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Image In Pop-up

I have three worksheets A, B, and C. I'm using the worksheets as a pseudo-database. Worksheet A contains raw data. Worksheet B contains a look-up table. Woksheet merges the information together. Currently I do have the VBA code working to compare the value in WS A to WS B and if they match then it inserts the data into WS C. What I am wanting is a pop-up window that when the value is WS A isn't contained in WS B. This pop up window would contain both an image (to be dynamically pulled from the hard drive) and a text input field. My next step would then take the input field and inset that into WS B.

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Embed Image In Cell :: HTTPS URL To An Image
I have a dataset that includes the path and optionally an HTTPS URL to an image. Is it possible to embed this image in a cell?

Short of that what might be some other options?

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Is There A Way When Type Image Name In Textbox It Load Out That Image
is there a way to load an image out when u type the image name in the textfield.
Example when I type in my name it load my image out beside the name.

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Display Image Based On Image Name In Cell
Is there a way to have image box display an image with a name matching data from a cell? example: if I type "hello" in cell a1, Image box will load image named "hello". And display new images by changing the name in cell a1. Note: the images will be located in a permanent folder.

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Add Image To Worksheet Image Control
I am trying to display an image ("image") on an image control ("Image1") placed in a worksheet ("Sheet1"). The problem is that I want this action to take place when I press a button in a user form. I am trying to use the following code, but it seems that VBA does not recognize the image control ("Image1") in the worksheet.

Private Sub cmdDisplayImage_Click()
Dim image As Variant
image = ThisWorkbook.Path & "sun.jpg"
Image1.Picture = LoadPicture(image)
End Sub

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Pop-up Reminder
Macro that automatically runs a task when the workbook is opened. I want it to keep track and monitor the due date so that a Pop-up Reminder can be triggered. By the way, is it possible to display a image as well? Pls take a look at my attachment for better understanding.

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Pop Up Message
As part of a macro I would like to add a piece of code that will make a pop up window appear, something like: "Please open the file ABC"

Can someone tell me what code should I add to my existing macro ? (I have just recorded the macro as I am do not know coding)

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Message Pop Up If
I do not want to use comments box or data validation

I want to use a macro

cells C14, C32, and C49 are drop down list

If user selects "MFRHTC" from drop down list in either one

I want a message box to pop up and end when user clicks the OK button

this is what I currently have but is NOT Working

If Not Application.Intersect(Range("C14, C32,C49"), Target) Is Nothing _
And Target.Count = 1 _
And Target.Select = "MFRHTC" Then
Msg = "Units will provide the following in order to have ammunition Fed Ex to HTC's " & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & " POC" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & " Unit ship to Address" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & " Phone Number" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "" & vbCrLf
Msg = Msg & "Input the required info in the Comments Box"
MsgBox Msg, vbInformation, "FED EX AMMO INFO REQUIRED"
End If
End Sub

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Message Pop Up
Is there a way to add a message pop up in Excel to say that whenever cell c9 is > than .90 the pop up message should say "Please create exception"?

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Messagebox Pop Up
If A1 = >10 then I want to pop up the messagebox having "You are entered invalid number"

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Pop Up Box
how do you reference cells in a popup box? i want a box to come up at the end of a macro and have cell values referenced in it.

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Yes/No Pop-up Window
I have a certain macro which copies data from one file to the other. There are several target files (refering to a given month each) and one source file. The user chooses a month from a drop down list in the source file which modifies a certain cell. The value of this cell decides on which of the 12 target files will be opened to paste the data to. The macro also copies the value of a cell which refers to the current date (=TODAY()) This number is then compared with a the range (value between two pints in time: start and end date of a given month). All I need is some sort of a pop-up window with a header i.e. WARNING. and the window text: You are about to send the information to a file which does not refere to the current month, are you sure you want to perform this action" and two buttons YES and NO in case the value of the current date does not match the range set up by the starting and ending of a given month in the target file. The button YES would then do waht ever the code that was placed before the pop-up window said, save the aplication and close it, and the NO button would simply close the aplicatiown without saving it. Something like that:

Sub Export()
'the whole code describing the action to be taken
If Range("A1").Value >= Range("A3").Value And Range("A1").Value <= Range("A2").Value Then
'here the A1 cell refers to the current date and cells A2 and A3 to the start and the end date of the month
End Sub

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Insert Image
I have a multi-row ,multi-column spreadsheet which lists furniture items, and with some plain Excel formulas allows me to create a proper list.

I'm using Excel as a database, in Sheet1 I have all the data, and Sheet2 is actually where I select the data and set the list of the chosen items.

