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Row Change The Colour If A Particular Cell In That Row Contains One Particular Word

If A1 contains 'good' then row A = red

I need an entire row to change colour if a particular cell in that row contains one particular word.

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Change Row Colour When A Value Is Given In A Cell
I dont have that great knowledge in Excel but i wanted to try and run a
macro in an IF formula but realised that was not possible. I have now got a
formula that gives a value in a cell when i want the whole row to turn to
red, but im not sure how i can get a macro that will change the whole row to
red when that cell shows a value. Can anyone help on this matter?

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Change The Colour Of Cell
I am tyring to do conditional formatting whereby if anything is entered in a cell i want the colour to change to say yellow and if nothing is entered just to leave blank.

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Change A Colour Of A Cell
How can you change the colour of a cell (A1) using that number


1=red2=orange3=white4=light blue5=Blue12345


Make the cell with numbers above 0 go red and all cells with numbers below 0 go blue

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Change Cell Colour On Delete
I would like to have the colour of a cell change within a spreadsheet anytime that a change has been made. I have used the worksheet_change function to change any text that has changed in a cell, however I would like to have the actual cell colour change if someone deletes anything from that cell. I figured that I could use the worksheet_change function for that as well however it is not working.

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Change Cell Colour When Clicked
I've found a great thread that answered part of my problem (Change colour of text on update of cell)

This code changes the colour of a cell when selected. With the application I'm trying to make I need this effect to only occur in a certain area say A10:D30

I'm trying to make a scheduling page that uses timebars to represent when people are working. I though if a user could click or highlight the hours and a time bar produced I could lookup to see what hour the timebar starts and ends and show the hours worked. I also need it to cycle through 5 different colours before returning to white.

Private Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range)

target.Interior.ColorIndex = 4

End Sub

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Change Cell Colour On Doubleclick
I have the code below which fills a cell when doubleclicked. I would like to modify this to altenate between 3 different colours on each doubleclick.

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Change The BG Colour Of A Cell When Selected
I have 5 cells in the same row (C20:G20)
When i click on one of them i want it to either change the background of the selected cell or the background of the cell below it.

EG if i click on C20 either C20 or D20 the highlight black and change the text colour to white, or just change the background to grey.

i thought it might be something like Target.Offset(1, 0).BGColor = 6

i tried this>

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells = C20 Then
Target.Offset(1, 0).BGColor = 6
End If
End Sub

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2007 Cell Colour Change
Trying to have this embedded in the worksheet private sub change section. I want it to change the value of these ranges when the target has a value in it. I'm getting an error though:

If Target.Address = "$E$27" Then
If Target.Value "" Then
Range("I25:J26,P25:P26,R25:S26").Interior.ColorIndex = White
Range("H25:V31").Interior.ColorIndex = 15
End If
End If

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I Want A Certain Object To Change Colour When A Certain Cell = Something
I dont understand how this event works.

I want a certain object to change colour when a certain cell = something.

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How To Change A Cell Colour Depending An A Different Cells Value
How to a change a cell colour to say red in B6 if cell b12 = 1 and if e6 = 1 to change to green. I thought I might be able to use conditional formatiing but no. I had set the spread sheet to do a cell just for a condition representing a sum from another worksheet and it was working fine but i have to incorporate the two together and am stock.

I have attached a spread sheet.

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Change Colour In A Cell - Conditional Formatting
I want to change the colour in a cell depending on the sum of two other cells.

So i want if


Is there any formula to do so with conditional formatting?

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Colour Change Cell If Number Entered
I want to incoroprate into my Workbook a sheet with a list of phone numbers, that sheet can be added to and more numbers entered if necessary and will be called "DATA"

The questions is this. If one of those numbers in the "DATA" sheet is entered in any other sheet in the workbook can the cell that number has been written on (not the one on the data sheet) be made to change colour?

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Conditional Formatting: Change The Cell Colour
I am trying to setup a monthly calendar.
What I want to do is have it so that if you type "apples I want some", the cell changes colour to green, and also the apples doesnt appear in the cell. So when you press enter, all you will see is a green cell that says "I want some"

I was wondering if there was a way in VB within the worksheet to make this happen?

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Change The Colour Of Another Cell Dependent On Dates
I'm looking for a formula that will change the colour of another cell dependent on dates.

Say I have a date (or any data) in cell A1 I want cell A2 to be highlighted yellow, after 10 days I want this cell to change to red as it is overdue.

Finally when a date is entered into the yellow/red cell I want the colour to remove.

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VBA-change The Colour Of 4 Cells Depending On The One Cell
i need to change the colour of 4 cells depending on the one cell.

i have found some vba codes on the net but they are all based on numbers and i need it on text.

so if a1 ="alert" make A1 to A4 red

if a1="passed" make a1 to a4 green... and so on

i cant used conitional formatting as i need more than 3 colours

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How To Change Cell Colour After A Year Has Passed
I am trying to devise a service schedule that has the installation date in say cell D4 and I would like this to automatically place a date a year from there in to cell E4, then 4 weeks before date comes round i would like the text cell to turn yellow, then on & after the date to turn red. Is this even possible?

