Increase Percent In Cell If Other Cells Contain Data?

Oct 24, 2013

I'm trying to track how complete a project is by checking if cells contain data, and if they do the percent in cell 'Y4' would increase.

I have 6 cells which represent milestones and if they contain data then they would add a certain percent to cell 'Y4'.

Cells B13 & R13 would have a weight of 15% each

Cells J13, J21 & J30 Would have a weight of 20%

Cell L34 would have a weight of 10%

Is there any way that if these cells contained any data that I could add that percent to the total in 'Y4'?

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Increase/Mark-up Cost By X Percent

Apr 15, 2008

Formula for figuring retail price from cost. ie Cheeseburger 1.00 cost and I want a 60% markup. (2.55 Retail)

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Taking Percent And Adding Subtracting Percent Formula

Sep 12, 2012

I have a percent 3.14%, that I want to show 15, 20 and 25% above and below that percent. I am showing below the results and then formula. The top calculation results in the same on both the left and right. However the -15,-20, -25% results are different. Which is correct.


20% +/-





basic math, but I don't understand why the results are different.

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Formatting Cells As Percent

Jun 18, 2013

I am copying from a cell that has 100 (number stored at text) and want to display in a number format (100%) I keep getting 1000%. I've checked the format to ensure it has 0 decimal places. I've tried formatting the cells as a percent. Still no luck.

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Increase Invoice Number And Save To Desktop As PDF Using Cell Data For Filename

May 15, 2014

Our business has a spreadsheet set up for invoicing. A Macro has been created to increase the invoice number, save to the desktop as a PDF with a file name taken from the cells

This is working on my colleagues mac but when we've loaded onto my computer it errors, when I debug I am getting the following error:

Sub Macro3()
' Macro3 Macro

[g10] = [g10] + 1

[Code] .......

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Average Based On Percent Deviation Of Two Cells?

Apr 14, 2014

I'm calculating meter data in 5 min intervals B column is primary meter data C column is secondary meter data B and C are averaged in D using


I'm using AverageIf ">0" because one of the two meters is regularly removed from service for calibration, in which case I don't average, I'll only use the online meter reading.

Now I have to figure out how to average B3 and C3 only when the deviation between the two is <10%, and or if >10% to use the greater of the two values.

The examples are B12, C15,18,19...

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Percent Formatted Data Entry Field Occasionally Multiplies Value By 100?

Jun 10, 2013

I have a data entry field on a form that is formatted for percentages. Sometimes when i key in "10" it will correctly convert it to "10%" but other times it randomly converts it to "1000%". When the error occurs, I'm able to correct it by re entering the value a few times until it displays correctly as "10%".

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IF Function Formula Logic: For Every Increase Of Of Mhz, Give 25.00 Per 100 Increase

Nov 2, 2006

I have a test due in the morning, and I really need this question answered ASAP, if anyone could. I need to create an IF formula for this situation: the standard Mhz is 500. Give 55.00 for that standard. But for every increase of of Mhz, give 25.00 per 100 increase.

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Increase Value In Group Of Cells

Mar 8, 2009

Can someone tell me it is posible to increase cels value (diferent values) from D2 to D21 for example, by 20. I just start to use excel.

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Cells Will Not Always Increase In Size With Text Wrapping

Sep 25, 2013

My cells will not always increase in size with text wrapping.

Especially when I copy and paste from one sheet to another. I have formatted and re-formatted and re-formatted.

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Date Auto Increase 7 Days When Drag / Copy Down Cells

Apr 5, 2013

Any way to have the date auto increase 7 days when we drag/copy down the cells. For example, I have the following:


So, when I copy down (let say hundred cells down), the day should show 7 days apart. Is there a formula?

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Can I Get One Cell To Increase By 1

Feb 10, 2009

if it is possible to increase one cell by 1 when the date was changed in another cell. I installed the code that was given to me and it worked perfectly, thanks agin JB and royuk, UNTIL the cell that was to increase by 1 was locked and the sheet protected.

