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Set Desktop Background

Im designing a desktop background for my office, and want to roll it out once complete. Rather than trying to email the image out and get people to do it manually, is there anything in vba i can do to assist in this? I know its asking a bit much, but ive been surprised in the past with how versatile vba is! (i.e mapping network drives). I asked the IT guys to do it over the server, but they started ranting about screen resolution, priority of other jobs etc etc.

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Desktop Shortcuts Done By VBA
Anyone know if you can place a shortcut on the desktop using VBA code?

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Launch A Desktop Shortcut
I have a lot of shortcuts to movies for my 5th grade students which won't work. I can launch direct file names but not shortcuts from within excel I can click on a cell to launch a direct file like this = "C:Program FilesOfficexpOffice10winword.exe" /n "c:mode.doc" but if C:modeSC.doc" is a desktop shortcut then it opens winword but not the document.

I get " document name or path is not valid" from within winword. But if I go to drive C and click on the shortcut, it opens winword and the ModeSC.doc which is a 1 KB shortcut.

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VBA To Open A File On ANY Desktop
I am sending this workbook out for several buyers to use. Part of the macro opens a workbook on their desktop named "Backorder List.xls" and copied data to it. The problem is, the way it is written, I have to go around to each buyers computer and edit it so the vba is looking in the right directory for the file. Is there any way to modify this so that it will open the file "Backorder List.xls" no matter who's desktop it is on?

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Find Any Ones Desktop Folder
I am having an issue with trying to find anyone's desktop folder. I'm trying to write a path to the desktop but once again the desktop is different on every computer. The problem line is in red.

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Change Desktop Icon
I was wondering how I could change my desktop icon for one specific workbook to something other than the excel icon. I saw the below link (2nd tip) but that changes the icon for every file of a specific file type. I just want to change one specific file's icon on my desktop to something custom, like a clipart picture of my choosing. I also know that this can be done with shortcuts, but I need it to be changed on the original file. I tried using the IconChanger program, but the icon stayed with the file name so if I did a "save as" or emailed the file, it disappeared. I want it to stick with that file for good, or any file I duplicate from the original, and work on other computers as well.

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Make Folder On Desktop
I'm trying to create a folder on the desktop and save the activeworkbook in that folder. Since other users will use this I dont know the exact path. However I'm using this function below to tell the script where to find the path. Everything was working fine till I started to make the folder can someone point out what I may be doing wrong?

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Change Desktop Excel Icon
I was wondering how I could change my desktop icon for one specific workbook to something other than the excel icon. I saw the below link (2nd tip) but that changes the icon for any file of a specific file type.

I just want to change one specific file's icon on my desktop to something custom, like a clipart picture of my choosing. I've seen it done with certain companies changing the internet explorer shortcut icon linked to their webmail, changing it to their logo.


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Copy Database File And Save To Desktop
Let's say I have a database called testTemplate.mdb in c: which is a template-like database where i import data to. Is there a way for me to copy the testtemplate.mdb and past it to my desktop with file name test.mdb. I don't want to copy any data from the database, just the table's + queries. I would like this to be done via a macro... In order for me to execute other macro's to copy data from excel to that test.mdb file on desktop.

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Copy Selected Data To Workbook On Desktop..
As the buyer edits orders, I have a macro which pulls out all the parts with changes and puts them on a sheet named "Changes" in the attached "Sample" workbook. Since the buyer will do dozens of these edits a day, I'm trying to create a simple way for them to create a list of parts they may want to try and buy from another source.

I would like to add a macro that would open a message box telling the buyer to select the parts they want to copy. They could select whatever rows they want to copy to the "Backorder List", and select "OK" or hit "Enter", and the macro would open the workbook named "Backorder List.xls" on their desktop, (mine is located under "C:Documents and Settingsjerry.hutchesonDesktop"), and copy the selected rows to the workbook, then save changes and close the "List" workbook. It should only paste the values, to preserve whatever formatting is in the book being copied TO, and it should copy below any data already in the workbook.

To make things even more difficult, the macro would also need to copy the Vendor # and PO # from the top of the "Sample" workbook, (cells B2 and B3 respectively), and enter that data beside the other data just pasted beside the parts data in the backorder list. (I have entered sample data in the backorder list to show what I mean.)

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File/Send To Option Is Available On Laptop But Not On The Desktop
I have Excel 2002 installed on Desktop & my Laptop. The Send To option is available on my Laptop but not on the Desktop.

