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Round Up/round Down

i have a list of minutes in cells a1-a5 say 123 256 147 158 235 divided by 60 giving a total of 15.3 hours. i want the hours to round up if over the. 5 mark or round down if under .5 how would i get the desired result?

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VBA Round Function Vs Worksheet Round Function
I don't know if there is a setting I'm missing or I'm going mad but when I use the round function in VBA it doesn't round.

I am using Excel 2000. See the example attached.

In the cell A2 I have a value 0.525, cell B2 has a formula "=round(A2,2)" which = 0.53, but cell C2 is assigned via VBA ie
Sheet1.Cells(2, 3).Value = Round(Sheet1.Cells(2, 1).Value, 2)

and the result is 0.52??

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Round To Odd /even In Vba
A cell value is calculated via a formula in vba. I want to round the result down to the nearest odd number or down to the nearest even number, depending on conditions in an other cell. The result is already an integer.

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Round Down
Tried the code below to change figures from countless decimal figures to two, however excel is not having any of it,

Application.WorksheetFunction.RoundDown (2)

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Sum Literally :: Round Off
Hi, I have this issue:


1.67 + 1.67 = DISPLAY 3 ROUNDED

but I would like to know how to sum 1.67 as 2

2+2 = 4

I've been trying various combinations, but currently no joy

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Round Numbers
Total: 25.33660

If I use the Decrease Decimal on the total 25.33660, it becomes 25.34. How do I round all the sub numbers so that 25.34 is achieved.

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Round Off Decimal
I have excelsheet with the following data

A - 1.3
B - 1.3

SUM: 2.6

Now when I want get sum of A and B it shoud be 2

i.e. Round figure of

A - 1
B - 1

SUM : 2

Whereas I'm getting sum as 3 instead of 2 as round figure of 2.6 is 3

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Round Down To Two Decimals
i am looking for some formula to round off a decimal number

e.g. A1=8.288
if I use the formula ROUND(A1,2) the result is 8.29.

But I am looking for a result 8.288. That means it shoukd not round off rather the after decimal we should have only two numbers.

8.288 should be 8.28
27.4627 should be 27.46

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Round To A Certain Number
I have budgets that I want to round to certain numbers

For example:
55% rounds to 75%
45% rounds to 50%
33% rounds to 35%

And so on. I have about 7 of them to do, I'm hoping that someone can help with this. I have been struggling all morning on it.

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Round Down Function

All cells in this formula are dates in the format dd-mmm-yyyy h:mm (except C1).

The formula works fine only if I type in a date/time like 09-Jun-2007 0:00 in cells A1 or B1. As soon as I revert to an actual date/time eg 09-Jun-2007 9:53, it returns a #VALUE! error.

If I reference only one cell eg:


it works fine with or without an actual time.

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Convert Over All To Round
I am trying to 1) covert the overall draft position to the round and pick for a 12 team league and 2) express it in a XX (round).XX(pick) format. For example

Example 1
Player X was taken 41st overall. In a draft with 12 teams that works out to the 4th round, 5th pick. This is usually expressed as 4.05. I cannot simply divide 41 by 12 (3.416) and get the intended result in the correct (desired) format of 4.05.

Example 2
Player X was taken 95st overall. In a draft with 14 teams that works out to the 7th round, 11th pick. This is usually expressed as 7.11. I cannot simply divide 95 by 14 (6.78) and get the intended result in the correct (desired) format of 4.05.

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Inflate & Round
How do i inflate and round in vb?

124500 * 1.07 rounded to the nearest 100th?

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Round Based On Value
I am trying to round a dollar amount to two decimal places but the increments aren't consistent. I need to round to .25, .50, .75, or .95. In the attached code I am rounding the number then concatenating to a price book. I have a spreadsheet with several hundred lines and I am hoping to find a cleaner solution ...

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Using Round () Function
I want to use the Round Function where i have a list of dates. I want the Round Function to count the number of dates in the list. I tried to use Round(C4:C16,0), but i didn't work.

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Round The Dates
I have a series of dates that I simply want to round down so they all start on the 1st of each month.

The range goes from 01/01/2010 to 03/01/2010, and this continues every month for 4 years.

Is there any way I can simply round each date down?

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How To Round Dates Up Or Down
I need to round all dates that are between the 2nd and 15th down to the 1st and all dates greater than the 15th to the 1st of the next month.
i.e. 1/3/01 -> 1/1/01
1/14/01 -> 1/1/01
1/16/01 -> 2/1/01

I could use either a formula or macro.

I tried using the answers posted, but couldn't get them to work properly. I was able to use those answers, however, and modify them to come up with this:


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Round To Nearest .05 Or .09
Below is my current formula. Right now I have it rounding the results to the nearest .09. I would also like to have it round to the nearest .05 as well.

In other words, to be more exact: I need all numbers that end in 0 or 1 to be rounded down to 9; any numbers that end in 7 or 8 to be rounded up to 9; any numbers that end in 2, 3, or 4 to be rounded up to 5; and 6 to be rounded down to 5. And, of course any numbers ending in 5 or 9 shouldn't change.

