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Hyperlinks Not Working

The following is a simplified example of my problem: I have a list of product item numbers in column A. Next to each item number in column B, is a hyperlink to a PDF file relevant to each item. Elsewhere in the sheet, is a drop down box containing the item numbers. Next to the drop down box is a HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP) that fetches the relevant hyperlink depending upon the selected item in the drop down box. Problem is, when I select the ‘lookup’ link, I get an error message ‘cannot open the specified file’ (the original Hyperlink works fine). Does anyone have a solution to this problem (preferably without resorting to Visual Basic?

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Can't Understand Why This Isn't Working - Hyperlinks
Trying to create a hyperlink in a worksheet to a new file saved under the name from the calling cell.

The file saveas function works great, but I cannot get the hyperlink to function correctly, and I've tried several ways.

The only way I can get a hyperlink to work and continually function is by manually creating it in the spreadsheet.

sub newjobcard()
FNAME = ActiveCell.Value
ActiveCell.Formula = ("=HYPERLINK("y:FNAME" & ".XLS", FNAME)")
Workbooks.Add Template:= _
"Z:Peters computerPeters work FilesWTE FILESORIGINALS TEMPLATESJob Card.xls"
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="y:" & FNAME & ".xls"
End Sub

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Loop Through Worksheets Not Working (delete Some Hyperlinks In Column A On 50+ Worksheets)
Just need to delete some hyperlinks in column A on 50+ worksheets. Thought a loop through all the worksheets would do it. Only works on active sheet. Forgive my ignorance, don't really even know where it goes, once it works - module or workbook?

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Explicit Hyperlinks, Relative Hyperlinks
I have a spreadsheet and within the first sheet there are lots of hyperlinks to other cells within sheet 1 (my template).

I have made a small macro which very basically makes a copy of sheet 1 (my template)

The hyperlinks in the template are explicit and as they are copied to sheet two, they still reference back to cells in sheet 1. I need the hyperlinks to be relative, so that when I make a copy of the template the hyperlinks are copied and make reference to cells in the new sheet. I cannot work out how this should be done

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Macros That Were Working In Excel 2003 Are Not Working In 2007
I have a workbook in excel 2003 which I had been running the following macros (listed below). We recently upgraded to Excel 07, and neither are working. When I try to run them, the "debug" option highlights the following line in the sort macro "Range("A2:z" & lastcell).Sort key1:=.Columns(1)". This is driving me crazy, as the macros worked perfectly under the older version of Microsoft. Is there an issue with crossfunctionality between '03 and '07'.

Private Sub Worksheet_change(ByVal target As Excel.Range)
If target.Column = 1 Then
ThisRow = target.Row
startRow = 1
i = 1
Set ws = ActiveSheet
maxRow = Cells.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Row
maxCol = Cells.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Column
ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
Do While i

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Hyperlinks With VBA
Is there a way of using something like hyperlinks in VBA code to open a user form?

I presently am using hyperlinks for coworkers to open other pages that resemble a user form.

I would like to change this to actually using user forms.

I would prefer to simply click on a person's name and open the form.

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I have a spreadsheet that when an identity code is keyed in, it will display a make and model of a particular mobile phone, i want to put a hyperlink in the cell next to the phone name which will then open up an IE window to a website.

The thing i want ideally is if there is any way you can incorporate the websites search function into the hyperlink so when you click on it, the hyperlink will copy the phone details over to the website's search engine and take you straight to the online details of the phone?

wow this isnt making sense to me!

For e.g

The identity code shows up a Nokia 1500

The hyperlink next to it takes in the manufacturer/model details "nokia 5300" (these will obviously vary each time so takes in a cell reference should i say)

It opens up the ie window e.g "google" and automatically searches for that "nokia 5300" and comes up straight away with the search results.

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Magic Hyperlinks
I have a database in excel. Each row in my database is usable information that has a link to Word files on our server and the database is saved on the server.

