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Highlight & Move Cells Based On Criteria

I have 3 data series, which are each futures contracts. Each of these futures contracts (the one on the left expires soonest) has an expiration date and as that date approaches, one will need to replace it with a new futures contract (the data series immediately to its right) having a later expiration date. This process is called a ‘roll’. I am seeking to create a continuous data series, which will incorporate the appropriate ‘roll’ based on two rules.
The rules are as follows:

1) Where the volume of the 2nd contract exceeds the volume of the 1st contract for 10 consecutive intervals, roll on that date.
2) Once the roll date has been identified, roll at the specific time interval on that date that has the highest aggregate volume (between the 1st and 2nd contract).
I have laid out the original data in a tab entitled ‘original data stream’. This is how the data will appear at first. In the tab entitled ‘Roll Example’, I have shown what I would like to happen to the original data streams. You will notice that in this tab, the data series are the same as the previous tab, except that they are not aligned as before. The data series to the left ( cells B4: D808) expires ..................................

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Move Range Of Cells Based On Cell Criteria
I'm trying to do is loop through a range of cells, and if the cell meets a condition I want to move it and 2 cells to the right of it left by one cell.

Sub MoveRangeOfCellsBasedOnCellCriteria()
Dim myrange, cell As Range
Set myrange = ActiveSheet.Range("H2", Range("H65536").End(xlUp))
For Each cell In myrange
If IsNumeric(Left(cell.Value, 1)) _
Or Left(cell.Value, 5) = "UNIT " _
Or Left(cell.Value, 4) = "THE " _
Or Left(cell.Value, 5) = "FLAT " Then
cell.Offset(0, -1).Range("A1").Select
cell.Offset(1, 1).Range("A1").Select
End If
Next cell
End Sub

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Move Row Based Off Criteria
What I am trying to do is if on the (Open Project Issues) tab column F says "Closed" it will move that row to a tab called (Closed Project Issues) tab. I was trying something like this:

Sub testmove()
Dim c As Long
For c = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count To 2 Step -5
If Cells(c, 6) = "Closed"
End If
Next c.......

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Move Rows Based On A Criteria
Cell a1:a3000 contains a lot of trackingnumbers. Cell b1:b3000 I have a "IF" formulas in place to write "ok" if part of the data in "column A" matches my criteria. What i need is a macro that will cut all the rows showing "OK" in column B from "sheet1" to the next availible row in "sheet2"

I have tried converting copy macros to Cut macros, but thye have not worked. I am rather hopeless for the coding part and mostly make macros based on the record feature. Also looked at the ones that have been showed here, but my skills do not make me able to change them to fit my excel sheet. About 8000 rows with data is added into this sheet everyday and the criteria is not always present. That means on some days there will be no "OK" showing in column B

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Identify/highlight Maximum Value Based On Multiple Criteria
I have a file with telemetry data for n individuals. For each individual I have data on a number of days, over the course of a couple of years. On any given day, I have from 1 to several "fixes" for an individual. Fixes range from 1 to 3, with 3 being the "best". Note that I do not necessarily have data for all individuals on a given day. What I want to do is extract the row with best fix for each individual, on each day for which I have data for that individual. If there is more than one best fix for an individual on a given day, then I want to choose the first best fix (temporally). Right now my data is set up with columns:

INDV DATE TIME FIX ....other attributes

INDV = unique code identifying the individual

The data is sorted by INDV, then by DATE, then by TIME.

I figured I could do this using nested IF statements, where "TRUE" would be added to a new column (e.g., HIGHFIX) in the row of the first highest fix on each day for each individual, but have not been successful in doing this. I've also tried conditional formatting. Again, no success here.

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Highlight The Cells When Criteria Met
=IF(AND($P2="Yes",COUNTIF($L:$L,L2)>1,$Y2="Market Specific"),TRUE,FALSE)
But it is not doing exactly what I want it to, and I am struggling to work out what I need to change to get it to do so.

I want the formula to do is look at a three Columns of data, and to highlight Cells in Column Y when the following criteria are met:

The Row is active (determined by the "Yes" part), that the Row is "Market Specific" and that there is more than one Row where these Criteria are met (this is where I thought COUNTIF would work, but it's not).

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Macro To Move Cell Down A Row Based On Criteria
I would like a simple macro that would actually move a cell based on criteria. In my case it would be: In row A, if a cell starts with 'Agent Name' then that cell needs to move down one cell replacing the contents of that cell.

