Value From Field A5

Jun 11, 2009

If a5=15, i would like that c2=d? (but that ? Must be value from field a5)

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Auto Populate Field With Date When Other Field Is Selected From Validation List

Jul 4, 2013

In the following extract, I would like to have today's date placed into Col K when an entry is made into Col J.

Entry into Col J is from a validation list of 3 options. What I desire is that when one of these options is selected ("Complete"), then I would like today's date to be written into Col K.

Currently Col K has a validation list which comprises dates from 1st of each month from July to June.

I need a fixed date as text preferably, so was thinking the VBA function "Date" on a Change Workbook Sub.

The information is currently part of a Table in Excel 2007 that has about 500 records.



Month Completed

In Progress




Data Validation in Spreadsheet

Input 1
Input 2



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Macro To Preset Field With Text If Condition In Another Field Is True

Jun 9, 2006

I have a macro that imports a report. If the Charge Type in column A is BTOREPLX, I need to prefill the field next to it in column B with the text "REPLX", e.g. "REPLXCDROM". I've attached an example of the report.

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Change/Move Pivot Table Row Field To Column Field

Apr 23, 2008

In building my pivot table my data that I want to show in the column area is showing up as rows stacked on top of each other. In the column section I'm trying to show Total Budgeted Amount next to Total Actual Amount but on the layout it's showing the two stacked on top of each other is there some kind of hidden key that I'm missing?

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Getting Zero Formula Field When Data Field Blank / Empty

Feb 13, 2013

I have a simple formula ='info page'!b2&'info page'!b5 in places that on my sheet adds a company prefix to a item number, prefix in b2 and item in b5, we have a client that we cant use prefixes but now when I leave the field blank its giving a zero and thats not good either. I'm pretty sure an IFERROR or something will work but can get the syntax right.

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Auto Populate A Field In One Tab By Comparing Another Field In A Different Tab?

Jan 25, 2013

I have a tab called 'Tab1' in which I have column called 'Col1' and 'Col2'.

I have another tab called 'Tab 2' with columns 'ColA' and 'ColB'. When I enter a text in Col1(Tab1) I would like that text to be compared to data in 'ColA' from Tab 2 and when match found then get the corresponding value from ColB and autopopulate it in Col2 of Tab1.

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Changing A Numerical Field To A Date Field

Dec 28, 2006

in coverting these fields into a date field.

Example 91306 to 060913

I have encloed the file.

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Counting Per Date Field And Data Field

Apr 29, 2006

I am trying to count the number of times that data is in a field and in any field the date is greaert than today's date. This date field could be blank and that is where I am having the problem.


See Attached

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Concatenate Two Text Fields BUT Left Adjust First Field And Right Adjust Second Field

Jun 22, 2012

I want to concatenate two Cells into a single cell BUT have the first field left justified and the second cell right adjusted.

A1 = "John Williams", A2= "Single"

A3 = "John Williams Single"

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Calculating Field On A VBA From

Jun 20, 2007

I have run into a problem I have not found a solution for surprisingly. I need to calculate several fields on the form prior to saving it and thus exporting the data to the worksheet. All I can find is how to calculate the field in a worksheet and then reference it with VB code on the form. Is what I want to do possible?

If I run into many more problems I may want to shop this project out as my schedule barely allows for the work I have let alone attempting to learn VBA on the fly.

If anyone is interested I can post the project so far along with the detail of what I want it do in the end.

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Blocking Field

Mar 23, 2009

Let's say that if I put number 1 in cell a1.

I would like that i can write something in cell a2 (BECAUSE A1 IS 1) and that cell a3 is disabled (blocked) foR any use if cell a1 is 1.

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How To Put File Name In Field

Mar 14, 2013

after macro is finished I want to put file name on in field


Range("HPU").Value = fileToSave
fileToSave - it's give me whole path, like: C:DBNewV1Testjan.csv

but I want to have just name of the csv (jan.csv).

How can I del the rest?

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Use Two Filters Within A The Same Field?

Jul 18, 2014

is it possible to use two filters within a the same field.

ie. right now i can filter using the top 10 based on a value field.

what if i want to see the top 10 customers profit and along any drop in revenue from previous years..

something like this.

the information below was copied out of a pivot table that included the % difference.

Code and Name


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Add A Value To A Field Based On Value Of Another One

Feb 28, 2007

if value of cell A1=1 then add 1 to cell H2 else add 1 to cell H2.

Basically, I want H2 to go up by 1 if a1=1..

This is more of a basic syntax than Excel.. Is there any way to translate that into something Excel can do ??

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Mandatory Field Set Up

Aug 2, 2007

I have a spreadsheet which has several fields containing data and
what i want to achieve is that when someone comes to close the
spreadsheet , If they have not filled in all the fields required it will
put up a notice to say that field **** must be completed.

