Extract Contents Of Cell If Greater Than Zero To A Comment

Dec 30, 2009

I am trying to extract contents of cell to a comment.

Column K is Overtime Hours
Column L is Regular Hours

I have managed to create the following macro that will copy the contents of a cell in Column K and put it as a comment in Column L. But I am needing the macro only to create a comment if the value of the cell in Column K is greater than 0

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Copy Contents Of Multiple Comment Boxes And Paste In Single Comment Box

Mar 13, 2014

how to copy the contents of multiple comment boxes and paste in a single comment box.

The big picture is that I have a number of cells with numerical values in and text in comment boxes. I want to be able to click a button to copy the contents of the comment boxes and paste them, along with the numerical value from the cell, into a single comment box, ordered by highest to lowest value within the comment box, then delete the original cells and comments.

I am quite new to VBA but have been coping quite well so far with information of the web and analysing recorded macros.

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How To Link Contents Of Cell To Comment

Jan 19, 2013

if its possible to link contents of a cell to a comment.

IE - Whatever the cell contents in sheet 1 A5 would reflect in the comment in sheet 2 A5 Im happy if its coded that would work.

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Can You Turn Cell Contents Into A Comment

Dec 19, 2008

I was wonder if there was a way to automatically turn the contents in cell B2 into a comment for cell A2?

Is there a formula or some kind of automated macro or function?

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Insert Contents Of A Cell Range Into A Single Comment

Feb 15, 2009

I would like to Insert the contents of a Range of Cells into a single Comment. ie:
The contents of Range A1:A50 into a Comment placed at F1. Is there a Macro that will do this?

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Excel 2010 :: Add Comment To Cell Without Changing Cell's Contents?

Mar 13, 2012

How, via VBA, would I add a comment from a userform (text box name: txtReason) into a cell that may already have a comment in it? I would like to keep the comment that is in the cell and then have the program add a "/" and the next comment from txtReason..

(using excel 2010)

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Paste Copied Contents Of A Cell As A Comment In Another Cell

Sep 7, 2012

I am working on a database and trying to remove duplicates. When there are duplicates, I want to take the contents of one cell and copy them as a comment on the cell above (or below).

I tried to work on a small macro to do so, but the contents of the cell cannot be copied (it comes out as a blank).

The long way is to 'double click' in the cell, Ctrl+A, cut, click the cell above, Ctrl+F2, paste. This way is very long as I have thousands of duplicates.

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Extract Partial Contents Of A Cell

Dec 12, 2007

I need to extract partial contents of a cell.. right now in the cell it looks like

address: 9999

so I want my code to see the cell... dropp the "address: " and only retrieve 9999.

I know it's on google somewhere but I can't seem to describe it properly for the right results to come up.

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Extract Information From A Cell And Reverse The Contents

Oct 20, 2008

All of the information is provided in one cell, which I can not change. If possible I would like to pull the names from the middle only (example: cell d11 only give me Adam Diaz and so on). Once I have pulled out the name, I would to reverse the name (example: Diaz Adam).

d11=ADIAZ01 Adam Diaz (adam.diaz)
d12=AELIZO02 Alejos Elizondo (alejos.elizondo)
d13=BDELUN00 Bobby Deluna (bobby.deluna)
d14=BFOREM00 Bud Foreman (bud.foreman)
d15=BGREGG00 Billy Gregg (billy.gregg1)
d16=CGREEN06 Christopher Greenwood (christopher.greenwood)
d17=CGREEN08 Cheryl Green (cheryl.l.green)
d18=DDOWNS01 Dickie Downs (dickie.r.downs)
d19=DFLORE03 Daniel Flores (daniel.flores3)
d20=DMENDE01 Donald Mendez (donald.mendez)
d21=DMORAL01 David Morales (david.morales4)
d22=DRODRI07 Domingo Rodriguez (domingo.rodriguez)
d23=DWASHA00 Daniel Washa (daniel.washa)
d24=EBROOK02 Earl Brooks (earl.brooks1)
d25=ECARRE00 Edelmira Carreon (edelmira.carreon)

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Sort Data By Comment Contents / VB Macro

Oct 3, 2009

please have a look at the attached file.

I want to sort the data by the comments in Column B, specifically by comments that do contain a telephone number, whether it is "Telefon" ( e.g. in B17 ) or "Phone" ( e.g. in B24 ) or "Tťlťphone" ( e.g. in B16 )

I know a Macro written in VB could do that.

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Column Number Of Last Column In A Row Where Cell Contents Greater Than 0

Jun 24, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with rows of data. I need a formula that will return the column number of the last column in a row where there is a value >0.