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Move Data Based On Criteria In Column
Here is the situation:

There is a spreadsheet that I use that has multiple plans in one column for various members. You can see the plan for Robert James and Amanda James is plan 5. If all this information was in column A how would you move the plan type say column C for each member?

For example
Column A
Customer Name
Robert James
Amanda James
Plan 5
Nikki Martinez
James Gross
Plan 6

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Highlight Cells Based On Row/Column Being Visible
I am attempting to have a cell highlighted if the adjacent cells are visible, but no highlighting when the cells are hidden. For example, Cell D1 is highlighted when cells A1:C1 are visible, but not when cells A1:C1 are hidden. (this is for the group/outline feature)

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Conditional Formating: Highlight Cells Based On Multiple Stipulations
I'm trying to get it so that a cell becomes automatically highlighted if 2 other cells conditions are met. For example, I want cell A5 to become highlighted if BOTH cell B1=Loan 1 AND cell B5=Yes. Here is a mockup of what I'm talking about incase it makes it easier to understand. I'm using Excel 2007.

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Conditional Formating: Highlight Cells Based On Text Of Another Cell
I have created a drop down box that allows me to choose multiple different Text Options. Example: Cell B4 has dropdown that lets me choose the Text Options, "House", "Car" and "Truck".

Next, I have 5 or so other columns underneath with their own text. What I want to do is have different cells highlight themselves depending on what is in Cell B4.

Example, if "House" is selected in B4, I want cells B7 and B9 to highlight. If "Car" is selected, I want cells B7, B8, and B10 to highlight. If "Truck" is highlighted, I want cells B9-B11 to highlight. Is this possible to do? I've tried using If/Then statements, but those don't seem to work for this type of thing.

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Move Rows Based On Content Of 2 Cells
At the moment I have 1 spreadsheet with 12 worksheets that I have to enter data into. I would rather enter all the data onto one sheet then have a macro move the data into the correct worksheet based on the contents of columns A and B.

The raw data will be entered into the worksheet "Data". Once complete, I would like the user to press a button and the macro to then identify from column A the suppliers name. If it is not one of the recognised suppliers, then it would move the row into the worksheet "one off". If it does recognise the supplier then it checks column B to see which of the two supplier's two worksheets it needs to copy it to, with the data entered into the correct column based on the column title (ie only the white columns).

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Highlight Row And Column On Move Down Of Cell
As I move down a cell, I would like the entire row and column be highlighted. Is that possible?

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Fill Cells Based On Corresponding Cells Matching 3 Criteria
I am working on a spreadsheet for a shoe company. I have separate columns for the size, model, color, and item number of a shoe. I get everything except for the item number from a written document; I then have to find the item number for the shoe from another excell document called the Master List.

I was hoping there would be a way to have Excell auto-fill the item number for me. For example, if a shoe is a Red, Athens (the shoe model),size 12, its item number (which can be a pain to find) listed in the row of the Master List is aaabbb. So I want to just enter in the size, color and model number, and have Excell find the item number for me, and fill it in.

I have enclosed an example. Sheet 1 is the sheet I would be working on. Sheet 2 is a portion of the Item master list, which is actually 50k lines.

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VBA To Fill In Cells Based On Criteria
I just stumbled onto this forum while Googling around, and it looks great. I'm pretty new to VBA coding so please bear with me. Effectively what I'm looking to do in this mock-up file, is anywhere the currency is "EUR" in column A, I'd like the relative cell in Column G to change to "INSERT TEXT", else I want it to untouched (i.e. to keep the comment it currently has).

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How To Copy Cells Based Upon Criteria
Here's what we need to do:

We are compiling one master spreedsheet from many smaller ones and I need to figure out how to copy them quickly and efficiently. For example:

Small Spreadsheet:

Column B is marked as P, M, C or S. This represents the type of the account.
Column C is the name of the account.

Master Spreadsheet:

We have a column for each account type (P,M,C,S)

Can we use a formula/macro to automatically copy columns B and C from the small sheet and organize them accordingly in the Master Spreadsheet?