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IF Function To Change The Colour Of The Text In A Cell
how I format the IF function to change the colour of the text in a cell, I know how to use conditional formating but it wont do what I need it to.

The formula I'm using (See Below) only inserts the word "Red" or "Green" in the cell it does not change the colour of the text.


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Change Cell Colour When The Protection Is Locked
Is there any way to change the pattern color of a cell (or a group of non-adjacent cells), say from No Color into Red if the cell(s) protection is locked (or unlocked)? Seems to me that the Conditional Formatting cannot work this way.

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Change Cell Colour Dependant On Text
how hard would it be to chane the background colour of a cell when a certain word is entered into it? so someone would type 'james' and press enter then the cell would turn red....would only be in a set cell range..

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Change Cell Colour Based On 3 Values
My question is i want a cell to have the colours:

Green=if within the max min range [as specified by user]
Amber=if the current value is less than the allowable slack level[again specified]
red=if the current value is less than or more than the min or max respectively.

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Change Cell Colour If The Value Is A Minus Figure
Am after the code to change a cell colour if the value is a minus figure. There is a formular within the cell that can either equate to an positive or negative figure .. and would like the cell changed to RED if the figure returns a negative answer.

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Formula To Change Cell Colour :: Shade A Cell Depending On Condition
Is it possible to use a formula to shade a cell dependent on a condition? I have tried an if formula (see below) but it is incorrect. =if('November 2006 SVOC'!B6>'March 2006 SVOC'!C6,'November 2006 SVOC'!B6 [red],if('November 2006 SVOC'!B6<'March 2006 SVOC'!C6,'November 2006 SVOC'!B6 [blue],))

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Formula To Change Cell Colour :: Due To Sum Increase Or Decrease
how to change the cell colour due to a sum increase or decrease? For example: if the amount is greater than 200, change cell colour to green. If under 200 change cell colour to yellow.

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Change Text Colour When Entry Made In Another Cell
I am using Excel 2003, my problem is that I have cells D4 & E4 with red text, when an entry is made in B4 (say $640, the amount can vary) I want the text in D4 & E4 to turn black. I have attached a section of the document in question.

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Formula To Change Cell Colour :: By Value Of Cell In Another Sheet
I need to set a cell colour by the value of a cell in another sheet so i can't use conditional format. Is there a formula that allows the user to set a cell style, colour, font etc.

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Cell Colour Change From Result In Adjacent Cell
I am trying to make the colour of cell change depending on the result in an adjacent cell and have found and adapted the following:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim icolor As Integer
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("x4:x202")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case 11
icolor = 43
Case 21
icolor = 43
Case 31
icolor = 27
Case 41
icolor = 27................

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Change Cell Colour When Select Cell
I have VBA code that changes the cell background colour in column A based on criteria in column B. What i want to do is select a cell in the same row in a range column O:AB and change the background colour to the same as column A. This action is for rows 4 to 41.

Basically i just want to click in a cell and for that cell's background colour to change and match the colour in column A.

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Change The Colour
condition: the cell in row K and row L can only have value 0 or 1

if cell in the column K & columb L = 1
then both cell is green colour

if cell in the column k column L
then both cell is red colour?

taking example if k1=L1 =1 then is both green colour
if k1 =1 and L1 = 0 then both are red colour

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Xl 07 Can't Change Border Colour
I am using Excel 2007. One of my worksheets has a dark border around some cells. Instead of being blue the lines are black. I used the right click and format cells option but it does not work.

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Change The Fill Colour
I'm looking for some code to change a cell's fill colour

eg. by selecting an individual cell in a range, say A1, the colour of a cell, say K1, in a corresponding range changes to yellow
or if I select multiple cells, say A1:A9, the colour of cells K1:K9 change to yellow

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Change The Font Colour
I want to change the font colour in row J7:J299 if there is perticular word say "Double" in row J.

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Change The Colour Of Shapes
the VBA to change to colour of a shape based upon the value in a cell?

e.g. if cell "a1" = 10 then colour circle red

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Cells Need To Change Colour
I have developed a profit loss sheet for the office I work for. What i need is to have either cells change colour or the numbers in the cell change colour depening on the value in the cell.

What I was thinking is if the number is over 15% of the sale price the cell or number should be green, if the number is under 15% it should be black, and if its below 0% it will be red.

