Correcting Output If No Value Found

Mar 27, 2007

I have a formula in a cell '= SUMIF('616'!$B$1:$B$2000;'AP AMT DKK'!$B4;'616'!$D$1:$D$2000)'. But because there's nothing in sheet '616', the value in the cell returns '#VALUE!'. Is there a way to have the formula return e.g. '0' instead?

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Correcting #NA Value Not Found

Dec 10, 2006

I'm looking up a value and would like to replace the #NA error with text "No Match".

=INDEX(Sales_Assignment_Query_WW0612.xls!$F$4:$F$35384,LOOKUP(10^307,CHOOSE({1},MATCH(M9,Sales_Assignment_Query_WW0612.x ls!$C$4:$C$35384,0))))

I was trying to use =IF(ISNA(entire_formula_above),"No Match",entire_formula_above) but can't get it to work or struggling with closing off brackets with number of arguments.

Another user in the newsgroup suggested this sample code but I've been unsuccessful in figuring out how to use correctly.

=LOOKUP(REPT("z",255),CHOOSE({1},"No Match",INDEX(D2:D10,LOOKUP(10^307,CHOOSE({1},MATCH(F2,A2:A10,0))))))

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Find User Input & Output Found Row

Apr 10, 2008

I am trying to write a match function to return the row of the value I search for. It is properly returning the value of the row I searched for. What I need to know is how do I get it to spit out information in the rest of the row. Here is my code so far:

Sub Rectangle2_Click()
Dim x As Long
Dim Row As Long

' Brings up input box
x = InputBox("Please Enter Tool Information", "Search")

'Exits if nothing is entered in the text box
'If x = "" Then Exit Sub
'MsgBox (SearchString)
'SearchString = x
MsgBox (x)

That gives me a Type mismatch error when I uncomment it out.

Something I was adviced of before in a situation like this way to Concatenate the columns, e.g
in a far left column (insert 1 if needed).

That was supposed to be so that I can search through multiple columns. When I do that to test it, it never comes up with results. It always comes back as 0 meaning it wasn't found.

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Correcting Time Format?

Apr 9, 2014

I’m running a report on the average hold time of telephone calls. The data I extract for the report exports like this:


I need to re-format the cells to show like this:


If I only had 15 or 20, I would change them manually. But, this report has about 200 rows. And, I have 7 different reports to run.

I’m lost when it comes to making macros and using Visual Basic. Although, I can follow instructions and copy/paste.

The code mentioned in this thread: [URL] ....


Doesn’t work with this particular format. It’s changing the data to this:


How can I change the VB code to give me what I want?

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Correcting Dates In A Column

Dec 22, 2008

when I get the download into Excel, the formatting of everything has been screwed up. I need to get it fixed. I'll take each column one at a time.

Column B (starting in row 3) has dates in the format yy/mm/dd h:mm (e.g., 08/12/21 2:50 for Dec. 21, 2008, 2:50 AM). I need them in mm/dd/yy h:mm (yyyy would be fine, too). Simply requesting that formatting gets me (of course) 8/12/2021.

I have found that if I insert a "20" in the front of the cell, suddenly Excel "gets it" and correctly formats the cell, with the correct date. As this seemed the easiest way to attack the problem, I've been trying to find a way to do that, but have failed.

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How To Expand Beyond Row 1000 Without Correcting Each Cell

Mar 4, 2012

I have about 300 cells filled with different formula's like the ones written below.

=SUMPRODUCT(--('Book 1'!$B$1:$B$1000="H"),--('Book 1'!$C$1:$C$1000=D21),('Book 1'!$W$1:$W$1000))

=SUMPRODUCT(--('Book 1'!$B$1:$B$1000="H"),--('Book 1'!$D$1:$D$1000=I21),('Book 1'!$S$1:$S$1000))

Spreadsheet works great, but I've realized that I should have expanded beyond the 1st 1000 cells (example: $1000). One book 1, my data entry will extend beyond row 1000.

Is there a way I can replace all $1000's on the spreadsheet with say $3000 without having to correct each of the 300 cells separately?

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VBA Find Partial String In Array And Output Found String Array Value?

Mar 31, 2014

I am trying to do a sort of index match thing using VBA. What I am attempting to do is to use the prefix of a long number and try to find that exact prefix in a string array, and output that string array value. So this is what I have so far as a test:


So I can match the text exactly so if I put PREFIXB in cell A1 in this example, i will get the msg box saying "YES", but if I make it PREFIXB1231k4j3jj1kj32cj, it will display "NO". I want to get it so that PREFIXB will be displayed in the cell that I put the formula in. So if A1 = "PREFIX1AAA100CF" and cell B1 = "=ABC(A1)", cell B1 will display "PREFIX1AAA".

Now the thing is that these prefixes can have different lengths, but will never encompass the exact prefix of another. So if I had a prefix of: PRE1AB, I won't have a prefix of PRE1A.

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Output Will Look As 0 Instead Of 10

Jul 4, 2009

I seem cannot get the code right, see below.

Cell: A3= Week 5


It won't work....