For example:

Small spreadsheet:

P Account Name1
M Account Name 2
M Account Name3
C Account Name4
M Account Name5

would appear in the Master Spreadsheet as:

Account Name1 Account Name2
Account Name1 Account Name3 Account Name4
Account Name1 Account Name5

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Copy Cells Based On Criteria
I have data like in excel, which I uploaded and I need "simple" thing, If in column G is text Australia then copy from D column each cell which has "AUS1*" + copy the same number cell from C column and copy it into cell A and B. I hope I wrote it understandable

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Merge Two Cells Based On Criteria
The begining portion of this works fine, I have it moveing data from one column to another, but I then need it to combine two rows (BW and P) and then place that into column (O)...

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Locking Cells Based On Criteria
I have a query in relation to locking cells to disallow editing based on a dynamic range. The VBA code I have thus far is this :

Sub PasteForecastWO()
rowarr = Array(10, 26, 28, 69, 72, 79, 81, 87, 89, 104, 106, 114, 116, 122)
For Each ce In Range("S8:AD8")
If ce = "ACTUAL" Then
For i = LBound(rowarr) To UBound(rowarr) Step 2
Range(Cells(rowarr(i), ce.Column), Cells(rowarr(i + 1), ce.Column)).Value = Range(Cells(rowarr(i), ce.Column), Cells(rowarr(i + 1), ce.Column)).Value
Next i
End If
Next ce
End Sub

What I would like to do is lock the range that applies as the variable "ACTUAL" moves or changes along the range S8:AD8. I have attached the relevant sheet so that you may get a clearer picture.

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Mandatory Cells Based On Criteria
I need a macro that will check that the cells B1,C1,D1,E1 and one of the cells F1,G1,H1,I1 are filed out upon entry in A1.

If Not IsEmpty(.Range("A1")) Then
If WorksheetFunction. CountA(.Range("B1,C1,D1,E1")) <> 4 Then
MsgBox "All cells in row 1 are not filled out"
Application.Goto .Range("A1:I1")
Exit Sub

But how do I get it to also check that either F1 or G1 or H1 or I1 is also filled out. If possible I also would like it to beimpossible to add text in more then one of the cells F1:I1. Summary, upon entry in A1 I want cells B1:E1 plus one of the cells in F1:I1 to be mandatory, so in total there will be 5 mandaory cells.

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Count Cells Based On Multiple OR Criteria
I need to have multiple ranges count based on several criteria. The hitch is that needs to count if one or more criteria is met not all. I tried using a COUNTIFS however that seems to evaluate based on AND not OR.

Is there a nested COUNTIFS or similar function that would work?

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Can A Formula Only Occupy Certain Cells Based On Criteria
Im currently using a formula in my report to track training completed by employees. The formula looks for the employee number in the report and the course name and marks Y to say if completed or N to say if not completed.

The level of the employees dictates what courses they need to complete i.e if its a store manager they need to complete all courses where as a bronze employee only needs to complete the first three courses.

At the moment i drag the formula up to the course they need to complete. I would like it if i could add something to the existing formula that looks at their level and then automatically only populates the formula up to the courses they are required to do.

Its very hard to explain so i have added an example:

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Macro To Color Cells Based On Criteria
Column DColumn EColumn FTarget %DifferenceCash4%5.12%Large-Cap8.5%1.73%Commodities4%-1%

I need to color code Col F based on the following criteria:

If F2/E2>20%, then shade pink else no color. I only care about the absolute values. The 20% number can change depending on the category. So for commodities, the limitation is 30%. Like that I have a list of about 20 asset classes, 14 of which have the 20% constraint, rest are either 25% or 30%. I would like the cell color to be updated each time I import a file. Also I have other conditional formatting on Col F (like red color if negative number) so I don't know if another conditional format will work on the same cells?

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Copy Cells Based On Criteria In Other Cell
I want to copy cells A&B where there is a value in G to a new workbook. I need to loop through the workbook as there are 25 sheets in the workbook, and there 8 workbooks to go through.

There are 31 rows on each sheet, and there are only a few values in column G on each sheet.

A is customer name, B is Account No, G is Insurance premium paid, columns C to F, and H to M have other accounting data in them.

The idea is to create a global list of all customers who have already paid their insurance premiums.

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Multi-Criteria Sum Based On Multiple Column Cells
I have a large worksheet that lists employees and the hours they work each day in a pay period.

For Example:

Column A holds a date and Column E holds the number of hours worked for a paytype. So i want to create some function that sums the numbers in column E, but only those where column A holds a date.

