Import Picture To Fit In Merged Cell?

Apr 1, 2014

I have a button macro to import pictures to size fit inside a merged cell. I've noticed that the pictures lay over the border and i can't find a way to have it fit inside the border in my code.


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Picture In Merged Cell Can Only Display Height Of One Line?

Mar 5, 2014

I insert a picture in the merged cell(2 lines) of QTablewidget,but the pictures can only display height of one line and becomes very narrow.How to solve it? I write the code in QT with C#.

my code:


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Insert Picture In Merged Cells

Dec 31, 2006

I have multiple merged cells (all same size). But not all in the same place.

I'm looking for a macro that can insert a picture in a selected merged cells and also size it to the merged cells.

I want to be able to choose a different picture from a location, for examle to network map P:.

I looked around but couldn't fins a code for this.

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VBA Import Picture Change Shape To Rectangle

Apr 5, 2014

I already have the code to import the picture but i would like it to have rounded corner's. The option if you select the picture then tick format, picture shape and it's the second rectangle in. I can not seem to find that particular piece of code for that particular shape. The other comparison is the (reflected beveled, black) option under picture format.

[Code] .....

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Copy Merged Cell, Paste As Merged Cell

Dec 17, 2009

I have a macro to copy a merged cell from one sheet and paste it to another as a merged cell. Basically, I want to copy it AS IT IS and paste it AS IT IS. My code is below.

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Display A Picture In A Cell When The Picture Name Is Selected

Jun 18, 2014

I have done the above where when I select a picture name from a drop down list it displays the relevant picture in another cell by using the IF function in the named formula

My question is why cant I use VLOOKUP instead of IF in the named formula. When I use it it comes with an error.

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Excel 2003 :: Put Picture Into A Cell And Get Picture Name From Another Cell

Mar 23, 2014

I want to paste/show a photo in a particular cell (D2) on a worksheet (called PP). I wish to delete any photo that may already be there in D2.

The picture's name (e.g. J-145.jpg) will be found in another sheet (called MP) in cell H1.

My pictures are stored in a folder (lets call it c:pictures) and the one I want has the same name (J-145.jpg).

I've tried many macros but none work.

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Write The Picture Name In Cell The Picture Will Appear

Jan 22, 2009

i have saved some pictures in my excel sheet.
in the next sheet i want that when i write the picture name the picture will appear as vlookup helps in the getting text and nos. can i do this with pictures or i tried to get to much from excel.

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Excel 2010 :: Paste Picture Into Small Picture / Diagram Box?

Mar 19, 2012

In Excel 2010, is there any way to paste a picture into a small picture/diagram box, and upon double clicking the picture it would explode to a larger size? And I guess double clicking it again would make it return to its original (smaller) size. I would be pasting several pictures into several different picture/diagram boxes and would need this to be a relative reference so that upon selection it explodes the appropriate picture?

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Put Chosen Picture In Comment & Retrieve Picture On Other Sheet

Nov 18, 2007

I want to have a sample file in excel which store picture of student in comment, I did this, but when I want to insert picture the file dialog appears, and if I click cancel, then there is an error, why? If some one optimise the code it would be very nice

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Merged Cell Value As Name?

Mar 21, 2014

Im trying to use a merge cell value on the Active sheet as the sheets Name, my code is throwing an error when it gets to the naming the sheet.

Sub CreateSheets()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim numtimes, x As Integer, ActNm As String


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Paste Single Cell From External Source To Merged Cell In Excel?

Dec 2, 2013

I Want users to be able to copy a reference number from a an external program into excel, this works well for single cells but the cell I want them to be able to paste the information into is a merged cell and keep getting the "Data on the clipboard is not the same size and shape blah blah error". What I can do to get this information to paste? Is there some VBA that can kinda trick the cell to believe its single or when pasting it unmerges and then remerges again?

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Excel 2010 :: Inserting Image To Cell / Merged Cells As Background Fixed To Cell Size?

Jan 18, 2014

Excel 2010. I need to place picture into one cell or one big merged cell, as a background fill. picture must resize to size of cell. must be fixed in, not in front. i still need write into that cell, so it needs to be really background.

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Reference Merged Cell Value

May 10, 2009

The issue that I am having is with merged cell data. What I am trying to do is check the value of the merged cell against a selection from an array and place the value into a cell.

What apparently occurs is that if the row that I am on is an even number (being as my rows start on an odd number); the reference returns empty. I have tested to confirm that this only affects even numbered rows. My spread sheet has a 2 row merged cell in column 2, and the cell I am referencing from is on the second row of that merged cell. Here is some

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How To Filter Merged Cell

Dec 19, 2013

I am working on an FMEA and have a slight issue.

I have a number of merged cells in Column B.

I have merged 30 rows of column B to one Failure mode let's say 'Gaps'.

In column C there are 30 individual items relating to gaps.

When I want to filter column B to look at Gaps, it only returns the first row of the merged cells. So instead of getting the entire merged cells as a result of my filter, I get 1 row.

I hope this is clear. My question is, is there a method of filtering so that the whole merged cell is returned?

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Copy The Merged Cell

Jun 18, 2007

how to copy the merged cell from closed excel sheet and pasted over into new excel?

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Watermarks Considered As Merged Cell?

Mar 14, 2014

How to add a watermark to the sheet on each tab. Now when the script is called it stops and give the following errors:

Run-time error '1004': cannot change part of a merged cell.

I searched for merged cells in the document and as far as the script is concerned there are none, other than maybe this new watermark.