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Field Changes With A Drop Down Box

May 25, 2009

Spreadsheet A
Stock Name: This field changes with a drop down box i have created

Depending on which stockl you select it goes to Spreadsheet B to select data from column 2 based on date. In spreadhset B all the stocks are listed, so not only am i trying to lookup data but also return value in co,umn B for that particular stock i selected. So the idea is i can change the stock in teh drop down and then it will return the values i want.

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Number And % In The Same Field

Sep 29, 2009

how to write a formula that shows the sum of a row of numbers and then it's percentage of the overall figure in brackets in the same field e.g.25 (75%)

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Filter The Same Field

Dec 9, 2009

I need to be able to filter out the same field with multiple macros. Like I need to filter out all rows with "A" in them and I then need to be able to filter out all rows with "B" in them but without restoring the "A".

I can make the multiple filter work just fine as long as the Field is a different value but I can't figure out how to make it work with the same field.

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Missing Field

May 20, 2006

I want to write code that will allow me to show the Missing Names in the Old sheet that aren't in the New Sheet.

I want the code to go along these lines:

Dim a As Long
a = 2
Dim o As Long
Dim p As Long
Dim last_row14 As Long
Dim last_row24 As Long

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New Calculated Field In Powerpivot

Nov 14, 2013

I have a column in powerpivot that has Products total amounts. Some of them are negative amounts but I want them to be positive. How would I write an IF statement for it? I want it to say " If Division amount column is a negative, then multiply by -1 but it is a positive , leave it as a positive" .

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Lookup Value In Calculated Field

Jun 21, 2014

Take a look at the attached spreadsheet: Value_Lookup.xlsx

We have a pivot table with the "Product" on the Row context and a date ("FullDate") selected on the filter context.

The FactTable is related to the Calendar table by "FullDate" (which is marked as Date Column in Powerpivot)

In the Calendar Table, next to "FullDate" we have 2 more dates in the same row: "1 Month Back" and "1 Quarter Back".

We just need 2 calculated fields that return the "Price" value from the selected "Product" on the Calendar dates "1 Month Back" and "1 Quarter Back".

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Number Field Won't Accept Zero

May 30, 2007

I have a cell tha't set up as a number format with the validation only accepting 3 whole number characters, however if the number is 098 then it converts it to 98. I need for that cell to be a number type format and to accept 0 as the first character. I thought I tried everything but I'm sure I'm missing something.

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Populate A Field Based On A Value

Mar 5, 2009

I want to know how to take a field with a value and apply it to fields with range. In this case if i had a value of 15 it would enter that value in this field
below. I tried an IF formula but it did not work.

range 31 to 40
range 21 to 30
range 11 to 20 15
range 1 to 10

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If A Result Is 0 Can A Field Be Blank?

Mar 23, 2009

H2 formula is =OFFSET(A4,MATCH(MAX(D$4:D$1000),D$4:D$1000,0)-1,0)
I2 formula is =MAX(D4:D26)

If either of these result in a ZERO is it possible to leave the field blank?

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Field Matching Formula

May 4, 2009

I browsed through the forum looking to find a way to solve my problem, but could not find it. Maybe someone here can help me out.

I have lots of data, and it would be impractical to do it manually. Here is an example: ...

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Match Any Part Of The Field

Jul 6, 2009

I have a large amount of numbers I need to check for in an excel spreadsheet but the problem is they may have other 'text' and other information surrounding it. For example global sub account = '8154','8111' so if I was looking for 8154 I would want to get a hit on that particular field based off a look up of sorts.

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Obtaining A Number Value From A Field

Jul 31, 2009

I am going to create a large drop down list with data validation the list is to do with fitness the list will containt a sport with a numeral after it
for example : GOLF 4.5 then under that Basketball 12

what i am wanting to do is make a calculation based on what sport is selected in that cell for instance GOLF 4.5 is selected in the cell so i need to say valueinA43*D43/B9 can this be done?? Or if not. can i extract the value from the list to another cell without the text and then perform the calculation.........

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Finding 2 Numbers In A Field

Jan 14, 2013

Create a form where i would enter 2 numbers into 2 seperate boxes, and those numbers would be highlighted/bolded/shown in red from a list of 30 rows of numbers x 20 numbers in each row. these 2 numbers will not be the same all the time, below is just for an example

ie. number: ... (5) number: ... (59)

1 28 19 20 5 9 80 72 12 38 50 53 59 83 ...
8 4 38 29 11 39 27 38 3 49 59 80 13 12 49 4 5 ...
and so on....

So picture something like that, but with 30 rows of numbers x 20 numbers in each row.

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Can't Use Text Field From The Developer Tab

Sep 30, 2013

I have already added the developer tab to excel, but under insert the last three options under Form controls (Text Field, Combo List - Edit, Combo Drop-Down) are shaded out.

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Keep Tab If Field Is Found And Delete Tab If Not

May 6, 2014

I am using this vba to delete if the "field" is found, but how can I do that it will delete only if the "field" is not found?

If NO DATA found, the sheet will be delete.

I want as if "NO DATA" found, do not delete. If "NO DATA" not found, then delete..

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