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CONVERT Worksheet Formula Into Vba Code

I'm manually entering a 10 digit code into Col A; at this moment in time I have the following formula in Col B:

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Convert SUMIF Formula Into A VBA Code
I've been trying to modified the formula below into the code you see below.

= SUMIF(G3:G21,">0",G3:G21)-SUMIF(A3:A21,"=",G3:G21)

So how can to modified the SUMIF formula into a code to the finalrow?

Range("J" & FinalRow + 1).Formula = "=SUM(J2:J" & FinalRow & ")"

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Converting Worksheet Formula To VBA Code
I'm having a slight problem as I cannot find a way to translate the following code from my worksheet formula to VBA: =IF(LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,"-",""))=1,A1,MID(A1,1,FIND("-",A1,FIND("-",A1)+1)-1)). The code takes a value from one cell and takes the part that I need. There are two main types of inputs, they are in the form:


The lengths are variable, but for the sake of showing you an example I have simplified it to the previous. The formula takes the part of the string that is before and after the first hyphen and puts it in the cell next to it.

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Convert Quickbasic Code To VBA
I have a lot of code and equations that run this program in Quick Basic. I need to basically make the same program in VBA. I was wondering if there is an easy way to transfer the equations and code to vba and make a functioning VBA program, which would replicate the current Quick Basic program.

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VBA Code To Convert Dates
I received a solution to a question recently whereby I was instructed to use the text-to columns function to solve a problem I was having with a column of dates.

Convert Dates To Another Format

The solution provided was;
Select Data > Text to Columns > Next > Next > Column Data Format > Date.

The solution works fine when performed manually but if you perform this function while recording a macro, the crucial piece that changes the date output is not captured by the recorder so when you run the macro nothing happens.

To expand on how I recorded it, after starting the text to column dialogue and pressing Next twice, the dialog provides me with a drop down selector where I am able to change the date format from the default DMY to the desired MDY which - when selected manually - fixes my problem. However, when I record a macro while performing this action the date format choice I made is not being recorded in the macro output so when I try running the macro later on the original data, nothing happens.

The recorded macro ends up looking like this; ....

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VBA Code Convert To PDF
This is my first time posting and though my knowledge of excel is very good - I sue it daily my knowledg of VBA is restricted to a macro that I've borrowed from former job. It basically puts data from a source file into a template file (both excel) and saves teh template with the specified filename. It does this for 40 different schools with different data. I send out these reports to schools as PDF reports and I'd like the VBA code to convert the files autmatically, within the same macro that creates them. So basically after running the macro I want to end up with 40 excel files and 40 pdf files.

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VBA Code To Convert Excel To Text File
to convert Excel file to Text (txt) file using VBA code.

I have data in range A3:C10 of Excel Spreadsheet and I need VBA code to read then write this data into text file and save as .txt file

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Convert Formula To Macro Code
I have

1) A worksheet ( named PC OD) with one 80X80 matrix (matrix1)

2) another worksheet (named worksheet2) where I have 2 80X80 matrices (matrix 2 and matrix 3) and the below mentioned formulae

Matrix 2 grabs data off Matrix 1 (cell 'PC OD'!B769 belongs to matrix 1, in sheet PC OD) to round off the values in each of the 80X80 cells : ...

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Formula Convert Into VBA
=SUMIF(Log!$B:$B,$A$2&" "&$A4,Log!$C:$C)

How would I convert this into VBA

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Convert Formula To Macro Code (combining Data From Two Cells)
I received assistance from NBVC for combining data from two cells. Post I need to convert the formula into macro code. I thought I would be able to convert it on my own, but running into some troubles with run time errors. Here is the Excel formula, which is working fine.

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Convert If & Weekday Formula To VBA
Formula in Range("E4")

what this in VBA?

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Delete Worksheet Code With VBA
Can someone help me out with this script?.

I keep getting "Subscript Out of Range Error"

I'm trying to delete all the code on sheets(1) of the active workbook.

