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Privacy Warning - Turn Off All Messages

I have put a macro in my spreadsheet to clear all hyperlinks it works great but now I keep getting the privacy warning message.

I have set the macro settings to accept all and put the spreadsheet in the trusted locations......but the warnings still keep coming
I do not want to turn off all messages just this one.

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Stop Warning Prompts/Messages
every time i choose Action X, i have a series of warning messageboxes appear. i want to run some code so that default option for each message box is selected every time a message box appears. this way i don't need to press Enter every time for each message box.

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Warning Messages Before Leaving Sheet
Is there a way to have a reminder/warning message pop up before a user leaves a specific sheet?

I need users to sort a tool list before they leave the sheet and move on to a different sheet?

The name of the sheet is "Unit Tools". The command button is named "Sort Tool List"

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Turn Off Messages While Typing Code
Is there a way to turn off those annoying error message boxes that pop-up when a line of code is incorrect? I pretty frequently go to another area of code to grab some previous code to copy and paste, and the error message box pops-up, so I have to hit OK to close it. It would be nice if it still highlighted the problem red, but I'd even give that up for those boxes to go away.

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Turn Off Security Warning Regarding Macros
I would like the security warning not to pop up when the workbook is opened. I have been able to turn it off for myself but I had someone else test it and each time it's opened the security warning pops up with the disable, enable messages. Is there a way to turn this off permanently so not matter who opens it it won't pop up?

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Turn #DIV//0!” To “0” Or Even Turn It To A Blank Cell
I have a workbook which is set up to take an average heart rate of a participant from a series of data points. I have set the spreadsheet up before I have collected some of the data. (so I can review the project at the 3 months period and its an ongoing project).

The problem is that if there is no data in a participants column then excel correctly gives you readout of “#DIV//0!”. On my results page this #DIV//0!” makes it hard to read the spreadsheet. Is it possible to get excel to turn #DIV//0!” to “0” or even turn it to a blank cell?

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Conditional Properties: If A Number In A Different Cell Is Above A Certain Number It Will Turn Green And Another Cell To Turn Red
can I set a cell in excel so that if a number in a different cell is above a certain number it will turn green and another cell to turn red. I have attached the file.

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How To Do Error Messages
how do u add error message, so that if you do not put the correct type of value in a input box and a error message should come for you to re do it again

error message should not take letters, signs etc onli numbers and if number 0 is entered it should stopped.

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Creating Error Messages
if it is at all possible (and if so, how) to CREATE your own error message in Microsoft Excel.

Basicaly, I am wanting to create an error message if two cells' figures do not match up.

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Stop #VALUE! Error Messages
I have set up some cells with formulas to be worked out in the future. But the #VALUE! error message appears because there is nothing to work out yet! I've attached the sheet

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Disable Validation Error Messages
Is there a way to disable all error pop up messages from coming up due to an invalid entry in a cell that has data validation? So when a user types in a value, it doesn't pop up saying "retry, cancel, etc"? Just to save time and make it more user friendly, it would be nice to just dis-allow the entry, so when someone types an incorrect entry it just erases it or stays on the cell and keeps it highlighted but doesn't let you click away...something like that. This would be applied to the whole workbook and is for XL07.

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Error Messages When Total Is Not 720 In Cell
I have a total box which should add up to 720 when other cells have data entered.

Is there a way that I could put up an error message if the total is not 720 in that cell when someone tries to save the worksheet?

Or maybe for eg, cell A1 does not add up to 720, if they then try and move on to cell A50, the message would appear then?

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Macro To Cancel Startup Messages
I have a Macro that opens numerous excel files.

What code do I require to cancel the startup message?

ie. The message that displays "Disable / Enable Macros" (security setting cannot be changed, so message is always displayed).

Plus I then have some startup message boxes which I manually click OK to continue, but how do I cancel this messages using VBA Code?

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Click Through Messages While The Macro Is Running
I have set up a macro that opens a set of about 20 excel files, one at a time,and then copies select sheets, and then pastes into a different main spreadsheet. After each sheet is opened and copied/pasted, I close it out and open the next one. My problem is I keep having to click through messages while the macro is running. I encounter the following messages:

1. Do you want to save (file that I opened and copied from)?

2. The formula or sheet that you want to copy contains the name "asdf.." which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name?

3. A box comes up that says update values from this file:

4. There is a large amount of information on the clipboard. Do you want to be able to post this information into the clipboard later?

I would rather ignore all of these message boxes, but my answers to them are as follows:
1. No i do not want to save
2. Yes I want to use that version of the name
3. I want to select cancel out of this
4. No i do not want to be able to post that information.

Is there any way I can automate this?

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Message Box With A Variable Amount Of Messages In
Is it possible to have a message box with a variable amount of messages in?

In the following code I want to create a message box where if the flag is true it displays a message in the box.

