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Protect Sheet/tab Names

Just wondering if there is a way to prevent users from changing tab/ sheet names in a workbook? Either via sheet protection (I couldn't find any option) or using code.

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Is Is Possible To Control Sheet Tab Names
I have a spreadsheet with sheet numbers that are controlled by the tab name. Is it possible to limit how people name the tab? For example, my sheet numbering must be: 101, 102, etc. Thus the tab would of course be 101, 102, etc.

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Summary Sheet Of Sheet Tab Names
Iíve had a look through the forum and on some of the guides/FAQ but thanks to my ineptitude I have been unable to adapt any of the examples to my specific situation.

What Iím after is this: I need to create a summary sheet for a work book with a variable number of tabs. All I need the summary sheet to do is to make a table of the name of the tab and then cell A17. How would I go about doing this and is it possible to save this macro to my machine/all workbooks instead of just the one?

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Create Workbooks & Save-Name By Sheet Tab Names
Every month I work on an audit that has data from 35 different distributors. I have code below that puts each distributors audit/sales information on a new tab and each new tab is given the distributors name. This also creates a new workbook for each distributor.

When the new workbooks are created, how can I name each workbook with the distributor name it's being created for? Is it possible to predefine a file path to where these new workbooks will be saved?

The distributor names I'm using are in column AF.

Sub FormatList()
'The code below creates and names a new tab for each members info
Dim ws1 As Worksheet
Dim wsNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim r As Integer
Dim c As Range
Set ws1 = Sheets("Sheet1")
Set rng = Range("Database")

'extracts a list of member or distributor names
ws1.Columns("R:R"). AdvancedFilter _
Action:=xlFilterCopy, _
CopyToRange:=Range("T1"), Unique:=True
r = Cells(Rows.Count, "T").End(xlUp).Row

'set up Criteria Area
Range("U1").Value = Range("R1").Value

For Each c In Range("T2:T" & r)
'adds the member name to the criteria area above
ws1.Range("U2").Value = c.Value

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Newly Created Tab Names Placed As Hyperlink On Content Sheet
I attach an example worksheet with the code I have thus far.

In my workbook I have other sheets, one of which changes and updates a specific one each time a new client's data is entered on said other sheet. Because I want to save the specific client's data and not lose it when another client's stuff is entered on this other sheet, I copy the sheet where the data is summarised (I called this sheet "Sheet to Copy From") to a newly inserted sheet and use Paste Special, Values Only to change all functions /f ormulae / Links ect to values.

I then change the name of the sheet to the name of the client.

I then use this sheet name / cell value to polulate a range on another sheet (Next Empty Cell) as a Hyperlink to the newly created sheet above. This sheet I called "Table of Contents".

how to code the hyperlink. Using Macro Recorder uses the specific case's names, but the Tab name to be used as Hyperlink value will always be the name of a new client,

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Password Protect A Tab
is it possible to password protect a tab (worksheet) within a multiple worksheet file.

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Password Protect: Unlock The Worksheet, Autofilter It, Print It, Unfilter It, And Password Protect The Sheet Again?
I have a sheet that is password protected. I have this code attached to a command button. It will unlock the worksheet, autofilter it, print it, unfilter it, and password protect the sheet again. However it is protecting it without a password. I need to have it protected with the password so that someone will not be able to just go to tools to unprotect the sheet.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
ActiveSheet.Unprotect "rainforest"
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=">0", Operator:=xlAnd
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _
, AllowSorting:=True, AllowFiltering:=True
End Sub

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Worksheet Tab Names
Is there a way of linking the worksheet tab names to a cell in the spreadsheet

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Fill Tab Names
I have 100 tabs numbered 1-100. I was wondering if there is anyway to add a tab in the middle and then fill the numbers in somehow.

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Dynamic Worksheet Tab Names
I have this logic that clears cells in all WS in WB.

The logic is using each sheet name to reference the logic to clear the contents.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:=""
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
Response = MsgBox("This Action Will Prep For A New Week. Do you want to Continue?", vbYesNo)
If Response = vbNo Then
Exit Sub
End If

Range("H7") = Now()

Sheets(Array("Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", "Monday", _

But I also want to change each sheet tab name to reflect a cell that has the date. But how to do this with the sheet reference in the logic? Couldit be dynamic?