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VBA For Worksheet Event Code
I have seen many examples posted here that are close to what I need, but I am not experienced at writing code, so I am not sure how to make the changes to this code that apply to what I need. So I will try to explain what I am looking for & hopefully not be too long winded:

I have an excel workbook that has several worksheets within it - 10 of the worksheets are identical as far as the formulas that are in each of the cells, however, they are all VLOOKUP cells that refer to another excel workbook (used as a "database")which lists all of our projects - there is a cell in each of the 10 sheets that can be changed that will allow that particular worksheet to access the information in the "database worksheet" for the particular project name that is entered in this cell.

There is currently an event worksheet code for each of these worksheets which allows for a picture to be displayed "floating" above cell (L13) based on the project name that is showing in this cell- however it is based on all of the project pictures "living" in each worksheet (the picture that is called up by the project name is displayed while the rest are hidden - as per the formula)- the code is shown below:
Option Explicit

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim oPic As Picture
Me.Pictures.Visible = False
With Range("L13")
For Each oPic In Me.Pictures
If oPic.Name = .Text Then
oPic.Visible = True
oPic.Top = .Top
oPic.Left = .Left
Exit For
End If
Next oPic
End With
End Sub

However - this option works fine when there are 5 or 10 pictures/projects - but we are looking to grow our project database. So, I was hoping to be able to store the pictures in another location (such as another worksheet or in a file on the server - I would also appreciate input if anyone has an opinion on which would work better?) and have some type of worksheet event code that can be written in to each worksheet that would access the picture in this "central" location and have them appear in cell (L13) of each worksheet based on the project name displayed.

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Use Of Worksheet Function In VBA Code
I am trying to use a dynamic range in VBA. But I am getting compile error.

Application.CutCopyMode = False
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("D19").Offset(0, 0, _
Application.WorksheetFunction. CountA(!Master)) , 3)

In the above code Master is a dyanmic range. I need to autofill the copied data in the 3 coloumns.

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Use Worksheet Functions In The VBA Code
How do I use excel functions in VBA code.

For example I do I use the max function which, gives the maximum value
from a range.

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Does Anyone Have The VBA Code To "Convert To Number"
Does anyone know the code to perform the function "Convert to number"? I have a problem where I need to change some "numbers" from an output sheet that are actually "text" format to actual numbers. Just changing the format to "Number" doesn't work - it may have to do with the fact that the numbers/text includes commas but I'm not sure why. But I have tried several times to change the format, and even though the format shows as being changed, code still doesn't recognize the characters as numbers. So I want to "convert to number" that excel does. With the numbers output the way they are as text, I get that warning (Green triangle) and I get the option to "Convert to Number". That works, so I tried to record the macro to see what the code would be, but that operation doesn't record.

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Add Code To Worksheet Event Using VBA
i need to add a DoubleClick event to about 40 workbooks.
each has 6 sheets and the code will be added to two of them.

i can cycle thru the folders/subfolders and open the correct files.
but how do i put the code into the specific sheets using a program?

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VBA Code To Add Event To New Worksheet
I need to to use VBA to copy a worksheet (which i've managed to do!), but I need the new worksheet to have a Worksheet_Change event. Now when I copy the worksheet, the event doesn't copy over (obviously as its a cut and paste jobby). Any ideas on what code I need to add in the Worksheet_Change event just after the new worksheet is automatically created?

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Macro To Write VBA Code In A Worksheet
how to write a macro, which in turn write some VBA code in a worksheet?

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Worksheet Function In VBA Macro Code
I am trying to write a function in excel to use the worksheet function "small" In the vba immediate window it doesn't return anything and in the spreadshhet I get a # NAME? error when called in a cell the code is below.

Sub UseFunction()
Dim myRange As Range
Dim answer As Integer

Set myRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:F6")
answer = Application.WorksheetFunction.Small((myRange), 1)
MsgBox answer
End Sub

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VBA Code To Activate Second-to-last And Last Worksheet Tabs In A Workbook?
I use a workbook where new worksheet tabs are added and removed daily. Every day I use the second-to-last tab (2nd from the right) and the last tab (far right). What code would enable me to activate and reference both of these tabs individually? I believe it would be something like the code below but I can't figure it out...

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2003 - Maximum Amount Of Vba Code In A Worksheet
Some time ago I was developing a worksheet with a large amount of code in it, and I got some kind of 'out of memory' error. I seem to remember it turned out that the error was because I had too much vba code in a single worksheet. I think I overcame the problem by moving routines out of the sheet and into a module.

