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Run CommandButton Code From Another Macro

I'm trying to loop through several objects and fire their "Click" events, but I'm not sure how to get it to work.

Below is an example of what I was trying to do. There are 3 objects with the name "CommandButton(1-3)".

Private Sub RunAll_Click()
Dim obj As Object
For i = 1 To 3
Set obj = UserForm1.Controls("CommandButton" & i)
Next i
End Sub

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Macro Debugs When Run Via CommandButton
I have an unusual problem with my excel workbook. The workbook consists of 2 sheets, "WorksOrder" and "Data". In the WorksOrder sheet, the user enters some WorksOrder number and then hits a Commandbutton to retrieve the data from SQL and stores it in the "Data" sheet. It then goes and copies the values from the Data sheet. The problem occurs when it's trying to copy a cell value in Data into a WorksOrder cell. The error I get is Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error

The weird thing is, when I'm stepping through the code, I don't get the error message and the code works. It only happens when the code is triggered from the Commandbutton. I've tracked the error to a variable which supposed to have a row number greater than zero but instead has a zero (0) value. My question is why isn't the function returning the value to the variable ThisRow? The code for copying the cell data is listed below:

Dim ThisRow As Long
Dim ThisWorksOrder As String
ThisWorksOrder = "123456"
ThisRow = FindRowNumber(ThisWorksOrder)
Worksheets("WorksOrder").Range("D1").Value = WorkSheets("Data").Range("H" & CStr(ThisRow).Value.............

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Macro To Add CommandButton & Assign Macro Code
I written VBA code to create a new sheet and embed a command button on it. I want to assign a macro to this button but when I click on the button the assign macro button is greyed out. I have plenty of macros saved and the VBA code has finished running so why should this be?

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VBA Macro Code Needed To Run The Code Contained Within A Cell
I have a macro that, when run, needs to read the contents of cell B5, and run the code that it contains.

Cell B5, for example, would contain the text:
Range("B13").Formula = "SUM(D12:D14)"

I need a macro to "execute this code", as if it were in the macro itself.

I have assigned the above to a variable, but am not sure how to execute it.


Dim the_calc
the_calc = Range("B5").value

Now, how do I run the_calc ?

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Creating CommandButton With Code
how to create commandbutton code so let me explain what I am trying to do and anyone that could provide me with some basic code details to solve my problem:

When the command button is clicked in an excel worksheet I want a pop up box to come up containing specific information sourced from two other excel worksheets depending on the commandbutton. What I want to know is what code do I enter from the visual basic view in order for the box to appear with the right information.

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Create CommandButton With Code & Position It On Sheet
How can I create a commandbutton with code & position it.

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Determine If Worksheet CommandButton Fired Event Code
When I click on a commandbutton20 on sheet1 it moves the user from sheet1 to sheet2, hides some columns & formats the height of a row in a range of cells I will refer to as Area X. On sheet 2 I have a target condition that if the user clicks on any part of Area X it move the cursor to cell C8. What I want to accomplish is that if commandbutton20 in clicked, the target condition is suspended. otherwise the target condition works. The code I wrote is as follows. What happens when I press F5 to execute it... a macro window pops up.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("a1:x3,e4:x6")) Is Nothing Then
If Worksheets(1).CommandButton20_Click() = True Then
Exit Sub
Else: Range("c8").Select
End If
End If
End Sub

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Run Multiple Queries Macro Code
I am running 1,200 queries in succession in excel through a loop (visual basic). The problem is that, somewhere around loop 60, my computer grinds to a halt. I tried putting in a pause function and throwing in an autosave, to no avail. I think it has something to do with the memory, and somehow clearing it. Excel must be holding onto results from prior queries, and just runs out of memory after 60 or so.

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Run Macro Code When New Sheet Added
I have code in the NewSheet event of ThisWorkbook which tracks new sheets being added. But when a worksheet is added by copying an existing worksheet this event doesn't seem to be triggered. Buy logically a new sheet has been added to the workbook so the event should be triggered. Is this a design flaw or am I missing something?

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Automatically Run Macro Code Every X Seconds
i have a caclulate event that I want to run constantly while the workbook is open. How can I do this? below is the code for the calculate event:

Private Sub worksheet_calculate()
If Sheets("Messing Around"). Range("e14") <> changeval Then
If ActiveSheet.Range("E14").Value = "T1/E1" Then
Sheets("Messing Around").Range("e15").Activate
ActiveCell.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
ElseIf ActiveSheet.Range("E14").Value = "DS3/E3" Then

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Run Same VBA Macro Code On Multiple Sheets
I am trying to run the following code on multile sheets in a workbook. so far this code is working fine for one worksheet. Can someone help me modify this so it runs on multiple sheets. There can be more then 1 worksheet in a workbook depending upon data ...

