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Change True Or False To Text

i have this formula and need to change true and false to text for both the expressions

what im trying to do is e23 has a static date (food sell by dates)and if that date gets within 3 month (J2) period of todays date (L2) i want it to say "warning" if e23 is equal to or older than todays date i want it to say out of date.

L2 has =today()
J2 has the number of months in it for the warning

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Count Of TRUE & FALSE And Assign 1 To True And Yes And 0 To False And No When I Total The Rows
I am trying to Sum lines of info with "True or False" and "Yes and No". I would like to assign 1 to True and Yes and 0 to False and No when I total the rows. Never tried this in Excel, on Lotus and the formula does not work. I can find and replace, but I would like to be able to use a formula.

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Find The Matching Text TRUE/FEE Or FALSE/FEE In Columns
I have 2 sheets. On one sheet, this column J2:J490 contains text that either says "TRUE" or "FALSE" and another column AJ2:AJ490, text that says "FEES". (many of the other cells in this column say something else). I need a formula that can find the matching text TRUE/FEE or FALSE/FEE in these columns, count them, and give me the product.

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Conditional Or VLookup (Gives True Or False If Text In A Cell Matches Any Cells In A Range)?
I need to create a formula that will give me True or False if text in a cell matches any cells in a range.

For example:

Column A and B have text:


Column C has other and sometimes matching text:

What formula would I use to find out if all cells in Columns A and B are represented in Column C?

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Hide Checkbox TRUE/FALSE & Sum Values Adjacent To TRUE
I have a worksheet where I have around 300 rows, each with 7 columns. What I want to do is add a checkbox to each column. I plan on setting non-applicable checkboxes to mixed status and locking the worksheet. I will unlock applicable checkboxes and sumif or countif their value according to row-based scoring, for example, each checked checkbox represents a value of 3. I do not know VBA and have chose to use the form control checkboxes rather than ActiveX.

I believe that a formula for this would be something like: =SUMIF(B1:B3,True,"3") or =COUNTIF($B$1:$B$3,True)*3

I am wondering firstly if I have that right and secondly if there is a way to stop my checkboxes from displaying labels. Currently, if I click on one it displays True behind the active checkbox. If I uncheck it, it displays False.

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Change The Default Output Values "FALSE" And "TRUE"
how to change the default output values "FALSE" and "TRUE" for the AND() function ? Let say I want to change them to "FAIL" "PASS".

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Is there another formula that I could use that would return YES or NO instead of TRUE or FALSE? This is the formula that I am currently using.


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True Or False
I guess the answer for this is simple but can't find the answer.


Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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'IF' Function - True/False To Yes/No
created my 'IF' function with the 'True/False' statements, but i am wanting to have yes/no instead and i cant figure out how to do it.

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ScreenUpdating :: False Or True?
I am using the following code in my Macro

Application.ScreenUpdating = False (I set it to "True" at the end of the sub)

But I can still see Excel changing tabs etc.

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True/False Datatype
when you type True into a General formatted Excel cell Excel returns TRUE. This value cannot be formatted to a 1 (or a -1) by applying a different format. Thus, does Excel have a boolean data type? Or is it something else like a numeric value that for whatever reason is not receptive to format changes.

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Calculations Via True And False
I am currently looking at the workings of a spreadsheet designed by someone else.
Within this sheet, a cell has the formula that , once broken down, equates to:

=100*TRUE (Cell returns a value of 100)

And another that equates to :

=100*FALSE (Cell returns a value of 0)

Am I correct in thinking that TRUE always equals 1, and FALSE always equals 0? I think this is right, but just need someone to confirm.

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Make OR() Return 0 Or 1 Instead Of True And False
Hi. Is there a way to make OR() return 0 or 1 instead of true and false?

Or to convert true to 1 and false to 0?

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2007 - Using The True False Function
This is probably quite a simple request but here goes:-


I would like excel to perform this calculation but only if another cell contains a date. I couldn't figure out how to do that so I added another column next to that cell and added =ISNUMBER(A8) to return a true or false statement. I was then going to hide this column but still refer to it.

transaction cleared amount amount balance
date date in out
2 1/1/10 TRUE 1/2/10 TRUE $5.00 =SUM(h2,e2-f2)
3 1/2/10 TRUE FALSE $300.00 =SUM(h3,e3-f3)

I don't know if this makes sense of if anyone can suggest another way of working this out. New to excel so sorry if this is basic stuff.

