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Freezing Panes In Selected Multiple Areas

I have a situation which I hope is fixable. I have frozen panes above and to the left of cell F5, therefore all columns to the right of column E scroll left and right and all rows below row 4 scroll up and down as required. My problem is that I also need the whole top row to remain static all the time.

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Freezing Panes Horizontally And Vertically
I know I can freeze panes eithe across a column or row but is it possibleto do both at the same time so that I can have a header row and a few columns on the left of the screen frozen?

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Scrolling And Freezing Worksheet Areas
I am attempting to set a range of cells (say c5:h25) that can be scrolled through horizontally whilst the rest of the sheet remains frozen.

I'm trying to set this so the scrollable range will automatically expand horizontally as user data is added to the last (h etc) column.

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Conditional Freezing Of Multiple Rows
I have a worksheet (Data Lookup) that initially I just required row 1 to be frozen. Now my worksheet would be much easier to read if I was able to freeze row 115 and row 263 when they reached the top of the sheet respectively.

e.g. Row 1 frozen, when I scroll down the sheet and row 115 hits row 1 that would also be frozen and the same with row 263 when it comes into contact with row 115.

I have looked around and cant find a solution and to be honest I'm not sure if it is even possible.

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Select Multiple Areas
I have a userform that has two comboboxs on it. When the user clicks and selects an item in combobox 1 the code will highlight an area of cells that I set before. When the user clicks and selects an item in the combobox2 I need a piece of code that will highlight a second area of cells while still keeping the first areas of cells highlighted.

How I have it set up now if the combobox1.text = "Monday" then the cells B6:H20 are selected. But when the combox2 click event fires and selects another range of cells the first range selected by the combobox1 event is unselected. Is there a way to keep both areas selected?

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Median Of Multiple Range Areas
I am trying to iterate through ranges (F2:G4) , (F5:G7) , ( F8:G11) , ... , lastrange

With each range I perform a simple median calculation.

The output of each calculation I would like to place in H2 , H3 , H4 , ... , lastcalculation

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Multiple ElseIf Statements With Areas
My code is below. See how I have repeated the same code over and over for each row. Is there a shorter way to write this, perhaps a cleaner way. Im not an expert and I write what I know and most of that is long code that can be shortened.

If MyScreen.Area(7, 2, 7, 4) = "102" Then
Workbooks(2).Worksheets(1). Range("B" & row) = "Yes"
ElseIf MyScreen.Area(8, 2, 8, 4) = "102" Then
Workbooks(2).Worksheets(1).Range("B" & row) = "Yes"
ElseIf MyScreen.Area(9, 2, 9, 4) = "102" Then
Workbooks(2).Worksheets(1).Range("B" & row) = "Yes"
ElseIf MyScreen.Area(10, 2, 10, 4) = "102" Then
Workbooks(2).Worksheets(1).Range("B" & row) = "Yes"
ElseIf MyScreen.Area(11, 2, 11, 4) = "102" Then
Workbooks(2).Worksheets(1).Range("B" & row) = "Yes"
ElseIf MyScreen.Area(12, 2, 12, 4) = "102" Then .....................

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Track Changes On Multiple Selected Ranges On Multiple Sheets
I need to be able to track changes on selected ranges on multiple sheets, but Excel does not appear to be able to do this. It only appears to allow me to select multiple ranges on the same sheet.

is there a way to track changes on multiple selected ranges on multiple sheets

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Freeze Panes
Just wondering if I can lock a worksheet to display the content within the window only. Eg 22 Rows by 6 Columns? Therefore stopping people tampering or moving objects?

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Freeze Top 2 Panes
I tried highlighting the top 2 rows and clicking 'freeze panes' but it didn't seem to freeze correctly

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Freeze Panes Using VBA
I'm trying to get one of my macros to freeze panes in several worksheets. For some reason though, sometimes it freezes the panes in the wrong place. What could be causing this? My code basically looks like this:

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Freezing The Top Row?
how do you freeze the top row (header row) so that it stays at the top of the worksheet as you scroll down?