Whenever I move the original file which is on the server anywhere it causes all the hyperlinks to change. I have saved it on my desktop then moved it, and it still changes my hyperlinks. I don't understand why my hyperlinks don't just stay they way I created them.

Is there a way to keep my hyperlinks from changing? If you notice the immediate folder of the filename doesn't change.

Original hyperlink:

Changed hyperlink:
C:/document and settings/user/microsoft/reports/filename

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If Function And Hyperlinks?
Have the following dilemma in Excel: If I enter a value in cell A3 and the value corresponds to a reference value in one of cells B4:B12, can I hyperlink data in cell range C4: C8 to elsewhere on the sheet (eg J4: J8).


I have 8 meeting rooms that each have a dedicated code, AU, BR, FOR, TO, M1, M2, M3, M4

When I enter a code in cell A3, (eg AU) I want the data in cells A4: A8 (date, start, end, event) to be reproduced in another table on the sheet.

In other words: If A3 is equivalent to a value in cells B4: B12, then can data in C4:C8 be reproduced in J4: J8?

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Sorting Hyperlinks
I created a data base that had a hyperlink to a plan of the store so we can find parts easy. With a lot of help for people here on this web site, it works very well.

My only problem now is that I sorted my Database by the hyperlink column. It made it easy to do one hyperlink and pull the fill handle down for the rest of the same hyperlink reference.

When I went to resort the database so that the parts were in alphabetical order. The sort worked well except that the hyperlink for lets say cell F87 was not sorted. Example : - F87 hyper link presort had the reference to Rack 10 self B. Post sort it had the reference to Rack 16 shelf C. But when clicked on it still took you to Rack 10 self B.

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PDF Hyperlinks In Cannot Open
When I click on a hyperlink inside an Excel spreadsheet, it is linked to a PDF file. When clicked, the screen flashes the Adobe Acrobat program for a split second and then disappears. But I can open the hyperlink same as which it is linked to a word file in the same directory.
I have gone into folder options and switched the PDF to open with Adobe reader 8, but that does nothing.

Any ideas of how to get the PDF to open and stay open would be most appreciated.

I tried to install adobe reader 4.0 without uninstall adobe 7.0 professional.
I use pdf reader 4.0 open the Pdf file in the window explorer, and then go to excel, open the same hypelink pdf file, and find it works now only opening pdf document by pdf reader 4.0 but not by 7.0.

But when I resinstall adobe 7.0 professional, and the problem still occurs. I have to open the original pdf file in the directory by adobe reader 4.0 again.

My case is like the following Macro in excel.
Setup hyperlink and open it . Then the problem is shown as my previous thread mentioned.

Sub Review() .....

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Add A List Of Hyperlinks
i have a WB with over 28 sheets in is there any way of having a box wether it MsgBox or anything to give the user a choice of which sheet to goto , dont have room to add a list of hyperlinks , was wondering if this was possible atall

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Editing Hyperlinks Using Vba?
I made the mistake of creating hyperlinks to files on a server (using the \SERVERNAME convention) without using the "hyperlink base" option.

I've been sufficiently chastened, but the present problem is that I have many such hyperlinks that are now worthless because, when saved, they point to "../../[foldername1]/[foldername2]/[filename]", etc.

Need macro that would replace the first five characters ("../..") of all the hyperlinks on my sheet with //[MYSERVERNAME] ?

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Combo Box And Hyperlinks
how to use a combo box to select hyperlinks to take you off to the selected website? I have this, which works but it's hard-coded - I'm looking for something a little more dynamic, i.e. pick up hyperlinks from a range on a sheet.

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Hyperlinks Within A Database
I am working on a database for a client. The database has a few worksheets with an overview (contents) worksheet. What I am trying to do is create a hyperlink from the contents page to the corresponding worksheet. I can do this no problem is that if I add more data to the worksheet the hyperlink is lost. I am linking the sheets via cells so if a cell is moved down to add a new cell the hyperlink is no longer valid. Is there a rule I can create to keep the hyperlink and not have to adjust it every time new data is added.

