Formula That Uses Link In A Cell To Create Offset Link

Jun 28, 2013

I have two worksheets, one with detail monthly information and one with YTD information. So let's say the three numbers I want to capture in the YTD sheet are in columns B, G and I on the monthly sheet. January's data might be in B5, G5 and I5. February's data is in B12, G12 and I12 and so on.

On the YTD sheet in cell C2 I link to Monthly!B5 and in C3 I link to Monthly!B12 so cells C2 to C13 on the YTD sheet show the monthly totals from column B on the detail sheet. On the YTD sheet, cells C20 to C31 show the monthly totals from column G on the monthly sheet, so cells G5, G12, etc. And finally, cells C40 to C51 on the YTD sheet show monthly totals form column I on the monthly sheet.

In the past I've always created all these links manually. After creating the links in C2 to C13 on the YTD sheet, is there a way to use a formula in C21 that uses the link in C2 to create a link for G5?

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Macro Create A Hyper Link Once Data Is Entered Into Specific Cell

Aug 17, 2009

Is it possible to have a macro create a hyper link once data is entered into specific cell, i have a multi sheet work book used as a stock card system.

Each stock item has its own worksheet and the product code is entered in to cell E3
(which in turn has a macro in it to change the sheet name to match the product code).

the macro also inserts a row of info into row 5 of another sheet used as a summary sheet ( CONTROL.SHEET or SHEET 4) using copy and paste link.

i need a macro to generate a hyperlink in cell D4 of the control sheet between the row info and the matching product code sheet ( the product code is displayed in cell E4 of the control sheet.

I only input one item at a time and then manually cut and insert the row info into the stock list on control sheet. so every time i input a new item, the row info is always in row 5 of the control sheet.

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Formula To Dicate Link Between Checkbox And Cell

Jan 8, 2010

I'm creating a spreadsheet which will have a grid of hundreds of check boxes (used to record progress on a project). In order to use the value of the check box in calculations, I'm linking each checkbox with another cell. So, if the checkbox is in cell F10, then i might link it with cell AF10, which is where the TRUE and FALSE indicators are.

If I copy the last row (which has checkboxes--let's call it row 99), and copy it below to expand the grid, the check boxes in the new row are still linked with row 99 cells (i.e., all the new check boxes in column F are still linked with AF99). So, presently I'm having to go through and manually re-link each pasted check box to a new cell.

Is there a way, using something along the lines of the INDIRECT function, where I can have a formula dictating what cell each checkbox is linked with, so that when I copy and paste a large number of these, they automatically point to the new cell (such that, F99's check box points to AF99, but if I copy this F99 check box into cell F115, then it would automatically be linked with cell AF115)?

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Link Cell Comments To Formula Result

Jul 24, 2006

Can cell comments be returned together with the results of Index / Match function. If not is there any way to link the coments ?

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Link Formula: Use Cell Data As Workbook Name

Oct 24, 2006

If I have a two files called test1.xls and test2.xls for example. Is it possible to link test1.xls to test2.xls by putting the filename in a cell?

i.e. In test2 put the filename in say A1 and in the link put the path and instead of naming the file you want to link to put in A1 instead.

I know it doesn't work if you do it that way I was just wondering if there was a way to do it.

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Link Formula To File Based On Cell Value

Jan 22, 2008

I have a problem that may be a little bit diff. from must of the Readonly post that I have found here. Most people would like to have all of there files opened as readonly files, but I don't in this case. I am copying a number of files that has VBA code in just about all of them. I am using a CD writer to copy the files to a CD using Windows Explorer and that is working just great, No problem copying the files.

My problems comes in when I copy the files from the CD to another computer, all of the files are Readonly files on the new PC. I have not saved them as readonly and don't want them to be readonly files. Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening what I need to check or change to get the files to another computer without being a readonly file.

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How To Link Form Control Dropdown Box To Formula Cell

Mar 9, 2014

I have an excel that has dropdown column from form control, in F4 there is a formula of vlookup that take the range from A2 to B20 in consideration but the reference cell that is given to vlookup formula to pick corresponding value is E4 which is also the reference cell of dropdown box and therefore its not showing any name rather than a value, problem with the formula is that when we select any name from dropdown it does not respond to any value in F4 despite changing values in E4.

