How To Insert A Row Into Every Other Row

Feb 4, 2010

could someone tell me how to insert a row into every other row in excel without clicking every single row to insert?

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Excel 2010 :: Cell Insert In One Column To Insert In Other Columns?

Mar 23, 2012

I have a master data sheet with four columns, A, B, C and D

Column A has the primary data and B,C,D has dependent data values;

So when I insert a new cell in Column A with cells Shift Down, I want mandatorily new cells to be inserted in the same row in col B, C and D as well so that data integrity is maintained;

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Insert Excel Formula Using VBA......MATCH Function Is What I Want To Insert

May 7, 2009

I can use the MATCH function when i am in excel but i am having trouble getting it to work when i am trying to insert the formula using VBA.

Here is the code i have but it wont even compile........

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Insert New Row In Vba

Jan 21, 2010

I have extracted a portion of a record from the original file attached herein What I have been trying to do is to manually insert a new line after the last record of each country_id. and I need to the routine for about 3500 line items with over 130 country id instance.

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Look-up And Insert Row

Jan 10, 2007

In column B, there is a list of companies. In column C there is the sales value for each company with sub totals after each type of company. For eg:

B3 - Header 1
B4 - Company name
B5 - Company name
B6 - Sub Total

B8 - Header 2
B9 - Company name
B10 - Company name
B11 - Sub Total

What I need to do is create a macro to look down column B for the cell containing "Sub Total" and insert a new row above. I will create a button to do this. So, if I want to add a new company under header 1 I will press button 1 and a row will be inserted above the header 1 sub total. The same will apply if I want to add a new company under header 2 and so on.

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Insert New Row Above A Row

Jun 22, 2007

How can I insert a row immediately above a row containing the term "Score" in column B that is say cell B9 contains the term "Score" then on running the macro it will insert a row at row 9 and will pull down the row containing "score" to row 10 and so on.

Can a macro to this be provided?

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Insert Row Every Other Row

Feb 22, 2008

I need to find a macro or formula to insert a row between data entries. The number of entries may vary. I am a beginner with formulas and VBA codes. Please see the example I have attached.

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Insert Row With Same Format As Row Below It

Dec 31, 2012

I am stuck because I am inserting a row in a spot that is sometimes below the Labels row, and sometimes its not. So i want it to insert the row, but i want it to take the formatting from the row below it. this is my current insert row code line:

VB : Cells(RowNum2, 1).Offset(1).EntireRow.Insert

How do I alter this so that it copy the format from the row below it instead of the above row which seems to be the default?

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Insert Empty Row If...

Feb 12, 2009

I've encountered another thing during my data analysis that I would like excel to do for me (less work, more fun ) I basically have a **** load of columns and rows, where different ppl are represented on different rows. Every person has an ID nr. between 1 and 279. My column A holds those ID numbers. I want excel to make a new empty row between every person. So if column A looks like


I want it to be



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Possible To Insert Bullets?

Jul 11, 2009

Is it Possible to Insert Bullets in Excel. If i want to Insert Bullets i have to Open the word and Paste in Excel. I know the Only Bullets which can be Insert in Excel i.e ALT+0149

Also, Want Other Bullets.

See the Attached ....

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Compare A To B(C) And Insert C For A

Feb 23, 2010

A is a list of numbers 12345, 23456, 34567 etc all unique, ascending sort
B is a list of types, its either 1 or 11 or 3
C is a list of the same numbers as A but they are not sorted and that cant be changed

D is where I need to insert the type (1, 11, 3) for each number in C

Ideally, it will take A2, find it in column Cxxx, and insert the type from B2 to Dxxx and continue doing it for each row

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Insert Cell Value To Another?

Jan 25, 2013

I've got some data that I need to write into database which is listed in Excel. For each row I want to do something like this: Let's say we are in 7th row INSERT INTO someTable(colA, colB) values(A7, B7) where colC='C7' (I want to have it in next cell and then copy it to SQL Management Studio)

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How To Insert Group Between Another

Jun 10, 2013

How to insert a group between another - see att. picture.

I have tried several solutions but havent yet found the right one.

The rows are not locked.

Picture: Capture.PNG

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VBA To Insert New Sheet?

May 8, 2014

The code below runs fine except when I insert the sheet_name_to_create line towards the bottom. Something seems to be wrong with the syntax, but I can not figure it out. Basically, I am trying to create one button that will classify and after that insert a new worksheet.


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Add A Box To Insert Picture?

May 12, 2014

how i can add a box on my sheet when i click on it to open the insert picture (or open picture). I need this for my recipes. I try the Image (Image ActiveX Control) but i do not now how to make it work. Also i try to insert picture each time but it takes me time to move it and re-size it every time. I need a faster way to add my pictures fast and in the same position every time.

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Insert With Count

May 28, 2014

I use this Macro to insert months in Column D the only issue I had is it does not stop when adjacent column C stop.

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VBA To Insert Row After Specific Row?

May 30, 2014

I currently have a protected worksheet which prevents the user from inserting row.

User however will be able to add a new row via Userform.

