Integer Vs Long Vs Decimal

Feb 23, 2009

Take a look at the sample sheet. I get the information as an import that looks like the info in column A.

I want it to look like the data in Column B. If I try to format as a number it always turns the last number to a 0. I also dont want the 0's on front of the digits either.

I dont really care how its done. But I would like a routine to turn column A into and like the example in Column B. No zeros on the front and maintaining all numbers.

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Converting A Text To A Number Whose Type Is LONG Not Integer

Mar 11, 2007

I have a user form and to input the hourly wage i need to convert the text entry to a number whose type is LONG and not integer.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Or is there a way to input a number in a userform without a text box entry?

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Convert Decimal Location Into D / M / S Form For Lat And Long

Oct 29, 2002

Is there a formula to convert a Decimal location into D/M/S form for Lat and Long

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Convert Degree Minutes And Second Lat And Long To Decimal

Jun 12, 2013

I'm trying to convert degree minutes and second latitude and longitude to decimal lat and long in excel (I have 100s of such conversion to undertake). When trying out dividing the minutes and second by 60 and checking my calculation on Google Maps lat/long finder or my calculations are not correct. However the equation to other way around - converting from decimal lat long to DMS (*60) works.

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Paste Two Decimal Number In Excel Without Extra Decimal Places Appearing

Aug 13, 2009

I have a vba macro that takes data from one workbook and pastes it into another workbook. In doing this I have declared a few variables of type single (I only need two decimal precision). However, when I copy the values from the cells on the source workbook and paste them into the target workbook, the numbers end up having 12 decimal places. Ultimately, this extra precision causes my totals to be off by .01 or more after a while. I have tried rounding the number as I pull it off the source workbook into the variable, but that didn't matter. How do I solve this problem? Code for pulling data from source workbook:...

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Formatting Group Of Cells To Have Different Decimal Rules Based On Decimal Value

Aug 3, 2006

Basically, I want to format a group of cells to display 1 decimal figure if the number is not a whole number. If the number is a whole number (or if the rounded first decimal place is 0) I want it to display no decimal.

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Removing Decimal Point While Maintaining # Of Decimal Places

Jun 10, 2009

I need to convert a column of numbers currently formatted with 2 decimal places e.g. 112.12 to 4 decimal places (without the decimal point). I need the end result to be 1121200. I've tried a few different suggestions given on the forum previously but can't seem to retain the 4 decimal places that I require.

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Conversions Of Decimal Feet To Decimal Inches - Formula?

Apr 15, 2012

I have to make a excel document in which I have length and width in feet and inch format.

E.g. 10.01 in which 10 is feet and .01 is inch

I have all the length and width values in the above format. And what I want to do is convert the inch value (10.01) to feet value (.01=.08 feet) .

Just like the calculator here does.. [URL] ........

...and so on...

Here is table of conversions from inches to decimal feet. But I don't know how to get a formula for this in excel...????

Inch Decimal of a Foot
1 inch 0.0833
2 inches 0.167
3 inches 0.250
4 inches 0.333
5 inches 0.417
6 inches 0.500
7 inches 0.583
8 inches 0.667
9 inches 0.750
10 inches 0.833
11 inches 0.917
12 inches 1.000

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Convert Or Format Decimal To X Digits Without Decimal Point

Aug 8, 2008

I am trying to create a unique sample code by putting together the values of other cells that a user will input. It's all working well apart from the last part, where I am trying to include a decimal number. I want the decimal number to appear without the central "." and in a four digit format. e.g. 2.5 would appear as 0250, 14.25 would appear as 1425. This is the formlua I am using currently:


However, where the value of H4 is 2.5, I am getting a result of 0303 (I've put this part in bold). I have attached a small spreadsheet to aid understanding.

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Calculate Decimal Portion Of Decimal Number`

Jun 10, 2007

I need a formula to multiply only the decimal number in a cell and not the integer. For example: the number in the cell is 57.3615. I want to multiply .3615 only.

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Why Using Dim As INTEGER

Apr 16, 2007

I received a reply somewhere

Dim i As Integer

is better used as

Dim i As Long.

Integers get cast to long in the OS, and then back to Integers when passed nback, so it is a unnecessary overhead.

but didn't want to hi-jack that thread

why would we still use "integer" then?

I tested with

Sub testInteger()
Dim starttime As Double

starttime = Timer

Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 32766
Dim j As Integer
For j = 1 To 32766
Next j
Next i

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Dim As Integer

Sep 12, 2009

I have been working on a basic input sheet for progress reporting at work to standardize the information and acheive a half decent automated report.

I am have trouble validating the textbox to only allow an integer to be entered in the box. On result of text being entered on add, a msgbox should prompt the user to enter only text.

How might I do this?

Private Sub CommandButton6_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet

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Sum Integer

Dec 8, 2009

how can i sum integer like


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Vlookup With Non-integer

Oct 6, 2008

I have a problem with vlookup. Here is an example:

A1= 1.3

Then my data array would be something like this
1 a
2 b
3 c
4 d

My problem is that the reference for the look up is a non-integer, but the data in the lookup is. How can I make this work?