The date cell is not locked.

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Increase Cell Value

Jun 6, 2006

I need to increase the cell value on a spreadshhet that contains over 50,000 cells. I know how to do this on a cell by cell basis. I need to know if there is some way of doing this to multiple cells. Here is my example;


I need to increase each cell value and roundup to the next number. I have been doing the following formula: =ROUNDUP(603/.97,0) to increase the cell value to $622.

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Increase That Amount By A Percentage Identified In Another Cell And Display The Value Only Without Any Formalas In A New Cell

Jan 19, 2009

If a cell is not blank, then increase that amount by a percentage identified in another cell and display the value only without any formalas in a new cell. To this end I wrote this IF statement:


Observation: I see a FALSE in CS9 where this IF statement exists, however, CP9 does not display the required value.

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Increase Aphanumeric Number For Each Change In Data

Dec 28, 2006

I have many data in a worksheet named "Table" with "Item" in column A and "Reference" in column B. For each change of item, I need to assign a reference number with a prefix. Below is a sample of the data.

Column A Column B
Item Reference
Orange R9
Orange R9
Orange R9
Apple R10
Apple R10
Apple R10
Mango R11
Mango R11

The starting reference number is not fixed. It could start from 8 or 10.

Thought it would be possible to automate this process using vba.

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Increase Width Of Data Validation List

Sep 17, 2007

I having been looking at ways of increasing the width of a data validation list (drop-down) to accommodate items longer than the width of the target column. I found a solution here

The demonstration seems to do exactly what I require. However the code supplied does not work for some reason. I have run the code in debug to see what it is doing and the code runs until it gets to the line

Set objDic = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

from here it just jumps to the end of the procedure. Mousing over objDic says ObjDic = Nothing.

I am getting a bit out of my depth here - anyone know why objDic is not being assigned a value and the procedure bombing out from here.

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Increase One Cell By Decreasing Another

Jun 12, 2014

Is it possible to have a cell increased by 1 and another decreasing by 1 in a simple cell formula.

E.g.: I have an inventory stock sheet that is very simple. I have a maximum stock column C, a stock on hand (available) column A and a stock sold column B.

Every time I sell an item and punch it into column B it should automatically decrease the amount in column A by the number that I punch into B.

I am not concerned about the maximum stock column but would like an easy formula just to work out the amount that I have available so I know when to order more stock.

So when I punch in a 5 on B2 it should decrease the value of A2 to 1. And when I purchase stock again and I punch in say a 5 on A2 it should decrease B2 to a 1.

****A* B *C
1 *2 *4 *6
2 *4 *2 *6
3 *8 *6 *14
4 *0 *6 *6

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Get One Cell To Increase By Digit One

Jan 10, 2009

How can I get one cell to increase by 1 after I change the date in another cell. The spreadsheet is used to keep track of Oxygen Bottles at the local Fire Dept. and I want the " Times Filled" cell to increase by 1 after the " Date Filled" cell is changed. I'm not sure if they key the date in or if they use a calender add-in pop up.

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Increase Cell Range By 1 Every Day

Jan 28, 2009

I'm trying to sum a range in Column AB that increases by 1 cell every day.

Specifically, Jan 1 will be AB1, Jan 2 will be SUM(AB1+AB2), Jan 3 will be SUM(AB1:AB3)...and so on...Dec 31 will be SUM(AB1:AB367).

If it helps, the dates of the year run from A2:A367.

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How To Increase Cell Info Incrementally

Dec 7, 2010

I created a small block of cells on my worksheet where i have in separate cells, the day of the week, the days date and the month. I want to design a special memory calendar for my mom in early stages alzheimers.

There are cells with specific info which i do not want to re type for the whole month/year.

I want to be able to copy all the info into another block of cells and have the day of the week and date change also the month.

