Userform Text Boxes And "Proper"

Nov 5, 2007

I have a userform with text boxes that the user inputs Surname & Initial into. The VBA code then copies that information onto a worksheet. Is there anyway to include into the code, that would change the case of the inputted text to "Proper" before entering it onto the sheet?

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UserForm Text Boxes & Dates

Aug 11, 2004

I have a UserForm with several text boxes where dates are input, the user form is acts as a data entry form so the text boxes are not linked to individual cells. My problem is that when the dates are entered into my worksheet they are in Text Format even though the worksheet column is formatted to Custom Date dd,mm,yyyy.

My code is as follows:-

Private Sub TextD_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

If Len(TextD.Value) = 0 Then Goto zExit

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Auto Advance Between Different Text Boxes In Userform

Jan 14, 2012

How do i auto advance a text box in a user form to the next question. As long as that question was answered otherwise it doesn't advance and displays a msgbox telling them that something must be entered in that box? All done in vba.

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Set Date Through Calendar In The Userform Text Boxes

May 10, 2007

I have a userform and a calendar form, on the user form I have three text boxes named (txt1, txt2, txt3) and three buttons named (cmd1, cmd2, cmd3).

when I click I cmd1 button the calendar form opens and after selecting the Date from calendar, the value of the calendar assign in txt1.

the same for cmd2, cmd3

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Check UserForm Text Boxes For Entries

Aug 27, 2007

I have a user form with 10 textboxes on and when you press the command button, VBA will send the values in each text box to a cell on the sheet. If a user only wants to enter one value, it zeroes all the others in that row!! Does anyone have any ideas please in very very basic lamens code!! It is only relating to the user form called "Figures1". I had an if command running in the "decweek1" modules, but it makes my procedure too long to do the same with the other one!

If you look at my code, you can see how unadvanced I am with this so really simple code would be gratefully received!! If anyone feels nice enough you could always write the code for this problem for me and send me back the workbook, however I don't expect anyone to do this!

It is too large to attach so it is here:-


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Proper Case Text By Condition

Oct 19, 2007

How can I extend proper() to NOT change "PO Box 333" to "Po Box 333". Ideally, I would like to supply a list of words such as PO and all the 2 letter directionals (NE,NW,SE,SW).

There are also cases such as a last name of MacNamara which should have a capital M and N. Even worse, I see that 3rd becomes 3Rd which is very sad.

I'm assuming the data was supplied in uppercase

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Change Case Of Text To Proper Except For Prepositions

Oct 17, 2012

macro that will change the case of a string of texts to proper except for prepositions (e.g. and, or, about, the, etc.).

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Convert Range Cell Of Text Into Proper Date

Jun 11, 2014

I would like to know how can I convert a column P and T that contains these type of number into a proper way of date of DDMMMYYYY.

Like, if the cell in the column P has 8 digits then convert

19830425 -> 25APR1983
19910515 -> 15MAY1991

next cell till end of column P. Then do the same to column T.

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Make Text Proper / Sentence Case In VBA Module

Jul 29, 2003

Some handy code that I can put in a VBA module that will convert all text within a Spreadsheet to Proper or Sentence like this ---> Hello Everyone, Hope You Are All Happy.

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Combo Boxes In UserForm

Jan 13, 2010

I created a combobox on the fmEdit userform that I want to use to select a name from the worksheet and display on the Userform the data from that row for editing, which can then be submitted to make changes accordingly on that row.

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Change Text To Upper, Lower Or Proper Case On Entry

Sep 6, 2007

I would like to format a row of cells so that when a word is entered into the cell it automatically becomes a capital.

I need the word to be capitalized so that I can use it in a custom function. The function uses the word from this cell and goes through a bunch of cases in determing how to classify the string.

I think more than one solution is possible and I would greatly appreciate some feed back, I've tried looking into turning all the letters of a string in my VBA code to capitals, or a way to format the cells, so that the string is already capitalized when entered into the VBA code, but I'm still a novice at VBA and unsure on how certain commands work.

here is a sample of my vba code.

Function WeightI(Shape As String, sDim As String, dLenFt As Double) As Double
Const pi As Double = 3.14159265358979
Const Ft2In As Double = 12
Const dDen As Double = 0.2835 ' density of steel, pounds per cubic inch

Dim aiStr() As String ' dimensions as strings

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Userform With Empty List Boxes

Jul 21, 2014

I have a userform that loads with when excel starts. The workbook has a second and third sheets with names from A1 to A20. The form is used to add information to the first sheet. There are two list boxes on the form the reference via VBA the names on sheets 2 and 3. When form initially opens the list boxes are void of data. I also have a macro that reopens the form without having to close the workbook. When I close the form and reopen it the list boxes are populated as they should be - so the list boxes are working correctly just not being populated initially. In the open form module I have code that sets the rowsource for the data on sheet 2 and 3. Why the userform does not populate when the workbook initially opens?

Here is the code in my open userform module

Sub openuserofrm()


Sheets("VILLAGEvisits").Unprotect Password:=""
Sheets("OldVisits").Unprotect Password:=""

[Code] ....

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Userform Create Input Boxes

Jul 11, 2008

How would I go about making a user form that has an input box where you can type in a year (in yyyy format), and then two radio buttons that allow you to choose either "Jan-Jun" or "Jul-Dec", and a submit button to run a corresponding macro.

The purpose of this is I have two macros that run the same report, one is for first half of the year, second is for second half of the year. For simple purposes we will call them "JanJun" macro and "JulDec" macro ...