Then i want to return that number to a cell, say C20. I think I've managed to tell the macro which rows i want to return values from, but I can't figure out how to say "add these numbers together and put the total in C20."

I'll check this frequently if clarification is needed.

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Copy Cells Based On Criteria & Paste Only Values
I am very new to Macro programming. I want to set up a macro which will copy data from few cells in a sheet and paste them as "Values" to certain specific locations in another sheet based on criteria. This copy paste needs to be done for about 40 different cells. I want to fix this with a button on the source sheet, so that this process happens when the button is clicked. I am attaching a sample file showing what I need.

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Lock/Unlock Cells Based On Criteria From Validation Lists
I'm looking for a solution to a problem and from what I've read in the forums so far, this is the place to come. I first want to say that I have tried to solve the problem by using guidance from other similar threads and adapt those answers to my needs, but as my understanding of VBA is non-existent this was somewhat difficult. I don't want to post a repeat question and I hate wasting people's time if unnecessary, but I can't do this on my own.

That being said, here is the problem;

(I have attached a simplified copy of the worksheet I am working on for reference)

I would like to lock a particular cell in my spreadsheet based upon the selections made from two drop down validation lists (Cells “C4” & “D4”)

Essentially, if a correct choice is made in both, then the cell “E4” becomes unlocked for editing. If however, the correct selection is made in one list, but not the other, I need the cell “E4” to remain locked and a message to appear to prompt the user to correct their mistake.

Furthermore, both the validation lists have a whole range of selections that are very similar but have subtle differences;


"Soft Eye by Talurit"
"Soft Eye by Splice"

Is it possible to write a VBA code that performs a similar function to the =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("**",))) formula, so that if any choice that contains the word "Soft" is selected from either or both lists then the cell “E4” becomes unlocked, but if the selection does not contain that word then the cell remains locked?

If anyone could provide a code to make this happen, I would be very grateful! But please explain how to do this, as the word “Soft” won’t be the only parameter and I may need to alter the code so I need to understand the principle behind it; For example, on the spreadsheet, if in the ‘Inboard End’ list a ‘Soft Eye’ is selected and on the ‘Outboard End List’ a ‘Soft Eye’ is selected then cell E4 is unlocked for editing. If in the ‘Inboard End’ list a ‘Soft Eye’ is selected and on the ‘Outboard End List’ a ‘Fused and Tapered’ is selected then cell E4 is unlocked for editing, but if in the ‘Inboard End’ list a ‘Soft Eye’ is selected and on the ‘Outboard End List’ a ‘Standard Eye’ is selected then cell E4 remains locked and an error message appears to alert the user that his/her choices are incorrect. If however, "Soft" is not selected in either list then cell E4 remains locked (it has to be selected in at least one of the two lists to allow editing).

This is a work in progress (not all the formulas that will eventually be used have been entered yet, so please excuse the untidiness of it all) and the choices are likely to change based on input from my colleagues, so I need to understand how the VBA works in order to alter it accordingly, but I don’t want to put any more work into this (it’s still in the early stages) if it isn’t possible to achieve these needs.

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To Merge Variable Number Of Cells Into One Single Cell Based On Criteria
Here’s an example of my data:


I need your help to figure out how to merge the above data to look like this in new blank worksheet using a VBA macro:


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Highlight Rows By Criteria
I am trying to set formula to change row colour when certain criterias are met the options must be availiable for all rows but Governed of one colum.

Eg. If Cell A1 = "Contacted" then row will change to colour Green,
"Left message then row will change to amber
"Not contacted" then row will change to Red
"Do not contact" then row will change blue

If these can be set as drop down menu to save operator typing them that's even better.

Once one is set I can copy the formula into the remaining collums.

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Is There A Way To Stick A Few Row Of Cells Together So That When I Move One They All Move
is there a way to stick a few row of cells together so that when i move one they all move.. i have some rows that when i sort them i want them to move together with the other ones..

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Compare Worksheets & Highlight 1 By Criteria
I have read other threads dealing with this issue, but none seem to help me! I have a workbook with two worksheets, both with the same number of rows in them. I want each cell in worksheet1 to be compared to the cell in the same row and column in worksheet2, and if the worksheet1 cell is greater in value then the cell should turn red. I have tried the previously mentioned tactic of selecting the whole column in worksheet2, assigning it a name, selecting the column in worksheet1, and applying conditional formating based on the name. However, the result is always that the whole column in worksheet1 turns red, regardless of whether the cells are greater in value or not.

