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If Statement Based On Text Color

Is it possible to have a If statement based on the cells text color.


If(color of A2=RED,1,2)

So if Apple text was colored red the result woud be 1
If the Apple text was black the result would be 2

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Color Cell Fonts Based On Text Color Of TextBox Controls On UserForm
I have got a userform with lots of controls,

One of the action's on a large group of the controls is the same but except for one number

here is an example

If TextBox107.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell. Offset(0, 53).Font.ColorIndex = 3
If TextBox108.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell.Offset(0, 54).Font.ColorIndex = 3
If TextBox109.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell.Offset(0, 55).Font.ColorIndex = 3

This makes a cell that correlates to the textbox red if the text in the textbox is red.

Now, I loads of these textboxes that all need to run the same code with just the Offset value one digit higher than the last and I was hoping I could create a loop to avoid a huge block of code but I can't work out how to make a constant that will +1 with each loop.

Also, can I assume that a loop will start with the control with the lowest number i.e. Textbox1 and then work its way through the rest of them in order?

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Change Text Color Based On Cell Color
I have various row cells in column (F) filled with the color Green. And corresponding text in Column G. How can I change the text of that particular row to white.

i.e.: if any cell in column F is Green, change the text color of that row in Column G to white?

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If Statement Showing Text Based On Date Value In A Column
I have a worksheet with a range of dates in column E. What I would like is a formula that states If any of those dates is less than or equal to 10 (days) from today and column H text is not "Yes" then show text "Email outstanding Actions" else show nothing?

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Automatic Text Based On Cell Color
I would like to have a cell automatically change text based on a conditional formatting formula. When the cell color is red, or the formula is true, then display the word "Expired". Can a formula be devised using results from conditional formatting?

This is being used for expired CPR 2-year certifications. When the certification expires, the cell currently turns red (based on a cell formula) and I would also like the word "Expired" to replace the date.

My condition formula is: =TODAY()>A2 + 730

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Format Cell Color Based On Text
On the attached, I want to make the status 3 lines conditional on the text found in another cell.

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Extract Text In Single Cell Based On Font Color
I have a cell that has a formula in it like PREM + PRDCMP + ACQ + DLR in a spreadsheet that looks like this:

2 1 3 4 6 5

PREM + PRDCMP + ACQ + DLR 2 1 3 4 10

where PREM + PRDCMP + ACQ are colored red and + DLR is colored blue. This formula is entered in that particular cell as a text string. I have a formula in the PREM column that says if the word PREM is located in the formula to the left (and it is), then put the value that is located right under the PREM column (2) in the blank cell next to the formula. So, in the above example, I have an IF statement that sees that PREM is in the formula to the left and so underneath the PREM column, next to the formula, it would place the number 2. Now, I need Excel to detect if any word in the formula text string is colored blue and if it is, to put a zero in that column. So, in the formula above, if + DLR is the only text that is blue, I want to have Excel add 2 + 1 + 3 only. I want to have Excel take any string out that might be colored blue, such as + DLR and return the value of zero for it. The purpose of the different colors in the formula is to distinguish which information is relevant and which information should be ignored. So, I'd like Excel to read the above formula and say put the PREM amount in the cell under PREM, put the PRDCMP amount in the cell underneath PRDCMP, put the ACQ amount in a cell under ACQ and put zero in the DLR column since it is colored blue. If any of them (PREM, PRDCMP, ACQ, DLR, VIP or COMM) are colored blue, I want Excel to put a zero in that column.

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Color Column Charts Based On Font Color Data Cells
I have attached the relevant spreadsheet for which I need to alter the color of the columns based on Site number ( Sheet 1). % Mortality will be represented in the Y-Axis, and the Site numbers would be on the X-Axis. All columns (% Mortality) except one will be of the same color, and the one of a different color will indicate a specific site. As an example, site 86 is colored differently. The way I require the chart to look is shown on Sheet 1.

After reading through some great posts on Ozgrid, I managed to do this using conditional formatting (Sheet 2), but that sort of falls short because I am required to add a data table to the chart, and the parameter that is indicated by the column bars happens to appear twice in the data table.

