Worksheet Function: Change C2 To Change To Activecell Column + Row 2

Jun 23, 2006

How would I add this formula as a worksheet function with VBA. I can't see INT, MOD or Year in VBA. Also want to change C2 to change to activecell column + row 2.

=INT(((C2-1461)- SUM(MOD( DATE(YEAR(C2-MOD(C2,7)+3),1,2)-1461,{1E+99,7})*{1,-1})+5)/7)

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Worksheet Change To Function To Add Text To Cell Which Initially Triggered Change

Jan 10, 2014

i have some existing code which is trigerred when anything is input into column c. The code then adds various information in another three columns. One of which pastes a vlookup formulae, and i would like this forumlae pasted into the column c cell which i initialy edited, in order to remove the requirement for one additional column.

The existing code i have is:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
Dim MyText As String
MyText = Environ("username")
If Target.Cells.Column = 3 Then
With Target
If .Value "" Then
.Offset(0, 2).Formula = "=VLOOKUP(D:D,'P:TAOffshoreTAOffshoreTreasuryRecsGeneralCommit ID''s for control Sheet - Do not move or delete[commit ids - DO NOT DELETE OR MOVE.xls]Sheet1'!$A$1:$B$65536,2,0)"


I have tried changing the offset to (0,0) or changing the offset to 'target = ', which does add in the vlookup but then the macro debugs at the 'If .Value "" Then' code?

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Change Activecell Of An Inactive Sheet

Dec 18, 2008

CopyPaste operations leaves the goal range selected and I don't want that. The .Activate and .Select methods seem to require that the cell to be selected refers to the ActiveSheet.

What I'm doing now to change the active-cell is kind of:
1. Disable ScreenUpdating
2. Save a reference to ActiveCell
3. Activate the relevant goal-worksheet
4. Change the ActiveCell to the upper-left-cell of the Selection
5. Come back by the reference in point number 2
6. Enable ScreenUpdating.

It works, but seems to me as a huge job for something as simple than "collapsing" a multi-cell-selection. Another irritating problem is the slight screen-shaking caused by the disabling/enabling ScreenUpdating.

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Worksheet Change Function With VLookup?

Oct 21, 2013

I am attempting to write a bit of code so that Vlookup is called when a particular cell in my spreadsheet is populated.

Although it seems to be working, it is only pulling in the data in row 1.

An example of the code is below.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Row 1 Then
If Target.Column = 2 Then


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Worksheet Change Monitoring 2 Cells & Calling 2 Function

Apr 30, 2007

Is it possible to use the Worksheet_Change command to monitor 2 different cells in the same worksheet and call a different procedure depending on which cell is changed. i.e. if cell A1 is changed do this, if cell a2 is changed do that

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Worksheet Change Event :: Change Color As A Result Of Calculation

Jun 17, 2009

an event macro to change the font colour of a cell whose value changes as a result of a calculation.

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When Change The Worksheet Selection Change Event Nothing Is Happenning

Jul 21, 2009

Attached is book in which, when a choice is selected from Drop Down list in ColumnF the macro has to do the need.

When the macro was written it was working well. But when I tried to change it as a Worksheet_SelectionChange event nothing is happenning even though a choice is selected from drop down list.

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Worksheet Change Event Triggered By Formula Change?

Dec 6, 2011

Basically the situation I have is Sheet2 has many references to cells in Sheet1. Sheet2 is for all intents and purposes a kind of nicely formatted report form, and Sheet1 is the input form.

My ultimate goal is to automatically resize row heights on Sheet2 when cell contents change on Sheet2.

Using a worksheet_change event isn't working I presume because it doesn't see the formula output change as a worksheet change, the worksheet_change is firing only when the input is changed in Sheet1.

how can I capture these formula output changes on Sheet2 (triggered from input on Sheet1) OR is there a way of making a particular sheets rows always adjust in height to best fit?

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Excel 2003 :: Upgraded To 2007 And Worksheet Change Function Does Not Work

Oct 10, 2011

I recently upgraded from Excel 2003 to 2007, and the worksheet change procedure that i have embedded in my worksheet no longer fires when the criteria are met. If and if I fix it to work in 2007, will it still work in 2003?

