Attachments Not Attaching

Jun 20, 2007

What would be disabled that is preventing me from adding attachments to my posts? I click on the paperclip and the button "Manage Attachments". Nothing happens.

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Adding Attachments?

Dec 2, 2008

I am trying to attatch an excel document to a post on this fums but it wont work.

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VBA Email Attachments

Feb 2, 2007

Column A has a list of companies, column B-G has email addresses for each company (some companies have just one email, others may have four) Column H has the name of a report I would like to send to each company (It is a different file for each company)

I would like to loop through each row and send one email that includes all the contacts and the attachment.

I manipulated some code that is pretty much what I want it to do, but not quite. The below code looks like it is looking for email adresses (I don't really need that feature) and is sending an email to each address versus each company.

Sub Send_Files()
'Working in 2000-2007
Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
Dim sh As Worksheet
Dim cell As Range, FileCell As Range, rng As Range

With Application
.EnableEvents = False
.ScreenUpdating = False
End With.........

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Sendmail Without Attachments

Mar 23, 2007

Is there a way to use the function Sendmail without sending the Workbook, sheets or any attachments at all. I just would like to push a button in my Workbook so that a mail goes to the recipient saying for example: "Check our shared folder.

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Emailing Attachments Macro

Aug 22, 2007

I am trying write one to search a range of cells and attach all files located in those cells to an email. I can get most of the code to work, but am having difficult getting it to search through specific cells.

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Send Email As Attachments From With XLSX

Apr 5, 2012

I'm having some troubles sending email as attachments from Excel using VBA where my workbooks have the XLSX name. I am getting the following message instead of the email with attachments:


The original contents of this file have been replaced with this message because of its characteristics.
File name: 'winmail.dat'
Virus name: 'ScanTimeExceeded'

When I change the file extension to xls it is fine - I get the attachments on the email.

Here is my VBA:

With oLookMail

'.To = ""
'.CC = ""
.To = msToRecip
.Subject = "Accounts Status Reports as of " & msAsOfDate
.Body = "Attached are the AR Monthly Reports"
.Attachments.Add "citpfile07usoffAccounts ReceivableAR Monthly Report 2004-05.xlsx"


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Save Excel Attachments From Outlook?

Oct 25, 2012

I have a scrip that i use to safe email attachments that works and is as follow.

Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk(itm As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment
Dim saveFolder As String


Now the problem is that the email comes with 2 excel email attachments and i only want to save the one that has a name + date stamp.

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Multiple Attachments To Email - Code Not Working?

Mar 14, 2014

this macro works perfectly when I only have one attachment per email. I thought this part of the code would solve my problem however it is now not attaching any files where I want more than one attachment.

Dim files As Variant, file As Variant
files = Split(filepath, ",")
For Each file In files
.attachments.Add file

wing in the cells in column B (where I need more than one attachment):

G:DocumentsReportsAJ - 6C091, 6C0922. Feb 6C091 Cost Centre Report.xls,02. Feb 6C092 Cost Centre Report.xls
G:DocumentsReportsAJ - 6C091, 6C0922. Feb 6C091 Cost Centre Report.xls,G:DocumentsReportsAJ - 6C091, 6C0922. Feb 6C092 Cost Centre Report.xls

Full code below....

Sub Send_Emails()
i = Cells(2, "B").Value
Do ' start[code]...

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Excel 2007 :: Sending Emails With Attachments?

Aug 16, 2012

MY VBA code failed and sucks---

I have a Excel spreadsheet with codes, names, and emails then I have a folder that have XML files with codes that should match and be sent via Outlook 2007 as an attachment.


Excel sheet
PHA Code



XML files reside in the following folder:

C:UsershomecomputerDesktopTESTxml files


BTW- I have about 3,000 emails to send.

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Downloading Email Attachments And Save For Use By Macro?

Jul 2, 2013

Everyday a report is emailed to me as an attachment in .pdf and .xlsx format. It is always sent to me from the same address and comes at around the same time every day.