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Send A File By Email Versus To A Local Desktop

Case "TD"
strfilename = "\TomsblackibmTomsProposals" & strfilename

I would like to send this file by email if possible instead of to his computer. The user recently went from a desktop "in the office" to a laptop "all over the place".

Sub Save_and_SaveSalesman()

Dim strPath As String, strPath2 As String, CurrPath As String

Dim WB1 As Workbook
Dim WB2 As Workbook

Set WB1 = ActiveWorkbook

'First thing, save my work

CurrPath = WB1.Path

'ASSUMING THAT C6 and O3 are BOTH in WB1
'move this line HERE: only do this once, and concatenate in the Select..Case later
'doing thsi inside the Select..Case pulls values from WB2, which might cause errors.............................

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Save Workbook To Desktop If File Doesn't Exists
I'm having a slight problem with this script. What I'm looking to do is before the workbook is closed is check to see if the workbook already exisits on the users desktop if it doesnt then save it to the users desktop. if is does exists then just exit the sub. Here is what I have so far but for some reason it kept displaying the aleart message that the file already exists and wants to save it again.

I just added the displayalerts = false in but the script still does not know that file already exists. So when the file is closed it keeps saying file has been placed on your desktop.

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Unprotect ALL Sheets, Create Folder And Save Copy On Desktop
I have a workbook which consists of 28 worksheets, all of which are protected, and are running on a code which automatically keeps all sheets at "unlocked cells" in the selection field. The sheet is also password protected for write-access…

I would like a Macro, or some sort of code, that when activated… it unprotects ALL sheets (which use same password), creates a folder on the users desktop, and saves a copy of the document in there… entitled "copy of {filename}" It must also remove the "write access" password…

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Macro To File/Save As "Numbers As Of [today's Date]; On Desktop
I'd like a macro to have the workbook save as

Numbers as of "today's Date"

and then close that workbook.

I already tried the following...

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Set Background In Cell Depending On Another Cell's Background
In a range of cells (A1..d8) which have background set with multiple colors. Is it possible to set another range of cells (H1..K8) whith the same backgrounds as the other range and so that if one cells background changes the cell in the second range whill also change to that new color?

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Graph Background
I'm working on a interfacing program between delphi-excel to manipulate data (from delphi tables) and create a graph in excel. The program is almost done, but I'm having problems with the background and foreground color of the graphs, which don't change.

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Background Colour
I have to codes which work

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Sort By Row Background Color Possible
I have a spreadsheet that has differen color rows for certain data. Is it possible to sort a spreadsheet by row color instead of row header?

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Change Background Using A Combobox
I need to change the background of an worksheet using a combobox!

Let's say that I have 10 or more picture with different names in folder "C:/picture".

I need to change the background of an worksheet selecting this pictures from a combobox.

I know that I can do this manually using "format/sheet/background", but I need to automate the process (in "C:/picture" folder, sometimes I will have more than 50 picture).

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How To Color The Background Cells
How to color the background cells using text ...

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Loading Background Picture
I have a dropdown box with a few options in it. What I want to do, is have excel load a particular picture, that I have saved on my computer, into the background when a certain option is selected from the dropdown box.

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Background Text To Be Overwritten
I am trying to create a user form, and need to admit at this point that unfortunately I have no knowledge of VBA - bog standard excel formulae are what I know!

I am trying to create a section for people to enter an address, and in itself this is quite straightforward, but I want to be able to enter faint text in the cells as an information instruction that will disappear as someone starts to type in that cell. Can anyone help with a method that would work within Excel versions 2000, 2003 & 2007? (I realise that I could insert a comment, but it's not an obvious instruction, and given the Excel knowledge of a lot of people who will be using this form, it would be completely overlooked!)

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Textbox Background Color ..
How can I add some code to the routine below in order to change the background color into green?

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Running Macros In Background
I usually run it on a different server while I work on another available server. However, if I am in Excel on a different server working, I cannot copy and paste in Excel (if I try to copy & paste, I end up pasting data from the macro). This makes sense since the macro is copying & pasting but is there any way around this? I purposely didn't past the code since it's huge but it has a lot of "cells.copy, activesheet.paste, etc".

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Setting Background Colour
I am wanting to create a function, callable from a worksheet, that sets the background colour for any given range of cells to a given RGB value. I am confused about the Color and ColorIndex properties. I'd have thought the following piece of code was trivial and would work but it doesn't.