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Add Data With Check Boxes In Userform

Dec 8, 2006

What Im trying to do add some addition data to a spreadsheet, I think a userform is the best way to do this. Worksheet = sheet 1 (Current Data)

I have an Item number in column C of sheet 1 (currently 570 items)
I have a spot for the values of my checkboxes on sheet1

What I would like is to be able to select the item number from a combo box (cmbITEM) And check off all or some of the checkboxes (I have 12 checkboxes = chk01 through chk12) then have that update the data on sheet1

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UserForm To Select Pages To Print Using Check Boxes

May 29, 2009

I have a UserForm that I want to use as a “Print Selection Page” using check boxes to make selection or multiple selections of pages to print from different spreadsheets but same work book.

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Find A Text Or Number In Text Boxes

Oct 15, 2008

I have a couple of excelfiles in which someone made a flowchart with text boxes. I would like a search code that would help me find a text or number in those text boxes. The CTRL+F function only works on cells. Does something similar exist for text boxes? Or can this be made in a macro?

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Replace Text In Mutiple Text Boxes

Sep 12, 2007

Trying to Find a specific word and Replace with another within a textbox ( created from the drawing tool, as well as the control toolbar) The textboxes contain loads of text information.

as an example
The word "Apple" to be replaced with "Orange"

I came across this code from the archives (compliments of Dave Hawley)

Sub ReplaceTextBoxText()
Dim sTextBox As Shape
Dim wSheet As Worksheet
Set wSheet = Sheets.Add()
For Each sTextBox In Sheet1.Shapes

I've tried several variations with no results. (perhaps it's to extensive for my modest needs)

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Locking A Certain Text Boxes, And Not Others

Feb 4, 2009

For example:

Locking a certain text boxes, and not others. Under review, protect sheet, the Edit Objects function is all or nothing

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New Tabs Using Text Boxes

Nov 24, 2008

I m creating new tabs that users input into a text box and two label: one each becuase one tab will be Tab1 then then other label will be Tab1 Completed.

How do you continously update the label so it changes as the user inputs letters.
I never used text boxs before so thus another reason I have no clue.

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VLOOKUP In VBA - Text Boxes

Jan 15, 2010

Am trying to use a VLOOKUP in VBA on a form, I am entering data in one field so data will be displayed in another field. They are both text boxes. Here is the code;

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Many Multiple Text Boxes

Apr 18, 2009

I have 10 Text boxes each, on many tabs of a Multipage. I have a Private Sub LoadRow() for one tab.Is there a way to use a Sub that would work for each tab or do I have to write a new sub for each tab? Here’s the sub I’m using.
Private Sub LoadRow()

txtTrussco.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 1).Value
txtTPhone.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 2).Value
txtTFax.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 3).Value
txtTAddress.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 4).Value
txtTCity.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 5).Value
txtTState.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 6).Value
txtTZipcode.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 7).Value
txtTSalesrep.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 8).Value
txtTSrepphone.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 9).Value
txtTrusseng.Text = Cells(lCurrentRow, 10).Value

End Sub

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ENABLE Text Boxes

May 23, 2009

I have a ton of text boxes on a userform that are in an initial state of being disabled. Is there a quick way of enabling by use of a mask for these Text Boxes ?

All the text boxes I want to enable are named "TB_fieldname" and by mask I mean a snippet of code using something like "TB_*"

tb_liqname, tb_casecost, tb_bottleprice etc etc..

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Tabbing Through Text Boxes

May 29, 2009

I may be doing this wrong, but I have a form that i created using Active X controls in Excel 2007 (I couldn't use the form control text box, it was greyed out). I have textbox1, textbox2 etc... I got the form to work but I can't tab through. When the user is done entering data in textbox1, I want to set the focus to textbox2. i would like this to happen with enter and tab.

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Tab Order Of Text Boxes

Aug 5, 2009

I have been working on an excel sheet with several text boxes that need data manually putting into them. I have set the texts boxes out in the correct order and could tab thru them perfectly in order, but then I saved, closed then reopen the document and now the text boxes do not tab in order. I have tried to rearrange them, delete them and start again but the same problem happens every time and I cannot get the tab order of the text boxes to stay in order

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UserForm Text Box Code (whatever Text Has Been Entered Into The Userform To Be Put Into A Cell )

Feb 1, 2010

I've created a userform with a text box and a command button (Enter)

On clicking the command button I'd like whatever text has been entered into the userform to be put into a cell (Say A1).

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Combining Text From Comment Boxes

Apr 25, 2013

I am trying to combine the text from the comments boxes of a full row of cells into the comments box of a separate other cell in order to provide an overview of the comments in these cells in one place.

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Link Two Text Boxes In Excel

Dec 5, 2013

How can I link two text boxes in excel so the text can flow from one to another?

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Select Empty Text Boxes

Apr 21, 2014

I have files where empty textboxes have been copied over tens if not hundreds of times, thereby slowing down the scrolling speed immensely.

I would be interested if there was a macro to

a) select all empty text boxes

b) select and delete all empty text boxes

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Search Function Using 2 Text Boxes?

May 22, 2014

I am wondering if the user can use 2 boxes to search and populate the record.

Ie./ Box 1= Vehicle Registration Box 2= Date

This sheet will be used throughout each month and each vehicle registration may have more than one record that month

So I need the user to be able to input the vehicle reg and for the form to populate the relevant record.

I current have a Unique reference which is a combo box that once you select it auto populate the record but this will take forever having to populate ach record to find which one the user is looking for.

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How To Change Text In Saving Boxes

Mar 26, 2014

I have a file that another person created and instead of traditionally saving, the only way to save file is by hitting X in top right corner and then a series of boxes pop up directing the user on what to do. I looked at macros within file and couldn't find anything really relating to the saving functions of document. This is a complex document and I'm starting to think that it isn't a macro. Is there any area in excel that allows you to adjust save settings? All I'm trying to do is change the wording in these pop up boxes but cannot find the source. Attached is screen shot of first box that pops up.

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