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Tab Names In Formulas...drag And Paste?
I have a workbook which contains 12 sheets, 1 for each month of the year. I also have over 100 sheets, 1 for each agent that covers their stats for each month of the year based on some of the cells from the monthly sheets.

I am trying to drag the formulas over but it will always just refer to January, instead of January and then next cell refers to the February tab, etc, etc.

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Changing Tab Names Using VBA Script
I'm creating a spread sheet which contains 52 tabs (1 for each week). Instead of manually naming each tab, I would like to create a VBA script that automatically renames each tab using the following naming convention, wk end 1-2, wk end 1-9, wk end 1-16, etc.

I'm not familiar with how to write VBA code and would like some assistance in writing the script correctly.

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Run Code On Worksheets With Certain Tab Names
My Thread title should have read covert code TO run on all worksheets with same word in Name. I have had a look at some other pieces of code in this forum but they are quite the same as I want to do....I have tried a few things but each time I get an error for sure I am not modifying the code quite right, I ahve been missing something for what I now want it to do. So I wonder if someone could Please review these two pieces of code...they of course are both for running on just one worksheet in a wookbook.

I would like them both be able to run, still as tow separete pieces of code as they are, on all and only worksheets that have in their worksheet name a key word in this case the word "Region" and that those worksheets all in a single workbook but the workbook does have other worksheets in it I dont want the code to run one on - but those worksheets do not have in their worksheet name the word "Region".

Sub test()
Dim r As Range, txt As String, ws1 As Worksheet, i As Long
Set ws1 = Sheets(1)
With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare
For i = 16 To 21
For Each r In ws1.Range(ws1.Cells(6, i), ws1.Cells(Rows.Count, i).End(xlUp))
If r.Value <> "" Then
If Not .exists(r.Value) Then
.Add r.Value, Nothing
txt = txt & "," & r.Address(0, 0)
If Len(txt) > 245 Then
ws1.Range(Mid$(txt, 2)).EntireRow.Delete
txt = "": .RemoveAll: Goto Again
End If .............

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Tab Names To Apear In Cell On Summary Page
I have a workbook with 5 work sheets. The first one is summary page. Can I make the Name on the tabs of the 2-5 worksheets appear on the first sheet in cells without actually typing them. I want it to be automatic like when I paste a link to a cell in another worksheet.

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Autofill Cells - Copying Worksheet Tab Names
In file named (Book 1) I have a lots of tabs named e.g. pd1 pd2 pd3 etc.

In another file (Book 2) I need to link cell A1 (on Sheet 1) to cell A1 on pd1 (in Book1)

Which I can do fine.

In Book 1 I want to autofill the formula i have that refers to A1 on Pd1 but when I drag it I want the formula to go up in a series to refer to Pd2, Pd3.

So the final formula looks at $A$1 on Pd1 then on Pd2 Pd3.

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Hyperlink Index To Changing Sheets Tab Names
I have a long list of tabs listing "projects" which have changing names - on the first sheet, I want to have the table of contents automatically update and link to each tab - I want the user to only have to change the tab name to have the table of contents and link update -

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Create Array Of File Names/sheet Names
Two part question:

1) I'm relatively new to arrays, but what I need to do is generate a list of file names and the sheets within each one. I would like to use an array for this, but since I don't have much experience.... well....that's why I'm here. Can someone point me in the right direction?

2) And the second part of this.... I was planning on using the FileSystemObject to determine the files in a selected folder and loop through that list of files, opening each one and harvesting the required info (file name and all sheet names). Should I use the FSO or is there something built into Excel that might be better (and also limit the number of dependencies for this little "project" of mine).

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Click On Sheet Tab Activates Next Sheet
I have seen files in which when you click on a specific tab insted of showing whats on that tab it redirects you to another specific tab next to that first tab.

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Protect Sheet
My user form has a line of code that protects the sheets and does not allow any changes and selection of cells. It worked great on my personla computer.

Running the file on another computer the code does not protect the sheet. The strange thing is that if I go the Tools>Protection> the options is set to Unprotect. That measn that the code actually has protected the sheet but I am still able to make chages. If I manually unprotect and again protect the sheet, it is protected till the time close the file and open it again.