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Macro Code Fails When Run On Workbook On Server
I have used the following piece of code to stop error checking in my excel spreadsheet:

Option Explicit

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
' Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.BackgroundChecking = False
End Sub

The problem is - works fine on my computer, but when distributed on the server the folloeing error is returned:

Run-time error '438':
Object doesn 't support this property or method

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Optimizing Macro To Run Faster - Timer Code
Here is exactly what was described:

A good place to start is to add some "timer code" in your macro. Add a small routine that saves a time value, and another routine that compares that saved value to the current time and displays the difference. At the beginning of a section of code you want to analyze, you call the first routine (which saves the start time), and then at the end of the section of code you call the second routine. In that way, you can determine which portions of your code are taking the longest time to execute. These are the code sections you then focus on, so you can figure out what they are doing that is taking so long.

This sounds like a great tool for optimization...

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Run Macro Code When Formula Result Changes To Negative
Am trying to get the sheetcalculate to be triggered and execute VBA code when a formula changes its result from positive to negative. The code works fine if I trigger it with a command button click. Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;

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Change Event Code To Run Macro When A Cell Value Changes
I have looked at a series of Change Event topics and code but can't see what I need. I simply want a macro to run automatically when a cell ....which contains the Maximum time from a range.... changes. I assume I use .... Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) ...but I have no idea what code to use...

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Run VBA Macro Code On Protected Worksheet
I have incorporated print/print-preview command buttons/VBA into a workbook with protected sheets. To enable these command buttons to function when the relevant sheet is protected, I have had to add VBA code to unprotect the sheet before generating the print preview, and then to protect it again afterwards. However, the code I have used (see below) prompts the user to enter the protection password, is there any code I can use where I can write the password into the code itself to unprotect the worksheet without the using having to enter the password?

'Unprotect Sheet

'Print preview & cell formatting code

'Protect Sheet
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _
, AllowFormattingColumns:=True

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Suppress Macro Code Run-Time Errors
how to supress the continue,end,debug, message when there is a vba error. The idea being that if there is a bug in my system that I have no realised, I don't want my end user seeing that message! I would preferrable design my own error message to appear instead.

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Continually Run Macro Code At Time Intervals
I am trying to continually refresh a spreadsheet (it is a countdown timer), and i am looking for a way to do this other than hold "F9". It is excel 97.

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Excecute A Macro From A Commandbutton
I have a little problem with a userform commandbutton that I cannot resolve. I cannot seem to excecute a macro from a commandbutton, but if I go to the VBA project I can get it to work from there.

The cmb just calls a macro, which in itself call 5 other macros. This is the code for the button:

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Assign Macro To Commandbutton
From the Control Toolbox I click on the command button icon. I positon the mouse where I'd like to place the command button and draw the command button. Then right click to open the drop down menu. A few days ago in the drop down menu I had an option Assign Macro but now I don't have it anymore. How is it possible to assign macros to the command button and even better how can I get the Assign Macro option back in the drop down menu?

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Getting A Commandbutton Macro To Do Operations On An Adjacent Worksheet
I am trying to make things easier for the next user by having one command button run the macros for the other worksheets (so they don't have to switch between worksheet)

I get "Runtime error '1004' Application-defined or object-defined error"

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Pass Each Cell Value In Range To Cell & Run Macro Code
I have workbook template that I use to generate reports from a list of depts. This list is contained in a drop down cell that is a named range in a different worksheet. My current process is as follows:

-Select Dept Name from the list
-Click a command button which is assigned to code that calculates and saves to a file
-Repeat for next report until all reports are generated

I would like to automate this process by producing all reports with a single command with the following functionality:

-The Dept Name needs to be populated in the specified cell containing the current drop down because it drive various vlookups and other formulas
-If possible, I would like to retain the drop down functionality as I would like to have the option of running an individual report or running the “batch”.

