Turns Numbers Into Dates

Aug 1, 2013

When I write out ranges in cells like:


Excel turn some of these ranges into dates such as 01-Oct, which is extremely annoying. But trying to change to different date formats but it still keep it to dates. what I can do?

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Formula That Turns Doubles Into Unique Numbers

Apr 16, 2008

formula that turns doubles into unique numbers example:

7788873 = 783

each number is in a cell each....

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Convert Numbers, Representing Dates To Actual Dates

Oct 15, 2009

I get a spreadsheet every day that has a column of numbers that contains dates that are not in a date format. Is there a way to convert these numbers to a date format? The numbers come from an outside source so I can't modify on the front end. look at the attached spreadsheet with representative data of what I'm trying to ccomplish.

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Convert Numbers Representing Dates To True Dates

Jun 29, 2008

I import data from my works server and dates are represented in text. example text format is yyyymmdd/19790310. What I'm trying to do is add and subtract from this date. I was trying to utilize formula and havent got close. I have a couple of parameters:

In column L I would like to represent the following

if column "B" is "A" add 38 years to column "J" dates are represented as TEXT
if column "B" is "B" add 35 years to column "J" "
if column "B" is "C" add 30 years to column "J" "
if column "B" is "d" add 30 years to column "J" "

Column "M" I would like to find the difference in column "L" and "C" I know days will be difficult it can be represented in years and months only.

I have no preference on whether I use VBA or a formula but have failed on on formula and was attempting to use VBA Case method but no success. I have 10000 rows of information and am open to any ideas attached an example of my data.

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Switch Name Every 20 Turns

Mar 17, 2008

have been using the simple formula below to determine between a friend and myself whos turn it is next.


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-AGEST Automatically Turns This Into #NAME

Jan 15, 2008

I have a spreadsheet full of data and in one column the are a set of text codes some of them start with a -... ie -AGEST excel automatically turns this into #NAME?

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Pasting Fraction Turns Into Date

Feb 3, 2008

I am trying to paste in a decimal equivalent chart, loacted here:


which basically has a mixture of whole numbers and fractions, and how they equate in decimals.

When I paste this in, all the fractions turn into dates. So for instance 1/64 turns into Jan/64, and 1/32 is Jan/32. Now, I could go in and change each one, but I would like to know how to do this with cell format on the entire sheet....

I have tried to change the cell formats to "general" or "text" and of course fraction, but in this case, I have to go in and do each fraction cell individually. Now maybe I am being too lazy, and in the time it took me to look up my login information, and type this out, I likely could have re-done the worksheet, each cell individually, but I would like to know the way to fix this automatically.

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Longer Text Entry Turns Into ####..

Nov 26, 2008

I have a form in Excel that has comments fields. Each comments field is a merged cell consisting of four rows and four columns. My understanding is that Excel should be able to display 1024 characters. The input that's causing me trouble has 360 characters. At around 300 characters, the text box gets filled with ############################# instead of text.

If I size the font down significantly to where there would be absolutely no question that the text would fit, it is still #######. I may have to end up using text boxes, but they are a bit troublesome for the less Excel-savvy users of the form.

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Pasting Some Data - Automatically Turns It Into A Date

Oct 20, 2013

I'm trying to keep some basketball stats, and from ESPN the field goals are reported as 10-16, or 5-14, to indicate how many field goals were made out of attempts.

When I paste this into Excel it automatically interprets it as a date. So 10-16 turns into Oct-16, and 5-14 turns into May-14. How do I stop this?

Ignore the screenshot!

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TextBox Turns Into Rectangle When Using AvtiveSheet Shapes

Apr 6, 2014

I have put together a simple example of my problem. There is two buttons and one text-box "TextBox 1". When I use the following code:

[Code] .........

I get one button to hide the textbox and the other to show it. Initially the textbox has the textbox properties (you can type in it) but when I hide it and show it again using the two buttons the textbox becomes like a rectangle shape which I can not type in and can only click.

How do I hide and show the text box whilst keeping it as a text box?

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Formula Turns Cell To Text Format

May 7, 2007

I have a workbook with two worksheets. I added a formula to the first worksheet
= COUNTIF(Scorecard!H3,"K"). It works fine when I add another COUNTIF that references another column (baseball fans may realize I'm counting total strikeouts for a batter): =COUNTIF(Scorecard!H3,"K")+COUNTIF(Scorecard!L3,"K") However, when I try to expand this to cover more columns, =COUNTIF(Scorecard!H3,"K")+COUNTIF(Scorecard!L3,"K")+COUNTIF(Scorecard!P3,"K")

Excel automatically changes the format of this cell to "Text" and it shows the formula as text instead of calculating it. What could be wrong here? Excel's documentation is woefully inadequate for cases like this. Is there an undocumented limit on how many times I can add COUNTIFs together?

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Macro Code With ScreenUpdating Off Turns Back On

Aug 8, 2008

A little context:
Searching this forum for "sleep", "delay" or "animation" will bring up a host of threads referring to the kernel32 function, sleep. This is a great way of putting small delays into code without the potential "synchronisation" problems of application .ontime calls or the "ugliness" of multiple-thousands looping.