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Freeze Panes VBA Without Select
Anyone know if it is possible, in VBA, to freeze the panes of a worksheet at a specific cell without selecting that worksheet or the cell.

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Freeze Panes In 2 Places
I'm looking for a solution to freeze panes twice. That is I want to freeze row 1-15 and row 200-203. And then the rows 16-199 to be movable. In the first 15 rows I have column info so I need that visable all the time and in row 200-203 I have " Sum" of the lines 16-199 so that's why I want that to also be visible at all time. The ordinary freeze pane in excel just freezes at one certain horizontol point and I need 2. Can it be done with VBA maybe? Is it possible to insert an up/down arrow (the one you have at the right side of the screen, don't now what it's called) for the lines 16-199?

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Freezing Cells ...
If I had =A1 in B1, could I "freeze" B1 such that its value updates ONLY upon workbook open?

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Vba Editor Freezing
I am having problems with the VBA Editor freezing at the most inconvenient of times when writing code and then clicking to the Sheet I'm working on, it just freezes up the whole of Excel and it has to be shut down and opened up again.

It seems like a memory problem at first, but there is sufficient memory
( 768Mgs, OS is XP Pro, Excel 2000, 9.02).

The work is not lost becuase I'm able to Save even at PC Re-boot, fortunately.

I've tested on 2 different PC's and the same happens. The only way to avoid the freeze it seems, is before I switch to view a worksheet, is to Save then click off VBA Editor and re-open.
When doing so, another symptom is it seems a huge amount of memory is freed up, ( pardon the terminology)

There is also a message that pops up when re-opening that same workbook that there are Formulas Linked to another workbook, but unable to find any after tediously searching every worksheet by using "Find, Look in Formula" there is nothing found, yet.

This freezing may happen twice a minute whilst pointing the mouse cursor from any VBA Edit window or worksheet and it's getting to a point of repetitiously having to Save, click off VBA Editor, and Click back on again each time I need to look at a respective Worksheet.

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Print Selected & Multiple Rows To A Form
The file consists of 3 sheets:Orders,Order Form PO1 & Purchase Order. When I mark "x" in the row that I want to print, Order Form PO1 will be displayed with all data in the specific columns. However, it only allows me to select one row at a time. Now, I want to select multiple rows so that it will pass the data to the sheet Purchase Order.

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Loop Down Rows On Multiple Selected Cells
I have a sub that will join the text together from multiple columns into one cell but it only works for one row. I would like it to work through the rows selected. How do I do this?

Sub JoinText()

myCol = Selection.Columns.Count
For i = 1 To myCol
ActiveCell = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 0) & ActiveCell.Offset(0, i)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, i) = ""
Next i

End Sub

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VBA To Select User Multiple Selected Ranges
The User has made multiple selections with the mouse. The spreadsheet is filtered. The user will usually make different multiple selections on the following columns: A and X through to AR (inclusive).

I just need some code to capture these various multiple selected ranges so that I can copy the selected range as shown below:

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Move Multiple Selected Items To Another Listbox
The following code populates a forms' second listbox (Elements_lbx) with True. No amount of diddling (by me) can get the selected items from form's first listbox (Content_lbx) moved over to the second. (NB. the list box isn't the standard VBA listbox but an open source: ListEX from Marco Bellinaso.)

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim lbx_Sel As Long
' loops through ListBox to test if it is selected
For lbx_Sel = 0 To Content_lbx.ListCount - 1
If Content_lbx.Selected(lbx_Sel) = True Then

Me.Elements_lbx.AddItem Me.Content_lbx.Selected(lbx_Sel)

'Clear the selected item
Content_lbx.Selected(lbx_Sel) = False
End If
End Sub

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Disable Freeze Panes And Sort?
Is there a way I can disable Window > Freeze Panes and Data > Sort from a shared workbook?

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Freeze Panes Code Not Working.
Freeze Panes Code not working.
Below is the code im not sure whats up with it?