I was able to add a new row by this method, but for only after the active(selected) cell.


However, in the user form, i have a textbox1 and the value of the texetbox1 will dictate where the new row should be created. So for ex, if textbox1 = 10, the new row should be created after row 10 thus becoming row 11.

So i tried the following code and am having no luck at all...

[Code] ....

As a secondary question, after the new row is created, is there any way to populate the cells in the newly created row with values from the texboxes from the same userform?

So for ex, textbox2 = "This is Document" then C11 should read This is Document

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Insert All Of The Rows At Once

Mar 12, 2007

Is there a way to have a sort of programmed button that could be pressed that would insert all of the rows at once? Or perhaps a new line could be generated for each table with the only missing data being the values that would have to input manually?

To make it more clear I have attached a sample table. In the sample table, what I would want to do is insert a row at row 47 and at row 93. I want to do these at the same time easily. Keeping in mind that there are 40 some other tables arranged in series like that in one single spreadsheet. I cannot simply hit ctrl and select the two rows and then insert both rows, this would be equally as time consuming to do for all of the rows that would have to be added. Also, in the attached table, most of the values are either calculated values or are hard set numbers. The manually inputted values occur in columns B, E, and F. Everything else is copied down from the previous line.

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Rows Insert?

Oct 31, 2008

Why is my code below doesn't work on Book2. The code is on Book1. If I'm on Book2 and run the macro, it applies the macro on Book1 and not Book2.

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Insert Row Macro

Dec 30, 2008

I would like to find the code to make a button in excel, that when clicked, will insert a new row into the last row of a section so that the formatting is the same as a sample of other rows in that section, but it will be clear of data and only contain the correct formatting. I would also like this code to make a sum formula in a cell below the newly inserted row to change and to include the new cell within its formula.

For example:

I have a form on excel that has space for 6 rows of data with 3 pieces of information (which are: item, section, cost). If / when I need to add a 7th line I have box that I would like to assign a macro to so that when I click on it, it adds a 7th line with the same formatting that can be found in rows 1-6 but will be void of data. However, under the 6th row I have a total of the 'cost' with an '=sum(D7:D12)' formula and any other code I have found and have used it does not automatically tell the formula to add an additional cell to its summation to make it =sum(D7:D13).

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Insert A Row And Add A Formula

Jan 20, 2009

I have a spread sheet that I need to insert rows into and then in those same rows, add formulas that display percentages compared to the grand total row. To make it a little more complicated, this spread sheet changes from day to day, so the rows and columns will be different each time. So the code will have to recognize text, then insert the row, then do the formulas in the blank row. The only constant will be that it will always start on Row 5. I have no idea how to start or begin to do this, so I attached a file with a page showing where I am at as an example, and then anther page showing what I want ....

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VBA To Insert Rows ...

Jan 21, 2009

I have file which is repeating, and i want to insert a row after the end of each repitition.

here is my sample data from:


new row insert
new row insert

I know it involves a macro and i dont know how. pls help as its a HUGE data and i need to automate it.

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Vba: Insert The Row Color

Feb 11, 2009

The code below looks for a repeated row in the first column, and it inserts a new color row before the next row value. eg:

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Insert Column Value

Mar 5, 2009

i would like to insert a column value from one sheet to another colum in another sheet.

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Insert Row And Copy From Above Row

Mar 13, 2009

i have a excel spreadsheet named "ECN Number". in this sheet i have a row in which column5 marked with value "x",column22 is empty " " and column23 has "some value".
if the above statement is true,i want to insert an entire blank row and i want to insert another row below this row below the empty row with column6 marked as "x",column22 empty " " and column23 with the samevalue from the above row.
after inserting this row with these values, i want to insert another entire blank row. i have attached the workbook with the specified sheet.

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Macro: Insert Sum

May 13, 2009

I'm working on this sheet where I need to first, sort the invoices by the due date. separate due and not due. for example, due date is 05/05/09 (pls see sheet 2). a blank row is then inserted (above the undue invoices) with "total due to pay" then the sum for due invoices.

for the invoices not due, i need to sum those also and finally, the total of the two figures at the very bottom. I need a macro code to run when the list contains hundreds of invoices.

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Insert Row On Every Sheet

Jul 7, 2009

I have 200 sheets on a workbook if i try selecting all sheets as a group or then even insert a row it takes ages and screen goes white.. Can anyone help me with quicker way with a vba code where by i could insert row on Row 1 & Row 3 on every sheet of workbook.

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Insert Row 3 If Contents In B3

Aug 5, 2009

If “Dollar” is in cell B3 insert a row above it. If “Dollar” is not in cell B3 do nothing. Here is my current macro.

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Insert Picture

Sep 8, 2009

I'm trying to insert a bmp file- small picture into an excel file (sheet 4) in vba.

how do I select the picture and copy it into the excel file.

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Insert A Row With Formatting From Above Row

Sep 29, 2009

How would I insert a row that exactly matches the formatting, but not the contents of, the row above it? This new row would include borders, fonts, conditional formatting, data validating and listboxes.

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