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Generate Weekly Reports From Table

I would like to create one page (sort of like a form) to use to collect specific weekly payroll related data for multiple employees and be able to automatically transfer that data to its own weekly data page based on the week date, and then also automatically post specific data to each individual employees' total pages. While I am self taught and comfortable with formulas I do not yet have a lot of experience with VBA and am just now recognizing and exploring the true power of Excel so I don't always yet see the best way to accomplish my goal.

My current way of doing this is to reuse the same form page. I plug in the data for each employee that week, it calculates, I print it out, and then I manually update each employee's total page for that date. As I do this I lose the previous week's details. I would like to retain a page for each week's details in addition to having each employee's total pages. Is this possible or is there a better way to accomplish my task?

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Generate Reports Based On Criteria
I have included a copy of the spreadsheet. What I need to do is get a cummulative duration report for each crew. This particular spreadsheet has less data than most.

Many times there are 8+ crews. I need to make a column or graph or report or something that will continually update as changes are made and report back something like; Sewer 142 hours, Water 200 hours etc...

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Automatic Sheet Name For Pivot Table Reports
When I creating a Pivot Table Report on a different sheet. I have attached the Stock Report, where I have created a Button at the top to create the report, but the worksheet name is the default Excel name rather than the one that I want (in my case the name of the new sheet should be "Admin".

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Creating Monthly Data Table From Weekly Data Table
I have a table of data which represents data in different categories by week.

My ultimate goal is to have another table representing the data for each month - for instance - for each of the categories the data for :


is summed to make the data for the month of April.

The way I'm doing this at the moment is very long-winded

I'm using a whole new table - the size of the original weekly one - for each month. A calculation decides whether to effectively leave a cell blank or insert the appropriate data based on a date being within a particular range.

So in each "month table" there is the same list of week values:


but for each "month table" only the cells adjacent to the dates within the relevant month will return actual numerical values within them

This is an example of the forumula I am using in these tables:

Then a master table sums the totals for each month.

I want to be able to keep this table but get rid of the ones for every month as the sheet is getting unwieldy!

I have tried several times to attach the sheet for clarity but each time upon trying to "Submit New Thread " I am getting page not found errors - the sheet is only 133KB and I have tried zipping and sending also - I can't make it any smaller.

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Weekly Stock Without Listing All Products Weekly
In the attached workbook, the CASTINGS worksheet has a SOH ( stock on hand) column.
It looks up the SOH from the SOH worksheet (column 3) for each product on order for that week.

But how do I make week 2 use the SOH figure minus the previous weeks order, IF there was an order?

And so on until week 52.

The problem I have found is what if that product wasnt ordered for the last 4 weeks? Maybe I need a temp worksheet with all the products listed for all the weeks and a running total of SOH weather it is ordered or not?

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Marco To Generate Pivot Table
I am trying to create a pivot table macro to append to the end of an existing macro I already created which formats the data prior to the pivot table.

Here's the Pivot table setup info if if I was setting up the pivot table manually:

1) Column C (column header row = "D C/D") to be PAGE
2) Column G (column header row = "MN") to be ROW
3) Column A, B and D (column header rows = "TT", "NT", and "CC") to be COLUMN

Sum of Column E (header GA (DA)) and Sum of Column F (header TFA) in DATA ...

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Auto Generate Table For Scatter Graph
after spending hours searching the forum, I begin to seriously doubt my ability to even formulate a suitable search question. My problem SHOULD be a known one, but I am unable to find any clues. Here we go:

I have made a pretty stright-forward forecasting model. It is used to calculate economics of a coal fuelled power plant (even though that shouldn't matter). The outcome is, among other things, a single number for Profit / MWh in Euros. There are several input data, such as fuel price, price for CO2 emission rights, operational expenditure, capex, etc.

My idea, then, is to lock all in-data parameters except ONE, then let this variable vary incrementally and then produce a new small table with a) the variable data (example: price for CO2 rights ranging from 10 to 50 Euro in 2 euro steps), and b) the resulting net profit in each case. Ideally, I wish to be able to chose which indata to lock and which to vary, i.e. solution need to have certain flexibility.

