobox and substitute ComboBox1 in for ListBox2 and run the code, I receive an error message.

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How To Format TextBox Output As Numerical
I am making a user form in Excel 2007 and for some reason where I am using textboxes for a user to enter numeric values the output on the spreadsheet has a general format which is causing an IF function to return an incorrect value. Is there a way to make sure the output from the form is in "numeric" format?

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Input/output Values Into/from An Array
I have a long list of values, a few thousand lines, that I need to input into an array so I can run a formula on the values in the array and then take those results and put them into another array which I can then call to output down a different column. Is there a faster way to accomplish this than the typical For Loop with the activecell.value and activecell.offset commands, that just takes forever.

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Formula To Manage Output Orientation
Assuming I’ve the following sample data and wishing if the output data could be formatted using some excel formulas, refer to below sample.

Sample data (Sheet1):
StudentA | Lesson1
StudentA | Lesson21
StudentA | Lesson10
StudentA | Lesson5
StudentB | Lesson5
StudentB | Lesson6
StudentC | Lesson9
StudentC | Lesson8
StudentC | Lesson9
StudentC | Lesson15
StudentC | Lesson11
StudentC | Lesson30
StudentC | Lesson13
StudentD | Lesson1
StudentD | Lesson2
StudentD | Lesson3
StudentD | Lesson4
StudentD | Lesson5
StudentD | Lesson6
StudentD | Lesson7
StudentD | Lesson8

Sample output (Sheet2):
StudentA | StudentB | StudentC | StudentD
Lesson1 | Lesson5 | Lesson9 | Lesson1
Lesson21 | Lesson6 | Lesson8 | Lesson2
Lesson10..................Lesson9 | Lesson3
Lesson5....................Lesson15 | Lesson4
.................................Lesson11 | Lesson5
.................................Lesson30 | Lesson6
.................................Lesson13 | Lesson7

The sample data could be long and a lot, so it's best if the formula can be made flexible to cater for this requirement.

Please refer to the attached file for some sample data.

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Multiple Output From Any Cell Input
Im working a spredsheet for my work, it is a database of qualifications for certain employees. There are about a hundred different qualifications and about 20 different employees. And some of the qualifications overlap. I would like to input a certain date in one of the cells, and have it copy into some of the other cells where the quals overlap. But i would like to input that date into any of the cells that overlap, not just one.

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Error 53 At Open Filename For Output
I try to make a macro for saving an Excel sheet to a .CSV file with "@" as delimiter.

At the line "Open fname For Output As #fnum", the Error 53, "no file found" occurs.

The Excel-help is saying that if the file is not present, a new file will be made.

This error occurs now and then, How to proceed?

Full macro:

Sub SaveAsCSV()
Path = "O:actueel"
Fname1 = Path & Range("E2").Value & ".csv"
fname = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(Fname1, "CSV bestand (*.csv), *.csv", , "")
If fname = False Then
MsgBox "Macro Geannuleerd"
Exit Sub
End If

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Offset The Input Or Output References
the actual output of the error message when I run my macro.
To repeat it, it says, "Regression - Having trouble offsetting input/output references"

The two button choices that appear on the bottom are "OK" or "Help." The OK button allows the macro to keep running (until it finds that it cannot find the regression output that was supposed to be created.

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Output Huge Number Of Permutations
I have several columns of info on my worksheet. I want to output a list of all possible permutations from this worksheet (not the number of permutations but the actual permutations themselves).

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Output Tally Of Multiple Columns
I have been working on a little vba project and have almost got there with help from others, but the final part needs to have a tally a number of columns and and produce the tally results to a new worksheets - the code that need proof reading /reviewing is below - it is not working correctly as it is not tallying correctly and at times seems to miss counting the last row - so could you review and suggest or make required changes so that it will work on the attached test file.


1. Column D contains names -strings which are repeated such Fred Flintstone so for Fred and others would like to have a summary tally of how many times each worker has instances of a value appearing in columns I, J, K, L and P, R ,S, T and U.

With the output summary worksheet called "WORKER TALLY" and having the headings for each columns tallied from row 5 being headings for each column tally see attached example.

2. Then do same again for Column E - Names so for example the name Peter Pan and others would like to have a summary tally of how many each worker has instances of a value appearing in columns I, J, K, L and P, R ,S, T and U. With the output summary worksheet called "Names" and having the headings for each columns tallied from row 5 being headings for each column tally see attached example.

Sub workertally()
Dim b() As Variant
Dim NewWs As Worksheet
Dim j As Integer, i As Integer
Dim a As Range, v As Range, r As Range, c As Range
j = 1
Set a = Range("E6", Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
Set c = Range("E5", Cells(5, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft))
With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare

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Command Button Output Text
Need coding of command button to output text based on the contents of combobox1 and combobox2. The text should be placed in the next available cell starting in cell b3 for combobox1 and starting in cell c3 for combobox2. Each time submit is clicked the name and number associated with that name should go in the next free cell in the spreadsheet.

So for example the user choses name1 and number6 cell b3 would read name1 and cell c3 would read number6 after submit is clicked. The user then choses name58 and number12 and presses submit again cell b4 would read name58 and cell c4 would read number12.

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Using Match Function Output As A Variable
I am having trouble using the MATCH function in my code. I am looking for a match in one worksheet from a cell in another. I have defined these cells and ranges as variables. However, it doesn't seem to be working with my application. I would like to find the row of the matching cell and use the output of the MATCH function to determine the next step in my code with an IF function. Here is my code. (NOTE: this is my edited code, I removed irrelevant pieces. The major problem is the MATCH function.)