Here is my procedure:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rngCell As Excel.Range
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C19:R19")) Is Nothing Then
For Each rngCell In Intersect(Target, Range("C19:R19"))
If rngCell.Value = "BLACK" Then
MsgBox "Please select a shading style", , "Shading Style Required"
End If
Next rngCell
End If
End Sub

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Worksheet Change Event :: In A Column For A Reconcile Worksheet

Jan 10, 2009

looking to only allow a check ("x") in a column for a reconcile - type worksheet. Am I close?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
'Data protection. Only allow "x" in the "cleared" column. If anything else is entered, a message box informs the user
'and the cell contents are cleared.
Dim val As Variant
Dim msg As String
If ActiveCell.Value "x" Then
msg = "You can only enter an X in the cleared column."
End If
End Sub

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Excel 2007 :: Change All Matching Value Based On Number Change In Column?

Feb 19, 2014

I have a situation that I cannot get my hands on. I have a set of Project Numbers in my Column A. (Will Try to post an example).

I need that everytime I change a number in my Column B that it will change all the numbers, in my column B, based on the matching Text in my Column A.


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Add Row If Value Value In Column Change And Paste Specific Value Depending On The Change

Mar 5, 2010

I have used the below code to insert a new row when the value in coulmn A change. I now need to evolve it so that the new row will contain a specific value depending on the changing value:

Column A Column B
one test
one test
two test
two test
three test
three test


Column A Column B
one test
one test
Coz two............................

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Change Worksheet Change To Macro

Oct 23, 2008

Is there a way to either change this so that it lets me to select the whole area or a way to make a macro to do what this does to one cell?

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("M13:IR458")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target.Value
Case "1"
Target.Font.ColorIndex = 20
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 10
Case "Good"
Target.Font.ColorIndex = 2
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 35
Case "Stable"
Target.Font.ColorIndex = 2
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 27......................

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Could Two Change Events (Conditions) Be Possible With Worksheet Change Events

Dec 13, 2012

I am aware that I can use single changing events in worksheet change events. For instance, if column 1, or A is changed, do something. This is only a single If statement, i.e. either the condition is true, or not. What I am not sure is if I can use two changing events, i.e. two conditions. For e.g. I would like if Column A value is X and Column B is "Active", action it, but only if two conditions are true.

For.e,g. The below syntax does not work. If it is only column A, it does work, but I want both A and B to be true, then copy and paste the target does not anything.

If Target.Column = 1 Then
If Target.Column = 2 Then
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A2:A" & Rows.Count)) Is Nothing Then
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("B2:B" & Rows.Count)) Is Nothing Then
If Target.Value = "X" And Target.Value = "Active" Then

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Excel 2007 :: Automatically Change The Worksheet Tab Names With Cell Value In Each Worksheet?

Feb 14, 2012

I am fairly new to macros and have trouble with VBA. I have a file with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet contains the name of a specific location in cell A8. I want this name in cell A8 to be the name on the worksheet tab for each worksheet in my file but do not know how to accomplish this. Is that even possible?

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Update Pivot Table On One Worksheet When Change Occurs On Another Worksheet

Jul 24, 2012

Workbook contains the following sheets : PIR TrackerChartsSAMPLEFINALValidations

When a change occurs on PIR Tracker, the following occurs:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim Rng As Range
Set Rng = Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A500"))

[Code] .....

I also want the pivot tables on SAMPLE and FINAL to be updated. What do I need to do?

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Worksheet Events: Use A Worksheet Event To Change The Background Of The Current Month Two Columns In The Range To Yellow Color

Jun 12, 2007

In cell A1, I have the month number (eg, 1, 2, 3,). The month number reflects current month and will automatically change with every month. For example, right now its 6, next month it will automatically change to 7. Each two columns in Range A10:X20 represents the data from January to December. I want to use a worksheet event to change the background of the current month two columns in the range to yellow color and the two columns in the range will be visible when I activate this sheet.

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If Function: Change In Date

May 30, 2008

i have date values in say, cells a1 to a4

20080522 21:00:00
20080523 14:45:00
20080523 15:00:00
20080523 15:15:00

i would like cell b to tell me when there is a change of date (not change of time), ie insert a 1 in lets say cell b2. i know it will be a simple if function but i dont know how to only read the first 8 digits

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Change Code From Function To Sub

Apr 20, 2009

I am trying to do is look at the first two digits of the number in column c (Range c5:c5000) if the number starts with 01 then I need the formula in column g = f5*12 if the number is 03 then I want the formula to be g=f5*24 I have several of these "cases" or "if" to put in can someone get me going a little further

Here is what someone gave me to work with but I'm having troubles getting it to work...I get a name error in the cell and I cant use this they way it is because the code needs to go into the sheet mod with a bunch of other code.Also when I use the Option Explicit the rest of my code wont work.

