VBA To Insert Rows ...

Jan 21, 2009

I have file which is repeating, and i want to insert a row after the end of each repitition.

here is my sample data from:


new row insert
new row insert

I know it involves a macro and i dont know how. pls help as its a HUGE data and i need to automate it.

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Maro, Insert Rows Where Rows Determined By Number Of Carriage Returns

Feb 17, 2010

The best way to explain my problem is to look at the table below:

How it looks now: ApplePrice 1
Price 2
Price 3FruitDeliciousPearStore 1
Store 2FruitVery DeliciousHow I want it to look:ApplePrice 1FruitDeliciousApplePrice 2FruitDeliciousApplePrice 3FruitDeliciousPearStore 1FruitVery DeliciousPearStore 2FruitVery Delicious

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Macro To Split Rows Into Groups Of 5 And Insert 3 Blank Rows In Between

Feb 9, 2013

I would like to have my macro code search column A (supplier numbers) and split the rows into groups of rows of 5 or less and then insert 3 blank rows between each group of rows. The split needs to start on a new supplier number and cannot split a supplier number into two different groups. Here is a sample:

Invoice Date
GL Date
Invoice Amt


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How To Dynamically Insert Rows With Duplicate Data Of Previous Rows

Oct 30, 2013

I have a spread sheet with values in the area of A1:H834

In column H, I have number values from 1-7.

Essentially that number value means that the values in the row are duplicate.

So, for example, if H2 has a value of 4, that means that $A$2:$G$2, really should have an additional 3 rows underneath with the EXACT same data in each cell, however, the way the sheet was created, was to remove the duplicate values and just indicate in column H, the number value of how many duplicates $A$2:$G$2 really is.

I need to unpackage this and create what it was originally. What type of formula can I use, to look at the value in H2, and then insert underneath that number of rowes with the exact same data as A2:G2 and do the same for the remainder of the table all the way down to A834:G834

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Macro To Insert New Rows Based On Commas In Previous Rows?

Mar 15, 2014

I'm a macro novice and have been trying to teach myself how to write the correct one for a task I need to do, but I cannot seem to get it right. Basically, I have bunch of data and for one of the variables, different values are separated by commas. What I want is to create a row copying the info below for each piece of data after the comma.




I suspect there is a fairly easy way to do this, but I cannot figure it out from searching the forums (or rather, I can't get it to work right).

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Insert Blanks Rows In Alternate Rows But Ignore If Already Blank

Jun 26, 2014

i have this code which inserts blank rows in alternate rows,

Sub insertrow()
' insertrow Macro
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Dim count As Integer
Dim X As Integer
For count = 1 To 20
If activecell.Value "" Then
activecell.Offset(1, 0).Select


what changes should i make in this code to insert rows only when ther are now blank rows. So first time i run, blank rows are already there, and when i update some data at the bottom and re-run it inserts blank rows again.

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Insert Rows Subject To Conditions In Rows Above And Below

Jun 21, 2008

as per the attached, need to insert those grey rows subject to the following condition :

if current row date <> next row date, .and. current row latitude / longitude <> next row latitude / longitude , insert grey row with date = current row date, else insert grey row next row date

note that the coordinates in the repeated grey rows, for the "Home" location, are the same through the sheet, should be entered by the user, at the beginning of the process, since there will be a spreasheet per user.

date is in column K
latitude / longitude are in columns B / C

this will be of tremendous assistance in automating mileage claim review.

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Insert 2 Rows Wit Formula After Every 6 Six Rows

Apr 10, 2014

For my thesis dataset I am looking to insert two rows after every six rows (the company name) in a dataset with approximately 30,000 rows.

For the first extra row that would be cell 4/cel6
For the second row that would be cell 5/cel6

A picture is added below in which I have manually entered these formula. Is there any way to make this a swift operation rather then a manual one?


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Insert All Of The Rows At Once

Mar 12, 2007

Is there a way to have a sort of programmed button that could be pressed that would insert all of the rows at once? Or perhaps a new line could be generated for each table with the only missing data being the values that would have to input manually?

To make it more clear I have attached a sample table. In the sample table, what I would want to do is insert a row at row 47 and at row 93. I want to do these at the same time easily. Keeping in mind that there are 40 some other tables arranged in series like that in one single spreadsheet. I cannot simply hit ctrl and select the two rows and then insert both rows, this would be equally as time consuming to do for all of the rows that would have to be added. Also, in the attached table, most of the values are either calculated values or are hard set numbers. The manually inputted values occur in columns B, E, and F. Everything else is copied down from the previous line.

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Rows Insert?

Oct 31, 2008

Why is my code below doesn't work on Book2. The code is on Book1. If I'm on Book2 and run the macro, it applies the macro on Book1 and not Book2.

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Insert Rows Every Nth Row

Aug 27, 2003

How to add a row in a spreadsheet every say 5th row OR add a row whenever a specific string or value is found?

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VBA To Insert Row Every X Rows

May 13, 2013

I am wanting to insert a new row after every 6th row in a spreadsheet that contains in column A of each new row the text xxxx.

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Insert The Rows

Jun 17, 2008

I had fix my rows is from 1 to 100,and each ten rows consists as one row and I had use border to separate each ten rows.(Eg,row 1 to 10 is 1row).....So when I click a button and I choose to add 10rows after row 20,how can I do so? because when i choose to add 10rows after row 20,the existing row start from 21 will move down....But the problem is I had fix my rows to 100 only...How can I do so that the row 21 will move down and at the same time check the total of rows will not exceed 100?