NB: The calculations are not that simple, i.e. I cannot use a simple formula - I need to use the exising output cell(s) to feed data.

How do I do this?

The outcome should be basically two rows with a suitable number of columns (or the other way around, two columns in X number of rows). The table will then be used to produce illustrative graphs.

I guess I could hard code a table by simply enter data, but heck, that's not the way to use Excel!

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Generate Text File From Data Table
I have a table made up of 4 columns and variable number of rows. Column A has 8-digit number; B has 8-digit number; C has text up to 40 chars; D has a number with two decimal points. I would like to generate or replace a text file in csv format containing each row's data EXCEPT where column D value (number with 2-decimal points) is 0.00.
Using Excel 2003.

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Code To Generate Data Table Based On Variables
I was trying to use the VBA code to generate a data table:

Private Sub createDataTable(WS As Worksheet, initialRow As Integer, numCol As Integer, numRows As Integer)
Dim initialCell As Range 'specify the upper left cell
Dim RefCell As Range 'the reference cell on the caculator sheet

'activate source sheet
Set RefCell = ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 3)
Set initialCell = ActiveSheet.Cells(initialRow, 1)
initialCell.offset(numRows, numCol).Select
Selection.Table ColumnInput:=RefCell
'the calculation should be automatic, if not, then calculate
End Sub

and it kept giving me an input celll not valid error on this line: Selection.Table ColumnInput:=RefCell the thing is, I have defined RefCell as a range object, so it should be OK rite?

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Macro To Generate A Line Graph With Coloured Pointers And Lables Based On Table
column A = Date : 01/02, 07/02, 14/02, 21/02, 28/02 (x-axis : shows when the table is updated)
column B = project: x, x, x, x, ,x (name of the project and trend line)
column C = Delivery Date : 01/05/2009, 08/05/2009, 20/05/2009, 30/05/2009, 28/02/2009 (plotted on the graph)
column D = Status : Green, Amber, Red, Green, Blue (status of the project. the points should be the same colour as is described in the table)
column E = Comments: original, delay, supply, out of money, on track, delivered-wow! (these comments will pop up if the user holds the cursor over a point)

NB Y-axis scale : 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2009 with increments of 14 days. this will be the same scale used for all projects.

Date Project Delivery Date Status Comments
01/02 x 01/05/2009 Green original date
07/02 x 08/05/2009 Amber delay supply
14/02 x 20/05/2009 Red out of money
21/02 x 30/05/2009 Green on track
28/02 x 28/02/2009 Blue delivered-wow

So id like the macro to draw the line for project x based on the 'delivery date'. The points should be coloured according to the 'status' column and when you hover the mouse over the point the data lable will show up taking info from the 'comments' column.

Would it be possible to create a macro that will be able to generate this graph automatically. I have a few projects id like to do the same thing for.

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Using A List In A Pivot Table To Generate A List On Another Sheet
I have a set of accounts (general ledger accounts) that the accounting group posts expenses to. every once in awhile a new account is added. This is captured through a pivot that i have built (sheet A).

on another sheet (sheetB) i want to display the accounts that are shown in the pivot so that i can forecast their future activity.

What i am trying to figure out is how can i make the list on Sheet B change when new accounts are added to the pivot on Sheet A (without simply referencing the pivot table making one cell equal the other)? I am not looking for a data validation pull down, i want a full list of the accounts.

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Creating Reports
I am trying to create a report that takes two user inputs and looks them up on another worksheet in the workbook and returns the right value. As an example I have the user input a date and a job location and on another sheet there is also a date and a job location that has a population associated with it. Is there a way to return this information so that it changes whenever the user changes these two criteria

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Filtered Reports
I'd like to created a 'Filtered Report' in which data changes based on my selection. For example, in this scenario I have 2 columns, 'Part Type'(you may pick Part1, Part2, Part3) and the 'Results' columns. I have displayed 100 entries(which means at this point they're all displayed, no filters).

