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Conditional Format Where If C3 Text=red Then A3 Text=red

How do i do a conditional format where if c3 text=red then a3 text=red

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Conditional Format Text If Text Contains
How do I conditionally format a cell if a particular word is within the text in that cell?

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Conditional Format Based On A Text Range Within A Cell
conditional format formula that is based on a text range within a cell. In my case, I would like to compare the low and high range when inputted as a number followed by the quotation marks followed by space then hyphen, space then number and ending in quotation marks. The quotation mark is being used to represent inches.

Like this in cell D14: 0.2” - 2.2”

I am using the following condition format formula which works for the strict case above.

HTML =OR(D16<LEFT($D$14,3)+0,D16>MID($D$14,8,3)+0)
However, there will be times when users using this spreadsheet may leave out the spaces on either side of the hyphen, or add more than one space between the number and hyphen. Also if additional digits are added, my formula above does not include all the digits in the results. I prefer to leave the quotation marks in...........

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Conditional Format - Hiding Text With Shady Background
I'm attempting to use Conditional Formatting to hide text where the background is shaded. When the background is white, I can just set the text to white and it is invisible - no problem. However, when the background is set to anything else, and I set the text to the same color as the background, Excel LIES to me. It pretends that the text is invisible, but it still shows up in Print Preview and when it's actually printed. The Custom Format ;;; doesn't help me, because I need the invisibilization only under certain funky conditions.

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Insert Text In Front Of Text OR Number - User Defined Format
I can't seem to make user-defined format that puts a text in front of a number and/or a text.

Let's say I have A1: 13, A2: texttext A3: text7 and I want to format a lot of cells to "Ilike 13" / "Ilike texttext" / "Ilike text7"... ie add the same text in the front of the cell, no matter what the content is.

I did manage it seperately, with "texttext" @ for text and "texttext" # for numbers, but what's the general one?

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Format Msgbox Text: Centre/center Some Text
can you format msgbox? i want to centre/center some text

(also - mods...

....If are you new to the forum, or unsure,...

surely -
...If you are new to the forum, or unsure,........?


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Change A Date In Text Format Into Regular Format
I have an excel sheet full of dates in text format and want to convert them into regular format. For instance, one of the dates listed is in text as "60801". I'd like it to show in regular date format of mm/dd/yyyy, so that 60801 becomes 8/1/2006.

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Save Number As Text In Txt Format Wo Changing The Format
In order to export an excel table into another program I first need to save the excel file as .txt. The .txt file can then be imported by the other program.

First I however need to make excel understand that the value should be a text and not a value. I therefore format the number as text (0000150235) by adding "0000150235". After saving the file as .txt the format changes from "0000150235" to """0000150235""". I do however need the format in the .txt file to be "0000150235". Can anyone tell me how I can save "0000150235" as .txt and get the value "0000150235" in the .txt file.

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VBA: Format Amts Into Text $ 9.99 Type Format
Need to create a set of aligned text amts from various cells...Tried Format but unable to get right combination...I've looked at many threads and most seem related to getting amt from text instead of reverse.

Cell may contain nothing or a monetary amt, negative or positive. Output needs to be in format of "$9,999.99-" or similar...with leading zeros suppressed but a min of "$ 0.00" showing, so that above/below amts with be decimal point aligned in a fixed font situation.

I've almost gotten my routine finsihed but this is last remaining obstacle.

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Convert Text Format To Numbers Format In Vb
how i convert text format into numbers format in vb.

i have a formula in vB:

Private Sub Textbox3_Change()
Textbox3 = Val(Textbox1.Value) + Val(Textbox2.Value)
End Sub

however..when i sum it up (in excel) using"=sum" ooes not sum up

I faced an error "number stored as text" to i convert it to numbers format in vb.