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Vlookup Of Hyperlinks
I have a database of two columns - a file name and a hyperlink for the folder path to that form. What I would like to do is a VLOOKUP type search by the form name and the result be the hyperlink itself. The problem is that vlookup basically provides a "Values Only" response and doesn't carry over the hyperlink format.

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Hyperlinks From And To A Sheet
I have a workbook with 32 sheets. The first 31 sheets are hyperlinked to the 32nd sheet, which holds the summary from the other 31 sheets. Now, if I am in Sheet7 and click on the hyperlink in sheet7, it will take me to the summary sheet. That part is OK. But I want to know is it possible to go back to the sheet from where I reached the summary sheet (in this case sheet7 itself) with hyperlinks.

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Textbox And Hyperlinks
I have TextBox1 where I input a 1,2,3, etc...

In TextBox2, depending on the number input in Textbox1 I would like to assign a hyperlink to appear in TextBox2. I have been finding that this is nearly impossible. Are there any other viable options I should look at?

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Mesage Box And Hyperlinks
Can a message box support a hyperlink? I prompt a user with a message box with the text to a website, can the text for the website be a hyperlink in that message?

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Update Hyperlinks
I have a database in excel that has hyperlinks to each document. The problem i have is that i need to move the documents to a new folder, therefore rendering the hyperlinks useless. I have over 1000 hyperlinks that needs to be updated.

what i need to do is the change the current hyperlink to insert the name of the new folder that these documents are to be placed in.

c:1 management........
needs to become
c:Registered folders1 Management........

Is there a way of adding the name Registered folders to the path of the hyperlinks for every document automatically, as doing this manually will be too time consuming.

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Create Hyperlinks With Shapes
This code finds and matches the Text value of a Shape to the value of a cell on seperate worksheets within the same workbook.

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Re-populating Hyperlinks That Have Been Cleared
I have a worksheet that I have removed a good number of hyperlinks, using the remove hyperlink function. My problem is that every so often, the hyperlinks are back on the sheet, without seeing any wording for the hyperlink.

Some place, a long time ago, I saw that there was something in the program that either stopped this from happening or turned the function off or a way of restoring removed hyperlinks. Today, I can't find it.

If I run my cursor over the spreadsheet, even over blank cells, I will get the evil finger of fate (so to speak) indicating that there is a hyperlink in that cell and yes, there is. If I click the cell, the site will be activated.

How do I keep these removed hyperlinks from returning.

I've also noticed that at anytime, while working on the sheet, everything flickers just as if the links are being re-populated. After a second or two the flickering stops and yes, the links are back.

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Contents Page With Hyperlinks
I have a workbook that is now up to 40+ sheets. I'm adding a contents sheet to aid navigation around the workbook.

Every detail page now has a hyperlink inserted called "Home" that simply refers back to the contents sheet and takes me to the contents sheet when I click the link. So far so good.

On the contents sheet, I'll have 40 hyperlinks, each referring to a sheet in the workbook. I want each one to have the name of the sheet displayed, so if my sheets are called sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, etc. then the text displayed on the hyperlinks on the contents sheet are also sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, etc. That's easy as I can just type the sheet name in the "text to display" field in the Insert Hyperlink dialog.

Here's the tough bit.
The names of my sheets change regularly; I want the text displayed for the hyperlink to change automatically so that if sheet3 is renamed to sheet33, the text displayed for the hyperlink also changes to sheet33. Is there a formula that just returns the name of a referenced sheet?

running excel 2000

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Using A Macro To Create Hyperlinks
I currently have a macro that uploads information on a daily basis for hours worked on campaigns per employee. It then converts the data into a pivot table where it uses relative references to copy the total from the bottom and paste them on to another worksheet. I am now trying to use hyperlinks to link the total back to the pivot table. With daily updates though, the data is constantly being pushed down and is located in a new cell each time. How can I get a hyperlink to work for an area thats constantly changing?

