VBA Click On A Link

Jun 2, 2008

I need to find a way to have Excel find a link and click on the link in Internet Explorer.

The link name is unique in the page, and the href looks something like this.

HTML Code:

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Using VBA To Click HREF Link

Jun 26, 2013

I have a website that returns search results and I am trying to get to the href link:

/div><div id="compBondTop[1]" class="worksheetBlock"><div class="dataHeader clearfix"><h2>
<span id="advSearchForm:compBondsList:1:sDate">Wednesday, April 17, 2013</span></h2></div>
<table id="advSearchForm:compBondsList:1:compBond" cellspacing="0" class="data"><thead><tr>

[Code] ........

I am wondering how to use getElementsByName("advSearchForm:compBondsList:1:compBond:0:amtTextLink") and then click on its corresponding href link.

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Click Link On Webpage Using VBA

Nov 6, 2009

I'm trying to click a link on a webpage I already have open.

For example say I have google.com open and I wanted to click 'Images' at the top of the page without using the code...

(I can't use this code b/c the page i'm trying to access requires I click the link)

Is there a way to identify the link on the page by its name and then "click" it?

I've been trying to find code for this all over the place, and it seems impossible to find it

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Macro To Click On Link Within Website

May 15, 2014

I am looking for a macro that can click on a link within a website. This link produces a print window. Below is some similar code that I have used before but this link does not have an ID so I am not sure what to do. I am also posting the HTML Code and a jpeg of the HTML code.

[Code] .....

HTML Code: 

<TD height=24 noWrap>
<IMG alt="" src="/SharedFilesCB/LeftMenuControl/Images/spacer.gif" width=2 height=1>
<A onclick="if (bIsFrameLoaded) PrintReportClick(); return false;" onmouseover="status='';return true;" class=leftMenu href="">print reports</A></TD></TR>


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Click-able Link To Open Another Workbook

May 9, 2008

I want to reference a cell from another workbook that is a hyperlink, but I want it to stay as a hyperlink and not text. Example would be workbook1 cell A1= workbook2 cell A5(which is a hyperlink) but in workbook1 A1 shows the text of the name of the hyperlink. I want the workbook1 cell to be exactly the same hyperlink...this way when I have multiple workbooks I just need to change the master workbook.

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Click On Webpage Link Through Macro In Excel?

Jan 29, 2013

I am trying to prepare macro to navigate web page and click on some tasks to complete it. As this web link is not access-able from outside or remotely. I am trying to work on it in bits. I have came across with a first problem of clicking on one of the link of this web page, below is the web page html source code. I want to click on last link "Total Outstanding Tasks".

HTML Code:
<td width="29%" nowrap>
<a id="A6" href="FindTask.aspx?StatusID=1,2,5,3&SLAhour=10&pageMnuOpt=4&mnuOpt=1|4&OtherMenu=true&SortOrder=1&CreatedBy=485&PreDefinedFilter=6&IsAssign=0" class="bodylink">Total Outstanding Tasks</a> </td>
<td width="29%" nowrap>
<a id="OutTasklnk" href="FindTask.aspx?StatusID=1,2,5,3&SLAhour=10&pageMnuOpt=4&mnuOpt=1|4&OtherMenu=true&SortOrder=1&AssignedTo=485&PreDefinedFilter=6&IsAssign=1" class="bodylink">Total Outstanding Tasks</a> </td>
<td width="29%" nowrap>


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Click Link In Cell In Internet Explorer?

Aug 15, 2013

I am trying to loop thru all links on all pages of a website to find pages that have links to PDF files.

Some links are in a cell in a table on the webpage, like this:

Golvbrunnar - plast

I want my VBA to click that link, but I can't find a way to do this. What I have so far is:

Set Browser = New InternetExplorer
Browser.navigate "http://core.purus.se/PurusWeb/common/frameset.aspx?Profile=Sweden&NamedPath=Golvbrunnar"
Set Document = Browser.Document


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Excel VBA - Right Click File Browser To Create Link To Locally Stored JPGs

Oct 9, 2013

I've been playing about with this for ages, I have row 'U' which I manually link to local JPG files. Basically it has the word "HERE" and linked to a JPG that opens when you click it.

I'm really looking to just RIGHT CLICK a cell in column U, it opens a file browser, when I select the file it places HERE in the cell and links it to the file I've selected.

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Macro To Right Click A Cell And Select Item From Right Click Menu?

Feb 7, 2014

I wonder if it is possible to make a macro that right clicks a cell and then chooses a option from the list?

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Formula That Uses Link In A Cell To Create Offset Link

Jun 28, 2013

I have two worksheets, one with detail monthly information and one with YTD information. So let's say the three numbers I want to capture in the YTD sheet are in columns B, G and I on the monthly sheet. January's data might be in B5, G5 and I5. February's data is in B12, G12 and I12 and so on.