I was wondering if this can be automated maybe using VBA, but with the possibility of simply matching the color of columns with the font color of respective entry in the data series.

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Macro: Changing Color Of Coloumn Header Based On Rows Color
I wrote a macro to color the cell values in the rows based on their average value. For eg if the cell value is less than 0.2 Avg, they should be red color,if value is between 0.2 and 0.5 it should be yellow. This part is working fine

Now based on the color of the rows cells , need to write a macro for the header one. Logic is Coloum header should be in red colour, if in one or more number of rows cells are red. same with yellow ones. Could you please help me out in solving this with logic.

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Setting Color Of Range Based On Adjacent Cell Color
This is probably elementary, but I'm struggling and would appreciate any help as I have very little excel VBA experience to draw from.

I have assembled code which changes the cell color based on a value change in Column A. Column A will contain many different groups of repeating values. This code works well and and I have been able to figure out how to limit the number of colors to only 2. The end result is each set of similar values in column A is visually grouped by one of two alternating colors.

The number rows in the data set is variable as the data set is extracted from SAP. The number of columns is fixed.

What I want to do now is set the cell color in columns B through F the same color that was assigned to the row in column A. So if cell A3 is set to colorindex = 6, then I want to set the range of cells B3 to E3 to the same color.

Here is the code I am using to set the color of the cells in Column A:

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Change Font Color Based On Adjacent Cell Color
I have two columns. The first one (A) contains cells that have different Fill colors. The second column (B) contains text adjacent to the colored cells. I am trying to change the color of the text in the second column (B) to the corresponding color in the adjacent cell in the first column (A). I don't think conditional formating works well in this situation. I believe the solution would be some sort of macro.

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Color Cells Based On Adjacent Cells Being Empty & Add Text
Iím trying to make my life a bit easier, by adding a few macros and formulas to the spreadsheet (Everything was done completely manually before I got here!!!).
What I would like to do is take two columns, which contain a start and end time for work shifts, and colour them GREEN once I have entered a name in the Worker column (Along side the two with the time), and also to fill a cell with a Yes or a No. Iím aware of auto conditioning, and Iíve tried to have a play to get this to work, but I just canít work it out.
I have posted a link to an image which shows what I want. I hope I've explained it well enough!

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If Statement Dealing With Color Background
I am trying to write an If statement that would search a column for cells that have red as a background color, and if they did, would mark the cell with an X.

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Macro To Color Cells Based On Their Font Color
I have a spreadsheet that i download from the net daily, which is seperated into columns of information.

I want to be able to look down a column and mark a cell in a seperate column if the cell font text is red.

For example looking down column A ... if the font text of a1 is red then mark the cell background colour of T1 red - if a2 text colour is red then mark the cell T2 red .... etc etc.

If the font colour in a1 or a2 ... etc etc is any other colour then do nothing.

I have 5 columns I wish to look down and mark in 5 seperate columns - I have tried to do this by conditional formating but don't know the fomula for checking font colour.

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Color Cells Based On Color Of Preceeding Cell
I am looking for a very simple script that will achieve the following:

On the clicking of a button, Select and shade in a cell yellow, delete the yellow shading of the previous cell. The shading & selection should move up a column of cells, 1 at a time, in the following order:

From B10 to B9, then B9 to B8, B8 to B7 etc until the selection and shading is at B2. Once it is at B2 subsequent clicks will simply keep it at B2 (the top). Thus after 8 clicks the shading & selection should travel from B10 to B2, with only 1 cell being shaded yellow and selected at any one time.

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Font Color Based On Interior Color
I would like to have cells that conditionally format the font color in the cell based on the background color of the cell. Essentially I have a matrix with some cells highlighted in red, yellow, or orange. There are values in each cell of the matrix. If a value is 0 I want the font to be grey. If the value is NOT 0 AND the cell backgorund color is NOT white, I would like it black and bold. Is there any way to do this in excel or using VB?

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IF Statement Based On Dec 31??
Is it possible to use an IF statement based on Dec 31 - of any given year? If Cell B22 contains Dec 31 (year doesn't matter), I need to subtract 1 day from the date in Cell F2. This only pertains to Dec 31. If any other date of the year is in B22, no calculation should take place.