When I apply the filter, and I choose Part Type to display Part1 and its "Results', I would like to dynamically be able to display somewhere in that Sheet something like this:

Part Type: Part1
Total: This would be a =sum(of the 2 cells below, in this case it'd be 17)
Pass: 14
Fail: 3

But I'm not sure how to dynamically count it based on what I've filtered, so when I change to Part2, it would give me:

Part Type: Part2
Total: This would be another =sum of the 2 cells below
Pass: 25
Fail: 4

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Comparing 2 Reports
Files :- [url]

i have upload 2 worksheets (in a zip file)

i have attached my 2 files,

1 is report of Feb 2007 & other is March 2007

on 1 Branch,

i got 200 Branches reports & i have to compare the people recored and have to identify following things

1) in which Days bukket is fall in Previous report ( compare with current)
2) if the Account # doesnot match then it should be HIGHLighted!

what i have to do is to compare the Account # with Previous & add a New Column & write the previous days (in number) plus highlight or show some remards that doesnot exisits in last report,

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Compare Two Reports
I have an Excel Spreadsheet WorkSheet Analysis Work there are two reports side by side. A) Source of Truth & B) Analysis Studio.
What i'm trying to do is find out if Analysis Studio Matches off with the Source of Truth.
The columns in Analysis Studio being Column M & Column N have to match the Source of Truth Columns E "Cil account" & Column I "Code Name". Now the problem is that the names in Analysis studio Column M Example Cash is Different to the Source of Truth Coloumn I Example Cash Assets. This is what I would match as Yes being the Same as it is. The other Problem is Analysis Studio Column N has the Account & Name in one cell whilst the Source of Truth has both these in separate Columns. I’m happy if it can just match off Column E being the account to the Analysis Studio Column N. Ideally would love the results to fall either go in Column O being YES it matches or Column P it does not match the Source of Truth.

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Crystal Reports
I use excel pivot tables a lot for most of my information gathering for reports that I produce. Problem I keep running into is the 64k row limit. I work with up to 200K rows of excel data at a time and just need to pick out a summary of certain columns. I have read (mostly adverts) good things about crystal reports and have been considering giving it a try. It will be a steep learning curve for me, but I was wondering have this group any views on the program before I splash out on books, DVD courses etc.

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Stop Ms Error Reports
Is there any way to stop the MS error reports

It wont say what the problem is or how to solve it

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Formatting: Save And Use For Other Reports
Every week I run the same report for different projects to show financials and such.

Each project will have a different number of rows based on how large they are or the scope or a combination.

The number of columns is always the same as well as the basic headings.

The system that provides the output creates a bland (well, ugly) report. Not the type of thing you want to distribute.

I'd like to create a report format that I can quickly and easily cut and paste (or use another functionality) to use on these reports. Yes, I can cut and paste the formatting from the "Master" report's format but it's not easy to do as I have to keep highlighting each report's data range before pasting. I'd like have my OWN template under autoformat.

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Create Reports From Workbooks
I do testing of industrial equipment, collecting a lot of data along the way. Once I've calculated the performance metrics of existing systems, I do a cost analysis on proposed repairs or replacements.

I have a couple of goals in trying to streamline my spreadsheet process and make it more effective.

My worksheets usually end up with way more columns than I can view on the screen and that gets pretty cumbersome, so I want to develop input forms that will make data entry simpler. I've tried transposing the formats but they get even more difficult to handle that way. I just ran across the "Build a UserForm for Excel" pdf in this forum and I think that's going to help quite a bit.

Then for each of these types of projects I need to develop at least two report formats, one that will be comprehensive for each individual piece of equipment or subsystem that I'm analyzing, and another that's more of a summary of entire systems, such as a network of pumps all owned by the same customer. Ideally, this summary report would allow me to rank the subsystems by various criteria, such best ROI or most critical to operations. Format-wise what I'm looking for here is to strip away anything not relevant to decision makers, just reporting the important ID info and key results.