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True Or False To Disply As A Sum Total?
Hi, I am doing a spread sheet for work and just have a little issue. I have two time fields in the spread sheet and if one is less then the other it reads true and turns green but if itís greater then it reads false and goes red. Is there a way of it to say how much the time is under or over the original instead or just reading true or false?

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True Or False Return For Each Group
I have no idea where to begin on this problem.

Group Name / Data
A / .01
A / .02
A / -.02
B / .05
B /-.01
C /.02
C /-.03

I need one true or false return for each group if the absolute value of the differences in any combination of a group's data is greater than or equal to .05.

Expected Result

Group A False
Group B True
Group C True

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How To Covert The Value Of A Checkbox From True/False To 1/0
I have searched all through the threads but I can't find anything similar to my problem. I am trying to create a checkbox that when the excel file would be saved as a *.csv file, the value for the checkbox would be saved as an boolean value 0/1. I created a macro that would populate the cells with the form control checkbox and linked it to the respective cell, I just need to change the value.

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Cell Act As True Or False Checkbox
I have some code for another project which was using checkboxes to select elements to copy/paste.

However, I need too many checkboxes and I think it is slowing down the run time.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have a cell act as a true/false checkbox?

Then I would just change my code from

if checkbox1.value = true then...


if range("A1").value = true then....

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Checking If Cell Value Is True Or False
I have a cell in Excel having a boolean value and want to use a macro to check if it is true. Something like this:

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Match And Return A True False Value
I have a master spreadsheet which shows agreeed rentals for vehicles, on the sample this is the "OCS" tab. I receive a spreadsheet which contains the actual rental charged, in my example this is the tab "Invoice" in my example the VRN are in the same order on both sheets, in reality the invoice spreadsheet is not in the same order as my OCS sheet. My task is to match the VRN field in the invoice sheet to the VRN in the OCS sheet, then look at the amounts and if they match then return "true" if they don't return "false

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Determine If Checkbox Is True/False
I have macro that will call another macro if a checkbox is true, how do I code it to ignore it and move to the next check box if it is false.

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Check Cells In Each Row TRUE/FALSE
I'm trying to assist is working with sensitive data, and for security reasons I am unable to post the Excel sheet here. Here goes:

The user is working with a sheet in which uses checkboxes, and wants to assign values from cells in the same row as the checkbox to corresponding cells in the sheet (not a different book) if the box is checked.

I guess I should just ask what the best way to accomplish this is? I was thinking I need to do an IF test (do checkboxes return TRUE/FALSE?) and then assign values from the cells I need to corresponding cells in the next sheet. The big question for me using this method: how can I use a single IF statement to assign multiple cell values?

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AND Function Returns Zero For FALSE & One For TRUE
I've been asked to adjust some thing with a worksheet someone else created. On the sheet labeled "Criteria" there is a list of dates and some formulas that use these dates. I can't figure out why the result of the formula is a number, i.e "0"; I thought it is supposed to return "TRUE" or "FALSE". If I insert a new sheet, within the same workbook, and insert the same formula, I get "TRUE" or "FALSE". For some reason, the "Criteria" worksheet doesn't return "TRUE" or "FALSE", it returns numbers. I just need to know why this is happening so I can replicate it in the new workbook I'm creating.

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IF/and Statement To Give Back A True Of False
I'm looking to use an if/and statement to give back a true of false but it doesnt seem to be working, I'll give an example, I want excel to search a set of cells to see if its blank and another cell to see whats written there(from a pull down menu) and if both of them are true I conditionally format to go green, otherwise stay white. It works for one cell, condition below:


but I cant get it to do this

i.e search the entire column

I was also wondering if it was possible if it found an "IIC" in B8 how I could get it to check C8, D8 etc..

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Determine If Allow Edit In Cell Is On/Off Or True/False
I want to return a true or false result that I can use in a formula to indicate whether "Edit directly in cell" has been "set". The VBA code is
Application.EditDirectlyInCell = True

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Check Four Conditions Return TRUE Or FALSE
I have several rows with numbers that is either 0, a balance or a text like n/a. I need a formula that return true if all are 0 or contain n/a. If there is one balance shall it be false. Any suggestion? See example:

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Formula For True/false Tolerance Percent
I need to be able to get a true/false from a tolerance percent.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do

cell a2 is Nitrogen
cell b2 is (Known gas%) 2.4800%
cell c2 is (unknown gas%) 2.4963%
cell d2 is =b2-c2 and I get the answer no trouble there. what I need is to take the answer in cell d2 and set a plus/minus 2% tolerance in cell f2 and get a true/false comparison.