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Split Panes Vertical Scroll Bar
I have used split panes to show two copies of my screen side by side/left and right.

There are already two horizontal scroll bars on the bottom - one on each pane. There is only one vertical scroll bar on the right side of the right pane.

Two questions:

1. Can a VERTICAL scroll bar be added to the right side the left pane so that each pane can independently be scrolled up and down without the other pane scrolling simultaneously?

1. Is there a way to remove these HORIZONTAL scroll bars on the bottom?

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Freeze Panes When Scroll The Rows
If is possible to create any info about freezing panes. I mean, when is pan freezed, and rows are scrolled in lower part of table (upper data are not vissible) if is possible display/show any text about this (e.g. "The first line of table are not visible")...but only if is not the upper part of data visible..not always.

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Freeze Panes Toggle Button
I have a sheet in which I am using freeze panes to keep the header section always visible. I would like to be able to add a toggle button with a macro to the sheet to allow the user to turn the existing freeze panes on/off at will, without the need to navigate the menu bar itself. So far I have not been able to find any info on if/how this may be possible. If anyone has any experience controlling freeze panes via macros, etc.

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Invert The Effect Of Freeze Panes
I would like to freeze the bottom part of my spreadsheet, such that the user can scroll through the upper part but still be able to see the bottom part. The freeze command freezes what is above the line, I want to freeze what is below the line.

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User Defined Task Panes
Is there a way to create user defined task panes from vba ?

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Freezing A Block Of Cells
I need is for a block of cells (A1:I4) to be visible at all times. I've frozen the sheet so that the top four rows are always visible, but unfortunately the sheet is quite large, horizontally-speaking, so that when users scroll horizontally, important stuff scrolls off the screen.

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Freezing Today() Function
I am using Row 3 as a my template to insert a row for every new line of data i enter. I have a macro that copies the format and formula on this template row to insert at the end every time. The problem is on ROW 3 Cell F i am using a Today() function and everytime i insert a row the date is populated. But the next day the date automatically update.
In my search on this forum, i found this macro to supposedly lock in the dates, but i doesn't work.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.EnableEvents = False
If Not Intersect(Range("F2:F10000"), Target) Is Nothing Then
storage = Target.Value
Target.Value = Format(storage, "dd/mm/yy")
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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Freezing Cell On 3 Planes
I have a table that is frozen in b5 meaning that the first column ("A") and rows 1-4 are frozen. The table is large with ever expanding rows. What I want to do is, a good few rows down (say row 300), freeze the row at the bottom of my view and use that row as a mean average row. Therefore allowing me to enter much more data above, but constantly be able to see the averages of the data I am adding.

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Freezing A Pane On The Top AND The Bottom
I would like to have the column titles stay so I have frozen row 1. But I would also like to freeze row 200 so I can keep up with the running totals at the bottom of the form as I fill in information. Is it possible to freeze a pain at the top and the bottom?

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Pasting Freezing Up Computer
Here is my code. When it pastes it takes so long my comp freezes up. How do i fix? ....

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Progress Bar Freezing Up Cpu Cycles
I have a progress bar on a is there for no reason other than for me to practise such things...the code came off these forums and the bar is powered by a random number...

now my problem is the moment it start running i cannot do anything on the form....i would like my bar to do it's thing but still be able to click on the cancel button to get out of the form any help on this would be fantastic

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Dim dTime As Date
Dim i As Integer

Do Until i = 100
For i = 1 To 100 Step 100 / 8
dTime = Now + TimeValue("0:00:01")
Application.Wait TimeValue(dTime) '
ProgressBar1.Value = RandNumGen(1, 98, 1)
Next i

End Sub

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Freezing A Sheet’s Tab Location
How can I freeze a sheet's tab location so it doesn't roll off of the screen? I have a workbook with 30 worksheets all hyperlinked off of the 1st sheet which is the INDEX sheet. The INDEX sheet only exists to make it easier for users to go directly to their desired sheet without tabbing horizontally through many sheet names. However when users use the bottom left arrow buttons to tab through the worksheets, the leftmost INDEX worksheet tab scrolls off of their screen. I realize that they can right click on the left/right tabbing arrows to see a list of all worksheet names, but it would be nice if the INDEX worksheet tab never rolled off of the horizontal tab scroll bar.

