Increase/Mark-up Cost By X Percent

Apr 15, 2008

Formula for figuring retail price from cost. ie Cheeseburger 1.00 cost and I want a 60% markup. (2.55 Retail)

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Cost Based Mark Up

Sep 26, 2007

set up a cost based markup spreadsheet?

I need to be able to mark up values from 0.01-9.99 by 20% of their value, and 10.00 and above by 10% of their value.

I only know how to mark up values by a single percentage.

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Increase Percent In Cell If Other Cells Contain Data?

Oct 24, 2013

I'm trying to track how complete a project is by checking if cells contain data, and if they do the percent in cell 'Y4' would increase.

I have 6 cells which represent milestones and if they contain data then they would add a certain percent to cell 'Y4'.

Cells B13 & R13 would have a weight of 15% each

Cells J13, J21 & J30 Would have a weight of 20%

Cell L34 would have a weight of 10%

Is there any way that if these cells contained any data that I could add that percent to the total in 'Y4'?

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Conditional Format To Mark Increase From Previous Column

Sep 5, 2013

I have a goal set for the year. With conditional formatting, each month will be set to either red or yellow based on where it stands in relation to the goal. I would also like to show an increase or decrease in productivity for each month. I tried to use conditional formatting with the formula:

=IF(C2=D2, "", IF(C2<D2,"↗","↘")).

The formula works on its own without the conditional formatting so I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I've attached a sample with all the conditional formatting and formulas in place.

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Taking Percent And Adding Subtracting Percent Formula

Sep 12, 2012

I have a percent 3.14%, that I want to show 15, 20 and 25% above and below that percent. I am showing below the results and then formula. The top calculation results in the same on both the left and right. However the -15,-20, -25% results are different. Which is correct.


20% +/-





basic math, but I don't understand why the results are different.

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IF Function Formula Logic: For Every Increase Of Of Mhz, Give 25.00 Per 100 Increase

Nov 2, 2006

I have a test due in the morning, and I really need this question answered ASAP, if anyone could. I need to create an IF formula for this situation: the standard Mhz is 500. Give 55.00 for that standard. But for every increase of of Mhz, give 25.00 per 100 increase.

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Iteration Inconsistency: Allow For A Cost Being Added To Loan Amount Where The Cost Is Based On The Total Loan Amount

Mar 15, 2007

In a financial environment we have a calculator which uses iteration to allow for a cost being added to loan amount where the cost is based on the total loan amount. Iteration is set to 100 iterations with max change .001

On one PC the first time the calculator is opened it gives a particular (incorrect) result. If the input cells are cleared and the data re-entered, it gives the correct result. This only happens on one particular PC. Is there some other setting , other than the iteration setting, that would cause this?

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Top 90 Percent

Jan 23, 2007

how to mimic SELECT TOP 90 PERCENT from Access in Excel?

I can't use the percentile function because it interpolates the value if you don't have the right multiple of values in your array.

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#DIV/0! With A Percent

Aug 9, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that determines what percent increase over a previous quarter. The values can be negative or positive; however, I have one entry that I'm trying to divide zero by a number which results in the #DIV/0! error message. I rather have it say -1000% since that is the value I'm looking for. I now how to deal with a simple division by using an IF statement such as IF(B1,A1/B1,0), but this one is throwing me a curve.

The attached spread sheet is a quarterly percent increase over the last one. In the example, N00377 represents a machine in cell D14 and D17, where cell D17 is the last quarter, and I'm comparing it to cell D14 which should show an increase or decrease in cell F.

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Percent Rounding To Sum 100%

Sep 27, 2007

I have a set of data that is meant to distribute a certain number of items to different groups.

I have 10 groups, some will get more than others depending on previous usage. The problem is that I need the percentages to be in whole numbers and the total percentage needs to be 100%. I tried rounding but it doesn't work. Here is an example from one item's line.

Dist %,.1,0,.04,0,0,0,0,0,.87,0

These are rounded and it comes out to be 101%.

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Percent Over Last Year

Feb 16, 2010

I want to find the percent of increase over last year. If last year was 100 and this year is 500 then the percent would be 500%. However things get tricky if last year was -100 and this year is 500 or if last year was 100 and this year is -500 then it get's screwy and I'm not sure what formula to use to handle any situation.

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Figuring Percent %

Jun 18, 2006

This is what I have

Rate Hours =basePay plus 6% plus 7.1% total
$50.00 10 $500.00 $530.00 $567.63 $567.63

What i want to have is one cell that I can Total everything.
I want my spread sheet to display just rate, hours total
I am having troule making the formula to display everything in the total cell

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Percent Formula

Apr 30, 2007

I need a formula to show percent value in a certain way in cell D1
formula is
C1 = B1-A1

but I am stuck to get the percent syntax in formula bar right.

A1 B1 C1 D1
52.5-2.50-50 % ( RED/NEGATIVE PERCENT)
A1 B1 C1 D1



Somehow I seem to think I need to use the Value of C1
( which is required btw) to get a percent in D1, but not sure how it
would go in one complete formula in D1

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Calculate Best 50 Percent Of Customers?

