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Convert To Numeric In VBA

I have some data fields (in yrs and days) as follows:

a = 5y020d
b = 2y225d
c = 12y003d

I need to add these three data items together in VBA to get a total yrs and days. The answer is then returned to an excel worksheet (sheet 1)

I have tried this:

a = LEFT (a, 1)

b = LEFT (b, 1)

this gives me the 5 and the 2 for the yrs but I am not sure how to get the days (20 and 225)

also, if I try and sum, i.e. a + b and then return to the spreadsheet i get 52 as the answer rather than 7 which is the answer i need. How can i convert this in the VBA correctly.

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Convert A Text Field To Numeric On Import
I have a fields coming in that are text but should be numeric. is there a formula I can put in the cell to convert it from text to numeric?

The original database has the numeric fields stored as text, but I need to import them into Excel and do calculations on them.

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Extracting A Numeric A Specific Numeric String From A Description Cell
I am trying to do is extract the volume size of products in 'ml'
from 10k plus products from a description field cell.
this description field could also contain the weight of the product in grams
so I cannot just do a search for a numeric string ,
it has to be associated with the milli-litres statement .

is is possible to do a sort of ' *ml ' search and then select and copy to another cell ???

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Finding A Non Numeric (or Numeric) Character In A Field
I have a few thousand products codes (i.e ABCD123BLA08 or SHU267BLA) They are non standardised in length or structure. I wish to pull out everything upto the end of the third numeric digit.( ie ABCD123 and SHU267) I cannot use left as they are all different lengths. Ideally i would serach for a non numeric char after the number then use left up to that point. Search can't do this, FIND can't do this.

ABCD123BLA08 would be ABCD123
SHU246BLU would be SHU246
I147ORT08-12 would be I147

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If Statement Numeric Or Alpha Numeric
I have a column that has cells with values as

C084111X AA
A001290U AA

I want to write an If Statement is a column next to each entry that denotes two options either Broker or Agent. Where the code is say 19352510 then Broker and where it is say C084111X AA then Agent.

Broker codes will never contain a letter. The Agent code will always start and finish with a letter.

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Getting Rid Of Every Non Numeric Characters
I have a cell that contains BYO CUSTOMER XYZ 76458992

I want the cell next to it to remove all of the letters and display only 76458992.

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Numeric Combination
on combination of numbers

on the extreme left column, i have 23 numbers from A1:A23. All 23 numbers are in the form of 4 digit. For example A1 there is 1234, i need to display the possible 3 digit combination of this in the same row (like say 123,124,234,134 in B1,C1,D1 AND E1).

Another example in A2 there is 3545, i need to display 354,455,355 in the same row in B2,C2,D2

I need to perform this operation for the 23 numbers on the extreme left row. Can give me some hint on the code.

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Getting Last Numeric Value In A Range
I am using this formula: =INDEX(A5:Z5,MATCH(9.99999999999999E+307,A5:Z5)).

All the cells in the range A5:Z5 contain SUM formulas for adjoining cells in rows 1 to 4. The above INDEX formula doesn't work in this situation because many of the formulas in row 5 return a 0 value because there is no data in rows 1 to 4. If I delete the formula from all these cells, the INDEX function works OK, but I'd rather not do this.

Is it possible to amend this formula so that it returns that last numeric value >0?

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Using 'Now()' As A Numeric String
I am trying to create what should be a unique string.

I figured the easiest way to do this would be to use the value given by Now().

However I can't find out how to actually get the result of Now() as a number.

If on a spreadsheet I put in a cell: =Now() and then format that cell as 'General' it gives me the number I am trying to get programatically.

I tried:

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Vba To Get The Numeric Value From Given String
IDMacro Out Put

I ahve a sheet having two column one is "ID" and other is "Macro Out Put" as shown above , is that possible with VBA code that it give the same result as i shown above in column "Macro Out Put". for reference i also attch the file

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Return The Last Numeric Value Above Zero
I have this issue and I can´t find the solution .
I need to have sometihng that copies only the last ( cell in the right) non-zero cell and past in the same row.
This macro or VBA code needs to search the row, and paste in a column the value of the last cell in the right.
The sheet I´m working have lots of rows and lots of columns. The columns are dates. And I need to have just a column in the end with the most recent data of each row.

