Pick Value From By Count Criteria?

Apr 3, 2014

At the moment I have a problem as per example attached, that I need to select values from row and populate respective column based on the following.

1. A top row contains non-negative values

2. Rows below it contain blanks, negative values and positive value.

3. Last column to be populated with a value from the top row if the value in the rows below top row contains the last negative value before the first positive value. There could be blanks between the last negative and the first positive, but I want the last negative to be used as a criteria for selection of corresponding value from top row. I hope my question is clear with the attached example. The column to be populated is FY.

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Match 2 Criteria With 2 Criteria To Pick Up A Value?

Dec 12, 2013

I have a list of data that has (Col A) item, (Col B) lot# and (Col C) quantity. In Columns DEF I have the same but column E (Lot#) is blank. Is there a formula I can use that would match Item and Quantity (A and C) with (D and F) and then drop the Lot # form column B into column E if there is a match?

Lot #s



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Count Of Rows In Array That Meet Criteria In Column2 And Different Criteria In Column3

Dec 6, 2013

I have a table with 3 columns with an unkown number of rows (text, date, date) that is being imported daily.

I want to create a 4th column with dates starting from today and each subsequent row be one day earlier. I want to look at 30 previous days.

I then want to count the number of rows (looking at column 1-3) with the following criteria:

Countif column2<= "date in colum4" AND column3< "date in column4"

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Compare Two Cells In A Row With Criteria. Count Rows That Match Criteria

Sep 22, 2009

Here is what I have. 4 Worksheets. The first worksheet is a summary page. I have 350 personnel that are broken down into three different groups. So each group has it's own sheet. Here is what I need to accomplish. Results need to be posted on the summary sheet.

I need to compare cells B2 & D3 for each row on a worksheet and display the number of times they match on a worksheet. For example how many times does EP & EP match on a certain row. I need to compare cells B2 & D3 for each row on a worksheeet and display the number of times they don't match on a worksheet. For example how many times does EP & MP occur. I've attached an example for reference

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Loop To Count Cells Until Criteria Met Then Restart Count

Mar 7, 2012

ABCDE1DATEEMP1Days Between SalesEMP2Days Between Sales
23/6/2012 YES0NO 33/5/2012NO NO 43/4/2012NO NO 53/3/2012 YES2NO 63/2/2012NO NO 7 3/1/2012 YES1YES682/29/2012 YES0NO 92/28/2012NO NO 102/27/2012 YES1NO 112/26/2012 YES0NO 122/25/2012NO YES4

I believe I need a loop code to do what I need, because none of the functions I've tried have worked. I want to start at B2 and go down the column until I come to a YES. When I find a YES, I want to know the number of NOs that preceded it. Then I want to go from that YES(#1) to the next YES(#2) and count the number of NOs between YES(#1) and YES(#2) and so forth, until I run out of rows. For example, in C5, the answer is 2, because there are 2 NOs between YES#1 and YES#2 in coulmn B, and a 1 in C7, because there is 1 NO between YES(#2) and YES(#3) in column B.

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Multiple Criteria Count Between 2 Dates & Other Criteria

Jul 30, 2008

I have a spreadsheet which lists letters issued, the date issued and the potcode. I need a formula that counts, on a weekly basis, the number of letters issued to postcodes in Sutton and Bexley.

I have a count sheet set up on one worksheet and the list of postcodes applicable to each area are listed on another worksheet. I have been playing around with sumif, sumproduct etc, but these don't seem to work as I am pointing the formula to a list of postcodes and not an individual postcode. For example, the formula for one week needs to tell me, the number of letters issed to Sutton between 26/07/08 - 01/08/08. This is what I tried -

=SUMPRODUCT(('MU63 NC'!$F$2:$F$10>=COUNT!B$2)*('MU63 NC'!$F$2:$F$10<=COUNT!B$3)*('MU63 NC'!$D$2:$D$10=Sutton!$A$2:$A$50))

But I get #N/A - if I change the last refernce to a specific cell instead of a range it works, but this will make the process very lengthy as there are lots of postcodes!

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Count Values In One List And Then Narrow / Combine Values Based On Criteria And Count Those

Jan 20, 2014

I need a way to find a value in a column which has one or more corresponding values in an adjacent column. Then take all of the corresponding values found and count all occurrences of the found values in another column. But I only want to count the entries if an adjacent column is not blank.

Not the easiest thing to describe. Starting to wonder if I need to think in reverse. I hope the attached example makes more sense.


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Count According To Criteria

Dec 20, 2009

I am a bit struggling to solve this problem. I have tried Dcount, pivot table but still can't get my head around. Here is the example: ....

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VBA Count And Sum If Criteria Met

Feb 21, 2014

Problem I was having in peforming a 'Count & Sum' routine for records which met certain criteria.

