Creating A Comma Delimitted Text File

Sep 23, 2009

Is there a way to create a comma delimitted .txt file from Excel? Or a semicolon delimitted file?

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Text File But Comma Delimited

Sep 28, 2007

In my workbook I have 10 columns with data, starting at A12 and down. This could be several hundred rows.
I would like to export the first three columns only (Column A, B and C). The TXT file should have the following:
First line: "This file was exported from Excel"
Second line: The value of cell B4 of the worksheet
Third line: The value of cell B5 of the worksheet
Fourth line: Today's date ( as 27/Sep/2007)
Fifth line: No entries (Empty row)
Sixth line will be the first numeric transfer. This is cell A12 value, cell B12 value and cell C12 value.
Seventh line: Cell A13 value, cell B13 value and cell c13 value.
etc, until the end or selected amount of rows.
The values of the different columns should be separated by commas
Column A values could be 9 characters (5 numerics with 4 decimals - 12345.6789)
Column B values could be 10 characters (6 numerics with 4 decimals - 123456.7890)
Column C values could be 10 characters (6 numerics with 4 decimals - 123456.7890)

The text file therefor would look as follows:

This file was exported from Excel.
Company ABC
On this continent

123.4567, 23.7654, 123.4567
1234.5678, 123.4567, 987.6543
12345.6789, 6.0000, 2.9876

I tried to adapt jindon's code but no luck.
I am currently doing it the long way.
='[Workbook1.xls]MySheet'!$A12&", "&'[Workbook1.xls]MySheet'!$B12&", "&'[Workbook1.xls]MySheet'!$C12
This works but I really liked what jindon did and wondered if it could be adapted to fit my needs.

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Macro To Save Excel Sheet As Comma Delimited Text File?

Apr 21, 2014

providing a macro to save an excel sheet to comma delimited txt file. Also, My sheet has 1st row as table columns and i dont want to export them in my txt file.

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Creating A Text File With Vba

Oct 6, 2006

each row in sheet1 contains variables that, when applied to cells in sheet2, calculate a final figure. I have written code that selects each row, distributes its variables in sheet2, and shows the result back in sheet1, then selects the next row, and so on until all rows have been calculated.

The calculation is complex, and I would like to create a text file that stores the calculation for each row in the same text file. The calculation is a 9 columns by 33 rows, and I would like to preserve this shape in the text file, though its OK not to have columns not lining up.

There is a similar problem on an old thread but this requires only one iteration of "open file, write values, close file". I need "open file, write values, write more value, close file".

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Creating A .text File

Apr 2, 2007

I have many users of the same spreadsheet on different PCs writing .txt files to a common directory on a central server. I want to be able to create a uniquely named .txt file, using a set naming convention (datetimeotherthingsetc.txt) each time they execute my export code routine. Is there a way I can create a txt file from vba code? I have figured out how to write into an existing .txt file but would like to know if I can create a .txt file from scratch from vba code? ps to avoid any confusion I dont want to save (ie save as) the open spreadsheet to a .txt file

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Date Format Changes When Creating Text File From CSV

Sep 10, 2009

What I have is a double quoted, comma delimited text file that is created from an external application, every now and again we need to open the file to make corrections and this is easier if we open it via Excel using the delimiter options, the problem is when saving the file as a csv it removes the double quotes, however I have found some vba coding that adds the double quotes back, which works great, but it changes the format of the date fields from what the original file had from 09-Aug-2009 to 09/08/2009.

I suspect this may be because the file is opened before the double quotes are added and excel changes the format.

Is there any code I can add that will stop the date format from changing ...

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Text To Row Instead Of Text To Column Using Comma Separated Values And Associate Cell To The Left

May 16, 2013

Is there a macro that will allow me to create text to row from a comma separated cell, but also associate the cell to its left automatically?

The table below exemplifies what I need. The top of the spreadsheet is how my data is currently. The portion after the break is how I would like it to be.

I have over 600 rows that needs this done.



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Saving To The CSV (comma Delimited) File

Dec 1, 2006

I have a work sheet with some names address, and phone number in it... I need to save it as a CVS file (comma delimited) easy right??? WRONG!!! everytime I save it, it takes the phone number column and shortens it AND turn the phone numbers into a mess

What it looks like NOW

What is looks like after save


If is make the column bigger it goes back to the "good" numbers, but when I save to a CVS it goes to the "bad" number.

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Creating A Yearly Database File Using Information In Daily File

Feb 7, 2008

I would like to automatically update a 'yearly' database file with info from a file that is changed on a daily basis.

The daily file that i use has info like date, truck number, delivery stops, weight.

the database file has the similar headings.

at the end of each day this daily file is saved. I would like to have the info that is entered into the daily file automatically plugged into the yearly database file into the next available group of cells with respect to the salesperson.