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Round The Number UP To The Next Whole
I want to use a formula that will round the number UP to the next whole if the the tenths is .3 or higher and round DOWN if the tenths is .2 or lower.

ex. 79.1 --> 79
79.2 --> 79
79.3---> 80
79.4---> 80
79.5---> 80
79.6---> 80
79.7---> 80
79.8---> 80
79.9---> 80

I am thinking this is either not possible or would be an If Then type formula but way beyond my knowledge.

The reason I want to do this is becaue if my student has a 79.5 avg for instance I would normally round to 80. However if they are off by just .1 (ex 79.4) i still want to give them the 80 and then I decided to make it within .2 (ex. 79.3.)

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Auto Round Up Or Down To Sum To 100%
I have sales figures from each region and need to convert those to percentage. and then when i try to add up those percentage shown on screen in excel, sometimes they will add up to 100.1% or 99.9%. Then i will have to manualy adjust the one that excel didn't round up but larger comparable to other regions in the 2 dp.

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Use IF And ROUND In Same Calculation
I'm creating a spreadsheet to calculate materials with the following columns Cost/10% of Cost/Customer Cost/Qty/Total cost.

I understand that whilst showing rounded to 2 decimal places excel stores more than this in the cell. which then throws out the Total cost by a few pence.

My research leads me to believe I need to use the ROUND function but I'm unsure which cell to use it or how.

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Round The Numbers
I have a number say:

156.9679628 then I go to format to change it to 2 decimal then it would show

156.97 and then I c&p that ... I still get 156.96796284 how do i just get


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Round Off A Date
How do I take a date value and round it off to a fixed month and day of the year following the year entered.

Ex: In cell A1 I have a date: 12/28/2009

I want to round off the date to January 1 of the next year. So I need a function that would return 01/01/2010 (jan 1 2010).

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Round Up In Units Of 80!
I need to work out how long the batten has to be so the roof sheets fit evenly, the measurement has to start from 1460mm and go up in increments of 80mm eg 1540mm, 1620mm, 1700mm and so on.

But the number has be closest increment of 80mm over the shed width if this makes sense, the size of the battens for 2400 width shed would be 2420mm but i need this to work out for any width shed not just 2400.

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Round Formula
I have value in one cell is 3.75 require formula or format through which it should show as 4.00

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Round Len Function
I have this formula which works well, but the 3-len part needs to be
dependent on another cells content. Is it possible to have the formula
automatically accommodate for this?



in cell Q16 is a number 0.010 as displayed, and the sum of i36-i37=

I need the formula to say ok the minimum division size is in multiples
of Q16 (0.010) and change the 0.007 to either up or down depending on
the calculation.

This works currently, but the figure in Q16 can be 0.1 or 0.00001 etc,
and the sum in i36-i37 could be anything also as it is a calculated
error figure. I need the formula to be able to adapt automatically to
the reference DP in Q16.

Namely the "3-" part in the formula needs to accomodate for the Q16
number format changing.

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Round Up Formula
I am trying to do is have the roundup formula round up the result of a more complex formula BUT do it all inside of the same cell? The formula I have is in cell A1 and currently I have to have the cell that contains the round up formula (in cell A2) and have it reference A1. The complex formula is =((280283.47/798186.89)*(700*20*4)) and the result is -19,664.41 which I want to round up to $20,000. Is there a way to make this all occur in just cell A2 or am I stretching it?

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Round Up Date..
When a new employee gets a uniform, after they write their first order, I have to make sure the cost of the unifrom gets deducted from their check. Payroll ends on Sunday every week. I want to use conditional formatting to highlight the cell when it's eligible for deduction/reimbursement. No matter what day they write the order, it won't be eligile until after Sunday. Because the day of the week will vary, what type of formula can I use to highlight the cell? My sale dates are in column "AC" and the reimbursement column is "AF".

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Cell To Round Itself..
i want a cell to round itself. i have a form i'm filling out, based on a percentage of a dollar amount. when the formula calculates, it only shows the first 2 numbers past the dollar point. however, the cell still "knows" what the number is. I have several of these formulas on a spreadsheet, and the sum of them at the bottom of the page is NOT what would you would get adding up the numbers you see on the page, as it is calculating numbers you can't see.

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Round Up All Values
How do I get Excel to round up all values from .3 onwards. EG 2.36 to 3 and 2.29 to 2?

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Round To Two Numbers
round to two numbers. i have this formula

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Round Up To Nearest X`
I trying to make a formula that will multiply a cell by 1.43 and then round the total up to the nearest 45 or 95 with no decimal points.

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Round To The Nearest 5
I am using the rounding function in excel and its rounding to the 10's, is there a way to round to the nearest 5?

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Round Buttons
Is there a way to put round, or any other shape, buttons in vba forms?

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Round A Number
Is there a code that turns 4.123 to 4.5, so it rounds .123 to .5

And same for 4.8 a code turns it to 5, so it rounds .5 to 1 and add it to 4

I tried with round, but……………..

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Round To Specified Criteria
How would I write a formula to ROUND as per the following criteria:

If number is between .00 and .50 ROUNDUP to nearest .25 or .50 (only those two numbers).

