Highlight Keywords In Text Strings

Oct 24, 2007

I perform a =Find(word,range) for certain keywords in text strings. Is there an easy way to have excel highlight the words within the string so i can easily identify its location? The text string might contain more than one keyword.

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Highlight Keywords From A List

Oct 25, 2006

I would like to develop a macro that can be run against an excel doc that will highlight keywords from a list I have established.

For example: If my excel doc contains the words, "sales, selling, sell, sale, school," make those words bold, red and 2 font sizes larger.

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VBA Compare Two Strings, Highlight Differences

May 18, 2009

how can I get the red highlighting to work like so?

Test Test_002 6698F ES6698F DVP3142 DVP3144 GTM8800 GTI8000 SDV394 SV384STC

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Find Keywords Within Cell Text Of Another Column?

Nov 8, 2013

I'm evaluating the effectiveness of a keyword list we use to identify certain, high priorit,y medical situations from a string of text.

So, I have a column on a sheet of data (EIS Report!"B:B") in this case, and a seperate column on another sheet with keywords (Keywords!"A2:A47").

I use the formula ={OR(NOT(ISERROR(FIND(keywords!$A$2:$A$47,$B2))))} to identify if any of the keywords exist in the string.
This works well but I would like to improve my work in two ways:

1 - Identfiy, in another column on the EIS report sheet, which keyword it is that's been found within the string,
2 - On the keyword sheet, add another column of words, which if found within the string, would act as an exclusion.For example, I might use "STAB" as a keyword to look for "Male stabbed" etc, however might want to exclude "STABBING" to stop the solution triggering on "STABBING PAINS IN ABDO"

How might i adjust my formula?

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Categorizing Items Based On Certain Keywords In Text?

Jun 9, 2011

I am looking to label an excel list of engineering drawings with 3 separate categories.

The categories are decided by key words in any of three columns:

-Drawing Title

I have attached a file that explains in detail and gives a mock sample of drawings.

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Identify Specific Keywords (plural) In A Column Of Text

Nov 3, 2009

So i'm try to automate a process that I currently do using filters.

Here is the problem:

I have a list of text in a column (usually 700 or so entries).

I need to remove any entries that contain 1 of 42 keywords.

So I need a fast way to search each cell for each one of the 42 key words and flag the cell for deletion if contains anyone of the 42.

1 This field has keyword1
2 This field has keyword2
3 This field doesn't have any of the 42 keywords

somewhere else I would have a list of keywords in a column.

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Count Number Of Keywords (range) Found In Text String

Aug 23, 2013

I am trying to count the number of specific words contained in a specific cell. If my data were static, and the list of keywords was short, there are many solutions such as using multiple instances of the length function as proposed by @shg here.

Suppose I have the following sheet: (column C is what I am trying to achieve)



That is, C2 will tell that B2 contained 3 of the keywords (1X beautiful, 2X happy) and so on.

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Changing Cell Text Color WITHOUT Using Conditional Formatting Based On Finding Keywords

May 29, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that uses VB macros to calculate sums of cells based on the font color of the numbers inside. It used to be fairly easy going through each cell and "classifying" them by color, so that my macros can go ahead and sum the numbers in each respective color's cell... but now I have a huge amount of numbers and would like to automate the process somewhat. Here's an example using the A and B columns:

flight $400
hotel $150
hotel $130
meal $20
meal $15
flight $350

I tried using conditional formatting to automatically change the color of the adjacent cells based on the presence of a keyword such as "flight" or "hotel", but this change is only cosmetic, and doesn't actually change the font color (it is still the default black, hence why my color-summing macros won't work!).

I'm including a sample macro for what I use to color-sum my cells, but what I am looking to automate the color-coding process based on looking for keywords as explained above in my example. Here is one of the working color-summing macros (for red, in this case) if you'd like to use it as a reference:

Function SumRed(SelectedCells As Range)
' Adds the values of the cells where the font colour is red(3).
Dim Cell As Object
Dim x As Double

[Code] ...........

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Compare Text Strings In Two Columns And Return Text From Adjacent Cell

Feb 28, 2013

how to Chk the text string in particular cell, compare it with a super set column and get the full from of the text string from another corresponsing column and the output will be corresponsing full form of the chked text string?

