Import Csv As Text Not General

Feb 17, 2007

I need to be able to open or import a csv file and have the data be seen as text, not numbers. I can export programming from a phone system as a csv file, modify it and import it back into the phone system. some fields such as "seconds" are in the format 00. Excel sees it as a number and converts it to 0, which causes an error when I try to import again.

I have tried changing the csv to txt and copying it to a blank worksheet and then recording a macro using text to columns, but each export can be laid out differently, so a fixed array doesn't work. there can be over 100 columns so doing it manually and changing each column to text can be quite tedius.

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Symbols For General Number And General Letter

Aug 7, 2008

I'm trying to make an excel formula that generalizes product names based on their format. So the general format would be XYZ08/T13. I know a ? is equal to a general letter, but is their a symbo that specifically means letter or number. I'm running into problems using the ? because the formula ends up identifying additional items that are not products as products.

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How To Avoid Replace From Changing The Datatype From Text To General

Apr 18, 2013

I am trying to find a way of replacing a whole amount of data, over 1000 items, initially each cell contains this >>> 056001 Not Set, I am trying to remove 'Not Set', but the big problem I am facing is that Excel also removes the leading 0 or zeroes, when it finishes removing ... I tried several things, like changing the column to Text, and then paste the data from another column, because I read the Text format is preserved, nothing, as soon as the column is pasted it changes back to General, if I change it back to Text again, and then apply a Search and Replace, each cell is changed to 56001, which is not what I intended, the only way I have seen it works is if I manually remove the string, then it works and is changed into the text format and number as text, as I intended to

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Keeping Ending Zeros In Cells Formatted For Text Or General?

Nov 14, 2012

Is it possible to keep ending zeros in cells that are formatted for Text or General?

I have a column with numbers like the following: 264400

I need to format this number for three decimals so it will look like the following: 264.400

I need the column to be formatted for either Text or General. Currency breaks a system.

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Excel Changing Format From General To Text During Macro Execution?

Jul 25, 2013

I have a procedure that allows me to view and make changes to data in a table. I list the current values for the item in one column and use simple formula to copy that value to another column where if there are changes that need to be made, the formula is simply overwritten. The Macro is then selected using a command button and the formulas are all overwritten using copy/paste values to keep from writing out the formula to the data table. These values are then all written back to the data table, current values are overwritten with whatever is in the update column, new data or old data.

I have one cell out of 48 that has decided to march to the tune of a different drummer. The format changes from General to Text and the formula written from the macro is what shows up in the cell instead of the value of the formula. Never a big disciplinarian, I have to wonder if I have been too lenient on the cell and this defiance is the price I have to pay.

The sheet is protected only allowing entry into the cells available for update.

Here is the bit of code that affects this cell (starting from a format of General:

Sheets("Product Data").Cells(ItemRow, 3).Value = Sheets("Update").Cells(6, 8)
Sheets("Update").Cells(6, 8).FormulaR1C1 = "=(RC[-6])"

I just don't see anything that would change the format, and these are the only two lines that even reference cells(6,8).

I tried to set the format for the cell from within the Macro, but with the sheet being protected, it just dumps me out to my error message.

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Import Multiple Text Files & Copy Each Import

Jan 29, 2008

I'm attempting to import around 200 (and growing!) separate text files into Excel. I am using the formula below to import the text file and then using a separate macro to select the information I need, copy it into another spreadsheet, and then run the import macro again.

However, I have a problem in that my import macro gives me 'Run-time error '1004:

Application defined or user defined error''. At first this wasn't a problem as the information is pasted into the spreadsheet despite the error anyway. However, now that I am looping the macro it is obviously causing more problems as it prevents the loop. I would really appreciate it if anyone knows of a work-around or can spot an error in the coding to resolve this!

The code below shows is for the import macro only:

Sub ImportTextFile(FName As String, Sep As String)

Dim RowNdx As Long
Dim ColNdx As Integer
Dim TempVal As Variant
Dim WholeLine As String
Dim Pos As Integer
Dim NextPos As Integer
Dim SaveColNdx As Integer

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Text File Import With Text To Columns Splitting Same Text Differently

Nov 21, 2007

I have a macro which imports data from a mainframe dump text file and performs 'Text to Columns' on the imported data so that formula in the spreadsheet can act on the data. The code works perfectly well when I use it, but if a different user logs on and performs exactly the same mainframe dump and import macro the Text to Columns action splits the raw data in a different way and the result is that the split renders the formulae useless.