Finally, I'd like to be able to store all similar jobs in a single database so I can easily search through past results for comparative purposes when doing higher level analysis on new projects. I keep seeing the term "relational database" bandied about but don't really know if that's what I'm talking about or not.

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Navigation Of 2 Reports On One Worksheet
I have 2 reports on one worksheet. I have put a button at the top of each report to navigate back and forth. One report is located at a1:S27 - it shows up fine. The issue is the other report located at BA1:BT52. No matter where I assign a name to it the report doesn't come up full page with cell BA1 at the top left hand corner.

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Update Monthly Reports
My workbook contains 12 monthly spreadsheets (one for each month of the year). It will also contain an additional spreadsheet, I’ll call “Update”.

At the beginning of each month I will copy and paste new account information into the monthly spreadsheet (for whatever particular month we are currently in). The columns (J-N) will be blank. I will then copy and paste account information into my “Update” spreadsheet (this is done twice a week per month, from 8 to 10 times per month). This spreadsheet will contain data that needs to update my monthly spreadsheet (for whatever particular month we are currently in). The “Update” spreadsheet column B needs to populate columns J-N on my monthly spreadsheet and this will depend on column C of the “Update” spreadsheet.

Sorry to be confusing . . . .
Update Spreadsheet
Column B – Payment Amount (dollar amount)
Column C – Commission Type (Low, Medium, High, Super, Duper)

Monthly Spreadsheet
these columns need to be populated with the dollar amount
Column J – Low
Column K – Medium
Column L – High
Column M – Super
Column N – Duper

I forgot to mention that all data is compared via the account number!

However, to make it even more confusing if I am updating my monthly spreadsheet and during the 8 to 10 times I update it during the month I find that I already have a dollar amount posted for a particular account for a particular commission type (Low, Medium, High, etc.) I do not want it to keep adding up the dollar amounts. So, if I have an account that has $25 for “Low” and then next time I update my monthly spreadsheet I have an additional $75 for “Low”, for the same account, I do not want it to calculate it to $100. I need it to either color code that entry on the “Update” spreadsheet or toss it onto another spreadsheet . . . just so it stands out and I know that I have to handle it differently.

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One Input, Two Lookups, Two Reports
Some notes on my example file:

The data would get pasted into the first sheet, in the shaded area. It might be exactly those IDs, or others - possibly a longer or shorter list each week.

Sheet 2 has the lookup master lists, or checklists. I can set these up ahead of time, and don't change week to week. The input IDs will be checked against these lists somehow on the Report pages.

Sheet 3 and Sheet 4 are the Report pages.

I want a formula in column A to match the input ID values from Sheet 1 to their appropriate checklist on Sheet 2, and return the ID value on the appropriate Report. If the value matches Checklist 1, it should repoirt on Report 1. If it matches Checklist 2, it should report on Report 2. If the value isn't on the checklist, it shouldn't report, don't report it. If there are ID values on the checklist that don't appear on the input, they also should not report.

On the Report pages, once I have the correct IDs reporting, I can put in other formulas to pull Revenue, Cost, etc. info from elsewhere, VLOOKUP-ed from the IDs. (I know how to do that.)

The key is that in terms of sorting out the correct ID values to the correct reports, I don't want to have to do anything to the Report pages each week (like sorting to get rid of blanks, etc.) - I just want to paste in the Input.

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Vba To Create Separate Reports From Master
I have the following spreadsheet Columns on master sorted by Column J:


What I need too do based on the Codes in Column J is create a separate workbook for each different code.

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VLookup In Reports Downloaded From SAP & AS400
Report 1 is downloaded from SAP into Excel and Report 2 is downloaded from AS400 into Excel.

Report1 contain 3 columns as follows:
Column A - Invoice #
Column B - Invoice date
Column C - Invoice Amt

Report2 contain 5 columns as follows:
Column A - Invoice #
Column B - Ship Date
Column C - Check #
Column D - Amt Paid
Column E - Payment date

I tried to use the Vlookup function in Report 1 Column D to lookup the matching Invoice # in report 2 and bring in the corresponding Amt paid. It did not work and I assume that this is because of the formats in the downloaded files. I did try to change formats for the columns involved but this did not work. This function works fine if both files were setup in Excel, however in these downloaded files even though saved as excel workbooks, something prevents this function from working. I do know for a fact that the same invoice number does show up in both these files but the vlookup does not pull up the required Amt paid from Report 2.