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IF Statement Based On Format
Is there any way to do an IF statement that is based on the format of another cell. For example

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Use TextBox Text In If Statement
I would like to run an 'if' statement but need to perform the logic test on the fly rather than edit the code within the VBE. Example:

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If Statement Based On Validation List
I have a validation list list in column E "Check, Charge, Credit Card, Other". in another column i have what i thought was a straight forward IF statement: =if(E3="Check",9999,"[ ]")

It does not recognize "Check" as the condition. Is there a tweak i can do to get it recognize the data validation.

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If Statement Based On Various Cell Criteria
G5 - can contain True or false
G6 - contains text but the if is on the basis of this cell being "Hand Delivered" or not

I have tried the following to illustrate what I after:

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If Statement Based On Two Cell Values
If I have any value in cell A1 then the cell should show 1 if true or nothing if false. I have managed this via

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If Statement That Return A String Of Text?
not sure if an "IF" staement is appropriate?

I have 3 columns containing data:

column A has text in it,
example: A2="red", A3="green", A4="blue"

column B has 3 letter month in it and they could have repeats
example: B2="Jan", B3="Feb", B4="Jan"


in D2 list anything column A that matches C2
example: D2="red, blue"

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IF Statement To Read Text In A Cell
I need a statement to look at how many words are in a cell. If there is 4, to return "Stem" to another column, if it's the 5th word or higher then to return the last word in the string.

For Example

Column A.......................................................... .Column B

I have tried but failed miserably! I though of using a lookup statement but due to the number of variations it would be quite time consuming.

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Copying Values Into Text Statement
I am using Excel 2007.

In cells A1 and B1 I have numerical values, e.g. 50 and 12 respectively. Cell C1 calculates the product A1*B1 (= 600). In another cell, say D1, I want to display a statement like ď50 x 12 = 600Ē with the 50, 12, and 600 taken directly from cells A1, B1 and C1, without re-entering them. If I change the 50 to another value, say 70, then I want D1 to read ď70 x 12 = 840Ē

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Insert New Row With String Based On Conditional Statement
I've been working on this project to propagate certain products through multiple categories. I chose to use excel to assign multiple categories to each product. On sheet1 I have setup products (column a) and qualifiers in the following columns (color, model, etc). What I would like to achieve is for the user to select yes or no for each category column and and if yes then have the corresponding category breadcrumb string (from sheet2) inserted into one specific column in sheet3. As the user continues to select multiple "yes" from the category columns for that single product, those additional category breadcrumbs get inserted at the end of the list in sheet3.

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VLOOKUP To Return Image Based On If Statement
OK i have put the membership cards on the same sheet as my raw data so to make the formulas easier. On the membership card i have under membership level i have the formula : =VLOOKUP($J$3,A:E,4,FALSE)

there is 3 types of level bronze, silver and gold

what i would like is if the level is gold after then an image to be placed in the cell rather than the word gold and a different image for silver and a different image for bronze.

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IF Statement- Created Based Off A Checkbox Answer
I am trying to get an IF Statement created based off a checkbox answer.

I have a cell reference C2 from Checkbox that is answer Y.

If "Y" I want to calculate *0.005+0,0.03),0)*C4.

I need to skip the 1st & 2nd quarter after C4 before the calcautaion starts.

Then continuing no greater than .03 till the date changes.

I have tried to rearange this formula every way I can think of to get it to work like I want it to.

a correct formula for me to get this to calculate?

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Populating A List Without Blanks Based On If Statement
I have created a checklist using "Marlett" checkboxes. I have the names of choices in column B the Checkboxes in column C. In another sheet I want to populate only the names of the choices chosen without any of the spaces that a traditional if statement would populate if it was copied down a column.

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If Statement Based On Last Digit Or Last Two Digits In A Number
I have 4 and 5 digit numbers. For the 4 digit numbers, I want to be able to distinguish between the numbers by the last digit. For the 5 digit numbers, I want to be able to distinguish between the numbers by the last two digits.

Example: For 4 digit numbers, I would like to do something with all numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. For 5 digit numbers, I would like to do something with numbers ending in 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, etc.