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Check For Numeric VBA
in excel when im writing a vba macro is thier something that i specify to only find numerical, or only find alpha characters? what about in excel when im doing a odbc query?

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How To Represent Numeric Wildcard
In column A I have a sentence.

I would like column B to return TRUE if the sentence in column A contains any of the string below:


Where ¤ is any number from 1 to 9.

Is there a formula to do this, preferably without having to list all the possible combination of the list e.g. AAA1, AAA2, AAA3, and so on?

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Separating Alpha And Numeric
I have data in column with combination of alpha-numeric like "Member # 308166 RCI Number 4801-60436". can I split this without using copy and paste?

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Find Value Between Numeric Range
I have been looking for code samples using Find to search for values within or outside a given value range. I haven't come across any that are obvious to me so is it possible?

I am using a piece of code that jindon here on Ozgrid has so kindly been helping me with. The code below searches for a certain value and returns that value when found along with other values. I am trying to adapt this same code to work on other searches I perform.

An example I am looking at is finding any values in column "K" which are either less than 700 or greater than 1300. How would I alter this code to perform a search like that?

Option Explicit
Sub test7()
Dim r As Range, ff As String, txt As String
With Sheets("Sheet1")
Set r = .Columns("av").Find("D00025", , xlValues, xlWhole)
If Not r Is Nothing Then
ff = r.Address

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Restricting Cells To Numeric Only
I currently have an input screen where users copy and paste data from a seperate spreadsheet into a range of cells B11:B15 in the input screen.
A macro is assigned to then extract this data and paste into the recording sheets behind.

I would like to format somehow cells B11:B15 so that only numeric entries can be pasted in and not any alpha including #.

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Extract Numeric Characters
I have a column contains Postal Adress in more than 5000 rows. Column contains Door Number, Area, City and Zip code. I need to separate "Zip code" alone in next coulmn. Zip code (of India) will be in six digits like "600083" also some cases contain space in middle of zip code like "600 083" (after 3 digits). Is there any way to do this without doing cut & paste?

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Finding First Non-numeric Cell
Sub Test2()
'From the top down
If IsEmpty(Range("A1")) Then
Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
End Sub

I would like to change this to find the first non-numeric cell (technically the column i'm searching is dates, but i assume those are seen as being numerical). I tried to change this line:

If IsEmpty(Range("A1")) Then
If IsNumeric(Range("A1")) Then

But as many of you know it didn't work (i also tried variations of IsNumeric(Range("A1")).Value=True

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Extract Set Of Numeric Characters
I have a column contains Telephone numbers with or without area code and country code for across the country (India). I need to extract the telephone numbers alone (neither area code nor country code). Telephone numbers will be 6 or 7 or 8 digits (not more than that). Is it possible to extract any set of numbers contain 6 or 7 or 8 digits continously? Some of the cases contains 2 contact numbers (2 set of 6 or 7 or 8 digit characters, between special characters will be there like slash, comma, space, hypen, etc.,

Here are some examples: ....

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Date Format From Numeric
I get data in csv format from an external source.
The problem is that it gives me dates in a lousy format of ddmmyy

For example 120706 or 050606.

Excel doesn't recognise them as dates and just displays them as numbers (120706 or 50606)

I want to see them as dates, so I select the column and change the format to date
excel sees my "numbers" as a julian date, and jumps me forward to the dates 24/06/2230 and 20/07/2038 respectively.

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Find Numeric Value At End Of String
say I have a string that looks like this

C:Documents and Settingsme[test 2-2006.xls]Sheet1

I want to extract the DATE prior to .xls. I can get to this:
C:Documents and Settingsme[test 2-2006

It is possible that the filename would have numbers in it prior to the date.

I'm trying to figure out a way to get to the last SPACE in the string.

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How Do I Replace Numeric Values Only
When using the replace rule in Excel, you can use "?" to represent a standard variable, e.g. if you had the text "Bottle 100g", and you set the replace rule as "?g", it would delete the "g" and the four characters before it, leaving you with "Bottle".

