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Ignoring Duplicates In Dynamic Drop Down Lists

I have a large list of items and have set up some dynamic drop down lists but need to know if/how to make these lists only show each item once and therefore ignore any duplicates.

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Lists, How To Make Drop-down Lists Optional
Is there a way to make a drop-down list optional? When I create drop-down lists the user has to make a choice from that list.

Example: a list of doctors. I need the user to be able to select from that list if the patient saw one of those physicians, but if the patient saw another doctor not on the list, I need the user to be able to enter the name of that other doctor. Currently the user has to select from the list or not enter a doctor. I am using Excel 2003.

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Dynamic Data Validation :: Dynamic Lists
I have a question on the above but can't seem to find a solution. There are two ways that I can find for dealing with dynamic lists via data validation:-

1) Offset and match, cavet being the data must be sorted a-z
2) Have lists for each potential selection

Is there any way to get around 1 without having to do 2? E.g. Got two columns of data, unsorted, and a list from which the user can choose from. The user chooses from the list in first cell, in the second cell require the dynamic list to return all the values accordingly?

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Ignoring Blank Value In A Drop Down List
I have a dynamic drop down validation List, which comes from another
spreadsheet list and have a few random blank cells in it. I need to
drop these blank values from the List without making any change in the
parent list. I may also have some duplicate values in the List and need
to drop them too.

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Ignoring Blanks In A Dynamic Named Range
I used each of the following codes for dynamic name ranges.

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Ignoring Blank Cells/zero Calculated Values In Drop Down List
i have a list which is populated with data from another sheet.. if there is no data in the corresponding cell on the other sheet then the cell is blank.. i've tried using:


but it doesn't see the blank cells as blank i.e. no data in them as they contain formula's.. (even although there are no values populated) - can anyone offer any help in relation to this???

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Comparing Two Lists For Duplicates
I'm trying to compare two lists of songs to see which songs are not shared by both lists. I wrote a simple function to try to do this but ran into problems pretty fast. I want to create a function which will tell me if the song in a cell (lets say cell B2) is the same as any of the cells in Column A.

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Compare Lists & Highlight Duplicates
I receive a daily spreadsheet which contains (amongst other information) a column of postcodes. I'd like to run a macro which compares these postcodes with a list of other postcodes, and then to colour highlight each instance of that post code in the daily spreadhseet.

I have been able to find and modify a macro but that searches for one post code at a time and then adds a comments box to the cell.

Instead of copying that piece of code and editing it for the several hundred post codes I need to "look up" against, I'd like to know how to create a list of post codes in the macro, so that the macro searches the first post code in the lookup list, finds and highlights each cell instance, then moves onto the next post code in the lookup list, until the end of the lookup list. I would like this as the editing of the lookup list would be much easier than editing paragraphs of code.

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Compare Two Lists & Save Duplicates To New Sheet
The Master list:
Sheet1, Column C has unique numbers, i.e, 0608-211-1093-2.

(can have thousands of entries)

The Comparison list:
Sheet2, Column C will have duplicates of some of Sheet1, Column C numbers.

(Sheet2, Column C will have the numbers but other columns will have different
data than Sheet1 and may have a few hundred entries or less)

I need a macro that will that will compare the two sheets for duplicates based on
Column C and then write the entire row of Sheet1 with the duplicate number to a new Sheet3.

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Comparing Lists And Deleting Duplicates Automatically
I have two seperate lists. One on Sheet 1 and One on sheet 2. What I need to do is take the list on sheet 2 and compare it to the list on sheet 1. If any of the items appear on sheet one, I need to delete those items form sheet 2.

So in the end the only items left on sheet 2 will be items that dont match any items on sheet 1

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Compare 2 Lists On 2 Sheets And Output Non Duplicates To A Third Sheet
I need a macro to compare the values in column b across 2 sheets and output the rows that do not have duplicate values in column b to a third sheet?

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Dynamic Related Lists
I have a vehicle intake-form in which users have to enter vehicle data.

I also have a huge list containing make/model information.