I already have another macro that uses that report to update our records with the new info in the report and then email our records to my boss. I would like to make it easier for other people who also get the report emailed to them to run the macro. To do so I would like to amend the macro I have to check for the email in whoever is running the macro's inbox and download only the .xlsx file and save it to the correct location.

I have tried messing with the restrict method. I want to make this thing fool proof. (Ex. if the email isn't in yet, return a msg box informing as such.)

The code for the macro I already have can be found below. Confidential stuff has been redacted.

Sub PartThree()
'This macro does the following:
'1.) runs the MTD.template.xls module 2

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Outlook Macro Code To Get Attachments From More Than One Subfolder

Jun 12, 2014

Getting attachments from outlook subfolders.

My attachments are in Inbox > First subfolder (sales) > second subfolder(Sales 1)

I need to save attachments from second subfolder (Sales 1) to my drive.

Currently i got macro which picks up attachments from first subfolder (Sales). The macro code is

Sub SaveAttachmentsToFolder()
On Error GoTo SaveAttachmentsToFolder_err
Dim ns As NameSpace
Dim Inbox As MAPIFolder
Dim SubFolder As MAPIFolder

[Code] ...........

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Export To PDF Not Attaching To Email?

Jan 29, 2014

Code is supposed to export a selection of the worbook to a pdf in the workbook folder, and attach the file to an email, generating to/cc/subject/email dialogue. which it does.

it is also supposed to attach the file to the email, which is doesn't.

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Conditionally Attaching A Value With A Code

Aug 9, 2013

How I can calculate the average fix time for each error code. The fix time will not be counted if it doesn't have a fix time. The distance between errors is not always the same, and the fix time is not the same.

How can I:

-Search through the Fix time and essentially add one to the count (only when it requires fixing)
-Only count the fix time for the previous error that has occurred.
-I have tried different combinations of using the MATCH and INDEX formula but have only received errors
-I can add additional calculation cells
-I can use VBA(although it will add to the already fairly long run time)

Error Code

Error Count

Avg Fix Time
Fix Time
Error Code




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Attaching Already Embedded PDF To Email?

Jan 14, 2014

My "Drawing" is embedded on Sheet1, later on in Sheet12 I click a button that'll send an automatic email to a user. I want to attach the embedded PDF onto this email if it is at all possible??

Dim Drawing As Object
After I've declared my variables I've tried setting the variable "Drawing" to the object, this is where I'm encountering my errors mainly "Type Mismatch" or Object Variable not set...

Sheets("Menu").Visible = True
Drawing = Sheet1.Shapes.range(Array("Drawing"))
Selection.Verb Verb:=xlPrimary
Sheets("Menu").Visible = False
At the bottom of the code, this is where i pull in the object

.To = Sheet12.range("L8")
.CC = ""
.BCC = ""
.Subject = "Arrange P&D Request"
.htmlbody = strbody & vbNewLine & Signature
.Attachments.Add ("Drawing")

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Attaching File To Hyperlink

Jun 10, 2008

When you click on Cell C5 (which will say "ADD") I would Like the (Computer Browse Menu) to appear
you can then search for the file and press Attach

This will then create a hyperlink in that cell (or in a different cell) Saying "File Attached"
when you click on "File Attached" it will then open that file

I completly lost on how to do this
but here is the formula i have so far when it comes to click on the cell

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim arrValues
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Range("C5:C5000"), Target) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
End Sub

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Removing Lotus Notes Attachments And Inserting Text

Apr 20, 2006

I am trying to write a VBA application within Excel to go through all Lotus Notes e-mails in a specific directory and save the attachment to a specific directory, remove the attachment and insert text into the e-mail in the spot the attachment was located that states "The attachment has been removed".

I'd also like to insert a 1KB text file into the e-mail that would be called "File Removed.txt" that would still allow you to quickly find the e-mails that had attachments because the little paperclip would show up.