On the YTD sheet in cell C2 I link to Monthly!B5 and in C3 I link to Monthly!B12 so cells C2 to C13 on the YTD sheet show the monthly totals from column B on the detail sheet. On the YTD sheet, cells C20 to C31 show the monthly totals from column G on the monthly sheet, so cells G5, G12, etc. And finally, cells C40 to C51 on the YTD sheet show monthly totals form column I on the monthly sheet.

In the past I've always created all these links manually. After creating the links in C2 to C13 on the YTD sheet, is there a way to use a formula in C21 that uses the link in C2 to create a link for G5?

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Click The Master Button, That Would Click Another Button On A Different Worksheet

Oct 22, 2008

Running into this issue of "transworksheet macros"

I have a master "update" commandbutton on sheet 1. I have two sub "update" buttons on sheet 2 and 3 respectively.

What I would like to do is have the user click the master button, that would "click" the two sub buttons so they run their respective macros on their respective worksheets (within the same worksheet.

I have tried pasting the macro code in the master button, telling it to select the sub worksheet and then run the macro, but the marco runs itself on the master worksheet instead.

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Click On Color Button And After Button Click It Will Color Entire Row Of Cell?

Jan 23, 2014

what code I can put behind a button so that once I click on that button,

What ever cell i click on, the whole row of that cell will be colored a certain color.

Is this where i would used a target approach?

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VBA - DDE Link

May 6, 2009

I have created a DDE link which is connected to Excel and refreshes on every change but the problem is it's only 1 row in height, so as new data comes in I lose the previous. Instead I want the old data to move down a row and I want this to continue as new data comes in.

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Can't Right Click

Jan 20, 2006

for some reson two of my macros's attached to two pics in my worksheet have
'dropped out' and the right click has been somehow disabled so I can't edit
the pics so that I can reattach them.

The worksheet is full of various bits of VB code (most of which has been
donated from here) so I don't even know where to start looking in the VB
editor for the potential problem.

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Where Did My Right Click Go

Mar 13, 2008

So I found some VBA code on the board that I thought I understood..It replaces paste with pastevalues...so I run the code to see how it does and everything seems great...but...NOW...whenever I open ANY workbook and try to paste by right clicking and (attempting to) choose paste special all of a sudden the test workbook that I made opens up on it's own and runs the pastespecial macro. Why??? I put absolutely no code in the workbook that I had opened when this happened. I loaded the macro into the workbook sheet of the test workbook only. Also, it's only if I right click...ctrl+c works without the macro running...selecting paste special from the menu works as well...but no right click.

The code is as follows:

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)

Dim UndoString As String
Dim srce As Range

On Error GoTo err_handler

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Click On, Click Off

Jun 19, 2008

when i click on a specific cell, a big green check mark appears. Click on it again and it disappears. The value assigned to this check mark is 1 and 0 when its off. (for future programming purposes)

The data area on the spreadsheet is from A1 to L80. The check marks would be in column L.

I know i can use a control box for this but i would prefer this method if possible.

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Using Variable In A Link?

Mar 26, 2014

I have a couple of workbooks, workbook1 pulls information from closed workbook2. The current link works fine, it returns the value that is in cell E10 from the worksheet 'Totals' from within the workbook 'Week 12 Yellow.xlsm'.


What I would like to do is make two parts of this link variable; Name (so 'Marc owens' in the above example) Worksheet (so 'Week 12 Yellow.xlsm in the above example)

As stated, the worksheet in the formula will be closed so I cannot use the 'Indirect' option. I have come across a lot of talk about the 'Concatenate' option but this this isn't working, don't know if its the way I have the formula or if I need something extra adding.

Cell A1 = name variable & Cell A2 = worksheet variable

[Code] ......

But this just returns "G:HelpdeskTotalsMarc Owens[Week 12 Yellow.xlsm]Totals!%E%10" in the cell the formula is in.

I've changed it so that it is

[Code] ......

But again I get "='G:HelpdeskTotalsMarc Owens[Week 12 Yellow.xlsm]Totals'!%E%10" returned which is the same formula as originally used (top of page) but it doesn't return a value.

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Link To MS Visio

Nov 27, 2007

is it possible to create a link from Excel to MS Visio, to a specific Visio worksheet?

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Highlighting A Link

Jun 7, 2008

I have created a data base of all the spare parts we have at work.

In the last column I have entered a hyperlinks that take you to a layout of the store and shows you where the part is located i.e. 1C would take you to shelf 1 level C on the drawing in another tab in the same Excel workbook.

I would be pleased if anyone could help me by suggesting away that I can make the destination cell highlighted or more prominent once you have clicked on the link.