I would like to be able to use this database in the following way : I want the user to select the make in cell A1 , and then the model in cell B1. It must be possible to choose for example the make "BMW" in cell A1 and then cell B1 should only display the BMW models, and not all others that are present in the list...

I tried to use Data Validation with a list of choices, this works fine for the make (A1) ; but how do I make the list used for Data Validation on B1 dynamically related to the value in cell A1 !

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Conditional, Dynamic , Unique Lists
I am trying to create a dynamic, unique listing. I have two data lists (expanding 45,000 rows). They are as follows. I CANNOT use macros due to security constraints :

ARGENTINE PESO ··············Cash Account 1
ARGENTINE PESO ··············Cash Account 2
ARGENTINE PESO ··············Cash Account 3
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 1
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 4
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 7
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 9
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 15

I basically want to be able to type "Cash Account 1" in my control cell, and have a dynamic dropdown created that only summarises those currencies available in that cash account, so in this instance, it would be both ARGENTINE PESO and AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR. I have created a solution, but due to the 45,000 row range, it is very processor heavy, and I would like to be quicker i.e. type the cash account you want to analyse, and the combo box / data validation dropdown(?) will only show relevant currencies. I do not mind using helper cells and / or a master sheet to analyse each currency for true/false. Also, the columns can be reversed if that makes it easier.

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Merge & Sort Dynamic Lists
I need to create a BOTH box that will dynamically pull names from both the "Chicago Office" & "Seattle Office" columns in my sheet. It is extremely preferable to do this without VB Script if possible to avoid the security warnings on opening the sheet. (Our IT department will not budge on this..)

I have two lists of employees. Column A lists the Chicago Office employees. Column B lists the Seattle Office employees. I've been able to successfully define named ranges to work with these as dynamic lists. I can append names, or delete names, and the Chicago, or Seattle boxes (drop downs created with data validation formulas inside named ranges) will reflect the updated names correctly. I have been unable to make a single drop down with all the names from both offices, that is updated dynamically. I've attached a sheet so that this is easier to understand. Basically I need the "BOTH" drop down to actually work.

The Chicago range is defined as:
=OFFSET(Sheet1!$A$2:$A$11,0,0, COUNTA(Sheet1!$A$2:$A$11),1)
The Seattle range is defined as:

In the boxes on the right of the lists, I just have a Data Validation List formula as:
=Chicago and the other as =Seattle

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Dynamic & Dependant Lists On UserForms
what i need to do is display a list of items, with a dropdown box next to each item. the dropdown boxes are identical. for each item in the list (e.g. each musician), the user should be able to select an item from the box ("percussion", "horn", "string").

my problem is that the number of items in the list is not set, so the list of name labels, dropdown boxes, etc needs to be generated dynamically. is it possible to generate a list of labels/dropdown boxes using a loop? (as i understand it, this would involve writing code to write code.)

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Dynamic Linked Validation Lists
I have a spreadsheet where I keep all records of all the rock climbing I have done.

I am after a way of choosing a climbing area either by data validation or combo box (already set up as a named range) and then the climb names available in another validation list shows only those from that particular climbing area.

From what I have seen from various web sites it seems the climbing area names need to be in a unique list (is this correct). My sheet looks like the following:

Column A | Column B (climbing area) | Column C (climb name)
Date | Mt Arapiles | Agent Orange
Date | Mt Arapiles | Auto Da Fe
Date | Morialta | Asgard
Date | Morialta | Al Sirrat
Date | Buckaringa Gorge | Agent Orange

The name in the climbing area column will be repeated often.

The climb name should be unique to each climbing area, but the climb name my be repeated in another climbing area.

The climbing areas are anamed range on a separate worksheet.
The details of the climbs has all the details of the climb i.e. the Climb Name; Climbing Area (VLookup); Grade ; Distance ; Single or Multi Pitch ; Lengths of each Pitch.

I already have a working example of the spreadsheet (220KB) but it currently works backwards i.e. I use validation to find the climb name and then this uses the INDEX function to return the climbing area.

I would like to be able to choose the climbing area and then the next available choices would be limited to that climbing area.

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Drop Down Lists To Get Subcategories
As part of my project I have to create a data extraction excel sheet which is used as a template to extract relevant information from journal articles.

