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Conditional Format Where If C3 Text=red Then A3 Text=red

How do i do a conditional format where if c3 text=red then a3 text=red

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Conditional Formatting: Cells Filled By Red Until The User Enters Text In Those Cells
Is there a way to set up a conditional format for several cells so that the cells are filled in with red until the user enters text in those cells??

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Trim Red Text
Any idea how you would remove all text strings that are red, I want to leave any text within the cells that are not red.


A1 contains

15245, 1535554, 17548789, erg, rtree, bf5256s

Would become

15245, erg, bf5256s

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Red(-ve)/Green(+ve) Text For Under/over Monthly Budget
I've devised a monthly savings sheet to allow me to track my savings towards a deposit on a house. My target is £xxx a month, but as I could contribute loose amounts of money I'd like to be able to display a field next to each month of how much over I've contributed or how much under I've contributed.

I'd like this to be represented as:- If I contribute more than £xxx for a month then display it as green text and calculate how much over has been contributed.

If I contribute less than £xxx for a month then display it as red text and calculator how much under the contribution has been. I'm really not sure how to do this, I would do it manually normally but surely there is a way of automatically representing it.

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Conditionally Formatted Cells Which Turn The Text In Them To Red If The Value Is Less Than 40
I have a series of conditionally formatted cells which turn the text in them to red if the value is less than 40. This works fine.

Occasionally however a value of less than 40 will need to be entered along with the letter 'v'.

ie. 39v

I'd still like this to be coloured red, but it's obviously coming out as black.

Is there a way to sort this out?

edited to add : Im actually using a separate cell to enter the value 40 (as the value can change).

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Conditional Formating & "IF": Format To Red BOLD In Column
i m trying to do the following (with excel 07). if A2 is blank AND the date in A1 is today's date then format to Red BOLD in A1. also trying to have. if A2 is blank AND the date in A1 is today's date MINUS 1 day(so tomorow) then format to Pink in A1.

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Editing Formula Shows Text All Red, Parentheses Color-coded
But the formula seems to be working properly.

I've got ALOT of parentheses, 5 nested IFs, 5 ANDs, 4 ORs. The ANDs and ORs are within the IFs.

While editing the formula, I can, at times, achieve the condition where the cell references become color-coded. Or at least some of them do. But, when I get to this point, I'm usually at a spot where I can see the formula isn't right.

I'm confused. What does it mean when my text is all red when I go to edit a formula? Did I hit some limit? Again, I don't get error messages and the formula seems to work properly.

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Conditional Format The List So That It Shows The Lowest Percentage In 'green' And The Highest In 'red'
I have a list in column A of percentages (to 4 decimals 0.0013) i need to conditional format the list so that it shows the lowest percentage in 'green' and the highest in 'red'.

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0 To Highlight Red With Con.format
I need a cell to highlight RED (via conditional formating) if the cell reads 0.

When using conditional formatting and entering, the cell is equal to 0, it turns all the cells red that are empty aswell. This is what i dont what.

The only cell i require to turn RED is that with a 0 (zero) in

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Conditional Formatting (Red Is Older Than Today)
C2 Cell formatted for Date

Currently is shows red if its older than today showing something has expired using: Cell Value is less than =TODAY() and shows Green if it still OK using greater to or equal to =TODAY()

But i want:

Red is older than today
Amber is today or within 7 days
Green if date is over 7 days

Ive tried using 'between' but keep getting white cells.

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Conditional Formatting (highlight The Cells Red )
i am trying to highlight the cells red in the b column if a3=d3 (if names match) and if b3<e3 (only if name is "a" should e3 be used to compare with b3). hope this makes sense. i've attached a sample worksheet.

i've tried =if(b3<e3, (vlookup(a3,d3:e33,1,false),true)...but does not work correctly. i need the average weight to remain constant according to the name when comparing, but if i drag the formula down to other cells, the average weight does not correspond to the name.

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Use Conditional Formatting To Turn Cell Red If Any Cells Above Are Blank
I have a formula in A56 that adds cells A1:A54. I want to use conditional formatting to highlight A56 if any of the cells in A1:A54 are blank. I am unsure how to do this.

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Conditional Formatting (column H Changes To Yes I Want The Background Of The Whole Row To Change To Red)
I have a spreadsheet where column H can be either yes or no. When column H changes to Yes I want the background of the whole row to change to Red.

e.g. Cell H4 contains the word no. I then change this so that it says "yes". I want the background of row 4 to go red. so A4, b4, c4, d4, e4, h4 all go red.

With the type of conditional formatting i normally do i can only get cell H4 to go Red by putting cell value = yes as the condition. I cant for the life of me think of a formula or way round of doing this.