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Change Colour To A Whole Line
I have this code but is not working, i need to make an ajustment to this as well as at present it will only change colour to 1 cell but i need it to format the whole line, this is what i have so far

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Colour Change Autoshape
I have been trying to make it so that an autoshape changes colour according to the value of a particular cell but every time I run the macro the shape is black and I cannot work out why. The code is -

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim X As Integer
X = Range("H5").Value
With Sheets("Sheet 1").Shapes("Rectangle 1").Select
Select Case X
Case Is > 0:
Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = 2
Case Is < 0:
Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = 3
Case Else:
Selection.ShapeRange.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = 1
End Select
End With
End Sub

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Colour Palette Change
The company I work for has its own set of standard colours to be used in all documents. I've set the colours up in the colour palette using the below sub (x's are actually numbers):

Sub SetCompanyColours()
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(9) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(46) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(12) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(10) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(14) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(5) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(47) = RGB(x, x, x)
ActiveWorkbook.Colors(16) = RGB(x, x, x)
End Sub

I want to distribute this round to my workmates. Problem is that, if they set the colours in the workbook using the above sub, the workbook colours will be all wrong when clients open them on their computer. How do I get around this. I have thought about programmatically copying the sub into the open event of the activeworkbook. I've looked through this website,, but it doesn't explain how to copy code to the workbook events part of a vba project, only to a new module

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Textbox Conditional Colour Change
Textbox background / text conditional colour change.

I have a textbox in an Excel form and wish the background and/or text font colour to be conditional i.e. if cell T45 > T41 then colour is yellow otherwise red.

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Hover Over Button And Change It's Colour
a button to run a macro but i don't like the standard plain grey buttons that excel offers. i saw a friend using one in his project but don't want to ask him how he did it as it would be considered copying. i will add an image to explain my specifications. there must be an easier way than having to design it and you vba to code the colour change.

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Macro To Change Colour Of The Rows
I've got spreadsheet with lots of data in and the most important data is located in column C which determines the colour of that whole row. The numbers in that column are 9 digits (i.e. 180041960). If that number is the same in the next row highlight both rows of filled cells in yellow and continue to highlight in same colour until the number changes. As the next number is different leave colour as it is until the number changes again then go back to yellow and change colour of rows. Continue the procces until end of spreadsheet.

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Change Colour Of Chart Series
I'm attempting to write a code that will change the colour of a series in a chart based on the name of each series. i.e. I have Roads, Water and Rail as three of my series names. can i somehow assign the colours yellow, blue and red to these series using macro code.

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Conditional Formatting: Change Colour
In cell A1 I have revenue projected & B1 I have actual revenue if the date in B1 is less than the date in A1, I would like B1 to change colour.

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Conditional Formatting: Change The Colour..

I want to say when CS2= same value as CS2 on the client options sheet (on the row specified in I2 sheet 1) change the colour.

How should this be tweaked to do that? I'm not getting it!


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Change Font Colour With Different Values
I'm creating a simple spreadsheet totalling units of alcohol up. Is it possible to change the colour of the fornt when different values are reached? For example if a total of under 8 units is reached this is displayed in green, if over 8 the figure is shown in red.

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Change The Colour Of A Column On A Chart
I have created a column chart and am now trying to change the colour of one
of the bars. Here is the code I am using:

With chtChart
With Selection.Interior
.ColorIndex = 3
.Pattern = xlSolid
End With
End With

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Having A Scatter Line Change Colour When Below A Certain Value
i found the appropriate chart example in the chart section which was meant to show how to incorporate a feature which allows a line graphs line to change colour every time it hits a minimum/maxm value-however the example does not exist? re:conditional line

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Export Cell Contents To Word Fields In A Protected Word Document
Is it possible to export Excel cell contents to Word fields in a protected Word document? For example...

What code would be needed to tell Excel to open up, copy and export the contents of A2 in the active sheet of a workbook to "Field 2" in a Word document named "Report 01" and then put the contents of B2 to "Field 2" etc?

Do both applications have to be opened up at the same time or is Excel able to open up Word on its own? Will the macro be able to....

1. Automatically open up the correct Word document?

2. Look ONLY in a certain folder for the "Report 01" Word document?


Bring up a "selection" box that allows you to select the document you wish Excel to export it's data to?

3. Close and save the Word Document without any user intervention?

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Conditional Formatting To Change Colour Of Rows
I want to use conditional formatting to change the colour of the entire row when the date on A1 is any date in September (01/09/09 to 30/09/09).

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Vlookup, Background Colour Change Of 10 Results
I have a sheet that uses V lookups to return names, there are 10 diff names throughout the sheet it could return

I want to change the background colour of the cell depending on what the name is. the v lookup is run in collums A - L and 100 rows down

How can I code it so each name has its own background colour so the Cell changes according what the V look up returns?

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Change Colour Based On Columns Filled
Really need a formula for a traffic light system
if 3 colums have entries no
4 Maybee
5 yes
and it highlight it in green amber or yellow

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Change Colour Of Check-box Text When Checked
Qtn.1 - Do i use 'Conditional formating' under 'Format' to change colour of Check-box text when 'checked'
I.e when ticked >> change colour of text to red

Qtn2 - If yes-, what's the syntax to put in 'Conditional formating' ?

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