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Protect The Sheet
Excel file 1 has:
Sheet 1: Account numbers and balances
Sheet 2: Mapping information detailing what account in file 1 is to go to a different account number in file 2.

Excel file 2 has:
Lots of sheets where information is to be keyed in.

This is a very manual process with lots of data entry to input into accounting forms I send to our head office. The "file 2" has sheet protection on all sheets so that formats, data, columns etc etc cannot be altered and only certain fields updated.

I think I have successfuly written my scripts to loop through the account values and map those to all spots in all sheets they are referenced to on the mapping document, however I am getting an error message that the "cell or chart you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only".

Basically I look through the sheet and look for my mapping code, if that matches, I add the balance to the exisitng value of the cell, in the next column.
i.e. if B2 has the corresponding code I will add the balance to the current value of cell C2.

This is an extract of the code where I am looking up the sheet:

Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In Sheets
If Left(ws.Name, 2) "OP" Then
Dim rg As Range
Dim cl As Range
Set rg = Range("A1:IV65536")
For Each cl In rg
If ActiveCell.Locked = False Then
If cl = kessanid Then
cl.Offset(0, 1).Value = acctvalue
End If
End If
Next cl
End If
Exit For
Next ws

It may be that because the sheet is protected as a whole nothing can be done but I was hoping that because I am going to the specific cell which allows input I should be able to do this.

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You Cannot Use This Command On A Protect Sheet....
I have a very hidden Worsheet called DropList. On open all worksheets are protected.

When I run a Macro that calls on a value from DropList or adds a value to it I get an error message:

"Run time Error '1004"
You cannot use this command on a protect sheet.... "

In the DropList worksheet I have selected all cells and have unlocked them.

I need to keep this workbook very hidden,

How can I unprotect it, whilst keeping it very hidden, so that users can still add data via a combo list?

any suggestions.

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Macro To Protect All But One Sheet
Greetings I have a workbook with many sheets and i want a macro to protect all the worksheets with certain settings except for one sheet, sheet 3.

I have borrowed some code from this page that I cannot get to work and I would appreciate any help. the code should also have an if statement that unprotects sheet 3 but i don't know how to do that either. I just get syntax errors

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim wSheet As Worksheet

For Each wSheet In Worksheets

wSheet.Protect Password:="secret", DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:= _
False, AllowFormattingCells:=True, AllowFormattingColumns:=True, _
AllowFormattingRows:=True, AllowInsertingRows:=True, AllowDeletingRows:= _
True _

.EnableSelection = xlUnlockedCells
.EnableOutlining = True
Next wSheet
End Sub

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Protect Sheet Name From Being Changed
Can you protect a sheet name from being changed by a user?

Can you protect a sheet from being deleted by a user?

I have an Excel 2003 file available to all employees on a network. There are three sheets. Two sheets are protected with passwords and users can not enter any data on them. They are used to hold data needed by the third sheet.

The third sheet (named FORM) is for user input. FORM has a majority of the cells protected with a password. Users can enter information, save the file, print the sheet, or make duplicates of the sheet. The sheet contains data validations, conditional formatting, and formulas.

I have some VBA which acts on all the sheets (even those which users might have inserted) making them visible (very hidden) or not. When a user opens the file (whether for the first time or after adding sheets), I always want them to have FORM unhidden. I have VBA to do this but what if a user changes the name of the sheet? CRASH!

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Protect - Unprotect The Sheet
I have a worksheet where the users need to enter time. I have a macro that captures the time when the user hits Ctrl + t

What I want now is a code which protects the cell after entering the time with Ctrl + t.

I tried to do it, but my macro only works when I don't set any passwords to protect the sheet. How can I pass the password to the code and protect the sheet after the code to capture the time is being executed.

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Protect Columns In A Sheet
Protect columns in a sheet. Is it possible to protect columns for entries?

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Protect The Sheet With Password
1) I need to have code to protect the sheet that my user form is writing to. In other words, when the information from the user form is populated to the sheet, I want that sheet protected by a password that I set where I can unlock it, but no one else can.

2) I need to protect my VBA code with a password, I do not know how to do this, I have looked everywhere. I do however think this is something simple and I will kick myself once I find out where it is.