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Merge Selected Rows From Multiple Sheets Into One Sheet
I have around 150 excel files with sample data as follows in "sheet 1" of each workbook,

Excel doc 1:

Column 1Column 221Data 1Data 132Data 2

Excel doc 2:


Column 1Column 223Data 3Data 334Data 4

I want the rows with data in column 'B' and empty column 'C' from every sheet to be copied into 1 sheet.

Output to be as,

Final Excel doc:


Column 1Column 222Data 2
34Data 4

I have a VBA code sample to select the required files in a folder and run the macro over it. The VBA is as follows,

Sub Importxlsrows()
'Import all selected rows to one sheet
Dim xlsDoc As Object
Dim xlsFileName As Variant
Dim RowNo As Integer 'row number in excel
Dim iRow As Long 'row index in Excel

'probably here we need to insert the required logic

End With
Set xlsDoc = Nothing
End If
Next i
MsgBox "Required rows of selected files are imported into the sheet", vbInformation, "Done!"

End Sub

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Adding Sort Filters To Multiple Selected Columns
I have a row of sub-headings at row 12 that require Sort Filters. My problem is that I need the filters on selected columns only. It seems that with the standard filter button I get all or nothing.

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Areas Collections
I am trying to write a vba code to change the zero values of the sheet to either 1, -1, or 0 according to certain rules. my sheet looks like this:


Basically I need the macro to select clusters of zeros in each of the columns with a label of 10 characters (this is an arbitrary number I chose when writing the macro), and if the values of the cells immediately above and below the cluster are the same, change the value of the zeros to the value of those cells, otherwise, the value of the custers remain as zero. So far I have the following code.

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Freezing Separate Rows When Using Filter
I'm using a fairly large spreadsheet to put all the cost and benefits of a large area development phased over different years and then calculate the NPV of the total project. The costs/benefits are on separate sheets and are divided into categories with headers. Every category has a summation row as last row.

Because the project is divided into subprojects I created a column which has a dropdown box (using the Validate function) in which I can attribute that cost/benefit to a certain subproject. Using IF functions and another dropdownbox on my Overview page I can get a insight in the total cost and benefits of the subproject I select in the dropdown box.

So far so good of course, but what I really want is not only to be able to get the Overview page per subproject, but also the Cost and Benefits pages. I was thinking about putting a filter on the column which has the dropdown boxes with the subproject number in them, but when I select a number I want all the headers and "summation rows" of all the categories to freeze/stay in sight, because otherwise the output of the filter is useless (for printing and evaluating) ...

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VBA UserForm Code Causes Intermittent Freezing
I have a multipage userform with about 7 pages. When page 5 is activated, it caused excel to completely lock up. This does not happen everytime but randomly, and I can't seem to figure out what is causing this.

Here is the code -
If Me.MultiPage1.Value = 5 Then
Call LaborCosts
End If

Sub LaborCosts()

If Not Range("A46").Text = "" Then
frmpricingtemplate.Label29.Visible = True
frmpricingtemplate.TextBox46.Visible = True
frmpricingtemplate.Label29.Caption = Range("A46").Text

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Locking/Freezing Contents Of A Column
I'm using Excel 2003 and was wondering if there was a way I could Lock/Freeze the contents of a column. For Example:

Cell A1 has the formula =B1+C1+E1 - figure shown is £405
Cell A2 has the formula =C2+D2+E2 - figure shown is £650

Is there anyway I can freeze column A so when I delete column B,C,D,E ect the correct figure will still show?

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Scatter Plot Chart With Multiple Series From Selected Range
What I want to achieve is a script that would create a new scatter plot of multiple series from a selected block of cell. I found a thread that was similar but what is different from my data is that my x values are different for each series.