I'm probably going to be approaching this limit again with something I'm wroking on now (although I haven't had any errors yet.) Does anyone know what the maximum amount of code you can have in a single worksheet in Excel 2003 is? And is there an easy way to find out how much code you have in a worksheet?

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Run VBA Macro Code On Protected Worksheet
I have incorporated print/print-preview command buttons/VBA into a workbook with protected sheets. To enable these command buttons to function when the relevant sheet is protected, I have had to add VBA code to unprotect the sheet before generating the print preview, and then to protect it again afterwards. However, the code I have used (see below) prompts the user to enter the protection password, is there any code I can use where I can write the password into the code itself to unprotect the worksheet without the using having to enter the password?

'Unprotect Sheet

'Print preview & cell formatting code

'Protect Sheet
ActiveSheet.Protect DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _
, AllowFormattingColumns:=True

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VBA Code To Copy Rows To A New Worksheet Based On Criteria
I need a macro that will search data from a range of cells in one column for multiple criterias and them copy the entire rows to a new worksheet.

Example I have a list of group names

Help Desk

I only want to choose all Network and Telcom rows copy to another worksheet.

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Copy Entire Worksheet Including All Macros And VBA Code
I need to copy my worskheet multiple times to create about 10 of the same worksheets within a workbook. I know if you click in the very most top left hand corner of the worksheet, then click copy, go to the new worksheet and click paste, it copies the whole page, but it does not copy over the VBA Code.

Also, for some reason, it does copy over my macro buttons, but does not put some of them in the right spot?

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Vba Code To Link A Text Box To A Cell In A Worksheet
I have built a userform and want the text boxes to access information from a worksheet when I click on the button that displays the userform.

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Referring To A Worksheet Cell Within The Vba Code Of A Custom Function
How does one pick up the data contained in a worksheet cell (say B5) and use it in the vba code of a custom function without passing the cell as an arguement

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VBA Code To Copy Data From Text Box And Input Into A Cell In Another Worksheet
This is probably far easier then I am making it but I need to take the information that is in a textbox created through the control toolbox and copy and paste that information into a cell on different tab in the workbook. I have tried the infamous google and haven't been able to find much. The excel books that I have don't really touch on the control toolbox functions.

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First Code In VBA: Use A Inputbox For Entering The First Date For Monday Of The Month Each Time I Use The Worksheet
I am writing a module which have a different test based on for each of the previous 2 column cells. It calculate the days passed or in simple way calculate the date difference for the 2 columns and puts them in third. But i need to use a inputbox for entering the first date for monday of the month each time i use the worksheet.
When i try using the module for each cell of the column it display the input box for each cell. is there any way so that i just enter the value in input box and it can be used in rest of the module.Without using it again and again.

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VBA Code To Recalculate All Formula
I have made some UDFs (custom functions) using VBA, when the problem is that they don't update automatically like standard functions. I have numerous tickboxes which cause text to become bolded, and then my function counts the total, only including bolded text:

Function CountGamerScore() As Long
Dim i As Integer
Dim strScore As String
Dim intDigit As Integer
i = 6
For i = 6 To 52
strScore = "L" & i
If Range(strScore).Font.Bold = True Then
intDigit = Left(Range(strScore).Value, Len(Range(strScore).Value) - 1)
CountGamerScore = CountGamerScore + intDigit
End If
Next i
End Function

However, if I untick or tick a checkbox, the bold and unbold works fine (done in another sub, but the function does not update the value in the cell for total.

Therefore, is there any VBA code that will tell Excel to recalculate formulae??

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Nested IF/OR Formula Or Vba Code Instead?
I have a spreadsheet which contains dates (amongst other info) of when a specific form was completed for a client. We have 'date windows' which these should fall into. I'm really struggling with how to work this one out and whether to use nested IF's or try some kind of code (although my vb knowledge kind of stops after recording a macro). Bascially I need to know for each 'date window' if the window has been met or missed. There may be up to 30 different dates per person (in my example sheet I have up to 9).