Jan 22, 2014

Making a customer analyse and now I want to know which customers are resposible for 50 % of my revenue.

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Make Numbers A Percent Of 100

Nov 4, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with a large list of plants. Each plant has a breakdown of colors by container size. Each cell contains a number that corresponds to a percent, e.g. a cell may contain the number 20, which would also mean this number is equal to 20%. I want to change all numbers to a percent of 100, or turn 20, for instance, into .20. There are many hundreds of numbers that I need to make a percent, so I was hoping I could do this in one fell swoop somehow. This percent number will be used in another spreadsheet for calculating on order. How do I do this?

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Calculate Probabilities In Percent

Dec 8, 2008

I have had a fascination with the lottery, purely hobby, and have had lots of fun over the years working different things out. The last 6 months though I have become fascinated with roulette & thought it would be a fun project to work out all sorts based around that, plus I don't have to wait for lotto results I can get instant numbers & results, however my latest attempts are hitting a brick wall!

I am trying to work out (in percentages) the increasing & decreasing % of 3, 11, 12, 22, possible outcomes

I have worked out the 2 possible outcomes initially for odd/even as follows

At the start they both have a 48.65% chance of hitting, then whatever is hit first the percentages are 76.33% and 23.67%. If you have 2 in a row of odd/even then the percentages are 88.49% & 11.51%, 3 in a row would give you 94.40% & 5.60% etc.

I have used the following formula for this (BM5 is where the totalhits for even are calc'd) ...

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Formatting Cells As Percent

Jun 18, 2013

I am copying from a cell that has 100 (number stored at text) and want to display in a number format (100%) I keep getting 1000%. I've checked the format to ensure it has 0 decimal places. I've tried formatting the cells as a percent. Still no luck.

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Percent Change Calculations

Dec 8, 2006

I want to calculate percentage changes, but sometimes my values are negative. Using the traditional (latest-first)/first I'm getting incorrect percentages because of the negative values. How can I write one formula that corrects for this?

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Calculating Percent Differential

Feb 19, 2007

I am looking to find a formula that will calculate a % differential between two values so for example,

In D3 there is a value of 20%, in D4 there is a value of 40%. The formula should therefore display 100% in D5.

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Sum Based On Percent Of Another Column

Oct 25, 2007

I have two columns of numbers and want to write a formula that will sum any row in column A that is greater than 75% of the corresponding row in column B. I have tried using (SUMIF(D3:D89,"<0.75*(H3:H89)")) but am not getting any results.

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No Calculation Flag, And Percent Formula

Nov 13, 2009

1. In neighborhoods that have zero units in a given price range I have it to display "-" , because this unit is not actually zero, the data is not available. Therefore a #VALUE! is displayed for the percent because it cannot calculate the "-". How do I get excel to glance over "-" and flag it for no calculation?

2. For the percentages I am having to manually do them row by row. I would like to set it up in a manner that allows me to copy the formula down by column and across by row correctly.

For instance in the percent for Mira Lagos I have =B4/N3 where b4 is the units for mira lagos and n3 is the total. I can drag that formula across by rowto get all the correct percentages for mira lagos price ranges only, but I cannot copy this formula down by column to any of the other neighborhoods. In otherwords I have to do a new formula for each subdivision.

Grand Peninsula=B5/N3
Meadow Glen(Mansfield)=B6/N3

Again I would like to make it so I can copy the formula across by row and down by column so excel will automatically compute it.

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VBA Userform – Convert Number To Percent

Feb 12, 2010

In the attached sample (with macros enabled), you will find the problem when pressing the button “INDTAST DATA” (I apologize for the linguistic challenge, but the XL-sheets are in Danish… To relief – check the crash course in Danish below) and then entering some number in the two last textboxes (called “Forventet ændring i antal timer I næste kvartal (%)” and “Forventet ændring i omsætning i næste kvartal (%)”)… If you enter something there, the result will be multiplied by 100 in the worksheet.

I would like to be able to simply enter a full number – like 12 or 9,5– which will then be entered into the worksheet as 12% or 9,5% (and not 1200% or 950%)… I think the answer lies in inserting some code in the VBA code, when the macro writes the data to the worksheet, but you guys know more about it than I do...

I can, of course, enter a full number in the textboxes – followed by a %-sign, but that will slow down the process significantly as well as increase the risk of errors…

Virksomhed = Company
Kvartal = Quarter
År = Year
Branche = Industry
Fakturerede timer = Billed hours
Faktureret omsætning = Billed revenue
Timeforventning = Expected hours (next quarter)
Omsætningsforventning = Expected revenue (next quarter)
Indtast data = Enter data

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Percent Change - Different Formula Results

Nov 21, 2012

In Excel, what is the reason for different results using the two formulas below?