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Compare Two Financial Reports From Two Different Sources
i have to compare two financial reports from two different sources each and it should derive the same result.

I am still working on it and only focus on Column C & D. However, i have come across some problems and hope that these milestones can be cleared so that i can move on to another step to achieve my goal.

So, my current problem is

1) #N/A (eg Cell D9 & D32) will be resulted when hlookup function is used. Since the workbook 'CB_Consol_2009' does not have the same name appear, how can i make the answer become '-' instead of #N/A when hlookup function is being used?

2) Double counting. The same name appears more than one time (eg CURRENT ACCOUNTS-RET_ (01#0505_01) and as such, its figures also calculating more than once. Is there a way to calculate the figure only once so that i come out with the correct grand total?

As my objective is to compare two financial reports results (which should be the same), this is the table i can think of. If anyone here have any constructive comment on my current format.

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Command Button Shows Two Different Reports
i have this userform which has textboxes. Every information in the textboxes are linked in the two kinds of reports namely: Report 1 and Report 2.

After filling the textboxes, what are the codes that i can use so that the command button 'Generate Reports' will display the Report 1 in Sheet 1 and Report 2 in Sheet 2?

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Single Input To Multiple Reports
I'd like to be able to drop one table of data into a workbook that already has sheets of two or more master tables, and two or more report pages. A formula on the report pages would compare aspects of the data to the master tables, and report the data on the correct sheet based on certain criterion. The reports would not have blank spaces, need to be sorted further, etc.

My initial impulse was to think in terms of ol' verable VLOOKUP, but I can't figure out how to get the report formula to move on to the next line of the data table if it doesn't find a match for the first line - short of adding another VLOOKUP (and another, and...), which is totally impractical given that the data table will likely have 20,000+ lines.

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Build Daily Reports With New Dates
I have been lucky building codes, but this one has me bad. I already have a code that pulls data and puts it on a spreadsheet. To activate this I put in a date that I want to pull data from the PI server. What I want to do is save that data into an excel spreadsheet for history. I want it to know the date and save all the information. Then at a later time I can pull the data back up again. I can currently get it to move the data, but it doesn't sort by date and when you do the macro over it writes over what i just had. How do i get it to sort by date and enter into new cells?

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Reports Based On Dataentry In One Sheet-How To Automat
have a look at the attachment. I need to generate a report based on Data entry in one sheet and summary of reports to be automatically generated in the sheet named MIS, there are many conditions for those columns in the MIS sheets, as of now I need to do all that manually using Subtotals and other tool.

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Weekly Schedule
Have a basic weekly schedule for 300 employees. Need to be able to identify the last day off in previous week so the following week isn't scheduled to work on the 6th or 7th day without a day off. For example, if schedule is Mon - Sun and employee #1 has Mon & Tues off this week, next week Mon would be the 6th day so I wouldn't schedule that person on Monday the following week. Calculate last column "Next Wk Mon" instead of manually figuring it out... Need to be able to identify last day off, count the days from that point to the next monday. It becomes difficult when days off are split...

MonTueWedThuFriSatSunNext Wk
Emp 1OffOff6
Emp 2OffOff5
Emp 3OffOff4
Emp 4OffOff3
Emp 5OffOff2
Emp 6OffOff1
Emp 7OffOff1
Emp 8OffOff4
Emp 9OffOff2

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Manipulate Date Ranges For Monthly And Quarterly Reports
I am currently trying to manipulate date ranges for monthly and quarterly reports, and am having trouble doing this. I have attached a file with an example of what I would essentially need.

I would need the "Nbr of Projects", "Nbr of Days worked", "Nbr of International Projects" and "Nbr of Local Projects" cells filled in under each respective report, based on the data in the top left.

