Change Case From Lower To Upper

Sep 7, 2005

find the "add in" that converts the case text
from lower to upper in excel. i've already downloaded this before but can't
remember where from and it is much easier than creating a formula or a macro

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Change Case In Upper And Lower

Sep 6, 2005

=upper("venkat") returns VENKAT
=upper(a1) returns the text in A1 in upper case

similary lower
proper will turn the first letter into uppercase

is this what you want;.

Terry <> wrote in message
> Win XP Pro
> Office 2003
> Using "Excel" and wish to select any text in a worksheet to ALTER the case
> to either upper or lower.
> When using "Word" it is easy via the menu.
> Is there a menu driven option in Excel
of using a function for this purpose.

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Change All Text From Lower To Upper Case

Jul 11, 2012

I have a workbook on which I want to change all the text from Lower to Upper case.

How can I do this without retyping .

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Change Text To Upper, Lower Or Proper Case On Entry

Sep 6, 2007

I would like to format a row of cells so that when a word is entered into the cell it automatically becomes a capital.

I need the word to be capitalized so that I can use it in a custom function. The function uses the word from this cell and goes through a bunch of cases in determing how to classify the string.

I think more than one solution is possible and I would greatly appreciate some feed back, I've tried looking into turning all the letters of a string in my VBA code to capitals, or a way to format the cells, so that the string is already capitalized when entered into the VBA code, but I'm still a novice at VBA and unsure on how certain commands work.

here is a sample of my vba code.

Function WeightI(Shape As String, sDim As String, dLenFt As Double) As Double
Const pi As Double = 3.14159265358979
Const Ft2In As Double = 12
Const dDen As Double = 0.2835 ' density of steel, pounds per cubic inch

Dim aiStr() As String ' dimensions as strings

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Add Characters Between Lower Case And Upper Case Letters

Aug 26, 2009

I have a string of names that run together without spaces or commas between each name.

"Danny TrejoJean Claude van DammeVincent SchiavelliGabrielle FitzpatrickDavid 'Shark' FralickPat Morita" for example.

Is there a way to add a comma and space between a lower case and upper case letter?

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Only Allow Upper/Lower Case Not All Upper Or All Lower

Oct 8, 2008

Is there a data validation that will not allow all upper case or all lower case characters?

For examples:

John Doe
101A N Woodbine Street


john doe
101a n woodbine street

Or perhaps formatting that would convert the words to upper/lower case?

Or, I would be interested in VBA if it is the only way.

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Upper And Lower Case In VBA

Sep 22, 2008

I have this code (this is just a snippet)

For Each cel In Range("E6:AI15").Cells
If IsError(cel.Value) Then
Select Case UCase(cel.Value)
Case "H"
cel.Font.ColorIndex = 0
cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Case "S"
cel.Font.ColorIndex = 0
cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 10

but I want the cells to accept both upper and lower case values and format the cells accordingly ie. H or h, S or s

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Upper/Lower Case In Text

Oct 14, 2009

I have data in cell A1 as below:

I want it in proper format in cell A2 as below:
36, Tree Road, 5th Floor

I used formula =Proper(A1), it gave results as:
36, Tree Road, 5Th Floor

The only problem I face is after any number, the next character should in lowercase, i.e. 5th

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Upper Case To Lower Case And Lower Case To Upper Case?

Nov 17, 2009

if there's any way for vba to detect if each individual character in a string is in caps, and if so, convert to lower case, and if it's in lower case, convert to capitalized

The text will vary in length and content... so he wants to see how we can change:
"This Is Strange" to "tHIS iS sTRANGE"
"THIS IS STRANGE" to "this is strange"
"this is strange" to "THIS IS STRANGE"

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Cell Based On Lower Upper Case

Oct 20, 2009

I've got a column of data that I need to split into further columns, the only way of identifying the split from the data is if a lower case character appears next to an upper case character.

For example, a cell in column A could look like;

Computer ProductsDrivesDVDExternal
And I'd need to split that out to cover columns A B and C with

Computer Products / Drives / DVDExternal
I'd need to do that for all the cells in column A.

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Lower Case To Upper Case

Jun 20, 2008

When I use a simple formula such as:


that will obviously change whatever is in a1 to Upper Case - but it will put it in the cell that holds the formula.

What I want to know is:
Is there any way I can format the cell to run the formula when the information has been pasted into the spreadsheet

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Values In Cells That Contain Text In Both Lower And Upper Case

Sep 10, 2008

I am using the Find fuction to look for values in cells that contain text in both lower and upper case. I am comparing the values that I have stored in a lookup table. I am running into trouble when the lookup table doesn't match the text cells....

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Excel 2003 :: VBA Left To Work With Upper Or Lower Case?

Apr 8, 2013

I have the macro below, how do I make it NOT be case sensitive, I want it to work for test. Test, TEST

Excel 2003

Sub test()
If Left(ActiveCell, 4) = ("test") Then
MsgBox "Activecell starts with test"
End If
End Sub

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Delete Rows Where Columns Have Specific Lower/Upper Case Characters

May 20, 2008

I am trying to detete rows that have several specific values, upper and lower case, (A-H) in any of several columns (B through H). I can delete upper and lower case "D"s in column B, but I'm having difficulty stringing together several variations and getting at the "D"s that are midstream (such as: ADeC), I tried ("*D*") to no avail.