I am using these setting for the first time.

Image & excel file is attached

drop down.png

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How To Create A Link To Another Worksheet

Jan 30, 2014

im currently working on contact details for each of our client. Attached here is the sample worksheet im currently working on. As the title suggest is it possible if i click the company name i will be directed to its contact details on the other sheet?we need a worksheet that functions like this: if we click the company name, it will direct the user to its contact details or will display ONLY its contact details.

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Create Macro For DDE Link

Apr 5, 2006

I am using an excel add-in to create a DDE link between a market data provider and my spreadsheet. ( Add-in is called SigTools.xla )

DDE link works fine and target cells are updated dynamically as market data changes so my excel sheet values are changing constantly.

The formula =WinRos|LAST!GOOG will update target cell with most recent market prtice for Google.

Since this formula is not an excel formula I can't reference excel cells with formula - ie =WinRos|LAST!Indirect&A3 or anything like this won't work.

I thought a Macro might work to simulate "typing in correct formula" and I created following Macro which I thought would work but unfortunately it does not.

Sub Macro2()
Dim strSymb As String
strSymb = Cells(4, 1).Value
Application.Goto Reference:="TargetCell"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=WinRos|LAST! & strSymb & "
End Sub

The idea was that Macro would behave just as if I typed in =WinRos|LAST! & strSymb & and substituted the symbol name contained in Cells(4, 1) - whatever that happenned to be.

Seems reasonable but I get an error "Application-defined or object-defined error"

Alternatively I could re-type the formula each time but it would be much better to somehow reference a specific symbol in a particular cell via functioning Macro.

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Create New Worksheets From Button/link

Jan 17, 2007

on a workbook I use.

The workbook (26-11GL.xls) contains a varying number of sheets.
Sheet 1 - Menu
Sheet 2 - DS1
Sheet 3 -DS2
Sheet 4 -DS3
Sheet 5 - DS4
Sheet 6 - Company1
Sheet 7 - Company2
Sheet 8 - Company3
Sheet 9 ....14 Company 4,5 etc
Sheet 15 - CompanyTotals

What I would like to do is when I open the workbook on the Menu page I would like to have some links / buttons that will automatically create a new worksheet called DS5 which has all the formatting, formulas etc from DS4 (or the last complete DS sheet)
If this is possible I would like to be able to add Company worksheets as both DS sheets and company sheets can have from 3 to 35 sheets in either area.

If possible I would like the new DS sheets to be named with the next valid number.

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Create Automatic Link To Files In Same Folder

Apr 28, 2009

I have two files,

1. Form Templete & 2. Student Data Index. (Both files will be placed in same folder)

About Form Templete : This is a simple form, containing some fields. Fields which i require are Form No., Student's name & Standard.

About Student Data Index : This file is to maintain records.
Each time when I fill form for a new student i will copy paste the form templete file & rename it by form no. (Entered in the Form Templete file, Form No. field)

My question is : Is it possible that whenever i create a new file in the same folder with student's name the required fields in the Student data Index get filled automatically, apart from that the new file created get hyperlinked & when i click on form no. the form for that student gets open?

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Create Quick Link To Combine Data

Mar 17, 2014

I downloaded a spreadsheet with multiple same names such as

Name Week ending Days off
John Smith 1/31 2
John Smith 2/7 1
John Smith 2/7 3
Peter Sun 1/31 1
Peter Sun 2/7 2
Andy Mann 3/14 3

If I want to sum these up by name, what's the best way to do that?

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Create A Text Link To Other Cells Within A Work Book

Aug 3, 2009

I know how to create a text link to other cells within a work book but how can I create a button which will do the same?

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Create File List But Only Show Filename As Link

Nov 16, 2006

This link worked perfect for my needs: Create a List of Hyperlinked Files:
But is there any easy way to only show the filename insted of the full path for the name of the hyperlink? Now it shows it like :C:MyDocumentsTestings est1.xls
I only want it to show as: test1. I still want the hyperlink to work

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Link A Cell To Another Cell On Same Worksheet Using A Formula

Jan 13, 2010

Is it possible to link a cell e.g. A10 that has a time value in it (there is a formula in this cell that puts in the time value) to another cell in a range of cells e.g. B1:B1000 that has the same time value?

