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Automatically Sort By Date

Here is what I want to accomplish:

I have a spreadsheet with data in cells A36 to G52. In The D column (D36 to D52) I have a date in there. I would like to have this column sort in ascending order automatically, but also have it sort the other data within the same row with it.

I have tried a couple of VBScripts that I have found in other posts that are similar, but I just get errors when trying it so I assume that I am not putting something in correctly.

Can anyone help me write this functionality? I have other data in a similar setup on the page that I also want to sort automatically but the script for this first part should be just a copy and paste, and change a couple of least I am assuming so.

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Sort Table In Date Order But With The Date Nearest To Today's Date At The Top
I have data going in to a small table which has some empty rows as that data is not yet available... My problem is, I need to sort this table in date order but with the date nearest to today's date at the top...

The sort function puts oldest at the top or oldest at the bottom which is no good for what I need...

I use xl 2003.

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Sort A Column Automatically
Is there a way to automatically sort a column in ascending order while entering numbers so that the column is sorted when last number is entered.

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Macro To Sort Automatically
I am now trying to write a macro which is a little over my head and was hoping some one may have some idea how to do it or have some code that is similiar and I can try to customise it myself. So here goes.

Basically all that happens is I paste data into a work book that always has two columns. The first column is a list of names and the second column is a list of numbers. I need to sort that information automaitcally every time it is pasted into the work sheet as follows.

1) Once any information is pasted to sheet 1 run macro automatically with no user interaction

2) All numbers must be rounded up or down first before sorting. If it is say 2.4 then it would become 2 and it it was 2.6 it would become 3.

3) Then move the numbers only from a specified column from sheet1 to sheet 2 and split them up into seperate columns based on the following results.

a) 0 - 3 gets moved to column B
b) 4 -7 get moved to column C
c) 8 - 10 gets moved to column d

4) Delete both columns from sheet1 after this is run so the user can re paste new information

5) If a user does this again then do the same but move into a new set of columns e f g and so on until the work book ends.

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Automatically Sort Table
I am currently in the process of creating a league table using Excel, and was wondering how I could get the teams to automatically arrange themselves in order of total points?, without using macros, is any formula capable of this?

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Automatically Sort New Data
I have (what seems to me) a somewhat complicated request. Iím trying to do a custom workbook without using VB (if possible). Iím trying to design a file list that can be updated easily by anyone. The new row of information needs to be entered (by a data form maybe?) and then automatically alphabetized by Ď case nameĒ. See below. I donít know Excel formulas that well. This seems fairly easy, but I am at a loss how to do it.

Case NameCase #Open Date Closed DateRep

1Apple, Aaron2006-45 12/8/06 Tom
2Apple, David2004-02 01/14/04 Bill
3Bennett, Tim2006-0411/28/06 Bob
4Carter, Jimmy2005-23 04/22/05 Chris
5Carter, Tim2000-11 08/02/00 Jim
6Ford, Gerald 2007-206/06/05 Jill
7Gold, Bill 2006-7803/12/04 Pat
8Hill, Jim 2006-7703/18/04 Amanda
9Janes, William2005-6803/14/05 Dave

I would like to enter a new record (ďcase name -e.g. Jones, Smith, etc.) , with all the other corresponding info (Case #, Open Date, Rep #) and have excel automatically insert it ALPHABETICALLY by case name into the sheet and also, if possible, renumber. I know I can add the new record it to the last row and the Sort by case name, but I wanted to have others do it, and when they try to enter and sort the spreadsheet it always gets messed-up.