From each article I need to extract information on multiple psych. scales. For example, lets say Article 1 has information of ScaleA and Scale B so I would enter the means/sdev./... on each Scale from that article in respective columns. Article 2 might have info on Scale A and Scale C so I would enter them in respective columns.

As you see there are about 8-10 Scales with many subcategories (means,sdev,...), so my question is there a way to create a drop down menu such that all the scales (A-H) are in that menu and upon selection of a particular Scale the sub columns (with mean,sdev.,...) open beside/underneath it. I hope you understood my question.

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Drop Down Lists Lookup.
I have two columns B and C - In column B are the names of people. (12 names in this list) and in column C is a number from 1 - 4 (each person is in either team 1, 2, 3 or 4)

I have a drop down list in Column A which links to a small table (1 2 3 and 4) so the user can choose which team. I need a formula to then list the members of that team, when it has been selected.

I was using a Vlookup command, but this only works for the first person on the list, if i drag the formula down, it is still the same person. I need to show a list of all the members of that team.

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Averaging 2 Drop Down Lists Into A Value
I read this thread which helped me very much. So I was able to link one drop down box to a list, which fills in the adjacent box. Now I need some help getting an average.

Ex. Drop down 1 has a list of names which applies the associated numerical value in box 3. Drop down 2 has a list of the same names with the same associated values, and I need these 2 values averaged and put in box 3.

The problem is that Drop down 2 doesn't always have a name. It may be left blank and so I need drop down 1 to continue applying to box 3 when drop down 2 is empty.

This is what I have for drop down 1 to apply to box 3.


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Dependent Drop Down Lists ...
I have been searching on this for a little while now but have not been able to find a solution to my problem. I have been asked to create a series of dependent dropdown lists using excel so that we can use these for inventory imports into a asset system. The catch on this is that nobody here really has any idea on how to make these dependent lists reference each other correctly. The reason for that is because the fields all have spaces in them and I do not know how to get a list name with a space in it or to create the proper translation for it. An example of this would be something like what I have written in below ....

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Validation Drop-down Lists
How to make a drop-down list appear when a cell is double-clicked as opposed to just clicking on the box to the right of the cell that appears when you click in the cell? I want to be able to use the ability to drag-copy the cell contents from the little square in the bottom-right of the cell, but cannot do this when there is a validation drop-down list!!

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Reading From Drop Down Lists
I have a drop down list in my excel sheet that contains names of manufacturers. What i would like to do (using vba) is display some details of each manufacturer that will be copied from a different sheet.

So my question is, how can i read the string from the drop down list on one sheet and then copy a cell from another sheet.

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Drop Down Lists And Databases
I have a "form" type spread sheet that I have created where the user can enter different information (like name, company, addresses etc.). I have figured out how to create a drop down list. But what I would like to do is create on a seperate sheet a "data base" of information which will be "copied" into the appropriate cells on the first sheet depending on what the user selects from the drop down list.

The drop down list will list company names, which are stored on the second sheet. However, each company will have other data such as the company address (which will be entered in seperate cells with information like, box, street, town, province, country, code).

Now this is the clincher... The user must be able to add to the data list on sheet two and any new entry must automatically appear on the drop down list on sheet 1, and when selected it's "data" must be transferred to the appropriate cells on sheet one from sheet 2.

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Drop Down Lists Disappeared
I've created a sheet with a number of drop down lists using the validation menu.

Whilst working on the sheet the lists have disappeared! The validation options are still there and refer to the correct cells that have the correct details in them, but when I click in the cell that should have the list in it I don't get the down arrow to click that shows the list.

I've also tried creating a new list in another cell but that does the same.

Hopefully i've just changed a setting that stops it working and I can unchange it - but I don't know what's caused it.

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Passwords And Drop Down Lists
How would I write a marco that requires a password when a certain word in a drop down list is selected, bearing in mind that when this word is selected certain cells in the worksheet are no longer locked - in other words the certain cell can only changed by a specific person in the drop down list which when this person is selected a password is required.