Now, I have the images for all the items listed in Sheet1 in the same folder of the xlsm file, and I want to insert the proper image in a given cell in the given row.

Looking for something which may do the trick I did find this code in your site and it actually works for me!

Now, what I need is to provide the PictureFileName and TargetCell via parameters already present in the spreadsheet.

Say I want to retrieve the image shelves.jpg which is in the folder DATABASEimgs in your code mentioned above I manually set the string for PictureFileName like this

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Find In The Image
I need the desired output as found in the image.

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Image Viewer
I want to set a image viewer with excel where I select any cell read that cell and show the same image in that viewer

Image viewer

1 Abc_xy45
2 xyz_er45
(these all are style no )

I made a folder where I store all images with style no
it will be same no in A Column

So when I select any style no I can able to see image in image viewer is this possible?

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Calendar Pop Up In 2000
I created a calendar control pop-up in Excel 2003.

To create, I did the following:

First: I went to Insert>Object>Calendar Control.

Second: I inserted following code

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Message Pop Up Box
I am wanting a pop up box to appear when a certain value is reached in my worksheet.

My worksheet is a schedule of training, and we have the same columns duplicated over monthly tabs, i want a message to appear if a certain column named " Trainers" has reached 30. Would this be possible? I would like it to pop up with what cell it is that has reached this number.

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VBA How Can I Pop These Into An Array
i have 3 columns of data... i want to populate an array from anything in column 1 that has an 'N' in column 3...

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POP UP Message When It Exceeds A Certain Value
My problem: get a cell to produce a pop up message when it exceeds a
certain value and do not restrict the entry value?
I tried Data - Validation but have had no luck.
The details (much simplified) are these:
I want to multiply B2 x A2 and if the answer exceeds $2499 have a pop up
message appear. Is it possible to have the pop up ocurr while inputting data
into B2 or only after "entering" or when B2 has been reselected.
1 qty unit cost
2 1 $1250


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Pop Up Message Box
I have following code to pop up the message box, but it does not pop up itself, I have to run the macros evry time. Is there any solution.

All I want if in Cell "C20" has the message " Check your Margin" than the message box pop up and should have the message as defined in my below code. Also, is this possible that the message should come in one box.

Private Sub Find_Criteria()
Dim i As Variant
Dim FindRange As Range
Set FindRange = Range("c10")
For Each i In FindRange
MsgBox "a) Check Provisional Sum allowances and Discounts"
MsgBox "b) Check with Brian if a base price review was required and missed"
MsgBox "c) Check for double ups in Timberline"
MsgBox "d) Check all big ticket items in Timberline ie. Trusses, bricks, plaster, paint and Site Works)"
MsgBox "d) Check if any items were underpriced in the contract and provide feedback to Brian"
MsgBox "e) Review and discuss any allowances with me." & " "

End If
Next i
End Sub

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Duplicate Pop-up Message
Let say I have these data on a sheet:

A1 = abc123 B1 = 12345

A4 = abc123 B4 = 12345

I would like excel to display a pop-up message saying that the data in A4 AND B4 duplicate with the data in A1 AND B1

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Pop Up Appear If A Persons Name Appears More Than Once
I would like to have a list of names in column A1 Smith, A2 Jones, A3 Johnson etc. Everytime someones name appears in E1-E20 I would like the adjacent column next to that persons name to turn red. Example: I type Smith in E14 -> B1 turns red. If it's not too complicated it would be good if excel could recognize the name in any font,capitols etc.

Lastly if I could have a pop up appear if a persons name appears more than once in column E that would be great. Example type Smith in E1 and then when I type smith in E4 pop appears--Name already used once do you want to continue?

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Code For A Message Pop Up
Could I get the code for creating a message pop up in case a particular character is typed in a cell. eg Typing in "3" should throw a pop up msg saying "Not allowed"

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Automatic Pop-up Upon Startup
I would like to create a pop up message that would automatically come up when someone opens one of my Excel workbooks. Essentially, I want to have some text regarding the confidentiality of the document, then require the user to click an "OK" button to continue.

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Macro For A Pop-Up Box
I have a spreadsheet which is used for a daily schedule of contact centre advisor staff. I want to create a macro that will throw up a pop up box when the sheet is opened using the date as a reference....

So on e worksheet named 'realtime' i have row 2 from cells B to AZ containing a date ie B2= 01/07/2007, C2= 02/07/2007 etc.

Column A has various 'headings' A4= Earlies, A5= Mids, A6= Lates, A7= Total

So under each date is the corresponding figures for the stuff in column A.

So if I open the sheet today (03/07/2007) I would want a pop up that shows this data....