I've experimented a little and for some reason it appears that the 'Field Info' parameters which are produced when the Text to Columns function is recorded in a macro differ between users even though the raw data is exactly the same.

FieldInfo:= _
Array(Array(0, 1), Array(18, 1), Array(35, 1), Array(56, 1), Array(70, 1), Array(88, 1), _
Array(102, 1))

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Change Cell Format From Custom To General Or Text And Keep Cell Value

Aug 22, 2013

Is it possible to change cell format from custom to general or text and keep the cell value

I have this in formula bar: 16/08/2013 4:37:00 AM
which is displayed in the cell as: 16/08/2013 4:37

I want to change the cell format to general but display the same information.

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Import Text Using ADO

Aug 22, 2008

The task given was to import selected info from complicated text file and record into excel.

Here is the simple way of showing the txt format (consist of 2 records for example):
Proxy Id 123
GID_Group TAX8200
Account 0 (INTRA)
loadSharingCandidate 0 (FALSE)
RelationType 0 (TRUE)
Offset 0
Priority 2

Proxy Id 123
Account 0 (INTRA)
loadSharingCandidate 0 (FALSE)
RelationType 0 (TRUE)
Offset 0
Priority 2

How can i have the output as per attachement? I am not good in importing text files. Shouldi use something call ADO? or what is the most easiest way for me to start?

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How To Import Some Text From PDF

Apr 11, 2014

I was able to import some text from a PDF to excel. My dilemma is that the text is now one long row with CODE in column A then its description in Column B...the next entry has a Code in column C with its description in column D...etc...down the line.

I need Column 1 to be all the codes with description in column B thus allowing Vlookups.

Here is sample:


Any text column type deal?

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Import Text Certain Value To .xls

May 27, 2006

I have about 120 .txt files with Columns A Code of Users[/b], Columns B Number of Conto and Columns C-K with stings to be imported, like Numbers into one .xls file .
(see part of examples down and Attachment Red marked)


Files have names V1.xls, v2.xls ...V120.xls. It have been requested to imported only certain rows e.g. Rows:

02178;5171;untill 02178;5175; Columns C-K, including Columns A i B
&Rows only 02178;5179; same Columns C-K, including Columns A i B

Each Cells from C-K should be importing to same Sheets .xls files. Note: String to be converting to Number After importing datas from one files should have take new datas from anothe files, same rows and columns, one under another and Calculating Sums.

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Import Text To Same Columns?

Jul 18, 2013

I use text to columns everyday at work. Each report that I insert is in the exact same formatting and spacing. So, I open the text file, and manually enter line breaks each time. Is there a way to import text into an already broken up table? Or a way to open a file and it recognizes where to break up the lines without me having to manually click them in each time?

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How To Import Text File With Vba

Mar 11, 2014

I have a lot of txt. files you would like to imported automatically via VBA code text file is always the same need only certain data in these two rows which is the red just want this data

it is copied from txt. files in Excel so that I had with the click of a button you obtain all the information and through this button you looking for the folder in which the data next would have 2 lines one would be the computer name of one folder and the user can more This would also be the folder in which the data were computer name to the main folder subfolder, users, and wanted to let me read the particulars of which are in the name of the computer and the user. for example. computer name of the user

i have in excel what i need

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Import Any Text File

Mar 27, 2009

I recorded the following macro but it only imports files with a specific name. Can someone change the code to allow it open the specific file loaction where I may choose which .txt file I want to import.

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Import Text File

Sep 27, 2009

I've a large text file which I need to import selected information only.

Below is the sample text file which showing profile for 3 item.

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Dates After Text Import

Aug 12, 2008

I have imported data from textfile reports generated from a dBase system with the following
Sub ImportData()
End Sub

The problem I have now is that during the operations on the date collumns (G-K) Excel has converted the date to dd/mm/yyyy format, just as I wanted - but has for instance sometimes interpreted the date 10/06/2005 (10 Jun 2005) correctly and sometimes as 06/10/2005 - with no consistent logic I can discern.

I can't get hold again of the source data (the reports) and would need to somehow correct the dates.

The data is historical booking information of a Tour-operator. Therefore there are some hints that would allow me to check if a date makes sense or not. In each row is a start-and an end date in collumns D & E, which would need to be checked for correctness. The following may giv you an idea what I am babbling about: .....