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Percentage Increase Or Decrease From Cell

May 2, 2012

I need a formula that can work out a percentage increase or decrease from cell J2 to L2.

J2 is the current data with L2 being the previous data - so the formula would compare J2 with L2 and tell me if there is an increase or decrease shown as a percentage.

The figures fluctuate from month to month so they could be either an increase or decrease. There are over 300 entries so I can't go through each one adjusting the formula accordingly - this is why I need the formula to do the working out if it is up or down.

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How To Add + Or - Button To Increase / Decrease Value In Cell

Sep 21, 2013

I have a simple spreadsheet. A value is inserted in cell B4.

I want to increase that value or decrease it by adding a button in the next cells, C4 or D4, to increase and decrease that value instead of manually typing in the new value.

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Increase A Cell Value By 1 If Another Displays "yes&quo

Apr 2, 2007

I'm a novice at macros and spreadsheets and a Visual Basic Virgin!!.

I'm trying to work out how to increase a cell (B17) value from 1 through 5 then jump back to 1 and count to 5 again etc etc.

The value should be incremented every time cell B33 ="Yes" however there needs to be a 2nd event which resets the B33 trigger to operate again.
This is when cell B34 shows "New Race"

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Formula To Increase Cell Reference

Apr 8, 2008

I have to reference to another sheet a fixed increase of moving 6 rows across. What would be the formula for it?

For example.
First formula would be =Sheet1!A1
What would be the formula for the subsequent cells. (eg. =Sheet1!A1+6) obviously doesn't work.

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VBA Increase The Decimal Places Of A Cell

Jul 27, 2007

Is there a function in VBA that lets me increment or decrement the number of decimals of a particular cell? let's say i got a cell value of 7.123456 but excel only displays 7 on the cell. What if i want excel to display only 7.123? How can I specify the number of decimals i want on a particular cell (in this case 3)

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Macro To Increase And Decrease Cell Number

Apr 28, 2012

I have a macro that increase a cell number and one that decreases a cell number, heres my code:

Sub Macro1()
Dim t
t = Split(Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("d5").Text, "/")
t(0) = Format(t(0) + 1, "0")
Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("d5") = Join(t, "/")

[Code] .......

So they do exactly what i want them to do but i want to put a limitation on them, so say the number in the cell is 0 then i dont want it to be able to subtract from it anymore, and say the number is 20 i dont want it to be able to add any more, i tried to put if statments into the code but no luck.

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Macro Increase Row Value Of Cell Reference By Increments Of 1

May 9, 2012

i'm looking for a loop macro to perform the following task:

Sheet 2 is my look up table, and sheet 1 as a number of references such as:
='Sheet 2'!B1
='Sheet 2'!E1
='Sheet 2'!G1 etc

I need a macro that increases the row references "1" to "2", saves the sheet then increases "2" to "3" and so on until the bottom of the reference table is reached

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Use Macro To Increase Cell Content 10 Points

Nov 17, 2007

I don't know if I am asking for something impossible,but is it possible to create a MACRO to automatically add or subtract 10 to whatever number is in the cell? for example:

A1= 20

I would like to have a macro that lets you either add 10 to it to become 30 or subtract 10 to it to become 10.

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On Today()+1 Increase Date In Cell By 1 Month

Aug 22, 2008

I have 22-08-08 in Cell A2 I would like it to change to 22-09-08 on 23-08-08 ideally using edate (but not neccessarily).

Perhaps I can add a formula with conditional formatting eg formula is = "On Today()+1 Add 1 month to cell A2"

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Change Cell Color After Every Decrease Up To Increase

Nov 15, 2009

I have a 49 numbers in cell A1:AW1 they are not in acceding order. I want to separate all groups’ start from lowest number to highest giving them deferent color. As shown in example table below in cell (A2 start with nš 6 and increase up to nš 47 till cell F2 =yellow color) then Cell (G3 decrease nš 3 and increase up to nš 49 till cell L49=Green Color) and continue same process for rest ....

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