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Put Bi-directional Output In Pivot Table
Is it possible to put bi-directional output in pivot table? PTexample.xls. Explanation is in example

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Output Used Range To Text File
I would like to output the text I perpared in " sheet 1" into a text file, "output.txt"

The imformation I like to output start from coulmn C, and column D then column E.....
The numbers of rows in each column could be different, and also there may be some single empty column in between. The totals numbers of coulmn is unknow.

the text in the output.txt should contant all the imformation in the sheet started from column C, coulmn D, column F.... (if coulmn E is empty). and the text in the output.txt file is continues with no gap in it.

To make it even more powerful for later use, The column that begin with NOT should not be output.

Excel Data-


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Formulas And Output On Separate Sheets `
What I want is one sheet that has all of the fomulas, then 4 other sheets that take those formulas and calculate the output based on the formulas and one column of input.

So essentially, I want to be able to change the formula once, and have it applied to all of the other sheets, resulting in a new output for each one.

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Match Data Sets For Output
I am presently doing one of my work in excel manually. I m not expert user VBA. Yes, I do understand codes, but not very good at developing. I am attaching a file which has all the requirements in details. I think this will require hell lot of programming skill, which I dont posses.

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Compare Sheets & Output Differences
I need a macro that will compare two sheets, find the differences and produce a new third sheet called, results. Both sheets to compare will differ in length of values (one may have 10 numbers to compare, and the other could have 50, Ive attached sample data), and thus this calls for a primary and secondary sheet. I would only like the values which appear in the primary and not the secondary sheet to be reported in the new results sheet.

The problem is that the values never match up, but they are always within a +/- 0.5 window of each other. It would be great to compare the two sheets, to produce a list of the values which appear only in the primary sheet and not the secondary. Im trying to get this to link up to a userform, where the user select the primary sheet (A) and the secondary sheet (B), selects the tolerance, and produce the results sheet (see attached).

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Output Based On Lookup Table
I created a Vlookup table so that when you type a ticker into Cell B3, it tells the user how many points and what percentage of the criteria the stock passes. I would like to create a macro (or something) that takes each ticker in the Ticker sheet, enters it in the Cell B3, and then transfers the data that the vlookup table produces to the output sheet. My attachment is a simplified version of the real spreadsheet.

I hope this isn't a duplicate question. I did look, but maybe I'm not phrasing it correctly. A reference to a similar problem works too.

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ComboBox Output Set In Date Format
I'm creating a workbook with the ultimate aim of graphing some data between any two dates. For this I plan to use the ComboBoxes on the Control Toolbox. Each ComboBox takes its range of data from a list of dates, with the cells set as Date format (custom as dd-mmm-yy), however when I select a date in the dropdown of the ComboBox, it is shown in number format, i.e. 38723 etc.

When I ask the ComboBox to put the output in another cell, it is input in text format as that number. Changing the output cell type does work, but once you select a new date in the dropdown, it reverts to text once again. how to set the ComboBox to display dd-mmm-yy format and it's output to be the same?

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Parse An Output File From X-12-arima Using Vba
I'm trying to parse an output file from x-12-arima using vba. The file is in this format

invalidate the results of this test For the last three year period.
ICMETI, Total Inventories Communications Equipment PAGE 9, SERIES foo

D 12 Final trend cycle
From 2002.Jan To 2005.Dec
Observations 48
Trend filter 13-term Henderson moving average
I/C ratio 1.08 .............

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Filter Database & Output Results
I'm trying to get certain data from an export of a phone logging report for a call center. I have exported this data into an excel spreadsheet. I would now like to retrieve the following information from the sheet.

'Agent name, Date, time of Login, time of Logout (at end of day).'

I have coloured these fields in red for easy finding. I do not require anything else from this data, however, within this sheet there are multiple agent names and can span for over a month. All names and dates are required. I have attached the current sheet, and also what it will possibly look like once complete. I would prefer the whole process to be automated if possible.

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Output Property To Save As File
I'm trying to display some result in my sheet and I don't go further of the MsgBOx use. see my vba code

Dim xslt As New MSXML2.XSLTemplate40
Dim xslDoc As New MSXML2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument40
Dim xmlDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument40
Dim xslProc As IXSLProcessor
Dim paramxml As MSXML2.DOMDocument40
xslDoc.async = False
xslDoc.Load "c:compara.xsl"

If (xslDoc.parseError.errorCode <> 0) Then
Dim myErr
Set myErr = xslDoc.parseError
MsgBox ("Ha um erro " & myErr.reason)
Set xslt.stylesheet = xslDoc
xmlDoc.async = False
xmlDoc.Load "C:Instructional_program.xml".................

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Link Graphed Data To Output Cells
I am trying to get the information that I have plotted, on a scatted graph,
off onto the second sheet an splitting the information. I'm not too sure if
this is the right place for this thread, but I am hoping that someone can

The original data that is on the graph is in 3 columns. One has the company
name, one is the current value and one is the predicted value.

I need this info to come off the graph or from the original data in 2
fields. Customer and predicted value, but they need to be prioritized.

1 needs to be the one with the lowest current and highest potential.
2 needs to be the 2nd lowest current and 2nd highest on.
Then I need to get the highest current and highest on.

I know that what I require is quite complex and it may have to be via
calculations, but I am hoping that excel can do this?

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