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Find Text Right And Left Of A Comma

I have the name bloggs, Joe in cell A1. Is there away to flip the name around and get rid of the comma.

i.e. Joe Bloggs

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Find/Left Functions: Grab Everything Left Of The Last Occurrence Of "." In A String
I want to grab everything left of the last occurrence of "." in a string, and in the next cell everything right of the last occurrence of "."

so say the string is
column 1

column 2

my current code (which works, but its messy) for the first cell is

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Match Function To Find Name With Comma
I have a spreadsheet in which I use a match function to find the row a name is on. The name may be listed several times and the name has a comma in it, for example, "Tom, George". I got it to work once, but it doesn't always work. Is it because of the comma or because it is in the lookup several times? It's my understanding the Excel will return the row number for the first time it sees the name in the list, which is what I want.

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Find , (comma) And Return All Characters After It
Excel 2007 - Windows XP

I have the below in cells A1 and A2. I need to find the last comma then return all characters after it. I need the same formula for both cells because the value is always changing.

HUG,PU-TUB,BW,-,-,64 Need to Return 64 in B1
HUG,PU-RFL,BW,-,-,176 Need to Return 176 in B2

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Find Number In A Cell With More Than 2 Numbers Separated By Comma
When the entry in a cell is of the format e.g 3,4 is there any way to find the value 3 or 4 in that cell?

Attempts like:

Cells(i, 1).Value = variable (e.g variable=3)


Set cell_found = Cells.Range("A1:A10").Find(variable, lookat:=xlWhole)

do not find the cell with the 3 (or 4). The above work fine when 3 or 4 are alone in the cell. Is there anyway to find these values in the cell?

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Find Difference Between Cells Data Are Separated By Comma And Space
Table A: I have data separated by coma & space in cells A1:A4

A: Data Table
*A110, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60
211, 21, 31, 41, 51, 70
316, 19, 37, 48, 59, 81
418, 23, 33, 42, 57, 78

Table B: I want to calculate difference between cells A1:A2, A2:A3 and so on…
And if it is possible as shown in cell B2:B4

B: Result Table
*AB110, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

211, 21, 31, 41, 51, 70
+1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1
316, 19, 37, 48, 59, 81
+5, -2, +6, +7, +9, +11
418, 23, 33, 42, 57, 78
+2, +4, -4, -6, -2, -3

Separating cells A1:A4 data in separate cells can do this.

But if it is possible solution can be done as shown by VBA will be greater.

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Text File But Comma Delimited
In my workbook I have 10 columns with data, starting at A12 and down. This could be several hundred rows.
I would like to export the first three columns only (Column A, B and C). The TXT file should have the following:
First line: "This file was exported from Excel"
Second line: The value of cell B4 of the worksheet
Third line: The value of cell B5 of the worksheet
Fourth line: Today's date ( as 27/Sep/2007)
Fifth line: No entries (Empty row)
Sixth line will be the first numeric transfer. This is cell A12 value, cell B12 value and cell C12 value.
Seventh line: Cell A13 value, cell B13 value and cell c13 value.
etc, until the end or selected amount of rows.
The values of the different columns should be separated by commas
Column A values could be 9 characters (5 numerics with 4 decimals - 12345.6789)
Column B values could be 10 characters (6 numerics with 4 decimals - 123456.7890)
Column C values could be 10 characters (6 numerics with 4 decimals - 123456.7890)

The text file therefor would look as follows:

This file was exported from Excel.
Company ABC
On this continent

123.4567, 23.7654, 123.4567
1234.5678, 123.4567, 987.6543
12345.6789, 6.0000, 2.9876

I tried to adapt jindon's code but no luck.
I am currently doing it the long way.
='[Workbook1.xls]MySheet'!$A12&", "&'[Workbook1.xls]MySheet'!$B12&", "&'[Workbook1.xls]MySheet'!$C12
This works but I really liked what jindon did and wondered if it could be adapted to fit my needs.

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Remove Comma From Text To Numeric
I need a simple way to extract the comma in 14,656 imported text so I can do a vlookup against 14656.