Unfortunately I wasn't able progress this any further, and I take full responsibility for this, because I caused issues by incorrectly specifying the criteria in my initial post.

What I'm trying to achieve is a follows:

Search the range "ADPeriod" (Which is column J on the "All Data" sheet)for the value shown in cell in B2 on the "Expected Outcome" sheet, andSearch the range "ADPLOB"(Which is column B on the "All Data" sheet), for the value in the rows of column B on the "Expected Outcome" sheet,andSearch the range "ADJRole" (Which is column I on the "All Data" sheet) for the value in row 2 on the "Expected Outcome Sheet"Where all three are found,Count the number of unique values in the range "ADSName" (Which is column D on the "All Data" sheet) and enter the value in the applicable rows in column C of the table on the "Expected Outcome" sheet, thenSum the associated value in the range "ADAFTE" (Which is column N on the "All Data" sheet), and place in the respective row in column D of the table on the "Expected Outcome" sheet.

This is the link to the file: [URL] .....

As before I will be adding further values in row C of the table on the "Expected Outcome" sheet, but I just wondered whether someone may be able to show me how I may be able start which I can build upon.

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Count With Two Criteria

Oct 5, 2009

I have a dataset with odds for soccermatches, and results.
I want to count each time a specified odds has won the match, but i cannot find out which formula to use.

For example:

HTeam ATeam Res H-Odds D-Odds A-Odds
1.Team1 Team2 H 1.60 2.10 4.30
2.Team1 Team2 D 1.64 2.30 3.30
3.Team1 Team2 H 1.60 2.60 4.35
4.Team1 Team2 A 3.10 2.80 1.60
5.Team1 Team2 A 1.60 2.10 3.30
6.Team1 Team2 D 1.60 1.60 4.30

HTeam= Home team
ATeam= Away team
Res = Result, Home, Draw, or Away
H-Odds= Home odds
D-Odds= Draw odds
A-Odds= Away odds

Defining my problem:
I want to count the times the odds; 1.60 was the winning odds.
I imagine i need to set up 3 columns: Homewins, Draws, Awaywins.

Kind of like:
like that, only that is not correct

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Count If 3 Criteria Met

Apr 14, 2006

{=COUNT(IF((NewProduct2006!$C$9:$C$2000="New Prod"),(NewProduct2006!$H$7:$H$2000="In Process"),(NewProduct2006!$E$1=$A3)))}

This forumal is presently giving me a 0 value.

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Count One Criteria Only Once

Feb 28, 2013

I am tasked with creating a matrix which indicates the amount of active customers in a given week, and a given segment. These make up the rows (segments) and columns (weeks). I have a big sheet of data so started to use COUNTIFS.


Problem is that if there is usage more than once in a given week that customer will be counted twice or more. Can I make one criteria for a third (customer) range but with a critera that is counted only once?

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Count If More Then 1 Criteria

Nov 20, 2008

I want to COUNT the occurance of the id's number appears in a cell F2 (I do not want to SUM them - counting more than 1 criteria). How can I exclude "0" from being counted. Based on the table it sholud show id 1120 - 4 occurance, but my formula show 0 ......

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Count If With Multiple Criteria

Jul 12, 2014

if possible, with a Excel formula. Assuming a column (M7:M200) has this information:

|_Empty _|
|_Empty _|
|_Empty _|

I would get the sum of the cells except "empty", "John" and "Mark". The result would be: John: 2 | Mark: 1 | Others: 3 (My only interest is the formula to get the result "Others: 3") I tried with this formula: = COUNTIF (M7:M200, "<> John") but remains exclude "empty" cells and "Mark."

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Count Given Multiple Criteria?

Aug 7, 2014

In H:5 I am trying to count B:2 through B:200 if it has an x and A: through A:200 has Post put value in H:5


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Count Cells With Certain Criteria

Oct 21, 2009

I need to count cells with certain criteria.....look at my example as it is kinda hard to describe without looking at it. EXAMPLE.xls

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Count Across Worksheets With Two Criteria

Apr 30, 2006

I have been trying to figure this out for some time and cannot seem to
get it to work. I am using Excel 2003

I need to know the number of times a certain situation occurs across
12 worksheets.

Workbook has 12 sheets named Jan, Feb, Mar, etc to Dec

All 12 sheets exactly the same (different data)

In column F12 to F62 is a range of numbers like 1010, 1056, 1168. All
are four digits and there may or may not be repetitions of the
numbers. The numbers could be any number from 1000 to 1200 (total of
200 possible numbers)

In column G12 to G62 there are 5 different names. Bill, Bob, Mike,
Helen and Sally that may or may not be repeated or not entered.

On a separate sheet I need to figure out the following.

In rows I want to put all the numbers.

In columns I want to put the names.