Let's say that cells A1:F1 contain values. Some have values of 0 while others have values >0. I need a formula in cell G1 that will tell me the column number of the last value >0.

0 2 5 0 6 0

So the formula in G1 would return a value of 5, which corresponds to column E.

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Extract And Use Information In A Comment Box

Jul 22, 2009

My user has data in a comment in a cell that provides additional information about the data in the cell. He does not want to have to retype that information into another spreadsheet but wants it to automatically populate.

For example:

Column Headings: A1 = Tardy; B1 = Absent; C1 = Detention

Data in the following cells: A2 = 2; B2 = 1; C2 = 3

Comments are: A2 = Smith - 10 min, Jones - 5 min; B2 = Adams - Sick; C2 = Brown - Talking, Green - Talking, Gray - Sleeping

He wants another workbook that has a column for each name in three separate tables, 1 each for Tardy, Absent, and Detention. He wants the Tardy table to show 10 min under Smith, 5 min under Jones, etc.

Is this at all possible? I will say that I tried to get him to change his spreadsheet so that he inputs the data into the three separate tables then summarizes it in the sheet he presently has but he cannot change the original sheet. It is a shared sheet by many of our office locations and changing it is not an option.

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Extract Data If Value Is Greater Than Zero

Jan 11, 2010

I built an estimating spreadsheet for the electrical construction industry and am trying put together a "Materials List" on another worksheet. I want the materials list to display materials which have a value greater than zero.

Example, the 1st worksheet is my estimating worksheet which contains a list of 30 materials. The 2nd worksheet is a "Bill of Materials" that I would like to display in a proposal format to the customer. I only want to show them materials that have a quanitity of more than zero from the estimating worksheet.

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Extract Unique Values Greater Than Zero?

Oct 24, 2012

How can I extract the unique values from the original list but only those whose their SUMIFS is greater than zero? in my example "Blue" , "Yellow" & "Red" should not be extracted.

Sheet1  ABCDE1Original Unique2Purple10 Purple103Blue0 Blue04Pink1 Pink15Yellow0 Yellow06Green13 Green31
7Blue0 Red08Green18 Black29Yellow0   10Red0   11Black2   12Pink0   13Black15   14Purple6   15Red0   
Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaD2{

[Code] ...........

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Record Greater Than 50 In A Cell So It Reads As Greater Than 50

Aug 25, 2009

I have to make a table that shows that a if someone purchases

less than 5 items they receive no discount
5-10 items they receive 2% discount
11-20 items they receive 5% discount
21-50 items they receive 8% discount
over 50 items they receive 10%

and it has to be done in a way that the discount rate can be calculated using Vlookup I am struggling to find the best way to write this table. i tried numbering 1 to 50 and writing the corresponding discount rate in the second column but this looks untidy and can't calculate greater than 50 as i am not sure how to write it in the cell so it reads as >50 and not just 50.

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Excel 2007 :: Extract File Contents To Workbook

Mar 17, 2014

I have large number of sql files in various folders in my windows7 laptop.

I have extracted the file names with full path in column A in an excel work book.

For each row, I now need to parse the file and extract the file contents and put it in column B, for the respective row.

I want the entire query content to be populated in the row without parts of query to spillover to other column (based on comma etc in the query)

I am using excel 2007.

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Compare Cell Contents With Given Range Of Contents

Dec 30, 2013

I have attached a workbook stating my problem.


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Return Contents Of 1 Cell Based On Contents Of Another Cell?

Mar 12, 2014

I thought this was a pretty simple formula but I am having difficulty creating it. I am attaching a little test spreadsheet. Sheet 1 is where the data will be entered. The Reimbursed column has a drop down choice of yes or no. The next 2 columns are the cost of registration and the cost of accommodations. On sheet 2 is where I would like the formulas. So in cell A4 I would like a formula that says if B3 on sheet 1 is Yes populate this cell with the contents of Cell C3 only, B4 of sheet 2 would then be B3 if A3 on sheet 3 is Yes and so on with the Not reinbursed if sheet 1 the Reimbursed column is no.

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Autoupdate Cell Comment Based On Cell Input / Dynamic Cell Comments?

Aug 16, 2013

I'm wondering if it is at all possible to have a cell comment automatically update depending on what data is input in the cell (via user input, VLOOKUP, etc.)?

For example, if cell A1 contains the text "CHARLES" with a comment saying "Employee of the Month", and is then subsequently updated with the new text "JOHN" (again, via direct input, a VLOOKUP, data validation, etc.) is there a way to have the comment automatically update to say something else, such as "Team Lead" for example?