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Finding Text, Seperated By A Comma?
Is it possible to find text listed in a cell, that has sereral options seperated by commas?


red, green, blue, orange, purple, black (all listed in one cell)

black is or is not found in targeted cell?

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1,000's Of Rows To One Comma-delimted Text String
I have a worksheet with 17000 rows of words that end in commas in column A, i.e.
Column A
Row 1 = Word 1,
Row 2 = Words 2,
Row 3 - Word 3,

I need to get this into the following single string format...

Word 1,Word 2,Word 3,etc...

I want to ultimately save it as a .txt file.

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Creating A Comma Delimitted Text File
Is there a way to create a comma delimitted .txt file from Excel? Or a semicolon delimitted file?

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FIND From Right Instead Of Left?
Obscure lines of info which I'm trying to break up into pieces. Being able to find from the right instead of left would be REALLY handy. See attached example with details and example!

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Substitute Function With Find, Mid & Left
Got the following formula:-

=LEFT(L5, FIND("(",L5)-1)

I need to add the SUBSTITUTE function to this but can't figure out where it goes if somebody could point me in the right direction please? My substitute formula is SUBSTITUTE(L5,"car","train").

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Split Single Text Cell Into Multiple Rows, Using A Comma Delimiter
I have a string of text in one cell on Sheet 1 (ie., A1, Sheet 1), here is a excerpt:

A-dec International Inc., A. Bellotti, A. DEPPELER S.A., etc ...

What I need to do is split the cell into separate rows, using the comma as a delimiter. I will be reading the cell from another sheet and need a formula that will provide me with

A1: A-dec International Inc.
A2: A. Bellotti

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Find The Bottom Left Cell Of A Range
I am trying to find a code that will simply find the last cell in Column A of a named Range (titled: ConditionlFormatArea)?

Also IF I could get a line(s) of code that would just find the last cell in Column A of the Used Area.

I ask for both because I am not yet certain which line of code will work best for me.

When I have that cell located I need to Remove the Conditional Formatting. I think I can get the code for that part.

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Find Related Data From Another Sheet & Copy Values From Left
Im going to try to make this as clear as possible. I cant use my actual data because it wouldnt make any sense to anyone so Ive made up an example problem. Here goes...

Lets say in Sheet 1 I have two descending columns of data. Column A is MODEL of Vehicle (Civic for example). Column B is vehicle identification number (xxx for example). Sheet two has 4 columns of data, but only one is really required for this example. Cell A1 is the MAKE of vehicle (Honda for example). Directly below that in Cell A2 is the MODEL of the vehicle (Civic). There are then a few rows of empty space until it gets to the next vehicle MAKE and MODEL.

So in Sheet1 there is a long list of MAKE's in ColumnA and VIN's in ColumnB. Sheet2 Has a long list of MAKE's and MODEL's in ColumnA and random data in other columns.

What I want to do is assemble a Macro to start in Sheet1-A2, read the MODEL then copy the corresponding Vehicle Identification Number in B2. I then want it to go to Sheet2-A2 and start searching downward until it comes across a matching MODEL. Once it finds the match I want it to step downward 2 cells and paste the Vehicle Identification Number. Then return to Sheet1-A3, and repeat the process until EOF.

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Reading Text From Right To Left
I am using the find or search function but I need to read my text string from right to left (from the end of the string, instead of from the beggining). Is there a way to do this?

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Checkbox Text To The Left
How can you make the text of a checkbox appear on th left hand side of the checkbox?

or can it only appear onthe right?

else is there a way to make the text box not exist or invisible,

Its just that I have infomation underneath and I need to be able to access it?

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Extract Left Characters Up Until Specified Text
I am attempting to utilize the Mid, Left, and Right functions to parse out data returned in a single cell. There are twelve months of data returned with the "title" listed after. I would like to be able to FIND the title and return a specific number of characters of data to the LEFT not the right (as Mid seems to do).