The format of the data is in the following format, the first series will the first x,y pair, the 2nd series would be the second x,y pair. I don't know if it'll be an issue but one thing is that the date might be different lengths. For instance, the 3rd series, only has 4 data points, whereas the other series contains 6 data points?


So essentially, is there a way I can have the script say, select your range, and then graph the selected range as a scatter plot?

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Freeze Panes Prevent Full Comment View
I have an issue, and I need some help. I am using MS excel 2002.

I have frozen the line with the column headings. In some of the column headings there are comments. Because the panes are frozen when the user scrolls to a certain point the comments cant be seen. Is there any way to fix this? or get around this.

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Return To Original Cell After Freeze Panes Macro
I have a workbook where I have columns requiring entry from A to AD. I have set conditional formatting in column A to show a colour if there is an entry in column AD. I would like to use a macro to always freeze panes in column D (to show the data in the first 3 columns) and the macro would then show column AD in the other frozen pane/split.

As there will always be an entry in column A but not always in column AD I want to be able to select any highlighted row in column A , run the macro and the cursor will be showing in column AD on the same row ( relative reference?) thus showing the entry in AD next to the other info in columns A, B and C.

At the moment I have a macro that unfreezes my header row and is set to always choose the "next empty cell" but I don't know the code to change it to get what I want. Currently if I select any entry in column A e.g. row 100 and run the macro I find the cursor showing in AD2! Of course I would like to run another macro to return back to A on the same row too.....

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Auto Shapes : Areas
I'm trying to calculate the area of a Freeform shape.

Is this already stored somewhere e.g a shape property?

If not is there a macro available to do this?

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Ranges As Filtered Areas
'Get all the sheets
'y = 3
Sheets(1).Name = "OM Files"
For J = 2 To Sheets.Count
With Sheets(J).UsedRange
x = Sheets(J).Name
If x "xxx" Then
.Resize(.Rows.Count).Copy _
End If
End With
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

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Of What Practical Use Is The AREAS() Function
When would the AREAS() Worksheet function be used? I've never seen it used and I've been Googling around to no avail.

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Clear Selection Areas
I frequently receive workbooks containing up to 50 sheets and on most of them there is a selected area.

Is it possible to put a bit a code in the worbook when opening to clear all selected areas on all sheets.

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Defining 1 Of 3 Possible Print Areas
I've got a spreadsheet that could have 1 of 3 possible print ranges:
PR1 = B2:K67
PR2 = B2:K132
PR3 = B2:K197

If there is a value greater than "0" in Cell B68, the print area would be PR2, but if there is a value greater than "0" in Cell B133, the print area would be PR3, otherwise it would be PR1.

These print ranges are such that the page break would would be below B67 and B132, but I'm concerned that I may need to set these page breaks in the Macro.

I'm not sure how to use the IF, THEN, ELSE, in the Macro to test the value of the cell and then set the print area.

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Adjustable Print Areas
I have a table that lists staff according to where they are located, all adjusted using drop down lists, problem is that some locations have 5 staff and some up to 40, so when I set up a macro to print the area, those with 5 consultants look very small because the page area is so big. how can I adjust the print area dynamically so it only prints to 1 row below the last line with text?

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Shutting Off Calculation In Certain Areas
can shut off the automatic calculation of a particluar worksheet or better yet, certain areas of a workbook, leaving the remainder of the workbook as Automatic?
For example, a workbook with Sheets 1,2,3 and 4. Can Excel 2007 be set for automatic calculations on the entire workbook except for Sheet3?

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View Different Areas Of Worksheet
I have an Excel sheet that I want to scroll up and down and I want an area in the upper right-hand corner to display static information. This information could change as more input into the sheet is performed, but it always must remain in the upper right-hand corner.

For example, let's assume the sheet has 200 rows to enter in a credit card application. There would be an area in the upper-right that would display information for some of the cells that were typed in. So as you type information, labels would display information from the form. I know that I can program the selection change event to re-position the box and labels, but if I scroll off the screen, the area does not stay there until I click on a cell on the page. I am using XL2003.

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