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Excel 2011 :: Find Multiple Text Strings In Another Text String

Mar 8, 2013

How do I use an Excel formula to find which (if any) multiple sets, each of up to 50 words, exist in a series of rows of a spreadsheet - if set A has one or more words found in a searched cell.

A positive result will return a specific value in the designated result cell. If none of the words in Set A is found in the searched cell, the formulae will repeat the test for the words in Set B, and so on.

After all 50 sets of words have been tested, the formula will move to the next cell in the searched column.

New words will be added to the sets of words continually as required.

Multiple words within sets are included in double quotes. Within each set of words there will be some n-tuples of words (i.e. 24 adjacent words) that contain one or more of the words in the set, but for which the formula will be required to return a negative result. Example: Set A = word 1, word2, word 3, "word1 word2 word3". (The words within a set could also be each entered in separate columns, as opposed to all included in a single cell.) The single column of text to be searched is about 10,000 rows.

I am wanting to use the above in a spreadsheet that contains data downloaded from a series of bank accounts to automatically allocate items of expenditure to one of 20 or so different categories of expenditure.

The formula will search the description field to find words that are used in the in the downloaded files from the various accounts to describe each transaction.

If a word describing travel expenditure (e.g. hotel, "holiday inn" but not "holiday travel") is found in the description of an expenditure item - the item cost will be allocated to the TRAVEL EXPENDITURE column, which is one of 20 or so different categories of expenditure.

Happy to consider a different solution if the task can be done better a different way.

Tried using a combination of INDEX/SEARCH/IF in Excel, but was not able to get a correct result. PS I am using Excel 2011 for Mac - which does not allow macros, so the solution needs to be entirely formula based.

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Lookup Part Text In Range In Cells Holding Text Strings

Sep 27, 2006

I try to write the function that gets some "ref" and returns appropriate item.
For example: if I give to function "C3", it returns "AAA"
if I give to function "R18", it returns "BBB" (cause it between R15 to R26)
if I give to function "R9", it returns "BBB" also.

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Extract Multiple Text Strings From A Long Text String

Sep 4, 2009

An original text string entry appearing in an Excel cell would be:

"N7C Neuroprotective J5Z Antiviral, other M2Z Antiarthritic, other J5A Antiviral, anti-HIV"

I need to extract N7C, J5Z, M2Z and J5A from this string and list these alphanumeric values in separate cells adjacent to the original text string. The challenge is that these alphanumeric references may appear in different positions within the original string with no fixed value e.g. a "," separating them. The alphanumeric references may also be 3 or 4 characters in length and there may be different numbers of alphanumeric references in the original string.

Another example would be (very different from the first):

"T2Z Recombinant, other K5B Radio-chemoprotective J3Z Antibacterial, other D3A Vulnerary A10C Symptomatic antidiabetic K6Z Anticancer, other R8A Antiasthma B6A Septic shock treatment I1Z Immunostimulant, other S1Z Ophthalmological R8B Antiallergic, non-asthma M1A1 Anti-inflammatory"

You can see that in this further example "A10C" & "M1A1" are 4 character alphanumeric strings wheras the others feature 3 characters.

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Editing Using VBA - Find Text Strings In Text File

Dec 7, 2012

I have a large .txt file that I would like to edit using VBA. What I would like to do is to find each of the following text strings in the text file :

De :

If the character right before those text strings is not a carriage return (chr(13) then add a carriage return.

I would like the code to read each line in the text file and execute the task mentioned above.

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Extracting Strings Of Text From Columns Of Data(text)

Apr 23, 2007

What I have is a column of data(text) which contains amongst all the text three strings of text in ever cell in the column which I require copying into three adjoining cells

The data I require is :-

(a) The persons name which is always after the word ‘Requester’ e.g. Requester Steve Robinson

(b) Their office location which is directly after the persons name and is in brackets e.g. (Newcastle User)

(c) The Approving persons name which is preceded by ‘Approved by’ e.g. Approved by Christine Hunting

See examples 1 & 2 below

Example 1

CR0/CRZ3651 Requestor Steve Robinson (Newcastle User) Tel: 01234 798157 Approved by Christine Hunting

Please install and configure 2 Ultra 2s (typhoon and lancaster) for use as ARTE workstations. These workstations require Solaris 2.5.1 plus the same patches as before

Example 2

CR0/CRZ3118 Requestor Doug Cunningham (Newport User) Tel: 0114 9881480 Approved by John Smithers

Please provide support to set up Cisco 2691 Router and PIX-506E Firewall to enable external connection of a remote terminal for project work.