If a project falls in two months, such as "18.12.2008 to 15.01.2009", this would be treated as 1 project for December and 1 project for January. Also, I would need only "NETWORKDAYS" included in the solution, so 11 days in this example.

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Creation Of A Program That Monitors Usage Of Spreadsheet Reports
I currently produce excel reports for my company but need to somehow monitor how many times they are accessed and, if possible, when and by whom. All these excel files are situated on a server that our company uses and all users systems are connected to this. We use office 2003 and Outlook as the emailing system. My guessing is that the programming would have to intiate the usage file, amend it, and then close it each time a report is opened.

For each of the files that I want this file to monitor, I have written the following program which essentially opens up the usage file 'EPoS Usage' which is a simple grid, enters an extra one to the relevant counter cell then closes it. I really need to include a date and time for each opening and, if possible, get a username as well. Here it is:

Private Sub workbook_open()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"S:Newman CommonCATEGORY MANAGEMENT - RangesEPoS Usage.xls"
Dim Counter As Integer
Counter = Cells(2, 8)
Counter = Counter + 1
Cells(2, 8) = Counter
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Total Weekly Prices
I have a spreadsheet with rows of entries that are listed by date. I would like to create anther worksheet where i can refer back to the other sheet and calculate the total prices per work week. Is there a way to do this using a function(s)?

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Encounter Weekly Spreadsheets
I encounter weekly spreadsheets with basically these three columns:

Column A is a person's name who has an account with us
Column B is any purchases they've made from us on their account (a DEBIT to their account)
Column C is any payments they've made (a CREDIT to their account)

What I want to do is quickly "clear" the debits and credits that equal within each account by placing an "x" in column D next to each debit or credit that match each other. But there are two important things that I can't figure out how to get around.

1) Only debits and credits within the SAME ACCOUNT can be cleared.

2) There may be 1, 2 or 3 debits that match 1 credit or vice versa. (for example $20 + $10 +15 = $45)

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Weekly Employee Schedule
I'm trying to create a weekly employee schedule using Excel 2007 and have several issues but will start with one at a time till we get them all resolved.

I put in my start hour '6' in cell 'B7' and get this: 1/5/1900 12:00:00 AM.

I would like for to display 6AM.

I figure if I get his cell fomatted that I can get the other times correct then go on to the next issue.

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Summarize Weekly Inventory
I having trouble to sort out and summarize inventroy products for each week. I want to sumarize all weekly inventory in summarize table. Please see attached file. Pls keep the formate as i shown in attached spreasheet.

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Automating Weekly Formula Changes
The attached workbook is a follow up report that gets run every Friday. There are 1092 cells that contain formulas that reference a file that was created on Wednesday of the same week. eg.

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ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range("$A$1:$L$1900"), , xlYes).Name = _
ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table1").TableStyle = "TableStyleDark5"
End Sub

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Weekly Time Sheet Calculations
I need to calculate the total hours worked for a series of 22 locations. Each Location has weekly allocated hours ranging form 0 to 80.

For example:
User1 worked 4 Hours on Monday at Location1 and 4 Hours at Location2.
User2 worked 4 Hours on Monday at Location1 and 4 Hours at Location3.

I am assuming I will need to use VBA for this calculation.

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Recording Info On Weekly Basis
I have a training matrix. The following letters represent something F, P & S. and are placed in the matrix. On a seperate sheet I calculate these using the COUNTIF(B2:E7,"F") so on and so on. This is done because the matrix is quite vast and to sit and look through would take an age and I'm already nearly retired lol.
1st question:
Also in the matrix are dates when a student has finally passed a subject is it possible to use the same formula to calculate all these .
2nd question:
I also want to be able to record on a weekly basis how many new subjects have been trained out but don't know where to start . i would like a chart indicating for instance Week 1 5 subjects, Week 2 25 subjects. What i don't want to happen though is when you add Weeks 2 data for Week 1's to increase with it.

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Using The SUM Function To Record Weekly Sales
I would like to have a set of cells that add up all the sales within a given week. I know how to do this simply for one week, but how do I get Excel to automatically take this function and create the rest for future weeks?