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Inscribing Cells: Run A Macro On Enter Keypress, That Would Execute Different Code Depending On That "inscription" That Would Be Invisible To User
Is there any way to "Inscribe" a cell? I would like to run a macro on Enter keypress, that would execute different code depending on that "inscription" that would be invisible to user. I could use some properties of . Validation property like this:

Private Sub EnterPressed
'following code to ensure proper functioning of Enter in any other Worksheet
If ActiveSheet <> mySheet 'MySheet is global Variable then
exit Sub
End If
'now the real code
If ActiveCell.Validation.InputMessage = "1" Then
'something else
End If
End Sub

The problem is, I use Data Validation and Conditional Formatting, so can't use any of these properties.

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VBA Code- Results Can Be Obtained Without Having To Run The Code
I am looking for VBA code by which the results can be obtained without having to run the code. For Instance, if Z = X*Y, I would like the code to automatically calculate Z for as soon as the value of X and Y are changed.

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Run Macro When Range Value Not Blank, If Not Run Other Macro First
I wanted to modify the below macro but don't know how. Could someone help me please? Please see the bold text below.

Dim shortmonth As String
Dim todaysdate As String
Dim enterdate As String
enterdate = InputBox("Please enter the date in the following format: MMDD")
shortmonth = Left(enterdate, 2)
todaysdate = Mid(enterdate, 3, 2)

Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"S:CMU Trade VerificationTrade Discrepancy Report " & [shortmonth] & " " & [todaysdate] & ".xls"
Sheets("Daily Archive").Select

***Do this step when when range A2:N2 is not blank, otherwise, run the "Daily Data" macro first and then do the below steps.

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Code To Run Another Sub
I have several Sub macros in one workbook which will eventually be stored in the PERSONAL area so they will work on any workbook. The challenge I currently have, is that I need to run the first Sub as the first step of all the other Subs. I've tried recording a macro to do this, but it always refers to the workbook and sheet reference rather than eg 'Sub First' Is there a way I can run a sub inside another macro without having to copy the code (and therefore having to rename most of the variables as I use the same ones in many Sub, like Count / shtCurrent etc)?

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Run Code On One Sheet While In Another
I need to run code that updates one sheet while I'm in another sheet (ie. from a form sheet).

I have 3 sheets - called 'Main', 'Chart Data - From Pivot' and 'Chart Pivot Table'

I have code that takes certain data from 'Chart Pivot Table' and copy/pastes it into 'Chart Data - From Pivot' .

If I am in the 'Chart Pivot Table' it works but if I'm in any other sheet it works incorrectly.

How do I get it to run from the Main sheet correctly.

Here is the
Sub mcrCopyToChartData()

Dim Rng As Range, Dn As Range, nRng As Range, c As Integer
Dim ws As Worksheet

' I added this 'set ws line...' to perhaps point to the correct sheet but
' it did not seem to do anything different.

Set ws = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Chart Pivot Table")

'this selects the current data from the 'chart pivot table'

Set Rng = Range(Range("A1"), Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)).............

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Code Run In 2007
find attached a File that is a Part answer to a Thread. The problem is the code in sheet 1 ("Amend Test") Button, does not seem to run in 2007, only on earlier versions.

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Breaking Out Of Run Away Code
I am in the middle of designing a macro that has 5 or 10 times ran away with itself causing me to sit & wait for it to finish. I am hoping there is a graceful way out of this without going to office application recovery.

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Only Run Code Based On Criteria
The problem is this that I have a module and I want to implement a condition that if I press a specific button then run whole code except a specific line.Is this possible?

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Why Creating Another Workbook When I Run This Code
I have a workbook with four worksheets named

The two sheets named FilteredDataFormat and arrayFormat exist strictly to preserve headers , and column widths.

So that for convenience sake I can clear my data without specifying a range that excludes the headers.
I simple clear the contents of the 'FilteredData' and 'array' then copy and paste 'arrayFormat' and 'FilteredDataFormat'.

Sort of an unconventional and lazy approach but I see no reason why this will not work.

Here is my original code and what happens is that excel creates another workbook for some reason unknown to me

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VBA- Code To Run Another Form That I Have
I would like to know what code I should use that would do the following:
I have a form that has a command button called "OK", when I click on the button I would like the code to run another form that I have.

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Can This Code Be Modified To Run Faster
way to bring more efficiency in this code.

I need to run this code on 100,000 rows every week and this takes hours to finish.

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To Run Code On Worksheet Activation
Currentley I have a worksheet(2)containing data updated from another woorksheet(1). I have a command button which runs some code for a filter ( recorded macro). can I run this code every time the worksheet(2) is activated instead of using the command button?