I know someone out there knows how to do this.

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Create Cutomer Account Or Information Entering Area? Link To Access?

Jan 27, 2008

How to create an area in excel where by if a customer enters an account number all of their account details would be automatically entered into the address fields?

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Excel VBA - Right Click File Browser To Create Link To Locally Stored JPGs

Oct 9, 2013

I've been playing about with this for ages, I have row 'U' which I manually link to local JPG files. Basically it has the word "HERE" and linked to a JPG that opens when you click it.

I'm really looking to just RIGHT CLICK a cell in column U, it opens a file browser, when I select the file it places HERE in the cell and links it to the file I've selected.

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Link Formula To Next Row Up With A Value Present

Feb 4, 2014

I've created a spreadsheet that I use to calculate weights of steel members for my job for estimate purposes. I'm trying to figure out how to save some time by not having to enter/copy/paste formulas every time I do takeoff for an estimate.

The bold green cells in column K are always linked to the yellow "Part Heading" above in Column A. As I do my estimates, I copy and paste a "Part Heading" with a "PL/Member" formula below for the next piece I'm working on. Every time I paste a new "Part Heading" with a "PL/Member" formula, I must change the formula in Column K to link to the next cell up in column A with a value present. In the screen shot, cell K/90-K/96 are linked to cell A/89. Cell K/83-K/87 are dependent cell A/82; K/74-K/80 are dependent on cell A/73, and so forth. Since each "Part" varies on total number of "Members", I can't seem to write a formula that will stick when copying and pasting.

My question is: Is there a way that I can automatically link each cell in Column K to the next cell up in Column A with a value present?

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Removing One Link Out Of Many In Formula

Jun 23, 2009

Within my spreadsheet all the formulae are sums of cell references from 7 other documents. I now don't need one of the documents and therefore want to remove just that one link only from the formula. I would do it manually but I have hundreds to change! I have tried breaking the link to that one document but that removes the entire formula.

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Using Link Formula And Concatenation

Apr 21, 2012

I have a formula in the target workbook in cell C3 =-'data.xls!'np2011'

However, when UI copy the formula to D3 , the formula remains as =-'data.xls!'np2011'

2011 after np is the year. The names in the source workbook have been named np2011, np2010, np2009 etc

np2011 is a range name in the source workbook. When I copy the formula to d3, it should change to -'data.xls!'np2010'

In the target workbook I have the years in cells C1 to L1. How can I get the formula to change when copying/ Alternatively can one concatenate the range name to C1 for eg such as ="-'data.xls!'np&c1&"' I have tried to do this, but cannot get it to work.

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Formula Link Across Spreadsheets

Jun 12, 2006

I created a summary page for some reports I do and I'm having trouble keeping them linked together as my original data has rows deleted and inserted. There are 30 spreadsheets worth of information and I have them linked to a summary file. Each month I insert a new tab to each spreadsheet. I set up all of the formulas last month but see a problem this month when I copy and past the formulas to the new tab. On the 30 spreadsheets my data moves up and down so the row referenced in the summary formula is wrong. I am looking at having to type "=, click on original spreadsheet, select cell, enter, repeat" all over again. I pull 5 numbers from each sheet, and have multiple formulas to double check the math so I would be repeating this process over 300 times.

After all that, my question is...Is there a formula I can use that will pull this for me without needing to be edited each month. One idea I thought would work is to tell the formula to equal the first cell in Column B that is in red text and I could just change the font color on the orginial spreadsheet. But, I don't know how to make a formula say that or if excel can even do that.

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Formula Contains A Link To Closed Workbook?

Jan 5, 2014

How do I get rid of the link??? My formula seems like it is not working because it has a link which I cannot find anywhere.


Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 2.38.08 AM.jpg

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Changing Section Of Link In Formula?