However, if I have lots of replace rules to make in a file, and I only want to eliminate the numerical values before a letter, how do I go about doing this?

For example, if I had the text "Dog food 10g", and I made a replace rule "??g", it would leave me with " food ". What I would really need, is a way of taking away the numeric values before the "g", which would give me "Dog food".

Therefore, is there a unique identifier for numeric and/or text values?

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To Check 102 Fields If They Are Numeric
I have got 102 quantity of TextBoxes in my form.

Each field represents the number of "SALE QUANTITY" , "FREE GIVEN" , "RETURNED" products. We have got 34 PRODUCTS range. (34 x 3 fields = 102 textfields)

The name of the TextBox fields are as follows :

PR01S , PR01B , PR01K

PR02S , PR02B , PR02K



PR34S , PR34B , PR34K

All of the fields are required to be numeric data only. How can i check this fields to be numbers on the same time of the data input (or when jumping to the next field. There will be a message box mentioning that the field can only contain numbers + SetFocus to the wrong input field) ?

I dont want to write same code for each item, its too hard and long..

If i can solve this problem, then I will need help to enter the values from this fields to the worksheet because I must find a way to enter the values with a for next loop or something.. I dont want to do it one by one.

Here is how the form looks :

I dont know if there is a possibility to exclude the product to be entered in the worksheet if all 3 boxes are Zero (0) for that specific item.

Example : If all fields are "0" for item "Coke" then I dont want this products information entered in the excel worksheet.

0 Sale , 0 Free, 0 Return

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Max Of An Alpha-numeric List
I've got a list of reference numbers in column A


And I need to find what the biggest number is without resorting the list.

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Alpha Numeric Sort
I'm doing a sort of product codes which are of different character length with some numeric and others alpha-numeric.

A small section of the sort is below.

I want it to end up like this:


But the sort ends up like this:


In other words, I would like product codes where the last character is a letter to be sorted ahead of product codes where the last character is a digit. The way Excel is normally set up, it sorts in just the opposite way.

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Padding Numeric Values With 0's
I need a left side padding for numeric values to keep them in 4 digits
ie 1 becomes 0001, 25 becomes 0025 and 345 becomes 0345. Following is the custom number format I tried and it fails.


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Numeric Alpha Sort
I have an application where there is a column A with values of F1 through
F83. There is data in columns B,C,D,E,F AND G.

From time to time there is an addition in column A, the value being F1A or F2A etc.
The rows then have to be sorted so that F1A follows F1 and the next row would start with F2 rather than F10.

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Extract Numeric Value From Cell
I have compiled data from accross my branches, where in a 14 digit voucher number has been fed into the system along with data. The problem is that there is no unique format as this voucher number is fed in free format area.
i need to extract this consignment number from the cell value. for example,
A10 Contains "voucher No 12345678901234 paid"
A11 Contains "spl cons 15454563218921 thru person"
A12 Contains "incurred for recurring exp 45678932145826"
writing a macro to extract this 14 digit voucher number.

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Calculating Non-Numeric Cells
I need to find the number of cells containing a specific word. Here's an example:

Site # Visit
1001 12-Aug-2008
1001 LATE
1002 08-Jul-2008
1003 09-Aug-2008
1004 LATE
1005 12-Aug-2008
1005 LATE

I need a formula that will calculate how many "LATE" cells there are.

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Force Numeric Input
I want to force the user to input a numeric value in a textbox and for a message to pop up if a letter is typed, what code do i use?

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Numeric Up Down Tool On Userform
Do we have NumericUpDown Tool Control in MS Excel 2003 that can be employed on a userform. The one similar to the numericupdown of VB.NET. I want to restrict user to input only numerals. Though I can use IsNumeric Validation in Textbox_Change event but still I was curious to know if there is any other in-built function in MS Excel.

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VLookup :: Last Row And Get The Required Numeric Value
I have two columns E, F in excel. Rows are dynamic. In the sense that sometimes only 2 rows appear or sometimes newer rows appear......

