Auto Calculate Color Function On Cell Color Change

Feb 15, 2010

I would like to be able to change the color of a cell in V4:AB31 and have the formula in AM10:AM13 automatically calculate the new result. As it is now the user has to press Ctrl ALT f9 for the formula to recalculate.

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Auto Change Row Color After Cell Data Input

Jun 4, 2008

Not sure if this is possible or if I would need to run a VB macro. image multiple columns with text headers.

'A'=Project Number 'B'= Date 'C'=Description etc etc etc 'S'=Cancelled (i actually use up to 'Z' on the columns for various other data)

I have added a Conditional Format on the cells in column 'S' that if the cell data = Y then colour the cell RED. This at first glance will show that the project has been cancelled. What I would like it to do is to colour the complete row (shaded grey for example) this would then show up more easily with the amount of data that is on my sheet.

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Worksheet Calculate Event To Automatically Change The Color Of A Cell

Jan 30, 2009

I am trying to use the worksheet calculate event to automatically change the color of a cell only when that particular cell changes. In E2 of the worksheet is a formula use to determine rating based on the result of 2 other cells. The rating is classified as follows


I would like to generate a different set of color to the cell and fonts for each of the rating. For example,

"Cyan" to the cell E1 and E2 with Black font if the result is "Low"
"Plum" to the cell E1 and E2 with "Black font if the result is "Moderate"
"Blue" to the cell E1 and E2 with "White" font if the result is "High" and
"Red" to the cell E1 and E2 with "White" font if the result is "Maximum"

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Change Font Color Based On Adjacent Cell Color

Apr 18, 2008

I have two columns. The first one (A) contains cells that have different Fill colors. The second column (B) contains text adjacent to the colored cells. I am trying to change the color of the text in the second column (B) to the corresponding color in the adjacent cell in the first column (A). I don't think conditional formating works well in this situation. I believe the solution would be some sort of macro.

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VBA Macro To Auto Change Cell Color On Protected Sheet Based On Input

Apr 13, 2009

I have a macro code for conditional formatting. The first 2 lines of the macro are

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ....

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Change Font Color If Cell Color Become Yellow (6)

Jul 9, 2009

I have font color white in blank cells in column E and I (from row 5 to row 245) so the visitors will not see the text. If any of these cells become yellow (color code is 6), the font color will become black so visitors can see the text alot far better than white. I've tried this code myself after this post but nothing happen

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Change Text Color Based On Cell Color

Oct 17, 2006

I have various row cells in column (F) filled with the color Green. And corresponding text in Column G. How can I change the text of that particular row to white.

i.e.: if any cell in column F is Green, change the text color of that row in Column G to white?

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Change The Color Of A Cell As The Result Of A Logical Function

Sep 25, 2009

How do I change the color of a cell as the result of a logical function?
For example: =IF(A1<A2,A1 is yellow, A2 is yellow).

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Auto Color Change With Data Entry

Dec 6, 2008

Is there a way to make a cell change its fill color automatically whenever data is entered into that cell?

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Row Color To Automatically Change To Blue (color 5) (bgcolor = #0000FF)

Oct 22, 2009

In my Excel 2003 worksheet, I need the row color to automatically change to blue (color 5) (bgcolor = #0000FF) - when the user changes the text from VALID to INVALID in the range: B3:B65000.

For example:

Cell B5 contains the text: VALID

When the user changes the text in the field to read: INVALID - then I need the row range: A5:W5 to change to the color blue.

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Using IF Function To Change Font Color

May 9, 2009

I'm trying to use Excel to keep team standings for a baseball board game. I had no problem calculating wining percentage. Finally figured out how to calculate 'games behind.' Now I'm wondering if there is a way to change the font color of a team name based on their wining pct?

A typical row contains: A2(Team Name), B2 (Wins), C2 (Losses), D2 (Pct (B2/(B2+C2)), E2 (GB). Is there a way to use the IF function to return the 'Team Name' in green if D2>.500, 'Team Name' in red if D2<.500, and 'Team Name' in black if D2=.500 ??