This is kind of a generalization but i'm hoping to just get pointed in the right direction. If something like this involves vba then it will be beyond my ability and i'll have to do it manually, which is fine

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Delete Text After Comma

Apr 7, 2013

solve this thing.

how can I delete text after a comma.

from this 638264,1 to 638264

another question. this "&" is to join two or more cells. what is the opposite of that function?





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Finding Text, Seperated By A Comma?

May 10, 2009

Is it possible to find text listed in a cell, that has sereral options seperated by commas?


red, green, blue, orange, purple, black (all listed in one cell)

black is or is not found in targeted cell?

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Find Text Right And Left Of A Comma

Feb 22, 2008

I have the name bloggs, Joe in cell A1. Is there away to flip the name around and get rid of the comma.

i.e. Joe Bloggs

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Remove Comma From Text To Numeric

Jan 13, 2010

I need a simple way to extract the comma in 14,656 imported text so I can do a vlookup against 14656.

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1,000's Of Rows To One Comma-delimted Text String

Mar 25, 2008

I have a worksheet with 17000 rows of words that end in commas in column A, i.e.
Column A
Row 1 = Word 1,
Row 2 = Words 2,
Row 3 - Word 3,

I need to get this into the following single string format...

Word 1,Word 2,Word 3,etc...

I want to ultimately save it as a .txt file.

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Looping, Open Text File, Copy Text, Close Text File

Sep 18, 2009

I have an existing spreadsheet with a column of strings (actually VIN numbers). These numbers correllate to a bunch of text files, that can exist in one of three folders (UsernameDesktop1, 2, or 3) on my desktop. What I need the macro to do is:

1) get the filename from A2 (A1 is a heading row)
2) Find the appropriate text file in one of the three folders
3) Put the folder name into I2
4) Scan the text file for some strings, and copy some data that follows those strings into J2:O2 (I can handle programming this)
5) Close the text file
6) repeat above for the remainder of filenames (about 1800 files)

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Subtotal On Filtered Row That Has Comma Separated Text In Column

Apr 20, 2012

I have a column A1 that consists of a range of values separated by a comma.

row 1:value 1, value 2, value 3, value 4
row2: value1, value 4
Row 3: value 2, value3

I want to get the unique counts for each value in the filtered list. This one field is not filtered but the others in the table are so I only want the counts of value 1-4 when the entire list is filtered.

I have been able to accomplish this with individual values using the following formula:

=SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET('1. Respondents'!$C$7:$C$39312,ROW
('1. Respondents'!$C$7:$C$39312)-MIN(ROW('1. Respondents'!$C$7:$C$39312)),,1)),
--('1. Respondents'!$C$7:$C$39312=C4))

This works great other than the fact that I need to count total values of the column in an array.

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Split Comma Separated Text And Insert Into Next Row Retaining All Other Columns

Oct 26, 2013

Original table:

X123, Y123, Z123

[Code] .......

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Split Single Text Cell Into Multiple Rows Using Comma Delimiter?

Jul 3, 2014

I want to split the contents of a single cell(ALT Enter as delimiter) into multiple cells and retain the values in column B.


A1: apple

A2: yellow

B2: building

B3: O


sheet 2:

A1: apple B1: yellow
A2: banana B2: yellow
A3: car B3: yellow
A4: house B4: yellow
A5: building B5: O
A6: x B6: O
A7 B7: O

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Split Single Text Cell Into Multiple Rows, Using A Comma Delimiter

Dec 1, 2008

I have a string of text in one cell on Sheet 1 (ie., A1, Sheet 1), here is a excerpt:

A-dec International Inc., A. Bellotti, A. DEPPELER S.A., etc ...

What I need to do is split the cell into separate rows, using the comma as a delimiter. I will be reading the cell from another sheet and need a formula that will provide me with

A1: A-dec International Inc.
A2: A. Bellotti

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Insert Text To One File - Remove Text From Equivalent Column In Another File?

Aug 13, 2013

Got a slight problem; I am making a "worker-plan", where you should be able to write a name on one file and have it updated (removed) from the equivalent columns on another file automatically. Here's an example with two separate projects:

Project 1 before and after changes:
Attachment 257366
Attachment 257367

Project 2 before and after changes:
Attachment 257368
Attachment 257369

You can see here how I intended it to work. When one worker is moved from Project 1 to Project 2, that worker should also be removed from those weeks in Project 1. The previous worker from Project 2 should also be removed from those weeks (in Project 2).

Are there any formulas that can make this work automatically? All week numbers will belong to the same columns in all files.

Edit: There are 30 files that should be syncronized, not just two.. I could also gather all files into one file with sheets, instead of having seperate files.

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Lookup Comma Separated Data And Return Comma Separated Answer

Mar 19, 2014

Comma separated data on sheet 2, look up info on sheet 1, return comma separated data on sheet 2.