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Automatically Sort In Descending Order
I'm using a table with columns from A to F and an unlimited number of rows. Note that there is a title at the top of each column.
-I'd like my datas in column F to be automatically sorted in descending order from top to bottom when I hit the enter key or when the number is entered in last column (column F).
-the the entire row of data needs to be sorted according to the sorting criteria of column F ( datas entered need to stay on the same row)
-the macro should validate that the number value entered in column F is the same as the number value entered in column A. (to make sure that there was no typing mistake)
-Result in column D must be the difference between the corresponding value in column B and C (B-C=D)
*The next couple of constraints are not absolutely required, i'd like to have them only if it's possible to add constraints with filling color:
-Whenever there is no value entered in column C on a specific row I'd like the entire row to be colored in yellow (fill color)
-IF a number is entered in column C, and that the result of B-C in column D is not equal to zero, I'd like this specific row to be filled in Red.
-when all the values are entered in a row from column A to F and that the result of B minus C is equal to Zero in column D, i'd like this specific row to be filled in a green color.
***in other words, the datas in each rows from column A to F will be entered on 2 occasions; on the first time, only the datas in column A,B and F will be entered (so basically after entering this set of values the row should be filled in yellow. the second time, the remaining values will be added to the rows, so at this time A,B,C,D,E and F will all be entered. when this is done there will be two options
1-the value in column D is equal to Zero then the entire row should be filled in green or
2-the value in column D is'nt equal to zero, then this specific row should be filled in red.

Keep in mind that the datas of a row should be automatically sorted only when the value in column F is entered or when the enter key is hitted to add a new row.

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Sort Data. And Automatically Fills
Scenario: You have two columns in a spreadsheet. Column A is a text input and column B is a tracking number for each row. Using the ISTEXT statement, I had it configured so that when a cell in column B recognized a TRUE statement in an adjoining cell in column A it would then assign a number. B1 is assigned a number when A1 has text.

What I would like to happen is build the spreadsheet so that after the user enters text in column A, column B automatically fills in so that the user doesn't have to manually enter it. I've figured out how to do this if the data is never sorted, however, if you sort the data then the tracking numbers don't follow and are really a mess.

Is there a way to auto fill column B and at the same time, make it so that the tracking number that is originally assigned to the row follows with A when sorted?
I've tried using =MAX but run into circular reference issues.

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Automatically Sort Information Into Different Sheets
I have a sales sheet that records every sale as it comes in. I want it to copy the relevant information (only that sales reps sales) into each sales reps individual sheet automatically so that I can send each rep his own sheet. Can this be done? SEE ATTACHMENT

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Automatically Sort Ranges On Calculation
I've created this fantasy football programe to calculate all the scores from all matches in this years European Championships.

Basically everybody ranks each team from 1 to 16, giving 16 points to the country you think will win the european championship, 15 points to the runner up, and so on down to the country, you think is the weakest on just 1 point.

Everytime I try and change one of the values in the 'Results' tab I get an "Compile Error/Syntax Error".

What this macro should do is sort all the data in the "League Table" tab into a highscore table list.

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Application.EnableEvents = False
Range("b1"). CurrentRegion.Sort _
Key1:=Range("h2"), Order1:=xldescending,
Key2:=Range("c2"), Order2:=xldescending,
key3:=Range("e2"), order3:=x1descending,
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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Automatically Sort Columns Simultaneously
there are two colums, one for product name (unique names) and other one is for their prices (may be same for more then one product). I want to arrange these columns by the their price vlaues in assesnding/desending order and to have their unique corresponding product names in respective columns. Provide me any solution, probably using any excel formulas. presently i have tried this using Large and Vlookup funstions...but it fails.. when there are same price is available for two product names, then it takes only first one. I WANT TO GET THIS DONE AUTOMATICALLY, AS THIS IS TO BE POPULATED ON SOME OTHER SHEET AS A PARETO. waiting for your vlauable responces ASAP.

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Automatically Sort On Worksheet Activation
I'm trying to auto sort a list of ranks that are linked to another sheet. My sort code works when it referers to input number values, but when it refers to cells that have formulas, it does not recognize the value from the formula, only the formula itself. Any ideas would be welcome.

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Automatically Move & Sort Row Based On Cell Value
I have a simple projectlist on sheet1 formatted like this:
Column A=Projectname, B=Description, C=Owner, D=Deadline and E=Status.
On sheet2 I have the same columnheaders.

What I would like to do, is that if Status changes to "Done",
* the entire row should be copied to a free row on sheet2, or just inserted on sheet2.row2 without overwriting anything
* the now empty row on sheet1 should be deleted (so there're no empty rows)
* the data on sheet2, should be sorted with D as first key and C as second.