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Edit The Hyperlinks In Sheet
I need to edit the hyperlinks in my excel sheet. I know how to do this manually and edit one at a time, but I need to change 3000 of them!

Is there a way I can do this without going through each one?

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Find If The Hyperlinks Are Alive
I've an excel sheet with 700 links to .pdf files from my network drive. Is there a way to check if the links are alive. currently I am clicking the links one by one to confirm if the files exist.

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Hyperlinks And Blank Cells
I have many hyperlinks that are to blank cells, the cells may be blank now but can contain data at any time.

When the hyperlinked cell is blank the active cell displays a Zero (0), is there any way to make the cell appear blank like the hyperlinked cell?

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Remove Apostrophe From Hyperlinks
On exporting information from another database to excel the fields which are text in nature, these are always exported as with an apostrophe at the beginning of text into the excel cell. I can do nothing about this as the export to excel is a defined routine which i have no control over.

Unfortunately due to the amounts of data, I am handling 10,000 lines, the physical removal of this apostrophe at the beginning of the text in each cell is not a good way forward.

The apostrophe is to indicate it is a text string, I have tried edit find and replace looking for the apostrophe with no luck.

It is important for me to remove the apostrophe as it then allows the text which is in fact a hyperlink to be live

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Hyperlinks Link To Other Worksheets
I have managed to find some code which, upon pressing a command button on the 1st worksheet in my workbook it:

1. populates a list of the names of all the other sheets in the document
2. converts each name into a hyperlink that when clicked, opens the sheet. (or at least it should)
3. Add the word 'menu' in cell A1 of each sheet that is a hyperlink back to the menu sheet

There are around 40 sheets in the document so you can see why this is easier than scrolling along the bottom to find the correct one. Or it should be.!

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Hyperlinks From Drop Down Lists
I'm tring a different way to use hyperlink to other workbooks on my network.

I'm using a dropdown validation box and a button. I want to select from the dropdown a link. Not sure if the validation box is the way I should do this, maybe a form dropdown.

Basicly, I would like to use the drop down select the link and press the button to GO! to link.

Is it something like

HTML Hyperlink.follow (A1.value)

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Hyperlinks And Sheet Names
I wrote the following macro to create hyperlinked Table of contents on the first sheet of a workbook. It works great unless the sheet name has a space in it, i.e. "new sheet" as opposed to "newsheet". Any way to get it to work for either/ or?

Originally Posted by Code

Sub Hyperlink()
' Hyperlink Macro
' Macro recorded 2/26/2007 by bpillsbu

Dim ShName As String
Dim ShCt, N As Integer
Dim Sht As Worksheet

ShCt = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Count
N = 1

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To Change Hyperlinks In An Workbook
how to do this massively, without going into each cell? Maybe some VBA code. I just need to change the beginning of the path to point to another directory.

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Drop Down Boxes And Hyperlinks
I'm not sure if I will need to use VBA for this or not, but what I want to is enable a Hyperlink if the user enters "Yes" from a dropdown box in a respective cell. I will have "Yes" or "No" as choices, but I only want the Hyperlink to become active if "YES" is chosen.

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Sheet Names And Hyperlinks
I have searched the forum and I have seem quite a few referrences to this question but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm using the first sheet in the worksbook as a splash screen which has lots of button macros on there. I want to add one more which will make a list on this sheet from cell b25 down with all the sheet names in the workbook which are also clickable hyperlinks. Does anyone have any idea how to do this, so far I can make a list of the names..

Sub Index()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim I As Long

I = 25
For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name "Actions" And ws.Name "summary" And ws.Name "Archive" Then
Worksheets("Summary").Range("B" & I) = ws.Name
I = I + 1
End If
Next ws

End Sub

But have no idea how to make these names clickable which will make the relevant sheet active. If it helps the sheet name is also in cell A2 of every sheet.

