Declare Private Constant As Long?

Dec 27, 2012

I am trying to declare lngLr as Long and Constant. But it's buggin out on me. Is this the correct way to do it?

Private Const lngLr As Long = ".Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row"
Sub calculate_active_employees_sheet_years_of_service_w_Oasis()
Application.ScreenUpdating = True


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Constant Variables - Declare Name In Separate UserForm As Constant

May 8, 2012

I have a userForm (Form1) that contains a persons name that I would like to reference in a separate UserForm (Form2). In the separate UserForm (Form2) I need to reference this persons name many times, so I was wondering if there was a was to declare this name in the separate UserForm (Form2) as a constant. Only thing is that a constant, to the best of my knowledge, must be an expression and not a variable. Mainly, I'm trying to avoid declaring the myName variable in each Sub within Form2, which it will be needed for a ton of Sub's.

Code for Form2: Const myName As String = Form1.txtName.Value

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Declare Constant

May 15, 2007

what does the symbol # means in VBA? (but I couldn't put the # in the subject of my message )

I'm trying to understand someone's code... at some point he wrote:
sum_LU_Area = 0#

I thought that the # was used to declare a constant but I'm not too sure because in his code earlier he declared
Public sum_LU_Area As Double

Beside, sum_LU_Area is calculated somewhere further in the program.

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Why Declare The Variables

Sep 17, 2009

I know that we should declare all variables at the beginning of a subroutine, in fact I'm told it's good practice to use Option explicit to 'force' variables to be declared, my question is why?

If I don't declare a variable the routine still seems to work OK so what is the downside of not declaring them upfront? Is it just for neatness or common practice or is there another reason?

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Which Variables To Declare

Dec 10, 2008

As a rule which variables should I declare?

Sub checkPO()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Application.EnableEvents = False
Dim Rng As Range, MainSheet As Worksheet, item As Variant ', CurrWidth As Integer, UnitWidth As Integer

Set MainSheet = Sheets("Orders To Chase")
Set Rng = MainSheet.Range("B5", MainSheet.Range("B60000").End(xlUp))
totalqueries = MainSheet.Range("B5", MainSheet.Range("B60000").End(xlUp)).Cells.Count

UnitWidth = 282 / totalqueries

With progbar '\displays the please wait box
.Show False

.prog.Width = 0 '\ updates progress bar
End With

If I declare the variable my progress bar goes off screen. remove it and its back to within its box.

I haven't declared any of these variables either. Does this matter?

POnum = .Range("G5").Value
Supplier = .Range("A5").Value
Req = .Range("B5").Value
Ordered = .Range("E5").Value

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Declare Variables In Classes?

Apr 14, 2014

Why it seems not possible to declare variables in Class modules like so:

[Code] ....

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Declare And Initialize An Array?

Mar 23, 2009

I am running into the error, "Procedure too large". I know I need to break the range down into Arrays, so how can I hard code the values into an array? I cannot find an example to follow. Ranges: D:E,K:L,O:P,....etc. I know I can break the rows up into an array too, but one thing at a time. Here is an example of the range for D:E.

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VBA Declare Data As Array

Mar 4, 2013

I have a column a1:A150 which includes some Data. I now want to declare these data as an array.

Afterwards I want from cell b50 to copy int the value from cell a1 and copying the next value from the array (cell a2) into cell b51 and so on until cell b200.

I want to do it by creating an array and not just by usual Excel formulas.

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Declare And Set Worksheets In A Loop

Jan 31, 2007

I want to declare and 'Set' a number of worksheets for later use. Like this ...

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Declare Set Of Valid Variables Acceptable?

Oct 25, 2013

i need to set the range of variables that user can add to the range.

For Example:


so we accept variables STARTING with AA_ OR BB_ OR CC_ OR ABCD_. If the user enters sth else, then I want to disable the "Enter" key. (If the Cell is Empty than it is also OK!!)

If disabling the Enter key is not possible then maybe i can use Conditioning Formatting? But the question is then if i can use for single condition OR statement.

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Declare An Array With Variable Size

May 7, 2009

I need to create an array with a variable as it size For instance:

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Declare Name Of Object From Cell Value Using Dim Statement

Jun 15, 2013

I have an object in a form and I need to get the name of the object from cell value or I need to declare it using Dim statement..

something like this..

NAcctF.Visible = False

where I need to declare like this..

itm= range("A1").value & "F"
itm.Visible = False

because, except "F" at last remaining part keep changing..

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Declare & Initialize A Variable As Global Using Vba

Feb 10, 2009

how to declare&initialize a variable as Global in vba?

I have a variable ,
now i am using this variable for 3 different functions. so what i am doing is wrote the same code to 3 functions, so how i can declare&initialize this variable as global and access to all functions.

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Declare String As Array Index

Mar 28, 2007

is it possible to declare an array or anyother datatype like the following in VBA?

Dim myArray() As Integer
myArray("A") = 0
myArray("Test") = 0
myArray("G") = 0

after checking some conditions i need to change the corresponding values too, like the following,

If mycondition = True Then
myArray("Test") = 1
End If

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Declare Global Variable In Application Level

Sep 17, 2009

I need to declare a global variable in Application level not Module level.