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IF Function And Drop-down Lists
I've got an IF statement that's based around what's chosen from a drop-down list. The problem is I'm using "" to stand for nothing being chosen in the cell in question, and this is returning an error message and highlighting the '""' (that looks confusing).

I've tried checking and unchecking 'ignore blanks' in data validation but nothing much has happened.

Here's an example of the formula I'm using:


The problematic "" is the first one.

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Drop Down Lists To Reuse
why is it that if i use the drop down list to select something i then cannot go back the drop down list to select something else if ive made an error?
has it anything to do with vlookup?

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Returning A Value From Two Drop Down Lists?
I try and simplify a list of flights and their respective distances, so its easy for users to enter new flights into a database. Its not too much complication, but needs a formula i'm not sure which one though, either a pivot table or use of an OFFSET formula? Anyway a description of the attachment:

entries for all offices: title headers are self explanatory, with a drop down list at cell C42, referring to Destinations!G4:G88 (a range called airportlist)
cell D42 referrs also to the same range, airportlist. numbers of flghts: totals of how many flights are booked per office, i've got this one sorted. total flight distances: self explanatory.

destinations: a list of every flght the company takes, for each route of travel. also i've researched out the distance each journey covers. i've then compiled a list of each airport used, so i can make the drop down lists which are then used on the "entries to all offices" sheet. (this is the airportlist range).

on the "entries to all offices" sheet, i've made the sample drop down lists on cells C42 and D42, and what i'm hoping is that cell E42 displays the distance between the two cities displayed in C42 and D42.

so my magical formula needs to take the value in cell C42, then on sheet "destinations" needs to pair it to a row matching the value in cell D42, then take the resultant distance in that row and dump it in cell E42.

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Controlling Drop Down Lists
I would like to do something similar to wiL with an employee drop down list. As the user begins to type the name, the drop down would narrow the choices alphabetically or the user could select the drop down list then hit the first letter of the name and go to that letter of the list (i.e. selecting "M" to go to the portion of the list that starts with "M").

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Hyperlinks From Drop Down Lists
I'm tring a different way to use hyperlink to other workbooks on my network.

I'm using a dropdown validation box and a button. I want to select from the dropdown a link. Not sure if the validation box is the way I should do this, maybe a form dropdown.

Basicly, I would like to use the drop down select the link and press the button to GO! to link.

Is it something like

HTML Hyperlink.follow (A1.value)

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Dynamic Named Range As Validation Lists
In the attached example I have a column of data on worksheet 2. Extra rows will frequently be added and removed from the column. I want to use that column of data to populate a validation drop down box for a whole column of cells on sheet 1. (Target cells coloured yellow for demonstration purposes)

I don’t want the validation drop down to be full of blank rows so I set up a dynamic named range to refer to the column on Sheet2. It all works really well...but...only for cell D6 on sheet 2. It doesn’t work on any of the other target cells on sheet 2 or on sheet 1. I have been looking at this for far too long and it has begun hurting my brain.

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Linking Drop Down Lists Across Worksheets
Using Office 2003.

I have created two workbooks, one which is a master price list (MasterPriceList.xls) and another which is a pricing sheet template that will be used to calculate many different products (Pricing.xls)

I have used a VLOOKUP across the workbooks (thanks to those who helped me with that) but I cannot get a drop list to work across two worksheets. When I enter the source in the "refers to" box, I get a notice saying that you can't use data validation across two workbooks. However, this was the same error message I got when I was incorrectly inserting the reference source for the VLOOKUP function, so I don't believe it Also, there are several tutorials on the web that say this can be done. However, none of them seem to work for me.

I cannot open the Data Validation box and get to the other open worksheet, so I can highlight the area I want, with the range I want to drop down. Until I close the data validation box, I cannot get out of that sheet. I have used cell ranges as well as named ranges.

When I type in a name, I get only the text I entered in the source reference box appearing on the sheet, i.e., the drop down box will only show "=C:Documents And SettingsAllenMy Documents, etc" it doesn't seem to recognize it as a source.