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Conditional Formatting - Objects (Red Arrow Points Down To Signify Negative Change)
I have two arrows:
- Red Arrow points down to signify negative change
- Green Arrow points up to signify positive change

These arrows look exactly like the Excel 2007 conditional formatting arrows you would apply to a cell - the only difference is that I have inserted them as shapes so I can float them over a graph.

GOAL: Corresponding with the graph, if a cell shows a (+) change, then I display green arrow and hide red arrow. Vice versa for a (-) change.

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Conditional Formatting (start And End Times Of The Shift To Turn Black Or Red)
I want the start and end times of the shift to turn black or red depending on whether the adjacent cell says "off" of "Hol" respectively. I have this working except for when I actually enter smething into these cell ie a shift, the cell turns black.

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Conditional Format Text If Text Contains
How do I conditionally format a cell if a particular word is within the text in that cell?

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Conditional Formatting (the Cell In 'Work' Is Coloured Red, If Not Then It Is Coloured Green)
I have a workbook (see attached) that has 2 sheets, Work and Holiday. I want to be able to enter a persons initials into the wrksheet 'Work' for each day of the week.

If that person is listed on the holiday sheet for that day as 'A' then the cell in 'Work' is coloured Red, if not then it is coloured Green. I have tried to get this to work using a defined list and various IF statements but all to no avail.

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Conditional Formatting "1"=Black Or "Z"=Red In 1 Condition
I'm trying to create a formula in 1 conditional format rule. The goal is to check if al cel contains "1" or "Z". If the value is "1" the cell must turn black and if it is "Z" it turns red.
If this is not possible, I'd like to only turn it black.

I am not able to use vba and have only 1 conditional formatting rule left in my excel 2003 sheet.

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Conditional Format Based On A Text Range Within A Cell
conditional format formula that is based on a text range within a cell. In my case, I would like to compare the low and high range when inputted as a number followed by the quotation marks followed by space then hyphen, space then number and ending in quotation marks. The quotation mark is being used to represent inches.

Like this in cell D14: 0.2” - 2.2”

I am using the following condition format formula which works for the strict case above.

HTML =OR(D16<LEFT($D$14,3)+0,D16>MID($D$14,8,3)+0)
However, there will be times when users using this spreadsheet may leave out the spaces on either side of the hyphen, or add more than one space between the number and hyphen. Also if additional digits are added, my formula above does not include all the digits in the results. I prefer to leave the quotation marks in...........

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Conditional Format - Hiding Text With Shady Background
I'm attempting to use Conditional Formatting to hide text where the background is shaded. When the background is white, I can just set the text to white and it is invisible - no problem. However, when the background is set to anything else, and I set the text to the same color as the background, Excel LIES to me. It pretends that the text is invisible, but it still shows up in Print Preview and when it's actually printed. The Custom Format ;;; doesn't help me, because I need the invisibilization only under certain funky conditions.

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Make Certain Numbers Red
I have some numbers in column G and column I. The formula I'm wanting to write in lamens terms is:

If the number in I4 is not within 10% of the number in G4 then I want the number in I4 to be red otherwise I want it to stay black.

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Count Just Red Cells
Is it possbile to create a forumulae to count anything above 5 in red cells only

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Color The Cells Red
I am trying to write a macro to color cells red from a:g if g > 1. I need to do this via macro and not with conditional formatting. I've tried this macro below but it doesn't work.

Set rng2 = Range(Cells(3, 7), Cells(lastrow, 7))
For Each cc In rng2
If cc.Value > 1 Then
Range(Cells(cc, 1), Cells(cc, 7)).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
Next cc

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Red Negative With £ Sign
is it possible to display the value in a cell with a £ and also make it automatically go red when the sum is negative?

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Conditional Formatting: FIND Function? (get Cell A2 To Fill Red When Cell A2="Public" And A1 Contains "(P)")
Cell A1: International Studies Academy (P) 9-12
Cell A2: Public

Is there a way that I can get Cell A2 to fill red when cell A2="Public" and A1 contains "(P)"?. I can't seem to get a formula to work yet.

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Diplay Minus Hours In Red
I am using time based on the 1904 calendar, this is so time can be shown as a minus figure when to cells are taken away and the result is say -17:25. What I want to do via conditional formatting is show any minus hours as red. Tried various options but I have had no luck so far. or can this be done via VBA?

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Dates - Cells Turning Red
I have a column of dates and have been asked to turn a cell next to it green, orange or red but I don't think this can be done?

Otherwise is there a way to turn the background of the cell a different colour, am sure there is?

What I need is if for example the date in the column is 01.08.08 then up until 7 days I want it to turn green, between 8-10 days I want it to go orange and over 10 days it needs to go red. Is this possible?