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Autofilter: Highlight Criteria Column/Field
When activating Autofilter in a wide table, the only way to determine which criteria field was selected is to try and identify which drop-down arrow has become blue. When working on a laptop, it is rather difficult to identify the difference between the black arrows and the blue ones. Is there a way to have a macro or event procedure that will cause the selected criteria field (or fields) change its background color (into yellow, for example)? This way, the yellow fields will "stand out"… No more searching...

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Move Data Row When Criteria Met
I have a spreadsheet with when column K is Yes I need to move the data on that appropiate row to the corresponding worksheet in the same workbook. I have the button working but it moves the data in the row if No is in column K which is what I don't want. It also moves - removes the variables but I guess that is another question for another day.

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Highlight Rows Meeting Multiple Column Criteria
I have a large file of invoices, and some have been paid. The problem is, sometimes it is not paid against the correct invoice, so I have a lot of credit and debit that should offset each other. I want to go through the sheet and highlight all the rows that has a matching ID and an a 0 value when total amount column was added up to another row. I would like it so that it highlights a different color for every pair of offsetting amount, but the same color highlight is fine too.

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Move Data By Criteria To New Sheet
I've been working on a spreadsheet for the past 12 hours on a sunday when I should be home eating or something (damn projects).

Basically, what I need to do via a button on 1 sheet, is select all rows of data that have a certain variable in a fixed column. E.g. "CLOSED" in Column AV for example.

Then I need to CUT all of those rows out, and paste them into a worksheet with the exact same column layout, under the last used row.

r = 6
For i = Selection.Rows.Count + 1 To 1 Step -1
If Worksheets("Live"). Range("AU" & i).Value = "Closed" Then
Worksheets("Live").Range("AU" & i).EntireRow.Copy Sheets("Closed").Cells(r, 1)
Worksheets("Live").Range("AU" & i).EntireRow.Delete
r = r + 1
End If
Next i

I dont know whats goign wrong here. Its not doing anything! As far as i understand the code above, its doing the following:

Sets the loop to increment in steps of 1
Searchs the range AU1 for "Closed"

If the value is "Closed", copy the row, and paste it into the sheet called "Closed" in the cell: 6,1.

If the value isnt closed, then proceed to AU2.

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Move Data Between Sheets By Specifing Certain Criteria
I am new to the post so far I love it. I am in need of a formula to help with an order book that I created in excel. In first sheet in colum A is the item number, in B is the Description, in C is the count, in D is the selling unit PK or Ea, and in E is the class code. I have sheets for every class code. I need to be able to pull information form the sheet one that matches the class code in colum E and only the items and info for a certain class code and post it to another sheet that has all the headings and formatting that I need. I need all the rows that have the same class code to be pulled excatly the way it is in sheet one. I thought I might be able to do this with vlookup or dget but can't seem to figure it out.

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Move Worksheets To Workbook Matching A Criteria
What I want to try and do is move certain worksheets if their name is changed into another workbook. So there are two scenarios:

1. If any worksheets name is changed to begin with "Old", then it is automatically moved to a workbook called "OldPlans"
2. If any worksheets name is changed to begin with "Expired", then it is automatically moved to a workbook called "ExpiredPlans"

When worksheets are moved to new workbook I would like them to be positioned towards the end of the workbook. So I am not sure how to go about this, first would it have to have a Name Change Event or something to trigger off what gets moved?

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Highlight Cells On A Form So That A User Knows Which Cells To Fill Out
1. I want to highlight cells on a form so that a user knows which cells to fill out.

2. When they print the form I do not want the cell shading to print.

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Highlight/Flag Formula Cells Referencing Other Cells
I am trying to write a macro which highlights all the cells with any reference to other cell. The macro should highlight a cell with formula like = 3 * A25 but not highlight a cell with following formula. = 3 * 0.4535566. 'Hasformula' property is not useful here as it can't distinguish between above examples.

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Highlight Column Based On Value
I'm really struggling to achieve the following:

I have 75 rows and 10 columns populated with numbers (assume its A1 to J75 but it could be anywhere).