I have declare a variable in Module1 and then Module2 with same name then complile it and get success. That means there has two variable with same name in different Module. I think this was not a proper global variable declaration by which I can allow to declare only one variable in all Module, Class every where. I have used code as below -

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Declare 2 Dimensional Array With Integers And Strings

Jun 2, 2013

I need to declare a two dimensional array that will return the Row and the cell's string value. My only solution is to return the row as a string like this.

Public GlobalArray(2, 100) As String

How to get more control than this? Maybe I should just declare it as a variant but this might open it up for problems later.

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Declare & Define Variable As Date Range

Nov 13, 2006

I'm fairly new to VBA and I need to define a variable as a date range
i.e. Period1 = 1Apr2006 to 29Apr2006, Period2= 30Apr2006 to 27May2006 etc

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Declare A Const Array Of String Type In VBA

Jul 28, 2006

How do I declare a const array of string type in VBA? for example I want to say
Const myStringArray(4) as String = string1, string2, string3, string4

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Match And Copy: Declare The Variables Correctly And Have The Operations Done In A Series Of Do/ Loops Or For/Nexts

Feb 2, 2007

I have a series of operations to carry out and, while I can do the code for each individual one, how to declare the variables correctly and have the operations done in a series of Do/ Loops or For/Nexts. Especially the declaring of named ranges as variables. Also a bit uncertain of the best way to find and coy the match. I have attached a simplified version of the workbook, with explanations on it.

Basically what I need to do is loop through a series of named ranges and then loop through the names in each, match each name with a name in a master list (with a flag as an image), add an e-mail hyperlink to that flagged name and copy both to a new cell.

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Two Private Sub

Apr 29, 2007


Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'SHEET1
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0).Activate
End Sub
Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) 'WORKBOOK
Application.OnKey "{ENTER}"
Application.OnKey "~"
End Sub

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How To Use 2 Private Sub Worksheet_Change

Jul 10, 2013

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Target.RowHeight = 16
End Sub


How to Use 2 Private Sub Worksheet_Change

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Private Sub Running Twice

Oct 22, 2013

I have a drop down box selecting from a list of dates (Oct-13 - Dec-14) that I need to display as "mmm-yy" to the end user so have written the following code to format when a date is selected:

Private Sub SDatePicker_Change()
SDatePicker.Value = Format(SDatePicker.Value, "mmm-yy")
End Sub

For some reason the code seems to run through itself twice and I can't figure out why. The result of this is an incorrect date being displayed (strangely when I select 'Jan-14' for example, the result is 'Jan-13'.

Perhaps I should point out that the default formatting of the date values seems to be in number format e.g. 41976.

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VBA To Add Private Sub To Sheet?

Jun 15, 2014

I have VBA script to format a csv.

As part of the formatting, i want to add a private sub to the activesheet that will enable a colour-on-click function.

How can I make the overall VBA script insert of the privatesub into Sheet1?

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Difference Between Private Sub And Sub

May 30, 2007

I have two funtions which I am trying to put in ThisWorkbook.

Private Sub Workbook_Open and Private Sub 2. The Workbook_Open calls on Sub 2.

Now, with both of these in ThisWorkbook, I get the error that Sub 2 macro cannot be found.

And if I put the Sub 2 in a module, everything works.

Now, I am trying to put both in ThisWorkbook instead of only one.

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Two Private Sub Worksheet_Change

May 22, 2008

I currently have this code in my sheet, and would like to incorporate the second bit of code into the same sheet, but not sure how to do it. At this point, when I just put them together neither will work.

Option Compare Text
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Column 12 Then Exit Sub

If Target.Value = "Daniel Amaya" Then
Sheets("Daniel").Range("A3").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).EntireRow.Insert

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Getting A Private Sub To Automatically Run

Sep 2, 2008

My Workbook contains 12 worksheets and in each Worksheet there is a drop down list. The code for each one is in the worksheet code section where they are Private Subs.

What i want is that once the work book opens it will run the code in each of the work sheets instead of going into each bit of code and running it manually.

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Private Sub Worksheet_Activate

Oct 8, 2008

the below macro works when the worksheet name is Sheet1, but as soon as i change the worksheet to Rec it does not work, what have i done wrong?

Private Sub Workbook_SheetActivate(ByVal Sh As Object)
If Not Sh Is Sheet1 Then
If Sheet1.AutoFilterMode Then
If Sheet1.FilterMode Then Sheet1.ShowAllData
End If
End If
End Sub

Does not work

Private Sub Workbook_SheetActivate(ByVal Sh As Object)
If Not Sh Is Rec Then
If Rec.AutoFilterMode Then
If Rec.FilterMode Then Rec.ShowAllData
End If
End If
End Sub

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Pt Private Infront Of Sub

Jan 13, 2009

My nacro wont work if I put private infront of sub, if I take out private it works. Its not connected to any object, just simple copy paste

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Running Private Sub From A Macro

Mar 17, 2014

I have 3 different sheets with a private sub on each all labelled

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

The macro's runs fine on each page.

I want to put a macro on a separate sheet that i can run each of those macro's

I did initially copy the original private macro and change the

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()


sub report()

But I couldn't do all 3 in the same manner. i did change each name to something different... the other 2 subs did run, but they didn't do anything except put the massage box on the end saying that "the macro has finished".

The private macros are on sheets 26, 28 and 12.

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Private Sub Worksheet Error

Feb 24, 2009

im getting run time error 40036 and i dont know how to correct it here is the code

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