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Parsing Cells Into Hyperlinks
I'm creating a table to store a large amount of data that will be continously updated over time. The table however will be viewed from a website, not as an Excel document, and I found a great add-in that generates small, clean HTML code to that end.

I'd like to do something else a little more tricky however ( for me ). I'd like every item in the first column to automatically hyperlink to a predesignated URL, and then parse the contents of that cell onto the end of the web address. If the cell contained multiple words, it would parse "+" between each word to create the proper address. The hyperlinks will be fetching database information from an exterior website.

For example, Column1 Row1 might say "Dog", so a hyperlink would be generated to [url] Column1 Row2 might say "Red Corvette", so a hyperlink would be generated to [url]

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Activate Hyperlinks From ComboBox
I have a Combobox in a userform in Visual Basic. the form pulls the information from the worksheet called "Printers" the cells contain hyperlinks (right clicked cells, to link to PDF docs contained in a folder on a shared drive)

What I need is to create VBA code to activate the hyperlink contained within the cells so users can select the printer in the list and click the command button to pull up the PDF file.

here's my VBA code snippet: ...

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Create Hyperlinks By Using A Loop
I want to loop through a list of numbers and add a hyperlink to each number. This hyperlink refer to a sheet with the same name as the number. how I shall use hyperlink line below. The loop and everything else is ok. I use a loop like the one below and want to refer the Hyperlink to activecell each time

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Can Hyperlinks Be Used To Execute Macros
i have columnar text that is organized by catagory and sub-catagory. what i would like to do is have a macro to hide/unhide rows containing text under sub-catagories by clicking on the sub-catagory and hide/unhide rows containing sub-catagories by clicking on the catagories.

I'm looking for a way to execute macros to hide/unhide rows according to catagory/sub-catagory and for this macro executer to hide/unhide as needed.

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Table Of Contents With Hyperlinks
I am attempting to build a table of contents and add hyperlink to each entry
as suggested by dynamic sheet index

The TOC is constructed properly, but when I click on the hyperlink I receive an error message:
" Reference is not valid"

My code (courtesy Jabax):

Sub Create_TOC()
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim wsTOC As Worksheet
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim r As Long

Set wb = ThisWorkbook
Set wsTOC = wb.Worksheets("TOC")

' Turn the next two lines of code on and off as preferred
' Ans = MsgBox("Do you want to update the Index?", 4)
' If Ans = vbNo Then Exit Sub

With Application
. ScreenUpdating = False
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
.DisplayAlerts = False
End With...

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Find Replace Within Hyperlinks
Replace Multiple Hyperlink Addresses

This code works for me, however I do not want it to continue to the next worksheet. I want to replace the text 1 worksheet at a time, although I am not the greatest at writing these.

Sub ReplacePartHyperlinkAddress()
Dim hLink As Hyperlink
Dim wSheet As Worksheet

For Each wSheet In Worksheets
For Each hLink In wSheet.Hyperlinks
hLink.Address = Replace(hLink.Address, "http://localhost/microsoft user", "")
Next hLink
Next wSheet
End Sub

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Data Validation On Hyperlinks
I tried to establish a data validation cell (C3) depending on a list (A2:A3).

Cell C3 DOES NOT maintain the Hyperlink that can be clicked.
It results with the pure text of the Hyperlink (can not be clicked).

Cell E3, however, seems to be some of a solution but I would like your opinion if there is something that can "force" cell C3 to maintain its Hyperlink feature.

btw, is there no answe to my question in the following address:

Find a File and present its location (Path) in a MsgBox

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Data Validation On Hyperlinks ...
how can I use a list of "HOT" Hyperlinks un a Data Validation Cell because upon picking up an item in that cell actually DID NOTHING (didn't transfer me to the required page).