Sample file attached : Book1.xlsx

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Creating A Log File

Mar 2, 2010

I've got numerous vba-coded spreadsheets in use with lots of different users, and have found that some users try to hide errors of their own making by blaming the spreadsheets (I know - what is the world coming to!)

I've decided to add a script which creates a log file each time one of my spreadsheets is used - opening a log which relates to the user's spreadsheet and recording username, date/time, path & file, and the vba being used.

I'll probably add an "on error" script to save copies of all open workbooks too.

The issue I have at the moment is how to record the name of the macro being run?

Here's my code so far: ....

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Macro And Creating CSV File

May 5, 2009

I have a text document to which i need to do some changes and then turn it into CSV. Here are some lines of what the document looks like and below i will show you what i need it to look like. So i open the document with Excel and next I'm not sure how to do what i will show you below. Original:

HTML 111text

Here is how i need it:

HTML 1,1,1,"text"

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Creating A Template File Using VBA

Nov 12, 2007

I need a little help creating the macro for a template file which is going to be used for data input and further analysis. I have a set of arrays, which can be altered. The arrays may look like so:

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Creating A Link To The .pdf File

Jan 29, 2009

I have some code that looks at the part # in column D and then goes out to the D drive to drawings (.pdf files) and creates a hyperlink.

The problem is that it is only creating a link to the .pdf file and not to folders. I need a hyperlink to the folder so when it is clicked the open folder pops up and shows the multiple files associated with that part.

Link should be the same regardless of file or folder, no? As long as the name matches link should be made, correct?

123-100.pdf (column D part #) links to 123-100.pdf file on CD
456-200 (folder name in column D) no link created to folder named 456-200 on CD.

Sub Hyper()
MyPath = "D:"
StartRow = 2
EndRow = 20

x = 0

For i = StartRow To EndRow

Cells(i, 4).Select

MyFileName = ""
MyFileName = Dir(MyPath & Cells(i, 4).Text, vbNormal)

If MyFileName "" Then
x = x + 1
Cells(i, 4).Select
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Selection, Address:="D:" & MyFileName
End If
Next i
End Sub

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Creating A New File With Code Of Its Own

Mar 2, 2007

I need to distribute it to several areas of my company. Each area only needs part of the report. Therefore I have written some code which splits the existing report by area and creates a brand new report with that smaller chunk of data in it.

However I now realize that the new sub-report will require some code of it's own in order to function. My problem is that only the sub-report will be distributed to the end user. The core report will not. Therefore any code written for the new sub-report must be included within the sub-report.

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Creating Folder Beside The Excel File?

Apr 23, 2014

Just striving to have this kind of "picture arrangement's macro" to work, macro that whenever you choose a certain cell and operate it on hotkey it'll:

1. Create a new folder named "PicturesAuto" beside the excel file (wherever the excel file located).

2. Inside folder "picturesAuto it'll create a new subfolder named by the same name of the sheet related to that cell you operated the macro upon. (let's say this cell placed on sheet named: "happysheet"- that'll be the name of the subfolder created.)

3. Inside the subfolder "happysheet" it'll create a new subfolder named by the text of the cell you activated the macro upon (let's say you initially operated the macro on B5 cell -which has the text "montana" so it'll create "montana" subfolder also inside subfolder "happysheet")

4. Lastly instead of having only the text "montana" in "B5 cell" like we had initially before activating the macro, the macro'll also add to that text "montana" the link to "montana" folder (path of excel file->picturesAuto->happysheet->montana)

The way I'm planning to use this is to add a lot of HR pictures inside those folders created by the macro that related to that specific sheet, and that specific cell I've activated the macro upon. Plus just having those pictures so organized is just outstanding in every scale, and the excel file will keep running smoothly without any resource consuming overload.

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Creating Multiple File Picker

Mar 6, 2014

I am trying to create a multiple file picker. The code is below.

I want to open the first file of lets say 5 selected files, do some autofilter task, copy data from that file, paste it in another workbook and close it. Open second file, do some autofilter task, copy data from that file, paste it in below the first file pasted data in another workbook and close it... and File 3... and so on.

It works for one file, the code for copying pasting is not yet added. I think I can manage that. But how I return to the file picker function after it opens the first file.

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Creating File Path Automatically

May 27, 2009

I am looking to have these workbooks save automatically to a folder on the C: drive.
If the folder I specify is not available on the C: drive, how do I write teh save comand to create it automatically with a prompt

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Creating String Using Variable File Name?

Dec 18, 2012

I'm trying to check to see if a file exists using VBA but the routines I see use a string that has the path and then the file name. I have a fixed path C:VBtesting and the a variable file name. I'm using a file name that consists of a username & date such as cwilliams201212. I'm having problems getting the variable file name into the string.

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