Cell A1{ 1 2 4 5 3 5 TITLE1 1 2 3 6 7 4 5 TITLE2 3 4 5 2 4 5 TITLE 4 }

Cell A2{ 1 2 4 5 3 5 TITLE2 1 2 3 6 7 4 5 TITLE3 3 4 5 2 4 5 TITLE 4 }

I would like to be able to search each cell for the "TitleX" then parse data out to the left of that title (and if not found, return "").

There are too many different Titles to use IF statements and I cannot change that the data comes to the left of the title.

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Parse Left Text With Deliminator
I have the following entry in A1


I want a formula to parse the text based on the "_" deliminator so email is in B1, yshot is in C1 and 200081222 is in D1.

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Concatenate Text From Left & Right Of Cell With Another
I'm working with a datafeed and basically I have a column with the prices of each product in the same row. What I need to do is take the value in the price column and insert it in a specific spot of a different cell (but still on the row).

A1 = <b></b>
B1 = 29.99

How would I get that price information between those two bold tags, and do this for all the rows I have that contain specific price info to that row?

I have a lot of HTML in the line I want to bring the price over to and I have tried the following formula at the beginning cell of A1 ="<b>"&B1&"</b>" but I get an error.

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Lookup Text Not In Left Column
I have a data validation box and wish another cell to lookup the text in the validation box from a list a return a number next to it.

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Pull Left Number From Text
In a1 i have 100.888 and a2 122.222 and a3 122.555UK,(and so on) in column b i want just want the number and not the uk, i have tried =left(a1,7) which works until a3 then it give me characters 122.555 and not the number/value 122.55. I need it as a value to use the vlookup, how do i do it?

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Increment Left Number In Alpanumeric Text
I have to put different ticket numbers for a company with some code. At present, I am manually copying and pasting data (which is too difficult as sometimes, tickets may be more than 300). So, suggest some easy way out, keeping in mind that I am new to Excel. I want this as output.

Company Name= New Horizons
Number of Tickets=1/300

Here, I want to increment number of tickets automatically like 1/300, 2/300, 3/300 till 300/300 and all the other entities like Company name and code should remain same. My rest of data remains same except number of tickets through out. I also have to print same data.

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Shift Cells Left Based On Text Value
I need assistance in shifting cells to left based on three (3) specific text values in column B. There are tons of data and extra lines and stuff but consistently these three (3) text values are consistently not aligned and I simply need to shift entire row 1 space to the left. I can do the long and tedious process of going through them all but is there a macro which I can play that does it instantly...

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Extract Numbers With Specific Text From Right Or Left
i use this code to get the value from the cell that contains "Ink"., and i got the codes from reading other problems:


like this in a1 -> Ink 253.00

and totally working! but the problem is if the word "ink" in the left of the value --> 253.00 ink and the result is #NA, is there any way that i can get the value whether the word Ink is in the left side or right side of the value?

also bothered why is it if the word is not "ink" in the cell and return -> #value since i put ("") in the last part of If function(value if false)?

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Worksheet Controls Text Direction Not Left To Right
When placing a control on a worksheet, the text in the label,option box etc controls is vertical and I can't find a way of changing the direction to left to right. It doesn't happen on all workbooks. I can put the control on a "normal" workbook and then copy it to the "abnormal" workbook but I would like to know why/how I can change the direction of the text.

Under Tools/Options/International the text direction states left to right

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Determine Left Most Character In Cell Text
Could someone tell me if the following formula is valid?

=AND(F15="R*", I15>0)

I want to know if F15 contains 'R' or 'RW' but using a wildcard always returns false whether this correct or not.

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Join Text Based On Value Of Left Digits
I am trying to write a bit of code to go into a macro and as I am very much a leaner, I thought I would create the formula I need and record it, then copy in the relevant bit. However, I cannot even get the formula to work - never mind the macro bit!! The formula I am trying to do is something like this...

In column S:S
IF the first digit in R2 (and eventually R2 to R lastrow) = 1 to 3, concatenate Q2 (and eventually Q2 to Q lastrow) + "/" + "Q1"
IF the first digit in R2 (and eventually R2 to R lastrow) = 4 to 6, concatenate Q2 + "/" + "Q2"
IF the first digit in R2 (and eventually R2 to R lastrow) = 7 to 9, concatenate Q2 + "/" + "Q3"
IF the first digit in R2 (and eventually R2 to R lastrow) = 10 to 12, concatenate Q2 + "/" + "Q4"

Column R:R has the year and the first digit of Q:Q hold the month so I want to end up with 2007/Q1 etc.