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Extract The Integer

Oct 17, 2009

Below is a snapshot of data in a column. I need a way to extract the number, may be a whole, may be decimal, and leave behind the text description. Result to be put into a new column:

Hernia Umbilical 553.1
Perirectal Abscess 566
Diverticulitis 577.0
553.21 Hernia Vental/Incisional
Abdominal Pain RUQ789.01
Abdominal Pain RLQ789.03
217: Benign Breast mass
Chronic 575.11 Cholecystitis
226/ Thyroid neoplasm

The idea here is that the integer could be integrated in anyway imaginable with the associated text. I don't need the text. The end result must display this in a new column:


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Keep The Value Of Sum After Deleting Integer

Mar 30, 2009

i need is a script that will add two boxes together to get a sum in a third box, but where it is tricky for me is that i need the third box to retain the summed value even when either of the first two box values are deleted.

For example, say i have box A1=10, B1=40, and C1= SUM of A1 & B1 (so C1=50). Easy enough, but where im lost is that i want to be able to delete the value of either A1 or B1 and then have C1 still = 50, so then i can input another value into either A1 or B1 to continue to add to C1.

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Float To Integer

Aug 27, 2009

I'm creating a user form where the user can enter latitude and longitude in either Deg/Min/Sec format or Decimal Degrees. To go from decimal degrees into Deg/Min/Sec I need to do the following

A=Decimal Degrees (Single)
X=Degrees (Integer)
Y=Minutes (Integer)
Z=Seconds (Single)

X = Integer(A) <-- I need to cast A as an integer or truncate it. Not sure how to do this in VBA. Y = Integer[( A - X ) * 60] <-- Again, needs to be cast as an integer Z = {[( A - X ) * 60] - Y} * 60. I didn't see a native truncate function in Excel and in the past I've always used Left() or Right()

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How To Test If Value Is Integer

Apr 9, 2004

I am using the IsDate() and IsNumeric functions in my VBA code. Is there an equivalent function for testing if a value is an integer?

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Formatting And Integer Or Something...

Jan 22, 2009

I'm trying to format a number inside of a chain of a string. So,

Worksheets("TASK").Cells(task_sht_current_row, task_sht_act_id_column) = Cells(current_act_row, work_package_column) & "-" & Cells(current_act_row, cti_wp_column) & "-" & current_act_step_num

So I'm trying to format the last variable so that it is always four digits, ie, 0001, 0034, 0204, 1234, etc...

Any clue how to do this, I've searched around and can't seem to find the code for it. I could do it with a long set of conditional statements, but I'm pretty sure there is a format function or something.

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What Does # Indicate When Initialize An Integer

Jun 15, 2009

While reading the book "VBA and Macros for Excel", I can not understand the following
Dim concat As Variant
concat = 0#

What does the # indicates?

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Take A Number With Several Decimal Places And Round It Up To Two Decimal Places

Feb 27, 2014

I need a formula to take a number with several decimal places and round it up to two decimal places to either .33, .66 or, .00 if its above .66.

For example, 4.23423423423423 will be 4.33
4.43453453533434 will be 4.66
4.8353453453 will be 5.00

Lets say the number is in cell A1. What formula would do this?

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Inputbox Integer Verification

Feb 21, 2013

In the following code snippet I have worked out a way to verify that the user inputs an Integer and then prompts downstream if an improper value was entered. The user is prompted for a corrected reponse and loops until they get it right. The initial Cancel at the first prompt was causing issues until i saw poster: titarelli use StrPtr(). Except for subsequent cancels, the code works but it is clunky at best. How to tighten this up?


Dim Quantity As Variant
Dim CorrectedQuantity As Variant
Dim j As Integer

j = 194
Quantity = 0
CorrectedQuantity = 0

[Code] ......

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Find An Integer That Can Be Divided By 6

Oct 12, 2009

How to make A1= A2xA3 and round the result to the higher integer that can be divided by 6 ????

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If Statement That Checks If A Value Is A Whole Integer Value Or Not

Feb 9, 2010

I'm trying to write an if statement that checks if a value is a whole integer value or not. I was initially using the Mod operator but realized that the Mod operator rounds values to whole numbers before determining the outcome. Initially I tried:

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Count All Of Factors Of Integer

Nov 4, 2011

I need to count, not list, all of the factors of an integer. For instance the number 12 has the following, 1 2 3 4 6 12, so the solution to the NoF(12)=6.

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Round To Integer Of Half?

Feb 5, 2012

I would like to round down to interger or half. I would give you some examples:

3.76 to become 3.5
2.48 to become 2
-1.12 to become -1.5
0.05 to become 0

I tried to use round down fucntion but I am not able to have the desired outcome. I thnink the issue is with the second argument of the aforementioned function. How many digits should be indicated? I put 1 but it does not work.

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How To Set Constraints As Integer In Solver

Mar 26, 2012

I want to set constraints as an integer in solver. But I don't know how to do it.

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Set A Column Width To Some Integer Like 10?

Dec 17, 2012

I set a column width to some integer like 10, and the next time I open the file it has changed to something like 9.89. Is there some configuration that prevents this from happening and leaves my setting alone?

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Generate Integer Then Speak It?

Dec 30, 2013

My macro generates a number in the range 1 to 90 and places it in cell A1, I would then like to hear the number in speech.

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Array As String And Integer Together

Sep 19, 2007

I have defined array say like this:
Dim myarray (1 to 5, 1 to 2)

Is possible to define something like this?
myarray (x, 1) as string
myarray (x, 2) as integer

x is anything between 1 to 5 .

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