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Protect Portion Of Sheet
I find the protection options of Excel confusing. I have a pivot table. Alonside it our a few formula columns. I want to protect only the columns outside the pivot but can not get it to work. I tried this:

1) Highlight entire sheet
2) Format Cells Protection - remove checkmark from: Lock Cells
3) Highlight 4 rows outside pivot
4) Format Cells Protection - place checkmark in Lock Cells
5) Tools Protection Sheet - supply password

The result is that the 4 columns outside the pivot are indeed locked BUT SO IS THE you can not utlize the dropdowns!

It must have something to do with the pivot, on a regular sheet (no pivot) it works fine. Further if, while Protecting the sheet, I click the: allow Pivot table reporting box, then it allows dropdown usage but blows up as soon as you select something with an error about not being able to redisplay selected itemsbecause of protection being on....

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Protect Each Sheet At One Time
Is there anyway to protect each sheet at one time? I have about 70 sheets and I dont wan to go to each and protect them. They all have the same password so I hope thats not a problem.

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Data List / Protect Sheet
I'd like to protect Excel Worsheet and use the function from Menu Data -> List. The problem is that when I protect the Worksheet the option for new row is not appearing. Although I select all CheckBoxes and allow Sort, Insert Row, Insert Column, Select locked cells, Select unlocked cells etc...

p.s. Excel 2003

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Keep Sheet Unprotected But Protect Some Cells
I Need to protect some cells from being Changed or deleted, if i protect the whole sheet there are some cells that need to be changed using the formatting bar I.e borders, colours, font- colour, Merged cells.

the protection setting allows you to leave individual cells unprotected however you still cannot change the border for example.

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Hide A Sheet And Password Protect It
I want to hide a sheet and I can do that. However, what I want to do it that when the user wants to view the sheet I just hid, he has to unhide and then enter a password. Right now tthere is no password.

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Hide & Protect Sheet
I'm trying to protect a sheet so that it can be unhidden only if you know the password.

This is because I have a macro that updates some of the cells and there are some people (and only those) that should be able to access it quickly and easily. -> can't use VeryHidden or cell lock.

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Enable Outline But Protect Sheet
I have a sheet that is several hundred rows long and so I have grouped like data so the user can expand or colapse the data they would like to see. There is nothing on the page the user will need to modify so I have protected the page so they cannot make changes. If I protect the sheet then I am no longer able to expand or colapse the groupings.

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How To Protect A Sheet That Has An Import From A QRY
I have a spreadsheet that has some queries imported from Access (Via DATA | Import External Data)

Anyways i would like to protect this spreadsheet but using the TOOLS | Protection method gets me the following message when i try to refresh my query

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Protect Sheet With Macro Buttons
I have two macro buttons on a page that hide and unhide columns. When I got to protect the sheet .. the buttons no longer work and ask me to DEBUG. Is there a way to have macro buttons performing tasks AND have the sheet still protected?

In the protect sheet window .. am I have ticked is

Select Locked Cells
Select Unlocked Cells

But these are ticked as a default.

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No Password Asked When Using VBA To Protect Sheet
This question is related to my post here:

When you protect a worksheet via VBA then unprotect it the conventional way via: Tools>Protection>Unprotect Sheet. Why is it when you unprotect a worksheet in this way Excel does not ask you for a Password. You simpy only have to select Unprotect Sheet and the sheet is unprotected which for me kinda defeats the object.

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VBA Code Not Working When I Protect The Sheet
I have used the below code to make hide/unhide some columns in my excel sheet. It works fine. Now, I need to protrect the sheet except the coloured cells. So I unlocked the cell by clicking the property of the colored cells & then did this :- tools- protection-Protect sheet - protect unlocked cells. But after protecting this sheet the macro code of hiding/unhiding of the columns are NOT WORKING & Errors is coming. I have used the below code:-

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Protect Sheet Dialog Box Default
I am working with Excel 2003 and find that the default "Protect Sheet" dialog box opens with a default of both the "Select locked cells" as well as the "Select unlocked cells" check boxes marked. Is there a way to change this default?