Because of this the box could have 1 line or 4 lines or anything inbetween. Is this Possibe?

Dim CompanyNameFlag As Boolean
Dim OnsiteContactFlag As Boolean
Dim ContactNumberFlag As Boolean
Dim AlternativeContactFlag As Boolean

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Editing Run-time Error Messages
I'm guessing this is not (easily) possible, but I thought I might just ask in case: Can we change the messages in VBA run-time errors displayed by Excel. Better yet, I would like to avoid the Excel generated error box, and just have a text message written into a particular cell.

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Disable All Kinds Of Messages/warnings/alerts
I need to disable all kinds of messages that could appear in front of the user when it opens the workbook. I am already using DisplayAlerts=False and On Error Resume Next? Can we also do this through excel application itself and not using VBA ?

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Count Number Of Cells That Meet Specific Conditions - Error Messages
I have a spreadsheet which is linked to several other worksheets. I have managed to include formulas to count how many cells have numbers between 101 and 5000 by using this formula -


but now I want to count the number of cells in another worksheet that are equal to or less than zero. When I use the same formula as above it counts all the blank cells. I have tried using a countblank formula and then deducting this from the result, but unless the other worksheet is open the countblank formula does not work.

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Workbook_open Event In Order To Stop Annoying Messages If You Haven't Physically Made Changes
I've been setting the above property to TRUE after making some changes in the Workbook_open event in order to stop annoying messages if you haven't physically made changes.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to copy through to the workbook_beforeclose event and I'm being asked if I want to save changes even though the macro made the changes and then set the property.
Here's my code for the open event :-

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
On Error Resume Next
For counter = Worksheets.Count To 2 Step -1
Sheets(counter).Visible = xlVeryHidden
Sheets("Desktop").Visible = True
Sheets(1).Visible = xlVeryHidden.....

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Two Cells Which Have Formulas Stopping Error Messages Show An Error When Added
See the attached sheet. I am trying to add together two figs which are linked to calculations which have formula built in to stop error messages when there is a 0 / 0 = #value type error. However when these two cells are added, if the cells are blank I get an error message. And if only one cell has a value, I get "" with my existing formula. what I need to do to get a result of 7 if for example cell A4 = "" + B4 =7. At the moment my formula shows "" in the sum total of these cells

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Warning When More Then Two Decimals Are Used
I am trying to put together a code so that when a user enteres more then two decimal points in the cell value they should get a warning regardless if they formatted the cell to show 2 decimals or not...

Simply the problem is on the sheet I have a lot of people format the cell to show two decimals but when you copy and paste the cell values to other sheets the decimals are still there which causes problems.

I am intermediete in VBA so if someone can shoot me some example codes I think I can make it work on my sheet.

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To Get A Warning Message..
I have an excel sheet there i am maintaining the details of our sales invoices. Invoice no is in the column D . My concern is while entering a new number in the column D, excel should look at the entire column and give an error message if the no is already exixting in the column.

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Off The Warning Message
I have a lot of links on my excel page, links going to videos. Everytime I click the link, I have this message :

"there might be viruses... are you sure you want to open this file?"

I know there must be a way to take this message off : I worked with it for months, and then it suddenly disappeared. But now that I formatted, it's back again

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Crashes Without Warning
On one laptop Excel crashes, without warning. It happens during copy/paste job (from one workbook to another). But not every time she copies something.

It is completly the same laptop like others in my company. My user has deadlines, and lot of copy/paste job.

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E-mail Warning
I have a plan to create an excel sheet DB of softwares I sold to clients. Each license lasts 1 year. Here's an example of my sheet: ...

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Warning Before Closing
I recently added some code to close a file after a few minutes of inactivity. (Here's the sub code)

Sub time_out()
If Timer - LastEventTime

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MsgBox With Warning
I have several material takeoff sheets and one material SummarySheet in my workbook.

Each material takeoff sheet has a subtotal cell at the bottom of the sheet. The subtotals are added together and the total sum is displayed in a cell on the SummarySheet. At least that is how it is supposed to work. Excel or somebody else arbitrarily changed the cell reference in the SummarySheet formula to call up the cell one row above the subtotal cell on the material takeoff sheets. This little action resulted in a loss of $674,000 and may eventually result in my unemployment. Meanwhile I am sitting here putting out fires.

This is what I would like to do: Place a formula on the SummarySheet or add a Macro that will trigger a warning message box if the total on the SummarySheet is not equal to the sum of the subtotals on the material takeoff sheets. Also would like to have the message box animated or brightly colored.

If(PlateCostsTotals+AppurtenancesCostsTotals+StructuralCostsTotals+MiscellaneousCostsTotalsSummaryCostsTotal MsgBox “Hey, Don’t You Know How to Add”) or an alternate formula that works.