Then, if Status on sheet2 changes to "Reopened", the same procedure should happen but from sheet2 to sheet1.

My first choice was to create a checkbox on each row in the Status column,but I noticed it didn't seem to follow with cut/paste even though I changed the property Locked to false. Anyone knows if it's possible to change this behaviour?

I only know small bits of VBA but my idea is this: ...

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Automatically Sort Worksheet When Leaving/Deactivating
I am using Excel 2003 and have used the Data > List > Create List... menu. I am after a worksheet deactivate macro that will sort the data within a data list first by column A and then by column B. I have found a macro that can be activated by a button when working on the worksheet:

Sub Sort_A_then_B()
With ActiveCell. CurrentRegion
.Sort Key1:=. Cells(1, 1), Order1:=xlAscending, _
Key2:=.Cells(1, 2), Order2:=xlAscending, _
Header:=xlYes, OrderCustom:=1, _
MatchCase:=False, _
End With
End Sub

However it is important that the data within the worksheet is sorted by column A then B when I move to another worksheet. I would like the macro to be able to sort the data list by however many rows or columns there may be within the list. I assume this would include as follows: With ActiveCell.CurrentRegion

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Socecr Spreadsheet: Sort Automatically By Gathered Points
Iíve got a soccer spreadsheet with the names of six national teams. Near it, the small table that present current condition of a team. Under it, I created the small table where I want them to be sorted automatically by gathered points. The spreadsheet. For example:...............

I want the name of the team, who gathered maximum points, to be shown in first row. In the second row, must be shown the team which has the second result. There must be one formula that I can copy down. So I wrote the next formula

Everything was perfect until I saw that if the column has the same numbers (points) it returns the first matched row number. So I did the next

IF(COUNTIF($AD$4:$AD$9,LARGE($AD$4:$AD$9,ROWS($AD$4:AD4)))>1,MATCH(LARGE($Z$4:$Z$9,B12),$Z$4:$Z$9,0) +3,MATCH(LARGE($AD$4:$AD$9,B12),$AD$4:$AD$9,0)+3)..................

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Automatically Sort Column When Sheet Selected/Activated
i want to automatic sort data very time i open the file or any change in column b.

i have data in column B from B1 to B100

how to collect data from Column B and place them in Column A star from A1 because Column B not Organized!

I mean B1 have data
B2 have null
B3 have data
B4 have nul .... etc

i want to display all Column B in Column A one by one to be Organized.

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Automatically Sort Range On Leaving Sheet (Deactivate)
I'm trying to do something quite simple but I can't seem to see the forest thru the trees.

All I want to do is when I deactivate a worksheet (sheet2) I want it to sort a predfined range. I keep getting a "Select Method of Range Class Failed" error message on the line of code with ******

The code is as follows: ...

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Date Doesn't Appear Automatically When Running Date Code
Private Sub txttodaysdate_change()

txttodaysdate = Format(Now, "mmm/d/yy")

End Sub

when i use this code i wnat the date to automatically appear in the text box but it doesn't I have type something into the textbox then the current date appears,.

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Sort By Date?
I have a table which I am trying to sort by date, however at the end of each of the dates there are 2 spaces represented (I haven't a clue why or how) which means the data doesn't sort correctly. Other than going cell by cell and deleting the 2 spaces can anybody offer any recommendations?

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Sort From Date Format
I want cell C2 data in Number format or (some options) not in date (Format cell) so that I can sorting perfectly bcoz I am having some problem in sorting. If I want data age less than 25 that is not sorting.

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Data Auto Sort By Date
I have a very simple excel with three columns Name (column A), Date (column B), Hours (column C). I want the excel to autosort upon opening so the data is sorted by date. I right-clicked on Sheet 1 and put this in (I found it online):

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Range("B1").CurrentRegion.Sort Key1:=Range("B1"), Order1:=xlDescending, Header:= _
xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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Sort By Date Macro Code
I have a column which has dates in format: dd/mm/yyyy - there are no headers in this worksheet.