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Protect Sheet But Hide/Unhide Columns
I have a speadsheet that has 27 columns for time entries, however employees seldom need to use more than the first 12 columns. I need to protect the sheet but would like the employees to be able to Unhide the columns when they need to use them, then reHide them. I can't find this as an option in either 2003 or 2007.

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Protect Sheet But Allow Macro Code To Modify
I am trying to design a tool which dynamically results in different cells depending on users inputs. Yet, I am willing to protect most of the cells to avoid any user involuntarily (or voluntarily!) modifying the formulas/contents of the calculated (and locked) cells. Is there any way to protect my sheets, allowing only a certain macro to modify the locked and protected cells?

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Workbook Enable Macro Protect / Unprotect The Sheet
I need a macro that I can have in any workbook enabling me to protect / unprotect the workbook that I have currently opened with a set password (let say "Password")

I would link this macro to a button in excel 2002. I have try the following but it doesnt work

Would it be possible that the button (first) works (second) understand whether or not protect / unprotected and do the opposite?

Sub Protect
Activeworkbook.protect password:="password", structure:=FALSE, Windows:=false
End Sub

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Protect The Whole Sheet Except For A Small Area Where Data Can Be Entered
I need to protect the whole sheet except for a small area where data can be entered and if possible make it so that the work sheet can be sorted. I have attached an example sheet.

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Rewrite Protect Code So That It Will Work With A Hidden Sheet.
I need this code below to work in a macro on a hidden sheet.. FYI the sheet name is "Closed".

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Can Sheet Tab = Cell
Is there a way for the sheet tab to equal a cell. If I put a name in a cell, say "B3", can I get it to load as the sheet tab name or the opposite way.

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Sheet Tab.cellvalue
I have tried (All by trial and error) to modify a macro i found on this board. The only thing i need to do now is to have the selected data go to a sheet tab of the same name.

The row currently gets sent to ("Sheet3") because the code tells it to. All of the values in col F are names, if some one could modify that bit of the code so that it it goes to the right place ie the name tab that would be great.

spends a lot of time copying and pasting data.

I have put the code below so you can see what i am on about.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim LR As LongIf Target.Column = 5 Then LR = Sheets("Sheet3").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).row Target.EntireRow.Resize(, 7).Copy Destination:=Sheets("Sheet3").Range("A" & LR+1) Application.EnableEvents = False Application.EnableEvents = TrueEnd IfEnd Sub

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How To Hide Sheet Tab.
i am using hyperlink in sheet 1 name history and sheet 2 name advance sheet 3 total progress..i want to hide the tab for selection by to hide this tab,so user will click only the button that hyperlink.

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VBA Set Protect Sheet - Format Columns And Rows
I have VBA code to set a password on multiple worksheets in a workbook. I new need to force a check in the "Format Columns" and "Format Row" checkboxes. The current VBA code is:

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Return To First Tab In Sheet After Saving
I am working on a project for work and my first tab is titled "Directions". I have over 500 users coming in and edit multiple tabs at the same time. Is there a macro/or option that would after a user saves changes, would return to the first tab "directions" so that my other users wont be in the middle of what the last person edited?

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Tab On The Sheet That Looks Up Name And Compares Against A Schedule
I am currently trying to take a list of people who have log in times at work however if they log out then back in the result is what you see below.

What I am looking to do is match the find the name then find the earliest time (login Column C) and then the last or latest time (log out Column D)

John Smith64676076:02 AM6:13 AM
John Smith64676077:25 AM11:27 AM
John Smith64676212:08 PM4:01 PM
John Smith64676076:13 AM7:25 AM

Would like a formula as I have another Tab on the sheet that looks up name and compares against a schedule to see if the person was late or left early.

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Sheet Name From Tab Automatically Into A Cell
CELL("filename") will output the full path of the sheet and tab you are in


Will take just the tab name.

"SWalton" wrote:

> How do I get a cell to reflect the value which lies in a sheet's tab (the

> sheet name) without having to manually type it in

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Change Sheet Tab Name When Cell Changes
Automatically Change Sheet Tab Name With Cell is listed below for convenience

$A$2 contains a formula...the code doesnt work on a formula. if i overwrite the formula, THEN the code works and the sheet tab is named to whatever i type in the cell

but how do i make it work with a formula? ...

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