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Row Separation In Text File Import?

Aug 31, 2010

I have imported a tab delimited text file into excel. One of the columns consists of a string of text - a comment section. Within this column, there are periods and for some reason it seems that Excel is treating these periods as row separators. how I can prevent Excel from separating the text into rows?

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Partial Import From Text File

Jun 18, 2014

I have about 100 text files from which I need to import specific sets of numbers into excel. The part in the file looks like this


I need to import the numbers in the 1st row but they need to be transposed. and than of cause I need to do that for the other 99 files I have.

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Import Text And Bypass Wizard

Feb 16, 2009

I am trying to write a Macro that will alow me to choose a text file to important but bypass the Import Text Wizard when doing so. I used the record macro function to get this

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Advanced Text File Import

Apr 21, 2009

I am a noob to VBA, and not much of a programmer either.
I know how to import a simple text file into excel, but this time I have something more complicated.

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Multiple Text Import With Arrays

Oct 31, 2009

i want to do is import multiple text files,with fixed arrays (luckily it's standar )

I have the piece of code that i currently automatically importing these .txt files,although it's for one per turn.Here it is though,to see the arrays

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Import And Reformat .text File

Jan 14, 2010

I am trying to figure out a problem. So far without any results. As an Intern at a company, every week I receive a .txt which I have to import and reformat in Excel. Every week this means several hours of work, so I decided to see if this process could get automated. Or at least partially. I was wondering if any of you could give me a hint how to do this, or where to start. Attached you will find the raw .txt data and the format it should get in Excel.

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Import Text File Into One Worksheet?

Jun 5, 2013

The Workbooks.OpenText works for me, but I need to import the text file into one worksheet of an existing workbook. Is there a method to do this?

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Import Cell From Text File

Aug 6, 2013

I am trying to import a range from a txt file that is not opened. It would be in cell AM2 if opened in excel, or it would be the 38th tab of the 2nd row.

I have it working by opening the file copying the cell and pasting into the destination cell. but I have this looped for each text file in a folder. this takes a very long time.

How can this be done faster? I have been trying to figure out how to use For input as ... but haven't been able to grasp how to manipulate the code.

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Can A Vlookup Import Alpha Text

Aug 17, 2007

Can't seem to get a VLOOKUP to work and import alpha text such as a person's name. Is there a formula that would do this similar to a VLOOKUP?

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Import/parse Text File

Feb 16, 2009

I need 3 columns - Title - HD - Channel. If no value for HD, the field would be blank.

Data looks like this in txt file:
> A&E HD 265
> ABC Family HD 311
> Altitude Sports and Entertainment HD 681
> American Movie Classics (AMC) 254
> Animal Planet HD 282
> BBC America 264
> BET Jazz 330
> BYU TV 374
> Big Ten Network HD 220
> Black Entertainment Television (BET) 329
> Bloomberg Television 353
> Boomerang 298

Needs to look like this in Excel
> Should look like:
> A&E HD 265
> ABC Family HD 311
> Altitude Sports and Entertainment HD 681
> American Movie Classics (AMC) 254
> Animal Planet HD 282
> BBC America 264

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Import LARGE Text File

Aug 25, 2009

I have a large text file, 75mb, that I would like to import into Excel but it goes well beyond the 65536 lines available.

Is there a process to get these files into excel? File splitter?

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Paste With Text Import Wizard In VBA

May 3, 2006

I am pasting query results from WinSQL into Excel and use 'Paste' and then, from the little Paste Options icon, 'Use Text Import Wizard'. I choose tab delimited and then reset the decimal separater using the 'Advanced' button on step 3. Since I do this daily I would like to create a macro to do it all for me, namely paste what I have already copied to the clipboard using the appropriate settings. Recording doesn't reflect the steps I executed. How can I call the text import wizard from vba with the clipboard contents as input as opposed to a text file?

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Code To Import Text Files ...

Jul 17, 2006

I am trying to write a macro which creates a new worksheet with the name kenmerk (i) and then import five different textfiles in this worksheet.

I was wondering how to define the name of the textfiles in the code. The code I get with record macro is: ...

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Limit # Of Fields In Text Import

Jul 18, 2006

I have a space delimited text file with 3 columns. The 3rd column is a string which may or may not have spaces in it.

How do I import the text file so that I end up with 3 columns in Excel and still have the entire 3rd string from each line?

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