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Warning Sometimes Appears
I have an Excel file that contains macros that I made. Sometimes when I open the file I do not get prompted to enable macros. I DO want to get prompted so I can enable the macros. Any idea why this happens? By the way, my macro security is greyed out so I cannot change it.

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Manual Calculation Warning?
Is there a way to make excel 2007 pop up a warning whenever calculation is set to manual by a macro or any other means? I have on several occasions noticed formulas not working, only to discover that calculation was set to manual without me noticing. And then I don't know how much of my work may have been afffected. This seems like a pretty vital piece of information, and I am surprised that it's not made more obvious.

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Warning When Macros Are Disabled
How can I write a "warning" in the form of a message box that will appear if the user does not enable macros?

Also, can I have one of the buttons on this message box turn on macros?

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VBA Warning For Misplaced Workbook ...
I have one excel workbook (called “workbookA”) stored on network device (hard drive with its own ip address). The idea is not to allow users to save that excel workbook locally on individual pcs; otherwise, others wont be able to see updates done by a particular user that saved the workbook on his or her computer (regardless of intention).
The idea I have is to have a second workbook (called “workbookB”) on the same network drive; and cell $A$1 of this workbookB is being referenced by workbookA.

$A$1 cell of workbookB has value of ‘20’. And, cell A8 of workbookA refers to that cell

My code below checks the value of A8 cell of workbookA against the value of $A$1 cell of workbookB has value of ‘20’. If the values do not match, cell A9 of workbookA displays “Unauthorized Copy”. (One can even elect to have the VBA code to overwrite all cells - thus destroying the workbook.)

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Range("$A$8") "'[NO_NO.xls]SHEET00'!$A$1" Then
' places "Unauthorized Copy" to Cell $A$9
Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Sheets("FID").Unprotect Password:="password"
Range("'[FID.xls]FID'!$A$9").Value = "UNAUTHORIZED COPY"
Sheets("FID").Protect Password:="password"
Application.EnableEvents = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End If
End Sub

I feel embarrassed, but this is the best idea I’ve got. Plus I am getting "Run-time error '1004'; Method 'Range' of object '_Worksheet' failed" & whenever the workbook is being opened, excel asks is the links (referenced) are to be updated or not (whole another story). Are there any simpler & more interesting ideas to ensure that the user gets alerted whenever the workbookA is removed from (saved in a location other then) the network device?

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Show Warning For Row Deletion
I need to test whether one or more rows are about to be deleted in a worksheet.

Users delete rows to edit a worksheet, which affects other columns. I need an opportunity to warn them before the delete occurs.

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Warning / Alert With Conditions
I am trying to set up a warning. If an amount is entered in columns u,v, w a warning box to appear telling the clerk to enter a comment in col ab or what I would really like is if they enter an amount the cursor jumps to comments with a command for them to write an explainations.

Do you have a way to do this. (excel 2007)

Col U V W X AB
Held Amount
Write-off AmountTransfer from Proj. to Proj. AmountFinal Invoice
Comments $ 5.00 $ - $ - $ 273,143.29

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If TxtOther.Value Is Not In List Warning Msg
This part of the form is where the user selects the supplier of the fitness equipment via 3 buttons;


Clicking CmdOther checks if there is a text value in other so we have a record of the supplier.
We can't limit this to a definitive list as there may be new suppliers/some in other regions. However, I would like, when user click CmdOther, excel to look up the value they enter into TxtOther.

If it is in a set list, then it goes straight through, if not a MsgBox propmpts the user to check the name and gives them the option to edit the supplier or accept

Private Sub CmdOther_Click()
If TxtOther.Value = "" Then
MsgBox "You must enter a Supplier!"
Exit Sub

[This is where I want it to then check if it is valid before continuing bellow]

If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True
ActiveCell = TxtOther.Value
Unload Me
End If
End Sub

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Bypass Save Warning
my main file goes out and opens another worksheet, modifies it in its existing environment, copies it to a tab on my main file then closes the other file but not save it. Even though I did those things when I was recording the macro, those steps are not coming through.

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Warning Message/box If Cell Over Value
I have a range of cells and I would like a warning message to pop up if a value over 0.1 is entered. I'm sure it is pretty easy to do, just can't find any info on here and I'm not great with Excel.

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Delete Sheets Without Warning
For instance: Sheets(sheets.count).delete. I delete the last sheet, but I dont want a message box warning. Can i disable that with vba code? (offcource I can, but how?)

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Outlook Email Warning
I have some code to literally email a workbook to a specific user. But when the email is sending...i am getting the warning form Outlook whethere to send or not. If the user clicks No...then this opens up a can of worms when asking to debug. Is there a way i which i can amend the code to disable this warning and send regardless...without changing security settings in outlook???