Jan 20, 2014

It's a new year, which means new tables and lists. I have a list of 450 People with a reference to their own individual file. They all receive a new file at the start of the new year that I Need to be able to reference in a new list. Here's an example

Joe Bloggs has a cell next to his Name referencing

[Code] .....

In 2014 Joe will have 'Bloggs 2014.xls' as will 449 of his friends, each named individually. The only part that changes from 2013 to 2014 is the date in the Name of the file. Can I somehow just Change that one part of the link without having to manually relink everything?

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Link By Formula Two Cells Within Macro

Jan 9, 2008

I have one list in one sheet that is source for the userform and combobox used on another sheet. With userform I make a choice and data is entered in one cell.
But is it possible to compare the choice that I make in combobox with the list on the first sheet and then make a simple link between these two cells, so that cell in the second sheet is always showing what is in the cell on the first sheet.
Reason for this is that items on the list on the first sheet sometimes change and I need to update the second sheet automatically.

Private Sub cmdOK_Click()

With Sheets("Presentation").Range("V18:V32")
Set c = . Find(cbochange.Value, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not c Is Nothing Then
firstAddress = c.Address
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Formula = firstAddress
Set c = .FindNext(c)
Loop While Not c Is Nothing And c.Address <> firstAddress
End If
End With
Unload Me
End Sub

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Link Formula To Unopened Excel Workbook

Oct 14, 2012

Im looking to insert a formula in vba code that inserts the formula from a closed workbook to the active cell. At the moment i have this as an example of what i need:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='[SRS 5FFBEP.xlsm]7%'!RC"

However the file part in square brackets [SRS 5FFBEP.xlsm] and tab 7% i would like to replace with a link to a cell reference that contains the file path as this needs to change and update so i would end up something like this:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=('" & Workbooks(Worksheets("SRS Files").Range("d29")).Worksheets("SRS Import").Range("c10") & "'!RC)

Note that cell Worksheets("SRS Files").Range("d29") contains the full file path (in text format) and Worksheets("SRS Import").Range("c10") is the link to the tab that reads the 7% (in text format).

As it stands the first set of code works fine however i need it to be able to change as previously stated. So what i need is to replace the file name and tab with cell references

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Must Open External File To Link Formula

Oct 26, 2009

We're using SUMIF and it won't work unless the external excel file is open.

This is the formula we're using:

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Link/copy Value/formula To New Copied Worksheet

Jul 3, 2007

I have a worksheet. In sheet3 The value of column L2 is the value of column M2 in sheet . Everytime I copy the new sheet, I have to re type the formula for this new sheet. Is there a way to give formual such that when I copy new worksheet the formula will come automatically as it always has to link from the M2 column of the previous sheet?

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Formula To Link Matching Info On Another Page

Dec 31, 2008

I have a Date in Cell A1 Page 1 and I need a formula to put in Cell A2 on Page 1 that if there is a "matching" Date in any cell in Row B1-B7 of Page 2 that the data in the corresponding row C1-C7 on Page 2 will be placed back on Page 1 Cell A2.

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Extract Hyperlink Formula Link Address

Nov 17, 2006

Not sure if anybody has been succesful or not in the following but I am writing a macro to check that each hyperlink in my report is operational. My situation is as follows:

Cell A1 has the following hyperlink formula: =hyperlink(Worksheet1!B1,Worksheet1!B2)

I am attempting a workaround to capture the cell reference (B1) where the path and filename is stored and directing the macro to open the link. But when I try to send the hyperlink formula (Cell A1) to a string variable in vba, the result is the contents of Worksheet1!B2 instead of the entire formula.

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Link To Address Of Data In Other Workbook Inside A Formula

Nov 9, 2009

I'm trying to use some data from other workbooks in a formula. However, the path to the other workbooks we are using will often change.

I think that the user can enter the path to the other workbook in a cell in this workbook. However, I'm getting errors in my formula and am not sure how to make the formula use the cell to reference the location of the workbook that has the data that we want.

This is what I have, but it's giving me an error.

=Countif(' & 'Instructions'!B9 & Planning'!$I$3:$I$100, "C")

'Instructions'!B9 contains the location of the other workbook in the format \path[filename] Planning'!$I$3:$I$100 is the location of the range in the other workbook.

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