The first step in being able to do this, I guess is distiguishing between 4 and 5 digit numbers, which I know can be done by the number lenght. However, the second part of looking at the last digit or the two last digits I don't know how to do.

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Excel Text Search Through Different Types Of Text And Action Based On Text
1. Search an excel sheet "column" for a particular type of text and insert values based on that text (if found) in another column.

e.g I have column A1 to A10 with different types of text. I would like to search for the keyword "Risk is high" OR "Risk=High" for each cell in the column and insert a "1" if found beside it's corresponding "B" column. If not found, I would like to insert a "0".

So, if the text "Risk is high" OR "Risk=High" was only found in A6, I would like B6 to be "1". Rest of the values in the B column would be "0's", since the text was not found in any of the other cells.

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If Statement (return A Text Value If Numbers Are Present)
Column A consists of cells with a variety of five digit numbers. My formula needs to return a text value if numbers are present in column A, this is what I tried:
=if(A1="","Chassis") but it returns "False" instead of "Chassis".

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IF And FIND Statement For Multiple Text Strings
I have been given a huge membership list. The field for the CITY also as the two letter state abbreviation (e.g., "Fremont, CA" instead of just "Fremont".). I want to be able to have the "CA" or "WA" or "NV" (etc) from the city field appear in a new STATE field. I successfully use the below statement to do this with the "CA" but I want a statement that will search for multiple strings (the other states).
Here is what works now: =IF(FIND(" CA",F2),"CA"). But I want to be able to add other state abbreviations to this.

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Define A Range For SumProduct Function Based On An If Statement?
I want to calculate a weighted average but I need it to only calculate on the months to date. I have a data validation drop down on a title page that is toggled to the current month each time a report is needed to define what months have actuals. I bring in data for all the months but only the current months have actuals. I need to calculate the weighted average on ONLY the ACTUALS. How can I set the ranges for sum product based on the data validation list on the title page?

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AVERAGE IF Statement Based On Matching Condition And Date Ranges
I have created a spreadsheet which creates an average of feedback for trainers in a training company. The form adds up the feedback score into column L of the summary sheet and I have created a summary sheet which I want you use to calculate the average for each trainer.

I have cobbled together an array formula which creates the overallaverage for each trainer based on the named ranges entered via the form.

It looks something like this:

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How To Calculate Camp Meals Statement Based Only Daily Sheet
I have around 250 Employees Camp Meals Statements. Each day we prepare a Excell Sheet and enter the details file attached for easy reference Im manually calculating the Totals in each sheet if emp takes meals we marked as Y otherwise N based on that i want the total meals daily. One more thing Base on employeed code i want the monthly statement in another sheet same file attached..

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Using IF Statement To Carry Over Grand Totals Based On Base Number
I have a number of Grand Totals that equal to Hours of Work in a day ( Based on Demand from Customer Orders)

I only have 95 ( this will be a number in a cell that I want to be able to change if needed) work hours available to me each working day.

I want each day to attempt to fill in up to 95 hours , anything more and it will push the remaining balance forward into the other cells.

IE here is what I have for the next 5 days for Totals


Under the 211 I want it to change to 95 and then carry over the balance to the cell under 120 , I then want that cell to change to 95 and carry over its balance to the next cell and so on down the line. I will always have 22 Working Days I want to work with. So the last day may or may not have a greater then 95 total.

The 95 part I want to be able to change that to whatever number I think I will have available to me and it will adjust accordingly through the line.

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IF Contains Text Then Color
I have a spreadsheet with a few thousand rows. How can I background color all rows RED that 'contain' the text "Ping" in column F, and also background color all rows GREEN that 'contain' the text "CPU" in column F, and so on....with more textual items that exist in cells in column F?

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IF Statement To Display Quarter Of A Year Based On A Three-letter Month Abbreviation
I'm trying to wrtie an IF statement to display one of Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 based on the three letter month abbrev. All i have so far is the following, which isn't leading anywhere - and i have a feeling theres an easier way to write it.