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VBA To Insert Rows

Oct 27, 2009

I need to insert 2 blank rows within a spreadsheet above certain other rows that contains data that starts with a particular text string.

Column A has office codes in the form of "0301A", "0301B", etc.
Column F will have billing codes that could start with either "L" or "ND" or "NF".

I want to separate the L's from the ND's and also the NF's in column F based on which office they are billed to.

End result:
What I want to end up with are two blank rows in between each office code in column A, then another two blank rows between the L's, ND's and NF's.

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Insert Rows Every Nth Row ...

Aug 27, 2003

I know this has been asked a million and 1 times, but I can't seem to find any history of it.

Does anyone know how to add a row in a spreadsheet every say 5th row OR add a row whenever a specific string or value is found?

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How To Insert Rows Automatically

Jul 15, 2014

I have two separate tables, one above the other, and need a way for it to automatically shift the second table down or a row between the two tables any time another row is added to the top table. Is there any way to do that?

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Insert Blank Rows?

Feb 18, 2009

I have a range of numbers in a single column and I want to insert a blank cell or line below each cell in the range. Is there a quick way to do this, by not using VBA.

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Insert Rows With Formula

Apr 23, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with data in the first few columns, then a few columns of different formulae which reference the data.

This spreadsheet is constantly getting rows inserted into it, and I'd like for the formulae to be copied into the new rows automatically, rather than having to copy/paste the formulae every time columns are inserted.

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Columns To Insert The 2 Rows

Aug 22, 2007

I have this excel file which has data in it. However, this data will come in everyday. Eg, A1 to A10 is QWE, A11 to A20 is RTY, A21 to 30 is UIO. But as I said earlier new data will come in everyday. For eg, it will become A1 to A15 is QWE, A16 to A30 is RTY and so and so forth.

I need to insert 2 rows after QWE, RTY, UIO. But as data will come in everyday, I cant standardise my columns to insert the 2 rows.

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Insert 4 Rows For Each Weekday

Apr 8, 2008

I have a worksheet that has in column A.


I want to insert four new rows under each weekday.

blank row
blank row
blank row
blank row
blank row
blank row
blank row
blank row

I wish I had thought of this before I created 6000 rows consisting

Repeating over and over.

This was setup to track items ordered per day but I forgot I might have to order 4 items each day in some cases.

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Insert Rows With Data

Oct 17, 2008

i have a list of numbers in column A and in column B every now and then a * will appear next to a number. The first number will always have a * next to it. Basically i'm looking for a way to say...that either by copying to another tab or inserting rows on this tab, do the following for every number.

Insert a row above that says


put a " next to the number so that it reads as below


and then the following in new rows as below.

[tab field]
[tab field]
[tab field]
[tab field]

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Insert Rows When Data Changes

Jun 7, 2009

I need code that can work down a column and insert a blank row when it notices the data value has changed. i attached a file to show what i am looing for.

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Insert Rows Between Different Values In A

Jun 12, 2009

I need a code that will insert 3 rows between different values found in column A. I tried using this but it inserts rows between every value found.

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Insert / Delete Rows

Jul 6, 2009

I'd like to create a variable list. If a number is entered into B7 (see attachement), I would like that number of rows being inserted below. Starting at A8. But I would like the list to be variable. So if a lower number is entered, the rows would be deleted. And I would be great if the formulas could be maintained.

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Insert Multiple Rows

Oct 29, 2009

Need code to insert multiple rows. I would like to be able to click a command button and have the number i have entered in a textbox be the number of rows inserted in the spreadsheet above a static cell like A12.

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Macro To Insert Rows..

Oct 31, 2009

I have a worksheet that includes the list of buildings in an area and the number of households in each building. I want to list the households on separate rows and to number them from 1 to x according to the total number I have. Is it possible to do this using a macro, if so, how?

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Insert Rows By Macro

Jan 18, 2010

I've created a macro to assign to a button that inserts a row above say row 10, then another macro to assign to a different button that inserts a row above row 20. My problem is, having clicked the first button a row is inserted above row 10 but of course row 20 now becomes row 21, so now I need the second button to insert a row above row 21 instead of 20.

Is there any way I can write a macro that remembers the old row numbers?

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Macro To Insert Rows ..

Sep 18, 2005


My sheet needs to insert a blank row under a number everytime it changes.
The column "C" may have 20 or so rows with the number 10 for example, the
next five might be the number 8, I need a row between the last number ten and
the first number eight. This may be repeated many times through the

As well, the adjacent columns "D" & "E" are the same as described above.
all 3 columns are continuous ie: ....

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Insert 20 Rows After Every Current Row?

Nov 30, 2011

I have data beginning in cell A1. It goes for quite a while and I want to add 20 rows after every current row. I have tried to write my own codes for this, but for some reason I can't get it to work. I can get it to insert 20 rows easily, but not after every row. I am not sure what that part of the code should read and I don't have any reference books with me at work.

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Insert Rows And Add Formula?

Aug 5, 2012

Looking for some code to do as follows...

Data as is:

Data 1
Data 2
Data 3
Data 4
Data 5
Data 6

Data 1

So an extra row needs inserting below the last record of each Data 1, with each value in Data 1 through 5 coming from the record above, but Data 6 is called "Diff.". The values in columns 1 through 4 for "Diff." are then driven by the following formula:


Obviously then copied across.

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