Option Explicit
Function re(Cl As Range, Src As Range)
Dim i As Long
Select Case Left(Cl, 2)
Case "01": i = 12
Case "03": i = 24
End Select
re = Src * i
End Function

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Change Macro Using InStr Function

Aug 30, 2012

I want to change my existing macro using InStr function in such a way that when the columns are found then it add the corresponding values. The addition of values have already been done. I just want that if similar values are found then it show the results.

The example workbook with macro is attached : comparestrings.xls

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Change Return Value Of Inbuilt Function?

Oct 18, 2013

The function Hlookup returns #N/A(?) if the value I'm looking for is not found. Is it possible to change this return-value. For exampel to #No or #No value ? I suppose I then need the code of this function? And I cannot get it?

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Using IF Function To Change Font Color

May 9, 2009

I'm trying to use Excel to keep team standings for a baseball board game. I had no problem calculating wining percentage. Finally figured out how to calculate 'games behind.' Now I'm wondering if there is a way to change the font color of a team name based on their wining pct?

A typical row contains: A2(Team Name), B2 (Wins), C2 (Losses), D2 (Pct (B2/(B2+C2)), E2 (GB). Is there a way to use the IF function to return the 'Team Name' in green if D2>.500, 'Team Name' in red if D2<.500, and 'Team Name' in black if D2=.500 ??

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VBA - Function To Insert New Row When Cell Value Change

Apr 29, 2014







1. Insert a row whenever cell value change.
2. Insert cell value (in previous column) in inserted row.

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Function To Returns Biggest Change (+ Or -)

Feb 1, 2010

I have some survey data for 2008 & 2009. I have a column calculating the difference on each question between the two years. I need to show the 20 biggest changes, positive or negative. Which function can I use for this?

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Dynamically Change The End Value Of A Range In A Function

Jul 20, 2006

I am using the STDEV function on a range of values: STDEV($I$26:I2545). My starting cell is constant and I would like to make my ending cell variable based on a value I enter in a master cell (A1). The value I enter in the master cell is multiplied by 252 the product would equal the row number I would like to stop at. So if I enter 1 the formula will be STDEV($I$26:I252). I tried: STDEV($I$26"I"&(A1*252))) and other such variations to no avail

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Function Recalculation With Change In Cell

Mar 28, 2007

I have just written a function that sums all the values in the cells in a range that are not green. This works however if one of the non green cells is changed to green the function does not work. i have to re input it into the cell that i put it into.

Function SumNotGreen(SelectedCells As Range)
' Adds the values of the cells where the font colour is not green(35).
Dim Cell As Object
Dim x As Double
x = 0
For Each Cell In SelectedCells
If Cell.Interior.ColorIndex <> 35 Then
x = x + Cell.Value
End If
Next Cell
SumNotGreen = x
End Function

How can i make the function recalculate i.e. go back into the loop every time a change is made.

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VBA Worksheet Change

Nov 28, 2009

On my Sheet, A4,A5 are positive numbers, I would like to write some code that watches a Range of Cells ("B5:B35") which are entered as negative numbers. The person cannot enter more negative values than there are positive. I know how to write the msgbox, and go from there. I would like some help with how to write the code to make sure no one uses more time than allowed. This is difficult to explain but I can add more if you would like.

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How To Change Value Automatically If Change Products From Dropdown List

Jul 11, 2014

I want to change value if i change products from drop down list.....

For more information please find attached file: Book.xlsx‎

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Dragging Formulas; Values Of The Formula To Change And The Other Not To Change

Jan 29, 2010

I want to drag a formula however i want one of the values of the formula to change and the other not to change. for example:

c3= a1+b3
: : :

how can i make it do this when i drag? a1 is not just a constant and it depends on other parameters.

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Change Value Of Combobox And Automatically Change Values Of Other Comboboxes

Aug 13, 2012

I'm coding a userform where there are some comboxes which are popolated by values coming from Sheet2. Up to now I work it out (maybe its not elegant but it works).

Now I would like that when the user selects one combobox the values of the other comboboxes are set accordingly to the grid in Sheet2.

Please download the XLS file at: [URL]....

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