So, does VBA or scripting think that a watermark is a merged cell?

Any workaround if it does think of it as being merged?

Here is the current script we are using:

[Code] .....

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Unmerge Merged Cell And Put Value In All Cells

Nov 6, 2008

Is there any quick and easy way to unmerge merged cells and put the merged cell value in all the merged cells. For example, if I have A6:A15 merged together and its value is "FirstMerge" then I would like to unmerge all A6:A15 and then put "FirstMerge" in all the cell A6,A7,A8 etc. etc. upt oA15. I have lot of these merged cells in a sheet and I get this every month and makes any data processing very difficult. A macro or VBA code or any other solution will be fine.

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Merged Cell - Lost Functionality

Oct 5, 2011

I feel like I have lost some functionality due to merged cells. For a worksheet change event I have the following:

ElseIf Target.Value = "" Then ... blah blah blah

For a normal cell, every time a cell is deleted (in the appropriate target zone) then it runs the code I have in the subsequent lines

Except it doesn't work for merged cells, unless I manually go into the cell, backspace all of its contents and then press enter

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Automatically Resize Row With Merged Cell?

Dec 21, 2011

Is there a way to automate the resizing of a row to accomodate the text that is pulled into a cell as the result of a formula?

I have a merged cell which receives the result of a DGET formula. The result can be as few as 6 lines of text or as many as 24 lines.

I suspect I need to count the number of lines in the result and resize based on that count multiplied by 15 points.

I don't know how to write the VBA but it would be kind of Resize Row.Countlines x 15 pts. and be executed by the event of calculating the formula from its default setting.

Practically speaking, the default setting is sized per the result of the desired code: there is a blank formatted merged cell that can be manually overwritten that is sized by the typical number of bullet points.

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ClearContents Of Merged Cell Causes VB Error

Apr 24, 2002

I can select the merged cell, right click and ClearContents with no problem. But VB aborts with message "Cannot change part of a merged cell".

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Split Un-merged Cell Into Two Cells?

Nov 8, 2013

I have many columns in my current spreadsheet but I have two columns that I want to split in to two project names.

Currently I have one column with: Project A/Project B And the second column with the total cost of Project A AND Project B combined

The thing is that I can easily just create a new line but that would mean all the data in the other Cells remain the same and the only two that will be different are the above two columns. I will be maintaining alot of rows so I was hoping I do not have to create two rows for every new item then to merge both rows in reach column every time I have to put in a new Item.

I am hoping to have for example the below

Name Comments Project Cost
Item 1 This item relates Project A $150
to upgrade of Project B $120
SAS system

Currently I have it as

Name Comments Project Cost
Item 1 This item relates Project A/B $270
to upgrade of
SAS system

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AutoFit Row Height On A Merged Cell

May 27, 2009

I'm using Office 2007 professional and I'm trying to format a cell (merged cell) so that when you enter text and it goes beyond the size of the designed cell that it will automatically continue and shift the additional text downward, like a paragraph. Also it shift everything below down with it. Is this possible? I have already tried wrap text field and AutoFit row height. This keeps it within the cell but it is not visible or printable once you tab out. I would like to have it continue like in a paragraph. Like a word doc may do. Its visible and it shifts everything below downward as it grows, which also allows it to be printable.

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Wrapping Text Next To Merged Cell

Feb 24, 2010

Rows a1:a10 are merged and the problem is that all cells next to these are now not wrapping. I remember reading that when a call is merged this is what happens to the cells adjacent, but is there any code that can help to wrap these adjacent cells?

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Wrap Text For A Merged Cell

Nov 9, 2006

Currently working on an excel worksheet. I merged 5 rows to a single cell. Want to be able to auto fit all the textl. Enabled auto wrap but when the contect surpass the 5 rows, only portion of the text are appearing. Any way to force the cell to autofit whatever text is within?

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Merged Ranges - Return Date In Corresponding Cell In Row

Dec 10, 2013

In the attached file I have three merged ranges, A3:C3, D3:F3 and G3:I3.

I would now like to create a formula in each cell in row 1 that will return the date in the corresponding cell in row 3. E.g. A1:C1 will each have the date in merged range A3:C3, etc. The merged ranges in row 3 may not all be three columns wide so any way to extract the dates to row 1.

Attached File : Formulae and Merged Cells.xlsx

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Extracting Information Within A Merged/combined Cell

Nov 4, 2009

I am doing an export of info from one system and running an excel spreadsheet to manipulate the data. The problem is..That the exported data sometimes will export info into combined cells. Look at attachment

This is what I need...

I need the ability to search all the info on the POC tab and pull it into the info tab, by searching on a system and returning the POC info..

I have tried the vslookup formula and it will return the first row not the second row which is where the info is that I need (shown Highlighted)

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Merged And Unmerged Cells Based On Value In A Cell

Apr 6, 2013

I try to unmerge cells A1:A5 based on a value "unmerged" in cell G1.

Also if I select "merged" in cell G1 (data validation), then cells A1 to E1 will merge to a single cell A1.

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Cannot Change Part Of Merged Cell Error

Oct 12, 2012

Is there a line of code that I can use at the beginning of a macro to unmerge all cells on an entire sheet named "Test1"?

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Retrieve The Number Of Merged Cells In A Cell

Aug 1, 2007

I would like to test how many cells have been merged in a given cell. I know about the MergeCells property which returns true if the cell is merged. But how do i retrieve the number of merged cells in that cell (supposing it is merged, of course).

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