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Highlights The Check Box In Red
Just wondering if it is possible to put a check box with a macro say in cell C3 that when you tick the box it changes it to green as completed, but after a set time say 2 weeks the check box clears itself and changes the colour to red to highlight that its due again. Also when you tick the check box it inserts a date in another cell say D4 when it was ticked.

Reason for this is am trying to make a spread sheet with different products that require different testing frequency, some monthly some weekly and some fortnightly. At the moment we are just using a white board and staff just tick task completed problem is they need to check when last done especially when test required is of every 2 weeks and people forget.

If I make a spread sheet and it highlights the check box in red like I want to above at least it will give them a visual reminder that it is due.

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Red Yellow Green Colors
I am trying to create a formula that looks at a spreadsheet containing training percentages for employees. I need to look at these percentages and based on the date that the person started I need to look at certain rules. First it needs to look at what has happened more recently , moving to a new department or promotion. Next it needs to use that info to decide which rule to use. Ex. the person started 90 days ago then they are subject to rule A. The training percentage then needs to be looked at to see what rating they have. EX. percentage < 90% but > 75% gives a rating of 1. percentage than 50% gives rating of 2. percentage < than 50% rating of 3. Rule B would contain different criteria. My problem is that I tried nesting IF statements but I need more than 7. When I tried to do this in VBA I couldn't get it to work.

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Show Up As RED Color In The VBE
In your code the lines in red are not accepted in Excel 2007. Actually show up as RED color in the VBE. Have I lost something from your code (AFAIK, this is original text).

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Highlighting Duplicate ALL Cells On A:A Column With Red
I'm use with this macro to Highlight duplicate cells BUT the macro highlight only from the second duplicate

I need to highlight ALL duplicate cells in column A:A .

FUNCTION like " =COUNTIF($A$1:$A$11,A1)>1 " it's not good for me in this case, i need it with a fast macro

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Find Index Number Is The Color Of Red
I am editing code that changes a cell's forecolor and I can't seem to find the number for red. What number is red

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Prevent Macro From Running If Cell Is Red
I have a macro that is run by clicking on a macro button. The macro copies the data from Sheet1 and pastes it in another sheet, Sheet2. I added some conditional formatting that colors certain cells red if others are blank on Sheet1. I would like to add some code to my macro that will not allow it to copy and paste from sheet1 to sheet2 if there are any red cells in the range.

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Red Line Going Across The Spreadsheet While Using The Arrow Keys
if it's possible to have a red line going across the spreadsheet while using the arrow keys it follows you down through all cells. And is there a vba coding that someone has ready written.

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Add Red X In Cell Based On IF Function
I have a numerical value of in cell B3. A user will type a value into cell C3. If the user enters a value other than the value in B3, I would like a space and a red X to appear just after the value they enter, in red. (The value is black; the X is red.)

Example: 100 X

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VBA To Change Front To Red If Within 30 Days
How can I use a VBA to change the font color to red for all the dates on a sheet that are within 30 days of today?

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Summarize The Red Highlighted Parts Of The Code
I have the following code used to fill a listbox control .. and I added some conditions to the code in order to give special authorities to specific users depending on their position and unit? Authority, UserPositon and UserUnit are functions give the user's position, unit and his authority. Can we summarize the red highlighted parts of the code because I am going to use these parts in many other forms of my project?

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Do...while Loop: Check Until So Many Cells Have Been Marked Red
i'm having a bit of a issue with a do while loop. It might just be my complete lack of understanding, but i'll briefly explain what I am doing before I show you the code. I am marking cells with what I consider an invalid type for that cell red. Well unfortunatley in some sheets the number of invalid types is so high the macro crashes. So my bright idea was to inclose the check statment into a do while loop, that will only check until so many cells have been marked red. So I created a public variable, assigned it a value of 1. I then assigned the macro that marks the cell red to also take y and add 1. So in theory (mind you what I take for theroy might be in my head) it should only run until the paramaters of the do while are met which in this case are do while y < 20.

y = 1
Do While y < 20
Set MyRange = Intersect(Columns(7), ActiveSheet.UsedRange)
For Each r In MyRange
Next r

That is the snippet from the program calling the function, and here is the function

Public Function CheckDate()
If IsDate(r.Cells) = False And IsEmpty(r.Cells) = False Then
y = y + 1
End If
If r.Cells < 1 / 1 / 1910 And IsEmpty(r.Cells) = False Then
y = y + 1
End If
End Function

what i'm doing wrong here? Oh and y is assinged as a public varaible, integer data type.