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Vba Code To Insert A Formula To Certain Cell
I try to put a formula to a certain cell using this code, but I get application defined or object defined error:

HTML Selection.Cells(1).Offset(0, 5).Formula = "=INDEX(range1;MATCH(""D""&C13;range2;0);MATCH(""S""&D13;range3;0))"

The weird thing is, that if I type the same formula itself to a cell, it works, so the problem shouldn't be with the formula:

HTML =INDEX(range1;MATCH("D"&C13;range2;0);MATCH("S"&D13;range3;0))

On the other hand I tried to replace the formula in my VBA code with simpler one, like this one and that worked aswell:

HTML Selection.Cells(1).Offset(0, 5).Formula = "=a1+a2"

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Vba Code To Post To Formula Bar
If the user clicks on a cell within a specified range ("DataEntryWindow") which contains formulas, I want the formula RESULT to be copied on to the formula bar for that cell (not in to a cell) - the user can then press enter to replace the formula with the result, or escape to cancel

- you can do this manually by copying the cell as values to another cell, then copying that value to the clipboard letter by letter, then clicking on the original, clicking F2, selecting all the formula text, then pasting the clipboard!

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("DataEntryWindow")) Is Nothing Then
curval = Target.Value
Application.SendKeys "{F2}"
'Application.SendKeys "???" ' some keyboard combination to go left, left, left
Application.SendKeys curval
End If
End Sub

Needless to say, it doesn't work. sendkeys seems to do nothing at all. is there an object in worksheet for the formula bar that i can paste to?

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Write This Worksheet Formula In VBA
I want to write the following worksheet function in VBA. In cell B1 : =IF(OR(A1={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0}),"Yes","No").

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VBA Code To Change Portion Of Array Formula
I have been exhausted with a workbook I have been working on for quite some time now, and hope I can get some help here.

I have the following array formula in Sheet1, S2 and copied down to S10051:

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VBA Code To Copy Formula To Cells Blow
I need some come code for a macro to copy a formula down a set of cells (I want to highlight a set of cells then run macro). I've looked all over the web, and the ones that looked right didn't work. I'm afraid I don't have enough experience yet to edit them.

In detail: Have cells b2 down list the price of an item
Have C down list item price plus VAT
Create a formula in C2 (ie =(b2/100)*117.5
Copy C2 to all rows with a value > 0
Create a macro where I highlight cells to apply this macro to

This is all in aid of an interview tomorrow, so if I'm lucky, I can spend more time afterwards learning this stuff. I get the principles, just don't know the language enough yet.

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Formula Works In VBA Screen, But Not On Worksheet
Private Sub Zero()
If Range("G8").Value = "" Then
Range("G8").Value = "0"
End If
End Sub

I have this listed in as code for VBA. If I hit the "Run Sub/User Form" button on that screen, with the field G8 having nothing in it (having hit "Delete" just prior), it resets the field to "0".

But when I hit delete on the worksheet, the field just sits zero, no nothing.

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Add Lookup Value In Array Formula To Each Worksheet With VBA
I am looking to write a macro that can look at a value (i.e. "X") in a cell and compare it to the elements in a 2D array (where one dimension corresponds to the start value and the other to the end value) that is found on another worksheet. If "X" falls between the starting and ending numbers then I would like the macro to return a string (say "Test1") to a cell on the same row and a couple of columns to the left. The string values are listed to the left of the start and end values on the first worksheet and are elements to a 1D array. I am trying to make this " loop" through all the cells that contain run numbers (I have highlighted the columns in yellow on the attached workbook). There are multiple (i.e. +12) worksheets in this project but I have only included two in the sample I am providing because of file size.

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VBA Code Doesn't Work When Formula In Sheet Is Removed
I had to remove a lot of pictures in the xls file in order to attach it, (since the original is about 5.3mb) but it worked out. When you move your arrow over the titles in column A a picture shows up thanks to a code. When you change the status in column G, the color changes together with the title in column A, as it should.

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Convert Code Into An Array
I have a list of code that it has been suggested to me will work a lot more efficiently by using an Array.

Sub Auto_Open()
End Sub

All the code does is refresh the selection list in a combo box so it is up-to- date when the workbook is open.

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Convert Sign ( - ) To Value Hex Code
I have columun in one row, if got sign (-) want convert to value 8,4,2,1 and this value convert to hex code...please anyone give guideline. thanks in advance.i has attach file please have a look.

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Convert Code From Using Userbox To Userform
I'm trying to convert some code to run from a userbox to run from a userform. So far everything that I've tried I'm getting an error for something.

