Listbox Column Widths And Lengths -Autofit

Dec 9, 2009

I've got a Listbox in a User form that looks at data on another spreadsheet purely for informational purposes, not to be selected. I have two problems with what it's doing:

1) There are 23 columns, of varying widths. However the listbox uses a standard width, so some items are truncated and some have too much room.

2) The data changes, and the number of rows may change from 2 to 15000. I've set the RowSource to cover the ranged from A1:W15000, but if only 2-300 lines are selected the user can't grab the scrollbar button to scroll through, but must instead use the arrow, which is rather slow.

Is there any way to set the column widths to match the data, and the Range to only go as far as the last populated row?

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Listbox Column Widths

Apr 13, 2006

I have a 3 column listbox on a userform. I am trying to line the columns up with some label headers on the user form.

On thsi listbox, how can I code the first column to a width of 250, the second column to a width of 50 and the third column to a width of 75?

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Listbox AutoFit Column Width

Jun 18, 2013

I just want to know how to Autofit Column width of Listbox.

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Auto Widths Of A Listbox On A Userform?

Jan 31, 2010

I am trying to create a userform that is reusable by turning on and off diff objects, and reusing objects. I am running into a little difficulty of resizing the list box for various lengths if items Example would be if I have a list of items and the longest one is 93 chars long, I need a width of 672 When I have a list that the items are each 5 chars long, I need a listbox width of 92

For simplicity's sake, I am using Courier (supposed to be a monospaced font) pitch is 10. I would have figured that my width would be simply a matter of finding the longest length in the list and then multiply that times some magical number that represents the width of the letter (since monospaced, each letter should be the same).

But, with the 93 char long string, the "average length" of each letter seems to be 7.2 (672/93 = ~7.2) but for the shorter words, it seems to be wider at 18 (92/5 = ~18)

Is there a way to have the listbox size itself to the width of the strings?

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Adding Column Widths Of Merged Area To Match Single Column Width

Sep 19, 2012

I needed to match the width a merged area of seven columns to a single column width (for row autofitting). Adding the column unit values and setting the single column to that value produced a significantly narrower width.

The documentation mentions that the column width unit is scaled to the font type and size and the absolute width is given in points.

This is set by the normal style setting in Excel Options or by VBA application.standardfontsize = 8 (in this case).

For instance, ten columns of Arial font 8 at 8.5 units you would think to be equivalent to a single column of 85 units.
In points, the difference is 420 vs. 386.25, or 33.75 points.

Well, the standard character zero has a width at this setting of 4.5 points and 1 unit is 8.25 points, leaving 3.75 points for margins.

Then (10-1) margins allowances time 3.75 points resolves the difference.

Determining the margin allowances is straightforward, and reveals that the gradation with size is stepped by MS design.
For instance, sizes up to 11 use 3.75 points for margins and increasing points for characters (except between 9 & 10).
Sizes 12 through 18 use 5.25 points, 20 & 22 use 6.75, 24 & 26 use 8.25, etc.

I have created a table for this purpose, however I rarely use a "normal" other than 8, so I can probably use that set in programming.

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Adjust Multiple Column Widths In One Column On Button Click

Nov 19, 2006

I have a button for Column T that when clicked I would like to run through different column widths 25,35,45,55,65,75.

I've tried a case statement but it doesn't run through each case on the clicks.

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How To Get The Column Widths Value

Dec 20, 2006

I am doing a if else statement but I do not whats the keyword for getting the column width value


if column width value = xx

column width value = xxo

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Autofit, But Not The Complete Column

Feb 2, 2009

I have some Worksheets in which cell A1 contains a textual heading for each Worksheet.
On each Worksheet, cells in the range A2 to O5 containg headings; the data goes in rows 6 onwards.

In VBA script, I'd like to autofit columns A to O, but starting at row 2 so the text in A1 is not included. For each sheet, I can determine the last row, to get a "range" to autofit (e.g. "A2:P15").

I've run a search on Autofit; the only examples I can find autofit the whole column or set of columns.

Is it possible to autofit starting at a specific row?

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Keep Formatting / Column Widths In The VBA?

Mar 17, 2014

This is doing ALMOST everything I need it to do. The only thing I need is for it to keep the formatting and column widths from the source sheet.


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Identify Column Widths In CM

Jan 23, 2010

how can know how is my column width in CM ,

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Different Cell Widths In Same Column

Jul 27, 2007

I would like to know if it's possible to change width of different cells in a single column? Example:

Width of cell A1 would be 10, and width of cell A2 would be 15. Can it be done? If yes how, if no damn. The reason I ask is because I trying to fit a report on one page with a chart and a month worth of data, but some cells are to long and they get cut off.