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Unwanted ActiveX Warning
I have used the OWC.Spreadsheet 11 object in a form. But since then, I get a warning, usually when I open the spreadsheet, saying "This application is about to initialize an ActiveX Control that might be unsafe. If you trust the source of this file Select OK.etc,etc". I am using Excel 2003. Is there anyway of getting rid of this message? I am worried that users will see it, worry about using it and press cancel instead of OK at the prompt, thus rendering my form useless.

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4.0 Macro Warning On Open
I keep getting this warning. I temporarily used a 4.0 macro, but found a better way to do it, so I no longer am using that function. How do I remove whatever it is that is calling it so that user's don't have to see this message. There is a small probability that something else somewhere is calling a 4.0 command, but I have no idea how to find out what that is.

I've checked the references, and excel 4.0 Macro's aren't listed, and I'm pretty sure they were before when I was using them.

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Run Macro Without Warning Prompts
I have an excel document which automatically runs a macro when it opens. The macro itself opens various excel documents, copies, Pastes and Deletes work sheets then saves the updated files in a new location. I simply used the Application. ScreenUpdating = False at the start of the macro and Application.ScreenUpdating = True at the end of the macro to hide all the various opening and closing and formatting of workbooks.

My aim is for the user to be able to open the document, wait a few moments while the macro runs, then be presented with the finished article when the macro ends without any need for interaction. The problem I am getting is as the macro runs, various windows pop up with messages such as "The file C:... already exists do you wish to replace the file" with a yes or no wchoice and "Data may exist in the sheet(s) selected for deletion. with a delete or cancel choice To Permanently delete the data press Delete". What I want to be able to do is stop these windows popping up and for the macro to go ahead with replacing the file or deleting the sheets without being manually told each time.

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Popup Warning Before Saving
I would like to create a macro that looks at a specifc cell with a formula that compares the values of two other cells on the spreadsheet. If the variance is more that $10, I would like a popup window to come up telling the user that they are not in balance. I would like this to happen when they attempt to save the file.

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Security Warning When Workbook Opened
my workbook is finally working the way it should but every time i open it i get a security warning window with the options disable macros, enable macros and more info. how do i get this to not show up every time it's opened. this workbook will be used by someone other than me and i don't want them to need to do anything but open it and use it.

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Promt Warning Msg If Certain Cell Value Is Lower Then Another
i wanted to know if there is a way which i can so that would tell excel if a certain cell value is lower then another it would give a msg
for example

Cell A1 - 5
so if cell A2 is less then five and a macro is clicked then the macro would give a warning msg hence ending the macro

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Creating A Cell With A Due Date & Warning
I am trying to create an Excel spread sheet that keeps track of employees safety tickets and the dates they expire. Is there way to have a cell highlight to a color warning me 30 days prior to the due date listed?

I tried a conditional formatting as suggested in

[url] but that does not work.

I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (MS Office Standard)(SP3)

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Warning Macro Message With No Macros
Everytime I open the excel file I am working on I get a message saying that the file contains macros.

I have deleted all the macros I could find under "Tools" and "Macros" but I still get Module1.sortie, sortie and sortie listed. I can delete Module1.sortie but for the other two, sortie and sortie, I only have the "cancel" and "create" options.

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Stop Warning When Deleting Sheets
Is there a way (via Menues and or VBA) to cancel the pop-up of the Alert Window when the user deletes a sheet(s) ?
(I mean sheets that contain Data)

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Security Warning (Macros Have Been Disabled)
I was playing around with Macros on an excel file. I created a few and ran them. In the end, I didn't like the way they ran, so I deleted them all. However since I ran them in the excel file, every time I open the file it gives me a warning saying
"Macros have been disabled."

Is there any way to remove the possible Macros ties/links from my file? I know I can disable the warning, but if I just want to remove the Macros ties to my file.

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Simple Replace- Gets Me A Warning Message
We are using Excel 2007. The person I'm trying to help has a column with dollar figures format as Number with the obvious two decimal places. If we go to Home>Find&Select>Find and type in the value EXACTLY as it appears with Look in: changed to Values, it finds all instances of the value just fine.

Now, if I flip over to the Replace tab because she wants this specific dollar figure replaced with another specific dollar figure, my only option under Look in: is Formulas, so trying to perform the replace gets me a warning message that "Microsoft Office Excel cannot find a match".

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Macro-enabled Template Without Warning
I have created a template including a macro. It works as expected besides the issue that macros need to be enabled manually. This is totally annoying. I need to have it work directly.

Or what would be another way to have a macro available all the time I run Excel?

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Data Validation Warning Message
When I use list validation with name (Data validation List. Inseret name difine) and then trying to write manualy a differnt value (not from the relevant list) I am not being warned like I get when I choose a list . And then even when I have a list or a Name If I copy a diffrent value I am not being warned.

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