It was regarding Mail addresses and/or URLs.

I got as an answer - to choose that cell > press [F2] > [ENTER].

This was fine and works very well.

Now, I tried the same "trick" on something very similar.

Instead of Hot "Outside" Hyperlinks - I defined links to some cells IN THE SAME SHEET (Cells A1: A5).

Cell C3 is declared as Data Validation from the 'List' A1:A5.

(Pls take a look at the attched picture)

Unfortunately, I did not managed to be able to choose on of the links and to be transferred to the correct cell.

In fact, choosing an Item DOES NOTHING.

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Working Day Function: (Day + Next 1st Working Day)
I was looking for a final result as follows

21-Aug-09 + 1 = 24-Aug-09 (Day + next 1st working day)

21-Aug-09 + 3 = 26-Aug-09 (Day + next 3rd working day)

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Convert Multiple Hyperlinks To Buttons
Can hyperlinks be converted to buttons
I've a large number of links so a global conversion is what I'm hoping for.

P.S. I'm running Excel 2010

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Indexing Hyperlinks And Thier Locations
I would like to create and Index/List of all the Hyperlinks in a workbood and the locations of those links. It can be a little as just the tab/worksheet the hyperlink is located. I can then import those links into a spider to check to see if they are broken or not.

The following code is close, but I need it to loop through the workbook and list the locations as well.

Sub test()
For Each h In ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks
With ActiveCell
.Value = h.Address
End With
Next h
End Sub

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Hyperlinks With # In Filename Wont Open
Is there any solution to the fact that hyperlinks in excel with a # in filename wont open?

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Using Hyperlinks In Excel -> Outlook Email
I am automating Excel to send an email with a range as the body of the email. This all works fine and the email is presented before sending with the correct information.

The difficulty comes as I have a hyperlink (to intranet site) and when excel imports the data, it doesnt convert it into a hyperlink. It remains as text and hence you cannot click on it.

I have tried changing my outlook options to text and using word as editor, neither work. Has anyone else come across this issue?

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Applying Trim To Cells With Hyperlinks
I have thousands of path names in a spreadsheet that were converted to hyperlinks, but my client wants to see only the filename in the hyperlink, not the whole path.

I created the hyperlinks by applying the following to the column containing the file paths: ....

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Automatically Insert Hyperlinks - VBA 2003
I have a column full of numbers e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 etc..

i need to run a program that automatically goes down the selected column and places a hyperlink based the number in EACH cell. e.g. if the cell number is 4, then the link should be

each cell has a unique number

basically i need a macro that can do the following:

for all cells selected in column
get first cells
get info from cell
insert hyperlink+info;
increment cell

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Locking A Worksheet But Allowing Hyperlinks?
I have a problem where a client is asking to have an Excel Spreadsheet completely secured. In itself this is a relatively painless exercise, but the problem lies in the fact that the workbooks have a lot of cross-sheet navigation by way of internal Hyperlinks.

My first thought was to unlock the cells that contain the the Hyperlinks and then allow selecting unlocked cells in the sheet protection properties, but this has an adverse affect in that it means clicking anywhere on the page will execute the hyperlink as if you had clicked on it directly. This isn't going to be sufficient in this case.

The Hyperlinks are simply added to the cell itself, but there are a lot of them and this template may be processed and updated up to 1000 times a month, so I need something that can handle being automated. My only other thought is to hand the document over to Acrobat and PDF it to allow security, but automating PDF creation is testy at the best of times.

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Bringing Hyperlinks Through A Cell Reference?
I'm attaching an example.. Basically I am using Hlookup to bring some data over from another tab. Is it possible for the data coming over (in this case a brief description) to also bring the hyperlink that's associated with it. In other words I want someone to put in the code P5 which is Proof Load Test. When they put in P5 Hlookup will post the description of what P5 is in the cell below. Then from there I want the user to beable to hyperlink from the description to get to the summary located on a different tab..

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