If >.50 and less then the next whole number then ROUND to .95


$3.29 = $3.50

$3.51 = $3.95

$5.99 = $5.95

$6.03 = $6.25

$4.42 = $4.50

$5.09 = $5.25

The only three possible numbers to the right of the decimal are .25, .50 and .95.

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Round Down To 5th Dollar
I've searched but there are too many variations and scenarios people have posted/asked. If in cell A1 and the # is $99.99 to $95.01, how do I round down to the nearest 5th, $95. And is the formula possible for $999.99 ($995) or $653.22 ($650).

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Round Function
I am suspecting that round function is playing a trick on me (N3 = Round(Rnd() * 10, 0) / 10 ). Although sometime it appear to be equal in fact they are not (Reponse = verifie) because of the round function

Sub auto_open()
Dim N1 As Integer
Dim N2 As Integer
Dim N3
Dim Reponse As Double

Dim Compteur As Integer
Dim Score As Integer
verifie = 0
Reponse = 0
N1 = 0
N2 = 0
N3 = 0
On Error Goto ErrorHandler
Score = 0
MsgBox "Welcome in the mental calculation program "...............

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Calculating The Distance Round An Arc
I am looking to calculate the distance around an arc, given A-B = 70 and the depth is 70cm.

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Multiply And Round In One Equation
I need to take a number, multiply it by a precentage, & then round it to the nearest multiple of 5.

B2=A1*50%,(then rounded to nearest multiple of 5)

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Rounding: Round Up And MRound
Is it possible to combine these two functions, Roundup and MRound?

Current formula:

I attempted:

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Round Up To A Specific Date
I have run into another block wall.

Here's my problem:

I need to know if there is a formula that will allow me to not only calculate a date from two different cells -- but also to round the answer to THE NEXT 15TH OF THE MONTH beyond that date.

Ex: Cell F5 has a purchase date. (1/1/10)
Cell F25 indicates a specific number of months. (3)
Cell F5 calculates the totals of F5 plus the # of mos. in F25. (4/1/10)
But what I need to do - is to have Cell F5 show 4/15/10. (or, if Cell F5 were to come out to be 4/16/10 due to different figures in F5 and F25 -- it would need to indicate 5/15/10, and so on.)

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Round Option Buttons
the code below produces a message box with square command buttons. Anyone know how to make it appear with round option buttons?

ans = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to clear the entire workbook?", vbYesNo, "CLEAR ALL")
If ans = vbNo Then
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Exit Sub
End If
If ans = vbYes Then

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Round Time To X Minutes
Is there a formua that can roundup the time duration to the nearest fifteen minutes?

Eg, if the time duration is 2hr 17 min, can it be rounded to 2hr 15 min?

If is 2hr 31 min, to be rounded to 2hr 30 min.

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Formula Round Up The Values
I am using Excel as my payroll spreadsheet
B....rate of pay of work of work paid
F....# of hours worked
G....vacation hours
H....Gross Pay....B7*(F7+G7)
I....Net Pay....H7-J7-K7-L7-M7-N7
J....FICA....H7*6.2% formula formula
M...Medicare....H7*1.45% formula formula
P....Paid OT....O7*15.75
R....FICA MATCH....J7*2

For Instance.......Joe worked 19.58 hours at $8.50 = $166.43 gross
federal is $0
state os $0
fica is $10.32
medicare is $2.41
R...FICA Match is $20.64
S...Medicare Match is $4.83.....(SHOULD BE $4.82)

Sorry but I didn't know how to properly explain the problem that I am having. The problem is in the rounding. Sometimes it doesn't round up and sometimes it doesn't round down.

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Round To The Nearest Work Day
How do I format the date to be to the nearest work day?

I want to establish a due date for an asset that is due 5 days before launch. If my launch date is in A1, and my due date is in A2, in A2 I put:


So how do I make sure that the resulting date is a workday?

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Round Up A Range Of Numbers
Is there an easy way to round a range of numbers up? I have a big list of prices and I would like to keep the two digits after the decimal point as .00, but round up the main number. And I would like to do that without writing a formula in every cell. Is this possible?

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Automatically Round Results
I have a worksheet in which I enter figures as whole intergers. Sometimes I want to increase all numbers by 1.5x, which I know how to do. Is there any way to get the results to read only a whole intergers, such as 3 x 1.5 = 4.5, but I'd like that number rounded to 5 (preferably not 5.0).

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Round Percentages (Up And Down) By Multiples Of 5%
How do I round percentages, both up and down, to the nearest 5%?

Ex. 82% to 80% as well as 84% to 85%

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Strange Round Off Error
when mixing data types: a real and a complex as in


if G1 and H1 are both exactly equal to 4, the answer whould be 0

see [url]
and look at location I1 (highlighted).

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Round Up Or Down Time By 5 Mins
I am trying to round up or down in excel to the nearest 5 mins , but with no joy

ie 05:24 = 05:25
06:21 = 06:20

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Datedif: Round Up To The Next Intyerval
When using the following formula datedif will calculate completed intervals (years in this case): =DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y") Is it possible to tweak the formula so that it will round up to the next intyerval? i.e. 16 years in stead of 15 years 3 months and 12 days

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