Also can I make the Find window automatically appear when the workbook is first opened?

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Link To Other Workbooks

Oct 22, 2008

If you are working in an excel spreadsheet that is linked to other excel files, when you double click on the cell that is linked to another workbook, it immediately opens the linked workbook if your settings are correct. How do you change your settings to enable this functionality?

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Link To Another Cell

Nov 17, 2008

I would like to have a link in a merged set of cells that puts the insertion point to another cell. Scenario: In cell k30, the user puts in the amount of credit card debt a individual has, and scripts the user based on that information. Later on, they get a more accurate running total of the amount of debt and need to change the amount in k30 for an accurate quote. After ther running total, in cell j172(a merged box for instructions) i instruct the user to be sure to enter the new total in cell K30.

1. Is there a way to put a button or a link that would put the insertion point back up to K30 automatically, but allow the user to change it themselves and not change it automatically?

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Non-existent Link

Apr 30, 2009

My workbook contains a link to a source it cannot find. I cannot find any reference to this source in my workbook.

I added a new blank worksheet
Deleted every other sheet
Deleted every module
Deleted every line of code

what remains is a workbook with 1 blank worksheet and a Link it cannot find the sourse file and I cannot delete this link. How can I eliminate this non-existent link?

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Link To Any Cell

Aug 27, 2009

I would like to ask if there's a way that i can create a link in a cell to another cell. Sample: in cell A1: there's a word "click to go to cell A150" in this case i dont have to use scroll down to go to cell A150.

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Link Books Together?

Jan 19, 2010

I have 4 workbooks that I want to link together. The first three are exactly the same as each other in the setup, cell size ect, ect. The forth book or "book4" is the book that I want link to the other three books. I am planing on using a countif formula to add up certain symbols in designated cell ranges. Eg, Make a formula in Book 4, cell B4 to count all the black triangle symbols "" in the cell range B6 to B35 in Book1, Book2 and Book3 on each work sheet (There is 31 work sheets which represents a work sheet for each day of the month). If I can just get the formula for doing this I can aply it to everything else.

One last question, these 4 books that will be linked togther are used for each month. So every month I save them under a that months name, but if I have the books linked I will always have to keep updateding the formulas in book4 b/c it will still have the formulas for the previous month. Is there a better way to setup what I want to do or will I just have to keep changing the formulas each month as I update?

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How To Link Up Cells From One To Another

Jun 20, 2011

Here it is

1. I want to put the AMOUNT on E6
2. from there on F6 put the account number on there (FOR)
3. Now once the account number is put on F6 it would link up the same account number on (H6-H32)
4. then when its linked up from those cells put the amount where you typed it up from to move to that account to THIS MONTH (J6-J32)

so from E6 to F6 it would link up, put an amount of 100.00 on E6 and an account number on F6.

Once account number is typed up it would link up to the account number to the other side to H6 -H32

Finally the amount that you typed up from E6 would link up to the account number and pop up to J6 - J32 (THIS MONTH) and if you put on other spaces on the cells it would add up different amounts and put account number and it would link up and the amount would move to THIS MONTH.

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How To Link 2 Worksheet

Dec 24, 2013

I attached one excel workbook...in that workbook main sheet & data sheet is there. I need formula in main sheet...while select drop down list in column of name & month data should come other columns. I tried vlookup ...but error came. I need drop down name & month only...other data should come automatically...

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Floating Link....

Apr 7, 2009

I wish to have a floating link in large spreadsheets that will always be visible and when clicked will return to a particular cell in that same spreadsheet.

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Link To Workbook Pop Up Box

Nov 2, 2009

I have a macro that works across 2 workbooks. In the middle of the macro, a message box pops up "This workbook contains links to other data sources" and I need to select yes or no. This is because I am using a vlookup. Is there a code that I can put in to the macro to select Yes to this box and therefore not stop the macro half way through??

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Secure A DDE Link?

Jul 31, 2009

I'm wondring how secure a dde link is? Can the source from where the data is coming from see what is within the spreadsheet that the ddel link is within?

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Link To 20 Out Of 60 Sheets

Jan 29, 2010

I have a cell that a I want to get the results of a SUM to 20 cells in 20 worksheet out of 60 worksheets. When I enter my' =sum( shows up with serial_numbers. When I go to each sheet and select the cell I want (same in all worksheets) like in sheet 2 it shows my sheet name and cell. But when I go to my sheet 3 and select that cell it replaces sheet 2 with sheet 3 it does not keep adding the sheets with the cell numbers. When I select all sheet tabs it still only changes the sheet number in stead of running a range. I could type all the sheets names and cell but lots of work and I have a lot of this type of ranges to do.

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