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Blank Screen Background
I use a number of user forms and would like to dsplay them with a blank background ie not over the top of the spreadsheet. The colour of a blank userform would be nice! I do not want to make them the size of the screen.

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Sheet Background Image As One
I'm trying to put the image in the background by doing 'Format - Sheet - Background'
but the image become tiles instead of one.

I want the image in the background so I can edit cells with formulas on top of the image. Is there any way of manupilate the background image with Macro so I can have just on image instead of tiles?

I've done watermark but that's only available in preview. I'm using Excel 2003

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Lists And Background Colors
I have a list of number (these numbers are related to incidents) and I want to use the numbers as a basis to split of the spreasheet by coloring the rows. There is no order to how many of the same number there is. So, what I would like to do is fill rows with a color based on the numbers. For example.

My list (part of it) looks like this: ...

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Background Music To A Spreadsheet
is it possible to have a music file play in the background of the spreadsheet if so how? and then if it is possible does it play constantly or will it stop if i perform functions on the spreadsheet or move sheets..

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Macro: Variated Background Picture
My macro generates some graph from some datas. Datas are in some range and when I filtering it shows only filtered values. I use Fixed axis (min and max) because if I use Auto it fit data to the window.

My problem is: I would like to use Auto axis because my layout would be better but bacground picture remains the same and it's useless. Background picture should change as I change filters.


here is picture:
current situation is 1.

With Auto axis I get 2. (blue B and green D are filtered results)

And I would like to have 3.

Is it possible that background picture variate as datas variates?

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Setting Background Fill Color In VBA
I'm admittedly a novice in VBA but I'm trying to simply settnig the background color of the active cell. I've seen various snippets on the web that reference this via setting the color.index variable, using the RGB codes, etc. but nothing seems to work. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. I know from tracing thru that the assignment instruction is being executed. I've tried using Selection.blah instead of ActiveCell, etc. also.

Select Case Total_Points
Case Is >= 70
ActiveCell.Interior.ColorIndex = vbGreen 'Green
ActiveCell.Interior.Pattern = 1 'xlSolid
ActiveCell.Interior.PatternColorIndex = -4105 'xlAutomatic
Client_Type = "Elite Partner (" & Round(Total_Points) & ")"

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If Statement Dealing With Color Background
I am trying to write an If statement that would search a column for cells that have red as a background color, and if they did, would mark the cell with an X.

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Return Background Color Of Cell
On one worksheet I have a list of colours in cells. I want to be able to look in the list the list and return the background colour of that cell. The function i am using is:


'1.1' is the worksheet name, $C28 is the cell (coloured blue)

It seems to work because I am getting the correct background colour in the new worksheet, however it also returns the number(37) as well.

I just want the background colour to be shown only, not the color's number as well.

Function CellColorIndex(InRange As Range, Optional _
OfText As Boolean = False) As Integer
' This function returns the ColorIndex value of a the Interior
' (background) of a cell, or, if OfText is true, of the Font in the cell.
Application.Volatile True
If OfText = True Then
CellColorIndex = InRange(1, 1).Font.ColorIndex
CellColorIndex = InRange(1, 1).Interior.ColorIndex
End If
End Function

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Set Background Colour Depending On Variants
I need a macro that will change the background colour of a cell depending on whether it equals a certain variant. Let me explain.

Cells D8 to N8 will either equal 1, 2, 3 or 4. Depending on the value of the cells on row 8 (D8:N8) I need the above cells on row 4 (D4:N4) to have a different background colour.

If the cell on row 8 is 1, the cell on row 4 must have a green background.
If the cell on row 8 is 2, the cell on row 4 must have a yellow background.
If the cell on row 8 is 3, the cell on row 4 must have a red background.
If the cell on row 8 is 4, the cell on row 4 must have a blue background.

Therefore, if D8 = 3, D4 will have a red background. If F8 = 2, F4 will have a yellow background. And so on.

I need a macro that when ran changes the background colour of the cell range D4:N4 depeding on the value of the cell 4 rows beneath (D8:N8).

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Default Background Color Is Purple?
When I open a new worksheet it is purple. The fill color bucket it defaulted to no fill. I select the entire worksheet and click on the 'no fill' and get a normal white background. If I delete anything on the spreadsheet, where the items were deleted the background is again purple. I have to select and again click on 'no fill'. I am constantly fighting this creaping purple. Just started about a week ago.