I need to sort the worksheet according to the row date field ... but it's causing issues.

It is assuming the dd is mm ... and when i reverse the format to yyyy/mm/dd before sorting - then it assumes mm is mm BUT it keep sorting with dd, regardless of the month. with both ways, the assumptions are interchangeable ...

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Macro To Sort Rows By Date Order
Starting at E8 and going down the E column there is a list of non sequential dates that could potentially be very small or extremely large. These dates must be sorted in ascending order together with all the data in their respective rows so for example

John Ball 20/2/07
Mark Dunn 19/2/07
Tim Jones 18/2/07

should be sorted as

Tim Jones 18/2/07
Mark Dunn 19/2/07
John Ball 20/2/07

If anyone can write such a piece of code it'd be very time saving.

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Automatically Date Appear In A Particular Cell
I'm looking for a way to achieve the following:

When entering data in any cell in a excel sheet I would like the previous date to automatically appear in particular cell so the cell will show the date I entered something in the cell. I want the date to be a fixed date, I don't want it to change.

On entering something in a different cell in the sheet, the date of the cell remain same.
After saving the sheet, the next time I open it the dates will still have to be the same as they were the first time.

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Automatically Name Tabs With Date
I want each workbook to contain one month's worth of sheets, with a sheet containing one day's appointments. I need an easy way to name each sheet tab with the date, for example "01/08/09 Tue" for the first sheet and then all the following sheets will follow on date wise ie "02/08/09 Wed".

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Automatically Calculate Date
I made to automatically calculating by date which is time formating want to count the stem hours, but it prompted error?

Sub UpdateColG()

Dim IRow As Long

For IRow = 3 To Range("F").End(xlUp).Row
Range("G" & IRow).Value = Range("F" & IRow).Value - Range("F" & IRow - 1).Value
End Sub

the logical is Range (F2-F1) returns to (G2)
sample : (F2)10:30-(F1)09:45 =(G2)00:45.

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Automatically Changing Date
I have 2 Excel Files. In the main file I have a macro that copy/pastes data from the secondary file. The secondary file is a daily file that gets its file name changed every day (eg. 14OCT09.xls).

The last piece of the Macro goes back to the secondary file and ends with:

Range ("A1").Select

Now tomorrow, I have to manually edit the Macro and change the code to 15OCT09.xls before I run the Macro. Is there a way to automatically change this date without having to manually edit it on a daily basis?

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Add Month On A Date Automatically
How do I add month automatically on a date? if my begin date is 06/01/09 and I want to add 6 months to it how can I populate:


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Automatically Add Date Into A Cell
I am trying to automatically add a date to a cell (D2 on sheet1) when there is data entered in a range of cells (C8:I59) on sheet2, so I can see the date of the last there was data entered.

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Macro To Run Automatically On Date
Each worksheet has 4 days on it.. and there are 4 worksheets per month ( Jan1, Jan2, Jan3, Jan4 ). I have this macro which runs ( dependant on password ) to lock all cells so they cannot be edited after. On this macro I have to enter the month to lock and it adds on the 1,2,3,4.

Sub LockCell()
Dim i As Integer
Dim ws As Worksheet
Const Pass = "password"
Dim InptPass As String
Dim Mnth As String

On Error Resume Next

InptPass = InputBox("Please Enter Password")

If InptPass <> Pass Then
MsgBox "Incorrect Password", vbCritical
Exit Sub

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Automatically Add Or Remove Date
This code below is pasted from Automatically Add Date, Time or Date & Time and uses the Worksheet Change Event

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A2:A100")) Is Nothing Then
With Target(1, 2)
.Value = Date
End With
End If
End Sub

It automatically enters today's date into the corresponding B cell. How do I code it so that the date is automatically removed when & if I delete the corresponding A cell?

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Automatically Fill Date For Whole Month
I'm using sheet for ledger. For entering date I use =today() but I want to do that in date column(A) I set a formula only once that if I enter data in 2nd column it automatically add today date and if data enter day after tomorrow it will add corresponding date. Is this possible?