Now I want to lookup the last row and get the required numeric value. I have written the following formula to get the result. =VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE("E",SUM(COUNTA(E2:E16),1)),E2:F16,2). It returns value 60. But when I add 2 new rows.

7 F 70
8 J 90

It should return 90. But it is still showing up 60. when i checked CONCATENATE("E",SUM(COUNTA(E2:E16),1)). it is returning 'E8' correctly. But VLOOKUP unable to return correct value.

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Display Alphabet Before Numeric
Col A has a list, mixture of letters and numbers. By default excel sorts the numbers in order and then the letters. How do I display the letters A-Z first and then the numbers?!

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Numeric Symbols In Formulas
some times we use numeric symbols with formulas such as subtotal(109,a1:a100)
109 here meaning the visible cells only. well, Iwant to know if other numeric symbols also used in formulas !

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Numeric To Text Conversion
I often use vlookups that fail because of numeric/text discrepancies. I was always taught that if you're not going to do math on a field, it should be text. Such as zip codes or social security number.

Anyway, I know the easy way to convert text to numbers is paste special > multiply by 1. But what's the easiest way to convert numeric to text?

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Subtotal Numeric Columns
I get delivered flat files of data sometimes with 10 columns of data, sometimes with 20 or more. It could be alpha or numeric

I want to programatically subtotal all the columns that hold numeric data, ignoring dates. I know that the subtotal will always be grouped by the first column, but then the numeric columns could be in any of the remaining 19 or so columns.

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Check If 1st X Characters Are Numeric
In my column of text strings, I have a multiple format of strings make-up. Below is just one of them I have to check that the first 6 are digits from 0 to 9, and it is followed by a hypen. If condition is true, the first 6 digits is the output (ie. 345678).


=IF(ISNUMBER(--(MID(A1, FIND("-",A1)-1,1))--(MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)-2,1))--(MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)-3,1))--(MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)-4,1))--(MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)-5,1))--(MID(A1,FIND("-",A1)-6,1))),LEFT(A1,FIND("-",A1)-1))

However, if I were to continue doing this for other strings, I would soon run out of characters limit that is allowed in a cell. I wonder whether a formulae such as below is valid? Any suggestion or help for a shorter formula is very much appreciated.


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Macro Does Not Run With Numeric Values
The Macro below will not combine numeric values Just Text. I get a Type Mismatch Error When I open It. I need for this macro to run with Numeric Values 1,2,3,etc.

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Searching For Numeric Value Greater Than 3
I have a macro which does a check on certain fields to see if any are greater than the value 3. The cells are in the same column, but goes 33 rows down from the starting point. If it finds it, a messagebox appears to the user. It works fine if it finds values 4 through 9,but does not work with values greater than 9. (I have had data with values of 17 and 22 to test) I first checked the cell types to make sure everything was the same, and it is. Below is my coding, do I have to add something infront of the Value property?

'I have selected the cell where I need to start from
For Each i In Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(33, 0))
If i.Value > "3" Then
MsgBox ("Pieces per shipment is greater than 3." _
& Chr(13) & "It's value is " & "'" & i.Value & "'" & " found in cell: " & i.Address _
& Chr(13) & ". Profile must go to Finance for review")
End If
Next i

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Finding Numeric Value Of Column
how I can get the userform to close when another worksheet is selected. what I really need is for the userform to just show on one worksheet (not close) Is that possible? If not I want to be able to re-size the userform when another worksheet is selected (like getting it to minimise)

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Numeric Variable For Sheet Name
I have a workbook with a lot of sheets. The names of these sheets are numbers ranging from 000001 to 999999, and are listed in column A in the Sheet TOTAL. Moreover these numbers (and the appropriate sheets) built 9 groups out of which every group has its own individual Tab color, also used in the A column of the TOTAL Sheet to differentiate between these groups. Now I want the following code to get data from each of the sheet belonging to a certain group and paste it to one of the 9 extra sheets (SH1, SH2, SH3... SH9) basing on the color of the sheet. The specified rng range is in the Sheet TOTAL (the names of all of the sheets are stored there).