After entering the SUM function in one cell, I click and drag on the box to try to get Excel to correctly input the functions in the next cells (like how Excel will correctly input the next date, week, or month). But Excel doesn't do it correctly.

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Weekly Head Count Calculation
problems getting correct head count. I have formula that works for rows 6-8 but fails in row9. The should be answers are in rows 17-20.

Conditions used in formula
*Start date > Start FY =0
* Current Week > End Date =0
* End Date < Start FY =0

The date difference is divided by 7 because there are 7 working days in a week. If it is greater then 7 then it would be 1 for current week.

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Find & Return Weekly High Value
I want to find the high value from daily data for each week and copy that value.

I have a list of daily price data, being the date, opening price, high price, low price and closing price. For each week I am finding the data necessary to create a list of the weekly opening price, high price, low price and closing price ending on each Friday.

To find the opening price I am using this formulae -

To find the closing price the formulae is -

I need to find the high value and the low value within the five days data, from two separate columns (C and D) of daily data.

Can I use a formula similar to those above, but instead of copying a relevant cell, for example, finding the high from cells B3 to B7. Then I need to do this for each subsequent week.

An example spreadsheet is attached. You will see that currently I am currently copying the Friday data in columns L and M as I don't know how to adapt the formula to do the job.

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Weekly Average Commission Calculation
I hope this question has not been addressed but the closest I can find is in this link:

I am now a commission based contractor who started earlier this year & I want to be able to calculate my current average weekly income which should fluctuate greatly. I have a spreadsheet that works out what my current to date net income is but can't figure out how to break this down to a weekly avarage. My basic guess is that I want to take the figure provided and divide it by the number of weeks from "stated start date" to the current date (but on a divided by 7 basis?) to get my average weekly net income.

I am sure this is pretty simple for you all so I hope I am not wasting time it's just that if I try figure it out I am using something like WEEKNUM & that will fail after the next new year. -Although it would be better to base it all around the financial year if that can be done? (March 1st - April 31st in NZ)

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Inserting Weekly Information With A Userform
I'm working on a sreadsheet for inserting and collating information for a fleet of vehicles. I have userforms for inserting various pieces of information when the vehicle is new or leaving the fleet.

I would like to use a userform for inserting weekly information. I know how to insert the basic information in columns but I'm stumped for working in rows and with inserting information at different times.

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Adding Weekly Dates Automatically
how i can automatically add a week to a start date i have in a rotas for the whole year?.

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Auto Create Folder And Save A1h20 Data As Reports Sheet
i want to create folder depending on cell value a1 select data from a1 to h20 save this as "b1 value.xls" my saving directory is c:

eports"a1value" ....

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Cumulative Sum For Weekly Average Hours Over A Month
I have a column called "Weekly Working Hours" which totals the number of hours worked per week. The cell is filled in every Saturday.

In the next column I have "Average Weekly Working Hours per Month" which needs to calculate the average number of weekly hours every four weeks, filled in every Saturday.

Please see attached file. I am referring to columns J and K ....

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Creating Random Weekly Work Rota
What i would like to do is, create a random weekly work rota, so I just have to go in every week and let excel randomly but fairly creat a rota the employees so that they don't argue about whose doing what and just get on with the work. : D

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Calculate Weekly Sales With A Midweek Start
I'm trying to create a simple sales report. No VBA code, only excel formulas.
I'm stuck on trying to calculate the weekly sales. I want excel to be able to recognize the day of the week and know that the month started mid week.

Ex. If the 1st of the month started on a Wednesday, it adds all the sales from Wednesday to Saturday only and
if the month ends on a Tuesday, it will calculate the sales from Sunday to Tuesday only.
I want it done automatically.

I've included a zipped excel sheet example of the worksheet for a visual example.

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Open Workbook On The Weekly Report Sheet
I want the work book to open on the "Weekly Report" sheet.
I have this code, but keep getting a subscript error.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("Weekly Report").Select
End Sub

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