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Set Multiple Column Widths

Feb 10, 2008

I've used the macro recorder to try to auto-apply column widths after I do a CSV import:

(A&B=3.14, C=8, D=13.57, E=24.14, F=9, G=10, H=11.29, I=8.57, J=6.86, K=8, L=13, M=10)

...but for some reason when I execute this macro, "every" column gets the width of 10!

how I can fix the below code?

Sub SetColumnWidth()
Selection.ColumnWidth = 3.14
Selection.ColumnWidth = 8
Selection.ColumnWidth = 13.57
Selection.ColumnWidth = 24.14

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Autofit Column Range By Column Number

Dec 17, 2012

I've been trying various syntax for an hour now and I cannot figure out how to reference a range of complete columns by column number.

I know this works


But the number of columns is dynamic, so I don't know which one is the end. So I have the column number but cannot figure out how to reference the column range by number. I have tried versions of the code below but they all give different errors. This one is Run-time error 1004 Application-defined or object-defined error.

Worksheets(strWS).Columns(Cells(1, 2), Cells(1, lngLastCol)).EntireColumn.AutoFit

I am pretty sure I am close but the referencing is the issue. I can find all sorts of referencing by letter but not number. I've tried

Worksheets(strWS).Columns(Columns(2), Columns(lngLastCol)).EntireColumn.AutoFit
but I get the same error.

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Return Column Widths Function

Nov 18, 2007

Suppose I have the following UDF, which returns the width of the column, but when the column width change (increase or decrease), the UDF is not able to recalculate the column width...what should I do? .....

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Format Column Widths - Free And Fixed

Jan 11, 2010

I need to know how to format columns in a spreadsheet. What I want to do is autofit the columns, all except for Column A; I want that want at a fixed width of 9. The code below is my attempt to do this, and it's not resulting as I wish. Stepping through the code, it performs the first part beautifully and autofits all of the columns. Where I have the line

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Split Sheet So As To Have Independent Column Widths

Oct 3, 2007

For the past 4 months I have been desperate to find a way to split my sheet so that I can determine the column widths above and below that point independently.

For example:

small width from a1-b1
really large width from a2-b2

Is there a way to do that?

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Auto Size Column Widths For Printing

Jul 30, 2007

Need a bit of help with a dynamic column resize.

This is the scene. Imagine 2 lists of data, each list 2 columns wide (like 2 lists of names and phone numbers). List 1 covers column A and B, List 2 covers column D and E. I want it so that on the push of a button, columns A-E are automatically resized to be just big enough for their longest content, and column C resizes so that column D is on the next page.

The general idea is that you can print the sheet, and put together the pages relating to the seperate lists.

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Macro To Sum Or Subtotal Ranges Of Varying Lengths In A Column

May 1, 2014

I've reached a point in this macro where I'm stuck with NO clue how to achieve this, or even whether it can be done. In the Before sheet below, I need to bold the cells in H & I if the word "Total" is in G. I could probably manage that part, but here's the weird part: I need to add a formula to H & I of each row with "Total" in G to sum the numbers above it, from the previous total down to the current total. But there's no telling how long each range might be on a given report; from 1 row up to 8 rows.

THEN, in the second row below the end of columns H & I, I need to put a formula totalling all of the preceding Totals

I wonder if there might be a way to tell it to put a formula in H by each cell that has "Total" in G, with the formula summing or subtotalling everything from the cell in H that has data in F to the cell just above the "Total".

Attached File : Acct Activity.xlsx‎

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Separating Data Entries Of Different Lengths All In Single Column

Jan 20, 2008

a way to separate out data that has been all entered into a single column

code .....

The above information is a sample of the data. The data has been entered into 1 column, column A.

I want to separate the entries in to 1 column each for vehicle ID, full journal description, actual journal, EE code, Report total and equipment description.

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Total/SUM Various Times: Calculate Various Lengths Of Time Within A Column

Nov 14, 2008

Need a ormula that will calculate various lengths of time within a column.

For example: I would like to be able to add
02:43 (2 minutes 43 seconds) plus
01:10 (1 minute 10 seconds) plus
05:15 (5 minutes and 15 seconds)
..and accurately arrive at the sum of
09:08 (9 minutes 8 seconds)

Currently, whenever I input the value of 02:43- and assign the value of 'TIME'.. it reads it as 14:23 (clock time..not length of time.) I will only be using data that follows the format of mm:ss (minutes:seconds).