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Automatically Macro Run When Date Change
Is it possible to have a macro run when a date is changed each month instead of clicking on the button. I have a few macros that are ran each month in a spreadsheet (manually) but would I would like to have them run automatically when the date is changed in cell a4 each month. The date in cell a4 is always the last day of the month. Also the name of the workbook changes each month

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Automatically Calculate Date In The Future
I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will automatically calculate a date in the future.

The future date calculated needs to take the time NOW (as the user completes a field) and determines if this is before MIDNIGHT on the following SUNDAY. If so it calculates the date as a Tuesday 2 weeks on. For example... I request a date now on 1st Jan which is a Thursday. This is before midnight Sunday and so the date calculated would be Tuesday 20th January.

If the time NOW is after MIDNIGHT Sunday and before the next TUESDAY.. ie 0001hrs on the Monday and 2359hrs on the Monday then the date returned should be Tuesday 3 weeks on.. e.g 27th.

It would also need a function that would allow the total number of referrals on a Tuesday to 20 at which point it would overspill and provide a date on the Friday of the same week.. so in the first example it would be Friday 23rd

Is this something that can be achieved with formulas and a set of dates for it to calculate from or do I need to find someone who can do it in VBA for me.

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Place Date In Cell H6 Automatically
I have the following
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A2:A100")) Is Nothing Then
With Target(1, 2)
.Value = Date
End With
End If

End Sub

I just want the date to appear in cell H6 autmatically and the time to appear in H7.

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Automatically Generating Day And Date On Several Sheets
I have made a daily planner for each month. The dates are on separate sheets which are titled 1st Dec 07, 2nd Dec 07 and so on.

This is also included on the actual sheet as well in the form of a heading. I want to know if it's possible to automatically rename the text on the sheet to what the sheet is called?

Or if the first sheet has a title of '1st Dec 07' how can I get the other sheets to automatically be titled in sequence so I don't have to do it manually?

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Function That Enters The Corrent Date Automatically
I want to know if there is a function that enters the corrent date automatically. E.g., if I enter "3000" in B1, the result will be "2/9/2008" in, say, B2.

Can it be done?

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Calculator Compute Automatically After Inputting The Date
i m making a very small calculator. It's a little hard to describe, but I need to look like the following
Let's say the individual got here on 1 Jan

Phase 1 is for days 1-14 last for 14 days
Phase 2 is for Day 15-35 last for 21 days
Phase 3 is day 36+

This is what I need it to look like: All the phase information will compute automatically after inputting the date arrived. In addition I would also like to be able to change one of the phase dates and the remainder of the phases compensate according to the newly entered date.

Date Arrived = 01 Jan 09
Phase 1 = 01jan09
Phase 2 = 04Feb09
Phase 3 = 05 Feb09

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Date Formula (increase By 950 Per Month Automatically)
I would like to create a financial modeling spreadsheet. Basically my problem is this; I want to have a month by month row for 5 years. For the value of each one I would like it to increase by 950 per month automatically.

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Automatically Populate Column With The Most Current Date
I want to automatically populate C2 with the most current date from B9:B14.

I can't seem to figure out the formula.

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Current Time/date Automatically Entered Into B1 When A1>0
I would like to have the current time/date automatically entered into B1 when A1>0 and I want it to be non volitile, is this possible?

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Day And Date Hilighted Automatically For Sunday In Red Column
How to creat list box and how the day and date hilighted automatically for sunday in red col and saturday and sunday colum should hilight.

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Automatically Format Date Cell As General
I have a cell that is constantly being changed from a date to a number. Excel automatically formats the cell as a date when a date is entered but if I re-enter a number it leaves the format as a date.

Is there anyway to automatically change the format back to general if a date is not entered.

I had this bit of code obviously it dosent work.

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("E8:E46")) Is Nothing Then
If IsDate(Target.Value) Then
Target.NumberFormat = "d/mm/yy;@"
Target.NumberFormat = "General"
End If
End If
Cancel = True

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Automatically Insert Static Date In Different Columns Of Same Row
I recently found on this site the macro to auto insert a static date in one column when an entry was made in the previous column.