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True False Comparing 2 Different Valuses From 2 Different Sheets
Sheet 1 :

Row 1 : 5.1 5.2 5.3
Row 2 : 1.1 1.2 1.3

Sheet 2
5.1 1.3 Formula
5.3 1.1
5.2 1.2

The above is an example of two sheets where in Column "C" i need the formula, if sheet1 A Row 1 = sheet2 A row 2 and sheet1 B Row 1 = sheet2 B row 2 then the value should be ture or false.

=IF(AND(a2=sheet1!a1,b2=sheet1!a2), "true", "false")

I'm getting the answer for this. But if i tried to compare all the three conditions in sheet 1 it is not working.

I used count If as below,


This is Not working. Please suggest the Correct formula.

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IF Statement: Just Returns FALSE, Despite The Result Being True
I have a worksheet called "Raw Data" where in columns J, I and G contain values. I would like to write a formula whereby if all 3 conditions are met, it will count the number of values found in column C.

I've tried to write an IF statement but it just returns FALSE, despite the result being true. Need the right combination of IF/AND statements that would do this?

=IF(AND('Raw Data'!$J:$J="Maintenance",'Raw Data'!$I:$I="Open",'Raw Data'!$G:$G="1-2008"),COUNT('Raw Data'!$C:$C)). I've tried to attach the workbook, but there's a problem with uploading attachments I think. Sorry if my explanation is unclear.

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Function Design Return True Or False
I'm trying to determine if a rangeName is defined so that I can delete it without a programming error. I've used the idea that if I try to goto a non-existant rangeName, I'll get an error. I've tried to design a function that will return true or false if the rangeName is defined on the basis of that idea. Can you take a look at the code and see where I went wrong?

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Return True/False If Cell Contains Formula
Is there a formula or VB code like the =TYPE() function that will return whether a cell contains a FORMULA? Here's the issue:

I'm writing a macro to update 10,000 sheets. Each sheet has a column that I'm updating with a new formula. Some of these formulas have been previously overwritten with a random number that would delete the formula from the cell. I have to leave the overwritten values where there is no formula, and replace the values of the formulas where they are still intact. I assume that if I can identify whether there is a formula in the cell or not, I can choose that cell to skip or update.

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Return True If Value Exist. False If It Doesn't
I have two price lists in workbook. One containing "normal" price list, other containing "action" prices.

I want to search for a product name code from column A in "normal" price list in column A of "action" list, and if it is found to show it somehow in any column in "normal" price list sheet.

This way I know that there is action price attached to that product and that I have to search for the price in "action" sheet.

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Store Multiple TRUE/FALSE Booleans
i have a list of variables with the suffix number incrementing

type3 ... etc to 100

and i want to run a function for each type instead of having repetitive code for each of them how can I concatenate the integer i with the string "type" and have it as a variable name?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim type1 As Boolean
Dim type2 As Boolean
Dim type3 As Boolean
Dim type4 As Boolean
Dim type5 As Boolean

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If Formula Evaluates To True When Condition Is False
In E5, put "INSERT". In G5, put the formula


Should I be getting TRUE as the result? I'm getting FALSE. Is something wrong or am I going mad...

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Colouring Tabs Dependant On True / False Condition
I have "borrowed" the below code from a previous solved post, however am unsure how to adapt it.

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Check Font Color And Return A True Or False
I am looking for a formula to return either True/False in Column J if the font color in Column H is Red.

Is there a formula that can do this?

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If Statements: Non-numerical Characters Returning False When True
I have a formula in column A of the following sheet. The problem is that when the entry in cell H contains a letter as well as a number then the formula in column a returns 0.

Also if the value for false in the forumula is changed from 0 i.e to 1 or 2, then a value is returned in column A (this is shown in the red highlighted cells).


Does anyone have any idea why this is?

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Return A True/false Based On A Cell Containing A String Vs A Value
how return a true/false based on a cell containing a string (text) vs a value?

I have a column where most cells are blank, some contain text, and others contain dates. I would like to select and manipulate only the ones that contain dates (or values).

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Return Value To Cell Based On CheckBox TRUE/FALSE
I would like to create a qestionairre with checkboxes used to answer the question "Do you need____" (Check if yes). On the following workbook I would like a list of all items needed, and a list of items not needed on yet another workbook.

Is there a way to create these lists without having blanks for values that are not true? (and because Im sure there is HOW?)

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IF Function Return Specific Criteria For True And Then For False
I need to check one column to see if it is less than another one
If it is I need to have the IF function return specific criteria for true and then for false but then I also need it to rely on the results of another question from another column if the result of the first query is less than the figure in another column again I need to return specific criteria for tur and then for false
An AND function requires both to be true but when one isnt what do I write?