Earlies + the data in D4
Mids + the data in D5
Lates + the data in D6
Total + the data in D7

But obviously it needs to reference today's date and show the figures under that date?

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Pop Up Calender Userform
I found this code on this forum for a pop calendar. I created one for my user form, how ever I would like the calenadar to pop up when the user places the curser in the text box, when the user has slected the required date the calendar closes and the date the he/she selected is entered into the text box in which they placed the curser.

My userform is called userform1 and the calendar is called userform3

Private Sub Calendar1_Click()
Range("A1") = Calendar1.Value
Calendar1.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Calendar1.Visible = True
End Sub

The above code works on a putting the information into cell A1 and not the text box, also it has a command button action, which I don't want

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Message Pop Up Using VBA
I ve a formula in cell A2 of Sheet1. Say now formula value is 10,000,002 (this will change based on other calculation).

What I need is, whenever cell A2's formula value will become greater than 10 M, following pop up message will be shown: ....

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Pop Up Box If Value Is Changed
I have a forecast spreadsheet with 10 data tabs and a summary tab.

On the summary tab, cell R131 contains the year end profit figure.

What I would like to do, is whenever this value changes and I am in a different tab, a small pop up appears in the current tab telling me what the R131 value has changed by. eg "Profit up 1000"

At the moment I keep having to go back to the summary tab to see the effects of changes across the whole spreadsheet.

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Pop Up Box Upon Opening
i've been working on VBA for a file that i'll be sending out to a bunch of people. There are three questions that i want answered after the file is opened...not allowing them to proceed until they enter data.

1. Please enter Management Unit.
2. Please enter GL Account. (US only)
3. Please enter Earnings Code. (Non US employees)

The first question MUST be answered with a 6 digit number. The 2nd and 3rd may or may not be answered. simply hitting is acceptable.

After that i would like the answered populated in 3 rows below the lastrow in column B. thus, if there is data in B50, then answer 1 in B53, answer 2 in B54, and answer 3 in B55.

And if "MU:" could proceed the answer to 1, "GL:" before answer 2, and "EC:" before answer 3.

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Formula Which Indicate Or Pop Up Timeline
I have sheet in which cell A1 contain value in alphanumeric format like D815327985.

Cell B1 contain time as 21:00hrs and cell C1 as 21:03 hrs.

cell C1 has formula B1+30/1440 which give me time 21:30.

I am looking for macro or formula which would pop up or give red colour when cell C1 reach at 21:20 hrs.

To make it easy, i would like to explain my problem in a simple way because from longtime i am not getting any satisfactory reply from message board.

I have 1 ticket number that is D815327985 in Cell A1.

Once i received this ticket i enter the current time in Cell B1. (I have taken time here 21:00 hrs for more convieniance).

Cell C1 formula give me the timeline that is within how much time i have to give follow up on this ticket.

I want formula or macro for C1 cell which would pop up or gives red colour when its reach to 20 min time of B1 cell.

Find the data which entered in my sheet

A1 D815327985 B1 21:00 C1 21:30 (here is formula B1+30/1440) (And i want here is this cell would get red colour or pop up when its reach to time 21:20 hrs)

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Open PoP Up With Answer
i just wanted to know if we can open a pop up which will give us answers. i have attached a example work sheet of what i require

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Pop Up Boxes In Userforms
I designed some userforms on a worksheet for users to click and input information. However, i am wondering if it is possible to have an additional feature to the userform.

Currently the userform only have labels such as Title, Dept, Branch, Unit and the respective textboxes for user to input information. As it might be unclear to some users i would like to have an additional feature such that when user roll their mouse over the label "Branch", the user will see a box where more information is given or rather an example such as "Dept XYZ", allowing user to have a clearer idea of what to fill in. Is there any way for me to add this feature?

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Pop-up Graph On Mouse Over
is it posable to get a graph to popup when the mouse is draded over a certen cell? or maybe to get it to popup in the comments bubble. if that is possible. then is it possible to set pramators that if its above 350 it turns red( on a line graph) and if its below its turns black. this was throwen at my about 20 min ago.

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Text/Image Loader
I need a macro that load from a folder a specific file text(.txt) and then load the txt content in the sheet work. But no all the content just a one part. A one column

Only the first one column of the text.

You can see an example here.....

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Shortcut To Copy As Image
I'm copying a lot of tables and charts etc in Excel to paste into PowerPoint. And I'm using the mouse to go into Past > As image > Copy as image

I then get asked a question that I need to hit the enter button to answer.

I'd like to make a shortcut for this. Is this possible in VBA?