What I have in my spreadsheet and what I would like to be able to do is if I select a particular Order Status from a drop down list, that it auto inserts the date into the respective columns.

Column F contains the various Order Status indicators ie Order Submitted, PO Raised, Delivered, and Invoice Received.
The date columns that I would like populated and which correspond to those status indicators (in order) are Column G, Column I, Column L, and Column K.
So if I pick Order Submitted, the status date should be auto populated in Column G. If I pick PO Raised, the status date should be auto populated in Column I etc.

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Code To Automatically Add In A Time And Date To Spreadsheet
Need the code which would allow me to create a macro where when data is added into an excel sheet, it automatically adds in the date and the time?

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Update And Assign Week And Date Automatically In VBA
I need to use Options>View - Zero Values.", "style="background: #FFFFFF;padding: 2px;font-size: 10px;width: 550px;"");' onmouseout='GAL_hidepopup();'>formatting-limit.htm" target="_blank">conditional formatting with more than 3 conditions. I have found a result for this when the formatting is being done to the cell containing the number but I need a different cell to be formatted. For example:

am pm

I need the cells marked by an x to go different colours depending on what number is in the final row of each column.

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Automatically Date & Time Stamp Row On Change
I work in a sales team, and am currently planning the new year of sales spreadsheets (tracking prospects and orders) These spreadsheets are linked in both directions to the Sales Director's summary spreadsheet (so that she can set the targets, and also provide a summary to the MD). She has asked me whether it is possible to put a formula in that gives the date each line (1 line = 1 prospect) was updated (so that she can see whether information in the line is current / a week old / a month old etc)

Effectively, what I need is in column A a formula which references columns B-Q and if any of those change, puts in the date of change. Is this possible, or am I going to have to ask the sales guys to do it manually? I have tried to use the =Now() function, but, because the spreadsheets are linked, and auto-update on opening, every time the spreadsheet is opened, each line goes to today's date.

The previous threads that I looked at suggested either: volatile time stamp in shared workbook


That is bad design, Enter =NOW() to a single name cell named cell and use date =MyD-T in ALL cells needing the Date & Time. Where MyD-T is the named cell. I would advise STRONGLY against using Manual Calculation as it's NOT good spreadsheet design and a mistake waiting to happen.

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I Have A List Containing Customer Data.. Can I Insert A Date Automatically?
I have a spreadsheet which I am trying to use to capture customer data. What I want to happen is whenever I enter a new record, the date appears automatically in a Date column ....

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Automatically Date & Time Stamp Changes To Specific Range
i need to put a date stamp when a change is made in b3:b31 into e3:e31 for each row also i need to put a date stamp into g3:g31 when a change is made in F3:f31 i try to use 1 "worksheet-change" and it is fine once i use 2 i get Ambiguous Name Detected errors

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
With Target
If .Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Range("b3:b31"), .Cells) Is Nothing Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
If IsEmpty(.Value) Then
.Offset(0, 3).ClearContents
With .Offset(0, 3) ............

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Automatically Writing Date To Sheet On Button Click ()
I have a user form where the user selects items from combo boxes or enters information into text boxes. When the user clicks the command button the selections are written to the spreadsheet along with an auto number. I am trying to add an auto date in as well and have been playing with using the NOW() function but I am having some problems calling it. Here is the
Private Sub cmbtnAdd_Click()
Dim NewRow As String
Dim NewNumber As String
With Worksheets("Sheet1")
NewRow = .Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1
NewNumber = .Cells(NewRow - 1, 1).Value + 1
.Cells(NewRow, 1).Value = NewNumber
.Cells(NewRow, 2).Value = Me.ComboBox2.Value
.Cells(NewRow, 3).Value = Me.TextBox1.Value
.Cells(NewRow, 4).Value = Me.TextBox2.Value
End With
End Sub

I was trying something like this:

Dim NewDate As Date
NewDate = DateSerial(Year(dDate), Month(dDate), Day(dDate))
.Cells(NewRow,5).Value = New Date

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Formula: Automatically Update The Date On A Weekly Basis
Need the formula to enable a cell to automatically update the date on a weekly basis

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