As you will appreciate the text in the cells is of non standard lenght and the three pieces of information can be located virtually any where in the text

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VBA Sum Different Strings Of Text

Dec 3, 2012

Different formula in different cells give me some text as output, to format this. I would like to copy and paste in one cell, so that I can easily then register a macro on top to wrap the text in one big cell.

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Manipulating Text Strings

Jan 12, 2010

I have a column filled with names per row. I wanted to standardize it by using the following format.

The comma after the last name is always an indicator to me that it is the last name.

<First Name> <Middle Initial(if any)> <Last Name>

My actual records contains the following:

Salana, Laura R - need to be arranged to > Laura R Salana
Cantos, Rhoda Grace J - need to be arranged to > Rhoda Grace J Cantos

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Check For Different Text Strings

Jan 9, 2012

Can the below be achieved with any formulae or macro -

I have 2 worksheets (sheet1 & sheet2). In sheet2, i have some colors in column A (e.g. "red" in A1, "blue" in A2, "green" in A3.

In sheet1, i have some text strings in column A, e.g.

A1: I love red color
A2: my pen in blue
A3: Green grass
A4: Orange juice
A5: I like red and blue

What i want in corresponding cells in column B, is the name of the color which is in column A. so my output should be

B1: red
B2: blue
B3: green
B4: "NIL" (any error message)
B5: red (even though it contains 2 color, i am happy to show any one of the colors it contains)

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References And Text Strings

Dec 9, 2012

n cell D3, enter a reference to the value in B7. Format the cell to display the text string Interest Rate.

In D3 i entered =B7 and the value for B7 popped up in cell D3, I am confused on how to enter the text string.

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Spliting Up Text Strings

Jan 16, 2014

What can split up text strings into two cells.

I have this in A1

"X,Y Coord Dn = ",38033.8,42701.7
I have this in A2
"Bearing = ",128.9

I want to split this text into 2 cells.

The Formula I am using for the B1 is:

result = "X,
The Formula I am using for the C1 is:
The Formula I am using for the B2 is:
result="Bearing = ",

The formula I am using for the C2 is:

=IF(A1=B1,"",RIGHT(A1,(LEN(A1)-SEARCH(""",",A1)-1))) result=128.9

I am using the same formula down each column; But i can not seem to ge the "X,Y Coord Dn = ", to work properly.

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VB For Finding Certain Val's At END Of Text Strings

Nov 15, 2006

Column A has prepopulated list of values of various lengths, no spaces. Need to search column A for certain values at the END of each text string, and then populate the cell right next to it with another constant value.

Example: macro searches column A for cells with "123" at the END of the cell value (whole cell value could be A123 or ABC123, etc...). When macro finds the cells that meet this criteria, it places the constant value "XYZ" in column B right next to the cell in col A.

I need several variations on this theme and the # of characters being searched for at the end of each text string can vary. The constant value to be inserted in Col B can also vary. I imagine 'For Each' loops for every variation would work, I just do not know how to write the code for searching the "end of the text string" part of it

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Countif With Text Strings

Oct 23, 2007

How would I write a formula to Countif or Sumif a cell contains a string of text? ie if I wanted to look for "Andrew" in cells that contained the text "AndrewKent", "Andrew Kent", "Kent Andrew" etc how would I do it?

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Joining Text Strings

Jul 28, 2006

I have to cell values that are strings and I want to add the two string values together to form a sentance, when I do this using a + sign or a & sign there is no space between the 2 strings, how do I get a space?

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Append Text To Strings

Feb 2, 2008

I have a database with Column "A" that looks like this:


I want a code that would add ".pv" to every cell in "A" Column so it'll look like:


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Searching For Multiple Text Strings?

Aug 12, 2014

I want to search a longer text field for a shorter string that may be within it. However, I want to do this for multiple short strings.