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ActiveX Combobox Code-run
I've created a workbook on whose main sheet there are three activex comboboxes. The first one contains a list of years, and the second one contains a list of months. The user selects the year, and it goes to its linked cell. The user then selects a month, and using the Combobox_Click event, should run a sequence of 7 macros (i.e. using the "call updateinformation1" macro, which is the first of the seven updateinformation macros).

The sequence of macros ran fine before I added the comboboxes. After adding the comboboxes, the final (7th) macro somehow goes back to the first macro and then causes a "ClearContents method of Range class failed" error on the "Selection.ClearContents" line. These are the first and seventh macros:

Sub updateinformation1()
'clears previous information to make way for new information
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.EnableEvents = False


I can't for the life of me figure out why it's looping back to the first macro instead of just stopping after the seventh. I have other workbooks that do something similar, and I don't have this problem. Am I missing something?

if I need to post all 7 macros?

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Run Code Only IF Checkbox Is NOT Checked
I have a code in my workbook that Runs another ceo on close. It is:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)


End Sub

What I would like to do is have a checkbox that if checked then this code will NOT run. Can this be done?

In a perfect world what would happen is that once an e-mail was sent once then the checkbox would automatically be checked so that there is no possibility of OFA being e-mailed twice with the same info.

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Run Code Automatically, Not With Button
I have some code, and I want it to run without assigning it to a button... Can it run anytime something is changed on the page? here it is:

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Amend Code To Run Faster
I have the following code kindly supplied to me by someone else and I'd like to know if anyone can suggest any ways to speed up the running of it. It currently takes about 4 minutes to run (there are about 5000 cells to loop through)

Basically it looks for a value in Col C - works out the number of rows to fill up by searching a range in Col D - then copies value in Col C up by that number of rows.

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Run Code On Cell Change
I am currently making a spreadsheet that will calculate the costs of products that my company makes. I have created the code that will add a line for each component of the product and fill in the details, but i want to set it so that it run's when i change the part number field in the sheet.

The only way i know to do this is using the worksheet_change event, but i will have more than one of these 'calculators' on one worksheet and the part number field will not always be the same cell.

I thought that an IF statement would work, as the cell next to the part number will always be the title "Parent". This is the code that i have tried but i keep getting run time error 1004 application-defined or object-defined error when the IF statement would return TRUE, when the IF statement returns FALSE (the cell to the left is NOT "Parent") the code exits, which is correct.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Offset(0, -1).Value = "Parent" Then
End If

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Code Only Works Every Other Time I Run It
I am trying to programmatically select an item from a single selection listbox (i.e., set to fmMultiSelectSingle). The following code works properly only every other time I run it; the problem is extremely repeatable.

Const storeStartCell = "B5000"
Private Sub ListBox_CounterTOs_Click()
selectedTOName = CStr(Mid(Worksheets("Sheet1"). Range(storeStartCell).Offset(ListBox_CounterTOs.ListIndex, 0), 3, 3))
selectedTONumber = CInt(Mid(Worksheets("Sheet1").Range(storeStartCell).Offset(ListBox_CounterTOs.ListIndex, 0), 6, 4))
ListBox_TO_Name.Value = selectedTOName
ListBox_TO_Number.Value = selectedTONumber
End Sub

The times that it works, ListBox_TO_Name.Value is set to something like "ABC" and ListBox_TO_Number.Value is set to something like "1234". When the values get set properly, the associated click subroutines (e.g., ListBox_TO_Name_Click()) get called automatically when the value is set. The times that it doesn't work, they are both set to "" and the click subroutines do not get called. I also tried

myListbox.Selected(myIndex) = True

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Userform: Run Code Under Another Event
In a Userform, is there a way to run code that's listed under another UserForm event subroutine?


I have a Listbox and several Labels. When I click on a selection in the listbox, it populates the labels with various data from a spreadsheet. This code is in a "list_AfterUpdate()" subroutine.

If I change a piece of data and click a CommandButton1, I would like the labels to automatically update.

The only way I can think to do that (at present) is to run the code listed in the "list_AfterUpdate()" subroutine.

Is there a way to run that code without duplicating it in the "CommandButton1_Click" subroutine?

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Run Different Code Based On Version
I am writing an excel 'tool' that must be compatabile with both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. I originally wrote some functions using Application.Filesearch, and had to re-write that code due to the lack of Application.Filesearch in Excel 2007 (I used the chdir method). The chdir method is much slower the way I am using it, therefore, I would like to still use the Application.Filesearch method for those using Excel 2003. Now, I have the user select their excel version and run the correct macro. Is there a way to detect the Excel Version automatically and the call the correct macro?