With . Cells(Lrow, "B")
If Not IsError(.Value) Then
If LCase(.Value) = LCase("D") Then .EntireRow.Delete

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Change Character UPPER TO LOWER

Jul 21, 2014

I need to change the all Upper Case character to Lower case character for all cells. See below my code, i am getting error message, Tye Mismatch. "cell.Value = LCase(cell.Value)"

[Code] .....

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Bulk UPPER Or LOWER Change

Apr 13, 2009

I am attempting to change a range of cells from lower case text to all upper case text.

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How To Change Lower Case To Uppercase

Apr 28, 2009

How to change the lowercase letters to uppercase letters?

While using the userform, for example "name" is entered in the form.

My requirement is the values should reflect as uppercase letters like "NAME"

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Change Value From Uppercase To Lower Case

Jan 22, 2010

I am trying to change string values of a name from uppercase to lowercase. The data is layed out as lastname then first name. As an example, I have the following values in column C:


I am trying to convert to following (with "," between lastname & firstname):

Anderson, Michael
Smith, Susan P
Johnson, Patrick
Jordan, Michael R
Woods, Tiger
Clinton, William J

I have a start of how I think the code should flow but can't figure out how to do the conversion.

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How To Change And Entire Sheet To Upper Case

Jan 28, 2007

Is it possible to change and entire sheet to Upper case using the 'Upper' function?

We are need to change all the text to caps but can only seem to apply the function to one cell at a time and then copy it down for the column. This is going to be a fairly labour intensive process as we have many columns.

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Change Cells In Column To Upper Case

Oct 28, 2009

How can I make this code fire for column 2 AND column 3?

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Excel 2010 :: Change To Lower Case And Manually Align To Left

Sep 4, 2013

I'm using Excel 2010. When I type 'true' or 'false' in any cell, Excel automatically changes to CAPITAL and Align Centre. I have to use the function 'lower' to change to lower case and manually to align to the left.

How to change the default setting.

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If Formula With A Upper And Lower Value Limits

Apr 19, 2009

The values in F4:F14 are changed depending on the value in F2. The rows in green have a fixed value. The row in yellow has a lower limit (170)and upper limit (195). I cannot get a formula in F14 to perform this function.

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Formula To Calculate UPPER And LOWER Control Limits

Nov 12, 2010

I have a range of numbers:


Based on this the MEAN=13.5 and STANDARD DEVIATION= 8.81286937760152

I want to create a formula to calculate the UCL and LCL

When I use MINITAB I get UCL=31.23 & LCL=-4.23

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Line Chart With Upper And Lower Limit Values

Sep 27, 2006

I want to make a line chart that plots a variable over time (say, monthly) and that shows upper and lower limits as the 2nd and 3rd plot. My table layout, boiled down to the bare essentials:

Col 1 = Measurement date
Col 2 = Measurement (pressure, for example)
Col 3 = High limit (never varies)
Col 4 = Low limit (never varies)

The chart/graph in this case would show at a glance how water pressure varies over time and when it goes over (under) a limit. The table has about 50 variables.

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Quartile Function In VBA: Determin Upper And Lower Quartiles

Aug 1, 2008

Im looking to use vba to determin upper and lower quartiles, i know how to do this through excel "QUARTILE(B9:B59990,1)", but was wondering if anyone would of any code to do this in visual basic?

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Generate Random Times In Excel Between Upper And Lower Limits?

Aug 23, 2013

I want to generate random times in excel between upper and lower limits , which i can do , but i also want dates in same cells with out randomization , means dates should act independently and time should randomize

it should be something like that

8/1/2013 05:55 AM
8/2/2013 07:55 AM
8/3/2013 04:44 AM

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Auto Upper+lower Limits When Data Cell Empty

Jan 1, 2009

I have a table that I use to generate about 20 graphs. The lower and upper limits can be manually altered in the table. If the user leave those 2 cells empty, I want the upper and lower limits be determined by default by Excel. So that the limits don't have to be entered for every graph in order for the graphs to be generated without any debugging error.

With ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue)
.MinimumScale = y1Lower
.MaximumScale = y1Upper
.MinorUnitIsAuto = True
.MajorUnitIsAuto = True
.Crosses = xlAutomatic
.ReversePlotOrder = False
.ScaleType = xlLinear
.DisplayUnit = xlNone
End With
y1Lower = .Cells(i, j + 9)
y1Upper = .Cells(i, j + 10)

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Upper-case For The Second Character

Sep 20, 2009

In column J of my Excel 2003 worksheet named: Sheet1, is a list of mailing addresses. A copy of the spreadsheet is attached. I need a macro to please capitalise (Upper-case) the second character only of all the Post Office addresses.


Po Box 65, ORLANDO, NSW 2697

All of my Post Office addresses are prefixed: Po

I need the Post Office addresses to be prefixed: PO

So, the above mentioned example should look like this: PO Box 65, ORLANDO, NSW 2697

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List With UPPER Case

Feb 21, 2012

How can i use UPPER case formula in a list ?

i have a on sheet4 at A1, source of data is sheet2 from A3:A5000. some entries in lower case, i want in list (A1) all entries UPPER case.

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Ucase (all Upper Case)

Feb 24, 2009

I have a usferform where I want the result from textbox1 displayed in the cell as all caps.

here is what I tried but not effective.

If UserForm7.CheckBox5 = True Then Range("A23") = UserForm7.UCase(TextBox1.Value) & " SPECIAL EVENT RENTAL"

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