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Formula To Return True/False If A Row Has 6 Contiguous 0 Values
I have number data in columns F through AK. In column AL I want a formula that will look in columns F through AK from the left to right. Once it identifies a positive value I want the formula to identify if after that positive number there are any occurances where there are 6 0's in a row (anywhere up until column AK). The formula can return a True or False. I want to drag the formula down across many rows of data. If the entire row contains 0's, I do not want it identified as a TRUE

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Capture The Cancel Property (Boolean, True Or False?)
This macro adds a comment to a cell and some text from an input box. I store the last value entered in the input box via the registry, it is recalled as the default input box value. How do I capture the cancel property (Boolean, true or false?) so the ActiveCell.Value remains and comment is not added? When a user selects Cancel/X the macro deletes the value in the cell and add's a comment. This overwrites existing data with "" (nothing).

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Data Validation: If Previous Column Is Having A Value, Then Return FALSE Else TRUE
I am applying data validation in my workbook. The data in ColS consist of:

(Row2) X
(Row3) Y
(Row4) Y
(Row5) Y
(Row6) X

In ColT, I am to apply data validation: i.e. If in concerned row of ColS is having "X" value, then I am to show an error message. Else, values from A2:A5 should be shown in the as list and these should be accepted in ColT.

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True/false With Lookup List/pivot Table Data
I want to compare a hand entered data sheet to my system data. System data is exported in. Then that data is used to populate a pivot table. I use a lookup list that fills in matching data from my hand typed sheet. From there I want to use true/false to see if the data matches. However, the formula will not copy down. I am sure it has to do with the formula holding a value, but I canít seem to correct it.

1.System data populates sheet
2.Pivot table pulls info I need.
3.Lookup list cross references hand entered data sheet and puts value next to pivot table.
4.I need to do a true false to see if data matches but canít get it to work

Example worksheet: On the worksheet you can see that the true false statements are incorrect. The system data and the hand entered data match two times not once.

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Determine If CheckBox Is TRUE/Checked Or FALSE/Un-Checked
code below whould return value "a" to specified range(s) The cells are formatted Marlett, 10pt, black, bold, center. Should return a nice tick mark to the specified range if selected shape has value of 1. I double chk'd the name of the shape referred to in code and it is correct Yet value of "a" is not returned, though the chkBox is "ticked". What else can I check?

Option Explicit
Sub cv_ReviewCheckBoxes()
Dim wbBook As Workbook
Dim wsNotesLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinRolled As Worksheet
Dim wsCoinLoose As Worksheet
Dim wsSummary As Worksheet
With Application
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
.DisplayAlerts = False
. ScreenUpdating = False
End With.........................

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Logical Formula: Value If True/false To Be Another Formula, Not Just A Set Value
I want to use the If formula but want the value if true/false to be another formula, not just a set value. Here's what I came up with (obviously wrong, please excuse my lack of experience) =IF(D2>C2,"=(D2-C2)*5","=((60-C2)+D2)*5 ")

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Logical Value :: Change Word False To 0?
When using a IF formula, one answer is false.
Can the word FALSE be changed to a zero?

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Current Worksheet, IF(0 = "CS") Returns TRUE, But On Any Other File This Same Argument Returns FALSE
In my current worksheet, IF(0 = "CS") returns TRUE, but on any other file this same argument returns FALSE. The cells' formats are both general. I want it to be FALSE.

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DATE Function & IF Function (return A TRUE Or FALSE Based On A Date In A Cell)
I am trying to return a TRUE or FALSE based on a date in a cell.

for example:

if cell A1 = 07/11/2009

I want A2 to show TRUE or FALSE if A1 is 14 days or more behind todays date.

I have tried stuff like:


but it just always says false. EDIT: I have just noticed that if I change the date in A1 to exactly 14 days behind todays, it returns TRUE. So, it does work. Do I need to add a GREATER THAN in there?

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Remove "TRUE" & "FALSE" Words From A Linked Checkbox
On the sheets where 'present' needs to be checked, after linking the checkbox to the cell it now says "TRUE" or "FALSE". How do I get rid of that? There is a formula that this affects also (just FYI).

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Change Cell Font Type If Condition True
I would like to know if there is a way to change the font type in a cell, if a condition is true in another cell. e.g font in cell C3 is Arial Rounded MT Bold and if condition is true in cell F3 then font is changed to Arial Narrow.

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