However, if I tried as follows,
=VLOOKUP(5,Lane!$A$9:$AD$20,3) OR
Both works fine!!!

But I do rather something like as it is shown on the above in RED TEXT

Also I am worried if I have Week 10 the output will look as 0 instead of 10 so.

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IF With #N/A Output

Jul 28, 2009

I am using the following function quite frequently: (INDEX(DJ:DJ,MATCH($GJ3,DC:DC,1),1). Because of the way the data is organized the function is commonly undefined (output="#N/A"). I would like the program to print a constant (718) when the function is undefined. Below is the function that seemed intuitive to me, but doesn't do what I want.


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Getting Negatives (-1) In Output

Jan 30, 2014

I am using one file, in that out put is coming but some times it is showing out put as -1.

Please find the attachment.

In the Sheet 1 Column X some out puts are coming as -1, what is the error in my formula.

Platform Open tickets on 29.01.2014.xlsx‎

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Multiple Ifs With Corresponding Output

Feb 27, 2014

I'm trying to create an If then statement that will will allow multiple criteria and output the corresponding data if possible.

I've attached a sample data file to provide insight. I've also used a random number generator formula to create the numbers for the output. When I press F9 I'd like the data to appear in the dream house lottery section with the information of the house that corresponds the Neighborhood and street. What I have in mind below.

If C21=B2,B8,B13 and C22=B3,B4,B5,B9,B10,B11,B14,B15,B16, Then values of E,F,G,H,I appear in E,E,G,H,I appear in the lottery dream house section.

So =IF(C21=B8),IF(C22=B11), ????
IF(C21=2) and (C22=3), Then This is where my problem occurs. I'd like my output to be that of E through I11 to appear in E through I21.

Is that possible and does that make sense. I have a long winded version but it requires the formula to be in each and every cell and it will only allow for one neighborhood at a time.

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Date Output

May 19, 2009

in cell d20 i have a contract date
in cell d21 i have a lead time
this will always be in the format eg(2-3 weeks)
in cell d22 i would like it to tell me d20 plus the first number of weeks ( before the hyphen)
and in d23 the second number of the weeksafter the hyphen

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Search For Value And Output Corresponding Value

Feb 17, 2009

Here's what I'm trying to do hopefully you can help me.

1) Given value in Sheet 1: Column A, search for that value in Sheet 2: Columns A:C. Then output the value in Sheet 2: Column D of the same row, to Sheet 1: Column B

2) Same setup as above, but the same given value is found multiple times, then have say 1st value output to column B, second to C, third to D, and so on.

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VBA - Message Box With More Than One Output?

Oct 21, 2013

I am running a macro in Excel that when runs opens a message box that asks you to enter a start date, then and end date - this works perfectly.

However, what I now need to look at is adding a message box BEFORE these two fields that asks for a Sales Account Refrence number.

Once this number has been entered it then runs the date range boxes against that number entered.

Below is my code that currently works for the date boxes.

It is running a SQL string and the Sales Account Rerefence number is a field called org.sales_acc_ref

Sub GetData()
Dim create_timestamp As Date
Dim response As String[code].....

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Output From Sub To Spreadsheet

Feb 18, 2008

I have a function which either looks up a value on a spreadsheet or runs a sub. If it runs the sub, it should generate a list of figures which are output to a spreadsheet.

My function keeps crashing but I have found by stepping through it that is correctly decides whether to lookup a value or run the sub. It starts the sub correctly but when it comes to outputting information to the spreadsheet it crashes. I have lx_calc set as an array and I am using the following to output to a spreadsheet (lx_calc(20) is defined as 10000 and ImpFac and qx have already been calculated):

For i = 21 To 120
lx_calc(i) = lx_calc(i - 1) * (1 - (1 - ImpFac(i - 1)) * qx(i - 21))
Workbooks("Macro Ann Addin.xls").Worksheets("Mbr").Cells(i + 1, 1) = lx_calc(i)

I can't see why this doesn't work unless it is just that it doesn't like the fact it is looking at an array.

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Aug 12, 2008

I am making a report that puts out a CSV file my trouble is that some of the numbers are converted to date when they are opened in excel. This report is sent out company wide and I need a way to keep the numbers from changing to date. I have added a tic(') mark to the front of the number but it comes over as '12308. What can I do.

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Calendar Output

May 12, 2006

attached spreadsheet. Notice cells A11 through B23.

Is there any third-party extensions, Macros or other functions that can output the dates and corresponding text (in column A) to a nice looking calendar, or even better yet to Outlook, or both?

I tried creating a pie chart or graph function, but non contain a calendar scheme.

Notice cell B7 is an input cell. This would determine the number of days the calendar would show in full. The begin date of the calendar would be in B11, and the last date on the calendar would be in B23. It could be a 30 day calendar, or more or less depending on the input.

For those "visual" people, a calendar format would be amazing, but I can't write a single peice of VB code, so I wouldn't know how to write a Macro.

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Output Csv File

Jul 1, 2006

I'm wondering if it's possible to use a button in excel where I can output a cvs file (from another sheet in the file) with just a click on that button.

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Output Userform To Access?