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Disable Red X But Keep Enable File - Close Working
I want to hide all toolbars and disable the red X upon opening of the spreadsheet, and to restore the main toolbars upon closing. That worked perfectly. (when I used the black code -see below)
I added in the red code as i wanted to disable the red X as well to ensure that users will always close the EXCEL worksheet via a Macro button.

The Macro will save the spreadsheet and close the worksheet and the Private sub should restore the toolbars.

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Cell Bold And Font Size 12 And Highlight In Red
I am using this formula (Below) and it is working great. Only problem is that I want the client name to be be bold and font size 12, then I want it to highlight in Red. I also want the rows in colunm L to highlight in bright green.

Sub InputData()
Dim varUserInput As Variant
Dim LastRow As Integer

LastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "G").End(xlUp).Row + 1

varUserInput = InputBox("Enter client name:", _
"Client Name", "")
If varUserInput = "" Then Exit Sub
Range("G" & LastRow).Value = varUserInput
Range("G" & LastRow + 20).Value = "Total".......................

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Deficit Cells Highlighted In Red If The Deposits Are Less Than The Expenses.
****** http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">****** name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"> Deposits
Monthly Balance
$ 2,058.20
$ 1,509.10
$ 753.86
$ 549.10
$ 2,185.05
$ 1,939.35
$ 999.56
$ 245.70
$ 1,078.90
$ 1,278.50
$ 799.96
$ (199.60)

I want the Surplus/Deficit cells Highlighted in red if the Deposits are less than the expenses.

Can I this? Maybe using a macro or formula not entirely sure
If so how?

I would like to be able to this myself but could not figure it out using conditional formatting in Office 2007.

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Align The Red Figure With The Corresponding Description In The Yellow Cells
Is there a way where i can have the figures in Red align with the corresponding description.

As it is when i run my report the account code will come on top of the description and i want to find a way to align them in the yellow cells.

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Comment Feature Without The Red Triange On Cells With Comments
I'd like to know how to have the comment feature without the red triange on cells with comments. I didn't want to use data validation comments because I want the hover feature.

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Formatting Keyboard Commands (negatives In Red With Parenthesis)
I use keyboard commands whenever possible. They are much quicker than the mouse.

For years I have been using [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[1] to format cells as numeric with two decimal places, 1000 separator(,) and showing negative numbers in black with a minus sign in front.

I like to see negatives in red with parenthesis.

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Syntax For Bold&Red Marked Line
Below is a part of my code. But I am getting error on the bold&Red marked line.

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Red X Cross In Place Of Controls/Images/Pictures
I have created an excel application on a PC. Then i moved the file to a PC on which I've just installed office. When I open the file on the new PC - the controls show up where they are but then immediately disappear leaving a transoarent box with a red cross (where the control is supposed to be).

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How Do I Write A Positive/negative And Red/green Function?
I'm trying to make a "weight-based" spreadsheet. I want to show a difference between numbers so if an item lost 5 lbs, there would be a "-5" and it would be in green font showing good.

For example, a box weighs 20 lbs and then drops down to 15 lbs. This would be a good result. So I would have 20 lbs in A4 and 15 lbs in A6 and I want to show the difference in A8. However, since I want the box to lose weight, I want it to show a negative value of "-5" in green font meaning it is good. And vice versa, I want it to show "+3" in red font if the box gained weight.

I can't really figure out how to get the signs working properly. I'm assuming to use an "if" function in where if the difference is a loss, show the negative sign and have it in green font. And if the difference is a gain, show the positive sign in red font.

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Conditional Properties: If A Number In A Different Cell Is Above A Certain Number It Will Turn Green And Another Cell To Turn Red
can I set a cell in excel so that if a number in a different cell is above a certain number it will turn green and another cell to turn red. I have attached the file.

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Copy And Paste A Row When A Cell Is Filled With The Color Red
I would like the users to have the option of filling in the cells with "RED" by any means.

Here are the conditions or pseudo
If (any cell in Column X is RED)
Then (copy the row to Copy Rows Filled With Red)

If ( the cell in Column X is not longer RED)
Then (remove the row from Copy Rows Filled With Red)

In plain English, if the cell is filled with RED, it is copied over to sheet Copy Rows Filled With Red. Or if the cell is no longer filled with RED, it is removed from Copy Rows Filled With Red.

Please see attachment for explanation.

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Condtional Formatting; Highlights My Data Range In A Row Red
I have a spreadsheet with conditional formatting that highlights my data range in a row red when their is no data entered in cell (E2) with this formula =COUNTIF($E2,"")>0 Now my question is...How can I make the highlighting go away if I enter information into cell (C2)? I added another condtion that said =COUNTIF($C2,"")

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Copy And Paste A Row When A Cell Is Filled With The Color Red ..
I am trying to create an conditional statement using this code

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