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Attaching Text To Specific Cell

Mar 30, 2014

Is there a way in excel that shows some text information attached to a cell when the pointer pointer points over that specific cell???

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Attaching A Custom Toolbar To Workbook

Apr 14, 2009

I have created a workbook and made a custom toolbar to perform the macro functions for the sheets in the workbook. Everything works great for me, but I want to attach the custom toolbar to the workbook so that whenever someone else pulls up the workbook they pull up the custom toolbar too.

I used the tools menu, clicked customize, toolbars, attach, selected the custom toolbar and clicked copy.

No toolbar appears.

I can select View, Toolbars, and select the custom toolbar, then the toolbar appears, but when I close the sheet the toolbar remains.

When someone else opens the sheet, the toolbar appears without any "buttons." It is an empty toolbar.

The help text isn't helping because the instructions for attaching a custom toolbar to a worksheet (tools/customize/toolbars/attach/copy) do not attach the toolbar to the workbook.

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Attaching Userforms To A Specific Workbook

Jul 12, 2006

i've got an excel workbook called..lets say.. "Database" contains spreadsheets with lots of exciting data..and Users view(and occassionally add to) this data through a variety of userforms.

what i'd love to know is whether theres any way to "bind" userforms to a specific workbook?
i.e. can i make it so my userforms "MIGHT" be displayed (might bcos it depends on the users selection)...while "Database is the active worksheet".....but not displayed if it isn't...e.g. if they open another excel workbook..

at the moment my userforms are present in every excel project (while Database is open and the forms are being used), which is clearly bad since they block half the screen....

does anyone possibly know how to have Userforms only show up when a specific workbook is being used?i've been stuck on this for a couple of days now and its driving me crazy.

equally if you don't think its possible, i'd love to know so i can stop wasting my time on this....there is a way around the problem..but it involves putting my "Main Menu" -which opens all my userforms- as part of an excel spreadsheet instead of a userform..and having it userform based just makes it look so much better.

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Attaching Macros To List Items

Aug 3, 2006

I have a combobox with a list of about forty items. I would like each item on the list to run a different macro if selected. How would I attach the macros to each of the separate items?

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Text Files Not Attaching To Email Correctly

Mar 31, 2014

I'm trying to send a few emails with some .txt files attached. It is sending the emails, along with text files, but the data within the text files are either missing or giving me weird Chinese symbols.

Here is the code:

[Code] .....

As I said, the email is sending no problem, with files attached, but the data within the files are corrupted. I've checked, and the links are referencing the correct files.

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Attaching Signature To Email In Lotus Notes

Jul 17, 2013

Any ways to automatically send emails using Lotus Notes.

On Lotus Notes, I automatically have my signature to append to an email, however when I am running Johns script at the bottom it is replaced with the file path of my signature (i.e. C:Program Fileslotus
otesdatasig.htm), and when I comment out the part where strSignature is mentioned there is no signature.

My code is below:

Sub mySub()
Dim x As Integer
Dim UserName As String
Dim MailDbName As String
Dim Recipient As Variant
Dim Maildb As Object
Dim MailDoc As Object

[Code] ...........

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Attaching File To Lotus Notes Email

May 12, 2006

I managed to create the attached macro with help from stuff I've found in the internet. With this code, I am able to save the file and then send an email cia Lotus Notes. I need two things:

(1) The code to attach the file saved into the email that it sends

(2) The code so that the file is protected so that changes are not made by the recipient.

ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:="V:TFMCO8 ReportingHistory" & [c22].Value & " " & Format$([c20], "- (YYYY-MM-DD)") & ".xls"
ActiveWorkbook.Close False

Dim Maildb As Object, UserName As String, MailDbName As String
Dim MailDoc As Object, Session As Object

Set Session = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")
UserName = Session.UserName
MailDbName = Left$(UserName, 1) & Right$(UserName, _
(Len(UserName) - InStr(1, UserName, " "))) & ".nsf"
Set Maildb = Session.GetDatabase("", MailDbName)
If Maildb.IsOpen Then
Else: Maildb.OpenMail...........