Jul 21, 2010

I have a userform that employees use to enter production data every day. Originally I had this storing the data in excel, but now I would like it to put the data in tables in access.

Here is some code I am trying, but it's giving me an error: "Run-time Error '3251' Current Recordset does not support updating. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype."

' exports data from the active worksheet to a table in an Access database
' this procedure must be edited before use
Dim cnt As New ADODB.Connection


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Change Output To Percentage?

Nov 27, 2013

i have the formula below,

currently the output is comming as a number but i need the output to come has a percentage what adjustments do i need to make to do this?

=CHAR(149)&" "&"The overall YTD"&" "&"performance is"&('Red Activity & Performance'!R45)*100&IF(INDEX('Red Activity & Performance'!R45:R55,MATCH("Red 1 8min",'Red Activity & Performance'!$A$45:$A$55,0),MATCH("YTD",'Red Activity & Performance'!$R$44,0))<INDEX('Red Activity & Performance'!$C$45:$C$55,MATCH("Red 1 8min",'Red Activity & Performance'!$A$45:$A$55,0)),"Is below the target (75%) by: "&TEXT(INDEX('Red Activity & Performance'!$A$45:$A$55,MATCH("Red 1 8min",'Red Activity & Performance'!$A$45:$A$55,0))-INDEX('Red Activity & Performance'!$R$44,MATCH("Red 1 8min",'Red Activity & Performance'!$A$45:$A$55,0),MATCH("YTD",'Red Activity & Performance'!$R$44,0)),"0%"),"has achieved the national target (75%)")

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Output Certain Items In A List?

Apr 30, 2014

I'm trying to accomplish the attached. This is just an example of what I want to do. There are no formulas in this spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet 1: Search by Number

Column A is a list of names

Column B is a list of numbers

Column C is a list of the names that correspond to the number "1" from Column B. Note that there are no blank rows between the names.

Spreadsheet 2: Search by Name

Column A is a list of names

Column B is a list of offices

Column C is a list of the names that correspond to office "Williams" from Column B. Note that there are no blank rows between the names.

I have used the index & match formulas to do this WITH duplicates or blank rows, but I would like to produce this without duplicates. I am willing to get as complicated as need be to make this happen.

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How To Consolidate These Files Into One Output

May 26, 2014

how to consolidate file01 to file02 merging them, resulting the expected output sheet. Currently im doing this manually and it really take up a lot of my time this is just a sample scenario. My real world use of this is composed of over 2000+ accounts with different product purchases and billing numbers.

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Output Difference Between 2 Cells

Mar 25, 2008

I want to compare and output the differences in text in 2 cells.

ie. Cell A1 has a long string of text as does Cell A2 but slightly different, I want to see exactly what the differences are.

Is there a formula I can use?

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Output Data In Multiples Of X?

Aug 5, 2013

I need the output in B1 to be in multiples of the value in A1, rounded up.

Value in A1 is 6
random formula in B1: =IF(AND(N2>$AA$1,S2>0),ROUND((30/$AA$1)*AA2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2>$AA$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AA$1)*AA2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<$AD$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AD$1)*AD2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<$AC$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AC$1)*AC2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<$AB$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AB$1)*AB2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2=M2,N2<$AA$1,S2>0),ROUND(30*(AA2/N2)-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<>M2,N2<$AA$1,S2>0),ROUND(AA2*(30/$AA$1)-Z2,0))))))))

So if the resulting value of my B1 formula is 2.33, I'd like to have the output be 6. If the resulting value is 14.55, I'd like the output to be 18.

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How To Get Output In Total Column

Jul 15, 2014

I have a formula in sheet code to get a total of the following columns. The formula in these columns is not working. I'm not getting any error. The code is working fine without a require output.

Attached File : Total.xlsm‎

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Get Correct Output Of Superscript?

Jul 17, 2014

I want to superscript the text with red color. But now only a active cell is change to superscript with red color after running the macro.

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Output Formula Result

Feb 14, 2014

How do you write a code that will calculate a formula and output the result in a cell?

For example:

A1 = 1 (Named "Cell1")
A2 = 2 (Named "Cell2")
A3 = Results of macro for Cell1+Cell2 = 3

Is there a way to write it if I also want B3 = B1 + B2 and C3 = C1 + C2, etc.

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Send Output In Clipboard?

Feb 26, 2014

I have below vba code which output result in wordpad file. I want to send output in clipboard instead of wordpad file.

[Code] .....

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Output Text In Different Fonts

Nov 15, 2008

I'm trying to have it output certain symbols such as "" and I can't quite figure out how to do it, i want it to basically write in the selected cell:

" of " & a & "'s = " & b

where a and b are strings... my problem is i cant figure out how to have it output the sigma but keep the letters from going into symbol or windings...

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Output Non-unqiue Values

Jun 11, 2009

I have two columns of data one which #N/A appears due to formulas often and the other a set range of numbers 1-60. Column Q contains numbers between 1-60 and #N/A when the lookup formula doesn't find what it is looking for. Column R contains the numbers 1-60. What I need is to place into another column are the numbers in column R that don't appear in Column Q.

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