My question:
When I call sleep (with values in the hundreds of milliseconds) several times in a macro, it seems like the computer just "gives up" screen updating after a few (maybe 50) iterations. The macro still takes the time I'd expect, accounting for all the sleeps, but it stops showing the intermediate steps and just shows the end result after the macro ends.

Is this something to do with RAM? Is there something about calling this command too much or too frequently that kernel32 doesn't like? Is my computer a useless bag of nails and spit?

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Conditional Formatting Turns The Cell Background Green With 03

Aug 27, 2009

In a column in my spreadsheet i have to input a number; either: 51-61 and next to it is either m or o. so in Column A row 1 : 51m, Column A row 2 60m, etc Example:


I want to conditionally format this such that for 51 it turns the cell background green, for 52 red, 53 orange,etc. with a number having a specific color associated with it. 03' does not have a text choice.

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Finding The Maximum Number Before A List Turns Negative

May 21, 2009

i have the volume of a reservoir in column A for lets say, 2 years, with monthly data (so 24 numbers in my list)

I also have some variables that feed into this list such as rainfall (fixed), and population (i.e water use, which i can manually change)

if i increase the population too much, the volume of the reservoir will at certain times of the year, fall into negative digits.

what i'm looking for, is a cell which works out the maximum value (in whole numbers) for my population, without any of the numbers in the reservoir volume list falling below zero.

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2000 - Autofilter, The Drop-down Arrow Turns Blue In Color

Feb 10, 2010

When using the autofilter, the drop-down arrow turns blue in color, i.e., when some filter citerion is being used, the small down-arrow turns a different color as a way of informing the user that a filter is in place. Is there a way to control the color of this? Currently, mine turns blue, but it would be more useful if I could change it to a brilliant color in order to make it contrast more with the default black. Blue is too difficult to be distinguished by my eyes. The autofilter is turned on via a macro. If there a line of code that controls the color.

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Conditional Sum: Return The Latest Date Before The Stock Turns To Be Greater Than The Value In Cell D3

Oct 9, 2008

In the attached workbook - the stock Inventory is increased, every second day, by the value shown in cells of column A. Column B displays the date of the update. I'm looking for a Formula (might be an Array Formula) that will return the latest date before the stock turns to be greater than the value in cell D3. I managed to solve it, in cell F3, but with the help column C.

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Dates Appearing As Numbers

Dec 7, 2009

i had a situation where i import data from web.The sheet contains date & other columns.Whenever,i copy the data and paste it in my worksheet Using Paste Special >> Values i get some numbers instead of Dates.How would i correct the numbers to date format with out loosing the original date format(DD-MM-YYYY). Also the dates are aligned irregularly when i paste them to column.

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VBA Read Dates As Numbers?

Sep 23, 2009

I have a userform that has several textboxes and checkboxes. Some of the textboxes read and display dates from certain cells. I have the checkboxes conditionally formatted based on the data in the textboxes. However it doesn't seem to be reading the dates as a value. Here's an example of my issue to make it clear for you:

txtBox 1 = 01Sep2009
txtBox 2 = 01Oct2009

What I need is for the checkbox text colour to change from black to red if txtBox1 < txtBox2. Here's the code I have in place:

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Adding Numbers Using Dates

May 10, 2007

I have a spread sheet that shows the dates items were shipped. When trying to work out the value of parts shipped in a month using SUMIF I get the value zero, I believe this to be because (obviously), there are multiple dates of ships during the month, I therefore tried ignoring the day of ship in the SUMIF but this did not work, the date format is DD/MM/YYYY.

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Calculating Dates And Numbers

Apr 3, 2007

I am starting a project that will involve finding how old people are using the difference of two years. Cell A1 will contain the function that automatically obtains the current year from the PC clock (or a manual input). Cells B1...B6 will contain text (names). Cells C1...C6 will contain the month of their birth. Cell D1...D6 will contain the day of their birth. And cells E1...E6 will contain the year of their birth. Cells F1...F6 will have the formula to calculate the difference between A1 and its respective cell column E.

The only functions I know are =(TODAY) which does not give me just the year. Also, I do not know how I would be able to do the calculation [e.i., =(TODAY) - 1988].

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Getting Dates To Cover Week Numbers

Jan 10, 2014

I wanted to work backwards from a weeknumber (as defined in Excel). In other words, given a week number (i.e. 5) what is the first date and last date of that weeknumber. These are the formulas that I came up with and they work fine.

Formula: [Code] ......

Ffor 1st of the week and

Formula: [Code] .......

For the last of the week.

Attached File : Weeknumber.xlsx‎

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Extract Dates From Column Of Numbers

Sep 14, 2013

I have a column of numbers that have certain dates in it. I want to extract the dates and then copy and paste the dates into another column. Shall I use a macro for this or can it be done manually?

Column A1

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Average Of Numbers Between If They Fall Between Dates

Jan 24, 2013

I have to columns of data

Date and number

10/1/2011 4,002,000

I want to take the average of the numbers between if they fall between dates of 2006 and 2007.