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Format Number To Text With Specific Format
I'll get straight to the point: How can I change this text format from 474556788 to 0-47455678-8 (dash added after 0 and before the last number). I need to apply this to around 5000 rows (can't do that manualy). I want it to be int his format:

474556788 to 047-455678-8

Tks Auto Merged Post;474556788 to 047-455678-8 (This is the wanted format)

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Convert A Date Format To A Text Format

In D2 I have: =B2
In D3 I have manually input: (space)3-08

As you can see the CONCATENATE puts the "39569" date in A2 But the second line puts the text date as I prefer. What I would like to do is put in a formula or macro in D2 and down that will change the "Mar-08" to "3-08" so it CONCATENATEs correctly to column A. Simply: I'm trying to avoid manually inputing the text version "3-08" (or whatever M-Y) into D2 down a hundred or so rows!

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Excel Text Search Through Different Types Of Text And Action Based On Text
1. Search an excel sheet "column" for a particular type of text and insert values based on that text (if found) in another column.

e.g I have column A1 to A10 with different types of text. I would like to search for the keyword "Risk is high" OR "Risk=High" for each cell in the column and insert a "1" if found beside it's corresponding "B" column. If not found, I would like to insert a "0".

So, if the text "Risk is high" OR "Risk=High" was only found in A6, I would like B6 to be "1". Rest of the values in the B column would be "0's", since the text was not found in any of the other cells.

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Text File Import With Text To Columns Splitting Same Text Differently
I have a macro which imports data from a mainframe dump text file and performs 'Text to Columns' on the imported data so that formula in the spreadsheet can act on the data. The code works perfectly well when I use it, but if a different user logs on and performs exactly the same mainframe dump and import macro the Text to Columns action splits the raw data in a different way and the result is that the split renders the formulae useless.

I've experimented a little and for some reason it appears that the 'Field Info' parameters which are produced when the Text to Columns function is recorded in a macro differ between users even though the raw data is exactly the same.

FieldInfo:= _
Array(Array(0, 1), Array(18, 1), Array(35, 1), Array(56, 1), Array(70, 1), Array(88, 1), _
Array(102, 1))

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Converting? Format To Text Format
On the attached example i have a list of fractions (in the format ?/???). However, i have a problem when the fraction is 6/4 or 4/6 as excel rounds the nominator and de-nominator down to the lowest value so these fractions become 3/2 and 2/3. For these two fractions only i don't want this rounding down to happen.

I am open to any suggestions, but i was thinking of some vba where on pressing a button it would run a macro that went through the cells in the column and if the cell value is 1.5 (3/2) then format the cell as text and enter the value"6/4". For the 2/3 fraction, i think you may need to say if the cell is greater than 0.66 and less than 0.67 because this would possibly be harder to exact as the number of decimal places involved.

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Format Different Numbers To The Same Format (as Text)
How to format different numbers to the same format (as text). Mainly I need code that would format numbers like 25, 25.36 or 254.60 to numbers looking like this 000002500, 000002536, 000025460. They must be of nine digit length with the last two digits as decimals.

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Day Format To Text
I have a date format to show Day of Week ( DOW )
using format: [$-C09]dddd in Cell A1 if Formula is = NOW ()

But if want to use cell B1 to show the day of week FROM A1, but in text as if I typed the DOW.

The reason is, when a new day occurs and I try to use A1 in email for example, it will show up as numerical date and not the actual worded DOW.

How can I convert the DOW from A1 to show the day as if it was a typed DOW in cell B1 ?

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Conditional Formatting On Certain Text
I am automating an invoice template for an excel novice, thus I want to conditionally format certain cells dependant on what text is in them.

I want to do this in VB but I don't know how!

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Conditional Formatting Text
I would like to conditional format a range of sells which contains numbers formatted as text. I would like if the sell contains the specific number (which is formatted as text) to be formatted in red. It works for one value but I have to list 15 values for which this condition to be done.
For example: if some of the cells in the worksheet contains one of the following values: 265987,265489,235698,2356987,2356987,2356987,235569,...ets - 15 conditions - to turns red.