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BeforePrint Check Left And Right Header For A Specific Text
I would like to BeforePrint check Left and Right Header for a specific text. If the text is different then i.e. “XYZ Test” then call sub ClearForm().

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Autofill Formula To The Left (fill To The Left)
I am having trouble filling a formulae series to the left on one spreadsheet, the fomulae being references to another sheet.

For example, I have two sheets 'Mtce Options' and 'Base Case'. In 'Mtce Options' I have the following formulae

1='Base Case'!A15='Base Case'!D15='Base Case'!G15

I want to fill to the left, incrementing the column references by a factor of 2 each time, eg. next two should be ='Base Case'!J15 and ='Base Case'!M15.

However, if I autofill to the left by highlighting A1, B1 and C1 or just B1 and C1 all I get is an inappropriate reference such as ='Base Case'!D15 or ='Base Case'!F15, respectively, in D15.

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Displaying All Text After First Comma In A Cell In Another Cell
I need to display all text after first comma in a cell in another cell. For example
Text in A1 = 1.1, 1.2, 1.3. I need to display in B1 all the text after the first comma which would be = 1.2, 1.3

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Find Wont Find Existing Text When Columns/Rows Hidden
Attempting to hide columns (of cities) via VBA generates an error when that same city is reselected (either individually, or as part of the group) in the list box, upon clicking the 'Hide' button.

The error happens at this point: ...

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IF.. Contains...then: Search Through The Text String In That Cell And Find A Certain Word, Find And Retrn A Value
I am having trouble getting my IF statement to test if the cell contains the text "sale" return "X" if not "Y". I need it to search through the text string in that cell and find a certain word, and if it finds that word, retrn a value. I am really having difficulty with is what symbol or function do I use for the logical test? (i.e. =, <>, MATCH, INDEX?)

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Formula To Display Text Left Of "/"
I've tried a search on this, but have not had any luck. On my spreadsheet, Column B contains text split by a forward slash:



I am trying to write a formula in column L to display the information on the left of the "/" as well as a formula in column M to display the information on the right of the "/". Normally I would just use the Right/Left worksheet functions, however the number could vary from 2-5 digits on each side of the slash.

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Find Text Within Cells & Place Same Text In Adjacent Column
I want to search for a word in column A and when I find it I want to copy it to column B.
Column A is a description that can be 6 or 7 words long. Column B is a single word.


Col A
Engine Kit, V-8, 306, forged.
I need to copy the word Kit to column B.

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Find Function: Give The VRow Variable The Value Or The Row That The Text From Text Box Is On
I am using the following code.

Function VLOOKUPRow()
Dim SV As Object
SV = "UserFormAppend.TextBoxInvID.Text"
VRow = Columns(1). Find(What:="SV", After:= Cells(1, 1), _
LookIn:=xlValues, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, MatchCase:=True).Row
MsgBox (VRow)
End Function

I am trying to give the VRow variable the value or the row that The text from my text box is on. How do you make the what look for a variable. I can get it to work if i put a constent in the what. how to make the what look for a variable. I'm new at this forum thing so im not quite sure how to check for answers.

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Remove All Text Left Of Space And The Space
I have two words of differing character lengths separated by a space.

How can I remove the first word... essentially, all the charcters to the left of the space AND the space itself?

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Find A Text Or Number In Text Boxes
I have a couple of excelfiles in which someone made a flowchart with text boxes. I would like a search code that would help me find a text or number in those text boxes. The CTRL+F function only works on cells. Does something similar exist for text boxes? Or can this be made in a macro?

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Macro To Find Text Box #9 Enter Text
The macro recorder doesn't let me record a macro that finds text box #9, go to the end of the existing text in the text box and then add my text.