I've considered using VBA to accomplish my goal, but am unsure how to compose an effective code to do so. I've also considered perhaps creating a named table filled with all the different comment possibilities I would like to have used in this cell and then inputting a formula in either cell A1, or the comment contained therein, that would then call the corresponding text from that table based on the data in cell A1. Honestly, I'm not sure that what I'm trying to do is even possible;

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Add Comment To A Cell

Feb 18, 2008

I have some code that finds the appropriate string for a comment from another sheet. I then want to add the string to the appropriate range selection but am encountering an Object Variable or With Block Variable Not set on this section of

Range("C" & i).Select
ActiveCell.Comment.Delete <== Here Or the Next line
ActiveCell.AddComment (Commenta)
ActiveCell.Comment.Shape.TextFrame.AutoSize = True

Where Commenta is the string value I want to add.

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How To Reference A Cell In Another Workbook And Return Cell Value And Comment

Nov 2, 2012

What is the best way to reference a cell in another workbook and return the cell contents and the comment on that cell. I would like the comment to come across as a comment in the new workbook becuase the comment is actually a picture.

Hope this makes sense. I did find a macro through googling but I couldn't get it to work? I don't really want to copy and paste because eventually I have hundreds of sheets & thousands of cells to refer to.?

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Making 1 Cell Equal Another Cell Including Its Comment?

May 18, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with some cells which return values using INDEX and MATCH to bring back the entire details of a person based on there membership number. However I require the comments to be attached with the returned values. The comments have there image in, rather than just text.

I have found some answers with vba, which do the process, however you had to manually enter the cell, from which the comment was to be copied from, into a pop up box. This involved finding the box myself to then select the box to take the comment from. In doing this I had found and read the comment, which is the is the process I'm trying to bypass.

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To Copy A Cell Content To A Comment Into Another Worksheet In The Same Cell Ref

Jun 25, 2008

I need to copy a cell content to a Comment into another worksheet in
the same cell ref.

A1 = apple
A2 = orange

Sheet2 - target
A1 = comment (apple)
A2 = comment (orange)

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Add Picture To Cell Comment

May 15, 2008

i need to have a way to link a small picture/thumbnail to a cell. so that there is a way to preveiw it. Ideally like what happens with the comments where you hover over the cell and the comment would pop up. or failing that may be a cell linking to the image.

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Lookup For Cell Comment

Jan 16, 2009

make the contents of the cell comment box dependent on the cell contents? eg if the cell contents = 2 and a seperate table says 2 is "poor" can it automatically populate the comment with "poor" ?

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Insert A Comment In A Cell

Jun 9, 2009

When I insert a comment in a cell, my corporate version of Excel displays my employee number. How can Code a cell to populate this employee number.

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Return Value From Cell Comment?

Aug 20, 2014

I'm using a function at the moment to copy the comment text from cells, but would like to Change it a Little. At the Moment I have:


There are 3 Basic Groups that the comments refer to, eg: If a comment is a 1,4,11,14 it's Group A. 2,5,12,15 are Group B, etc...

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Inserting PDF Into Cell Comment?

Mar 14, 2013

Is there a way to insert a pdf into a cell comment? I found how to insert an object but when I do that it covers the entire spreadsheet. I would like to be able to add pdf's to cell comments.

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Add A Comment With The Value Of The Corresponding Cell 9 Columns Across

Feb 7, 2008

I've some code to add a comment with the value of the corresponding cell 9 columns across:

For Each rCell In rRng.Offset(0, 0).Resize(rRng.Rows.Count, rRng.Columns.Count)
On Error Resume Next
On Error GoTo 0
rCell.Comment.Text "Previous value was " & Cells(rCell.Offset(0, 9).Value) '(rRng.Row, rRng.Column).Value

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Cell Comment Autosize

Mar 17, 2009

I have the code below, and it works perfectly on my Mac. But... on my PC it does not.

The cell comment does not resize horizontally when I enter text. So if I enter a long comment I get a comment box that extends far to the right to fit the contents in. Vertically it is fine, nothing cut off and no extra space.

Any ideas why this would be? Any ideas how I can force the text to wrap in the cell comment box?

Code is below:

Sub AddCom()
Const USERNAME As String = "Greer:"
Dim strCommentName As String
Dim cmnt As String
Dim NoMore As Boolean
Dim Pos As Long

cmnt = InputBox("Please enter a comment")
strCommentName = cmnt & vbLf & Now
On Error GoTo 0

With activeCell...........

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