Firstly, if any of the numbers in a column are > 10 then I want to highlight all of the numbers in the column (even those

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Highlight A Row Based On A Cell
I have a macro that already works well but I need to make a change to it and I can't figure out how to do it.

I need so when the macro is run it will prompt the user for a date. After they enter the date it will highlight cells A:K on each row that data appers.

A little background for this. It is a schedule for a call centre which can show two to three weeks of schedules per agent. We rerun the macro each day to update break times and I would like it so it will highlight todays line.

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Copy Cells In One Column Based On Criteria In Another Column
I have an personnel file with employee info, and I want to create a macro that will look in the "Master" worksheet at the Department column ("I") for anyone in Benefits, and then copy their name from the Name column ("D") into the "Benefits" worksheet. The names should begin pasting in cell "D3" but will recognize if a cell already has a name in it and then paste in the cell below that.

Here is what I have:

Option Explicit

Public Sub RatingbyDept()
Dim Dept As Range

With Sheets("Master")
For Each Dept In .Range("I2:I1000")
With Dept

I keep getting error 92 - "For loop not initialized".

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Highlight Entire Row Based On Cell Value
From what I understand this is a simple process but since I am new to programming and I am in need of help. I am trying to write into one of my macros that as it is searching in the sheet if it finds CRL in column C and if it finds a value between -1 and 100,000 in column K, then it will highlight the entire row green.What can I do to add this into my macro?

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Highlight Duplicates Based On 2 Columns
I have a column of information, and I want to find out of there are duplicates in it without alphabetizing it. Where there is a duplicate (say E2=E5), I want to check the adjoining column to see if the value of those fields are duplicates as well (does F2=F5). So, what formula would I put in D2 to see if the value of E2 has an equal anywhere in column E, and if any duplicates are found (say E10,E33, and E43), to check if F10,F33 and F43 equal F2 (the value adjoining the cell that was searched for).

to find duplicate entries in a database by using people's last names (in column E) and birthdays (in column F). Odds are if they have the same DOB and the same last name, we've found a duplicate.

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Highlight Duplicates Based On X Columns
I need to find a way to highlight duplicate records within a list. The records would first need to be compared by (1) the month (found in column A), (2) the account number (found in column B) and then (3) the commission type (found in column D).

I do not need the duplicates deleted just highlighted or better yet maybe have them identified as "Duplicates" in an empty column (such as column H).

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Highlight A Hyperlink Based On The Formula
im trying to get a cell to highlight a hyperlink based on the following formula

if(isnumber(search("t50", d7)), "correct", "this is where i want hyperlink to display")

basically im taking input from a cell entered by user ie if t50 is entered then its correct thats displayed, else i want to enter a hyperlink!

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How Do I Highlight A Cell Based On Conditions Of Another?
I want to highlight A1 red if C1 is greater than 55. Is this possible?

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Highlight Cell Based On 2 OR Conditions
I am seeking assistance with code for column H to be highlighted when I have a value of "Pending" or "Work In Progress" is present in column E?

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Highlight Row Range Based On Value In Another Column
I have been reading and searching on how to get around Excel's limit of 3(or 4) conditional formatting rules with VBA.

I have a pretty good grasp of what the code is telling the system to do, however what I am not understanding is how can I have the Code check multiple sets of columns?

ex Columns A,B and C Rows 1:100 need to be checked if they are between a particular range and clolums D,E, and F need to be checked against a completely different set of criteria.

I tried cutting and pasting the Sub, changing the Range values and the conditions, but it always errors out.

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Highlight Cells If Match Another Sheet Cells
I have a lottery pool in sheet 1 in which i have the names of the people and their number picks. In sheet 2 i have the lottery results.

All i want is to be able to highlite(adding a backround color in the cell) to the matching numbers in sheet 1.

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Forumla Highlight A Entry Based On Count If
If I minus H is less that 90 count as 1. But if I minus H is greater than 90 count as one but highlight the row on the speadsheet in yellow.

What I am doing is I have a list of about 3000 entrys and I need to determine if (I minus H is greater or less than 90). I then need to count how many times out of the 3000 entrys each entry is greater or less than 90 and highlight the entrys in yellow that are greater than 90.

It would be ideal to determine the difference between I minus H and then categorize the findings of the 3000 entrys to see how many were say 59 and how many were 47 and how many were 92 etc.
I have never seen a forumla highlight a entry based on count if. I am currently rapidly searching the forums here but to no avail.

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