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IF And OR Statement (populate A Cell Based On Which Number Meets The Criteria I Define)
I am trying to populate a cell based on which number meets the criteria I define. This is based on sales revenue, so if the revenue is less than $6.5M, I want to use a certain value. If the value is equal to $6.5M but less than $8M I want to use another value and finally if the revenue is greater than $8M i want to use another value. Here's my formula, but it returns $0.


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If Statement/indexing: Column To Adjust Based On The Date Of The Transaction/trip
I have an employee expense voucher with a column that calculates mileage. I also have a column that lists what the mileage rate is. I'd like for that column to adjust based on the date of the transaction/trip.

Here's an example. Trip between 7/1/08 - 12/31/08 = .585 mileage. Trip between 1/1/09 - 12/31/09 = .405 mileage. If someone turns in a receipt for a trip taken on 11/13/08, I want the form to adjust the mileage rate to .585. Wasn't sure if this is an indexing kind of thing, or if there's an if statement I could use.

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Color Cells Based On Others
I have a long standing problem, i need to use some code that will search a range of cells , say j1 to j15, for a text "ship", gather the value from the equivalent h column cell and then use that value in futher code to colour some cells. So if the value returned is say 5, then colour the next 5 columns from column A whenever "ship" is typed.

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UDF Based On Color Change
I've made this function to know the value of the color of the cell:

Function WhatColor(rango As Range)

Condicional = rango.FormatConditions.Count
If Condicional > 0 Then

WhatColor = rango.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex

WhatColor = rango.Interior.ColorIndex

End If
End Function

and its works, but when I change the color via conditional formatting, the value is not update, I have to go to the cell, press F2 and hit enter to get the value updated, I mean, I need to do a kind of refresh to get the value of the conditinal format.

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Color Cells Based On Value Above/Below
I have many cells in a column, where I would like to change the colour depending on the value in the cell above. If one cell is more than or equals 600 000 and the cell below is less than 600 000, then the lower cell should change colour to red.
This should be repeted for all cells in the column, until the last empty cell.

Sub macro()
x = 7
Do While Cells(x, 4).Value <> ""
If Cells(x, 4).Value >= 600000 _
And Cells([x + 1], 4).Value < 600000 Then _
Cells([x + 1], 4).Select _
Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 3
End If
x = x + 1
End Sub

For this code I receive the error code "Compile error: End if without block if".

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Search Formula (return A Statement If A Certain Month Is Contained In The Text Within Another Cell)
I am trying to write a formula that will return a statement if a certain month is contained in the text within another cell. Formula is =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("Dec",Assumptions!B2)),"Ensure Journal is Non Reversing","")

Cell B2 contains a date in the format of Dec 08, so if this date contains Dec, then return "Ensure Journal is Non Reversing", if it doesn't then leave the cell blank.

At the moment it is putting in the first test for every month I select and not changing to blank.

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Distinguish The Color Of The Text
Is there a formula/code that can look at a spreadsheet, distinguish the color of the text (red for example) and throw out an "Exception" in a blank cell (in "A1")?

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Color The Cells Which Contains The Text
Tried to record a macro which needs to color the cells which contains the following text, "Next mail needs to be sent", the problem which i am facing is; its currently coloring the cell which was recorded in the macro, which is G46, but i want all the cells which contains the above text to be colored.

Sub color()

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:="=*Next mail needs to be sent*", _
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-3
Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = 50
End Sub

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Text Color Code
Is it possible to have a code that says if I have a range of cells....say a1:d1 with d1 having a date in it....have that code say that if that date in d1 is greater than 30 days from today, make that whole range of cells (a1:d1) change color like to red.

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To Change Text Color
I am in need of a way to change the color of text in a cell to red if that cell contains a dollar sign ($) and if it dosen't contain a dollar sign ($) for the text to be black. I want this to happen automatically without having to run a macro, is this possible?

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Underline Text With Different Color
Is it possible to underline text with differenet color? Text is let say std. black, and need red underline. (I can change color of cell down but I would like underline line in right test test. underline.xls

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Changing Cell Color Based On Value
Quick question, I know how to change a cells background / text color based on it's own value using conditional formatting but what would be the formula to change cell A1's background color based on the value of cell C1?

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