Cell L6: 1413.5
Cell M6: 1312

Using the formulas below, the format of the cell is Percentage, one decimal place but I get different results

Formula 1: =-(1-L6/M6) The result is 7.7% change

Formula 2: =SUM(L6-M6)/L6 The result is 7.2% change

What is the difference in the formulas?

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Parentheses For Negative Percent Results -

Jul 15, 2002

I have been able to format single cells to display negative percents (Budget to Actual hours), but I cannot copy the formatting to cells with positive percents without eliminating the format style I want. [I need to display, with the parenthesis, (13.6%)for negative results, but say, 18.6% for positive results.] When I copy the correctly formatted cell (13.6%) to another cell with a positive result, it sets the display to general formating.

As I have over 25 rows of data to compare against 62 projects and 12 programs, with each value potentially changing from one analysis to the other, I am looking for a method to automatically change the "look" of the results. I have looked at conditional formatting, but have had no indication this will do what I am looking for.

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Convert Number To Percent Format

Dec 18, 2008

I have built a spreadsheet that pulls data into B60:AA240 (Sheet name is "Actual Numbers Report") from a different sheet in the same workbook. Some of the data is in Number format and the other is in Percent Format. What I would like to do is if AL10 in the Actual Numbers Report sheet says "Actual Numbers" then I would like the cells in B60:AA240 convert to a number format "000,000,000" If AL10 says "Trends" then I want it to convert the cells in B60:AA240 to a percent format "0.0%". I tried creating some code, but it doesn't seem to work.

Private Sub Convert_Percent()
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("B60:AA240")) Is Nothing Then
If .Range("AL9") = "Actual Numbers" Then
Selection.NumberFormat = "000,000,000"
ElseIf .Range("AL9") = "Trends" Then
Selection.NumberFormat = "0.0%"
End If
End If

End Sub

If this can work then the 2nd question I would have is can this same line of thinking work to format the chart that this data is pulled from? So if it is Actual Numbers the chart would be in a number format and if it is Trends then it will change to a percent format?

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Find Duplicates Within A Percent Tolerance

Oct 26, 2008

Below is a short segment of my excel spreadsheet:

1020 -88.11
1021 -85.3
1021.49 -86.98
1030.04 -89.4
1030.042 -88.26
1030.94 -79.98
1049.82 -84.7

What I need to do is write a macro that will find duplicates in Column A, within a changeable tolerance, say 0.1 (10%).

After finding all duplicates within a tolerance in A, I need to make another "Master" worksheet with the Duplicates from A, and their counterpart in B. So if A1 and A4 where within 10% of each other, the "Master" worksheet would contain:

A1 B1
A4 B4

using the values, giving:


I tried using SUMPRODUCT and some other functions but just can't seem to put my finger on this one. I'm sure it's not hard and am overlooking something.

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Calculate The Percent Of People Within Age Range

Aug 14, 2006

In the demographics sheet, I have ages listed from row F2 to F31 with different ages. I would like to get assistance with a formula that calculates the percentage of people within these age ranges:


It should be separate formulas. I'm sure if I'm given the first and last ones that I could do the others myself. Also, if I needed to know the percent of males and females, would i use the same formula?

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Calculate Percent Of In Pivot Table

Sep 9, 2006

looking for a way to run some pivot tables on a large data table. Would like the result to show some different data extraction from the same field / column. The table is customer survey results for my employees, and the fields in question can have values from 1-5. I would like to finish the pivot table with all of these fields:

Row: Name (ok, that part is easy)

Data fields:
% of entries (column 2) that are 5
% of entries (column 2) that are 4 or 5
% of entries (column 2) that are 1 or 2
# of entries (column 2)
% of entries (column 3) that are 5
% of entries (column 3) that are 4 or 5
% of entries (column 3) that are 1 or 2
# of entries (column 3)

I'm hoping this is something I can do with calculated fields, but haven't been able to figure it out. So far all I have is a 'Count' function in the pivot wizard for the # of entries, but I'm not getting the % of entries at all. Column A = Name, Column B = 1st metric, Column C = 2nd metric. Fairly simple layout, but I have a small sample file I can attach if that's not explanatory enough.

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Average Based On Percent Deviation Of Two Cells?

Apr 14, 2014

I'm calculating meter data in 5 min intervals B column is primary meter data C column is secondary meter data B and C are averaged in D using


I'm using AverageIf ">0" because one of the two meters is regularly removed from service for calibration, in which case I don't average, I'll only use the online meter reading.

Now I have to figure out how to average B3 and C3 only when the deviation between the two is <10%, and or if >10% to use the greater of the two values.

The examples are B12, C15,18,19...

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Formula For True/false Tolerance Percent

Aug 7, 2009

I need to be able to get a true/false from a tolerance percent.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do

cell a2 is Nitrogen
cell b2 is (Known gas%) 2.4800%
cell c2 is (unknown gas%) 2.4963%
cell d2 is =b2-c2 and I get the answer no trouble there. what I need is to take the answer in cell d2 and set a plus/minus 2% tolerance in cell f2 and get a true/false comparison.

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