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VBA: Loop Through Sheets And Run The Same Code
I am trying get a set of code to run through the sheets in the workbook... All sheets EXCEPT 1 named "Summary".

How can I code the proper statement? This is my current
Private Sub cmdAddDistribution_Click()

Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim lCount As Long
Dim rFoundCell As Range

'check for selected cash flow
If Trim(Me.cboxCashFlow.Value) = "" Then
MsgBox "Please select a Cash Flow."
Exit Sub
End If...............

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Spreadsheet That Uses Control Functions To Run Vb Code
i have a spreadsheet that uses control functions to run vb code. i am trying to make things as user friendly as possible for all of the employees. i am currently working on a control to clean out any rows that the first cell has a value of "N/A" or is left blank. i have the code for the blank cells, but cannot figure out how to add the "N/A" cells.

here is the current
Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim rng As Range
On Error Resume Next
Set rng = Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlBlanks)
On Error GoTo 0
If Not rng Is Nothing Then
End If
End Sub

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Run VBA Code From Text File
I have an Excel workbook that will be used by multiple users who share a network drive.

I would like to set it up so that the VBA code is ran from a text file stored on the network drive containing the VBA code. Basically a macro would run from the Excel workbook and get the VBA code from the text file and then run that code. Has anyone done this before or can anyone provide the syntax for this process?

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Userforms: Run Same Code When Enter Any Textbox
i have 15 textboxes in my userform (all with tags).

instead of having 15 seperate sub routines that call on one macro is there a way i can write some code that, on entering any texbox within a form, a specific routine would be called

i tried using the Userform_click sub like so, but with no joy:

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Label Caption Change... Run Code
I have just noticed that there is no defult event for the running code after updating a label caption. I would like to have like a textbox does (Change,AfterUpdate). to run code on the label caption change. could it be done with activex?? can it be done at all.??

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Run Events When Opening Workbook By Code
How can i manage that my code in the Workbook_Open() event is run when i open that workbook with some code from an other workbook?

When i manually open that workbook, excel runs all events, including my Workbook_Open() event, but i need to open this one out of an event of an other workbook.

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Adding Code To A Userform At Run-time
The ultimate goal is to create a Userform at run-time.

The problem is writing event code for that Userform.

The current situation is:
I have a userform. (Created with the VBE, not at run-time.) There is one command button on that userform. The code module for that userform is this

Option Explicit ...

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Finding Sets Code Slow To Run
If you open the file sets.xls, you will see that I have listed 5 sets of 10 numbers.

These sets are such that all 10 numbers matches with sets of 20 numbers listed vertically in the range K1:S20 atleast twice (T21:T25 -twice)

I know there are 50+ sets like these and I have listed just 5 of them.

How can I search the other sets?

I have uploaded a zip file which has an excel file. Run the module "DoIt" and you will get all 50+ sets like these.

The problem is that the module takes 42 minutes on my Celeron 800 Mhz 256 MB SDRAM. I want to reduce this time.

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Run Code On Worksheets With Certain Tab Names
My Thread title should have read covert code TO run on all worksheets with same word in Name. I have had a look at some other pieces of code in this forum but they are quite the same as I want to do....I have tried a few things but each time I get an error for sure I am not modifying the code quite right, I ahve been missing something for what I now want it to do. So I wonder if someone could Please review these two pieces of code...they of course are both for running on just one worksheet in a wookbook.

I would like them both be able to run, still as tow separete pieces of code as they are, on all and only worksheets that have in their worksheet name a key word in this case the word "Region" and that those worksheets all in a single workbook but the workbook does have other worksheets in it I dont want the code to run one on - but those worksheets do not have in their worksheet name the word "Region".

Sub test()
Dim r As Range, txt As String, ws1 As Worksheet, i As Long
Set ws1 = Sheets(1)
With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare
For i = 16 To 21
For Each r In ws1.Range(ws1.Cells(6, i), ws1.Cells(Rows.Count, i).End(xlUp))
If r.Value <> "" Then
If Not .exists(r.Value) Then
.Add r.Value, Nothing
txt = txt & "," & r.Address(0, 0)
If Len(txt) > 245 Then
ws1.Range(Mid$(txt, 2)).EntireRow.Delete
txt = "": .RemoveAll: Goto Again
End If .............

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