Generate Random Numbers From A Frequency List

Jun 21, 2007

I have a frequency list (frequency per year) resulted from previous calculation. What I want is to generate random number as many as the frequency in the specified year, so that every year I will get the same amount of random numbers as the frequency. It is kind of the opposite of FREQUENCY function (but with random numbers involved). I need to use the result for further calculation.

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Generate Random Numbers In Random Cells

Sep 18, 2009

I am working on a Random Cycle Count Generator that provides random SKU#s based on 3 separate columns of SKU listings. The user clicks a button to generate the SKU#s to cycle count for that day. What I would like to see is a date stamp in the columns next(B,D,F) to the referenced SKU listing(A,C,E) based on which SKU#s are generated. This will let me see the last date that the SKU was generated. I would also like it to automatically save after generating.

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Generate Random Numbers?

Aug 19, 2014

I am creating an excel spread sheet for a project I am doing, I need to create a daily chart for 6 months of water usage that results in averaging set targets.

I have made a chart with the average uses per day but would like to have daily numbers that average out to what i have but in a random sequence e.g. i have that a shower uses 320 litres per day for 2 people is there a way i can make a chart that says: 300 (a1) 340(a2) 260(a3) 360(a4) etc i need to do this for 180 days with random numbers generated to average the same overall. I dont know even how to generate random numbers.

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Generate Random Numbers Between 0-9

Feb 1, 2009

I am trying to generate random numbers between 0 - 9 in ten cells that do not repeat an always include every value 0 - 9 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4,...9). The object is to have the numbers randomize each time. So cells A1:A10 could look like this:


Or, they could look like this:


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How To Generate 100 Random Numbers Between 100 And 300

May 14, 2014

generate 100 random numbers between 100 and 300 in some range of cells like A1:j10

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Generate Random Numbers To Specific Value

Aug 24, 2014

Any way/method to make a certain number of cells randomly generate to a specific value you want? I only want to use the number from 1 to 60.


1 37
2 29
3 34
4 2
5 58
6 38
7 =198

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Generate Unique Random Numbers

Oct 7, 2005

I want to generate numbers (1 to 15) in cells A1 through O1, but the
number in each cells should be unique compare to the other cells, how
can I do it? If I use =randbetween(1,15), I can not get unique number
in each cell, some numbers are duplicated.

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How To Use RAND To Generate Random Numbers Between 0.25 And 0.5

May 23, 2013

How do I use RAND to generate random numbers between 0.25 & 0.5?

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Generate A Dataset (random Numbers, Mean, Etc)

Mar 17, 2008

I'm trying to generate a dataset to use as an example in a class I'm helping out with.
I want 75 cases (that is, 75 rows)

Column A
randomly pick 1 or 2

Column B
60% 1 and 40% 2 randomly assigned to cases 1-75 (Thus, 45 1's and 30 2's randomly assigned to rows 1-75)

Column C
Randomly pick from the range of numbers 18-65. Make sure the mean for the column is 48.72.

Column D
Randomly pick from the range of numbers 1-7. Make sure the mean for the column is 5.49.

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Generate X Random Numbers Adding Up To 1

Feb 24, 2008

I've got a problem with creating random numbers for a fictional portfolio. I've to have a row of random number but they have to add up to 1. Example: Need random numbers from B1-B11

under constraint: Sum(B1-B11) = 1

I tried to do it with the solver addin, but it only takes simple numbers as a constraint.

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Generate Random Numbers With The The Constraint That The Maximum Value Is 40

Feb 25, 2009

I am trying to generate random numbers with the the constraint that the maximum value is 40 and the most likely value is around 40% of the maximum value. Are there any distributions (lognormal??) that would suit this requirement? Is there any way I can do this in Excel?

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VBA To Generate Random 5 Digit Serial Numbers?

May 31, 2014

I have a userform for keeping records and would love to incorporate a new feature. I would want to generate a random serial number for each entry made with the userform.

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Button To Generate Random String Of Numbers

Feb 25, 2009

I've been using excel for quite sometime but have never tried the macro system or posting VBA code so I'm wanting to get my feet wet with a little project.

I want to make a button on a sheet that when pressed generates a random number between 3 and 18, ideally it would make a new set of random numbers if pressed again.

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Generate Random Numbers In The Selected Range

Dec 12, 2007

I need to generate random numbers in the selected range. I've looked at quite a few posts on the topic of random numbers, but I can't find one that will fill the selected range with numbers.

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How To Generate Random Numbers In Range 1:20 With Unique Results

Mar 22, 2014

In an earlier life I was tasked with finding a "random" method of selecting two numbers from a "1 to 20" range so that the generated numbers can be applied to an set of people who will be partnered in a golf game draw.

It is only one draw per year so I don't care if the players have previously played together in past years.

easily be modified by a "passable knowledge level" person to be able to select a mystery "9" out of 18 holes that count for scores that particular round.

(btw: this is an issue only for the 20 guys who go away once a year to play golf, the world will not collapse if I have to draw numbers out of a hat, just looking for a slightly more elegant solution and I already have a few scoring macros so my first guess (but not only possibility) is VBA)

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Generate A Random List In A Column That Adds Up To A Fixed Amount

Aug 17, 2008

i had a basic spreadsheet for my incomings and i got wiped with my hd exploding!! i know how much the total was i just need a way of creating a list of random amounts within a specified range over a year to give to my accountant.