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Auto Cell Color..

Sep 26, 2008

I am a bit of a novice, so hope i explain what the problem is correctly. I have 3 teams Red, Blue and Green, with 5 members in an team.I need to depict each members name with the correct team colour in a cell and there name. However i need it to change the cell colour when i select the members name from a drop down list. The drop down list is not a problem its getting the cell to colourize to.

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Get Color From One Cell And Change Another Cell To That Color?

Jun 14, 2002

I have set up a timetable for a dyslexic student and subjects need to be colour coded i have a full page and a mini timetable to filled in.

An example... I want to have excel automaticly change cell A1 to the background colour of e1 e1's cell color is defined by using vlookup and getting the colour of the cell that is to the right of it

a1 = cell colour of e1
e1 = the cell colour of

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Auto Cell Color For Each Month

Aug 6, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that shows which month a vendor pays. I need each of these months to have a different color, for ease of reading. I have tried the CF, but I can only get three colors out of it.

I got this to work, but not how I want it. I would like to be able to auto color the cell when I leave that cell. The way it is now I have to go back and click the cell again. I have tried putting this code in 'SelectionChange' section of sheet1. I have put it everywhere I could think of, but it still does the same thing, I have to click back into the cell to give it color. Is there any way to have it so that when I push enter, or tab out of the cell it will give color to the cell I just left.

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Calculate Standard Deviation By Cell Color

Aug 13, 2008

ColorFunction is a great tool, but I would like to use it to calculate the Standard Deviation of color filled cells. Can the following code be modified to do this?

Function ColorFunction(rColor As Range, rRange As Range, Optional SUM As Boolean)
Dim rCell As Range
Dim lCol As Long
Dim vResult
lCol = rColor.Interior.ColorIndex
If SUM = True Then
For Each rCell In rRange
If rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = lCol Then
vResult = WorksheetFunction.SUM(rCell,vResult)
End If
Next rCell
For Each rCell In rRange
If rCell.Interior.ColorIndex = lCol Then
vResult = 1 + vResult
End If
Next rCell
End If
ColorFunction = vResult
End Function

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Excel 2007 :: Changing Bar Series Color To Adjacent Cell Font Color

Aug 8, 2012

I am trying to use VBA in Excel 2007 to change bar chart series colors. I have found a few posts that link it to a cell background, but I'm struggling to find one that does the font color.

It would be great if I could change the bar chart series to match the color of the text in the A column, so that if I highlighted the value in A1 and changed the text color to orange for whatever reason, the chart updates the value of 1.2 to an orange bar (see below).

T. A1 B1

Sample 1 1.2

Sample 2 2.1

Sample 3 1.7

Sample 4 5.6

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Linking Object Color To Conditionally Formatted Cell Color In Microsoft Excel

Aug 31, 2012

I have a range of cells that change colors with conditional formats based on the cell value from high to low. I would like to link the cell color to an object such as a circle or rectangle. When the cell value changes along with the conditional format, the color of the object will also change.

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Color Cell Fonts Based On Text Color Of TextBox Controls On UserForm

Apr 11, 2008

I have got a userform with lots of controls,

One of the action's on a large group of the controls is the same but except for one number

here is an example

If TextBox107.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell. Offset(0, 53).Font.ColorIndex = 3
If TextBox108.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell.Offset(0, 54).Font.ColorIndex = 3
If TextBox109.ForeColor = 255 Then ActiveCell.Offset(0, 55).Font.ColorIndex = 3

This makes a cell that correlates to the textbox red if the text in the textbox is red.

Now, I loads of these textboxes that all need to run the same code with just the Offset value one digit higher than the last and I was hoping I could create a loop to avoid a huge block of code but I can't work out how to make a constant that will +1 with each loop.

Also, can I assume that a loop will start with the control with the lowest number i.e. Textbox1 and then work its way through the rest of them in order?