When I record the macro and go to the box, it doesn't appear in the code (as well as not working).

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Find Text In Range With Part Of Text
I'm trying to create an Excel function that allows me to choose a row from a table based on text found within entered data. For example, say I have a table called "categories" that looks like this:


Now in a different section of the workbook, I want to be able to enter an arbitrary number of sentences, one per row, that look something like:
"It's raining cats."
"The mouse is hiding."....................

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Find Cannot Find Existing Text / Value
i am trying to do a search and i came across this. In the excel file attached you will see 2 column. Now if you take copy and paste "sterling rd" which is standing alone into the crtl F search field. It wont find it.

I have played with the format (made both general), i have CLEAN, Proper the text and tried that didnt work either.

I dont know what else to try. I am working with access, with a much larger list, however the linking to excel wont work and i know there is some difference font or format that i am missing.

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Find Text Within Other Text And Then Do Vlookup
I have spreadsheet A with 14 columns of data ie Col A to N, in Column I there are file names. Somewhere within the file names is the client code. The file names do not conform to a standard naming convention so the client code is not always in the same position or the same number of characters long. I have a separate spreadsheet (spreadsheet B) that has the list of client codes in column A and the associated business unit code in column B.

I want to be able to find the client code within the file name of spreadsheet A and then add the associated business unit code to column O

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Find Text Using VBA
VBA code for the following?
I have a spreadsheet that looks like this:
Description Amount YTD Account #
Interest $50 $500 1-100
Rent $20 $200 1-200

Interest $50 $500 1-100
Rent $20 $200 1-200

I want to create a macro that assigns a unique identifier in column 5 (a new column) for each account name ie. ANZ, NAB to the account numbers. The output I'd like in a new column is: ANZ1-100; ANZ1-200; NAB1-100; NAB1-200.
I thought I had the solution using IF(LEN(RC2)=3,...etc) but then some account numbers have more than 3 letters ie. ANZA so that didn't work. I need the macro to assign the account name to each account continuously until it reaches the next account name on the list. Any ideas?
I'm sure this is basic VBA for a person more adept at this sort of stuff than me!!

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Find From Text Box
I would like to be able to type my search string into a text box and excel will find it as I type.
Here is what I have so far.

Private Sub Test_Change()
Dim Stuff1 As String

Stuff1 = Test()
Cells.Find(What:=Stuff1, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:= _
xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate

End Sub

The problems being,
(1 Error handling (if the search yields no results).
(2 I can't tell which cell it found the data in because the text box gets the focus and the cell looses it.

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IF To Find Text
I have a block of text in cell B2. In D2 I would like to have it tell me if a certain word or words appear in B2. I made an IF statement is D2 that is as follows =IF(B2="*Oil* or "*Watercolor*","Yes","No")

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Find Last Row Containing Text
I'm writing a macro that sets print areas automatically from a button. There's one sheet that the rows will change everytime, anywhere from 10 lines to 250 lines. Is there code that will find the last row containing text?

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Inserting A Comma
I am working with large sequences of letters and I'm trying to put them into their own columns. I know about the 'text to columns' tool but the problem is my sequences are not delimited by anything. I would have to think the easiest way to accomplish what I want to do is to insert a comma, space or other delimiter between every letter, then use the text to columns feture.

EX. I'm looking for something that does this...

AAAAAA --turns into--> A,A,A,A,A,A or A A A A A A

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Find Date Within Text
I have a cell that contains text,but somewhere in it there is always a date, the text is updated wit web query and the date is always in a diffferent position within the text, I want to take the date out each time and drop it to another cell.

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Find Out If Shape Has Text
Have an .xls file with multiple sheets and many objects (Shapes) on of those sheets.
The objects are all rectangles, some of which contain text frames, where I had entered manually some text.

Also, each shape has a name.

Now, I want my VBA Macro to take a specific shape (using its name), and find out if it has text frame in it.

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Find Text In A Worksheet
I want to find a text "Style#" in a worksheet and return the value next to "Style#". The value is supposed to be returned in, say, column H, for each row I found the text "Style#".

Below is the sample:....

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