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Transparent Background Of ActiveX Control
I have an ActiveX Label control with a transparent background. When I click on the label the background turns white and stays that way as long as the mouse is over the label, obscuring whatever's underneath. (It also very slightly alters the character spacing.) What object/property controls this? How do I adjust it?

While I'm here, is there an easy programmatic way to assign arbitrary RGB colors to ActiveX controls? The palettes available from the Properties window are fairly limited. A google search for "ActiveX colors" yields a deluge of marketed products, so it's hard to find useful information.

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Hidden Background Data File
Can you get Excel to open another Excel file linked to the first automatically (preferably hidden and read only) in the background ?

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Forms Button Background Color
Can the backround color on a forms toolbar button be changed or must I use a control toolbar button if I want the button in color? I would prefer using the forms button and have tried customizing (tools/customize/forms) then right clicking on the forms button icon and selecting “Edit button image”, clicked on the desired color and clicked ok.

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Background Color In Column Chart
I have a column chart that goes 0-100%. The back wall is red from 0-60%, yellow from 60-80%, and green from 80-100%.

To do this, I shaded some blank cells to the same proportional shape, did a screen capture, saved that image as a file, then imported it back in as the background.

Problem is, those color breakpoints (60%,80%) may change, and that process is a pain. Is there an easier way to do this such that if I change the values the background will change automatically based on the shading of some cells?

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Isolate Sheet Background And Grid?
How can I set up my sheets so that the background and grid are isolated, in other words only the background, the grid, and my data shows on the sheet, the rest will be blacked out. I need to email only the certain area of the worksheets.

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Worksheet Background And Font Colour
when i pasted the data into an Excel sheet, the background will change to red and the font will turn to blue. Besides, the font in header will change as well. I can't find the way how to do it because this template is set by other person. I can confirm this is not done by macro.

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Cell Fill (Background) Colors
when I copy a worksheet from one workbook to another, the colors on the sheet in the destination workbook, become dull/faded. They actually change from the original colors to some off colors. I copy by selecting the source sheet, hold down ctrl key, then drag from one workbook to another). Also, is there a way to get the sheet back to the original colors.

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Change Background Of A Row When Cell Is Selected.
My question is relevant to the one in this thread: ttp:// Instead of one cell, as in the above thread I want it for a complete row.

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Copy Cells Without Background Fill In VB
I currently have some code that copies a single cell from multiple worksheets. Unfortunately those cells all have a yellow fill and i don't want that fill showing up in my summary sheet. How can i alter this code to copy the cells without the fill.

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Customize Background Of A Cell With An Image
I have excel 2003

I would like to identify text cells of my document containing names of speakers in a conference with their nationality. I would like to do that by setting the background of the cell with the national flag of the country where the speaker comes from.

I tried to select the flag as an image and put it over the name with trasparency but then it result very not convenient to modify the text in the cell and the image makes the worksheet very heavy

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Cells Over Background Image For Printing
I need to set a background as an image, but retain the cells so I can type in them individually (not using text boxes). This template will be used for automatically generated daily reports, so the cells have to be present. How can I retain the rows and cells as they are, but set an image behind them? Note: This isn't the header part of the header and footer, but the top of the document.

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Run Macro Silently In Background Every X Minutes
i have a cell in a specific workbook which i intend to update it using a macro every min. but during the interval, i might look at other excel files. thus, i hope the macro of that file can run at background.

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Clear Background Color Before Print
I have a excel file wherein background color as well as conditional formatting background color is used. However, since printout consumes huge ink for those sheets, i want that before print the code will clear all the background color (done through Fill color & conditional formatting color) and after the print activity, restore those color. the colors are given to faciliate data entry and better presentation.i have recorded the same but background is not restored when I run the code And also sometimes the code doesnot start printing.

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File Remains Open In Vba Background
When I open a file in excel and I close it without closing excel-application, the file remains open in the Vba-background. This is not a big problem but when I reopen the file I get 2 versions in the Vba-explorer. This continues until I close the whole excel-application. So everytime I reopen the file the vba-explorer adds a new version. Is somebody familiar with this? Is this normal or is this a bug?

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Text Over Background Image/Picture
I want to add an image to a sheet. The image is to print but I want the data from that sheet to go over the top. I can't seem to get the image behind my data.

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