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Add A Textbox At The Current Position (selected Cell) With A Set Size, Fill Color, And Border Color

Nov 2, 2008

I'm trying to add a textbox at the current position (selected cell) with a set size, fill color, and border color. I found this:

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Auto Fill A Cell With A Color When Typing A Number?

Jul 2, 2014

When I type numbers in the cells from D4 to D14, E4 to E14 and so on, the particular cell should turn into "Green". All the the cells will remain "yellow" and blank until numbers are entered based on the daily cleaning of machines. When particular machine no is entered in to a cell cell, that cell should turn green(this shows that "service is done for that machine")

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Setting Color Of Range Based On Adjacent Cell Color

Nov 1, 2009

This is probably elementary, but I'm struggling and would appreciate any help as I have very little excel VBA experience to draw from.

I have assembled code which changes the cell color based on a value change in Column A. Column A will contain many different groups of repeating values. This code works well and and I have been able to figure out how to limit the number of colors to only 2. The end result is each set of similar values in column A is visually grouped by one of two alternating colors.

The number rows in the data set is variable as the data set is extracted from SAP. The number of columns is fixed.

What I want to do now is set the cell color in columns B through F the same color that was assigned to the row in column A. So if cell A3 is set to colorindex = 6, then I want to set the range of cells B3 to E3 to the same color.

Here is the code I am using to set the color of the cells in Column A:

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Color Change In A Cell

Nov 24, 2009

What formula do i use if i want the text in cell A1 to change to red if any entry is made in cell B1.

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Change The Color Of Cell

Dec 14, 2009

I am having some color problems. From A2:AB2000 I have different fill colors for cells all over the place. The only color I need is the color purple which I believe is the color 39.

So basically all cells except the cells with the color purple change to white from A2:AB2000. I would like to add this code to the macro I have already created.

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Change Row Color On Cell Value?

Nov 22, 2012

I'm trying to put together a script which changes the color of the row in columns A:AE if any cell in the Range B7:B400 has the value of 'No'. If it has the value of 'Yes' I would like it to Exit Sub.

I've put together the code below to try an create this function, but I'm running into a few problems.

If Intersect(Target, Range("B7:B400")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
If Selection.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target "No" Then[code]....

When the value of any cell in Range B7:B400 is 'Yes' the row changes to grey, if I enter 'No' it removes all cell shading from the row, and I'm not very clear on what changes I need to make.

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Cell Color Change If Value Changes

Apr 4, 2007

I've got some spread sheets that I send out. People fill them out and send them back to me. The only problem is that I dont know which cells they've changed and which cells they've left. Is thier a way to tell VB to change the color of a cell if the value has changed

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Change The Color Of The Cell

Jul 24, 2007

I have to check a cell to see if ti has a date in it, if so , then i have to check the current date to another cell, if the current date is greater then that cell i want to change the color of the cell

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Change The Cell Color

Apr 28, 2008

When I click on a button I would like an option to cancel a row range of cells by turning the writing red with a cross through it.

So if I wanted to cancel a certain row of data I would click on a button, enter the range of cells to cancel and then this would turn all of the writing in the cells to red colour with a strike through the words.

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IF And Change The Color Of Cell

Jan 7, 2010

i need to add this in a macro that i previously created
here is what i need, i hope its clear for everyone to understand

I want to be able to change a color of a row to purple if a cell is greater than 5 days
so basically what i need is something like this

IF BQ1 has the data "APPROVED" and data in BP1 is 01/04/10 and BN1 is blank and if BN1 is blank after 5 days of BP1 then the color of this row changes to purple

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Change Row Color If Cell Value Is

Mar 23, 2007

I want to change the row color after the value in one of the cells equals a certain value. What is the best/easiest way to accomplish this?

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Color Chart Data Points By Cell Color

Jun 22, 2007

if it actually possible to colour data points depending on the colour of the cell of the data it refers to? if not is it possible to colour it any other way
i have uneven amounts of data for weach month but still want the months to be displayed, this is the best way i can think of of doing this

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