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Excel 2007 :: Column Widths Display Differently On Different Computers

Apr 11, 2013

Scenario: Two computers running Windows 7 (64-bit Professional) with Excel 2007, same processor, same hard drive, same memory, same everything except the monitors - see below

Computer 1: HP LA2006x monitor (20" viewable diagonal) @ 1600x900 resolution, 91.79 PPI
Computer 2: HP LA2206x monitor (21.5" viewable diagonal) @ 1920x1080 resolution, 102.46 PPI

We have an Excel spreadsheet that the column widths on columns A through K must equal exactly 6, 1, 6, 1, 8, 1, 13, 2, 8, 1, and 35 respectively in order for the data to be imported into another program. These exact column widths are set on Computer 1 and the .xslx file is saved to a network location.

Computer 2 opens the .xslx file from the exact same network location. The column widths display as 5.86, 0.92, 5.86, 0.92, 12.84; not the exact columns listed above. So if anyone needs to export the data from Computer 2, they have to manually adjust the column widths or run a macro to auto adjust the column widths.

My question, is there anything I can do on Computer 1 or Computer 2 to make it so the column widths are saved and open correctly no matter which one is saving and which one is opening? The 20" monitor on computer 1 cannot display the 1920x1080 resolution... already tried that.

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Excel 2010 :: Combobox Column Widths Forces Points Instead Of Inches?

Jul 8, 2014

How the heck to work with comboboxes and listboxes.

In entering column widths, I want to do inches. I understand inches. I don't understand points.

The instructions say that it will take whatever is in the User Control Panel: Regional: Number settings. I checked. It is US system. Not points.

MSO 2010. Can I change it to inches or do I need to get used to points?

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Create Two Column Listbox That Will Transfer Both Columns To Listbox?

Apr 4, 2014

im trying to create a two column listbox that will transfer both columns to the listbox on the right and also transfer from the right to left currently right to left works but when I trasnfer from the left to right then the right to left only one column is moved.

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Autofit Only Current Cell Column To That Cell Width

Dec 15, 2011

When I'm moving around in an Excel sheet, I want to have a keyboard shortcut that Autofits only the column I am "in", and only to the width of the cell I'm "in". So I can arrow-key into a cell, hit ctrl-shift-W or whatever, and the column will autofit.

I try Cells.EntireColumn.AutoFit but that's not what I want, it autofits every column. Sometimes this is not appropriate and I want to do it manually for the columns I want auto-fit.

I guess the more general question is how do I write VBA code for the column I am in and not every column or a specific column - not Columns("A:I") or whatever, it's going to be a different column every time depending on what cell I'm editing.

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Autofit All Columns

Nov 25, 2008

I am using Excel 2007 and I would simply like to autofit every column o that the information fits and is visible. I would do this myself, but when you have to open many files with as many as 100 columns, its not fun.

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Way To Autofit Whole Workbook?

Feb 5, 2009

Is there a way / code i can put into a macro which can autofit a group of sheets or a whole work book. I have a workbook with 100's of sheets and it takes alot of time to click each sheet and autofit them manually.

I do run a macro for each sheet, so if i could build it into a macro by adding the code to it that would be great

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Different Cell Widths

Nov 9, 2007

I have one table with 0.5" cell widths. Good.

I have another table with 1.875" cell widths. Good.

I want both tables on the same page, one under the other. Hard.

How can I achieve this? Is there a way to have the column widths of one table independent of the other on the same page? Is there a workaround that would achieve the same effect?

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Optimize Cut Lengths

May 20, 2009

I have a given length of steel bar...Example(550 feet)

I have various cut lengths that I can pick from...
14'-10".....13'- 9".. 12'-8"........(up to 6 different lengths)

I need to know the best combination of lengths to cut the long bar into to have minimal scrap left when we get to the end of the 550 feet.....

Cut as many of the longest cut lengths possiable.....Cut as few of the shortest cut lengths possiable

Due to the fact that I will have to convert this to a PLC application when completed, I want to find a mathmatical way to do this inside excel and not use the "solver"....Assuming that I/we can come up with an equation to do this .....

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AutoFit Columns With Macro

May 14, 2014

I am trying to program a macro to AutoFit 29 columns on 3 different sheets. However it keeps coming up with "run-time error '1004' select method of range class failed". Here is the code

[Code] .....

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Autofit Rows Using Macro

Nov 19, 2008

I'm trying to Autofit a number of Rows within a macro. I need to autofit Rows 8 to 80 as the content of these rows will have been updated by lines earlier in the macro. Some rows will now contain more than 1 line of text whereas others will now be blank.

I initially tried to use the

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