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Conditional Text Mode
I would like to calculate the mode of a range of cells containing text. To do this I would use a formula like:



How do I find the mode of a range of cells containing text with an additional criteria, like finding the mode of A only for values with a "yes" in B as in:
red no
yellow yes
orange no
orange no
blue yes
orange no
yellow yes

In this case, the answer I'm looking for would be (yellow).

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Custom Format For TEXT
I have a column in my sheet which I need to be displayed with dashes.

Excample: 123456 -> 12-235-6 (just an example)
But once in a while in the code is a letter like: 123A56 which obviously I need to be displayed like 12-3A5-6

But whatever I do, nothing seems to work.
Another cell with Left()-Mid()-Right() is no option for me....

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Format MsgBox Text
I'm sure there must be a way to dimension a string and format it for use in a MsgBox, but I have no clue how to do the initial formatting; any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

FYI - something along the lines of...

Dim S as String
S = "This part of the string is bold and italicized, and this part is not"
MsgBox S, vbInformation, "My Title"

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Changing Text Format
Currently we do a lot of report crunching using Crystal Reports. We will then dump the data into an Excel sheet to run varying pivot tables or databases off of.

Often we will have a field that the formatting will not match up to anything in Excel. You can change the cell to Text, General etc. The main problem associated with this is running VLOOKUPs. The item we type in will not match up to the data imported from Crystal. We have to F2, the new data before it will match up which is a pain considering there can be anywhere from 30-1000 rows.

I'm trying to solve this problem in 2 ways. First can anyone tell me an easier way to do handle this?
Second, after trying many other things I thought about a macro that would automate the F2 process.

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Format Cells Containing Certain Text
how I can get black cells if for example A3 contain the string PM.
IF A3 contain exactly the string PM I want that cell A7 to A11 get black automaticly.

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Format Into Text/ Number Value
I have a data set which is in a date format of MM/DD/YY. I have converted it to YYYYMMDD. I now need to copy and permanently past the values so that the value within the cell always reads to result of the date in the format of YYYYMMDD.

-current = 07/01/08
-new format = 20080701 (cell still reads 07/01/08)
-would like the cell to read 20080701

My main goal is to bring this into Access and use this dataset with another data set, which uses the YYYYMMDD format.

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Format Text In Formula
How can I underline the formula in a text like so:

My name is Powder

from this formula

="My name is "&D29

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Dates In Text Format
I am also new to vba (am teaching myself with the help of the guru's on this site!). My problem is to do with dates. I have created a variable in VBA that reads a cell with the value of a date in text format, for example SEP2006. I want to use this value to paste into another excel cell. When I do it actually creates it as a numeric date when I really want to just use it as text, "SEP2006". I have been looking at this for a while and I'm not sure if it's a case of "can't see the wood for the trees". A small example of my code is:

Sub DateValue()
Dim dateValue As String
Range("a3", [b65536].End(xlUp).offset(0,1))= datevalue
End Sub

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Insert And Format A Text Box
I would like to add a menu option that will run a subroutine to automatically add a formated text box to the worksheet at the selected cell location. The box must have the text centered, bold, underlined in Arial 10, and no border. I use this method to create a flow chart and would like to make it easier. At the moment I create three different text boxes and then copy them to the clipboard. Then I just click each one, drag it into position and edit the text. I tried recording a macro while adding the text box to the worksheet, but it didn't record anything except the cell selection.

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Format Text In A Cell
I am trying to create a follow-up spreadsheet with an actions column. But my boss wants the column to have text numbered in rows in the cell. So e.g Actions for an item might be:

1-send letter
2-call office
3-make coffee (upto 5 max)

this list will need to be typed in, and I have tried to make excel launch a box in which the user types in the text. But that didnt work. I know how to wrap the cell but I cant get each action on a new line easily?

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Format Cells As Text
I'm using the code below to copy data from 1 sheet & paste it onto another sheet. The code is working fine. I want to ensure that the data is pasted(in the new sheet) as Text & not General. How do I write the code for this & where do I insert this code?