Directly below is the code I'm running initally.

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Convert Text Strings To A Code Or Number
In column A and B I have text representing an Entity and its Intercompany,
respectively. In column C I have concatenated the two. So now in Column C,
for example, I have "BillTom" in row 1 and "TomBill" in row 900.

I need Excel to convert the text into some sort of code, ASCII or number
that shows they are EQUAL. I need something that shows "TomBill" and
"BillTom" are the same thing, just in a different order.

I cannot build an IF formula or use Find/Replace, as I will have thousands
of these types of combinations.

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Convert A Worksheet In A Workbook To Pdf Using VB?
how to convert a worksheet in a workbook to pdf using VB?

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Transpose Function: Convert The Worksheet
I currently have a Tab named "Rent by Month 3-08-5-29" containing the monthly rent amount for 700 locations for March 2008 - May of 2029 with the layout seen below.

Shop# 3/1/2008 4/1/2008 5/1/2008 6/1/2008 ETC..
2 $5000 $5000 $5000 $5000
3 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000
4 $7000 $7000 $7000 $7000
18 $4000 $4000 $4000 $4000
ETC... continuing down 700 rows and over 251 columns

What I need to do is convert this worksheet so it contains the same information but resembles the following layout.
Shop# Month Rent Amount
2 3/1/2008 $5000
2 4/1/2008 $5000
2 5/1/2008 $5000
2 6/1/2008 $5000
3 3/1/2008 $3000
3 4/1/2008 $3000
3 5/1/2008 $3000
3 6/1/2008 $3000

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Convert Cells Reference To Range Address Code
I have to convert a range reference in the form of


to a reference in the form of


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Convert The Data By Input And Categorize Into Month In Another Worksheet
am currently a QE using the following data for my report generation:
Date - Week - #Inspected - #Failed
Want to pull data into ANOTHER WORKSHEET from this one wherein the format will be :

Month - #Inspected - #Failed

Indirectly want Excel to directly convert the data by input and categorize into Month in another worksheet (will be linked and would be great if according to the date it could calculate the week as well) if somebody inputs defects by date it should automatically cumulate into respective month.

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Convert With VBA To CSV
When coding my macro to stored to .csv file I encounter a problem.

Buildup file:

Row A: has 24 columns with header info
Row B: has 15 columns with header info
Row C: has 9 columns with header info
Row D: has 24 columns with record info
Row E: has 15 columns with record info
Row F: has 9 columns with record info
Row G: has 24 columns with record info
Row H: has 15 columns with record info
Row I: has 9 columns with record info

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Convert VBA To VB6
I have a rather large "application" that I've built into a spreadsheet at work (about 1200 lines of code, 4 forms, and code on a few spreadsheets).

I'd like to convert all this code and the forms into a VB6 project so I can have this application as an executable separate from the workbook, if possible.

I tried exporting the forms, but they show in the project explorer as Designers.

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Convert To Numeric In VBA
I have some data fields (in yrs and days) as follows:

a = 5y020d
b = 2y225d
c = 12y003d

I need to add these three data items together in VBA to get a total yrs and days. The answer is then returned to an excel worksheet (sheet 1)

I have tried this:

a = LEFT (a, 1)

b = LEFT (b, 1)

this gives me the 5 and the 2 for the yrs but I am not sure how to get the days (20 and 225)

also, if I try and sum, i.e. a + b and then return to the spreadsheet i get 52 as the answer rather than 7 which is the answer i need. How can i convert this in the VBA correctly.

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VBA To Convert To Number
I have a string of imported data which comes into an existing spreadsheet. It cannot be changed prior to importing as the data is provided by an external vendor.

When the data is imported into my spreadsheet the Error Checking tag comes on, after I select the cells where certain numeric data has been entered, stating that this is a range of Numbers Stored as Text. If I click on the Error Checking tag and select the Convert to Number option and then enter my VLOOKUP function I get the desired answer. If I do not convert the text to numbers then my VLOOKUP function does not work at all. The cell just displays the function text itself instead of the desired answer.

Here is what I am requesting:

Assistance with writing the VBA code to accomplish the manual task of converting the text to numbers. I have tried to format using the Ribbon without success.

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