What I want to do is to count how many times Bill gave away item #
1056, 1137 etc. So that in the column below Bill beside each number
it will give me a total of instances Bill gave that item away in 12
months or a 0 if none of any number. It would be nice if it auto
updated when Bill gives away item # 1423 next month.

I want to do the same for all five people.

I have visited many web sites and tried numerous formulas but just
cannot get anything that works.

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Count Cells Until Criteria Is Met?

Jun 19, 2008

What I need to know how to do, is automatically count, in column 'd', the number of days its been since the number in column 'c' (same row) has shown up in column 'b'.

Attatched is an example of column 'd' already filled in with the correct answer, however, I want it to be calculated automatically.

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Count If Based On Two Criteria

Dec 3, 2008

I am trying to count AE2:AE601 if AE2:AE601 <= 2 and if AF2:AF601 = the value of AH2 but the formula that I have create returns a 0 when it should be returning a 1.
Where did I go wrong? Here is what I have so far.

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Match 3 Criteria / Count Once

Dec 4, 2012

I'm looking for another twisted forumla / array. Here's what I'm trying to do?

When the value in data!G$2:G$51000 = Yes
The value in data!J$2:J$51000 is Unique (counted once if more than 1 total matches)
The value in data!H$2:H$51000 is

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Count Cells IF Criteria Met

Mar 25, 2013

formula that will check cells E2:E700 and if it contains the text "RED" then count the number of cells populated in adjacent F2:F700...eg....



result from above would be 2

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Count Cells According To Criteria?

Jul 20, 2014

I have a spreadsheet like this:



[Code] .......

and I would like to create a second spreadsheet that lists how many cells have a number for each combination ("a"x"a", "a"x"b", "a"x"c", ... "b"x"a", "b"x"b"....)
so in this case it would become this:



[Code] ....

is there a formula that i could use to do this easily?

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Count Using Multiple Criteria ..

Aug 29, 2008

I'm struggling with a simple count problem.

Column "A" has values from 0 to 1000.
Column "B" has values from 1% to 100%

If column "A" is 250 or greater count it.


If column "B" is 50% or greater count it.

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Count Color And Criteria

Oct 9, 2008

I have one column with data such as USD, USD, EUR, EUR, EUR JPY, GBP, GBP, GBP, GBP. Any of these cells can be highlighted red. I have a VB code that will count the number of cells if red; however, I am looking for a function that would let me know how many times each unique instance is colored red.

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Count With Multiple Criteria

Jun 20, 2006

I need to somehow count the number of times two criteria are met in a certain set of data and store it in a cell on a seperate sheet. My data is all stored in a sheet called Data and the conditions are as follows:

1. Column C = WEB
2. Column D = Cancelled

So I need to count the number of times both these events occur and save them in my other sheet called Metrics. i lokoed it up on google but all the formulas I found referenced the same sheet and wouldn't work for my data set.

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Sum/Count Based On Many Criteria

Aug 25, 2006

This is probably a simple question for excel gurus, but I am a molecular biologist, and don't set up these formulas every day. I have a table full of genotypes that I have indicated as 0, 1, 2 or 3 in columns. Column heads are gene names; row heads are subjects (patient numbers). I want excel to look in row 1 in column A and see if there is a 1 and also in column B in the same row to see if there is a 1, and if both are 1, count that patient in a tally. I want to be able to get a count of the number of patients with 1's in both columns. If someone can tell me what functions I use to set up this tally, I think I can set up more elaborate formulas. At the end, I want excel to look at several columns and tally the number of patients that have 1's in several columns.

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Count Based On Criteria

May 4, 2007

I have a spreadsheet for my customers. i Break them down in 3 categories
L c r Column o gives me the total dollar amount of all columns. I have figured out how to tell how many of each I have sepratly and there respective dollar totals

How do count how many $0 amounts in column o belong to l r c respectively
In other words if I had 10 c's how many were $0 in o. Lets say I had 10 c's but only 6 had a total greater then $0 in column o that would be 60 percent

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Count Data With Criteria

Jul 28, 2007

Check out the attached worksheet, I would like to count the x's entered in a row and which column the x was entered in.

I need to know how many times an x occurs in each row under each column heading throughout the year.

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Count Cells By Criteria In VBA

Aug 30, 2007

I need to select cells in a specified column (the number of cells will vary each time) and place a count of the selected range in the cell below the selection. Then I need to select cells in a different column and count only the cells with a specific value (in this case, it is a column with financial classes and I only want to count the cells with the value "MC" in it). Again, I would like this count placed in the cell below the selection. I've made some progress. Here's the code I've come up with to select the cells I need to count:

Sub CountSelection()
Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select
End Sub

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Count Cells That Fit Criteria

Dec 28, 2007

Is there a way to count cells only if they fit a certain criteria in another cell? Example: I want to count the number of moving violations in column F. But, I only want to count this moving violation if it is out of the Monaca terminal, which is defined in column C.

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