Using Excel 2007 & Vista if that matters

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Batch Image Saving
Added pictures of the items to include on quotes (the pictures are in a column to the right of all the other details - (these pictures only exist in Excel)).
Our new quoting software tool needs a link to the filename - however, our pictures don't have logical filenames!

Is there a way we can do a batch save as of all these images so it ends up as 'part#'.jpg within folder X?

There are about 6,000 products and will be a bit of zombie work we don't really want to do!

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Creating An Image From A Graph
I want to add a button to a worksheet to allow a graph to be exported as an image. This seems to be a fairly common request, I have read some of the posts but cant get it to work. I am using Excel 2003 as that is all we have...

So, I have a simple button on 'sheet1' containing :

Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Worksheets("Sheet1").ChartObjects("Chart 1").Chart.Export Filename:="h: est.jpg", FilterName:="jpg"

End Sub

.. but it doesn't work. I get the error :

Run-time error '1004':
Application-defined or object-defined error

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Search Image From A Folder
I really need a macro that from a targeted folder, if i write an image filename in a cell box, that image is showed in a Image control box.

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Link Image To Cell
In Excel, I have a sheet for each team that I manage. Each sheet lists the team members and displays their picture below their names. Some people are on multiple teams/sheets.

I have a master list with everybody's name and picture that I copy and paste the pictures from when putting a team together. This has become a very tedious process.

Is there a way I can type the person's name on a team sheet and have their picture automatically appear below their name? I don't know if this can be done with some kind of lookup or if it will involve VB. I tried making the picture the background of an Autoshape or comment, but I could not figure out how to dynamically change the picture based on the name in a cell.

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On Click Move The Image
I need information to be automatically entered into a specified cell on Sheet 1 when an image I've pasted onto Sheet 2 is clicked on or moved. How can I do this? Is this even possible?

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Convert Image To Thumbnail
I'm a total noob and I'm running into a problem. I'm trying to link thumbnails or pictures into a cell but I'm not sure if it's possible. I need to type in the cell where the image is stored and have it pop up in the cell.

Is that possible? I don't want it floating on top of the cell but within it so I can adjust the cell so the picture will resize accordingly.

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Auto Format Image
I've got a simple macro for asking a user to locate a file of choice and inserting it into specific cell.

Is there a way I can code it so that regardless of the image it 'fits to fill' the cell? The images may vary

The size of the cell will be fixed, but I don;t know who to ascertain that information or tell VBA what it is?

Sub InsertLogo()
Range("A1:E5").Select 'merged cell'
'Object.AutoSize = True
End Sub

I tried using the 'Object.AutoSize = True, but kept getting stumped on a run time error.

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Insert Image Macro
I want to be able to click a button on my Excel Spreadsheet that will take me to my JPeg Photo location and allow me to add a JPeg Photo.

I have the below code but i does not recognise the JPeg File, so it work upto actually being able to select an image.

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Embed Image In Cell
why there is no option for adding a picture manually to the comment of a cell? when editing a comment the Insert picture from file from the Insert menu is disabled ! (Office XP)

and can you please edit the code so the Width and Height of the comment box is set exactly to the dimensions of the picture? (that is how to get the exact width and height of the picture being inserted from code in excel ?)

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Insert Image With IF Statement
Is it possibe to insert an image (such as Picture1 which is the name of an image created by Insert>Name>Define) using an IF statement as in:


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Looking For A Way To Hover Over Object And Have Image Appear
I don't know if this is possible or not but I am looking for a way to hover over a cell and have an image appear. If this is not possible is there a way to add something like a comment on the cell but have it be an image not text? Currently I have the cell hyper-linked to the image but it would be nice if I did not need a whole other window to pop up.

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Image Link To Combobox
I have around 50 items in my combobox list where i would like to attach an image on each item and show up on the userform when a certain item is picked. Kindly assist on what code is best for this operation.

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Saving An Image Of My Screen
I want to save an image of my worksheet, after I have right clicked, to be used in a power point presentation. How do I do that?

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Pasting Cells As An Image
I Want to copy some part of an excel sheet and paste it exactly as an image on to another excel sheet.

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Sheet Background Image As One
I'm trying to put the image in the background by doing 'Format - Sheet - Background'
but the image become tiles instead of one.

I want the image in the background so I can edit cells with formulas on top of the image. Is there any way of manupilate the background image with Macro so I can have just on image instead of tiles?

I've done watermark but that's only available in preview. I'm using Excel 2003

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Image File Resize
i m sending image files via EMail attachment with VBA code. Though the images are 5Mb+ each and when sending 20+ on a 128k upload connection that takes a while. Is there a way that the images can be resized through vba and saved as a new folder. Or send the images to another program and pause the code until the resizing has been done.

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