Formula- Creates Random Number

Apr 2, 2007

i have the formula =CHAR(INT(RAND()*25)+65) which creates random number when dragged from say C1 TO C6 however i need the 3rd 4th or 5th character to be a random number between one and 9 is this possible?

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Formula That Creates Unique Number For Repeating List Numbers?

Jun 26, 2013

I need a formula that will add .1, .2, .3, etc. to a repeating list number. See the example below.
Project Work Id



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How To Start From Specified Number In Random Formula

Jan 5, 2014

I have the following formulae to pick up a random number from 0 to 9999.


I want to start this random search from a specified number. for example if i press F9 it should show 3456 at first press and then onward.

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Random Number Generator Formula

Jan 27, 2009

I have 4 names, and a grid of 100 boxes. I need those 4 names randomly deposited in the 100 boxes, making sure each name is displayed an equal number of times (25 each) Is there an Excel formula to compute this?

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Formula For Drawing Cards Off Random Number?

Dec 19, 2013

I am creating a "board game" type game in excel and one of the functions will be landing on a cell. When you are on this cell you click the checkbox to the left of it which then flips the value to true. I then have another formula generating a random number between 1 and 100 if the value is true. I would like to make cards in a separate sheet out of single cells but make about 40-50 of them maybe less. I want it to be able to pull a card(cell's) contents into another cell on another sheet. But I want it to be a random card associated with the random number generator. I can definitely make changes if this isn't possible but the point of it is to show the contents of one of the random cards.

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Formula To Return Random Number From A List And Associated Name

Feb 12, 2009

My objective is to take two different random counts of numbers written in column b, ranging from B9:B66. However I want to highlight the specific fields listed in the example below, and pull random numbers from those selected fields only. Then I want to pull another set of random numbers in the same column B9:B66, however using a different specific set of fields within column B; as shown in the second random formula string. Use the Press 9 feature to randomly select the two different numbers. What this attempt is trying accommplish is selecting one boy, one girl who have assigned numbers adjacent to their names(name field populated in column c).
What am I doing in correctly?

HTML Formula written to B70

Formula written to B72

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Formula To Total Column With Random Number Of Rows

Apr 6, 2009

I am copying various rows from one spreadsheet to another (sheet3) and would like to total one of the columns. The trouble is that since I don't know how many rows there will be I am having trouble inserting a formula that will work. I am sure that there must be a simple solution but I can't seem to find it.

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Formula Required To Take First Letter In 1 Cells And Add Random Number To Create Unique ID

Mar 27, 2014

I have 1200 doctor/patient records to input into an excel spreadsheet for import to an online EHR database. I can set up all the normal formulas and formatting but for the life of me not figure out how to create a custom formula to take the first letter of the patient first name and last name and add 6 figures to create a unique patient identifier.

ie. James + Smith+ random 6 figures = JS245318.

In my spreadsheet the first name is under Column 1, Last name Column 3 and the unique number generated in column 4.

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Number Enter Creates New SHEETS And Auto Assign Names

Jun 29, 2007

B20 is the number that the user enters. It can be any number and it will create new sheets below and text of sheet name in B21:F21.

If i change the sheet name below, B21:F21 would also automatically change.

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Use A Macro That Creates Sheets And Places Formula In Cells

Jun 20, 2006

I am trying to use a macro that creates sheets and places formulae in cells but the resulting formulae are not what I coded. Here is similar

Function CreateSheet(i As Integer)
Dim CellAddress As String
Set Adjustment = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(6, 3 + 4 * i)
Celladdress = Adjustment.Address(ReferenceStyle:=xlR1C1)
With Selection
.Offset(22, 9).Formula = "=Sheet2!B14*Rating!" & CellAddress
.Offset(23, 9).Formula = "=Sheet2!C14*K4*Rating!" & CellAddress
.Offset(24, 9).Formula = "=Sheet2!D14*K5*Rating!" & CellAddress
End With.............

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Changing Text In One Cell Creates Formula Change In Column Below?

Apr 1, 2014

I have a list of pricing and I want to be able to change the text of cell, say "D1", which says "Standard" to say "Premium" and all the formulas would change in accordance. The "Standard" pricing would be, Starting D2, "=C2*.3" and I want them all to go to "Premium" pricing which would be formula "=C2*.35".

What would be the best method of creating this function or formula?

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Create Formula That Creates Average But Excludes Top 10% And Bottom 10% Values?

May 5, 2014

how to create a formula that creates an average but excludes the top 10% and bottom 10% values?

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Random Number

Dec 10, 2006

How do I make a row of 5 random numbers in A2:A6 that are not the same as each other. It's basically for a Bingo card. I have a formula that can calculate the random numbers =INT(RAND()*15)+1 under the B's for example, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it so they are not the same.

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Random Number In VBA

Oct 13, 2009

How can I make sure that I can generate random numbers that don't repeat using the rnd function in VBA.

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Random Number Between Two Numbers VBA

Jan 3, 2014

I have build a system that needs a lot of random numbers generated to work.