Sub copy_paste_special_transpose()
Dim wsData As Worksheet
Dim wsNew As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range
Dim I As Long
Set wsData = Worksheets("Sheet1")
Set wsNew = Worksheets.Add
Set rng = wsData.Range("A1")
While rng.Value <> ""
I = I + 1
wsNew.Range("A" & I).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues, Transpose:=True
Set rng = rng.Offset(25)
End Sub

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Format Cell If Contains Certain Text
I have used Options>View - Zero Values.", "style="background: #FFFFFF;padding: 2px;font-size: 10px;width: 550px;"");' onmouseout='GAL_hidepopup ();'>formatting.htm" target="_blank">conditional format to change color of fonts based on values. I want to add a "find" condition that will change color of font when "part" of cell has value. for example:


works fine...


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Conditional Formatting Specific Text Containing ONLY
I have a conditional formatting rule that checks for misspellings of client names.

My employees input client names into a spreadsheet, and I need for the spreadsheet to notify them via a fill color if they have misspelled the name.

So, I set up a rule for each client name using the specific text criteria.

The rule simply checks for the client's name, and fills the cell green if the client's name is correct. If the client's name is misspelled, then the cell remains unfilled.

This works great if the client's name is spelled correctly, or spelled incorrectly.

But there's one hitch:

If the client's name is spelled correctly, but there is some extra character(s) inputted after the client's name, the cell is still filled green even though the data in the cell is useless because the extra character will cause it to be rejected by the next party down the line in the value chain.

So I'm hoping to find a way to make the specific text containing criteria operate with only the specific text I specify and no extra characters or anything after the specific text.

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Insert Text With Conditional Formating
I have a list of numbers say in column A, but when the number "41", "25", "90", or "92" is in that column, I want a text message to print 6 columns to the right of it (same row) that says "service".

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Conditional Formatting, Variable Text
I can't figure out how to set up conditional formatting to let me know if the value of a text cell is NOT X or Y. In other words, the only appropriate responses are X or Y (or Y or N or whatever the case may be) and if it's NOT one of those two letters, I want to apply conditional
formatting. Also, will it accept either upper or lower case (I'm fine with it either way).

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Conditional Formatting Highlight The Text
I have data in columns A and B,
Column A has dates, column B has text

I am wanting to highlight text in column B in a colour
if date in column A is more than 10 days since date in column A on previous occurrence of text in column B

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Using Conditional Formatting To Hide Text
I have an IF statement which sometimes returns the word "FALSE" and a SUMIF statement which sometimes returns the error #DIV/0!

I need to be able to hide the text in the cells when either value is returned.

I've managed to solve one of them (#DIV/0!) by using conditional formatting and using the formula =ISERROR(H35) then changing the text colour to white.
I can't think of a soution for the "FALSE"

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Conditional Formatting - Formula=text
I am trying to set some conditional formatting, but for some reason on of the conditions is not working and I was wondering if anybody know how -

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Conditional Formatting To Highlight Row On Text
What i want to do is highlight all row instances where that row column10 has the text "Roller" . All i can see is the forumular =$J1="Roller" ive tryed to select just the single cell J and tryed the whole row and a range. Though i get a error message about =-+ quotation ect.

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Conditional Removal Of Text From Cell Value
This is an continuation to some earlier formulations to place value correctly in cells. It started for me here:

Now, I've come across another situaton. If there is a value of any combination of numerals and text "X" specifically as: 1x,21x,100x,1001x,10230x, I'd like to have the x removed. The resultant will be in column D of sheet FormulaOut. See attachment as this will be building on the following formula:

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Conditional Formating On Text Values
Been hunting around the forums but cant seem to find quite what I want.

I want to specify the background of a cell to be red if the text in that cell contains a specific word.

e.g. cell a1 will have the text 'Rest of World' (without quotes). I want this to show as red if it contains the word 'of'.

Of course the cell may contain other words but this illustrates what I'm looking to achieve.

I tried the following conditional formula but this does not work:


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Multiple Conditional Formatting On Text
I need to employ conditional formatting to text on a spreadsheet - but using more than the 3 colours provided from the Format>Conditional Formatting menu.