For instance:

PhraseHidden word
Please search the text for the hidden message: Blue
The hidden word, Green, may be at any point
And the word may be different lengths like Yellow

I have a table of the hidden words (Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink)

I know I could use search to find one word, but is there a way to look for multiple words, and return the value of which one it finds? I have many hidden words (and the list is dynamic) so I don't want to just split into multiple searches.

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Advanced Filter For <> Several Text Strings

Jan 8, 2010

i have a lot of data which i am going to be running an advanced filter on. One of the criteria i am trying to filter for is a list of text values that i want to make sure a row does not contain. Lets say for example I have a list of 2 text values in column "symbols" that i would like to omit in my filtered results, "abc" and "xyz".
As of now I can only set up a criteria to omit one of those.


this works right now.

But if i try to put <>xyz in the cell immediately under there, I thought its supposed to be filtering for symbol that does not equal abc or xyz, but instead it doesnt filter anything out. I think it may be a syntax error or something else that I am doing wrong. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Ideally, I would like to be able to filter out a list of text values that I keep in another column. Like lets say today I wanted to omit "abc" "xyz" and "lmnop" and I would have the advanced filter criteria just reference that list of values as what I would like to filter out. Except there would probably be a list of at least 20 to 30 values, that change over time, so it would be much easier to just keep it all neat in one column that I can edit as I need to.

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Counting Consecutive Text Strings

Jan 27, 2010

I want to count the number of consecutive text entries in the one column. Skip a certain entry eg: NA, then count the next string of the same entry. eg:


So the output that I am after will be counting the number of Apples in a row 4 & 3 but skipping NA.

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Searching For Codes In Text Strings

Apr 26, 2006

field b831 B831 write AASLQ0300000l;


field B7 b7 ;
field a8 @latestdate("PCP2EHSEAAAAh", jEnd);
field b8 @if(a8 <jStart, @latest("PCP2EHSEAAAAh", jEnd),
@avg("PCP2EHSEAAAAh", jStart, jEnd));

I want to look through this text and copy out any 13 character codes that
are present (e.g. "PCPACIMTAAABl" ,2 "PCP2EHSEAAAAh").

These codes all share the following characteristics,

1) they are all 13 characters in length
2) the last character in the code is always either a "l", "h" or a "c".
3) they contrain no spaces
4) the first 12 characters are always in CAPS (followed by a lower "l", "h"
or a "c".

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Vlookup Or Countif Using Text Strings

Sep 10, 2009

In the attached sheet I have a list of names with hours overtime hours worked. I want a small table on the sheet which looks up when "name x more" occurs. In cell C14 for example I want it to count the number of times "Mark More" occurs in column I, but the name may change in C13, so I want to automate this - so the countif in cell C14 will reference whatever text is in C13.

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Combine 2 Strings Text Into One (IF Formula)

Jan 28, 2013

I have two columns each column has a combination of the same 3 words "cash", "card", and "trade". The are formatted as "Cash & Card & Trade" or "Cash & Card" or "Card" ect. I want a formual that can combine the entries written into each columan into one column. I will put an example below.



both (formula in this column)

name 1
Cash & Card & Trade
Cash & Card
Cash & Card & Trade

name 2
Cash & Card


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Searching Names In Text Strings

Oct 22, 2013

I receive a spreadsheet with over 400 lines of data every month. One row (J) contains information from companies with account details. The problem is that the info uses different formats, so the data strings within the cells can be quite long (sometimes over 100 characters, including spaces, dashes and slashes). The one identifier within each data string is a name, usually somewhere in the middle.

So for example a reference to JOHN SMITH might be "123456-01-smith/john-01/01/10-London-Edinburgh" or "2010-01-01-123456/SMITHJOHNMR/123456". I have a list of names (Column Y) and what I need is some way (probably VBA) for Excel to look down the list of references and compare them to the list of names, and if one of the names appears anywhere with in a text string, to put the name in column K. So if 4546/JohnSmith-01/08/13 or Leeds-London-123SmithJohn789 appears, put John Smith in column K, if 0123-MrFredBlogs-0321-5 appears, put Fred Bolggs in column K.

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