I have used what I thought would work to generate me these numbers like this example:

Lastrow = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("RPlay").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
RPlayerNum = Int((Lastrow - 2 + 1) * Rnd + 2)

This would generate a random number into RPlayerNum variable, based on the list in sheet RPlay, missing off row 1 as the header.

However we have noticed a massive flaw in this code.... It works as long as the excel file is open, each time run it gives a different random number. However if you close the excel file and open it, then run it, it ALWAYS gives the same number first run, every time.

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Random Number For Group

May 18, 2014

How to generate random 50 number with 10 group..

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How To Generate Random Number Between 0.8 And 1.2

Jan 3, 2014

Is it possible to use the =randbetween() function to generate a random number between 0.8 and 1.2.

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Random Number Counting

Sep 21, 2009

If I generate a random number in cell A1 ranging from 1 to 3. Can I count how many times the result is equal to 2 if I was to run it 100 times and then show the results in cell A3.

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Create Random Number From 3-10

May 5, 2009

I have a formula to generate a random number between 0 and 10.

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Random Number Select

Feb 5, 2007

I need a macro that will select a random number between 1 and 6. ie select the number of a dice. It needs to input 1 random value into one cell and another random value into another. Like the dice values of a monopoly game.

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Generate Random Number

Oct 11, 2007

is if there is a way to generate random numbers between 0001 and 9999. I always need to always have 4 digits. The first couple of numbers can be 0 so that I can maximize the number of variations.

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Random Number Selection...

Apr 19, 2006

random number selection...

i have a list of 200 items (rows) and i would like to "randomly" select 30 of them...(next month i will get another 200...)

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MC W/Random Number Generation

May 4, 2006

I get the following error whenever I try running a Monte Carlo simulation with iterations in excess of 64000 (The MC simulation calls the 'NormSInv' worksheet function at least once per iteration, and the argument to the 'NormSInv' function is always a standard normal RANDOM number also generated by Excel VBA): Run-time error '1004': Unable to get the NormSInv property of the WorksheetFunction class
Why do I inevitably encounter this error ONLY when the number of iterations exceeds 64000, for instance? Simulations with iterations < 64000 run smoothly without a glitch.

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Recalculating A Random Number

Jun 2, 2006

I am using the data analysis add-in to generate a random number (using the random number generation) using a normal distribution. The problem is, i want it to recalculate these numbers every time the worksheet is recalculated but the numbers seem to be values only.

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Generate Random Number Between

Nov 28, 2006

i have worked in access using vba procedures. i can easily create a form in access that generates a random integer number between 0 and 20 and the user will guess the number between 1 to 20 if the random number is 16 and the user enters 14 the program will display a msg box saying too low or too high. here is the code .

Option Explicit
Private Const MAX = 20
Private Const MIN = 1
Private iKey As Integer
Private lTries As Long

Private Function Random() As Integer
Random = CInt(Int((MAX - MIN + 1) * Rnd() + MIN))
End Function

Private Sub cmdGuess_Click()
Dim lGuess As Long

now i have to do the same thing in excel create a program that will ask the user to enter numbers between 0 to 20 and see if the random number and user guess is same or not. but i have never worked in excel using vba procedures how can i achieve the same thing in excel using a vba procedures.

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Random Number On Specified Date

Dec 20, 2006

I have a random number generater but it creates a new random number whenever I recalculate the sheet or enter something in another cell. I would like it to choose a random number once and not do it again until a condition, specificaly a date, is met.

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Timer On Random Number

Aug 29, 2007

how to put time delay on my program?

like it will generate again every 9 minute?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim x As String, i As Byte
x = Format$(Int(Rnd * 1899) + 1, "0000")
For i = 1 To Len(x)
Me.Controls("TextBox" & i).Value = Mid$(x, i, 1)
End Sub

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Rule For Random Number To Be Picked Up?

Jun 24, 2014

is there any rule for random number to be picked up? Any Rule, Any Formulae, Any Calculation Anything, Any authentic routine which may guess what would be the next random number? for example if first random number is 825587 then what would be the next?

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Advanced Random Number Generation

Jul 29, 2009

I understand how RAND and RANDBETWEEN work, but have a slightly more complicated random number generation problem that requires a number that isn't solely between two numbers.

I have one cell that is randomly generating a number between 0 and 350 (we'll call this value A) and another randomly generating a number between 0 and 15 (value B). Then, I have a third cell (value C) that equals 15 minus B. Where I am having trouble is with a fourth cell (value D). This cell I want to have randomly generate a number between 0 and 350 but it needs to be D less than the value in A or C more than the value in A. Is there an advanced random number generation technique that can solve this?

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Generating Random Number List

Oct 20, 2009

I have a spreadsheet of 1000+ companies and I want to take a random sampling of 100 of them. I would assume this could be accomplished by auto-filling a numerical value to each line of data (which I did), then scrambling only the column with the numbers (which I can't figure out), and then selecting the entire text and resorting it to put the numbers back in order and then just work with the first 100 rows (which I can do, if I knew how to make the numbers random).

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