I can not do it with averageifs because I have that NA# in the second column. I dont know what to do.

I have something that works but only if it does not contain NA#, below is the example of what works:


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Numbers Turn Into Dates When Import Them

Apr 9, 2013

Some of my numbers turn into dates when I try to import them. Is there anyway around this problem?

I have 500k+ rows with data, so looking through each and every cell is not an option.

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Excel 2010 :: Matching Dates With Row Numbers

Aug 5, 2013

I have a column of Dates in Col B with corresponding X values in Col C. I specify a start date in Cell F14 and an end date in Cell F16. I then use the function shown in cell H6 to identify the starting row number (corresponding to start date) in Cell F6. If I used the same function to identify the end row (in this case 4/2/13), it would choose row 8 which is the first row in which it encounters that date. Unfortunately, I need the end row to identify the last row that date appears in. In this case, that would be row 11.

Excel 2010ABCDEFGHIJKLM1 Date and TimeX2
3/30/201334/1/2013 1:366.9744/1/2013 4:563.95 54/1/2013 4:573.27
Start Row64/1/2013 5:165.553=MATCH(DATE(YEAR(F14),MONTH(F14),DAY(F14)),$B:$B)+174/1/2013 5:172.35
End Row84/2/2013 17:191.59894/2/2013 17:192.81 104/2/2013 17:252.14 114/2/2013 17:262.05 124/3/2013 5:152.84 134/3/2013 5:154.11
Start Row144/3/2013 5:173.2404/01/13154/3/2013 5:173.45
End Row164/3/2013 17:124.0304/02/13174/3/2013 17:133.621819Sheet1

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Importing Measurement Fractions As Numbers Not Dates

Nov 25, 2009

I am creating a spreadsheet for use in a manufacturing environment to create a costing and cut list spreadsheet for production set up. The intent is that anyone can use this by copying and pasting an Excel Bill Of Material (BOM) that is generated out of a CAD program onto sheet 1. On sheet 2 (which they dont touch) is the costing and cut list spreadsheet that references sheet 1 and automatically generated the numbers to create cut sizes and costs.

The first challenge I had was that the measurements include the inch symbol. For example if the imported text 15 5/8" is in cell A1 I am able to remove the inch symbol by using the following formula on sheet 2: =--LEFT(Sheet1!A1,LEN(Sheet1!A1)-1). The result is: 15.6250 which is exactly what I want.

Here is the problem I am having. When the listed dimension is less than 1 and is 5/8 for example I get ###### because I have the cell formatted as a 4 decimal place number. If I change the formatting to number with zero decimal places it becomes 39941 which is how many days it has been from January 1, 1900 to May 8, 2009.

The question is what formula should I use to change the 5/8 imported text so it says 0.6250 and can be used in math formulas? Please keep in mind that the imported text could be a measurement with a small number like 1/16 to a large one such as 284 3/4" and that the imported text is what it is and cannot be manually changed or adjusted (because that presents the risk of people creating errors and costing the company money by ordering the wrong material sizes).

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Stop CSV File Converting Numbers To Dates

Jan 14, 2010

I'm having a little problem working with some CSV files that are sent to us by an outside party. There is a field for an invoice number. This number should be a string since it sometimes has alpha characters and sometimes has dashes. But the field is not delimited to indicate this, so when opening these files in Excel, Excel will sometimes convert the numbers to dates. Once they are converted to dates, there is no going back.

The way we have gotten around this is to change the csv extension to txt, then open as a txt file and convert that particular column to a text column. This causes a lot of additional work as the file ultimately needs to be converted back to a CSV.

Ideally, the people creating the CSV files should create them so the invoices column is properly delimited. But that doesn't seem to be possible right now.

Is there a way to create a macro that would make the modification while opening the CSV file, before Excel has a chance to modify those fields?

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Dates Display As Numbers Even With Date Format

Jun 20, 2008

dates column displays numbers even though the format in the format cell options is date format.

the number updates to date format only when i do F2 & enter for each cell. i've about 5000 cells with same problem. how cani do them all in a go instead of doing themone for a time.

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Stop Excel From Changing Numbers To Dates In CSV File?

Jun 6, 2005

When opening a .CSV created from a third party software, one of the columns is converted to date format. The numbers are imported in #/# format. and Excel changes most of the numbers to 2-Jan, 3-Jan etc... This would not be that big of an issue if I could simply set it back. Clearing format or changing to text converts it to a 5 digit number.

The only way I have found to get it to work properly thus far is to open a blank sheet and import data and setting the column to text prior to import.

I would like to find a way of opening the CSV file without all the extra steps. Is there a setting that can be turned off?

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Formatting ActiveX Textbox For Phone Numbers And Dates

Aug 28, 2012

I have several text boxes on a 'picture' which is the format for a business review. The text boxes are linked to cells behind the picture which picks up company names, cities etc...

Two of the boxes have a phone# and date

The linked cells are formatted correctly but obviously the text boxes, pick up the 'values' not the formats.

is there any way for the textboxes to show the values with the proper format i.e.,

mmm yyyy

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