I recently purchased the ‘Excel Hacks’ (100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools) book by David & Raina Hawley, Hack #92 details how to get around Excel’s 3-criteria limit for conditional formatting using VBA, but this solution only describes multiple formatting on numbers, not text. For example, if each letter of the alphabet were entered into separate cells, I would like each to appear in a different colour automatically.

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Conditional Text Deletion From Cells
I'm getting a type mismatch (Runtime Error 13) with this code. What I want it to do is delete the contents of the cell if it contains 'N/A'.

Sub RemoveNAs()
Dim word
word = "N/A"
For Across = 1 To 5
For Down = 2 To 150
Cells(Down, Across).Select
If Cells(Down, Across) = word Then
Cells(Down, Across) = ""
End If
Next Down
Next Across
End Sub

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Conditional Concatenation Of Text Strings
I want to concatenate the text of several cells into one cell that satisfies some condition (simular to a SUMIF). For example:

1 AB
2 CD
3 DE

The formula I'm looking for should return ABDE in case of 1 and CD in case of 2.

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Activex Combo Box Format Text
How do I format the text in an ActiveX combo box? I would like to increase the font.

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Read The Name Of A Check Box (which Is In Text Format)
I am trying to generate a sub that read the name of a check box (which is in text format) in a spreadsheet in this case sheet13 and according to that ask if that check box which is in another sheet (sheet4) is true or false, I mean if it checked or not, then perform other actions

But I am getting this following error
Run time error ‘438’
Object doesn’t support this property or method

I tried several things but always get an error.
Does some body know how to make the checkboxname variable a valid name for the checkbox object in sheet4?

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Text Like FEB08 To Date Format
I've got some data from a unix database that I have been able to import into Excel 2003. I want to use this data in an Access 2003 database but the dates are formatted all wrong. Date comes out like this "FEB08" in Excel.

I want to convert this into a date format that I can use as an actual date when I import this data into Access. I was thinking about doing the conversion in Excel before importing it into Access. If it would be easier to import into Access and then convert

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Extracting Data From This Text Format
I have a text file with a long list of data that simply needs to be extracted under separate columns in excel. Below is one sample out of a long list. Here is sample data and the format of the text ...
232 23RD ST STE A
KERN County

Title II
Approval Date: Dec 08, 2007 [11 Areas Approved for Business]
HECM: No Originates 203K: No
Telephone: (343) 633-1234 FAX Number: (343) 632-1330
E-Mail Address:

In excel I need to have these columns, Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax, and Email. I need to pull the data out of the text file automatically and insert it into these columns. The other information in the sample such as approval date is not needed. How do I do this?

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Change Text Format On Value From Another Cell
I want to change the look of the text in a cell to be highlighted in some way, preferably bold. Ex. if I put a1 in the cell, it does a VLOOKUP to get the value. Is there a way to have the a1 change to A1 on enter?

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How To Convert TEXT Into NUMBER Format
I just copied a range of data from a website however these numbers are in TEXT format.

Basically each number in this data set has a SPACE behind. This turn the number into a text itself and i cannot do a sum for this range of data. I tried TRIM function and also tried to format it to number but no luck. Also tried to mutilply the range to 1 yet they're still in text format.

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Format Control Creating Text Box
I am trying to create a text box using the format control, however, everytime I click on the box it go to visual basic editor. I believe I'm missing something. I am not familiar with visual basic.

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Convert Date Format To Text
I am trying to make a very simple macro but get stuck in de Excel date format. When using the date "=TODAY()" in one cel it is no problem but I want to integrate it in the CONCATENATE function.

I want to create this text "(WG 01-01-2006)" but then with the actual date of that day of course, which can be inserted in de active cell.

Whatever I do, copy, pastespecial, reed text with RIGHT, change format on an temporary cell etc. Excel keeps returning the number in Excel date format counting from 01-01-1900. Nice for calculating but I want the date text!

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