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Drop Down Lists And Vlookup- Or Match
I have already have my lists created.... Problem... in Cells A17:A62 I need
the list of employees names to display down the column by selecting the
number value in Cell A13...(A13 being a four digit crew code)... Each
employee has a four digit crew number associated with them.... so far I have
Cell G10 as a drop down list to select the crew name, which puts the crew
four digit number in A13. So now I need Cells A17:A62 to display the
employee names down the column by using the value in A13... does that make

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Populating A Cell From 2 Drop Down Lists
I am creating a form where the user chooses a Region from a drop down list and a Level from another drop down list. I have a cell I want to populate with the amount pertaining to the Region and Level from a seperate spreadsheet within the workbook.

The levels for each region go from 1 to 12 and there are 4 regions from A to D. I have separated each region and named them GradeA, GradeB, etc.

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Validation Lists And Drop Down Arrows
From the Excel Toolbar - Data/Validation - I'm successfully using a validation list [drop down arrow] to be able to choose from a list and have whatever value I choose entered into the cell. So far so good. Everything working fine.

Here's the thing though, the list I'm referencing is a column with 50 rows. Sometimes there are many items in the column - up to 50, and sometimes only 3 items depending on other variables in the spreadsheet.

Because the list is referencing the entire 50 rows in the column (only way I know how to do it), during times when the column has only 3 items (3 rows), the drop down still shows a bunch of blank spaces (like 47 of them - tons of white space with a scroll bar window that runs down beyond where one can see), which is awkward (strange looking).

How do I program the validation list to only show as many cells within a range that have actual values within the cell, or where <> "" ? Or, in other words, to leave all blank spaces found in the list = NOT SHOWN.

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Auto Fill With One Of Two Drop Down Lists...?
I am trying to do this in several cells/several ways, looking for the generic formula, here is one example:

If User selects "Expenses" in
'Activity' B3
from drop down list of "Expenses" or "Income".

I want C3 to populate with drop down list - the words to choose from are listed in 'Expenses' B1:AI1

If User selects "income" in
'Activity' B3
from drop down list of "Expenses" or "Income".

I want C3 to populate with drop down list - the words to choose from are listed in 'Income' B3:AI3

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Workbook That Uses All Kinds Of Drop Down Lists
I've inherited a workbook that uses all kinds of drop down lists, which are awesome, I just haven't learned how to use them yet. There are 3 key pieces that I'm looking at, Department, Manager, and Process. All of the cells in the table have a drop down list to choose from any of the names/titles listed out on a separate sheet. The problem is that Process, which should be fed by Column L in the other sheet, isn't making that drop down tab for me to choose from. Does this make sense?

Basically, currently, I can select Department from a list, then Manager from a list, but not Process. It has the arrow, but nothing to choose from. I usually try to be more specific in my threads but I don't really understand lists myself...

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Semi-dependent Drop Down Lists
I'm trying to make a number of cells dependent to a drop down list. However, these cells would also be drop down lists and while they'd show a value automatically determined depending on the drop down list, the user would still be able to choose another value.

Coated steel

This would be my initial drop down list.

In the same sheet, I could choose the materials for the machines shaft, fasteners, anchors, chains, sprockets, nozzles, etc. These materials would be, again:

Coated steel

in 90% of the cases, having the machines frame at SS304 would mean the rest of the materials would also be SS304. However, depending on the needs, the anchors could be SS316. So basically I'd like that the options all be in the same material as the frame, but with the possibility of choosing another material through a drop down list.

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Drop Down Lists Show Various Choices
I can create a drop list show various choices, is it possible to have the list of choice but also for the user to input text not in the list.

So if you had a list of names andrew, brian, chris and then not in the list you could write david ?

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Drop Down Lists For Entire Column?
i know how to make a drop down list and then I can strech it over X rows but how do I set somthing like from C3 and forever onwards (C4,C5,C6..)use this droplist. I do not know how many entrys will be made so from C3 and onwards I need all cells to have this drop down menu.

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Drop-down Lists In User Forms
I am making a user form so that others can enter their data into a database.
In some of the fields I want to have a drop down list that will contain both all the options from a generic list, and any other items that have previously been entered into that field. For example I have a generic list of components but someone may feel that none of those listed describe their component so they will add a new one, I want this new one to then appear within the drop-down list for the next user,

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Format Font In Drop-Down Lists
Excel 2003. I have created an Excel purchase order form that has several drop-down lists that work just fine. However, I have yet to figure out how to change the font size and be able to use such things as BOLD, etc...even when I format the source data list. I can format everything else in the form...except how the drop-down list data is displayed.