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Script For Generate 6 Numbers Of These Numbers From The List?

Mar 15, 2014

Is there any script that I generate 6 numbers of these numbers from the list? so they do not recur after another example 7,12,13,19,26,33

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Relating List Of Random Numbers To A List Of Names To Create Rota

Nov 21, 2013

I'm trying to create a staff rota which will populate a rota randomly when prompted - I have been trying to find some way of connecting the random lists and the staff names, though this has proved difficult (to say the least!). How best to proceed? I'm also fully aware of the possibility that my present design will also double book people (place then on reception and telephone duty simultaneously).

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Generate Recurrence Frequency Report

Nov 30, 2012

I am trying to generate a recurrence frequency report and this is what I have been doing manually, (to long by hand)

=FREQUENCY(B3:G38,I1:I53) and so on until I reach =FREQUENCY(B18:G53,I1:I53)

I want the out put in J:AA

my data is B1:G53

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Using VBA Code To Generate List Of Consecutive Numbers And Convert Into String

Jan 10, 2013

If n = 5, then I want to generate a string like this: "1+2+3+4+5". Similarly, if n = 7, I want the string "1+2+3+4+5+6+7".

I can generate the consecutive numbers, but have not figured out how to generate the required string.

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List Of Random Numbers That AVERAGE A Predefined Number

Mar 13, 2007

I want to create a long list of 10,000 random numbers between -100 and +150, but do it so that the average of all the random numbers equals 20.

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List Random Numbers Being Passed To TextBox Controls

Sep 3, 2007

how to display the result i made in macro to active worksheet so that i can keep a record of the result made in my random generator,

Sub timer()
TextBox1 = ""
TextBox2 = ""
TextBox3 = ""
TextBox4 = ""
Dim x As String, i As Byte
x = Format$(Int(Rnd * 1899) + 1, "0000")
For i = 1 To Len(x)
Me.Controls("TextBox" & i).Value = Mid$(x, i, 1)
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:03")

End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()

End Sub

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Pivot Table Layout - Generate List Of Unique Names And Their Associated Phone Numbers

Mar 18, 2013

I've read a lot of tutorials on how to use pivot tables, but found them either too basic, or too advanced, and never finding any example of what I am looking to do.

I have a database, column A holds names, and column B their phone numbers. I'd like to generate a list of unique names and their associated telephone numbers. I figure I can use a pivot table to do this.

But I do not quite understand how to format the pivot table to put the name in one column and the phone number in the next. I will use this pivot table as a vlookup range. I assume I can do this.

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How To Generate Random Text

Sep 26, 2009

I was just wondering if there is a way to make rand or randbetween functions work with text. Alternatively, is there another function that will allow me to do this, without adding numbers in the parallel row.

I want the column, to randomly choose between "male" and "female". I do not want to add additional rows or columns preferably..

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How To Generate Random Number Between 0.8 And 1.2

Jan 3, 2014

Is it possible to use the =randbetween() function to generate a random number between 0.8 and 1.2.

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Generate Random Number

Oct 11, 2007

is if there is a way to generate random numbers between 0001 and 9999. I always need to always have 4 digits. The first couple of numbers can be 0 so that I can maximize the number of variations.

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Generate A Random Integer

Oct 22, 2008

I want excel to generate a random integer between 132 and 321 and place it into cell B10. What formula would I need to enter into cel B10 to do this

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Generate Random Number Between

Nov 28, 2006

i have worked in access using vba procedures. i can easily create a form in access that generates a random integer number between 0 and 20 and the user will guess the number between 1 to 20 if the random number is 16 and the user enters 14 the program will display a msg box saying too low or too high. here is the code .

Option Explicit
Private Const MAX = 20
Private Const MIN = 1
Private iKey As Integer
Private lTries As Long

Private Function Random() As Integer
Random = CInt(Int((MAX - MIN + 1) * Rnd() + MIN))
End Function

Private Sub cmdGuess_Click()
Dim lGuess As Long

now i have to do the same thing in excel create a program that will ask the user to enter numbers between 0 to 20 and see if the random number and user guess is same or not. but i have never worked in excel using vba procedures how can i achieve the same thing in excel using a vba procedures.

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Generate Random ID & Increment Others

May 16, 2008

I'm using Excel to generate a userid based upon criteria (e.g. IF column A = 2, and not in array(another sheet), use a random id). This works, but I want an incremental id (whether already used up).

I am using =MAX(IF(LEFT(Users!B1:B19900)="2",Users!B1:B19900)) to get the highest number in the array ...

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To Generate Some Random Problems. But The 1milion

Dec 15, 2008

name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">****** name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">****** name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"> Generate random problems
In addition to data from af directory i got it must be possible to solve some home-made problems. Therefore i need to make a program that can generate new problems in Excel - likely on the same sheet used for the imported problems (another code i got).

It should be possible to specify the size of the problem, in other words the number of cities. Like the problems from the same directory. The problems i am generating have to consist of a number of cities with its x-y-coordinates. It will be useful if the program or the user sets a minimum and maximum value of the allowed x-y values so they are within a certain interval.

Do i need a very big code for this?

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