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Excel 2003 :: Attaching Hyperlink To Command Button?

Dec 3, 2006

I am trying to attach a hyperlink to a command button in excel 2003. I open the control toolbox, select command button and place it on the worksheet. with the button selected and in design mode I click on the hyperlink button on the toolbar and allocate the hypelink address. Click on the button and it works fine untill I exit design mode then the button stops working.

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Attaching Row To Single Cell So That They Stay Adjacent On Worksheet

Jul 10, 2013

I've created an excel workbook with multiple sheets. One of the sheets is the "Master Sheet" and I used the formula =INDIRECT("'Master Sheet'!A"&ROW(A2)) so that columns A and B on every sheet match exactly what I input into the A and B columns on the Master Sheet. I used this formula because it would allow me to insert rows on the Master Sheet and have that reflected in the other sheets.

However, I've realized that this means the data I am inputting on the other sheets gets misaligned because if I make a change on the Master Sheet it the A and B columns on the other sheets, but all the rest of the columns on the other sheets stay where they are. How to make the rows shift up and down together on the other sheets.

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VBA / Creating And Attaching New Sub To Newly Created ActiveX Control?

Jun 2, 2014

After programmatically creating a new activex checkbox, I want to create a sub for it's click event. I have given the object a name, and fortunately the code for it's click event is a one-line call of another sub, but how?

The sub would look like the following except be named after the new control (obviously), and yes, it is just the number in the name that changes:

[Code] .........

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Excel Macro For Attaching Multiple Files To One Email

Jan 15, 2014

I am currently attempting to use an excel macro to allow me to send a list of files to one person. I have managed to create a dynamic list where one sheet of the workbook has the list of files and checkboxes, and as certain ones are selected they appear in a list on the 'front sheet' of my workbook, which has the button to send the email.

My front sheet is set up in a way that in cell B3 I have the desired email address, B4 contains the subject and from B5 to B30 I have the list of selected attachments (although the length of the list obviously varies depending on the amount of files selected, when all are selected the list extends to B30).

I have the below vba code that allows me to create an email with the address and subject and attaches the file address from cell B5, but I would like to attach all the files in the list and am struggling to change the code to do so.

Sub CreateMail()

Dim objOutlook As Object
Dim objMail As Object
Dim rngTo As Range
Dim rngSubject As Range
Dim rngAttach As Range

Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

[Code] ........

I can add more by creating new ranges (rngAttach1, rngAttach2, rngAttach3 etc) and setting these to their respective locations but if, for example, only two files are selected, the list only covers cells B5 and B6, so when the macro looks up the file directory in B7 (rngAttach3) it returns an error because obviously there is nothing for it to find.

I have attempted to compile a loop and change the code to the version shown below but am having no luck.

Sub CreateMail()

Dim objOutlook As Object
Dim objMail As Object
Dim rngTo As Range
Dim rngSubject As Variant
Dim rngAttach As String
Dim iLoop As Long

[Code] ....

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VBA Outlook Email Auto-send Routine - Check If There Any Attachments In Email To Be Sent

Jul 23, 2014

I have a macro to send emails to a group people that based on various criteria, it will attach a number of files to a recipient's particular email. This is a small portion of the code that does the attachment adding:

If Range("B" & a) = "Y" Then
If citChev "" Then .Attachments.Add citChev
End If
If Range("C" & a) = "Y" Then
If citMits "" Then .Attachments.Add citMits
End If
If Range("D" & a) = "Y" Then
If citToyo "" Then .Attachments.Add citToyo
End If
If Range("E" & a) = "Y" Then


Most people get several of the files attached to their email and all works fine. But, there are certain conditions when all the IF() stmts fail where a recipient will not get any files attached. I do not want to send the email if this is the case, but it currently is sending it.

Is there a way after all the IF() stmts have processed to check to see if this current email has any attachments assigned to it? (IF .Attachments "" Then...) does not work.

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