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Conditional Drop-Down Menus/Lists
I am trying to create 4 pull down menus. Menus 1, 2, 3, 4. Menu 1 is the top menu, menu 2 will only show certain information based on what was chosen on menu 1. Menu 3 will show certain information based on what was chosen in 2 and 4, again, will only show certain information based on what was chosen in 3. Sort of how the menus on autotrader work, if you chose audi it will only show audi vehicles, although not for the same purpose, or even the same industry. I am using Excel 2007, it might matter. I have attached an xls file that shows the information I am using and below that the basic progression, I haven't listed it all, but you should get the general idea.

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Dependant Validation Lists With Dynamic Named Ranges
in a sheet I have two cells using data validation and dropdowns - the source for the first cell is a static named range - no problems. The source of the second cell is dependent on the value in the first cell and the sources are dynamic named ranges.
The dynamic ranges in cell#2 is named according to the value in cell#1 and I therefore have referenced the ranges using the INDIRECT function - but this only works with static ranges.

In the data validation source field for cell#2 I have the following formula:

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Drop Down Lists - Depending On Other Cell Values
I have a workbook with several drop down boxes and formulas already set up and working. I want to improve it though. My question is.... is there a formula that will make the drop down list change based on a cell value....

For example: If B6 equals vegetables then C6 equals list (potato, carrot, pea, etc.) If B6 equals fruit then C6 equals list (apple, banana, grape)

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Conditional Data Validation Drop-down Lists
Sheet1 is my database and looks like the following:


Sheet2 is for the user input, in which Columns H and I would have a data validation drop-down list and looks like the following: ...

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Drop Down Lists: How To Make Source From Different Worksheet
When creating a drop-down list using Validation, is there any way to make the source a different worksheet in the workbook? Right now when I click on Source and select my list, it will not allow me to go to another worksheet.

If I manually enter a reference to cells in another worksheet, such as 'PCP'!$A$2:$A$250 it only shows that cited reference, not the actual list.

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Drop-Down Lists: Can We Fill 2 Columns At The Same Time?
Is there a way to have a drop-down list fill two columns (actually, two adjacent cells) when a selection is made from the drop-down list? Maybe using an array in the source formula?

For instance, let's say I pick a doctor from the drop down list, I would like the doctor's practice to automatically fill the cell next it so that the two always go together correctly. In the lists example below, when I select Dr. Elmer in column A, then I want Internal Medecine Associates to go in column B.

MD Practice
Dr. BartholomewCentral Endocrine Specialists
Dr. Elmer Internal Medicine Associates
Dr. StamfordCardiology Associates

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Filter Named Lists For Use In ComboBox/Drop-down Box
I have a workbook that lists a number of customers and the products that they use. I am trying to create a lookup that will follow the following process;

1 - User enters (via dropdown selection) Customer Id

2 - User enters (via filtered dropdown based on the 1st selection) Product

3 - User enters (via filtered dropdown based on the 1st and 2nd selections) Pack Size

4 - Product Id autofills itself.

My problem is twofold, firstly I don't know how to perform the "filters" in stages 2 and 3, and secondly I want to remove duplications from all lists at the appropriate times.

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Conditional Drop Down Lists Based On Another List
Just wondering if a drop down list can be specific to a selection made in a previous cell. For example in column A the user would select either:


Then in column B, the drop down list would be conditional upon what was selected in A. So if the user selected 'Weekly' - the drop down list in B would be: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Or if the user selected 'Monthly' in column A's list, the list in column B would be: 1, 2, 3, ......31.

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Creating Drop Down Lists With Same Multiple Items
Looking to create a drop down list on the top of a column that will find all entries with that numerical value. For example, lets say I have four entries with the value 1234 spread out through the columns. When I click the drop down menu, it should only have 1234 once and when I click it, it shows me all the rows with that entry.

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