Sub allinone()
Dim rng, c As Range
Set rng = Range([a2], [a2].End(xlDown))
For Each c In rng
If c.Interior.ColorIndex = 4 And c > 0 Then
Worksheets("SH1").Range("A65535").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _...................

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Remove All Non Numeric Characters
The macro I have select 2 columns and 2000 rows. I need a VBA code that will loop through each of these 4000 cells and remove all characters (replace them with blanks) that are not a number, a period or a decimal. Characters from other languages like Chinese, Japanese and Russian should also be removed.

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Textbox Numeric Validation
i am using this code which was provided by a kind ozgrid member

If Not IsNumeric(Me.txtLength.Value) Then MsgBox "Use numbers only", vbCritical, "Numbers Only"
With txtLength
.SelStart = 0
.SelLength = Len(txtLength)
End With

unfortunately it will not allow me to use a decimal point EG: 2.5. allow a deciaml point?

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Converting A String To A Numeric Date
I need to be able to locate a date in a spreadsheet bassed uppon a user input date. I am looking for the week that contains the user's date. However it seems even if I initialize the value as Date, it still reads the user's input as a string.

Is there an easy way make sure the system automaticaly recognizes the user's input as a date, or is there a way to quicly convert the string to a date?

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Trim Numeric Characters After The Decimal
I have something simple (i think) but i cant think it through. I have a range of cells that are populated by a link and so even though the value shows #,### It really shows #,###.########

I would like to trim everything after the decimal point without having to adjust format of the range since some cells are general format and others are Percentage format but they all suffer from .####### HOWEVER, the last digits are variable and never the exact same amount of characters.

for each cell in range("C4:J9")
if cell.value "" then
end if
next cell

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Identifying Numeric Data With MS Query
I am trying to slim down my database results in Excel via MS Query by searching for Part ID's that are numeric (we have parts that also contain letters....I want to weed those out).

In all my searching on the web, I thought the ISNUMERIC() function should be the function for this, but I keep getting an ORA-00904::"ISNUMERIC":invalid identifier....

Is this function supposed to work or is there another function that will do this

This is my SQL statement so far, which works to get parts that are 6 characters long only:

When I change it to this to get parts that are numeric, it gives the error above:


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Counting Unique Numeric Values
I have created a calendar in Exel for individuals to put in their time at the bottom for everyday I have put in a total. Is there a formula that I can sum the dates, pick a certain time from those date and get my total hours for that particular week?

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Extract Numeric Part From The String End
Extract Numeric Part From The String End with a macro, that J8 will turn 8, and R4 will turn 4.

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Numeric String Manipulation Query
I have a sizable spreadsheet, which has one column where the cells are mostly numeric strings of up to 6 numbers - there are variations, which I will mention.

What I need to do, is to treat the numbers as individual figures, and add them, then divide by the number of figures. e.g. cell value '123456' I need to process as (1+2+3+4+5+6)/6.

The variations are that '0' has to be added as 10, and any letters need to be added as 12. '-' and '/' which are the only non-alphanumeric values should be ignored.

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Check If Any Cells In Range Are Numeric
If I have the following cells and values

A1 = 0
A2 = 0
A3 = ""
A4 = 0

I want a vba if statement that makes A5 = "Numeric.

If I have:
A1 = 0
A2 = 0
A3 = A
A4 = 0

I want A5 to = "Non Numeric"

Similarly if:
A1 = ""
A2 = ""
A3 = ""
A4 = ""

I want a5 to = "Non Numeric"

Is there a way to do this without looping through each cell in the range?

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Sum Numeric Values That Include Units
I have lists of room areas in metres squared, I extract the web based lists to excel: for example.

10.56 m2
14.23 m2
21.34 m2

How do i calculate the total of these amounts?
Is there a formular to remove the "m2"?

I have tried using =SUBSTITUTE(A1,"m2","") which deletes the "m2" from the cell, but then I can't use =SUM(A1:A3) as this totals the 3 cells as 0.

If i use =SUM(A1+A2+A3) the total is correct, but I have over 3000 cells in one column to add together.

Is there a formula or something to remove all instances of "m2" or "m3" from the whole sheet or another way i can calculate the totals.

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